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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 14, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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who do you hope wins? >> just the way brooks kept playing yesterday, could it be a three-peat, it is entirely possible. >> harris: go enjoy yourself, bill hemmer. we will see you back here on monday. "outnumbered" starts now. breaking news on this friday, president trump expanded on how he would offer information on a political opponent. he also accused political opponents and of being involven "the single most biggest crime in american history." dagen mcdowell, lisa boothe, and jessica tarlov, contributor as well. and in the center seat, fox news chief and national correspondent, ed henry. >> ed: i have a pocket square with the american flag and the thin red line as they say is for
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our firefighters as they say that lose their lives in the line of duty. >> harris: and happy birthday to my dad, born on flag day. in an extensive formal dell microphone interview on "fox & friends" this morning the president pushed back against his critics saying he would offer information but also stressed he would not hesitate to inform law enforcement if something seemed wrong. >> president trump: at the beginning, i think i said i would do both. but if you don't hear what it is, you don't know what it is. or he would accept it. well if i don't listen, you're not going to know. if i thought anything was incorrect or badly stated, i would report it to the attorney general and the fbi, i would report it to law enforcement. >> harris: meanwhile his supporters are calling out double standards from the democrats. the president is pointing out
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that hillary clinton's campaign paid for christopher steele to compile a dossier on the president which was leased to the media. last night former fbi director andy mccabe said there was nothing wrong with the actions of the clinton campaign. >> there is no equivalence between those two examples, for a campaign to hire an american law firm who then turns around and hires an american research company who then contracts out with a foreign individual that is not illegal. >> harris: when asked about mccabe's comments, the president certainly does believe that they did something wrong. >> president trump: i will just leave it at this. it may be the single biggest political crime in the history of our country. they spied on the opposing parties campaign, using the intelligence apparatus of the united states.
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>> harris: ed henry, i'm looking at both of what mccabe is kind of comparing. to openly invite foreign governments to still information is one thing but for a campaign to hire an american law firm and contract out with a foreign individual, that's not legal. the information is all coming from foreign entities. >> ed: i'm kind of chuckling because you was fired for leaking at number two at the fbi. number two, the idea of if you hire perkins cooley and they pay for it but there's a side door, at the end of the day russian disinformation is paid for by the democrats, and that is still the democrats bringing in for an appearance no matter which door it went through. so i think it's the odd way that he is trying to justify what the democrats did. on the other hand why the president did this interview
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with abc or why he entertained this hypothetical, i still don't understand. after everything he's been through with the investigations and everything, but he said in the abc interview with george stephanopoulos, and the bottom line is after everything he's been through, if you get something like this if you call the fbi and go back to business, why are we even going through that? >> harris: lisa, i want to drill down on that because that's where the criticism is coming from today. he said on fox & friends, of course you have to look at information from foreign power to know if it's bad. senator graham and others have said it, when you receive it you turn it into the fbi. >> lisa: and he's hedged a little bit of that as ed pointed out. you typically have to read the transcript with president trump because he tends to move around in the conversation so it's
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important to look there. it speaks to the credibility of cnn to have someone like andrew mccabe on their airwaves considering the fact that he was fired for lying. i also think it speaks to the credibility of the media that they are so focused on words that president trump has is as opposed to the actions of hillary clinton and the dnc as ed pointed out, it seems like they were smart. and they still paid for information from russian officials that were tied to the kremlin. that's what happened. not only that but politico has done a great imprint, investigation case and it doc consultant seeking ukraine's help. the fact that crane was behind it disseminating and damaging information about paul manafort and his ties to a political party in the ukraine led to his firing. so let's also focus on the actions of hillary clinton and the democrats as well. >> harris: a former press secretary said to "the washington post" in 2017,
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just to refresh our memory of how much they knew and what they knew a bit about the anti-trump dossier. "the first i knew of christopher steele signing the dossier was after the election. but if i had gotten handed it last fall i would have no problem passing it along and urging reporters to look into it." opposition research happens on every campaign and i probably would have volunteered to go to europe myself to try to verify it, if that would have helped get more of it out there. that's a huge reminder that it used to be that everybody was on the same page. >> lisa: the comparison was false. christopher steele was not working for a hostile foreign government and that's what george stephanopoulos was talking about there. using an example of norway as a cute way -- he's very open and that's been well documented,
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that he did talk to people who wear contacts within the russian government. but he himself is not a hostile foreign power. the president, what he was talking about their was trying to skirt those rules. the fcc is clear about this. it is a difference between paying and receiving something about the donation where there might be reciprocity. he's got the email saying we might have some dirt on hillary clinton and he responded, i love it. the issue is what might be exchanged from that. a british person then took it immediately to the intelligence -- >> harris: there was money exchanged, the clinton campaign didn't all of the russian government anything. but the fcc is clear about these investigations and the fcc came
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out yesterday and made that clear. >> dagen: this dossier is potentially russia disinformation that was pushed through and the clinton dnc campaign landed gently in the laps of the fbi, where andy mccabe was the number two at the time. and that -- that campaign, that's big and that's why it's so egregious that the democrats have no memory of this. they are so outraged, this manufactured outraged and they are cross eyed with anger about what president trump was footballing. and in this interview with george stephanopoulos, his campaign was spied on using russian disinformation. >> harris: i want to get him back in here because listen to the way andy mccabe remembers things.
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he said he was troubled. an example of the clinton campaign, it was the very foreign individual who stepped forward and provided informatio information, and he goes on. because he was so troubled by what he was seeing. >> ed: he seems very forgiving of what christopher steele did and i understand christopher's point. but we don't know what's behind christopher steele. >> harris: we don't. i assumed that there were -- >> it's a question of, according to the fcc who are the people who make the laws for this, who was paid. christopher steele also immediately went in -- but this is important. i think he put forward an excellent example. if people from the trump campaign have gone to russia to investigate the uranium one scandal for instance, that would
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have counted as opposition research the same way the steele dossier did. that's not something that the clinton campaign could have rejected. >> it looks like you are doing a lot of explaining to get to the basic point. hillary clinton and the dnc paid for information from criminal officials. christopher steele already cited that his sources were criminal officials and as degen pointed out, right now so much of the information was false. the big question is, nancy pelosi went out there yesterday saying it was a concern. we want to make sure we prevent russian disinformation. well guess what, look at the dossier. b3 much of that was this proven in the mueller report. >> harris: of the first three
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or four pages told us exactly what they were doing and how they could do it again. president trump was also doubling down on accusing former white house counsel's don mcginn's testimony. the special counsel report says mcgann told him that he believes the president instructed him multiple times to remove robert mueller from his position as special counsel. but here is the president on it. speak to the story on that very simply, number one, i was never going to fire mueller. i don't care what he says, it doesn't matter. that was to show everyone what a good counsel he was. >> why would he lie under oath? >> president trump: he wanted to make himself look like a good lawyer, or i told everyone who wanted to listen even you, that robert mueller was conflicted. >> harris: meanwhile the
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white house has instructed mcgann not to comply with the subpoena. you are chomping at the bit, ed henry. [laughter] is like stretching and doing calisthenics while i was speaking. [laughs] >> ed: i was on the shuttle to d.c., the 1:00 p.m. shuttle. i said what are you doing? headed to d.c. now i know why he was headed to d.c. that's his own white house counsel are under oath. i also think big picture, and he needs to move on and he needs to look forward. he has a good economy to talk about, to continue to rehash, who says what and who hit who.
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>> harris: congress should not begin to the process to impeace president of the united states. in may of 66, they said don't do it. december 2018, they said don't do it. she said it was actually going in favor of the president, at least in may a little bit more. they know to the senate, if the house impeach is him, and we make sure that we get the extra documents. that's why nancy pelosi is so steadfast. don mcgann, not only do you not
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do that to the white house counsel, don mcgann saved the president about a number of times by not carrying out the things he asked him to do, by not turning on him, who treated him far worse. >> and that was referred to on president trumps casual dishonesty. we could have this vulnerability, and 75% of the democrats are not in favor of impeachment. there was something that jumped out and that quinnipiac poll from earlier this week, the vast majority of the country, seven in ten people think the economy is good, at least good if not better.
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the 41% say it's good. among independents, six in ten say that a company is not good or trunk deserves no credit. that is his vulnerability. >> lisa: i fundamentally dispute that he wanted robert mueller fired. if he wanted him fired, he would have fired him. if he wouldn't fire, and he have done it. it's frustrating because all he had to say, and life moves on. >> or i don't do hypothetical. >> listen here. six in ten americans are saying don't impeach him. that's a good hand for this president so focus on that.
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press secretary as announced she's leaving her position by the end of the month. we all watched her at times fiery and in media exchanges throughout the years. our guide today ed henry is a former president of the white house correspondents administration. we will debate what her departure means for the white house, and a new reaction as the u.s. is blaming around for the attacks on oil tankers. but iran denies it. then there is some video that shows io, how could it all impact oil prices? where is headed? >> we put ayatollah in a box. we break into the economy and we are breaking their back economically. we are fighting back
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seriously? embrace the mischief. say "get pets tickets" into your x1 voice remote to see it in theaters. ♪ >> harris: a fox news alert, u.s. officials are saying iran detained at the crew of one of two oil tankers attacked into the portion glove persian gulf. yesterday the u.s. navy released a video saying the iranian navy removing an unexploded mine from one tanker. tehran denies any involvement. house foreign affairs committee saying there is no accident that this all took place near the straight of hormuz. >> remember they control a good percentage of the oil that goes out to the world and i think what they are lenient are trying to do here is strike back. they know they are being weekend and the sanctions are crippling
9:22 am
them and this is their retaliatory response against go god. >> harris: lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon with the latest. >> officials say one of the two tanker crews has been detained by iran since early thursday morning. after first being rescued by another merchant vessel. >> i am from russia. the service was excellent, they have hosted us really well and everything is fine. >> iran claims they rescued 43 sailors but only 23 are present in the video. they say the arrest of the 21 sailors from the vessel that was attacked. this video also released by the u.s. military shows what it claims is proof of iran's and involvement in the attacks. the suspected iranians are
9:23 am
wearing life jackets, bomb disposal gear. the japanese oil tanker was damaged. iran denies that it played any role in the attack. u.s. officials say all 21 21 sailors were arrested by the destroyer bainbridge and have been returned to their ship. iranian vessels remain nearby. both tanker attacks took place roughly 25 miles from iranian sure is near the straight of home use. hormuz. that's been distressed from the scene to make sure iranian vessels stay away from commercial shipping. officials say that unexploited mines used to a talk for oil tankers last month. secretary of state pompeo also blamed iran for that attack. >> harris: i think is so, lucas tomlinson. ed, we talked about this on
9:24 am
"outnumbered" the other day. the u.s. is the number one oil producer in the world. today's despite the tension in the middle east, we only have oil up about 1%, about half a block per barrel. we have a glut of supplies in the united states which leads roughly to to a two-year high. we have energy security like never before and it lets us take off these nations that hate us. >> ed: does president has a strong hand because of that and also because of the tough sanctions on iran right now. they are dealing from the position of weakness, so they can make noise and do these things. it's unfortunate, they roll the oil in the defensive position. i think with the tough sanctions on them, it will be hard for iran to dig out of this. i think he is doing the opposit opposite. he says he wants to talk with
9:25 am
iran but dealing with them from a position of strength which is much different than they obama administration was doing when they were sending them cash. >> just a quick follow-up. we watch the president on fox & friends this morning and he said that things are different with iran. that they used to call for death to america. they still call for the death of america. remember in 2016 the capture of the ten u.s. failures and not january was hailed by hard-liners in japan. as a victory of the united states and presented as proof that iran was still resisting america despite that nuclear deal, they have never looked at that deal or not that deal or anything as being a reason to change that. >> ed: since you directed it to me, they were chanting "death to america, and they still are. but because of the sanctions is instituted, it is different than
9:26 am
the obama administration in terms of on the point of iran being on defense. before one thing i was thinking about was what a dumb move for iran. because just this week, chinese prime minister was in iran where the product prime minister of iran was trying to solicit his help to break the united states on sanctions. the maximum pressure campaign has just sent oil prices and oil sales plummeting for around. we know that the maximum pressure campaign, they sanctions have been working. the money has dried up for them. i found it interesting and what a dumb move because one of the oil tankers was a japanese oil tanker. that's the same week that they've been trying to solicit japanese help. >> harris: less dumb and more desperate. but to that point, people are disputing that account that the government is giving to us.
9:27 am
they put out information that runs contrary to what we said. someone with who was on the tankers that they were hit by a flying object whereas the report that the u.s. gave and what secretary of state mike pompeo said is it was a bomb and explosion. there are people who don't believe we are getting the truth from the administration there. >> harris: by the way, that's not mutually exclusive. >> jessica: you have the prime minister, one of the only friends that are around the house and the acceptable community. you also have russia which is one of the unacceptable community. sitting side-by-side with the top brass in iran, are you going to blow up those tankers in that moment? >> harris: in terms of iran using the money, -- u.s. courts have said that it belongs to the
9:28 am
victims. other money belonged to the victims. let me finish this point. for these attacks on the tanker, the militias fired a missile into the saudi arabia and again, these are iranian proxies. >> jessica: they have also said they be small boat tactics along the street as well. if indeed iran is behind us, it would not be surprising because i have quite literally said that they are going to do this. >> harris: let me go back quickly to something inside. the president said he's open to dialogue with him at any time. we know that president barack obama was trading letters, but then we saw the iran deal. now that we are out of it, we are looking for shift points.
9:29 am
they have actually sat down with the dictator in north korea that hasn't really borne fruit yet. also, we could have walked out of in vietnam and gotten a" deal" but, north korea is feeling the maximum pressure that lisa was talking about as well. so the president thinks time is on his side because north korea can't last much longer without maximum pressure and the same may be true for iran. we will see. >> harris: sicko is deploying troops to its southern border and continues to downplay the role that president trump played a he's urging democrats to come to the table to reform our immigration laws. who was standing in the way of a deal? we will debate that, next. i had a heart problem.
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>> president trump: the stoppages unbelievable and i got reports yesterday, it's like day and night. now with all that being said, we still want to get -- and it's very incredible what happened. all because of the tariffs and because of relationships. but for 25 years they've been trying to make a deal with mexico and they have never been able to do a deal like they can. >> president trump touting the immigration deal that we reached a week ago and stepped up enforcement efforts moving troops to the southern border with guatemala. the agreement extends new tariffs, and it lets u.s. deport asylum-seekers to mexico to await the court cases. meanwhile, florida governor ron desantis just a short time ago signed a bill banning sanctuary city is his state. it requires local governments to honor immigration detainer requests from federal agencies and cooperate with immigration authorities. at the florida house and senate
9:35 am
passed a bill last month despite opposition from democrats and immigrant activists groups. this is an interesting development, and i think it might be a tipping point for all of those jurisdictions out there to see, wait a minute, they can block a sanctuary city. >> is a vast state, it's a battleground in every election, and i'm not sure when the president says i have this deal into days and he seems to be raising expectations about how this is going to be, mexico. let's be clear. and at a dose of reality. or see for how long. or will they do it and play this game to give the tariffs away for a while and go back to the past bad behavior. however the president has not gotten credit for getting the deal. a lot of people even in his own parties that this tariff deal is the dumbest idea. he got them to agree at some new steps. we've all seen him and he is a
9:36 am
take charge guy. congress is doing nothing, this president is trying. >> harris: on being told that we are waiting for the report to be firmed up on that. so you've got a situation, over at fbn you guys really break it down, where are we? >> there are no tariffs on mexico. let me put on my resting tariff face because people think tariffs are disruptive to the economy. we have yet to see that play out, and that being said consumer inflation is rock-bottom, less than 2%. so we can handle it now. the man got a deal. he didn't put tariffs on, he threatened them and likes to keep everybody up in arms and likes to create disruption. >> i know it brought them to the united states.
9:37 am
>> potentially. the bigger problem is, what's happening with china in the united states. but he turned away from mexico and now he has to shine the light on the democrats. what are you going to do to fix the asylum, what money if any are you going to send to take care of the women and children? >> great question. what are democrats willing to bring to the table? >> they have a plan, democrats in the house are going about their business passing their own laws that they think are important. and those will never make it through the senate. the president proposes things and everybody is operating in a vacuum basically which doesn't get a crisis solved and is absolutely and a humanitarian devastation at the border. i think jeh johnson has spoken of as the best democratic
9:38 am
representative for that. i want to add on about what government desantis has done. it will be interesting to see how many states move to do these things on their own and are kind of taking the reins. and expanding medicaid and these issues that are important are taking it on. >> i want to give him a chance to chat. >> jessica: i will say i'm liberal group put out a memo saying to stay away from the sanctuary city. they packed the punch, take nestling in the aggressive district. as we know with most executive actions, congress does need to act and they do need a change on asylum laws.
9:39 am
they did come out with dumbest demonstrations which requires -- those are very different deals. >> in my book that sounds like in an emergency. >> when the president said it was an emergency at the border, democrats that it was manufactured. >> it's a high-stakes game of musical chairs. the lineup is being announced for the first democrat attic president presidential debate. ♪ and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us.
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>> harris: fox news alert, and we are just now finding out who will actually sit on that stage of all those candidates for the
9:44 am
democratic 20 and 21st debate coming up at the end of june. it's two nights and everybody's concern would be that you would be on one tear and then the second tier. the first group of ten appearing on wednesday june 26th, senator cory cory booker of new jersey, former representative beto o'rourke of texas, senator amy klobuchar of minnesota, john delaney of maryland, chelsea gabbard of hawaii, former housing secretary julian castro, representative tim ryan of ohio, and remember he took on nancy pelosi. new york city mayor bill de blasio and washington governor jay endsley. the second group of ten appearing on thursday, so kamala harris, joe biden, pete buttigieg, the mirror, left out that word. senator bernie sanders of vermont, senator kirsten
9:45 am
gillibrand of new york, michael bennet of colorado and author marion williamson representing eric swalwell of california. andrew yang and governor john hickenlooper of colorado. where the candidates will stand on stage reportedly each night has not yet been determined, so you don't know when your next-door neighbor will be but they split this up. jessica, you said you don't believe this is random? >> you've got biden, sanders, kamala harris and pete buttigieg, and we are supposed to believe this is random? most of these committees, you put your thumb on the scale a little bit and they will want ratings and they want people to tune in. you want to be on the stage with biden, that's the stage where he is the front runner right now although his lead has been flipping in iowa. if you are someone like pete buttigieg, that's a moment to capitalize on with these
9:46 am
lesser-known candidates. this is your moment. >> so let's not downplay the fact that senator elizabeth warren has come up to second place in the polling, but we haven't seen the real clear politics average which she is now picking up poll after poll when she is in second place. you could think of it two different ways. you could think of it as, you go against the on the mic an runners. or, you could say that she gets to stand atop the stage? >> ed: that's a way i see it. i will let jessica jump in because i know we've been talking off air about it. but elizabeth warren is night one, she has the stage almost to resolve with a bunch of other second and third tear folks. to be fair to them may be one of them or more of them will have a big night. she has all these plans of the left loves and she has a chance to become like, a second front
9:47 am
runner. night number one is when you have millions of people tuning in but, no joe biden. she has the stage to herself almost to stand out. maybe she won't fail and maybe she will rise to the occasion. but it's a great opportunity. >> dagen: and jessica i will let you get in but ed rendell said elizabeth warren needs to go after bernie sanders and basically push him off because they are the boorish boris anda of the far left. but they need to go after it. >> echoing what ed said, elizabeth warren and joe biden are now the two front runners. they are headlining both their stages. i'm not saying he doesn't want to be with biden, and he absolutely but the idea that she is getting the far left progressive sunshine on her and saying you will leave night one and joe biden saying leave night
9:48 am
to come a down like her. >> harris: we will beta right back tein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that.
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>> this has been the honor of a lifetime and the opportunity of a lifetime. i couldn't be prouder to have the opportunity to serve my
9:52 am
country and particularly to work for this president. i love every minute, even the hard minute. >> jessica: new reaction from secretary sarah zander is stepping down at the end of the month. her relationship with the press corps hasn't exactly been warm and fuzzy and it's been 95 days since he last official press briefing. sanders has helped 20 press briefings in the past year which is fewer than any of the 13 press secretaries. the man in the middle today is the head of the white house correspondents association and we are thrilled to have you for that reason and many others. were you surprised? >> ed: we new four months, but i think as a journalist, i'm not going to hold back that it's outrageous that they haven't had a briefing and 95 days, whether it's a democratic or republican. >> harris: let me ask you this. have you ever seen another president give as much access is
9:53 am
this? if you go to get a sandwich if he's getting on marine one then you better just stay at the restaurant because he will talk for however long. what's the issue? >> ed: there is accountability and yes the president takes heat but the press secretary stands at that podium. had they been unfair to her? absolutely. but, when i travel the country i have all kinds of fox viewers that come up to me. not so much to beat them up but to say they are missing an opportunity to get their story out. i don't understand why you just let that podium go dark. the one i have not seen a different messenger the way we have at the white house. >> ed: he doesn't do everything. >> harris: it really? he talked for 55 minutes.
9:54 am
>> the press needs to have that access and be able to ask. so what do you think is going to happen here, how quickly do you think it will be replaced? do you think we need a change in the press briefings we have? >> dagen: i think we need to have the press briefings, daily. despite the press corps using it as our own little television show. >> ed: and that's exposed when the public see is that are showboating. >> dagen: excellent point. secondly we seen an incredible overwhelming amount of vitriol directed at sarah sanders, her family was like, people behaving badly at disney world. so i think that the vitriol and hatred and kind of misogyny and sexism that has been directed at her particularly on
9:55 am
social media, it now sets the bar so high and it discourages good people from going and working. >> ed: it was outrageous the way she was treated. >> it was despicable. sarah sanders did a good job at the white house press secretary job because she's smart, she's tough and she's so likable and i think that's a hard combination to have. i think it's also probably good for president trump to have another woman. >> president obama said it's tough tough gig. she stayed quite a while. and that's the connection to the press and lies that she may have told her. i'm sorry, mueller found it. more "outnumbered" in just a thmoment. kraft. for the win win.
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10:00 am
>> ed: fox & friends this weekend, don't miss it. >> lisa: it's almost like you've done this before. >> andy: a couple times. i enjoy being here, thanks for having me. >> dagen: you enjoy debate. he will be shvitzing. harris, take it away. we are back monday. >> harris: let's begin with a fox news alert. president trump says the recent attacks on oil tankers have iran written all over it. "outnumbered overtime" now, i'm harris faulkner. president trump and a lengthy interview with fox news today says he is confident iran is behind the attacks on the oil tankers in the middle east. this, after the u.s. navy releases video that appears to show an iranian navy boat removing an unexploded mind from 1 of the two ships attacked yesterday in the gulf of oman. watch. >> iran did do it, and you know they did it because you sell the boat. i guess one of the mines didn't explode and it essentially got iran written all over it.


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