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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 14, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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so we will see if he can pull it off. that is the story for this friday night. have a wonderful weekend, everybody. tucker carlson coming up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." how much more can america take from the activist left? is there a limit to the abuse ordinary people are willing to endure from the social justice mob? how long before normal people start pushing back a little bit? ever wondered? we are a little closer tonight to answering those questions. a jury in ohio has ordered left wing oberlin college to pay $44 million in damages to a family that the college defamed in a hate hoax. the school also paid the victims' legal fees. it was a rare but totally unequivocal victory for reason and decency forces of lunancy and chaos. we would like to celebrate
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it tonight as we head into the weekend. the story begins back in 2016 when an under aged oberlin student used a fake i.d. to buy alcohol from a store called gibson's food mart and grocery. the man behind the counter alan gibson refused the sale. the student then tried to steal the bottle so gibson called the police. when the cops arrived they found the student and two of his acome polices beating gibson on the ground. those are the facts of this case. no one has disputed them. the students, in fact, pled guilty. the case should have ended there. but, because the student who shoplifted from the store is black. oberlin attempted to manufacture a hate crime out of it. swarms of entitled young progressives dessended on gibson's bakery and accused the family of racism. watch. >> we are here today because yesterday three students from the african that community were assaulted and arrested as a result of a history of racial profiling and racial discrimination by gibson's.
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>> tucker: all of this was slander. none of it was true. but oberlin's dean of students meredith romando continued to provoke the mob she distributed pamphlets calling the family racist. emails released during the trial row and dough attacked her own colleagues who defended the gibson's and discussed quote unleashing the students on gibson's bakery. college administrators tried to put the bakery out of business. they cancelled long-standing contract with the college. it nearly worked by the way. the gibsons took no salary for two years. they laid off most of their staff. they almost shut down the business. oberlin used their suffering for leverage in negotiation. the college offered to reinstate the lucrative contracts if gibson would drop charges against the shoplifter. the gibson's refused. instead they fought back and in the end they won. before the jury awarded the damages, oberlin's lawyers wined that the $70,000 a
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year school couldn't afford the judgment. that turned out to be yet another ludicrous lie. tax documents revealed the school has more than a billion dollars in assets. bill jacobson professor at cornell law school. the publisher of the legal insurrection blog. he covered this case from beginning to end. virtually the only person to do so, and he joins us tonight. mr. jacobson, thanks a lot for coming on. >> thank you for having me on. >> tucker: what do you think having watched this from the first day to the last, what do you think the message the jury was sending was? >> well, i think the message that the jury was sending is that all lives matter, frankly. that the lives of this bakery, the lives of people who get up at 3:00 in the morning to cook the baked goods, that the students eat in the dining halls matter just as much as anybody else. and the truth matters. because these are people, as you pointed out, who did nothing wrong. they literally were just minding their business that
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morning when they called the police on some shoplifters. and because of the crazed social justice, so-called social justice movement on our campuses, they were immediately designated oppressor in part because of their skin color, in part because they're the owner of a business, and they were put into a pigeon hole of someone who must be racist, who must have engaged in racial profiling. and nobody seemed to actually care about the facts that these are students who actually did shoplift. and i think that's what is so outrageous about it. and i think you noted it numbernumber your opening. these are ordinary people. these are not people engaged in the political process. they didn't put themselves out into the arena. this is not like the other social media mobs we have heard about where someone sends out a tweet or posts something on facebook and all of the sudden there is a mob against them. that's bad enough. these are literally people who got up probably at 3:00
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in the morning that morning and did absolutely nothing wrong but that campus fervor and that campus, you know, zeal to express some sort of outrage at the system visited them. and i think that's the thing that's so chilling here. >> tucker: children of privilege attacking the working class. what's going to happen to the fascist dean of students romando who tried to whip the mob into hurting the gibsons. will she keep her job, do you think? >> i don't know there is a phenomenon of academia of failing up. the president of oberlin college at the time that this all happened essentially got a promotion. he is now the president of pace university, a much bigger institution. i don't expect anything to happen. the important thing here is that i don't think oberlin college got the message. in their closing statement to the jury as to why they shouldn't get punitive damages, the oberlin college
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attorney said we have gotten the message. you sent the message loud and clear. i don't think for a second oberlin college has gotten the message. just today the president sent out an all-campus email saying they are going to continue to fight this and they believe they did nothing wrong. i think this is really outrageous circumstance. let's remember, this is a fifth generation bakery. these are the people who get up at 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning when oberlin students are just getting home. i think that that's the outrageous thing about this that this can happen to anybody. it's not just a campus phenomenon. >> tucker: maybe if they shut the school down they get the message. one can hope. bill jacobson, great to see you tonight. thank you for your reporting. >> thank you. >> tucker: well the democratic presidential contenders are doing their best oberlin impressions on the campaign trail. the candidate contest take most radical positions they can on you name the issue. win the nomination by winning over the mob. here is for example a half a
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dozen of them coming out in favor of race reparations. >> a bill how to do reparations. >> when i am elected president. [cheers and applause] >> would you sign that bill? >?yes. >> would you sign it? >> of course i would sign it. >> i firmly support congresswoman jackson lee's bill to create a commission to study reparations. >> would you sign the bill for reparations? >> yes, i would. i already support that bill. >> there are things that we need to do in this country that have been long time in coming. one of those is to move forward with reparations. >> tucker: barbara woodson advisor for the movement 1960s founder of the
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woodson institute and always honored to have him on this show. thank you for coming on. >> pleased to be here, tucker. >> tucker: the question of reparations has been floating around american politics at the edges for many, many decades. but it's reemerged in kind of a mainstream position which is to say most democrats running for president seem to support it. what do you make of the idea of reparations for slavery? >> i think it's fools gold. it demeans both whites and blacks. to black america, you can monetize oppression. also, what it does the message to black america is somehow your destiny is determined by what white people do. what what white people give you and not what you are able to do for yourself. and so, it's undermining -- and also, tucker, it's really something that is bandied around with people with six figure incomes living in gated communities with their children in private schools. when you go into st. louis
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and i was there this weekend. where there are 19 people shot and killed o'er the weekend. they are not talking about reparations as an answer to that challenge. all over the country so i just think that it is virtue signaling for white candidates. and for some white guilty people it's an easy fix. but it's very crippling to the nation. very crippling. >> tucker: so, hypothetically, if we were to get it tomorrow, some reparation scheme, do you think that there would be fewer shootings in st. louis or chicago? [laughter] >> tucker: or baltimore? >> no, i don't think so. the very fact that the nfl where the average salary is like 2 or $3 million five years after they retire 70% of them are bankrupt. so i'm not so sure. if it doesn't work for rich
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people, what it's going to do for poor people. again, it's a distraction. there is study after study on the black communities conducted by the joint senator for political economics a liberal black think tank. when black americans rank and file asked what are the issues most important to you, it's jobs, security. based on the shows 8% in those three separate polls. but by -- but these people on television, the candidates pander to the black community assume that they don't have to speak to the legitimate needs of black americans and jobs for better healthcare. for neighborhoods not being gentrified. but instead they can just pander and walk through the civil rights door. it is pandering, it is insulting to black america. and as i have said, i have suffered my last rich angry black and my last guilty white person. that's it.
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>> tucker: i don't think i have heard it as powerfully expressed as just did mr. woodson. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: well, there is a serious self-awareness crisis in american journalism in case you haven't noticed or they haven't noticed. you have. reporters spend their days griping about trump on twitter and attacking the president on msnbc. amazingly they don't think they're biased. we will break that down after the break. ♪ ♪ mmmmm. and go! try all of my chicken creations! chicken!
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>> tucker: the justice department is trying to get to the bottom of you who exactly the russia hoax, the collusion hoax took off and what role our intelligence agencies played in promoting it. that investigation is underway now it's terrifying to many in washington. intel communities aren't used to answering questions from anyone. they don't like it. the national media exist to serve the powerful and in particular protect the intel agencies and they, of course, rush to their defense. ntsb for example gives former cia director john brennan virtually unlimited air time to spew propaganda. his latest a conspiracy theory about how the president can, quote, turn off law enforcement and the cia. >> i'm very concerned about the upcoming presidential election. it's very concerned help mr. trump in 2016. is mr. trump turning a blind eye to that because he doesn't mind if the russians involve themselves again to try to enhance his prospects
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for re-election? it's really quite unnerving to think that this president, mr. trump, can, in fact, turn off law enforcement and intelligence capabilities if they pose a threat to him personally. [laughter] it's a ridiculous thing to allege. of course got no push back whatsoever from the msnbc anchor setting on the set at the time. meanwhile on the other propaganda reporter said to viewers with a completely straight face that any oversight of the intelligence agencies is, quote: troubling. watch. >> you know this report in the "new york times" any mention that the justice department is now questioning cia officers as they review this russia investigation. which is troubling because, you know it's not -- you don't do. this the cia kind of operates in their own world. >> tucker: yeah, you just don't do it. they operate on their own. they are not in the chain of command. no longer a democracy. troubling when you ask questions of the cia.
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that's not allowed. that's the word from former news network cnn. unbelievable. well, americans' faith in the news media has collapsed over the last decade. as you just saw good reasons for that nothing more justified than people loathing for the press. botched reporting and missed big stories do it every single day. they no longer hide their bias. amazingly though in the face of all of responsible for own business are blissfully unaware of what they have done. here, for example, is cnn's don lemon speaking with jim acosta complimenting one another for a job well done. >> if anyone a democrat or republican, regardless of who it is, if you hold a position of power, we the journalists at cnn are going to question about it whether you like it or not. >> that's right. we are here to hold their feet to the fire. just because we are pro-truth doesn't mean we are anti-trump. you know, as i write throughout this book and i try close it out on a
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hopeful note, we are not the enemy of the people. we are defenders of the people. we are not here to spin things or, you know, color things a certain way, we are here to give the people reliable, accurate information on a daily basis. that's why we all come in to work every day. [laughter] >> tucker: no one has ever accused jim across atf being a genius. even by our estimates, it's pretty shocking that he is so proud of himself. an example of the hard-hitting fair-minded reporting he was just talking about. >> let me just ask you. this. what do you say to your critics who say that you are creating a national emergency, that you are concocting a national emergency in order to get your wall. >> ask the angel moms, what do you think? do you think i'm creating something? ask these incredible women who lost their daughters and their sons. >> tucker: yeah. so the border crisis isn't real. it was just concocted by the president for political
5:20 pm
reasons. that's jim acosta's position. meanwhile, over at the other channels, you are watching msnbc anchors use air time to lobby members of congress literally. >> i do think that trump has obstructed justice by what you have seen? >> yeah. >> what else hold you up for impeachment then obstruct you had justice committed a crime. will you make me a gentleman's bet. >> yeah. >> that trump will be impeached. >> he is not going to be president on january 20th, 2021. i think he will be impeached. i want to get it right before i say that's what we need to right now. >> you bet he will be impeached? >> yes. >> okay. thank you. >> tucker: writes for reason magazine panic attack, young radicals in the age of trump and he joins us tonight. robby, the reason i want to talk to you about this because you are, i would say, a great at puncturing
5:21 pm
obvious myths. and so, the press is what it is. they have taken a highly partisan very aggressive position against a sitting president, fine. why not just admit it? why lecture the rest of us about how they are objectiv objective? >> that's exactly the issue. i mean, look, a lot of people in media are biased but you can just be take that grain of salt. but they, the people you are referring to i mean, they their smugness is so consuming. they really believe that they are just, you know, holding the powerful to account. when it's clear it's an anti trump entertainment news network, right? like this isn't news at some point. it's literally just providing entertainment fodder for people who already hate the president. they are not going to ask critical questions on actually the subject you were just talking about. we are not going to ask any
5:22 pm
of these intelligence officials about the mistakes that led to us i object vagd iraq or turning libya into an isis training ground, having us intervene in syria more than we already have. we are going to hold the powerful to account, right? we wouldn't just be parading these people on tv and letting them talk about how much they hate trump and how is he a monster. >> well, in fact, they aciddously suck up to power. how else do you explain john brennan's continued presence on cable television. head of the cia, if you were holding the powerful to account. you would have a series of questions for john brennan. don lied about and many -- they let him spew his talking points. >> i know, i remember not so long ago, right? when progressives, liberals were skeptical authority in general, and -- wanted to call those people out. now, but because those are anti-trump figures we're
5:23 pm
going to just let them talk about how trump is bad and how can't question the cia things of that nature because it's again entertainment. and they have this just insistence of their rights and they are saying there is something wrong with about their approach must be the american people have turned against them. their confidence in the press. their lack of confidence in the press is at all-time high. you would think that would prompt some self-reflection. it clearly has not. acosta book as powerful evidence you could ever have for the position this has prompted no self-reflection on their part whatsoever. >> tucker: really quickly i don't want to put new a position where you play shrink but i can't resist. do you think they believe it when they tell us it's all about the facts. really we are just here to give you the facts? do they know they are lying? they know they are lying, right? people can convince
5:24 pm
themselves they are not lying when even deep down they know they are right. if the incentives are that powerful. if they are -- everyone is going -- or their viewers or someone is going to tell them no you are so great. we love what you are doing. there is a temptation there to believe the best myth about yourself that you can come up with. that's what i suspect they are doing. deep down they probably know okay, we have taken this far beyond what any reasonable person would assert is actually talking truth to power. >> myth about yourself,. >> great to see you tonight. thank you. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> tucker: new developments tonight out of the dominican republic. we now know more about why americans could be dying there. that's next. also, a mistierous object spotted in the skies in nevada. a ufo we have video straight ahead. ♪ with a
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>> tucker: new information on what might be causing that spate of tourist deaths in the dominican republic. trace gallagher has that story for us. trace? >> tucker, our corporate cousin at the "new york post" are reporting that the investigators are looking into whether the tourists who died in the dominican were porscheed by boot leg booze. police are focusing on who displited alcohol and whether it contained any dangerous chemical that's important because all three of the 8 americans did drink from their hotel mini bars of the here is video of our own griff jenkins on tucker carlson tonight touring a minute any bar in a motel where one of the americans died. we don't know if the other five drank from mini bars it appears most of them drank alcohol. and dominican tourism officials say the fbi and other federal agencies have now taken an active role in the overall investigation and that the fbi in
5:30 pm
particular in analyzing toxicology results to see if there are more common links, the latest american tourist to i do is lela cox who turned 53 last weekend. her son says is he getting very little information. watch. >> i don't know my mother's death and that's why i am hitting a road brock up with in four die of heart problems. 76 the 8 americans dyed in the dominican republic had a heart attack and/or pulmonary edema caused by heart problems. we don't yet know the last person's cause of death but all the tourists we do know about who will generally healthy died of very similar causes go of them died at the same time which is exceptionally unusual, tucker? >> fascinating. trace gallagher, thank you for that. >> yep.
5:31 pm
>> so if you listen to the morons on cable news, the trump administration is the most right wing regime to hit the hemisphere. evangelical thok theocracy a living hand made tale tower in fear in the shadows. more like nazi germany, actually. >> after talking to the people, watching the people, listening to the people that the statue of liberty, i think is weeping right now. >> this is the united states of germany -- united states of america. it isn't nazi germany. >> bottom line donald trump increasingly looks like hitler and nazi germany. looks like consecration camps. inhumane tactics used through history by the worst purveyors of pure evil including slave traders and nazis and terrorists what is happening here is a sin against god. >> barbara boxer, ladies and gentlemen, lecturing the rest of us about god and sin. you can't make it up. lying in the most cynical
5:32 pm
possible way, almost always are. in the real life nothing right bing about there administration's social policy. did you know that ice, right now, maintain as special housing unit for transgender illegal aliens in hard to believe but it's true why know it's true ice has been branging about it appear nor feminist government to prove it. >> self-presentation class we are going to learn about hair and makeup and how to presents yourself to the public femininity is more apparent than just someone looking at you and questioning what your gender is. okay? >> tucker: giving fashion tips to men who dress like women who snuck into our country illegally is a priority. they are happy to spend your money a lot of your money doing it. meanwhile for american citizens things get worse.
5:33 pm
life expectancy declines, half a million people sleep on the streets every night. heroin addicts cities, federal government can pay for a specialized center for migrants in new mexico. that's not all. 30 million americans don't have health insurance and millions more pay way more than they can afford for heck health insurance, transgender migrants don't have to worry about that at all. according to ice's latest press release they get all the free healthcare they want that includes mental health services and dental. can you afford dental insurance. if not you might want to seek asylum. it could be worth it for the amenities alone. transgender migrants in new mexico have televisions and microwaves indoor basketball court and a library in their free time they sing opera for real. here is still more video. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:34 pm
♪ >> tucker: migrants aren't listening to opera or singing opera or learning how to be more family numb legal aid from the left wing activists. >> we are here tout program for access to legal services part of a new mexico legal aid organization. we are not affiliated with the government but we come here every tuesday and thursday to give you information about this asylum process and help you prepare for your cases. >> just to be clear, this isn't some kind of sting that we did, reporting that we did. these are videos that ice is bragging about. they are on twitter. we know about this because the federal government, the bureaucracy wants us to know about it. they are proud of this. is it nazi germany? it's not hardly. life for transgender illegal aliens much better than it is for many american citizens, not really surprising, can you tell who our government really cares about and it's not you.
5:35 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: the department of homeland security says that chinese made drones could be spying on you and sending the information back to the chinese government. pillsbury author of the fantastic book the 100-year marathon street strategy to replace america as the global super power and we're happy to have him on with us again tonight. mr. pills burry, thanks a lot for joining us. >> thank you, tucker. >> is this a credible concern? >> yes, i think it is. what homeland security is pointing out is that these drones and there is by the way there is up to 2 million now operating in the united states, 80% of which are made in china by basically one company. these groans all have hookups to the internet and they go to servers in china. so every time you operate a drone whether it's to look around pipeline or check your ranch and see where the cattle are, all that feed is
5:36 pm
goingoing back to china. they can a picture of large parts of america what's happening with airline flights or crops or nuclear power reactors, homeland security is worrying army bought drones. the army doesn't do that anymore without a memo to stop it two years ago. the surveillance of the united states is really quite extraordinary. back when we thought china was going to be a democracy in a free market just like us, nobody really cared about this sort of thing, now that china is more in a hostile carried massive surveillance of this country. >> tucker: if china could control the data coming off of these drones, it could control the drones themselves presumably. >> they can high crack the drones, yes, that's
5:37 pm
technically possible. >> tucker: why isn't this something that we should be really concerned about? >> well, three congressman, including mark meadows and jim jordan already asking for more details how widespread this has gone. not clear to me we know how china is using this data. humor from china. the company is called dji. by the way it's right down the street from ha it's wei. dji has announced well anybody who doesn't want to participate in this program can just turn off the internet connection not send the data to china. that's the first chinese response just like can you do it on iphone orkt wait you can the data going back to hq whether you like it or
5:38 pm
not drones are concern how much technology made by and controlled by china? >>er wrath peaceful, wishful thinking about china. what youway if they get control of our 5 g share of rural network in wifi connections. a lots of rural america is put together by one single chinese company also take that data to china and analyze it. so this whole problem of the surveillance of people, i think first began to come to everybody's attention when the chinese were doing it to their own people. the museums out -- 2 million of them in concentration camps and facial recognition feature. then you can analyze anybody anywhere in the city in china let's say. camera looking down. can you see that face, get
5:39 pm
background get its what they call social credit score and combine that with drone pictures something else that happens in the world, someone types in tucker carlson in china. a massive amount of information but can come out. what they do with that maybe they want to send you a christmas card and be friendly and maybe they have or maybe not. i think the message is impossible to be too paranoid. thank you for making us more paranoid. >> not my intention. thanks, tucker. >> we appreciate it though. >> tucker: chinese drones not the only thing spying on you, turns out alexa device is too, obviously. a new lawsuit against amazon says that alexa i is legally children. that's ahead. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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>> tucker: lawsuits allege that amazon using alexa device to record children illegally without their consent. of course alexa is doing exactly that what's the point? it's always listening, the federal trade commission is investigating a separate complaint about another amazon product the device called the echo dot kids edition. that complaint accuses amazon of information about children that parents don't have the ability to delete. should any of this worry you? not at all says amazon? you can trust jeff bezos with your children. relax. everything is fine. now count backwards with me from 100. you are getting very sleepy. >> tucker: the department of defense exists to protect american from foreign threats also a massive consumer of tax dollars.
5:45 pm
the biggest really concerns about corruption always there reason to believe over the past couple years worked to enrich amazon already the world's recidivismest company. 10 billion-dollar cloud computing contract. according to critics, the contract wasn't actually competitive. it was designed from the very start to be fulfilled by amazon and only by amazon. several of defense secretary's jim mattis' aids had prior professional ties to amazon. a key official working on the pentagon's cloud computing program was carrying out secret job negotiations with amazon even as he worked on the pentagon's program. and we can report exclusively tonight on this program that in march 2017, before the cloud computing contract was announced, secretary mattis had a secret dinner in london with amazon's top cloud sales executive theresa carlson. we spoke to congressman mark meadows about the amazon
5:46 pm
deal recently. we should say this contract is not in place with amazon. i think it's the largest, it's the largest government contract of its kind worth finding out. >> right, when you are looking at $10 billion on defense more than any other nation by multiples of 10 and when we look at this $10 billion in one contract that was designed to be given with one particular vendor with perhaps inside negotiations someone who is now employed with amazon, the alleges are incredible. i can tell what you bothers me most american people inside basic enriches individuals amazon or any other company component and
5:47 pm
i appreciate you highlighting it for the american people. >> tucker: detail that bothered me and correct me if i'm getting this wrong. the secretary mattis met with this amazon official but then the pentagon tried to keep that meeting secret. as if it were some national security secret. , which of course, it's not. why wouldn't they be open about that? >> well, when you look at procurement process it should be open and transparent and competitive. when you look at it keeping, you know, somebody as high as general mattis meeting with a potential bidder of a contract $10 billion. suggestions the department of defense inspector general is looking at this in terms of possible conflict of interest what we want to make sure of is that the american people get the best value for their dollar.
5:48 pm
you can't do that if you are designing a contract to just go to one bidder. >> do we trust amazon keep the pentagon's data. not an american company. multinational china. we're comfortable with that. >> it's not a matter of the company because we have got obviously national security protocols that we put in place. but, tucker, you know better than most people that if you are trusting n washington, d.c. to get it right, oftentimes they don't. you mentioned at the top of this hour you know what you have is basically department of defense defense does a great job defending our national interests. it is so bloated across the potomac here we have hundreds of thousands of people that candidly are not necessarily investing in the american taxpayer's dollar in the most wise and efficient way.
5:49 pm
>> tucker: yeah. a $10 billion noncompetitive contract. that ring as few bells, i would say. congressman, thanks very much for staying on this. we appreciate it. >> thank you, tucker. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: take a look at this video of a mysterious white object over the area 51 in nevada. hikers scaled a nearby mount to capture video of the air force facility. the video also appears to show enormous new aircraft hanger. no one is sure what that is for. harry reid who represented the area nevada known assess he wants congress to hold hearings on how much exactly the military knows about ufos depending on who has been studying the subject secretly for decades. probably no responsible person in the west knows more about the subject than nic cope and we are always
5:50 pm
happen to have him on the show. he joining us tonight. nic, thanks a lot for coming on. any sense of what this object might be hovering over area 51? >> no, it's a fascinating piece of footage but it's unfortunately it's just too indistinct for us to really reach definitive view on it. i hope that we will be an able to get further enhancement and analysis over the next few days and weeks and maybe it will give some answers, of course, ufo real thing no probably own secret next generation aircraft or drone. >> tucker: one of the explanations for many sightings unidentified octobers is that their experimental object either russian or chinese is it possible i just want to take this off the table that
5:51 pm
american some part of the military testing aircraft that the other part of the military don't know about? >> yeah, absolutely. when you deal with highly classified sensitive compartmentalized programs like this. government the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. having said that some of the things going on in our skies at the moment give me cause for concern someone or something flying against our fleet. going to involve navy whether it's the east china sea or the straits of hormuz. we need to find out look, if it's american, russian, chinese or something else, congress needs to be taking a grip. if this isn't an issue for the armed services committee and the intelligent committee, i don't know what is. >> why isn't it an issue fort committee in congress.
5:52 pm
>> good news is yeah, the senate armed services committee have been looking at this. they have interviewed some of the pilots and operators who have been involved in these close encounters. but harry reid has obviously now called for more than this. public hearings. i would support that heck, i would turn up and testify myself. let's get it out there. >> tucker: well, i fervently hope that you are invited to do that nic great to see you as always. thank you. >> thanks. >> tucker: alexandria ocasio-cortez and jim acosta at cnn have in common? a lot, probably. but one thing they are both featured in this week's edition of dan bongino's news explosion after the break. ♪ ♪ just one free hearing test at
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>> tucker: hear that noise in the distance? it is time for dan bongino's news explosion. the famous secret service agent and the story of the week. dan bongino, ladies and gentlemen. good to see you, dan. >> tucker always good to see you. a bonus story this week. a really sad one here. what is going on in the dominican republic? upwards of seven dead american tourist and a horrible incident with big poppy david ortiz. really fantastic baseball player that i admire. the fbi will help get to the bottom of it to see what's going on the dominican republic obviously the best interest to get to the bottom of this as well so a top story. that is story number 4 for the week. >> tucker: all right, moving on from the humor pile here. let's lightness up a little bit. every american's favorite congresswoman, and i say that with a wink and i i, aoc wants a
5:58 pm
raise. but she has an explanation for this. we have video. play the video. members of congress, retail workers, everybody should get an increase to accommodate for the changes in the economy. it may not politically be popular to say but honestly that is why there is pressure to lobbying firms, cashing on the surface. it is not like a race. it is a cost-of-living raise. >> it's not even a raise, tucker. $2500 a year. and it's not like, remember tucker. [laughter] social living is never good for the socialist, remember that. all right, story number 2, jim acosta writes a book about, wait for it, jim acosta. we are living in pink acosta right now.
5:59 pm
his book, it's not about "the new york times" failure to cover the soviet union in the '50s, puffer -- '60s but his expanse were donald trump and ye an appearance and he's upset you didn't go to summer slam with him on a bus when you saw him. i guess he wanted some physical confrontation, which is just, again, jim acosta and everything has to be personal. >> tucker: i don't yell with people but disagree politically. >> i don't either, it is not personal. story number 1, collusion and confusion. what is going on? we were told pretrump interview getting any information from the russians was a bad thing. post trump interview george papadopoulos everything is okay if you get everything from the russians, tucker, as long as hillary clinton paid for it, no worries. new rules, tucker, if you pay for the information from russians, it is okay. there you go. >> tucker: right, as long as
6:00 pm
you solicit it, it is fine. if they solicit you, it is treason. >have a great weekend. we will be back monday 8:00 p.m. >> the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. i have the best weekend with the ones you love. ♪ >> sean: welcome to the special edition of hannity, trump versus the west i'm jason in for sean. for the hour we will reveal americans left anti-trump conspiracy theories all while covering up clear and unbridled misconduct at some of the highest levels of the federal bureaucracy. this week democrats and the media mob teamed up for another round of fake moral outrage at this time over a statement from president trump about foreign opposition research. the president emphasized he would pass off nefarious


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