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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 15, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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happy father's day to all the dads out there. you have such an important job and we salute you. check out my podcast, shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it from here. ♪ shannon: welcome to fox news at night. we begin with a fox news alert. tensions with iran escalating as the pentagon believes the crew of one of the two oil tankers in the middle east has been detained by iran. the latest on that situation. top democrats unhappy with nbc hosting the first big debate, the winners and losers as we now know the first two 2020 primary debate setups, los angeles accusing surrounding cities of dumping their homeland within
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the la city limits. a councilmembers is enough is enough. we have an increasingly tense foreign-policy dilemma as the president himself blames iran for attacking two oil tankers and critics point the finger back at donald trump. >> reporter: the sun is rising over the strait of hormuz and as we speak there are two us ships standing guard over one of the attacks. iran is standing by its denial even parading the crew from one of those ships to tout iranian hospitality on state tv. >> i am from russia, the service is excellent, they have treated us really well. everything is fine. >> reporter: at first the iranian's put out a press release saying they rescued all
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44 sailors on the two attacked tankers. us officials say the iranian's actually detained 23 sailors and are holding them against their will and have been for the past two days. iranian gunboats, four tugboats contracted to tell the norwegian owned tanker to safety. >> iran did do it and you know they did it because one of the minds didn't explode and probably got essentially iran written all over it. >> reporter: a reference to u.s. navy surveillance footage showing iranian vessels removing an unexploded line from one of the crippled tankers. >> it was them and they didn't want the evidence left behind. we have things to detect in the dark work very well. >> reporter: the iranian foreign minister said this was proof of a broader plot by the united states tweeting the -- the us jump to make allegations against iran without a shred of factual or circumstantial evidence, makes it abundantly clear plan b
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is sabotaged diplomacy. a billboard in one of tehran's squares tells a different story. saying, quote, we drowned them all in hebrew, english and farsi over a picture of burning iran -- israeli and american ships. the us military says they are practicing a unique form of diplomacy by trying to shoot down a us drone on two separate occasions in the past two days. shannon: we will keep an eye on it. the defense secretary our focus should be to build an international consensus to put the pressure on iran. let's bring in former advisor to the obama campaign and military analyst david hunt. welcome to both of you. let me play a little bit of patrick shanahan, here is what he said. >> we have an international situation. the focus for myself and
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ambassador bolton and mike pompeo is to build international consensus for this international problem. shannon: we know there are other countries interested in buying iran's oil. how do we put together that coalition? >> this could be difficult. countries in the middle east are not inclined to help in their own defense. you have to get the other navies of the world involved. you are talking about a blockade, something that is very dangerous. my issue is we have been at war for 18 years. we have to be careful about mistakes being made when gunboats are facing destroyers. we have an economic issue, we could crush iran if we want to. we've got to believe in what happened. it is more than enough time to
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stop this nonsense. they killed hundreds of soldiers in iraq, iran did, directly killed. they have been screwing around like this for years and years. i am not in favor of gunboat diplomacy as it were. we have a real problem getting nations to commit forces to do this. shannon: general jack keane, this is what he says about the fact that this is not a binary choice. >> you can take measured, limited military action to enforce diplomacy without the provocation of going to war. it is a false choice when people say if you pull the trigger no matter how limited or measured it is, you are going to war with iran. >> general team is right. there are ways for the us to push back. we shouldn't use military force yet.
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these attacks by iran have the hallmarks of things iran does. we know from last month they wanted to attack american personnel in iraq. we got that intelligence, to evacuate some of our people in iraq so we know they are looking to retaliate against the us. there are other reasons, to make oil prices go up. they can show if they can't sell their oil around the world they make it harder for others to do so so they are trying to get attention and push back against the us but the us has not done a strong enough job showing this definitely was iran. the us evidence has not been that strong, a grainy video and the us had a high confidence based on intelligence so the us should collect more information to prove to the world that iran was responsible in the us has to
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set up some dramatic initiative to get iran to step back but make clear the us is willing to use force as general keane said of it has to. heather: there were some who pointed the finger at the president and said that even if you think iran took these actions it was the president's fault they did. i want to read one piece from the editorial board of the washington post, donald trump has recklessly navigated himself into a corner in the persian gulf. he sounds sincere when he says he doesn't want a war but doesn't have an easy way out of it. >> this is nonsense. let me back up. i totally disagree with what general keane said. there are unintended consequences of dropping a bomb. we just don't know. it is a false idea to suggest the military can do something to help with diplomacy. diplomacy hasn't worked with
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iran, i am not an advocate of military issue. we have very strong economic issues to hurt iran but they have to be a response. i do not expect -- you are going to see the rest of the world do anything remotely direct against iran. too much oil and gas issues, too much money in the middle of this, no one including us have to step up in front of iran in 25 years. >> the washington post makes a good point. donald trump pulled out of the nuclear deal. he had reason not to like the nuclear deal but he should try to renegotiate and push back against the things he didn't like like supporting has bowl a lot and she a militias and engaging in supporting terrorism. he completely pulled out of the nuclear deal, got rid of any
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diplomacy, no diplomatic channels left anymore. iran has no way to back out of it in a gradual way. we have to restart a diplomatic initiative, military options on the table and use that to coerce iran into diplomacy. heather: the primacy of japan, shinzo abe was there hoping to be a go-between between the us and iran. the president says he hopes to get them back to the table. we will watch and see. great to have you both. we have the first two lineups for the first round of democratic presidential primary debates and it is prompting some blowback. peter doocy as details. >> reporter: democrats don't debate in miami for two weeks but there is already trouble in paradise. >> the dnc wanted more randomization.
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>> reporter: four of five polling candidates assigned to the same stage after a random drawing decide to spread the top-tier out the dnc says nbc news executives picked ratings over randomness by deciding the stacked group would be on the second night to maximize viewership. the dnc didn't get what they bargained for. >> we wanted more transparency and we were clear about that. >> reporter: donald trump says the deal has 3 nominees, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders or joe biden. >> he doesn't have what it takes. it means missile capacity and a lot of things. >> reporter: biden sees on trump's comments, hearing out government with third on democrats by signing a pledge not to tolerate outside interference. >> i won't be part of any attack on our democracy. >> reporter: they do not disputed abc news report about internal polls showing biden up on trump in pennsylvania,
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wisconsin and florida. these leaked numbers are ancient in campaign terms from months old polling that began in march before two major events occurred, the release of the summary of the mueller report exonerated the president and the beginning of the democrat candidates, whether far left message. >> every poll, we are doing well. >> reporter: vp biden hasn't been endorsed by barack obama and if mike pence runs he might not be able to count on his president's endorsement either. >> can't put me in that position by certainly would give it strong consideration. >> reporter: that is the signal to everyone who serves under donald trump and white want the oval office to himself one david his supporters still up for grabs but if pence has any hard feelings he is hiding them because the rose garden event this afternoon the vp showed up. merit shannon: who will donald trump
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turn to next for the press corps? top candidates to replace sarah huckabee sanders reportedly include first lady milania trump's spokeswoman, state department spokeswoman and former fox news reporter heather nauert and hogan generally. a university professor's novel idea for presenting fake news, that the researcher proposing a tax on news deems false or misleading. what you are doing is taxing the damage, not the speech. oberlin college releasing a statement on a $44 million award to give a bakery. gibson owners say ohio college, in dispute over a shoplifting episode the dragon protests and allegations of racism. oberland tonight says it will not be the final word in the case. this marks the 1-year anniversary of the end of net neutrality. bernie sanders called it an egregious attack on democracy.
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the aclu called at the end of the internet as we know it. the gay-rights group glad says it is a matter of life and death for lgbt q youth. it has been a year since it. the acting dump was homeless people in one community and into another, hot button issue in southern california. they are pointing the finger at their richer neighbors. we will talk about it next. the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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we like drip coffee, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying on fancy technology for help. snail mail! we were invited to a y2k party... uh, didn't that happen, like, 20 years ago? oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathematician on our hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. >> california's democratic attorney general is taking president trump to cour >> donald trump taken to court,
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over the plans to, the report from los angeles. >> this came as a surprise to everyone this morning on "fox and friends". >> that would be announced next week and i would rather announce it now. >> reporter: acting immigration and customs enforcement director and more recently fox news contributor and the president's view one of the, quote, strong people he needs at the border. >> he will be a border czar, very much involved, he will be reporting to me, he will be working out of the white house, spending a lot of time at the border. he is a good man. >> reporter: home and knows immigration is one of the president's toughest issues, not least because of the ongoing legal challenges to a number of aspects on the administration's policies, the latest legal challenge being led once again by california where state attorney general has just filed a lawsuit seeking to prevent further border wall building in california. new mexico has joined the
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lawsuit which argues donald trump is illegally diverted $2.5 billion in defense department funds to pay for the wall. after the filing, quote, the president's actions are unlawful, threatening or democratic institutions and cause irreparable harm to our states. on "fox and friends" the president sounded more determined than ever. >> the wall is going up, it is going up rapidly. we are going to have over 400 miles of wall built by the end of next year. >> reporter: it appears tonight he may have jumped the gun on the border czar. paul home and tells us the white house has reached out to him. there have been discussions but he has not made a decision. shannon: los angeles police officers responding to a call about a man with a knife at a public park. the homeless man was reportedly threatening people before climbing a batting cage.
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two democratic los angeles councilmembers claim their city neighbors are pushing homeless people into the los angeles city limits and are urging the city attorney to get involved. one of those councilmembers, great to have you with us tonight. i know that some of what you are concerned about, the headline is our suburbs pushing homeless people to la as members spike, the debate comes after officials reported a 16% increase in homelessness in the city despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars to build substance -- and build shelters. you have been at the opening of these new housing development saying hopefully this will ease the problem. why the spike in homelessness? >> 15 years as an lapd officer i
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have seen this issue head on and at the same time in the city of los angeles last year we housed 20,000 homeless individuals and still for 16% increase. and we are moving on emergency shelters, 1500 citywide, 300 in my district. heather: a councilmember gave a quote that he can guarantee in the past torrance pushed homeless people across the city border into los angeles but says it is not "happening now". the homeless population in history has roughly doubled in the past years. he says that is evidence the movement of homeless people is the opposite of what you are claiming. >> we as local municipal leaders are elected to solve problems, not push the homeless issue wanted homeless jurisdiction or
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a faraway land. my call to action along with my colleague is to have other jurisdictions do their part. imagine it for every thousand residents we can solve that issue if more cities step up and do their part. that is what our call to action is. even match what i'm doing in my district. shannon: homeless people were interviewed and told they were kicked out of these cities. they were told they can't walk on the streets and they were pushed into la city boundaries and left there. we have a picture to put up, venice boulevard on the border between venice and neighboring culver city and one side where you can see the tents and homeless encampment is on the la side, the other side is clear. have you seen that? >> i have seen that.
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i experienced this in my district as well. back to the ninth circuit in boise, cities throughout the country cannot enforce and site individuals unless they have adequate shelters. that is my driving force. is a christian i have to show mercy to be sold. i would rather have them in a permanent supportive unit with wraparound services than out in the streets. 8000 veterans are sleeping on our sidewalks. this is a call to action and not only la is handling this issue but cities around the country, the leading advocate group for municipalities throughout this country. we felt homelessness has no borders. shannon: it is clearly a problem despite efforts to house people.
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the situation continues to grow. we will continue to watch and see policy efforts clearing out the problem. the deadly mystery in the dominican republic deepening. two new victims tonight and information on the common thread that link eight american death. one of the victims of the virginia beach mass shooting wanted to arm herself but something disarmed her. we will tell you about that next. applebee's new loaded chicken fajitas. now only $10.99.
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>> mysterious deaths in the dominican republic keep coming. tonight worried shannon: mysterious deaths in the dominican republic keep coming, worried about other american tourist founded in her room at a resort from an alleged heart attack. person is speaking out and trace gallagher is on the case. >> the american college of cardiology says one in 4 americans will die of heart problems yet 7 of the eight
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americans who died in the dominican had a heart attack and or pulmonary edema, because my heart problems and we don't know the last person's cause of death. open-source we know about who were generally healthy died of similar causes which is exceptionally unusual especially when you consider that 63-year-old nathaniel holmes and his fiancée cynthia day died of the same thing at the same time. then there is the minibar, three of the eight americans with drinks from the hotel many bars. it is unknown of the other side did but most of them drank alcohol. the new york post is reporting investigators are looking at whether the tourists were poisoned by bootlegged booze. they are looking at who supply the alcohol and if it contain dangerous chemicals. dominican officials say the fbi and other agencies have taken an active role in the overall investigation and the fbi in
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particular is going back and analyzing toxicology results. the daughter of a 78-year-old the went to the dr in january, took a drink from the minibar, got sick and later died said she hopes the fbi can get some of the answers she has been seeking. >> i hope to have the fbi do an investigation to find out if there is a commonality or what. >> reporter: the families of event store, david harrison, miranda warner and cox who died last weekend are looking for more answers. nine suspects, the shooting of david ortiz, also in the dominican, were in court today and the accused gunman says he didn't mean to shoot ortiz saying he got confused by the clothing ortiz was wearing though he admitted shooting him and prosecutors say he is probably trying to avoid getting
12:31 am
hurt in prison. the legend's wife says he is recovering at a boston hospital. shannon: thank you very much. one of the first transgender athletes to be an ncaa champion in women's track and field says it is her female competitors to have the advantage. >> being on hormone replacement therapy, your muscle is deteriorating, you lose a lot of strength because testosterone is where you get strength and agility and athletic stuff. i have to work twice as hard. it is like 3 days behind. shannon: a biological male who identifies as a woman, the 400 m hurdles championship last month. the family of one of the virginia beach mass shooting victims is calling for an independent investigation into
12:32 am
the events leading up to the may 31st incident citing explicit concerns the victim had about her disgruntled coworker turned murderer. allison barber has more. >> reporter: kate nixon's has been and the attorney representing the family she unwillingly left behind are talking about the night before the shooting, she was so worried about her coworker she wanted to carry a gun. >> he expressed to her husband concern about this individual in particular as well as another person. in fact they had a discussion the night before whether she should take a pistol and hide it in her handbag and decided not to ultimately because there is a policy against having any kind of weapons that are concealed. >> reporter: on may 31st the city employee went on a murderous rampage inside a building in virginia beach that killed 12 people. kate action was a wife and mom of three.
12:33 am
her husband, like many others, is still searching for answers. jason nixon asked the city to release all records about the gunman and lunch inexorable investigation. >> an open investigation. >> reporter: when reached by email a spokesman referred fox news to a statement released yesterday that said in part, quote, once you have the entire couple investigation completed both fbi and police and reviewed by the commonwealth attorney we can determine whether there are still unanswered questions that merit an investigation. as for the city of virginia beach, the 3 prohibits employees from possessing, brandishing or using any weapon while working, acting as representatives of the city and or on city property.
12:34 am
even if the individual has a permit to carry a concealed weapon. the family's attorney says this is not about a lawsuit and there are no plans for litigation. he says the family just wants some answers to prevent something like this happening in the future and they believe an outside investigation is necessary. shannon: thank you very much. time for where in the world, intensified ebola screenings at the border with the democratic republic of congo. the exposure increasing as the default rises, 2 or 3 suspected cases reported at uganda border hospital. the world health organization says the ebola outbreak is not yet a global emergency. thousands of venezuelan migrants trying to be deadline to make it into peru, new entry requirements including more official documentation which the peruvian government says will make migration safer and more orderly. they are criticizing the new measures.
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amanda knox back in italy, first time she was there since she was acquitted in october 2011 on the murder of her british roommate when she was living in italy. she is at a criminal justice festival. the resistance will be alive and well, 140 events nationwide taking part at saturday's impeach trump day of action. we will preview, keep it right here. i couldn't have asked for better parents, but like most people they didn't have anyone to teach them the best financial habits. so we changed that. as a financial health coach, i help people every day. i try to put myself in their shoes from my own experience. i connect to them because i've been there. helping families like mine save a little money changes everything. this is personalized guidance. this is wells fargo.
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that's why we're working on ways to improve it. so plants... can be a little more... like plants. ♪ >> breaking news now, reports o an active shannon: an active shooter and a costco store, basic information coming in. we are hearing from local reports that one person is dead, multiple wounded. we are getting official confirmation of this, conflicting reports on the alleged shooter but the suspect is possibly in custody.
12:40 am
may be dead. we both continue to collect facts and get them for you and let you know about the situation. the alcohol beverage commission of washington dc may review a challenge to the trump hotel liquor license. the commission blocking the trump international hotel to dismiss the challenge made on the allegation the president's character isn't good enough to sell alcohol at that hotel. tomorrow is impeach trump day of action. activists will host 150 events hoping to force house speaker nancy pelosi and other democratic leaders into taking the position that impeachment is the only option. let's debate it with democratic strategists kevin walling and chris plant who is chuckling about the last story about the president's character is not good enough to be selling alcohol. eugene robinson writes for the
12:41 am
washington post under the headline on impeachment, pelosi clearly believes impeachment is a political trap and she may be right but doing nothing looks increasingly like a political trap too. she believes trump is trying to bait her into impeachment. i think he is trying to bluff her out of it. i don't think he wants the historical stigma that would mark is presidency that would empower documents for testimony. >> all caught up in their own thing, they can't decide whether they must impeachment must not impeach. in the end it is about the welfare of the party, not the country. not about getting anything through congress for the american people. this is all washington stuff, what everyone despises about washington dc. to impeach or not to impeach, what are the considerations? not whether a crime or misdemeanor was committed but whether it is good for the democratic party leading up to
12:42 am
the 2020 election. shannon: they do have to make these calculations. i want to put this quinnipiac poll, should congress begin to impeach the president? 33 said yes, 61% said they don't think they should. unsure, 6%. they have to take those things into consideration when they decide whether to launch this which could be divisive to the country and impact the 2020 election. >> absolutely right. it is a divisive issue but you have this energy on the left, 150 in person events around the country tomorrow to put pressure on congress to do their job. it is not a legions to party but to country and a matter of holding this president accountable. mueller, the mueller report laid out 10 instances of obstruction of justice we need to investigate. multiple federal prosecutors said if this man was not the
12:43 am
president of the united states he would be prosecuted in a court of law. shannon: the attorney general had these conversations with mueller and his team and said it wasn't about this justice department policy that you can't invite is sitting president and seems like mueller suggest that had something to do with it, that aside i want to point something from congressman steve cohen, what this would really be about. >> i think impeachment proceedings -- that's not the reason to do it. to bring those charges in the house, stand up and do it responsibly. we will see blood on our hands. shannon: he says it is a moral imperative. >> he brought the rubber chicken to congress and the bucket of kentucky fried chicken it is lecturing the country about the moral imperative of impeaching the president over something that has been litigated. it wasn't about the justice department policy made clear in william barr's 4-page letter to
12:44 am
congress and this was made without regard to the policy or the constitution -- this is all theater. it is all get trump. we lost the election, we thought hillary was going to win and we would get him on russia collusion thing and the keep coming up with the next thing. if i can just mentioned these rallies across the country tomorrow, this is as a result of too many community organizers. they've got to prove their worth so they did up the latest protest outrage. they keep using the word outrage. 1969 the radical left in chicago gave us the days of rage and weather underground and so on, now the democrat party demands years of rage from their followers. i don't know how long they can sustain this but it must be exhausting to be a liberal these days. shannon: there's a lot of energy.
12:45 am
they don't think it is being organized and used well enough, here's what chris matthews said. >> leading committee chairs, all come out with outrage and two days later the story is forgotten, trump is having dinner and hamburgers at the white house enjoying life with milania and laughing at you because nobody does anything. you won't impeach. shannon: a lot of frustration from a lot of folks in the left and the mainstream media. >> absolutely right. the country is founded on a protest rally in boston. that brings out the best in this country in terms of these protests and this energy but the speaker knows her caucus and she knows this country. the president has a base of 35% that are always with him, 33% in this poll are for impeachment. it is a matter of that middle ground, folks that are with the president, for impeachment, how do we reach the folks in the middle. shannon: we will see how tomorrow goes down.
12:46 am
>> polls on impeachment prove it is not a moral imperative but a political issue pure and simple. shannon: there's a lot of emotion on every side of this thing. thank you very much. friday night you know what it means, night court on fox news at night, is alexa playing big brother by recording and storing your children's voices? our legal eagles make the case after this.
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shannon: time for night court. amazon being sued over alexa's recording of children's voices. this class-action lawsuit alleges alexa enabled devices illegally recorded permanently stored children's voices, without consent. they can manage their own privacy settings. legal eagles breakdown the fact. monique presley and the general counsel for life and liberty david gibbs. welcome to you both. the two lawsuits have been filed. the complaint says amazon purports exhibit a to obtain consent to individuals who set up and alexa enabled device but there is a larger group of individuals who do not consent
12:51 am
to be recorded when using an alexa enabled device to use alexa without any understanding or warning that amazon is recording them. >> first of all the parents are the ones responsible for consent or lack of consent for the children, the children do not have the same right of privacy recognizable under the law and as a parent is cringe worthy to think my child's voice or voiceprint is recorded by a huge giant like amazon. what seems true is they one, have the option of turning off recordings if they take place and they have the option of not allowing their children to use the devices at all or they have the option of letting the children use them in free mode which means they are monitored and these things can't happen. i agree with amazon in this instance that it doesn't look
12:52 am
like there is a law violated and parents are going to have to parent their children where these state-of-the-art devices are concerned. shannon: it takes a lot of attention. amazon's statement with a long-standing commitment to preserving the trust of customers and families and have strict measures and protocols in place to protect their security and privacy. >> let me at a number for which amazon should quit illegally recording these children. amazon acts so big, controlling 40% of the internet. they are almost above the law. whether it is banning religious groups they don't like or litigation with them over that to recording children in violation of federal law under the child online protection act, where there are explicit waivers. the state law where lawsuits are being brought, it is illegal to
12:53 am
record an individual without their consent. they listed a number of states where that is illegal. children can't consent. apple doesn't do it, mercedes in their cars doesn't do it, a lot of big corporations don't do it but amazon acts like we write our own rules and don't have to obey the law like everybody else. shannon: one of the attorneys for the plaintiff says it is crystal clear the user agreement doesn't say we are recording everybody and you are consenting on behalf of your kids. >> it is one of those things that is quite obvious for anyone who uses the device. it is impossible to control what parents are allowing their children to do in their homes. at the time amazon figures out they are dealing with a child's voice instead of the parents voice and the parent is not giving expressed concerns, what amazon is saying is we have things we can put in place to
12:54 am
prevent that but what they can't stop is the parent who is allowing the child to use the device and it is the same thing if my child picks up my iphone and i don't have the controls, not as if my child is driving the car but if my child is the one who is speaking and saying for the car to take us left or right if the car doesn't recognize that is not an adult voice we can only expect the computers to do so much. we still as parent and adults have to take response ability. shannon: the alexa terms of use say if you don't accept it don't use alexa. if it is in your home is it on you? >> amazon does not need to keep these reports. it is in violation of the law. taking it out of the box and setting it up and hitting the button. other people with their families
12:55 am
and children, if amazon expects people to police against their bad practices consumers need to speak out and no longer use the product. others have found ways of around it. amazon act like they are above the law. shannon: you have presented your cases ably. you leave it to the jury at home. let us know what you think's shannon bream or fox news at night. thank you both. and updates on the shooting we told you about in corona, california. local fox reporter in the air over the scene says it looks fairly contained and there is an investigation underway. you can see authorities on the scene. it seems to be under control. folks being released after sheltering in place. we will try to find out what happened and let you know. open your heart for tonight's hero. amazing story of a roadside rescue of a quickly injured motorcyclist. kind of miraculous. that is next.
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the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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>> we don't have time to tell you the full midnight hero story shannon: we don't have time to tell you before midnight hero story. i'm tweeting it out at shannon bream. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, have a great weekend, i am shannon bream. i have the best weekend with the ones you love. ♪ >> sean: welcome to the special edition of hannity, trump versus the west i'm jason in for sean. for the hour we will reveal americans left anti-trump conspiracy theories all while covering up clear and unbridled misconduct at some of the highest levels of the federal bureaucracy. this week democrats and the media mob teamed up for another round of fake moral outrage at this time over a statement from president trump about foreign opposition research. the president emphasized he would pass off nefarious


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