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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  June 16, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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miss it. >> thank you. thank you to our studio audienc audience, i love you toh us. >> yay! >> an update on the escalating tensions with iran. tehran has released the crew members of the norwegian ship that came under attack and those sailers have touched down in dubai. good evening i'm rick leventhal in for john scott and this is " the fox report." >> rick: the white house maimed iran for thursday's attacks and a video was released reporting to show an iran patrol taking an unexploded mine from one of the targeted ships but meanwhile two incidents where iran fired weapons at u.s. drone s. all of this prompting a heated debate on how the administration should respond. >> we've got to make sure that the iranians don't get comfortable in that sweet spot.
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that grey zone of being able to attack american interest with violence but just beneath the threshold of the kind of activity that would automatically trigger an american military response, because if we allow that to happen without imposing real price on the iranians, this will just lead to precisely the kind of war that we're seeking to avoid. >> rick: national security correspondent jennifer griffin is reporting from washington on this. reporter: rick we have new details of an incident we first reported about the u.s. mq9 reep er drone fired on after the tank era tack on thursday. a senior u.s. official tells me just minutes after the first distress call went out from the mv tanker at 6:12 a.m. local time thursday, the u.s. mill moved an unmanned mq9 donald the drone arrived at 6:20 a.m. local time eight minutes after the first distress call went out and
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at 6:45 a.m. local time prior to the second attack, on the second tanker, a missile was fired at the u.s. drone on station over a norwegian flagship. it missed. u.s. officials have assessed that the missile was a modified sa-7 surface to air missile fired from iran's mainland. it was fired after the u.s. drone arrived to assist the norwegian tanker. separately we have learned from u.s. officials that an american mq9 drone was shot down over yemen by iranian-backed rebels on june 6. the british government has issued a statement blaming iran 's revolutionary guard for the tanker attack saying no other state or non-state actor could have been responsible, but the german government said it needs more evidence than the video released by u.s. central command allegedly showing an iranian boat removing an un exploded mine from the side of one of the damaged vessels. after two days iran finally
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released the 23 sailors it detained from the mv, and those sailors arrived in dubai but did not speak to reporters about their ordeal. u.s. officials tell me they weren't rescued by iran. i'm told they were forced into custody by an iranian revolutionary guard boat crew who surrounded the friendly ship that originally rescued these sailors after the attack. tensions have been rising in the gulf since the u.s. pulled out of the nuclear deal a year ago. the u.s. sanctions iran islamic revolutionary guard putting it on its terrorist in april and now iran is threatening to resume enriching uranium if they don't lift sanctions by july 7. expect rising tension in the gulf as that july 7 deadline approachings rick. rick: we'll have much more on this at the bottom of the hour, thank you. nearly two dozen democrats have declared their candidacy for the white house in 2020 and now it's president trump's turn. his official 2020 campaign
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kickoff rally will be in orlando on tuesday and he tweeted he's expecting a "big crowd." trump 2020 campaign senior advisor says excitement for the event is extremely high. >> of course it's going to be huge. we are so excited to be in orlando. we have a stadium that actually seats 22000 people and we've had over 100,000 rsvp so far. they keep coming in every single day. ed: what about enthusiasm? >> i think it means the enthusiasm is pretty good out there. rick: 100,000 rsvp's? reporter: well rick the president will be spending a lot of time in florida over the next 17 months it is one of the key swing states the campaign plans to focus on and at the core of his campaign will be the u.s. economy. this morning he gave a preview of what his pitch will look like tweeting the trump economy is setting records and has a long way up to go; however if anyone but me takes over in 2020 i know
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the competition very will, there will be a market crash to the likes of which has not been seen before. keep america great. well and then a separate tweet the president also touted he is doing great in the polls and that comes after reports this week his campaigns internal poll ing showed former vice president joe biden with a significant lead over president trump in several key battleground states back in march. the trump campaign is not disputing those reports but is dismissing the relevance of its leaked polls which were done before the conclusion of the mueller report. campaign manager told us they have since seen huge swings in the president's favor and in a statement friday, he said these months-old numbers are meaningless because they are pre -mueller and pre-democrat messaging and should not be given any weight when discussing the current state of the race. ahead of the launch of his re- election campaign president trump is also trying to clarify comments he made earlier in the week during an interview, when he suggested we would take information on political rivals
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from foreign countries if it was that there was nothing wrong with it and that he wouldn't report it to the fbi. now he walked that back a bit in an interview on friday on fox & friends saying he would report any interference if he believed the information given to him was incorrect, or badly stated. president trump: and of course you have to look at it because if you don't look at it you're not going to know if it's bad. how are you going to know if it's bad but of course you give it to the fbi or report it to the attorney general or somebody like that, but of course, you do that. you couldn't have that happen with our country, and everybody understands that. reporter: that explanation not quite cutting it with democrats who are now pushing for legislation that would require campaigns to report any contact with foreign governments to the fbi and the attorney general in the course of the campaign. republicans having a hard time defending the president's comments over the last few days as well, rick. rick: garrett thank you. the trump adminitration reportedly sending a warning to russia by laying the ground work
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for cyberattacks on a number of targets including the country's power grid. this according to the new york times. the paper says the u.s. is flexing its digital muscle, in response to russian disinformation and election meddling. the hackings would allow the u.s. to unleash harmful malware viruses in the event of a conflict with moscow. an update now on the border crisis. mexico releasing their copy of the deal that was reached last week with the trump adminitration, aimed at helping curb the flow of migrants at the southern border. jeff paul is in our west coast news room with details on this. jeff? reporter: yeah, rick, in an agreement mexico has agreed to additional measures if it fails to help stop the influx of migrants heading to the u.s. mexico border. now, under the terms, if the u.s. determines after 45 days that the measures implemented by mexico haven't adequately achieved results in addressing the flow of migrants, then mexico will take necessary steps under domestic law to bring the
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agreement into force, and in addition the agreement ensures mexico will work towards becoming a safe third country meaning persons seeking refugee status must make their claim in the first country they arrive in and mexico to be included in that now. former acting i.c.e. director tom homan called the agreement a historic occasion for president trump. >> they've agreed to work toward a safe third country agreement where people from, you know, guatemala would have to claim asylum in mexico and people from el salvador and honduras would have to claim asylum in guatemala. this is a great deal. this is a game changer if this implemented correctly and they follow through on their commitment. >> the agreement also calls for "burden sharing" and the assignment of responsibility for processing refugee claims. that's something mexico's foreign relations secretary recently addressed.
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>> mexico should and must regulate its migratory flows in accordance with the law but also where is the international community in helping us in central america to give options to the people? it is everyone's responsibility and not just mexico and the united states the first we will say this too. reporter: one other note involving former acting i.c.e. director, tom homan. yesterday the president made an announcement naming homan border czar while speaking on fox news today homan says it was premature but he has talked to administration officials and has not accepted any position just yet. rick? rick: jeff paul, in los angeles, thank you. more sudden and suspicious deaths in the dominican republic , with a new report of an eighth american tourist now dead after taking a vacation to the popular caribbean island. steve herrigan is in the dr's capitol. it seems like a new family is coming forward almost every day with concerns about another death in the dominican. where are things standing now?
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reporter: that's exactly right, rick because of all of the attention this story is getting any family whose lost a family member here in the dominican republic in the past year, under suspicious or unexplained circumstances, is going back. that's exactly what's happened in the case of jerry kerr and 78 -year-old retired policeman from ohio who was here back in january with his wife. he came and had dinner in her resort, had a drink and his daughter says what happened next >> 3:00 in the morning he started to vomit and he started to aspirate on his vomit and my mother tried to move him to help him and she called a friend that was vacationing with them. he was in a different building. his wife and him came over to help my mother and he was unresponsive and they took him to the hospital in the dominican republic where they put him on a
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ventilator in icu and he eventually died. reporter: five months later the agonized family still has no answers. dominican officials say the 8 deaths are not related. more than 2 million americans visit the dominican republic each year. rick? rick: and steve another big story there, is the shooting of david ortiz. any updates? reporter: another big story that's also bad for tourism here police have rounded up nine suspects when they move the suspects between jails they are trying to keep them separated they actually have to put helmets and bullet proof vests on them they are afraid locals will try and hurt, or kill those men, ortiz is such a hero here next week prosecutors intend to lay out a timeline of exactly why someone wanted to kill david ortiz and how they went about doing it. as for ortiz himself, he continues to recover in a boston hospital, after two surgeries.
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rick back to you. reporter: steve herrigan, keep us posted thank you very much. hong kong's leader indefinitely suspends that controversial bill for gains of massive protests and while government hopes this would stop the demonstrations, local activists say it's not enough. >> it was so many times that we have learned that the government cannot be trusted so we believe that calls on people do not, will not effect that and hong kong people do understand that we have to take to the streets. reporter: we have more on this story. reporter: rick this is a major climb down from the government in hong kong postponing this bill that would have allowed people in hong kong which is part of china but has its own political system to be extradited to mainland china. now over the last week, people in hong kong have made it abundantly clear they don't like this bill. on wednesday you had the police
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clashing with young protesters at one point, those young protesters blockading the entrance to the parliament so that the politicians there simply couldn't even debate this bill. rewind the tape a little bit further to sunday when we saw the largest demonstrations in hong kong since 1997 when hong kong was given back by the british to china. 1 million people out of a population of just over 7 million took to the streets. now what's the big deal here? well if people from hong kong can be extradited to mainland china, then of course they can be tried in mainland chinese courts and clearly people in hong kong just don't trust those courts. where does this go from here? well that's something we're likely to learn tomorrow. on sunday, 1 million people are expected to take to the streets again, and they aren't happy with this bill simply being postponed. they want it scrapped altogether and many of them also want the
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head of the government in hong kong to resign. rick? rick: ryan reporting, thank you, ryan. notre dame cathedral holds its first service since that massive fire, almost destroyed the cultural landmark, exactly two months ago. today, a small congregation of about 30 people attended mass while wearing hard hats. france's culture minister said the cathedral is still in a fragile state and people from around the world pledged to refund rebuilding efforts but that process is expected to take at least five years. a shopping stand still. what caused major lines at target stores across the nation the day before father's day. openturning 50 opens theuard. door to a lot of new things... like now your doctor may be talking to you about screening for colon cancer. luckily there's me, cologuard. the noninvasive test you use at home.
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♪ welcome to my house mmm, mmm, mmmmm. ball. ball. ball. awww, who's a good boy? it's me. me, me, me. yuck, that's gross. you got to get that under control. [ dogs howling ] seriously? embrace the mischief. say "get pets tickets" into your x1 voice remote to see it in theaters. rick: if you went shopping at target today you might still be there. the popular retail chain came to a stand still after experiencing a global system failure this afternoon. every register froze causing long lines, and frustration for people trying to buy stuff including apparently last minute father's day gifts. jacqui heinrich is following this and joins us with more. what happened? reporter: yeah, you know it was a crazy one over at target today things are back to normal now but it was absolute mayhem at target stores across the country
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for a span of about two hours. frustrated shoppers abandoned their red carts and checkout lines and starbucks employees handed out sample size goodies to appease the angry crowd. target has more than 1,800 stores across the country and the issue appeared to happen globally still not clear when the first outage happened or the exact number of stores effected. shoppers of course turned to twitter to find answers. also voice their frustration. right now the hashtag target apocalypse is trending. some users acknowledge the hashtag for its world problems other were completely enraged describing babies crying and people yelling. at some stores people complained they weren't alerted soon enough >> they were upset and said why didn't you tell people before they came into the store that the registers were down and there were people with a lot of baskets. >> the bathroom was the only thing that serves it. if i'm buying merchandise it can wait. [laughter] reporter: according to cnbc, systems also went down at target stores on this day exactly five
2:20 am
years ago. at the time the retail giant said it was not related to a security issue and target said the temporary outage earlier today was the result of an internal technology issue that lasted for approximately two hours, after an initial but thorough review, we can confirm this is not a data breach or a security-related issue and no guest information was compromis ed at any time. target is the second largest department store retailer behind only walmart with $72 billion in revenue last year. walmart has a considerably larger market share of 17% with $500 billion in revenue. target has just over 2%. registers now back online at target, so if you abandon your cart safe to go back. rick: so it was some kind of glitch? >> that's what they say. rick: and people just stood there? waiting and waiting. i wouldn't have done it. i would have high tailed it out of there. rick: i'm glad everything is back to normal thank you, great
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news. there was an extremely hard landing at newark liberty international airport today, it did damage to the plane and jarred more than 150 people on board. the passengers and crew were forced to deplane on a truck on the side of the runway in new jersey after their united airlines flight skidded into the grass during landing. united says the plane suffered multiple flat tires and a law enforcement source tell me the landing gear was bent and the three passengers suffered minor injuries. the faa is investigateing. several democratic presidential candidates are in charleston, south carolina today for the black economic alliance forum. the candidates are looking to appeal to african american voter s in this early primary state, and jonathan sarey is live with more on this. jonathan? reporter: rick this forum focused on economics and minorities that touched on some common themes of beefing up organized labor, as well as
2:22 am
improving disadvantaged negotiatings take a listen. >> because from climate change to health policy, these affect americans most who are living on the margins, people struggling to make it. people who are living in disadvantaged communities whether they be rural or urban towns there were millions of americans whoever are single day are in a struggle. not of their own making. >> the connection is clear, as the right to organization and the power of labor unions has declined so has the ability for more americans to enter the middle class or to stay in middle class. reporter: south bend indiana may ore pete buttigieg joined a pro- union rally in historic downtown charleston, although economic was front and center candidates touched on immigration and foreign policy including growing u.s. tensions with iran. >> i'm very concerned that we see a pattern that is reminiscent of the rush to war with iraq, and i'm even worried
2:23 am
that the president himself may not fully be in control of his own white house right now. not when you have a figure like john bolton one of the architect s of the iraq conflict seeming to be behind some of the steps to increase tensions. >> we have to be willing to get back in this fight and do what's right, for all of our families. immigration does not make us weaker, as a country. it makes us stronger. reporter: african americans make up two out of three democratic primary voters in south carolina so the party looks to the state for an early read on this crucial voting block. >> in general, people who vote in the democratic primary tend to be more liberal, than your average voter but that's just not the case in south carolina. the democratic voters in south carolina are much more moderate, so they're going to be listening for cues about the economic policies of the democratic party much more so than the social policies. reporter: so rick, that's why
2:24 am
you see these democratic presidential candidates taking an economic forum, so early in the campaign, seriously, in south carolina, even though it is still a strongly red state. back to you. rick: jonathan, live in charleston thanks very much. those tanker attacks not only escalating tensions with iran, but also putting national security front and center on capitol hill. how lawmakers are responding, next. that i won the "best of" i casweepstakes it. and i get to be in this geico commercial? let's do the eyebrows first, just tease it a little. slather it all over, don't hold back. well, the squirrels followed me all the way out to california! and there's a very strange badger staring at me... no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. uh-huh, where's the camel? "mr. big shot's" got his own trailer. ♪ wheeeeeee! believe it! geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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compared to those not taking it, and patients saw a significant reduction in itch. do not use if you are allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, a severe reaction. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening eye problems, including eye pain or changes in vision. if you are taking asthma medicines, do not change or stop your asthma medicine without talking to your doctor. help heal your skin from within. ask your eczema specialist about dupixent. rick: i'm rick leventhal and this is the fox report we're approaching the bottom of the hour. you're just joining us we're learning that tehran has released the crew members of the norwegian ship that came under attack. the situation has further escalated tensions between washington and iran, but this is just the latest chapter in a contentious relationship that goes back decades. mark meredith has more. reporter: the u.s. and iran have a long and complicated history filled with decades of miss
2:29 am
trust and military escalation. now iran drew worldwide outrage after followers of the storms u.s. embassy in tehran in 1979 and then president jimmy carter tried both diplomatic and military efforts to bring the american hostages home. the hostages were later released on president reagan's inauguration day after more than 400 days in cap captivity and in the late 1980s, the u.s. began protecting kuwait oil tankers and this was operation earnest will and the mission was response to the iran and iraq war when tankers in the region were under repeated attack. throughout the 1990s and 2000 the u.s. imposed additional sanctions, and in 2002 president george w. bush named iran as one of three countries in evil. once in office president obama vowed to begin rebuilding relations with iran and the iran nuclear deal was reached and it required iran to limit its nuclear program for up to 25 years in exchange for sanctions being lifted however in 2018
2:30 am
president trump withdrew the u.s. from the agreement. president trump: at the heart of the iran deal was a giant fiction that a regime desired only a peaceful, nuclear energy program. the fact is this was a horrible, one-sided deal that should have never ever been made. reporter: since then the u.s. re imposed sweeping sanctions on iran. experts say the decision has decimated iran's economy and led us to where we are today. >> the impetus for iran's aggressive behavior over the past six weeks ago has been the effect of our maximum pressure economic sanctions which have brought the iranian economy and their currency to a free fall. reporter: in the past president trump said he's open to possible talks within the iranian regime however iran's leader has he has no plan to exchange messages with president trump. rick: mark meredith the tensions have major political implications and here to talk about that is john bussey, john
2:31 am
thanks for being with us. >> pleasure. rick: let's start with the tank er attacks. the president seems certain that iran is to blame. are there any doubts? >> well this is the u.s. military saying that this is what happened and you may have issues with the president's credibility at times but it's the military saying that these were ships by the iranian guard, that were used in the attacks. rick: apparently when they went to take that mine off of one that would have been a way to remove evidence that would implicate that? >> that's right the presumption is this one didn't go off, that there's iranian language or lettering on it and they didn't want the evidence. rick: now these were not u.s. tankers but they belonged to allies of the u.s. , right? so so this it looks like an act of war to some people. >> yeah, this is a way for iran to disrupt traffic, for iran allegedly. still to disrupt traffic through the persian gulf. it is a way of reacting to the
2:32 am
fact that in fact sanctions have hurt it. we have a story right now that shows how much. experts of iranian oil are down to 500,000-barrels a day down from 2.9 million in 2016, so 16% of what they were doing in 2016 is what they are down to hurting their economy. rick: so in the meantime, congress is now trying to limit the president's authority. why are they doing that and what are they doing? >> this is really problematic and complicated and messy for congress because some republican s agreed that should be done, and yet they side with the president on a variety of other issues. these were powers that were granted to the president right after 9/11, where the president was allowed to take action, unilateral action in issues dealing with terrorism particularly al qaeda. congress is saying look we don't want another war and if you plan on doing something in the mid- east we want to have
2:33 am
approval over it first and you're hearing that from democrats but you're also hearing it from some republicans rick: one of the republicans who spoke out on this is lindsey graham who often backs the president. here is what he said. >> why is this happening? we put the iatola in a box. we put sanctions on iran, we're breaking the economy of iran, breaking their back economically and fighting back pushing back trying to break our will. rick: one way for iran to go would be to try and get along but it doesn't appear that that's what they want to do. >> that's probably not in the cards and the other thing that lindsey graham and others are wrestling within the congress is that it's not only a matter of if the president were to go to war against iran, which there's no indication that he wants to do that, some on his advisory staff have suggested that the president, if anything, kind of wants us out of the mid-east, that may be why iran is feeling that it can poke the bear a bit. that it's not going to provoke it but the other issue, rick
2:34 am
saccone that there are arms deals underway with saudi arabia and the uae, and congress is saying we're not really sure we want to go ahead with that, when saudi arabia has in fractions against it and war going on by proxy in yemen that we don't want to be supporting. rick: so congress is now looking at these 22 arms deals saying whether or not they could do anything about them. mitch mcconnell spoke i think to this topic on the senate floor on thursday. here is what he said. >> i understand that members of this body are generally concerned about some of the actions of our saudi partners in yemen. fortunately the senate has repeatedly expressed these concerns directly through our legislative and over site authority. the centers are upset about the state department's recent invocation of a national emergency to advance arm sales to saudi arabia. they will have an opportunity to vote on that matter later.
2:35 am
rick: this isn't the first time we've sold arms to saudi arabia and it probably won't be the last time but there are people who say listen these guys they killed a journalist and why are we trusting them and working with them? >> that's right, and so in congress, they're saying not only is there, are there those issues but we don't want our power infringed upon and so much power in the executives that the congress is out of the loop on these issues. meanwhile, speaking of, the iaea says that iran has increased its production of enriched uranium, so from its standpoint it's out out nuclear deal from the united states which the u.s. withdrew from and it's going to push the boundaries now. rick: well it certainly seems that way and it doesn't seem like things are getting any better. they seem to be getting worse. >> so the question is what does the president do at this point and you might see if there are additional problems in the mid- east, in the persian gulf as a result of iranian intrusion
2:36 am
into the oil shipments, you might see some additional u.s. naval action there. 1988 remember, they sunk a lot of fleets and damaged some iranian oil platforms because i mine went off that damaged the u.s. , so it's not the first time the u.s. would have intervened. rick: john bussey, we appreciate you coming in on a saturday. thank you very much. well you may have seen reports on human trafficking but do you know about the people who devot ed their lives to keeping potential victims from getting caught in that dark trade? we'll take a closer look in our special investigative series, next. ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out.
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rick: over the past several weeks fox news has gone in depth investigating the horrors of human trafficking and the way law enforcement responds to it. tonight we take a look at advocates who have devoted their
2:41 am
lives to battling this dark trade. due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter viewer discretion is advised. here is jon scott. >> right below my mirror, standing in a torrential downpour, shivering, was about a 15 or 16-year-old girl. >> gary smith has driven tens of thousands of miles in his tractor trailer rig. his work puts him in a position to see things most americans don't. >> i rolled my window down and i screamed at where what! and she said do you want some company? and i screamed back at her. i'm not lonely. go away. i never gave that young girl the opportunity to be rescued and i have to live with that. reporter: smith is now an ambassador for truckers against trafficking an organization created by truckers to help curb sex trafficking
2:42 am
among truckers. >> we travel our nations highways and we work in conjunction with law enforcement there's a lot more of us daily out on these roads than there is law enforcement, and we see things. reporter: even government agencies as vast and well-funded as the fbi have to call upon their citizen counterparts for their assistance making smith and his truckers pointmen in the fight against human trafficking. >> the victim specialists really have to work with their local partners with ngo's with local police with child protective services. reporter: that's the assistant director in charge of the fbi's victim services division. >> if you do this work for very long, as many of us have, you realize that no one agency can do it all. reporter: the work focuses on life after trafficking. but for many advocates the battle begins long before the fbi gets involved. >> she has a 40% higher chance of deaths than any regular
2:43 am
person, and so the likelihood of her dying is very very high. >> theresa flores is a survivor of sex trafficking. >> he said "i like you" and that's all it took. that afternoon, i was drugged and raped. he came up to me at school with an envelope and in that envelope were photos. reporter: those photos were taken without theresa's knowledge after she was raped. >> he said my two older cousins were there and they took these photos and you have to earn them back or else. reporter: flores was only 15 years old when a group of classmates coerced her through extortion into a life of forced sex work. >> i was 17 when the traffic king ended, because we moved away. reporter: flores is also the founder of the organization, " save our adolescents from prostitution" created to combat forced sex work across the country. the organization labels for bars of soap placed in motels imprint ed with the number for
2:44 am
the national human trafficking hot line. >> we also have a support group reporter: flores endured horrific experiences while she was trafficked that motivate her to carry on with her work. her advocacy and yes those little bars of soap, have saved lives. >> it's really important to see that people do care and they want to stop it, so that's one way that we measure success. reporter: the experiences of smith and flores led them both to a deeper understanding about the horrors of trafficking, motivating them to choose a path of advocacy. >> i'm just shocked that so many people still have no idea about this. >> i had to make a solemn promise to myself that never again, not on my watch. rick: thanks for joining us in our investigation next week a final look at the impact of human trafficking. if you or someone you know is caught in sex trafficking contact the national center for missing and exploited children at 1-800-the lost, or at cyber
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seeing our team together in custom ink gear is an amazing reminder of how far we've come as a business. - [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products to help you look and feel like a team. upload your logo or start your design today at rick: the u.s. naval war college gets its first woman president. our admiral has a doctorate and has heading a military command
2:49 am
in guam. the college's previous president was removed after a report he was under investigation for inappropriate behavior. the battle over affirmative action resurfacing in washington state, lawmakers voting to adopt an initiative encouraging universities to push participation goals for underrepresented minority groups dan springer explains. reporter: when the washington state legislature passed an affirmative action measure on the last day of the session opponents shouted down to democrats who all voted for it. washington asians for equality leaders say it will be hard working asian americans who will lose spots they've earned at top public universities. >> the asian family value education and it's a choice people make every day. do i go or put extra hours in and watch to have? you know when you sacrifice, it should be rewarded for your sacrifice. reporter: the new law encourages state universities and local governments to set participation goals for under-represented minorities. blacks and latinos make up a
2:50 am
combined 14% of students at the university of washington while asians account for 24% and that's not including the many asian foreign students. state reps in a democrat and korean american admit some especially bright chinese applicants won't get in. >> what we're giving the institutions and the workplaces that hey, go ahead and take a look at the diversity, their background, not just the test scores not just their grades. reporter: government contracts will also go to more minority and women-owned businesses. backers say leveling the playing field. >> it's exposing a opportunity that we can go ahead and bid on those projects, so there is no favortism. reporter: but opponents say voters should decide just like in 1998 when they banned racial preferences. asian groups are busy collecting signatures hoping to get a referendum on the november ballot. >> when you use race when you're deciding who gets into
2:51 am
college, who gets a job, who gets a contract it's a zero sum game. someone will win, someone will lose. reporter: the ban on affirmative action passed on washington state two decades ago by a imagine of 16%. the big difference today the awakening of asian americans as a political force. they are already fighting against alleged discrimination by harvard and the new york city gifted schools program. now there's a battleground on the west coast. in seattle, dan springer, fox news. rick: a brand new waters world coming up tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. here is jessie with a preview. >> the world naked bike ride just went down and one of the nude cyclists joins water's world also babier challenges tom cruise to a fight and we have a ufc legend here to break it down rick: well that'll be exciting. the nba's championship trophy may beheaded to canada but the st. louis blues and their fans are celebrating the team's first
2:52 am
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rick: two teams have secured their spots today at the women's world cup tied at half time the netherlands stormed out of the gate with a quick goal in the second frame to grab the lead. the dutch adding another late goal for a 3-1 victory and a guaranteed spot in the knock-out round. canada and new zealand were scoreless in their first half but the canadians eventually broke the game open and cruised to a 2-nill win. of course the headliners are the u.s. team, ranked number one in the world. they face chile in their second game of the tournament and you can watch it on the big fox network tomorrow at noon eastern from the soccer pitch to a
2:55 am
hockey celebration the st. louis blues taking part in a stanley cup championship parade today, with their post-game celebration song "gloria" playing throughout the parade. the blues defeated the boston bruins in seven games on wednesday to win their first title, in franchise history. the third round of the u.s. open is in full swing at pebble beach in california. second round leader gary wood land looking to fend off a field to win his first major title and jim grey is live at pebble beach with more a very tough assignment, jim, gary wood land, what's going on? reporter: well, now this is his 30th major attempt he's 0 for 29 he did have his best major the last one last year, the pga played last year, and he finished tied for sixth but this is clearly somebody who nobody had anticipated and expected. he's doing very well.
2:56 am
he just birdied the fourth hole so he's one under par, 10 under now for the championship with a three-stroke lead over justin rose and some people coming up the leader board, brooks kepka, trying to become the first man in 114 years to have won the u.s. open, three straight years, since willie anderson did it all that long time ago. he is now at six under par and two under on the day, so there's a lot going on here tiger woods just finished he's even par for the tournament now 10 strokes behind shot a 71 today which is even par. rick: i was watching earlier jim and tiger, his long game looked great but he seemed like he was really struggling on the greens there. >> well he had 25 puts in the first round, just all around the edges couldn't get anything to drop and again not a good puttin g today, he was just never able to get anything going and it's disappointing to be anybody whose here particularly coming
2:57 am
off what he had done at augusta national back in april or winning for the first time a major since 2008 it had been 11 years and he had that sterling performance here back in 2000 when he won by 15 shots the most ever so everybody was so excited about him coming back to pebble beach where he won twice and at&t championship as well as u.s. open but just to the to be for tiger this year because there's too many people to crawl over and he won't come back from 10 strokes behind. rick: but you mentioned brooks k epka trying to make history. does he look like he's in a position to take the lead and win his third straight? >> he looks really good. he just missed a birdie attempt right here as kepka is now playing on the ninth hole, so he will stay six under for the championship and he's really calm and just knows how to win in these circumstances and he's four behind, but if you're looking at that leader board, he's the guy that you have to keep your eye on because nobody is anticipating that a three-
2:58 am
time winner in gary wood land, three times having won on the pga tour championship and 10 years on the tour, he doesn't impress anybody coming into the tournament as the guy whose going to win so everybody will be looking for him to fatter, whether or not he does certainly nobody is rooting against him. rick: we'll have to leave it there. it looks like it's a little cold hang in there, buddy. >> 68. somebody has to do it. rick: thanks very much, and that is how fox reports this sad jun. i'm rick leventhal. thanks for watching have a great thanks for watching have a great [national anthem]
2:59 am
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