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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 17, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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super fan got one. the real mariah carey said it could have been knee if only i had not failed remedial math. carley: that's a funny tweet from mariah. kudos to her. rob: we have got to go. see you. ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ ♪ steve: live from studio f here in the mezzanine level of the fox news world headquarters. welcome aboard. brian kilmeade is off today and look who is here? ainsley: how was your father's day was it great? >> dan: it was awesome. they know steve well. is he on that flight a lot. it was super nice to me. it was hurt.
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steve: phi children were all in the same place yesterday. we went to a buffet. there is mary next to peter. peter came up friday night. mary came up sunday. they both left but we were all together on father's day for three hours. ainsley: i like sally's sweatshirt, her sweater the american flag very pate i can. steve: we are a patriotic family indeed. ainsley: how tall are you, steve? steve: i was 6'1 at my height by peter is 656. >> did he play basketball? >> no. there was too much running. he played baseball. you were down south and you were with your dad, too. ainsley: i was down south. a wedding in one of the beaches in south carolina. and so we rented a little
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house there for the weekend and the whole family came, except for my mom is not doing well. anyway, say prayers for my mom. here is my dad with my little girl hayden. he is the best grand daddy. is he so fun. it's neat to watch him with my child because it just takes me back to when i was little, dad was just -- he is so good with children. i would dance on his feet, you know, you would stand. steve: takes you back. ainsley: it's fun to watch him with my daughter. he builds tents and 40s and carries her on his back. dan: my daughter. it brings a tear. he loves her. steve: there is your family. dan: there is a candid shot. my little one always smiling the other one big hands. that's on the couch in florida relaxing. ainsley: how old are your girls. >> i have a 7 and 15-year-old. ainsley: what are teenagers like? dan: it's rough. i never expected that i know what a thai i was.
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we were awful kids. we just were. i didn't really get it. steve: i got news for you, waited in the 20's. wait in the 30's. ainsley: that's when they're supposed to become your friend. steve: yeah, right. dan: like adults but not emotionally ready yet. you have to get involved heavy when they are teenagers. ainsley: girls are great. aren't they sweet? they love their daddy. dan: best thing ever happened. nothing like it. steve: we would like to see your pictures send them to us. we are also on facebook on this day after father's day monday. ainsley: happy father's day to all of you have out there. i hope it was a wonderful one. steve: george stephanopoulos had exclusive interview with the president. abc called it 30 hours with the president or something like that. he referred to george at one point as that little wise guy. but the president said that and this is a sound bite we are going to be talking about. the president said barack
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obama had to know what he believes was a set-up to keep trump from becoming president. that's in this sound bite montage that starts where they are talking about where there was no collusion, the president says. >> no crime. there was no collusion. the big thing is collusion. now there no collusion. that means they set -- it was a set-up. in my opinion. and i think it's going to come out. i hope it's going to come out. we're going to find out very soon. >> if you clearly believe there was a group of people working against you, do you think president obama was 'behind it? >> i would say he certainly must have known about it because it went very high up in the chain. you will find that out. i'm not going to make that statement quite yet, but i would say that president obama had to know about it. steve: so he says president obama would have to know about it. dan, have you written extensively about this. dan: there is simply no way the most significant
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counterintelligence investigation in modern u.s. history. no doubt spying on a presidential campaign and potentially a president later on was being run without the sitting president barack obama being naive to it. we have the text amongst the lead fbi veats effort the potus wants to know everything of course. abby: critical condition anymore for president of the united states. meetings at the white house it. defies crew credulity that they did not know. ainsley: you think all of this will come out in the horowitz report? >> maybe as horowitz report. i'm not as optimistic about the horowitz as others are. it will definitely come out over time. no doubt about that. barack obama had to know. what is it some kind of rogue intelligence operation involving every significant branch of our government? steve: think about it? where is the curiosity. if this were true, you called it the biggest scandal this political, in world history regarding politics. where is the curiosity. where are the people digging into that. dan: key question where is
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the media on this? watergate happened, thankfully we had media that looked into it. but you have hard evidence that something happened here. it's not like this is all made up and fabricated out of mid-air and the media has been entirely completely uncurious about it. it's beashz. >> if it were a republican doing. this what would democrats do. >> calling it treason. because it's democrats united class and the media have become the guard for them many in the media. do you have honest people like greenawalt not a conservative at all goes on tucker's show all the time. he a calls truth to power on both sides and always has. steve: let's see what happens. more sound bites from the special coming up. in the mean time, the country of mexico apparently tightening security at its own border, which is different after making that deal with president trump. apes ain't we are now learning more about what the nation is doing to crack down on the flow of migrants trying to enter the united
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states. steve: griff jenkins is live in washington as thousands of soldiers are heading to mexico's border with guatemala. good morning, griff. >> good morning, steve, ainsley and dan. all eyes are on mexico we have to remember when the mexican president took over on december 1st it's clear that border enforcement would not be a priority we walked across their border with guatemala in january with live cameras rolling into. single officer was in sight. six months later the story changes. after nearly a million central american migrants surges through that country trit 6,000 national guard troops will now begin securing that border today. part of a larger plan to control the flow of migrants after pressure from president trump's threat of tariffs. but is it too little, too late? mexico is struggling to dealing with the crisis. shelters in southern mexico bursting at the scenes horrible crowding, and conditions. sunch of africans from cameroon, in the congo. central americans still make up the majority. u.s. border patrol officials
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tell us they are apprehending a record number of african migrants showing up sometimes in large groupings on our border. then there is the question of whether mexico is any closer to agreeing to safe third country agreement with the u.s. require migrants to seek asylum. then the u.s. releasing a text of a deal chindz indicates after 45 days from today's deployment if there are not results with respect to slowing the flow. they will discuss additional efforts. i'm headed to the embassy later this morning. we will find out what they have to say. guys. steve: griff, thank you very much. always predicated on the president's threat for that 5 purse tariff on everything coming out of mexico. that got them to the bargaining table and they agreed to certain things that we have detailed over the last 10 days. the implied threat is if mexico doesn't top people from going right through mexico to our southern border then plan b is going to kick n 45 days when they will sit back down and say look you guys did it.
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mexico, you said you would stop the flow. didn't happen. so now we have got this other stuff. you are going to become a safe third country. which means people who want asylum are going to have to stop in mexico and you will have to take it whether you like it or not. ainsley: they are watching. the president said if you don't fix it. then we are going to slap you with these tariffs. and i was reading some articles this morning about some folks down at checkpoints. and there was one article that said there is one person guarding one check points. that's not enough. steve: that's not security. ainsley: you are right. we just need to see it tightened. we need to make sure that mexico is doing what they are saying they are going to do and promising. if not, then they will pay the price. >> we saw the numbers on the aasylum seekers, 90% seeking asylum. i use dreaded air quotes. economic migrants. a reason but not a reason to break the law upwards of 90% seeking asylum not showing up for court date it.
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is de facto open borders. come in and say asylum and it's not legitimate in many of these cases and get a court date not show up a court date to get into the united states. people around the world are smart. they figured it out. that's why we are seeing migrants from everywhere. >> they knew eventually this would happen. eventually they would tighten the borders. >> this is one of the most predictable crises in american history. everybody saw this coming. steve: sure. the big question what is the metric. what is the number that the united states these see coming in to you are country because they -- i read one of the things in, i think the "new york times" 245 said, you know, mexico said we can get the number down to 60,000. only 60,000 a month will be coming in and apparently the white house said, it's got to be less than 20,000. peter navarro, the president's trade guy, said, look, the tariff threat, that worked great. >> the tariffs that president trump used, he got in two days more than congress did in 20 years on this. we got troops down at the
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southern border that mexico deployed. we got mexico committing to take the phony asylum seekers on the mexican soil deter further immigration from the northern triangle down at the southern border of mexico. and we have a very strong commitment to break up that conveyor belted which is this road goldberg of narcotraffickers and human traffickers millions of dollars off these poor immigrants coming up and off the american people who have to take the drugs and the illegal immigrants which hurt us in terms of jobs. steve: so the terror threat worked. not surprising. we will see what happens next. dan: the media attacked them for it. ainsley: carley has headlines filling in for jillian. carley: that's right. happy father's day to both of you. dan: thank you very much. carley: we begin with a fox news alert.
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iran will increase uranium enrichment levels. mike pompeo says all options are on the table to counter iran's aggression following two attacks on oil tankers. iran denied any involvement in the attacks. jury selection begins today for the navy seal accused of murdering an isis prisoner. eddie gallagher a decorated veteran has pleaded not guilty. earlier this month a military judge dismissed the lead prosecutor from gallagher's war crimes case. for streetly tracking emails put defense's legal team a judge released gallagher from custody as a result of that possible interference. israel's newest town is named after president trump. prime minister ben gentleman minute netanyahu unveiling trump heights. a small settlement in the golan heights that's meant to honor the president for recognizing the region as israeli territory. the land has been highly contested since it was seized from syria in 1967.
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president trump tweeting to netanyahu: thank you mr. prime minister, a great honor. and the u.s. clinches a spot in the next round of the women's world cup. carli lloyd helping them get there with this historic performance. >> with another corner driven across. u.s. carli lloyd has two. u.s. three. >> listen to this lloyd is the first player to score in six straight women's world cup matches. she helped the u.s. beat ainsley: brian was mad weli. ran up the score. dan daniel i have no problem with running up the score. ainsley: show them how good you are.
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aoc pushing to repeal the hyde amendment saying it's not about abortion. isn't that exactly what it's about. one democrat calling out the congresswoman coming up next. great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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this is not in the niche topic of women's issues anymore. this is an american issue. dan: alexandria ocasio-cortez pushing to repeal the hyde amendment which bars using federal funds for abortions. the democratic congresswoman claims it isn't about abortion, but isn't that exactly what this is all about? democratic strategist steve laser here to weigh in. thanks for joining us. appreciate it? >> thank you, daniel. dan: if the hyde amendment which precisely bands federal funds, taxpayer dollars like yours and mine is not about abortions than what is it about? >> first i have to agree that i do agree with what alexandria ocasio-cortez is saying at this moment about that issue. i do believe any other woman would be able to get an abortion, middle class or upper class woman would be able to pay for her own abortion. in a sense what she is saying is correct. i believe. dan: why is it correct? why should we have to finance other people's did. >> we have to finance all kinds of things we disagree
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about. i disagreed with the iraq war and torturing people my tax dollars went to that, that's fine. but let me tell you something that's going on here, okay? alexandria ocasio-cortez says that she is against the hyde amendment. she attacked joe biden for this. but she voted for the hyde amendment on january 9th. she said she has got this petition. she wants to repeal the hyde amendment. when she had a chance to actually vote against it, on hr 264 on january 9th. it contained the hyde amendment and she voted for it. dan: aoc hoop hypocrisy certainly nothing new. should we have taxpayers funds for say firearm purchases for people in high crime that's a actual constitutional right right to bear arms. >> we could name all kinds of things, right, daniel? >> you don't get to choose that pay your taxes congress agrees to vote on that's what your taxes go. to say. dan: is this position a real winner for the democrats in 2020 election forcing people who have sincere religious beliefs against abortion, forcing them to actually finance this? is this some kind of
3:20 am
electoral winner in the public is against the majority of them. >> to your point, my beliefs aside, it's pretty clear that the public is in favor of the hyde amendment. that's unfortunate. democrats have some work to do here, i think, in appealing to the public on this subject, but definitely this is not a winner for the democrats at this point. dan dab all right. steve. thanks a lot for coming. >> in thank you. dan: president trump says a bill to burn flag burne ban flao brainer. ♪ brought to you courtesy of the red, white, and blue ♪ ♪ let's get down to business. the business of getting it done. the business of road trips.
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ainsley: here is quick headlines for you. new york state senators introducing a bill to decriminalize marijuana it. needs to pass before the legislative session ends on wednesday. sources tell the "new york post" the bill has about a 60% chance of passing. er8 earlier this month governor andrew cuomo doubted it would get done in time. as more states push to legalize marijuana a new warning how pot affects teenage brains. health professionals writing a "new york times" op-ed about how the drugs impair memory, attention span and concentration. calling on lawmakers to set a minimum age of 25 when legalizing marijuana. they also want strict limits on thc levels. steve, down to you. steve: all right, ainsley, thank you. a republican backed bill that would ban flag burning. the american flag that is to say, is getting a thumb's up from the president. president trump tweeted. this all in for senators steve deigns as he proposes
3:25 am
an amendment for a strong ban on burning our american flag. it's a no-brainer, the president tweets. while the proposal sounds patriotic, it's sparking freedom of speech concerns. here to weigh in is somebody who has fought or our flags and the freedoms it represents. retired u.s. marine corps bomb technician joey jones joins us from atlanta. good morning. >> good morning, steve. steve: you know, it's got to bother to you see somebody burning an american flag, doesn't it? >> yes. absolutely. you know, i raise my right hand in front of a flag and i have carried buddies wrapped in it 20 arlington that flag means a lot to me. when there were national anthem protests i spoke out about it and someone burns a flag around me you can bet i will prevent it. i don't know if the constitutional amendment is the right way to prevent burning our flag. i don't think there are enough antifa punks as there are chicago cubs and marine corps veterans rig monday or
3:26 am
army veteran matt a fedex driver. every time someone tries to burn a flag in a public space there is a flight steps up and prevents it. i think that's something our country can figure out for ourselves. i don't know that we need a constitutional amendment to protect the flag; however, nothing like mailboxes once properly erected they become federal property there would be a pass through legislation where we could protect most flags flying are of a certain standard size and material and label them or make them federal property the moment they are erected so that people don't go around taking flags down and try to burn them if they go and purchase one themselves there are enough froits prevent that from happening. we don't need the federal government to tell us to do what's rights. if someone is burning a flag around us we don't need a badge on it to stop it from happening. steve: the hard thing would be this would require a constitutional amendment. >> exactly. steve a really high bar. because the supreme court has made it very clear that while a lot of americans
3:27 am
find the burning of a flag repurepugnant, it is protected speech. it's the first amendment we are talking about here. >> yes. and that's the problem is if you try to push this through. constitutional amendment, i believe in our constitution and i i don't believe it should be changed very often or very easily. say this doesn't pass, well now you give liberals a talking points that americans don't support protecting our flag when, in fact, it's politics that doesn't support protecting our flag. i believe americans 10 times out of 10 will prevent this from happening when they see it. that's why you hear people like rick monday and matt yerin. something we believe in we are passionate about. we don't need to amend our constitution in order to protect a flag and i don't believe we need a federal government's permission to do something and preventing that from happening would be right in my book. so i just don't believe this is a right path. i believe there are federal regulations that could be passed that would essentially do the same thing. especially for flags already
3:28 am
flying or on regular buildings. steve: while you were speaking we just ran black and white video from 1976, you mentioned rick monday, a cubs player. who somebody was burning a flag, he just grabbed it. you also mentioned a fedex driver. what does a fedex driver do? >> well, matt yerin he s. a fedex driver. 2017 on a route doing his job and people were trying to burn three american flags they doused him with lighter fluid. the lighter fluid was running back down hill towards them if he hadn't got out with a fire extinguisher they could have set themselves on fire because they are not smart to begin with. people calling for him to get fired because he intervened. their voice wasn't heard. even a company like fedex had his back and he is also an army veteran. steve: you would like to see if congress is going to do something come up with a bill who protect the people who protect the flag?
3:29 am
>> absolutely. not unlike mailboxes. you go out and take a baseball bat to a mailbox, you are committing a federal offense. american flags could be similar way to include people who intervene on have and 4reu678. a path of that nature is more american. i don't believe we need to go around amending our constitution for everything when we can sort some things out for ourself. some things are pretty blanketly right and wrong. rick monday will go out we will support them instead. steve: joey, thank you very much for your point of view. >> absolutely. thank you. steve: what do you think? should there be a ban to keep people from burning the american flag which currently is protected speech? email us we are also on facebook. meanwhile, it's the moment that had gulf fans cheering all across the country. watch this. [cheers]
3:30 am
got it a major champion gary wood land. gary wood lansd from kansas won the u.s. open yesterday but he wasn't the only winner. the big victory for our friends at folds of honor as well. and the inspiring story behind this moment after the tournament months in the making. we have a busy program. thanks for joining us on this monday. this is "fox & friends." ♪ livings in america ♪ scootin' through life at 7 miles an hour... [awesome] you see, bookers just go for it, they book a surfside resort, order a fourth taco even though three was plenty. 'cause bookers don't make bucket lists... no booking way, they make memories.
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woodland. steve: how cool is that? it's your shot of the morning. if you were watching fox yesterday you saw gary woodland holding off brooks koepka to win the u.s. open pebble beach. woodland finished 13 under par beating koepka by three strokes for first major title. dan: he did it all in patriotic style. woodland is a strong supporter of folds of honor great charity. often wears their gear on the course. ainsley: we were pulling for them that's one of the main reasons. he has a strong faith. his wife is on bed rest having twins. found inspiration from amy who is living with down syndrome. the two went viral back in january when woodland met her at the mexico open. and he called her right after yesterday's big win. watch this. >> keep up the good work. thank you for all the positive vibes. i look forward to seeing you
3:35 am
soon. >> yeah. >> we are going to play some golf. ainsley: amy says she was rooting for her favorite golfer to win. steve: we was watching with the family down in florida. as soon as he sank that long birdie putt. she pretty much just flew off the couch. ainsley: that's awesome. he wears volition which is the brand by puma and all the proceeds go to folds of honor. so he is really good friends with dan rooney and y'all know dan because is he on our coach a lot. dan: great charity. steve: gary woodland who is from kansas, went to the university of kansas like did i and major dan did, gary woodland is going to be on this couch tomorrow. ainsley: soaks sighted. his wife is having twins. dan: i'm back. you are stuck with me again tomorrow. ainsley: we love you. >> always welcome. dan: thank you. steve: thank you for joining us on this monday. brian is out. dan's in. and this news time now with carley.
3:36 am
carley: that's right. did you know this? today marks 25 years since oo.j.simpson's infamous bronco race. >> everybody loves you. you have the whole world. don't throw it away. >> 95 million people watched the chase live back in 1994 after simpson's was accused of murdering his ex-wife nicole and her friend. the convicted criminal is now on twitter saying he has got some getting even to do. ron's sister kim goldman will join us live in the next hour to react to o.j.'s latest comments. a suspected home intruder chased off by a kid with a machete is under arrest. police say an 11-year-old boy attacked suspect hall with a machete when he broke into a home in north carolina. the child did not let him go without a fight.
3:37 am
>> i didn't do anything about it. he could have taken me with him. he could have done anything. >> what a brave little boy there. hall went to the hospital but escaped before police could track him down. they later found him at his mom's house. apple's ceo tim cook issues a warning to the future of tech at stanford graduation ceremony. >> this industry is becoming better known for a less known innovation, the belief that can you claim credited without accepts responsibility if you built a chaos factory you can't dodge responsibility for the chaos. carley: interesting comments there cook not mentioning any companies by name. the ceo has criticized google and facebook for their approaches to users' privacy in the past. a 10-year-old girl becomes the youngest person ever to climb an iconic mountain at yosemite national park.
3:38 am
it took shayla schneider five days to complete the 3,000-foot route. it's considered one of the most challenging mountain climbs in the world. guess what? she celebrated with pizza. are you kidding me? how amazing is she? i get nerve when i climb a ladder. ainsley: did you see the movie? carley: yes. even though i knew he was going to make it out okay i was nervous. steve: he went up the face with no wires. no ropes. dan: i saw a documentary about the documentary but i still haven't seen it. ainsley: you got to watch it. first when i was watching it because the height thing it looks like you are on the mountain with him. it makes you nervous. steve: noble had ever done it. ainsley: he survived. steve: all right. carley. thank you very much. meanwhile, let's go out to the streets of new york city. janice dean joins us where it is a beautiful day. janice: it is. we could see some thunderstorms in the area. let's take a look at the
3:39 am
maps, and i will show you where you can see the potential for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast across portions of texas and mississippi river valley, ohio valley and even the mid-atlantic. new york, you will get a cloudy day today. for the rest of the workweek, we are talking about potential showers in the forecast. and then let's take a look at the severe threat. you know what? gavin, hi, gavin, gavin is our executive producer. is he talking in my ear this whole time. hi, gavin. gavin likes to talk. [laughter] i'm sorry. i think he was talking to somebody else but i'm hearing everything while i do the weather forecast. across the high plains we can see the threat for severe storms and mid-atlantic region. i love you gavin, you know that. i love you a lot. tomorrow severe threat across the plain states. steve: talks to us all the time too. begannen. dan: i have done that a couple times. ainsley: i guess he pressed
3:40 am
your buffet ton too. janice: i guess he was talking to you guys but he was also talking to me. steve: what was he saying out of curiosity. janice: hi, dan, nice to see you. all the best. ainsley: we love janice. thank you, janice. it has been four years since president trump came down trump tower, that escalator. remember that? to launch his first white house bid. now he is ready to kick off his 2020 re-election campaign. that's going to happen tomorrow night. steve: national press secretary kayleigh mcnanny has a sneak peek of what we can expect next. what pain? with advil.
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3:44 am
some customers forced to pay with cash when credit card readers stopped working on sunday. the glinels a payment vendor that outage unrelated to internal tech glitch on saturday which caused long lines across the country. neither incident was a security breach. and check your cabinet three varieties of rag do you go sauce under voluntary rerecall. could contain glass fragments. steve: president trump kicks off his 2020 re-election bid tomorrow. we have a sneak peek of his 2020 campaign ad. take a look. >> this is a movement like we have never seen in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] >> swisk trump country. >> and that's what this
3:45 am
fight is all about. we are taking on the failed political establishment and restoring government of, by, and for the people. it's the people. you are the people. you won the election. >> we love this country. we love donald trump. >> promises made. promises kept. >> we support president trump. ainsley: joining us now is kayleigh mcenany national secretary for the trump pence 2020 campaign. >> hey, ainsley. ainsley: we just saw a sneak peek of it, what do you think? >> what i think is we focus on the american people at the campaign. you will notice dozens of socialists running the democratic field they sit there and take aim at president trump. that's the name of the game in the democratic primary. as you heard, just there you heard about five mentions of the people. and when folks see our entire ad. they will see that this is a movement of the people. yes, it's behind president trump. but it's always been about the forgotten men and women. i think that ad makes it clear. steve: what's interesting. is with the exception of one
3:46 am
shot. i think we didn't see president trump in that 30 seconds we saw right there. it's all about the folks. >> that's exactly right. and when you watch the full three minutes. it's the supporters. you see the faces of the men and women, and, yes, there are women. despite what the media will tell you. i go to these trump rallies. i stand in lines. i talk to the crowds. there is tons of women. people from all background. when i was in wisconsin where that ad was filmed. i went and there were people sleeping overnight in 40-degree weather, including a veteran who had been in intensive care for two weeks but demanded to be let out to go to the trump rally. there he was sleeping overnight for this rally. because he had called the v.a. hotline none other than lara trump called him back there he was at the wally to thank the president and the trump family. dan: kayleigh, the tax cuts worked. economy booming. unemployment historic lows. red tape something cut. when you look at polls, i was reading an article at love americans don't believe they even got a tax cut contrary to the data that
3:47 am
says they did. do we as republicans need to do a better job getting the message out this economy is due to a change from the older bobby liberal ways. >> absolutely we need to be out there with that message. people take the economy for granted. we noticed in our polling, when the economy is doing well dip down in the issue of importance. we can't take it for granted. the obama economy was different. locals of manufacturing jobs. wages stagnant. now they are growing twice as fast for low and middle income americans fastest pace than in a decade. yes, absolutely so important, so key as well as the healthcare message, too. ainsley: kayleigh, at the bottom of that video, text trump to 880022. what happens if do you that? >> it's really important. that allows us to update our data. we have the best data in the business, ainsley. that means that we know which doors to knock on. we are going to be able to size late the handful of a few million voters who will
3:48 am
decide this election. because of that text, you allow us to update our data. also could be a trump volunteer. what's better than that being a trump volunteer and getting enrolled in the army of volunteers we plan to have 2 million, i in fact, which would be historic number of volunteers in presidential campaign that are trained. steve: you mentioned polling a moment ago. the story over the weekend was that the president is not doing very well in his internal polls. and, in fact, it sounds like and you probably won't be able to confirm this, but it sounds like the campaign has fired a couple of polling companies because they leaked to some news outlets. >> yeah. we're not confirming our personnel decisions but what i can confirm the abc and -- abc and nbc stories about leak polling are more fake news. yes, those numbers were accurate but they were from three months ago. they were premueller report. worst case scenario most unfavorable turnout model. what can i tell you is the president is leading in all 17 swing states against a
3:49 am
defined democrat. when the democrats started mentioning socialism and started mentioning radical policies. we saw movement towards the president. we're very comfortable with where we stand. don't believe the stories you are reading. steve: leaked polls were accurate you are saying but they were from three months ago. so they weren't fake news they were old news. >> they were old news and most unfavorable turnout model. we have to who is going to turn out. this is the most pro-democratic turnout model you could see. so it's understandable that that polling would look that way. when you look at the real polling, the most accurate polling, define democrats. the president is leading in all 17 swing states as he noted. ainsley: we will be watching tomorrow. amway center 20,000 people in orlando where the magic play. thank you, kayleigh. >> thank you. steve: next guest 7-year-old girl on a mission to help her local police department. she has hosted several lemonade stands, a cookie
3:50 am
stand and even a car wash all to help police she loves so much. ainsley: that little girl and sergeant are here live with the inspiring story coming up next. wednesdays. at outback, they're for steak and beer. walkabout wednesdays are back! get a sirloin or chicken on the barbie, fries, and a draft beer or coca-cola - all for just $10.99. hurry in! wednesdays are for outback. outback steakhouse. aussie rules. wednesdays are for outback. the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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3:53 am
ainsley: a little flan frist pittsburgh proving you are never too yowng make a difference. >> kayley hosting a lemonade stand cookie stand and car twoosh raise money for local police department. steve: kayley wants to protect and serve one day all because she and her father watched the tv show cops. here with more is 7-year-old kayley and police sergeant
3:54 am
jump bouch of the harrison township police not far from pittsburgh. good morning to both of you. good morning. ainsley: i don't think they can hear us. steve: can you hear us. [kayley, can you hear us? >> good morning, how are you? steve: there is a super delay. kayley, why do you want to help the police officers? >really long delay. ainsley: kayley, can you hear us? this is a skype transmission. and there is such. ainsley: i didn't know it delayed this long. all right. well, let's tell you her story. she is 7 years old she lives
3:55 am
in pittsburgh and trying to raise money to buy bullet proof vests and a k 9 for this local police department. steve: right. they have -- she has already raised more than 3500 towards her goal of 10,000. her mom says that the money raised from events is taking to police who hold it in special fund. and since the age of 4, she has been so busy doing this. not stopped on her way to her goal of 10,000. she is going to host her first hot dog stand at bird dogs in heights june 29th 9 to 3:00. >> if you are in that area stop by. ainsley: dan, this little girl is remarkable. >> she has had lemonade stands since she was 4 years old. cookie stand, car wash. now have this hot dog stand. dan: kind of a big deal. i was a member of the nypd when they had multi-year budget that's not the exception that's the rule. do you mean how many bullet proof vests can you buy. that's real money.
3:56 am
she can make a real difference. ainsley: hats off to her parents raising a great child. if you are interested in givings money and helping her reach that goal, go to our website. we will a link there, it's and help give this child some money. i have a feeling because you guys are so amazing at home she will threech goal today. steve: because of the technicatechtechnical difficult. we will plug some wires in different things next hour we will bring them to you live via skype from pittsburgh. ainsley: four minutes until the top of the hour. it was the chase that wrought the entire country to a halt 25 years ago today. do you remember where you were? oj simpson and the elm famous white bronco. ron goldman's sister kim goldman is here to reflect in the next hour.
3:57 am
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♪ american ♪ red, white, and blue ♪ i'm american. steve: welcome to the low cloud cover here in the big apple on this monday morning. good morning, everybody. ainsley: good morning. steve: it's a good thing you flew in last night things are probably stalled at the airport last night a little bit. dan: i'm worst traveler ever. i hate it. ainsley: you do really? dan: 12 years in the secret service flying military in the back it gets rough real quick. ainsley: you figured it out. that's why you built a studio in your home. dan: in your house. build it in your house. steve: military transport planes at what point do they come out with the little beverage cart? >> i enjoyed it more than commercial because you could sleep. put out a yoga mat. ainsley: really? dan: get an mre.
4:01 am
steve: wouldn't have to be strapped in. dan: not really. i'm sure on takeoff but no. steve: if you haven't figured it out yet brian has the day off and we are dan bongino from palm city, florida. moving to stuart right next door. ainsley: why are you moving? dan: my wife likes the water. she wants a water view. steve: right on the water. ainsley: father's day gift for both of you. dan: big time. you have to come over some time. steve: dan, good to have you. meanwhile, great have you as well. let's talk about this. the country of mexico is tightening security on their border with guatemala after making that deal with president trump who threatened the tariffs. ainsley: yeah, we are now learning more about what the nation is doing to crack down on the flow of migrants trying to enter the united states. dan: griff jenkins is in washington as thousands of soldiers head to the border. >> good morning. this is a very important week for mexico. mexico's foreign minister
4:02 am
says the deployment of 6,000 national guard troops to their southern border will be complete today. it's a far cry from six months ago when mexico's president el salvador took looshed took over. not a single officer was in sight. you see the crossing of the river from guatemala. we did that last month and there were no guard troops there then. only time will tell if this will change. but this is part of mexico's plan to control the flow of migrants after pressure from president trump's detective of tariffs. mexico is struggling to deal with the crisis. shelters are bursting at the scene overcrowding, horrible conditions and rioting. seeing a surge of africans from cameroon, congo; central americans still make up the majority u.s. border officials are happen prehensding record number of will will showing up. record number of deportations and more
4:03 am
migrants are remaining in mexico while asylum claims play out. mexico has not agreed yet to agreement. the u.s. wants. require migrants to seek ai. asylum in mexico rather than the u.s. change in mexico's leadership on friday. mexico's immigration chief lops resigned after being on the job since december 1st. he thought a more humane approach to handlin hand migran. we will see. perhaps this is another sign mexico more serious about cracking down. steve: at least, griff, they are inviting some reporters to watch them and stuff. we saw the guys on the raft. that's the river where you cross from guatemala into mexico. didn't you pay somebody two bucks to take from you guatemala into mexico? griff: that's right. we crossed right there. this is the central focus, the main check point. and we paid $2 to go from the guatemala bank right across to the mexico bank.
4:04 am
and it is a an absolutely unenforced area and you have thousands of migrants crossing the river. and other points all day long. this is the test. this week today, tomorrow, wednesday will be the test of whether they are stopping that unimpeded flow. really all efforts mexico will do and are doing won't make a difference if they don't stop the flow across that southern border. steve: exactly right. all right. griff, thank you very much. ainsley: we need to watch and make sure that mexico is going to continue to do this for months because we don't want them to promise us this. in the very beginning they say come and watch. we are protecterring the borders and they stop doing it. i hope they continue that. dan: do you know what i think was a real game changing moment. jeh johnson homeland security secretary who gave unvarnished honest take and finally broke the ice and said listen, this is not a partisan issue. this is a crisis. i swear this has to be the
4:05 am
watershed moment that broke the dam. because now all of these democrats did not have that place to go. that security place it's not a crisis, it's not a crisis anymore. because the significant figure in the obama administration himself said that is inaccurate. you are wrong. ainsley: griff jenkins done some reports on the border. remember that time he was down in guatemala and he was standing at check point and no one was working the check point behind him and people were just walking through. dan: remember when he interviewed the other guy gave extensive criminal record to greff jenkins no, no, no criminals. nobody was saying criminal. no one ensign waiting that to say this was not a problem, highlighted right there so open and honest about criminal history coming into the country unchecked is dangerous. steve: president dealing with the country of mexico our u.s. congress is not willing at this point to pass legislation to tighten the loophole amend the president made that very clear. in a very long interview that he conducted with george stephanopoulos.
4:06 am
it ran on abc over the weekend. listen to this. >> the economy is so good come into our country. we have many more people wanting to come in and they come for economic reasons. they are not coming for asylum. >> some are many are facing violence. >> really they are coming most of them for economic reasons and the country is doing better economically than ever before and everybody wants to crack in. the border the democrats come in. in 15 minutes to an hour we can have it all solved. >> it's so simple. >> you have to give some stuff as well. >> well, but it's not even giving stuff. stuff you shouldn't have to give it's so basic. three or four loopholes. you solve those loopholes you no longer have a problem at the border. steve: the president made it very clear. do you something about those three or four loopholes and you wouldn't have the problems we are having right now. but, and we all know this. we have been talking about it for a very long time. there is an election in november of 2020. and the democrats do not want the president to get a
4:07 am
win. you know, if he were able to say, look, i was able to tighten security at our southern border, that's something i promised from day one. i delivered on it. they don't want him to be able to say that. ainsley: they are putting politics ahead of people and america and what's best for americans and what's best for them. when you have, what is it 31% of the women being assaulted when they are coming up to our southern border. dan: i read a story this morning about tractor trailers. no water. ainsley: no air. steve: padlocked shut. dan: this is insanity. humanitarian crisis. you don't have to have extra compassion to see it you just have to be a human being. ainsley: mexico intercepted four of those trucks packed with 800 people. can you only imagine what the back of those trucks are like. steve: republicans in congress are talking about strengthening the security at our southern border. the democrats' approach is
4:08 am
we are for border security as well. they want to increase the amount of humanitarian aid and port security and things like that. so both sides say we are for changing the immigration situation, but they have different ways they would do it. ainsley: all right. another big story out of washington there are some republicans that want to outlaw burning the american flag. and the president endorsing it. this is his tweet. he said all in for senator steve daines. is he one of the ones proposing this as he proposes an amendment for a strong ban on burning our american flag a no-brainer. steve: steve danes went ahead and introduced this bill on friday which was flag day which was also the president wants birthday as well change the constitution which is really really hard. have you got to go through the states and get approval through congress and at this point they are reluck tantaros to do that because the supreme court has come out and they have said look, you might not like it but, it is a form of freedom of
4:09 am
exit's protected speech. >> i'm with him on this. i know that may bother -- i'm a patriot true and true. i love this country. i have also bled red, white, and blue. unpopular speech, most unpopular burning of the flag for obvious reasons. you have to protect speech when it is unpopular and that's why we have it. it doesn't mean can you grab someone's flag. it's still their property. you can buy your own and burn it. be an i ha idiot. freedom of speech. ainsley: joey jones lost both of his legs fighting for our country. bomb technician. in afghanistan and lost his legs for that flag he says. listen. >> you go out and you take a baseball bat to a mailbox you are committing a federal offense. american flags can be protected in a similar way to include people who intervene on vandalism. a path of that nature is more american because i don't need we need to go around amending our constitution for everything
4:10 am
when key can sort some things out for ourselves. some things are blanketly right and wrong. steve: we got an email from roy who says i do not feel that burning the flag is any kind of speech. it is a desis he creation of our national symbol. dan: also got a tweet from ron. millions have died defending what that flag symbolizes. ainsley: bring me to tears. i don't agree with the ban. free speech we may speak against things that upset us, including our government. flag burning is symbolic of that having a ban on flag burning is the ultimate irony. steve: find us on facebook. ainsley: we had a veteran on flag day say he has seen that flag draped over so many coffins and when you think about that the remains of human beings are underneath that flag and it's just such a special symbol.
4:11 am
people go to war for that so we can have our freedom. dan: most powerful symbol in the world. ainsley: i don't want to see anyone burning our flag. dan: me either. steve: carley shimkus has some news. >> carley: over here now. on to a very important story we have been following sore some time now. jury selection begins today for the navy seal accused of murdering an isis prisoner. eddie gallagher a decorated veteran has pleaded not guilty earlier this month a military judge dismissed the lead prosecutor from gallagher's war crime case for secretly tracking emails with the defense's legal team. a judge released gallagher from custody as a result of that possible interference. president trump says a new healthcare plan may be just around the corner. >> we're going to produce phenomenal healthcare and we already have the concept of the plan and it will be much better. >> [inaudible] >> we will be announcing
4:12 am
that in about two months, maybe less. >> the president insisting the plan would cover those with pre-existing conditions and be cheaper than obamacare which he calls a disaster. well, before they face off on the big stage, several democratic candidates will go head to head today. 10 contender also face questions from olow income americans at a forum in washington, d.c. former vice president biden, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren all seth to participate. and the baltimore orioles help pull off an extra special father's day surprise. watch this. >> and here to catch the ceremonial pitch and to surprise his dad on father's day, please welcome home from his recent deployment to afghanistan, specialist adam boswich from the united states army. >> adam shocking his dad steven who served four years in the marines. it just so happened to be
4:13 am
steven's birthday, too. how amazing is that? those videos always give me the chills. ainsley: that's really cool. carley: they never get old. ainsley: thank you so much, carley. steve: a fox news alert. the country of iran now vowing to increase uranium enrichment levels as tensions mount with the u.s. the trump administration says they are not backing down. >> we are confident that we can take a set of actions that can restore deterrence. >> does that include a military response. >> of course. ainsley: does congressman michael mccaul agree about a military action? we are going to ask him coming up next. and mosquitooooo! listen up, scaredy cats. we all have k9 advantix ii to protect us. it kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, too.
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and ready for anything. only at a sleep number store, don't miss the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed, now only $899. plus, 0% interest for 48 months on most beds. ends wednesday. steve: fox news alert just in the country of iran has vowed to increase uranium enrichment levels in the next 10 days amid growing tensions with the united states. this as secretary of state mike pompeo says all options are on the table following those two attacks on oil tankers. >> these were attacks by the islamic republic of iran on commercial shipping on the freedom of navigation with a clear intent to deny transit through the strait. we don't want war. we have done what we can do deter. this the iranians should
4:18 am
understand we will continue to take action to deter iran from engaging in this kind of behavior. steve: texas congressman michael mccaul sits on the house foreign affairs committee. he joins us live from newark. >> thanks, steve. steve: what do you make of news that iran is going to break strong tile. >pile. >> getting desperate. 40% of economy energy. waivers not extended by the president now, europe has a choice do business with iran or the united states. now they are retaliating. hit these two tankers. they hit four tanker as couple weeks ago. steve: are we sure they did it? >> absolutely. the surveillance i have seen provides the evidence that they're irgc boats that put the mines on the ships. they try to shoot one of these drones out of the sky and they failed. steve: big question is what do we do about it? >> i think this maximum pressure campaign is working. i think 100,000 tons of
4:19 am
diplomacy with our naval ships in the persian gulf sends a strong sign that you have to stop what you are doing. you have to get to the negotiation table. and we're going to get a better deal what about obama got under the jcpoa. steve: stand pat because sanction having devastating effects on iran. >> iranian people rose up on their own and had a revolutionary forceins rouhani and ayatollah. steve: you wrote an op-ed available at the country of iran has got to do something americans they're holding. >> yeah. they are holding american prisoners in iran. i can't think of any worse place to be imprisoned by the way. they released one of them after that time. but, i followed the bill to put additional sanctions on iran until they release american hostages and prisoners in iran. this is almost like 1979 all over again it's all coming
4:20 am
to a head. steve: how many are we talking about. >> it's very sensitive in nature the number but it's significant to warrant action. steve: the president has done a lot in the past to get hostages freed from around the world. is he on this page with you? >> absolutely. we are not going to stand by idly and let somebody like iran take americans hostage. i think jimmy carter was such a sign of weakness in 1979 when the ayatollah took over in the first place. i think it's time for the ayatollah to go. steve: you are not the only one to who says that in the u.s. congress. >> >> thank you. steve: 7:20 in new york city. hard to believe 25 years ago that the country came to a stand still to watch cable tv. and 95 million people watched oj simpson drive that infamous white ford bronco. ron goldman's sister kim to reflect on that moment from 25 years ago next. ♪
4:21 am
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♪ ♪ ainsley: time now for news by the numbers. first 44 million. that's how many people were left without electricity during a massive blackout in south america. a power grid failure affecting argentinena, uruguay and paraguay. unclear what caused the blackout. investigation underway. one florida man spent $9,100 thinking he was buying a villa. he got a strip of grass between two driveways. the land is worth $50. and finally, 103 years old. that's the age of one of the newest american citizens. andrea joseph holding up her
4:25 am
certificate as a naturalization ceremony down in miami. she came from the u.s. from haiti 15 years ago. dan: turning to the infamous trial of the century. century.steve 25 years ago millions watched as o.j. simpson white ford bronco in los angeles after his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and ron goldman were brutally murdered. ainsley: now his sister kim goldman is digging deeper into the crime. new podcast called confronting o.j. simpson. steve: here with insight is kim goldman. she joining from us los angeles. good morning. >> good morning. steve: first of all, it's hard to believe it was 25 years ago that we were all watching. as i remember, the reason people were so rivetted to it was because o.j.'s friend a.c. cowelling hey i have got o.j. in the back of the
4:26 am
white ford bronco and is he going to kill himself. >> we, our family watched right along with the rest of the country, we were gripped. we didn't leave our couch. it was, you know, hard to watch because there was -- half the country was wishes that he would just, you know, pull the gun, pull the trigger. but our family was hoping that he would, you know, it would result in something safer so that we could go to trial and find out what the truth was of what happened to ron and nicole. ainsley: walk us through that day? how did you find out that your brother was a victim? >> we found out the day after the murders happened. it was on the news. i was living in san francisco. i was attending college. and it was on the news all day here in los angeles. my dad had been listening to it on talk radio all day. it wasn't until about 5:00 p.m. that night that the coroner's office called and told my dad that ron was the other victim that night. and my dad was able to contact me about an hour and a half later. i didn't realize that i had
4:27 am
watched the news earlier in the day and watched my brother being wheeled out of the crime scene. i didn't know that was him. but did i see that earlier in the day. dan: kim, given that o.j. is such public figure. we can't imagine the horror of what your family went through. you have to constantly relive. this a lot of people forget though your family did win a civil judgment against o.j. simpson. is there a way to stop him profiting from this? he has this morning a couple hundred thousand maybe more twitter followers. who wants to follow o.j. simpson? >> well, i will admit i started reading some of the comments. he doesn't have a lot of fans supporting him out there, which i'm grateful for that people took to twitter and were commenting on the fact that he is a double murderer: you know what? it's a free world. i get it. but it reminds me of what happened with a couple of years ago when we published the yes i did it book and that night he stormed the hotel room and committed armed robbery. maybe confronting o.j.
4:28 am
simpson's release the podcast this week maybe that pushed him over the edge. i don't know. but i find it kind of disgraceful that i'm the observation of ron and nicole's death that's the day he chooses to go online and say he is going to get even. ainsley: a few days ago move on we don't talk about it as a family. he goes on social media and this is what he posted. walch this video. >> for years people have been able to say whatever they want to say about me with no accountability. but now i get to challenge a lot of that b.s. and set the record straight. steve: he is going to set the record straight, he says. you are trying to set the record straight with your podcast which you said a moment ago might be what triggered him. tell us about that. >> you know what? i have been living this life for 25 years doing the best i can. it's an opportunity for us, me, to be able to talk to people that were inside the courtroom, witnesses, jurors, experts, the prosecutors, the district
4:29 am
attorneys, the lead detectives. and really kind of find out where they were at then. how they are doing now. what decisions were made. why decisions were made and how they are fairing in the aftermath. if the killer wants to set the record straight, he is more than welcome come be a guest on my podcast. steve: do you blame the prosecution for not getting, you know, a finding of guilt? >> no. i blame the jury. they were the decisionmakers. and if you listen to the podcast two of the jurors tell me that we were never going to get a conviction. they believe in the conspiracy. it's quite telling what they had to share with me later on in the season. so i 100 percent blame them. ainsley: you were in college then. 25 years ago. tell me about your life now. >> thank you for asking. i'm a proud mom of a 15 and a half-year-old jr. in high school which is hard to believe. i run a nonprofit agency which counsels teenagers called the youth project. vice chair of the national center of victims of crime.
4:30 am
i'm an author, i'm a speaker. i run my kid's basketball teams. i am living a healthy lifestyle and then, of course, i have the podcast coming out which has been such a labor of love for me and it's been they ca cathartic. i hope people do you know in because i think they will learn a lot. steve: hard to believe it was 25 years ago. if people would like to find the podcast, how do you find it? >> i'm learning. find it anywhere where podcasts can be downloaded. itunes, spotify, i heart radio. find our logo confronting oj sinks click subscribe gte two episodes now and next one coming out this wednesday. steve: kim, thank you very much for telling us your story. >> thank you. ainsley: president trump says there was a set-up to undermine his presidency. and former president obama was aware of it, he says. >> i clearly believe there was a group of people working against you. do you think president obama was abou behind it. >> i would say he certainly must have known about it.
4:31 am
ainsley: newt gingrich here to react to that coming up next ♪ ♪ we like it loud ♪ we like it honking ♪ the party won't be ready ♪ until we to buy a car in the nation. it's because we have thousands of people working hard to make our customers' experiences the best. it's because we have tens of thousands of cars ready to be delivered to your doorstep. and it's why hundreds of thousands of happy customers have ditched the dealership and bought their car online, earning us an average 4.7 stars in the process. so if you didn't know about us before, you do now. we're carvana, and we want to give you the car buying experience you deserve.
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4:34 am
♪ applebee's new loaded chicken fajitas. now only $10.99. >> you clearly believe there was a group of people working against you. do you think president obama was about it? >> i certainly think he must have known about it because it went very high up in the chain. i'm not going it make that statement quite yet. i would say president obama had to know about it. steve: wow. let's bring in newt gingrich, former speaker of the house, fox news contributor and author of the book collusion. he joins us today. mr. speaker, what do you make of the president of the united states saying that the last president before him had to know about what was going on?
4:35 am
i think this whole ensociety is close to insane. you want to suggest to me that the attorney general has a private meeting with former president clinton on an that paper this phoenix for, i think, 45 minutes and the current sitting president, barack obama, doesn't know about it? excuse me, just take the press coverage. do you think he woke up in the morning and looked at the "new york times" and looked at "the washington post" and didn't call over and say gee, loretta, what were you doing having a secret meeting with the former put of the united states the week that the fbi is going to interview his wife on potential felony charges? now, barack obama is a really smart guy. he was also sort of a control freak. you think the fbi said oh, we're going to go get a fisa
4:36 am
warrant, a foreign intelligence warrant in order to investigate an american presidential campaign. and nobody thought to mention to the incumbent president irthink his national security advisor asked to unmask the largest number of americans ever requested in the national security agency to be -- and the president of the united states sitting down the hall didn't know about it? i mean, only in washington could the media put up these walls and pretend that barack obama must have been innocent. and joe biden by the while is his vice president may have known about it. may not have known about him. in biden's case he is so flakey he might not have known if he knew. it's not fair to really pick on him. obama is really, really smart. and i think it's very unlikely, virtually impossible that all this stuff went on and he wasn't in some way informed. ainsley: will would he be informed when the horowitz report comes out or all of
4:37 am
these reports come out? will we know the truth? >> i don't know. i hope so eventually. i think one -- part of the american genius is that over time grindingly slowly lots of stuff comes out that smart people thought they could keep secret. but i look at this as a historian. i look at the last three or four years, starting with hillary deleting 33,000 emails and bill clinton getting a half million dollars from a russian bank which apparently wasn't interference, of course. and then another russian group giving the clinton foundation a huge amount of money while hillary was helping deliver uranium contracts to the russians. now none of that really counts because after all we all know as good liberals their hearts are pure. everything from that point on has been wild. >> i think if you were president trump and sitting there. you are going give me a break. of course obama knew about it.
4:38 am
of course -- you think loretta lynch didn't know about it? i mean, she is sitting there she is the attorney general. how could she have not known a lot of this stuff. steve: good point. all right. dan? dan: mr. speaker, of course, we also had mrs. clinton involved heavily in promoting this kosovo russian technology project where some of the russian companies were donating to the clinton foundation which we later found out according to reporting this technology project they may have actually been stealing sensitive american technology while some of the companies were donating to the clinton foundation. where is that in the investigation? >> well, and, again, remember how everyone was terribly shocked that the president -- president trump indicated that he might or might not be involved in reporting to the fbi about a foreign government trying to give him something. nobody then turned around said well, if foreigners aren't supposed to be involved in the american campaign. how come the clinton campaign because helping
4:39 am
fund the steele dossier being written by a former british secret agent? now, somehow it's okay if you are a liberal and you hire foreigners to do research for opposition research, but we're all going to be terribly shocked if donald trump tells the truth. i think that's part of why trump's base likes him because in the end he cuts through the bologna and people go well, yeah. let's be honest about this stuff. only the elites who always absolve themselves of anything because their heart is pure would believe this malarky. steve: all right. former speaker of the house, newt gingrich, sir, thank you very much for joining us live today. lots to talk about. ainsley: thank you. good to see you. carley is up there. she has headlines for us. carley: hey, guys. turning to more headlines now. the man david ortiz is due in court today. gabriel perez turned himself in to dominican police on
4:40 am
friday. it's believed he organized the attack on big papi. police believe they are closing in on the person who ordered the $8,000 hit on ortiz. will release a motive this week. ortiz was shot in the back at a nightclub. is he recovering at a boston hospital. a shark attack sends an 8-year-old boy to the hospital. all shark swimming off the coast when a shark sank his teeth into his leg. is he expected to make a full recovery. this is the third shark attack in the state this month. two weeks ago a teenager was bitten and needed her leg amputated. look at how beautiful she is. and last week a shark bit a surfer in the foot. now, he is the pride of pebble beach. gary woodland holds off brooks koepka to win the u.s. open. [cheers] [. >> got it!
4:41 am
>> he did it. wood land sinking the long long birdie putt. first major title ever. finished 13 under par beating koepka by three strokes. congratulations to him. those are your headlines. ainsley: is he so patriotic. ainsley: did you see his wife is having twins. extra special father's day for him. ainsley: i want that moment where i kiss you after the win. ainsley: oh, man. steve: now he will have to win another one. ainsley: he is going to need that money. twins. steve: that's right. carley, thank you very much. by the way gary woodland is going to be on the couch tomorrow. meantime janice dean is out on the streets with the folks. janice: any birthdays here? birthday? anniversaries? >> an verse seamplet. janice: where is your wife. >> in bed sleeping. janice: she is smart. take a look at the maps real quick and i will show you here in new york city. 71 degrees. a little cloudy. not going to lie. potential for showers and
4:42 am
thunderstorms in the forecast for parts of the northeast and mid-atlantic. across the plain states as well. potential for not only severe storms but flash flooding. just keep that in mind, my friends. all right. you want to wave to steve, ainsley and you know what? who is in for brian today is dan bongino. [cheers and applause] dan: look at that. janice: very nice. ainsley: tell them all hello. thank you, janice. steve: pint sized philanthropist on mission to help local police department. sergeant going to join us live coming up next. we promise you will be able to hear it. this is the couple who wanted to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time
4:43 am
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♪ ainsley: earlier we told you about 7-year-old kaley who is raising thousands of dollars for her police department. steve: kaley is back with us along with police sergeant
4:46 am
justin from the harrison police department. they join us from pittsburgh via skype. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> thanks for having us. >> our pleasure. ainsley: are they handcuffed? steve: i don't think so. steve: why do you want to help the police and raise money for them? >> because i want to get them a bullet proof vest and -- ainsley: what gave you this idea? >> go on and tell them. >> because some guy passed away. ainsley: because who passed away i couldn't hear you. >> there was another officer in our area who had unfortunately suffered a line of deuteronomy death and this sparked kaley's interest in helping her department out. dan: you are small town police department. this is going to help. real money kaley raised there. she did a phenomenal job.
4:47 am
>> this is unbelievable what she has done for us. every little bit can help. she has already raised over $3,000 so far in a short time. dan: we found out you are doing a double working later today as well. god bless you, man. >> thank you very much. this is what we do. these whathat's what we all do. ainsley: i'm sure there are others who want to raise money for your department. tell us how important this money is to you. >> sorry you broke up a little bit. but if anybody would like to help, anything can be sent to the harrison township police department attention kaley's fund, flight is that correct? >> um-huh. steve: that's right. and sergeant and kaley, what different things have you done to raise money for the police? >> i did a lemonade stand, cookie stand, car wash. steve: that's great. >> she has a hot dog stand coming up. >> and then the next one is
4:48 am
going to be cupcakes and a cake stand. ainsley: kaley, you are awesome. thanks so much for what you are doing. you are 7 years old going into second grea grade. you are doing so much. >> we are so grateful. she is amazing. steve: thank you very much. if anybody watching right now would like to donate, go to our website we will show you how to donate to them. ainsley: all right. 48 minutes after the top of the hour. thanks, guys. all 17 grandchildren of late president george h.w. bush and his wife barbara coming together this weekend to honor their memory. emily compagno was there and she joins us with a behind the scenes look at their celebration ♪ an american heart ♪ got american faith ♪ ♪ ♪
4:49 am
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4:52 am
ainsley: in honor of what would have been their grandfather's 95th birthday more than a dozen of the late president's george w. bush's grandchildren gathered in college station to celebrate his enduring legacy. dan: fox news contributor emily compagno was there. >> thanks for having me today. we all remember how george w. bush celebrated thinks latter birthdays he would have been delighted. mrs. bush on the other hand probably wouldn't have been and maybe that's real reason behind the day's events. take a look. >> michael elliott and the 41st president of the united states george heshted walker bush. >> he did it for his 75th, his 80th, and his 90th and what would have been his 95th birthday president bush's grand kids planned to celebrate the same way he would have with a jump. >> i know grampy is looking down and smiling. it's going to -- everyone to
4:53 am
step out of that airplane. >> day was set up by the founder of the all veteran group retired sergeant first class mike elliott golden knight and the man the president entrusted with his life over and over. >> i have had the opportunity to jump with our former president three times. at the end of his 90th he said i would do it again on 95th birthday. unfortunately he didn't make it here for 95th birthday but his grand kids continuing that legacy. >> bush grand kids ready for a day of adventure. >> a day of skydiving with some of the best guys in the world. that is going to be a really great time. >> honestly, i think he would be out there with us. he would be the first one jumping. the wind can cooperate we will have a beautiful central texas dive we will be ding s. singing about it when we jump out of plane. >> winds had other plans. >> gusts anywhere from 16 to 24 miles per hour. very unsafe to jump. we had some of our current go up and see if it would be
4:54 am
okay. landing all over. a great indication it's not safe to do tandem. i think mrs. bush is saying i'm not going to let my grandkids. >> are you disappointed we are not diving or maybe kind of relieved to do it a different time? >> i'm disappointed that we're not diving. but, i mean, either way it was great to get together with all the cousins. >> our grandparents have always been the glue for our family and kept us together. so, it means a lot that most of us are here today celebrating them. >> for unfortunately we are not going to be able to sky dive today. that being said bigger goal today to celebrate the life of our grandfather. >> day began that way with a moment of remembrance of president george h.w. bush's grandchildren gathered here and laying a wreath at his grave site. >> it brings back a lot of memories. we loved him so much. >> while they didn't sky dive the celebration continued through the night remembering gampy's legacy, his love for family and adventure and his dedication to service. >> that's an underlying theme of our family and you
4:55 am
know everybody comes in contact with my grandfather becomes inspired to serve others. >> growing one a role model like that, i mean, you want to do something good. you want to follow in those footsteps. >> he has been so inspirational in all of our lice. so we try to carry him with us as much as possible and of live by his legacy. >> his family aren't the only ones showing admiration for the 41st president on his birthday. >> being a part of this is an honor. knowing we can celebrate as pattern and being his family and hearing his story from his grandkids is pretty cool. >> i'm just humbled. it's once that lifetime thing. >> the members of the all vernal parachute team demonstrated their appreciation with president bush incredible air show grand finale unfurled 40-foot american flag. while the team made their patriotic jump successfully, the bush grandkids are already looking ahead to the next celebration. >> i have a feeling on the 100th birthday you will be back. >> i do so too. that's great idea.
4:56 am
>> 100 is happening. we will be back here in five years to do a jump with everybody. steve: you were ready to jump. everybody was ready to jump but the winds did to the cooperate. >> exactly which we all thought it was barbara bush saying i'm going to keep all my grand kids safe on the ground. enabled us to focus on the larger picture too which was honoring the life and legacy of george h.w. bush. huge honor. dan: close family. >> they are. dan: waco at the ranch when i was in the secret service. there was a walk to the lake him and the president at the time george bush and the way they were chatting. and we gave them their space. it was tremendous to watch. they really loved each other. >> it was so obvious all weekend. all veteran parachute team is a incredible group of patriotic heroes. jenny he is mean knows is a if there so wonder woman on this earth it is her. ainsley: mike elliott the
4:57 am
one who jumped with the president phenomenal individual. steve: you have been traveling this weekend. thank you very much. great report. ainsley: that was a sweet story. steve: we will take a time out coming up on the other side of the break. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell joins us live. ramirez! mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars . .. this is not a bed.
4:58 am
it's a revolution in sleep.
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5:00 am
...every curve, every innovation, every feeling... ...a product of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. ♪ ♪. steve: get ready, here comes mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader will be with us two minutes. we have plenty to talk about. our lead story this hour, mexico is tightening security on its southern border with guatemala after making a deal with president trump who had threatened 5% tariffs. ainsley: that's right. we're now learning more about what the nation is doing exactly to crack down on the flow of migrants trying to get into our
5:01 am
country. dan: griff jenkins is live in washington as thousands of soldiers head to the border. reporter: they are indeed. good morning. mexico's foreign minister says the deployment of 6,000 national guard troops to their southern border will be complete today but will that be enough to stop the flow of migrant that brought more than 130,000 illegal immigrants across our border last month or migrants crossing the river from guatemalas with show you last month, it cost just two dollars to raft unimpeded into mexico. when president obrador took over border enforcement was not a priority. after pressure from president trump's threat of tariffs. mexico increased detentions and deportation. more migrants are remaining in mexico while their asylum claims play out. mexico is not closer to agree to safe country agreement to have asylum in mexico rather than the
5:02 am
u.s. they're seeing a surge of africans from cameroon, angola and congo. while the president has a willing partner in mexico he was quick to point out he doesn't have one in washington. >> the hardest is congress. i fine congress difficult than many foreign leaders. there are so many things. the border should be done, george. the democrats should come in, 15 minutes to an hour we could have it all solved, so simple. reporter: unless you should think the crisis slowed down, i got a text from one of our rio grande valley border patrol agents says, there were more than 4100 arrested this weekend. guys? steve: that's a lot. bring, thank you very much. >> thank you, griff. let's bring in the senate majority leader, senator mitch mcconnell, great to have you here. >> good horning. ainsley: what is your reaction to what is happening on the border and in d.c., these congressman and women not voting to crack down on the border
5:03 am
problem. >> it's a real problem. last week or two ago we passed a supplemental for the floods, storm, damages we had in puerto rico, florida, alabama, georgia, iowa, nebraska. in the senate we wanted to add to it roughly five billion dollars the president requested to deal not with the wall but just the humanitarian part of the crisis at the border. the democrats insisted on stripping it out. so i will bring it up freestanding next week and see if they really aren't interested in dealing with this massive humanity that we have to take care of at the border. what is the objection? this is not about the wall, but about the humanitarian crisis. i think it is safe to say the president is getting more cooperation out of mexico than he is out of congressional democrats. steve: do you think, we talked about this on the program, we had experts who came in, look, democrats don't want to give the
5:04 am
president a win. that would be a big win for him so they are going to deny that at any cost. do you agree with that? >> i think they're suffering from trump derangement syndrome. whatever he is for they are reflexively against. this is humanitarian, this is not -- we want to build a wall. we think the president made a good case for that. this is not what it is about. this is the humanitarian part of the problem on our side obviously of the border. dan: now that the democrats abandoned this silly position it is not a crisis, increasingly obvious to anyone that watches the news, how does this play in 2020? everybody is focused on the election. you defended a lot of seats. >> holding the senate is really important. what we're seeing on the democratic side is debate whether socialism would be a good thing for america. i never thought in my lifetime we would debate the free enterprise system in this
5:05 am
country. that is what we're debating f we hold the senate, with a smile on the face declared i'm the grim reaper. what i meant was, none of socialist schemes, "green new deal," "medicare for all," are going to pass the senate. when the president's reelected that would be the backstop as well to veto that kind of stuff that would fundamentally change america into something it has never ever been. ainsley: health care is a big issue for voters. polls are showing that. the president is expanding health care for businesses and workers. he is hinting around he will have a new health care plan within the next few months. do you know anything about this? >> we're anxious to see what the president recommends. it is interesting, to take a look at the democrats, walking away from obamacare, that wasn't enough, saying they want to do "medicare for all." that would eliminate 180 million americans private health insurance they like. clearly they're walking away to
5:06 am
obama care. there is a space for the president to advocate something. we'll be interested to see what he recommends. steve: this is the president talking about the topic friday at the white house. >> we're dramatically increasing the ability of americans to access more affordable health insurance through options and through their employers. we're doing so by expanding health reimbursement arrangements or hras, thanks to changes we're making, an estimated 11 million americans will now choose their own plans with the help of the hras. steve: senator, that is the president on friday. i heard there are republicans, you could be one of them, who encouraged the president not to talk about health care before the election. >> what he is doing through second quarter tiff branch, through regulations, expanding health care for a lot of americans which he can do on his own. steve: right. >> the problem in the senate and the house is the democrats control the house.
5:07 am
so we can't pass when we would like to do. the president is wisely, skillfully using tools he has within the executive branch to make it more possible for people to band together, small businesses for purchasing power. steve: the idea of him coming up with something to replace obamacare with, you want that after the election? >> well he has said he will lay a plan out and he has said it would be dealt with after the election when we get the congress, a congress more sympathetic to our approach to health care. steve: all right. ainsley: what do you think about what is happening in iran? iran is breaching unuranium stockpile limit? the limit they're allowed to have is 660 pounds of uranium. they said they would quadruple the productivity. they're not allowed to do that. >> we're squeezing them very hard. ainsley: with sanctions. >> with sanctions. the treasury department has done a excellent job of pursuing.
5:08 am
that is why you see them striking out with these attacks on vessels in the persian gulf. the sanctions are really hurting. the president made the right decision backing out of the nuclear deal because it wasn't much of a deal and i think they're doing exactly the right thing in squeezing the iranians you there these sanctions. it is clearly having an impact which is why they're striking out. the president is not trying to start a war. he made it clear to everybody that he is not trying to start a war but these are measured responses to iranians acting out the way they always act out in the middle east with either directly or through surrogate groups killing people. i mean they manufactured the ieds that killed and maimed an awful lot of americans during the iraq war. dan: senator, you had your legacy on judges, president trump will be terrific with constitutional judges in the court.
5:09 am
if another seat opens on the supreme court, will you push that through? >> absolutely. you know that the precedent people ignored back in 2016 when i made the decision not to fill the vacancy during the middle of a presidential election was who controlled the senate. dan: that's right. >> you have to go back to 1888 to find last time a senate from a different party from the senate confirmed a vacancy to the supreme court occurred during the presidential election. makes sense. we will still control the senate next year. if there is vacancy, we will fill it. steve: yesterday on "fox news sunday," chris wallace hosted the jon stewart, the comedian, who has been advocate for the 9/11 victims compensation fund. your name came up. i'm sure you heard about it. listen to this then we'll get your reaction. >> i want to make it clear this has never been dealt with compassionately by senator mcconnell. he always held out until the very last minute.
5:10 am
only then under intense lobbying and public shaming as even daned to move on it. steve: why has it always seemed that the vote comes at the last minute? >> well, many things in congress at the last minute. we never failed to address this issue. we will address it again. i don't know why he is all bent out of shape we will take care of the 9/11 victims compensation fund. steve: i think he was shocked when he was appearing before that committee, i believe it was in the house, so few members showed up that day. >> well that frequently happens because members have a lot of things going on at the same time. it sounds to me like he is looking for some way to take offense. there is no way we won't address this problem appropriately. we have in the past. we will in the future. steve: it will be fully funded? >> right. ainsley: that's good to know. everyone hopes that. >> good to be with you. ainsley: senator, carley shimkus is here with headlines.
5:11 am
carley: straight to a fox news alert. president will make a state visit kim jong-un. chinese leader has not been to north korea in 14 years. president xi will meet with president trump at g20 summit in japan later this month. before they face off on the big stage several democratic candidates will go head-to-head. they will face questions from low income americans in forum in washington, d.c. former vice president joe biden, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren all set to participate. the u.s. clinch as spot in the next round of the women's world cup. carley lloyd helping them get there with this historic performance. >> with another corner, driven across. head on goal. u.s. [cheering] carley lloyd has two goals.
5:12 am
carley: she helped beat chile 3-0. they face sweden on in the final group match at 3:00 p.m. thursday. catch all the action on fox. steve: all the good tough was on fox this weekend. soccer, u.s. open. ainsley: the score was fine. dan: "watters' world". ainsley: most importantly. dan: that's right. steve: meanwhile, moving on this monday, alexandria ocasio-cortez starting a new fight with amazon >> spend less time thinking about jeff bezos. i think more of thinking about warehouse workers. if his being a billionaire predicated on paying people starvation wages. ainsley: now amazon is firing back. stuart varney is here with reality check. ♪
5:13 am
don't just dream about your next vacation. book your next vacation. ♪ be a booker at
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5:15 am
5:16 am
>> i spend less time thinking about jeff bezos. i spend more time thinking about amazon warehouse workers. if his being a billionaire is predicated paying people
5:17 am
starvation wages, it is certainly a part of equation when you have a very large workforce and you underpay every single person and then you also participate in, you know, in taking billions of dollars of government subsidies. steve: there you have ao c-ramping up her fight against amazon accusing jeff bezos of becoming the world's richest man by paying his workers starvation wages as she said. dan: here so react, stuart varney, host of "varney & company" from the fox business network. >> you want my reaction? i did a little research. amazon pays $15 an hour to full time, part-time, temporary, seasonal workers the all full-time workers get medical coverage, 401(k), company paid life insurance, short term, long-term disability insurance, maternity and parental leave. i hardly think that is starvation wages. that is nonsense. steve: amazon put out a
5:18 am
statement. they say our staten island facility, people earn between 17.30 an hour and $23 an hour. >> when amazon wanted to come to new york city and aoc said no -- steve: creating 25,000 jobs. >> 25,000 jobs which paid he average $100,000 a year, that is not starvation wages. what aoc is doing here, trying to go up against trump's prosperity. the democrats are trying to run against trump's successful economy. so they have to criticize it, say, okay, it is just not fair. you got billionaire, we don't have billions, you got it, i want it, we're going to take it. that is what they're saying. it is jealousy. they are running on emotion, not fact. ainsley: i heard someone say it is stealing. they're stealing from people who really worked hard. jeff bezos worked really hard for this company, we all depend on, they wanted to move here to new york. this is the congresswoman who
5:19 am
said no. >> it is classic socialist propaganda. drumming up an emotional response to prosperity. ainsley: what does she not get? that would have created so many jobs for new yorkers. it would have brought so much money into our community? >> yes. ainsley: what, how does she justify -- steve: subsidies. >> they have to run against prosperity. this is now a prosperous society after eight years of slow growth and go nowhere economics. now we have expanding growing economy, low unemployment, virtually no inflation. that is prosperity. the democrats have to run against that. how do they do that? they're not calling for more growth, more jobs, what they say is not fair. as long as you have bezos of this world, billionaires, people making less than that it's not fair. emotional thing. totally naive. dan: government, friedman once said has to treat people
5:20 am
equally, force to treat people by default unequally, if you work harder, give you less money for hard work, give money that doesn't want to work that is by definition treating people unequally. >> media says -- it is a emotional response, not a factual response. i come from england, socialist england back in the 1970s when i left. i was hearing precisely the same thing that i'm hearing from bernie and aoc right now. it doesn't add up. it doesn't work. that doesn't make a difference. it's a potentially winning political approach. that is all they care about. steve: people have a choice in november of 2020 to note on it essentially. >> yes they will. steve: stuart, thank you very much e we'll be watching you. >> thank you. ainsley: a college ordered to pay a bakery $44 million after the jury said the school helped defame the business. the owner's attorney calls it a inwith for the truth. he joins us next.
5:21 am
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♪ steve: quick monday morning headlines for you. first up, the company boeing apologized for two deadly max jet crashes overseas. the company addressing the airlines and families of the victims at the paris airshow. >> words simply cannot express the sorrow and the sympathy that we feel for the families and the loved ones of those that were lost in these tragic accidents. steve: well, it is believed a software glitch led to both deadly crashes. boeing says they come up with a fix. "wall street journal" reports that the faa could start safety
5:25 am
trials as early as this week. target is back on track after two days of outages at the cash registers. some customers forced to pay with cash when credit card readers stopped working on sunday. the company blames the problem on a payment vendor. that outage was unrelated to an internal technical glitch on saturday. neither incident was a security breach according to target. ainsley: ober college is required to pay a local bakery $44 million after a jury said the school helped defame the business. steve: the dispute started in 2016 when a black student tried to buy alcohol with a fake i.d. at gibson's bakery. a white employee chased him out. that triggered protests and allegations of racism, then the school cut ties with gibson's. dan: the attorney for the family joins us now. lee, thanks for joining us.
5:26 am
i've been following the case closely. bill jacobsen is doing great job. i saw internal emails from college administrators, back and forth, one insinuating they should zick the students on the bakery. was this a key factor in the suit against the college? >> good morning. it indeed was a key factor. the track of the emails actually ended up being very persuasive to all of the jurors. steve: what exactly did somebody at the school do that wound up with this verdict? >> so the administration of the school rushed to judgment rather than taking a step back to determine the true facts and to determine if truth still matters. the school administrators actually orchestrated and
5:27 am
supported and supported the students without stopping to see what the truth was. ainsley: what was reaction from the family that owns the bakery, the gibson family? >> the reaction to the jury verdict was obviously very positive. ainsley: correct. >> and the jury very gives the family a pathway to move forward and to keep the lights on and to carry the torch to the fifth and sixth generations of this multigenerational business. dan: lee, i'm reading some of the emails post-verdict from the college, they have been sending out emails to the students and the staff and it appears there doesn't seem to be any sense of apology from the college or, am i reading this wrong? seems they're still trying to defend some of their disasterous decisions here? >> your reading is unfortunately correct. the college administration still appears to be tone deaf and i
5:28 am
think that is one of the issues that the jury saw throughout the case, even though this case was a six-week long trial at no time did the jury receive any indication from the college administration that the college was apologetic or recognized the error of their ways. steve: we reached out for a statement. we have not heard back but there was a note that was circulated, i believe by email and, from the college and they say, neither oberlin college or dean meredith ramundo defame ad local business. the college and the doctor worked to insure student as freedom of speech were protected and student demonstrations were safe and lawful and helped the plaintiffs repair any harm caused by the students. that is what they say. i'm looking at one of the local news stories, lee, the jury also found for the bakery of counts
5:29 am
of libel about the college and raimondo found responsible for interference of business relationships while the college was cleared. what exactlily did the dean do? >> dean raimondo during the process, canceled the over 100-year-old business relationship between the college and the gibson bakery. ainsley: how much did that cost them? >> well, ultimately that, that termination or the cancellation of that relationship sent a message to the entire community because you have to understand that in this small town of ober lynn the college is an opinion leader. when the college does something by either their words or their actions, that sends a message to everyone, not only the students but all the existing customers of gibson's bakery. dan: lee, this is not a new
5:30 am
business. gibson's has been around for a very, very long time in that community, correct? >> gibson's has been here since 1885, which is longer than many of the famous names that you've, that you hear, whether it is smuckers, or ford, hershey's. gibson's was here and had a relationship with ober lynn through world war i, through world war ii, through the great recession. only thing interrupted that was this incident. steve: sounds as if the college is going to appeal, correct? >> unfortunately it doesn't appear that they have learned their lesson. and they are vowing at least in their subsequent letter to continue the fight which is unfortunate because the gibson family wants nothing more than to move forward and continue the business that it started in 1885. ainsley: i'm sure they're ready to move on. thank you so much.
5:31 am
lee plakas for joining us. >> thank you. ainsley: golf fans cheering gary woodland this morning for winning the u.s. open. where did he get his inspiration? you will see. ♪ this is the ocean. just listen. (vo) there's so much we want to show her. we needed a car that would last long enough to see it all. (avo) subaru outback. ninety eight percent are still on the road after 10 years. come on mom, let's go!
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♪ [cheering] >> got it! a major champion, gary woodland. steve: that is our shot of the morning. gary woodland of kansas holds off two-time defending champion, brooks koepka to win the u.s.
5:35 am
open at pebble beach. he finished 13-under par to beat koepka by 3 strokes. dan: he was wearing a special shoes that benefits the folds of honor. they provide scholarships to people of fallen soldiers. ainsley: a young golfer with down syndrome they met at the phoenix open this year, that video went viral. woodland called amy after the big win. watch this. >> keep up the good work. thank you for all the positive vibes. i look forward to seeing you soon. >> yeah. >> we're going to play some golf steve: that is wonderful. he was wearing a couple months ago, where he played golf with her in arizona. they will be lifelong friends. but he was wearing volition
5:36 am
clothing, that is a term our friend major dan rooney at folds of honor uses. it means the power to choose. he wound up helping puma dwell this line of clothing. that is why gary supports it, a portion benefits folds of honor. you see the folds of honor on gary's bag. ainsley: he is a true main. that story gets better and better. all the hard work paid off. his wife is having twins. she couldn't be there because she is on bed rest. does this for the sweet child, amy. doing this for america. dan: golf is having the moment. tiger at the masters. gary woodland yesterday. you need that moment. i was not a big golf fan but i've been tuning in. ainsley: really? >> when he joins us on the couch tomorrow -- dan: you have to hold me to it tomorrow. steve: gary woodland, the u.s.
5:37 am
open champ will be here on the couch, from pebble beach to the curvy couch. ainsley: carley is here with headlines. carley: this is one of those where were you then, today marks 25 years since o.j. simpson's infamous bronco chase. 95 million people watched it live back in 1994. simpson was later acquitted of murdering his ex-wife nicole and her friend ron goldman. o.j. is on twitter saying he has some quote, getting even to do. ron's sister kim goldman joined us earlier and said the comments are shameful. >> he doesn't have a lot of fans supporting him out there, which i'm grateful for, people took to twitter, were commenting on the fact he is a double murderer. i find it disgraceful on the observation of ron and nicole's death that is the day he chooses to go online to get even. carley: impressive woman. simpson was released from prison two years ago after serving nine
5:38 am
years in a separate robbery case. suspected home intruder chased off by a kid with a machete is under arrest. he attacked the suspect with a machete when he broke into a home in north carolina. the child did not let him go without a fight, watch. >> i didn't do anything about it. he could have taken me with him. he could have he could have done anything. carley: he went to the hospital. but escaped before police could track him down. they found him at his mom's house. new york state senators introducing a new bill overnight to decriminalize marijuana. it needs to be passed before the legislative session ends on wednesday. sources tell the "new york post" the bill has 60% of passing. earlier this month governor andrew cuomo doubted it would get done in time. those guys, are your headlines. steve: thank you so much. if you notice, somebody is missing. >> dan is not here. he is outside with janice.
5:39 am
dan: there you go. nicest person. >> i feel the same about you. are you guys happy to see dan? [cheering] dan: how is the weather tomorrow? i have to fly home. janice: not great. we'll talk about today. give me details, i help you out tomorrow. we'll look at the map. dan will shake hands and kiss some babies. 70 degrees in new york city right now. we have the potential for showers and thunderstorms in mid-atlantic, plain states and mississippi river valley. we could see severe storms across portions of texas up towards the high plains. there is tuesday severe threat up towards the mid at atlantic and northeast. we'll deal with mostly cloudy here in new york city and showers and thunderstorms across the gulf coast. any birthdays or celebrations? what is your name. >> erin. janice: where are you from?
5:40 am
>> texas. janice: meet dan bongino. he is here for your birthday. thanks for coming. oh, my gosh, dan. fantastic. i think dan will stay outside with me for the rest of the show. ainsley: he might be there all week if he can't get home. thank you, janice. steve: straight ahead, the media went wild after president trump said he would listen to foreign dirt. >> the president going to be reported as a security threat after that interview? >> many heard that as mr. trump saying russia, if you're listening come on in, the water's fine why where was the outrage over hillary clinton's role in the steel dossier? is there a double standard? we will ask a democrat next. ♪
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♪ >> make this quick. i came here for you. want to get on with my life. i want you with me. >> you're a thief and a liar. ainsley: great movie there. quick headlines to get to here. a man is arrested for posing as george clooney after spending years on the run. investigators say the italian man pretended to be the a-lister in order to sell clothes and scam people out of money. he has been hiding out in thailand with his wife for at least five years. this is hilarious story. a mariah carey super fan wanted a birthday cake but she got one with marie curry instead. this could be if only i hadn't failed remedial math. great tweet from mariah there. dan: in an interview president
5:45 am
trump said he would listen to foreign intelligence. check it out. >> you do both. i think you might want to listen. nothing wrong with listening. >> you want that interference. >> there is no interference. i would take it f something wrong was i would give it to the fbi. dan: media refuses to let it go. >> if any other president said anything resembling this, republicans in congress would have understandably, you know, called him a traitor. >> is the president going to be reported as a security threat after that interview? >> many heard that as mr. trump saying, russia, if you're listening, come on in, the water's fine. dan: where was the outrage over hillary clinton's role in the creation of the steele dossier? joining me, jason nick coast, democratic strategist, lecturer of african-american studies at university of maryland. thanks for joining us. jason, my first question here, if you have a problem with foreign interference in elections, do you have a problem
5:46 am
with hillary clinton paying a foreigner to obtain information from two putin-connected russian sources? a fact not open for dispute. but does that bother you as well? >> again i think you're misinterpreting that completely. dan, good morning. i think you're absolute are incorrect about that. dan: why? >> the clinton campaign, clinton campaign paid a company call fusion gps, which is a u.s. company that happened to employ a british national by the name of steele. so they did not hire steele. steele is not a representative -- dan: they, hillary clinton did not hire steele. that is entirely inaccurate. >> her campaign. dan: as long as you launder the money it is okay. as long as you launder the money through a pr firm. i'm trying to get your principles. >> they went to a u.s. company. it was not going -- dan: if you pay a u.s. company to pay for russian information it is okay? >> it is not going to a hotel, having a meeting with the
5:47 am
russian lawyer or it is not, you know, picking up the phone and it is vladmir putin. dan: who went to a hotel with a meeting with a russian lawyer? >> of course you know that donald trump, jr. actually did that. dan: you mean the russian lawyer that worked with the same company, fusion gps. >> we're talking about fusion gps. we're talking about fusion gps, a u.s. company that employed the services of steele and the steele dossier is not even where the russians, the russia investigation came from. as a matter of fact fbi was look -- dan: what you're say something entirely wrong and inaccurate. i have to stop you, steele already admitted to the state department in a memo you can look up yourself taken down in a note, that his sources were two putin-connected russians. so i'm just trying to, hold on i let you answer, i want to give your principles, you're suggesting as long as youpy a u.s. company first to pay foreigners to get information from putin-connected russians
5:48 am
that is okay with you, right? >> what i'm i'm saying they hired a u.s. company and -- dan: that is the key. >> u.s. company happened to hire a foreign national. dan: as long as we pay u.s. companies to work with foreigners? >> now steele was not an employee of the russian government. he was not an employee of the british government. he was an employee of u.s. company. and that is who the clinton campaign hired. they did not hire steele directly. dan: simple yes or no will suffice. hold on a second. >> that is not what donald trump was saying. give me one moment here. what donald trump is talking about is completely different than that. he is saying if the russians are on the phone they have information, i will take the call. then he will make a judgment call see whether i call the fbi, maybe. that is something that christopher wray has said is wrong, that the fec has said is wrong. dan: so jason, i love, you still didn't give me an answer on
5:49 am
other one which i find odd. you're suggesting now as long as russians called donald trump even if the information is shady or inaccurate like hillary's information they should investigate hillary? hypothetical, yes or no is fine. hold on jason. >> there is no reason to talk hypotheticals. dan: as long as donald trump gets a call from russians tomorrow, hillary robbed a bank, they should open an fbi investigation and institute investigation. >> dan, there is no reason to go -- dan: you're not answering the question. >> there are actual facts. dan: i talked actual facts. you're making stuff up. >> how am i making stuff up. dan: i'm trying to get a yes or no. can you pay foreigners or not. >> existed seven weeks before the steele dossier. the fisa warrant was, had much more than just steele dossier. dan: that is not true. andy mccabe. you're making that up. the deputy director of the fbi.
5:50 am
thanks for the good debate. >> thanks a lot, dan, seen him and his antics on comedy series, impractical jokers. >> that seems strange. wash your hands. [laughter] dan: james murray joins us live with his new book, next. first let's check in with bill hemmer. >> how are you doing, dan? interesting debate there. i'm awake now. dan: haven't seen you since vietnam. nice to see you. >> big news on iran's nuclear program. mexico making a deal on illegal i immigration. is it working? the supreme court could deliver critical decisions in the next hour. so it is a monday. come join us, three hour tour starts in ten minutes. we'll see you then, top of the hour.
5:51 am
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♪ [laughter]. >> new pa with the beanie hat. he doesn't work for our show. [laughter]. steve: you have probably seen him as one of the pranksters from the hit comedy series, "impractical jokers." ainsley: james murray, known as mur, is trading silly for sci-fi. dan: he joins us now. i'm a big horror sci-fi fan. >> are you. dan: i like event horizon. this is big change in direction. >> you are going to love this. sequel to awaken. came out last year. hit number one on uk sunday times and this sequel is better. i wrote it now, i hope i'm
5:55 am
smarter when i wrote awaken 15 years ago. there are nazis in it, possible thwarting of terror attacks, it's a grit thriller. ainsley: how do you go from on tv, we watch you constantly, how do you have time to write a book because you're always on, being a joker like that on tv writing something like this? >> one would argue what they do to me on jokers is already horror. it's a easy transition to write a thriller. steve: this is the scary part for us. we see you in various venues around new york city. >> yeah. steve: this novel you written takes place on a subway. >> first one. steve: there are crazy creatures involved. >> in awakened, book two, the brink, it goes global. they have to hunt down the creatures, villain behind the whole thing on scale. dan: anything frightening than closer field. >> on the subway. dan: that was scarryiest part.
5:56 am
ainsley: i am nervous when i watch your show. when you go to up to close their laptops, do you think they will beat you up. >> i'm too old to make new friend at this point. i'm stuck with the ones i have. steve: you will make a lot of friends. you're at barnes & noble in union square. you have a sweepstakes. >> i do. no purchase necessary. go to a wakens novel. sign up for all expense paid trip on new york city on my dime. credit card. fly you in new york for a town on me. stores across the world tomorrow. order it anywhere books are sold. steve: beautiful. always a pleasure. >> thank you so much. steve: good luck to you. >> thank you. ainsley: more "fox & friends" in a moment. ♪ the best simple dishes ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good.
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i got it! what? what? l.a. bookers book apartments and vacation homes as easy as hotels. ridin' scooter! l.a. baby! l.a. baby! be a booker you're welcome. at ♪ >> okay, tomorrow, dan bongino
6:00 am
is going to return. are you going to be wearing a tie? >> no. >> i am taking this off and protest. note high tomorrow. >> tune in tomorrow. >> by, everyone. >> bill: thank you. great show. we could get decisions, major decisions this hour. there are only two weeks left in the term. awaiting six key rules, including the census question on citizenship. it could have a major impact on the 2020 election. keeping a close eye on the highest courts. new threats from iran. wrapping up nuclear production, only days away from breaking the stockpile limit on uranium enrichment. that has the attention of washington and of the world. good morning, everybody. sandra has a day off. i am bill hemmer, back here in


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