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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  June 17, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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we are back here at noon eastern tomorrow. for now, here's harris. >> harris: we begin with the increasing tension between the united states and iran. what the rogue nation is threatening to do now that i could bring both sides closer to a confrontation. "outnumbered overtime," with the news that has been cooking in the last hour, to bring you now. i'm harris faulkner. iran has announced that it will break the iranian stockpile limits set by the 2015 nuclear deal in the next ten days. that's according to a spokesperson for the atomic agency that also acknowledge that iran has already quadrupled its production of low-enriched uranium. i can be used in a nuclear reactor but not a bomb. all this as secretary of state mike pompeo says the u.s. will defend against iranian aggression, including last week's alleged taker attacks near the strait of hormuz. watch. speak of the united states is considering a full range of options.
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we brief the president a couple times, we will continue to keep them updated. we are confident that we can take a set of actions that can restore deterrent toes, which is our mission. as president trump has said clearly, he doesn't want to go to war. at the same time we've made very clear that -- >> does he have legal authorization for the strike on iran? >> we always have the authorization to defend american interests. >> harris: with news that is breaking now, the state department, rich edson, bring us up to speed. >> good afternoon, harris. officials officials here say the administration will maintain its pressure, a series of campaigns that pressure and sanction iran. this, as the situation in the region deteriorates. leaders in both parties in congress say the u.s. should avoid a war. >> i think they are doing exec the right thing and squeezing the radiance through these sanctions. it's clearly having an impact, which is why they are striking out. the president is not trying to start a war. he made it clear to everybody, he's not trying to start a war. but these are measured responses
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to irani and thes acting out in the way that they always act out >> we have no appetite for going to war, or to be provocative to create situations that might evoke responses. where mistakes could be made. >> iran has set a low deadline early next month, that's when the president says his country will resume producing highly enriched uranium if european countries failed to help iran circumvent sanctions. a year ago last may united states withdrew withdrew from the iran nuclear agreement. inflation and an end iran is upcoming the economy has slowed, and tension has risen. they say they refuse to negotiate with the trump administration. he says he will negotiate when iran is ready and says he's in no rush. lastly, two tankers in the region were attacked near strait of hormuz, a crucial shipping lane where 20% of the
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world's oil supply travels through. u.s. central command released a video. officials say it shows iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps removing an unexploded mine from one of the two damaged tankers. the state department says that iran is responsible and it's now trying to target the global oil supply, certainly given the location of these attacks. iran denies involvement in suggested the united states might be staging all this to raise tension in the region. harris? >> harris: rich, thank you very much. my first guest says he believes iran was always such a break its uranium stockpile limit, even under the old nuclear deal. retired brigadier general anthony tata served as deputy commanding general of u.s. forces in afghanistan. great to have you on the program today and to get your perspective. you think that they were always going to violate this? why? >> they have been violating it. if we believe what benjamin netanyahu said last year, remember, when he rolled out all the intelligence that
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they had retrieved from the iranian nuclear program, they already violated most of the protocols in the iran nuclear deal. i think really this is just an iranian information campaign to try and drive a wedge between the united states and the european union. their real market, the real target, the radiance of your target here, is the europeans. because the europeans have an interest in the economic market, and iran. that was their whole interest from jump street on this irani nuclear deal. it's all about the economy for europe, and that's why we don't have them fully on board with everything that we are doing in the persian gulf. what the president is doing is measured and it is right on target, and it's defending vital interests of the free flow of oil and commerce in the persian gulf. what iran is doing is trying to achieve their geopolitical aims of lessening the sanctions and driving a wedge between us and
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europe. >> harris: you talk about the economics, and how european nations fit into all of this. but the economics were iran are pretty dicey right now, too. they are starting to really feel those sanctions, which some experts would say make some rather dangerous and desperate. what are we looking at is the kind of fire back and take shots at oil tankers? you need to start escorting them? what is our next rule? >> i do think the u.s. navy, ever since its inception, their mission has been to protect commerce on the high seas and keep those shipping lanes open for 200 plus years. that is job number one for the navy and their great needy will continue continue to do that. if we need to escort them, as we have before in the persian gulf, then we will do that. as you mentioned, we have to remember iran is very desperate right now. remember, and netanyahu said this yesterday, he very flatly
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said that iran will not have a nuclear program. israel is taking matters into their own hands previously, i have no doubt they would do so again. if iran wants to push the geopolitical boundaries here, they are going to have to contend with more than just the united states. with netanyahu and israel and the very good israeli defense force. it protects its two particle interest. >> harris: general tata, it's one thing to say you're going to escort some ships, as you've done in the past with our navy, to make sure those shipping lane say open. it's a whole other thing to take retaliation moves. g.o.p. senator tom cotton says the attacks on oil tankers deserve that type of response near the strait of hormuz. let's watch. >> these unprovoked attacks on commercial shipping warrant retaliatory military strikes. the fastest way to get the fire entry of the u.s. military
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unleashed on you is to interfere with freedom of navigation on the open sea in the air. that's what they're doing it one of the most strategic choke points. the president has the authorization to act to defend american interests. >> harris: what do you think of what senator cotton is suggesting there? >> i have a lot of respect for senator cotton and what i would say is, having been in combat in this part of the region has he has, the strategic use of military forces must be applied very carefully. the president does not want a war. he doesn't want to go to war with iran. he's not interventionist. >> harris: do his advisors want that? >> bolden is a hawk, he is a neocon hawk from the old school, but it's not bad to have that. president trump is a dominant gene in the conversation. it's not bad to have bolton as kind of a loose screw out there, that iran has to figure, "is he going to rule the day?"
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>> harris: did you call him a loose squirrel? >> [laughter] not as you might interpret it. >> harris: either way, you say the president is the dominant gene in any kind of conversation about that. what needs to be talked about in the immediate protection of those ships? last word from you. >> we need to make sure we have good intelligence and communications on the seas ther there. where the vulnerabilities are, and to protect against those areas that iran may be planning to attack from. whether that can be from the air or the port, from the cd see we have that in place. having a hawk like bolton is not having a bad thing. it makes them wonder what's going on. we all know that the president does not want a war in iran.
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>> harris: brigadier general tata, thank you for your time today. we appreciate your expertise. to the supreme court now where the justices have elected not to weigh in on the case of an oregon baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. this, as we await decisions on some major cases concerning partisan gerrymandering and a potential citizenship question on the 2020 census. gerrit tenney is life for us at the u.s. supreme court. >> the big news today is with the high court did not do. starting with a case that we have covered here on fox, involving an oregon couple that owned a bakery and refused to do a custom wedding cake for a same-sex marriage, citing their religious beliefs. the state ultimately find that couple $135,000 and the bakery letter went out of business. today the supreme court chose not to make a decision on the case, and instead sent it back onto the lower court. the justices have essentially punted on this one and not
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address the larger issue of religious freedom in the first moment versus lgbt rights. these cases are popping up all over the place, so it's a matter of time before the justices do have to address it. with only two weeks left in the current term, there are still several major decisions we are expecting including a pair of gerrymandering cases. one in north carolina where republicans are accused of it, the other in maryland were democrats are accused of it. the court will decide in those cases the electoral districts drawn up by state legislatures can be too partisan. if they are, what is the court's role in addressing it? the other decision we are waiting on is the citizenship question on the census. the trump administration wants to include a question about immigration or legal status on the census, but 17 states are leading a lawsuit to block it, arguing the question would discourage immigrants from participating and it would lead to an inaccurate count of the population. those decisions will be coming down sometime within the next
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couple of weeks. there is a bit of a time crunch here with the census decision, because we are talking about more than 120 forms and to be get printed out and government printers are good but they will still take time to pump those out. over the next couple of weeks, we with long along with the print shops will be keeping a close eye on these cases. >> harris: thank you very much. during the selection is getting underway today, and one of the u.s. military's most prominent war crimes cases, decorate navy seal edward gallagher is facing a court-martial in san diego accused of murdering an isis prisoner two years ago. jeff paul is live in a west coast bureau for the latest on this. jeff? >> that's beginning in san diego in less than two hours, the jury selection. judges made key provisions that could change the shape of what happens moving forward. it all goes back to the defense bringing to life that the prosecution was tracking their emails. gallagher's lawyers pushed for the case to be thrown out,
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saying he has a right to fair trial, with compromise. the judge decided on a few changes to remedy the interference. first, he was released from custody. then the judge removed the lead prosecutor, and also left them the maximum penalty if found guilty. the judge shifted it to life in prison with parole. gallagher's family still isn't satisfied. >> they have made sure he will not get a fair trial. that wasn't the point of this. the whole point of this was never to find out the truth. it was never to investigate the truth. it wasn't to prosecute him under the truth. that was to craft a narrative and then fill in the gaps, turn people, use witnesses, all of it. it's complete implication of corruption from the top down. >> gallagher is accused of murder of a teenage islamic state prisoner under his watch,
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and accused of attempted murder in the sniper shooting of two iraqi civilians back in 2017. gallagher has said that because of his tough leadership, disgruntled platoon mates made up what happened. he is pleading not guilty. there has been some suggestion that president trump may pardon gallagher among other military members accused of war crimes. harris? >> harris: jeff, thank you's. some diehard trump supporter's are already lining up ahead of the president's reelection kickoff rally. a live look now. the president tweeted this morning, "big rally tomorrow night in orlando, florida. looks to be setting records. we are building a large movie screens outside to take care of everybody. more than 100,000 requests. our nation is doing great. far beyond what the haters and losers thought possible, and it will only get better!" and that is tape you see their sins left. i will talk more about this with our nz chairwoman ronna mcdaniel. she joined me later ♪
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and mexico detained hundreds of migrants over the weekend after the trump admission reach a deal with the country to set up its enforcement. potential impact amid the border crisis, and a live report. you're headed down the highway when the guy in
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>> harris: philadelphia police are searching for a gunman who opened fire at a graduation party. one person died, seven others were hurt. many of them were teenagers, and authority say the party was pretty much rocking when gunshots rang out late last night. neighbors say they are stunned. >> it was supposed to be a day of celebration. this is craziness. craziness. >> harris: the shooting is one
10:19 am
of several that took place across the city of philly over the weekend. no word yet on what set it all off. fox news alert, the trump administration's efforts to deter the migrant surge may be starting to have an effect. mexico is stepping up immigration enforcement and it happened over the weekend. intercepting hundreds of migrants from central america as a 6,000 mexican troops had to the country's southern border. william la jeunesse is live in guatemala near the mexico border with the latest. wow. what a picture! >> harris, i will tell you the posture in mexico is definitely changing. you mentioned over the weekend the president replaced the migration director in mexico. he promptly stopped for trucks headed to texas, arresting 791 migrants who will be deported. the question is, is the term strategy going to work it? we are at the biggest crossing
10:20 am
in central america. you want to make it to the united states, for most people they were go here. her a man like this can pretty pay a dollar you get across. the boatmen here tell us of the migrants haven't stopped, but it has slowed down. people are afraid they will get arrested by the mexicans. because not only have they put troops on the border, they've got check points here. the choke points of trance off. mexico will try to check the numbers. don't like we people don't want to lose their cash to get deported. how many thousands of dollars have you got, the smuggler asks? we did talk to a 33-year-old honduran, jose acosta. he said the child was tearful and he's sleeping at at a park nearby. he is afraid that mexico will do what the u.s. will do, detain in deport asylum-seekers. >> translator: they tell me to cross now but i'm afraid because i don't want to get returned to my country.
10:21 am
>> so what are the drivers of immigration, as we found out the last several days talking to people going to the small towns? number one, they are coming from the rural areas because of drought, flooding, falling coffee prices. there is no work. basically the population bubble here, the average age in guatemala is 21. that is the lowest in the hemisphere. got 200,000 people looking for about 50,000 jobs per year. also, wages. in the city, it's as low as $15 a day. he was a gentleman just swimming across. also, $8 a day in the rural areas. see you got two things happening. number one, guatemala is bringing in advisors. to help with their border security. they're also considering -- and this would be a game changer -- the first country in latin america that would require asylum-seekers who want to go to the united states to stop here in guatemala, whether they are from honduras or el salvador. here is the interior ministry we shot two days ago.
10:22 am
>> even though i can't define what kind of process we are going to come up with, i can confirm that guatemala is going to be a country that is going to support the u.s. with regard to closing that loophole that is actually open. >> no one disagrees that you have to tackle the root cause. the question is, is it going to require the one thing the united states doesn't have any more, which is patience? back to you. >> harris: william la jeunesse, great storytelling. thank you for bringing that to us. new fox news poll's show president trump may have some work to do as multiple 2020 democrats lead them in a hypothetical matchups. i will talk with both republican and democratic national committee members next. ♪ people, our sales now apply to only 10 frames. a new low! at visionworks, our sales are good on over 500 frames. why are you so weird? see great with 2 complete pairs for $59. really.
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>> harris: so now those new fox news poll mags adjusting the race for the 2020 democratic nomination is still very much in
10:27 am
flux. some candidates like pete buttigieg are gaining popularity while others like bernie sanders appeared to be losing ground. this, as fox news poll and also shows president trump trailing the top two democratic candidates nationwide. the president hitting back on twitter. "only fake polls show us behind the motley crue. we are looking really good, but it is far too early to be focused on that. much work to do. make america great again!" let's scoop up some reporting before bringing my first guest on this matter. peter doocy, in washington. peter? >> harris, this is the week candidates are fine-tuning their patches, because next week the whole world is going to be watching on the debate stages and these new fox news poll's reveal which campaigns might nod which might want to rewrite part of the stump speech. joe biden cruising along just fine. he is up one point since march, the clear front runner.
10:28 am
bernie sanders experiencing the opposite. the democratic socialist senator is down ten in this poll since march. elizabeth warren in single digits but her 9% is more than double her support in march. pete buttigieg has grown the most. 8% now, up from just 1% in march. he is tied with kamala harris, who has 8% today and who had 8% back in march. so it is bernie sanders trying to stabilize his campaign today. >> of the polls go up, polls go down. the other part of the pole, if i heard you correctly, chris, is that i am beating president trump fairly decisively, which is consistent with all of the polling that i have seen. i think it, frankly, i'm the strongest candidate to defeat trump. >> this is what sanders is referring to. he is up nine on trump in a hypothetical head-to-head, and only joe biden is stronger. he's up to ten. elizabeth warren elizabeth warren, kamala harris,
10:29 am
and pete buttigieg lead the president by single digits but within the margin of error. but nobody's going head-to-head with the president unless they win enough delegates in the primaries. it is worth pointing out that in a fox news poll at this point of the 2016 race, a year before, in june, president trump only had 11% support among republicans. he still trailed at this point. the front and ready. that was jeb bush. >> harris: that's worth remembering. integrate negative information for my next guest. thank you, peter doocy p let's bring in ronna mcdaniel, rnc chairwoman. great see you. very interesting. i guess why they see it so early. >> is way too early to be looking at polls. scott walker was leading heading into 2016. people come and go and they fade. i think the democrats should be looking at them because it gets in on the debate stage and they have to make numbers to get on the debate stage for their primary. >> harris: remind us again, wisconsin governor scott walker was ahead of donald j. trump?
10:30 am
>> yes, he was the one to beat. it was jeb and then it was scott walker. they always fluctuate at this time. actually would want the frontrunner status because that means everyone's going to be gunning for you on that debate stage. so joe biden and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are going to have these candidates try in contrast with them to make up some ground. >> harris: i know it's not your party and he's not your candidate, but i'm curious -- why is bernie falling? >> have you seen what he says? [laughter] i mean, it's pretty crazy. you one last time he was so popular. >> i think elizabeth warren is taking some of bernie's steam away, too. i think she's articulating his message, putting plans forward, differently rising. we've seen her start to rise and i think that cuts into bernie sanders' support. >> harris: anybody, though, as you look at the small -- i don't know if you can show it, because it looks like yearbook. out of all the contenders, that you say that someone to watch. warren is coming up, pete buttigieg is coming it. >> yes, they are having their rise right now. it will depend on the debates,
10:31 am
too. getting on that debate stage, elizabeth warren has the first night all to herself pretty much and then you have this marquee line above biden, sanders, pete buttigieg, kamala harris and atlanta. it's going to be interesting to see. when i know as donald trump gets to run on 6 million new jobs, 3.2% gdp, record low unemployment. i don't know how they are going to cap that. >> harris: picking of that, he set two lodges 2020 reelection campaign tomorrow with a rally in orlando. some of them are already lining up. that's what we're seeing on the ground there. while he claims more than 100,000 people have requested tickets for this event. talk to me about the rollout. what will it look like? >> first of all, harris, of never seen a candidate like president trump or anybody garner this type of crowd over and over and over again. he's done this for three years, and 100,000 people have rsvped. not one candidate on the democrat side to get that. >> harris: do you expect there will be people who didn't vote for this president in line, decided curacao to? >> i think it will be people saying he did deliver.
10:32 am
my wages are up, jobs have been coming back. this is the president getting things done. we like him. so we will register voters at at the rnc. >> harris: cced as a registration event. and maybe a way to push in on people. i was talking about this last hour. bind some of these democratic contenders, you say it's early. people need a reason to get out, though. democrats have learned this, too. "we've got it, we've got it." he gives them a reason to come out. >> we want them to be urgent, to know what is at stake. they've seen a media that has been 93% negative, this president had an unprecedented level of negativity coming his way. and he accomplished so much. we absolutely need our base energized but they have been. that's why we are raising record money, that's why you have a rally like we have tomorrow. there's nobody brings more energy to the american people than president trump. >> harris: ronna mcdaniel, spokeswoman for the rnc, thank you.
10:33 am
on the eve of the rollout of the new campaign. we appreciate it. now let's turn to xochitl hinojosa comic communications director for the dnc. no doubt you are just watching this interview that i just had with ronna mcdaniel, and i expect to get some flip side. but it really does look like a yearbook when you show the whole wall. is it too soon to even fund-raiser off the fact that one or two polls find a few of the candidates out of president trump? >> they were so much enthusiasm, then why is donald trump down in the blacks with the top five candidates pulling the highest on the democratic side? i think a large field is a good thing for the democratic party. you saw this in 2016. the beastly won. what is very significant is this fox news poll mic that has economic enthusiasm down since 2016. i think it's very telling. if they were so happy with the economy and with donald trump right now, why is he trailing the top five candidates?
10:34 am
we are going to be highlighting -- >> harris: the numbers are already looking -- >> broken promises, that will be our message for tomorrow. >> harris: the numbers are already looking like they are there for the rally. as we were just talking about, we will have people there who didn't vote for this president who will be curious about it. there has not been specific polling to show -- and you talked about this economic number -- there has not been specific polling to show how many people are able to train in and get some of the jobs that are out there. that is the next line of polling. i think it's an excellent question we need to press and on with people, to see that "feels like" moment for them. for now, he knew fox news poll shows nearly twice as many voters saying they feel enthusiastic. they would feel, if president trump got reelected in trench 20 compared to 2016. you've got a rally when people are already lining up in orlando. he does have the ability to bring up the numbers. what do you say that? >> drawing a crowd won't make
10:35 am
you president. what makes the president's pesek policies that will help the iraqi people. he hasn't done that. right now when you look at all of our candidates there's a lot of enthusiasm on the democratic side. whoever the democratic nominee is, the other candidates will rally behind on their supporters will rally behind that president. i guarantee you there will be republicans and independents and others that support our democratic nominee over donald trump. >> harris: let me step in on that, that drawing a crowd doesn't make you president. you do have to have people go out. i understand how delegates work but you need people to put pressure on their leadership in order for a candidate to win. we've got so many people now, does that help an incumbent historically -- and 219 years, only ten incumbents have lost in the open era you got george h.w. bush and jimmy carter. that's not a lot. you're going against the breeze of a strong economy, prison reform, and other things as president can tout as an
10:36 am
incumbent. >> if you look at polling, he also hasn't won with a low approval rating like donald trump. this will be really hard for him. we just say the democrats aren't taking it for granted. that's why we are putting organizers on the ground. just this summer we are putting organizers on the ground into ski battleground states that democrats lost. so we are bringing it, we are bringing the fight. >> harris: do you think there is a true moderate other than john doing in that pack of 24? >> i won't put a a label on anyone. what i say is -- >> harris: well, there is only one socialist. and he calls himself that. >> whoever has the best policies for the american people, that too is going to win. >> harris: it's interesting, bernie sanders dropping that social story. i would love to see pulling on that to see what people think of the actual word. i should do some polling. [laughs] >> republicans try to use that, because they can't argue on the issues. >> harris: it's just a question. not everybody's using it. xochitl hinojosa, i will have you back. >> thanks for having me.
10:37 am
>> harris: the boeing ceo has apologized to families of victims of two deadly crashes involving 737 max jets. at the paris air show, executive said they should have been more transparent with regulators about software flaws. this, as the company struggles to begin the trust of regulators, pilots, and the traveling public. i am joined now from london with the latest on this. is this too little, too late? >> there's a little bit of that. keep in mind, this isn't the first time that boeing has apologized. but making that apology at the paris air show, the biggest air show in the world we would normally they would be boasting about their facets of her aircraft, it underscores the gravity of a problem that it has on its hands. meanwhile you have airbus, their biggest competitor, a real rifle, stealing the show in paris. they had one of their a330
10:38 am
playlist land as president macron looked on. they also announced they will launch an aircraft into a 23. by contrast, boeing has it to announce a window lodge for their next aircraft and they are desperate to into that market. their entire fleet of maxes is still grounded. boeing says they fixed the anti-cell software, and many believe that because the two tragic crashes that led to the 737s grounding. >> first, we are very sorry for the loss of lives as a result of the tragic accidents of both ethiopian three oh two 300 2 and liner 610. our thoughts and our prayers are with the loved ones of those who lost their lives. >> 346 people were killed in the 2737 max crashes. the first back in october. that plane plummeted into the
10:39 am
java sea after taking off from jakarta. the second crash was in ethiopia just back in march and it, too, happened shortly after takeoff. boeing is also under fire for waiting until after the first crash to notify the faa of the software issue. and the faa speaking of them just this week, they are signaling they are prepared to start test trailing the max with the software upgrade, possibly as early as this week. boeing clearly doesn't want to make light of these two horrific tragedies, they want to see those aircraft's back up in the sky and want to get back to the business of selling aircraft. back to you. >> harris: the 737 max, as you have been reporting, is a workhorse for some of these airlines. summer is a big season. ryan, thank you very much. phoenix police accused of using excessive force when confronting a parent of an alleged child shoplifter. you can watch it in this video.
10:40 am
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>> harris: new fallout over police competition in phoenix, arizona, after a 4-year-old child allegedly shoplifted a barbie doll from a store. at least one officer pulled a gun on the couple. part of the incident caught on video. now the city's mayor is apologizing, as an attorney for the couple is speaking out. watch. >> he was subject to an awful lot of violence, and the same thing was done to the mother. the child being yanked out of -- attempted to being yanked out of her hands, ended up with what they call dead arm. she was pushed headfirst into the police car. she gave her child to a stranger because she was so afraid of the
10:45 am
police. >> harris: alicia acuna joins us with the latest on this. a lot of new details from both perspectives on this coming out a lot. >> a lot of new details, harris. the family attorney has filed a notice of claim against the city of phoenix. a lot that could follow, depending on the city's response. the lawyer who you just heard from their is a former arizona attorney general. he says officers committed battery and violated their civil rights when they physically restrained the family, pulled a weapon, shouldn't just threaten to shoot them and that after the child took a dull without his knowledge. >> [bleep]! >> i am! >> witness video shows police attempting to get his fiancee from the car. she was in the backseat with their two small children, ages e door malfunctioned.
10:46 am
>> it doesn't open! i promise, it doesn't open! >> get your [bleep] hands off me! >> i never put your hands on yo you! >> city leaders are condemning the action they saw on the video prayed the mayor saying she is sick over it. the police calling it extremely unsettling. >> i apologize to the community. i apologize for any action of our employees at the scene. >> we want our residents to feel confident in the department, to feel safe here. we need to have -- we have been having a dialogue about how we can do better. >> the police department investigation is underway, and the mayor's culture phoenix police to attend a community meeting to be held tomorrow night. a couple of things, though. you mentioned the details. he has admitted to shoplifting a package of underwear that he then threw out the car window at the time of this incident. there's a lot of questions
10:47 am
revolving around the police camera, that the police didn't have them on. the mayor and the police chief say they will step up operations on that and make sure everyone -- every officer has one by august. >> harris: that's what i said, both prospective pray that's what i was talking about. most municipalities now have some sort of recorder, whether it's on the car, anybody can. it's interesting they are looking at that now in phoenix with her officers. alicia acuna, thank you very much. the sensational murder case which riveted and changed the way we watch things here in america. a stem to stand. o.j. simpson's bronco chase, 25 years later today, as the disgraced football star is now using the occasion to go public in a big and controversial way. stay with me. ♪ ♪ what do all these people have in common, limu? [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people,
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. iran threatens to breach the nuclear deal, so which of the u.s. response be? i will ask congressman adam kinzinger, plus joe biden is taking the stage soon at a forum in washington, d.c. we will see what he has to say today about president trump, and a rare behind-the-scenes look at one of the biggest and most controversial technology companies in the world. we are live in china on "the daily briefing" ."
10:52 am
>> we know that. and everybody loves you. especially your family, your mother, your kids. all of your friends. everybody does. don't do this. just put it down or throw it out the window. >> harris: hard to believe it was 25 years ago today when millions of americans watch police chase down o.j. simpson and that slow moving white ford bronco. it was just days after simpson's ex-wife, nicole brown simpson, was found murdered along with her friend, rhonda goldman. since then, eventually he was arrested, setting the stage for what would be known as the trial of the century. joining me now, litigator and broadcast legal analyst royal oakes who covered o.j.'s murder trial at one point you argued before the judge to let cameras into the courtroom. good to have you on the program. first of all, let's go back to that conversation he was having with the police in the back of
10:53 am
the bronco. i think people have forgotten what was going on. set the stage for us. >> it was really surreal, it was five or six days after the murders, harris. of course, o.j. simpson was the suspect. the blood evidence, the cuts on his hands, so they were after him. they wanted him to turn himself in. instead he took off in the bronco with his friend, and he had a gun. as you heard, he was threatening suicide. he also had a disguise with him and he had cash with him. he ended up back in his house and the prosecutors of course thought, "this is conscious evidence of guilt. we'll be able to use this at trial." but they end up not using it because they didn't want the jury to hear him speak again and those sympathetic tones. it's just an example, i guess, harris, of celebrity justice. it works, both ways. on the one hand a lot of people said he was found not guilty because of how famous he was unpopular he was. but then when he stole the stuff out of the hotel room in nevada, maybe that was payback. the fact that he was celebrity meant he got a decade in prison
10:54 am
where with anybody else it might've been a slap on the wrist. >> harris: let's fast forward to today now. o.j. simpson, up on twitter. i don't know what he's talking about but it's a video that says he has some "getting even to do." watch it with me and i want to get your reaction. >> there's a lot of fake o.j. accounts out there. this one, the real o.j. 32, is the only official one. it should be a lot of fun. i've got a little getting even to do. so god bless, take care. >> harris: are you surprised he wouldn't just ride off into the sunset and specifically in a golf cart, since he said he golfs a lot now? and just go away quietly? he hasn't done that. >> i have to say, harris, i'm surprised this didn't happen before. i was predicting a reality show the day he got sprung from prison in nevada. i was totally wrong, he's been laying low. but i've got to say, if that jeopardy champion is a professional gambler in vegas, if you wanted to put some smart money down i would say to bet on o.j. going for a reality show
10:55 am
now. clearly this is his coming out party. he is pugnacious and competitive and he's wanting to re-fight the question of whether he's guilty of the murders. he wants to focus on the not guilty verdict and ignore the fact the 12 citizens in the civil jury and santa monica found him guilty. we know he loves money, and he enjoys the high life, he can make a dime without giving it to fred goldman and the other creditors. i have a feeling he's going to try and make a reality show but funnel the money somehow to himself. unfortunately i think that's what we're looking at. >> harris: you described him as pugnacious and competitive. you simon covered the trial. before i let you go, what is next and all of this, in terms of what we need to know? >> well, i think what's next is we have to take a hard look at our own system of values, in terms of -- if you see o.j. simpson on the street, do you go for the selfie or do you say to yourself, "my gosh, this guy is a double murderer," which
10:56 am
most think he is. that's the bottom line. >> harris: royal oakes, i'll be back. >> you bet. ke care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today. that have made the rx crathe leading luxury suvogy and we're usaa members for life. of all time. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $399/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> harris: it's monday. i'm glad you kicked off your work week with me. i'm harris and here is dana. >> dana: "the daily briefing" starts now. i run stockpiling as tensions arise. and gathering washing today while one of the leaders switch his paws on his campaign. and we are in china with a look inside a wall way hq for a trad. hello everyone, i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." musical medical i run on the break as u.s. ways of military action to punish table on. national security correspondent


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