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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  June 17, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> harris: it's monday. i'm glad you kicked off your work week with me. i'm harris and here is dana. >> dana: "the daily briefing" starts now. i run stockpiling as tensions arise. and gathering washing today while one of the leaders switch his paws on his campaign. and we are in china with a look inside a wall way hq for a trad. hello everyone, i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." musical medical i run on the break as u.s. ways of military action to punish table on. national security correspondent
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jennifer griffin's life the pentagon. jennifer, i've been dying to ask you how iran is responding to allegations from the united states that iran was the one behind the tanker attacks? >> first there was a tweet this morning from iranian officials saying they had arrested a cyber sell of cia agents inside iran and an unconfirmed claim at this point. then there was a press conference given by iran's atomic agency held that iran's heavy water reactor in eric where they announced they would soon be enriching uranium two levels closer to that needed for military grade use adding that tehran will no longer abide by commitments under the nuclear deal. >> when we say we will not be doing that anymore we mean we will not offer heavy water on international markets a commitment based on the situation. >> the iranians have given until july 7th to lift sanctions or they say they will go beyond the limits set to enrich the uranium
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stockpile they agreed to under the nuclear deal. >> dana: is how will the united states make its case that iran is behind the tank or toxic? is that the u.n. security council or where it is >> we expect some relief of declassified images and a timeout from bomb disposal experts as some allies continue to question whether iran was the culprit in last week's u.s. tanker attacks. the u.s. is going to release more intelligence that proves that the revolutionary guard corps carried out the attacks. >> this was on the golf of home on side of the strait of hormuz. there are lots of data and lots of evidence and the world will come to see much of it. >> u.s. central command said there is no execute order for u.s. naval vessels to export commercial shipping tankers through through the strait of hormuz but did not rule out other possibilities. the uss bainbridge are providing
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overwatch as one of the two tankers destroyed by sanctions on thursday is towed toward the united arab emirates. one of those ships has been told safely enter you waters. secretary of state mike pompeo is traveling today later for briefing. >> dana: for more on this, adam kinzinger. let's get your take on this. have you seen any of this evidence? in your mind to come is there any doubt that iran was behind it? >> i have seen what you have seen but there is no doubt to me that people are going to doubt the people that are being fed, the russian trolls on twitter. the reigning trolls on twitter, people that are in the blame america first crowd, . it did me to repass goff said such incidents can underline the foundation of the world economy which is why it's hardly
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possible to accept basis accusations and the situation. we always are just sober appraisal of the situation and to wait for more or less convincing evidence to appear. what do you think of that? >> i think when it comes to russia, whatever they say, usually the opposite is true. just look at the patterns in venezuela, syria and the ukraine, they claim they are not even in the ukraine so this is standard for the russians. if we have evidence and i'm sure that we do, i've heard a lot of it exists, and we know it's iran, we need to accept that because that's obviously the case. once that comes out, people won't believe if anything stares them right in the face and i think if we put this redline down that says even if we don't respond to the last two attacks, this cannot keep going. bottom line dana this is a failing country that's lashing out. they have only about one-tenth of the oil experts that they
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did, and a strong competent country with a bright future does not attach minds to it desperate oil futures. >> dana: they are not even going to try to pretend to be part of the nuclear deal from 2015 and in some ways i think i ran is trying to show its capacity to disrupt international markets without actually having the united states and israel launched a direct attack against them to muddy the waters. it feels like they are going right back to where they were. >> i think that's an accurate way to say that. i think they have disrupted the international order, and we are seeing investments in other countries and that's actually receded a lot but i think right now it's going to take patients to understand they are obviously very desperate. they don't want to provoke us into military action.
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>> is it your opinion that the president needs to come to congress before he would take any action if it were to come to that? >> i don't think so. i think the congresses responsibility is to make these kind of micro decisions even if it's something according to the war powers act, basically he has 60 days to act. so i don't think every military action needs to come to congress because nothing would ever get done. >> dana: can i ask you about one other thing? it was international relations story this weekend in new york times. this is where you had david sanger the reporter saying that the united states, our military has been putting some sort of malware into the electric rate of the russians. >> i think we are stepping up our attacks on russia and we should. this disinformation campaign and the 2016 election, i think -- i
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don't know who linked the story, it's more in the classified space. i think it's irresponsible. >> there was maybe a little bit of a preview. listen to john bolton, the president's national security advisor last week. >> the purpose of which is to say to russia and anybody else engaged in cyber operations against us, you will pay a price if we find that you are doing this. >> dana: if we talk about national security matters that are classified, your thoughts? >> obviously i can't confirm or deny any of that but i will say this. if this is the truth to embarrass the president and try to get him to react, and
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generalities, we absently do need to be on the offense against russia. what they are doing to us, both discrediting our election system and doing it with chaos, they need to know whether this story is true or not they need to know that the united states is on offense and will protect our allies and basically anything else, and maybe we will actually start doing this. >> dana: thank you. a a pretty big story from today's campaign trail mix. mayor pete buttigieg returns to south bend. plus a look at the latest fox news poll. peter doocy with the live look in washington. >> he said that he thinks he could be president had to head. he is still going for a couple minutes and we are waiting for
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more headlines but joe biden has not really come to events like this where he takes the stage for a few minutes and he is immediately followed by another contender who is trying to replace him as a front runner. biden is generally the only headliner. in the next few minutes he will be followed by bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and connelly. harwich. he said something in his official capacity as south bend's mayor and that is the aftermath of the deadly police involved shooting. his campaign has not been attracting as much attention as anyone else. $7 million in april, which means he made as much in this month as he did the quarter before.
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the fox news poll says he's tied with kamala harris and at one point behind elizabeth warren. miles ahead of them all is joe biden with 32%. they all got leads though with a hypothetical head-to-head matchup. kamala harris also up by just one. elizabeth warren stretches her lead to two points and joe bide joe biden, they are hypothetical in the democratic party is not going to have an official nominee with an official running mate to challenge president trump and mike pence have another 13 months in the convention. >> we will take it all under advisement, thank you peter doocy. president trump is working his
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>> dana: tankers off the coast of iran are sparking concerns about military action. secretary of state mike pompeo is saying iran is to blame for retaliation. >> iran for 40 years has engaged in these kind of attacks. ronald reagan had to re-flag a lot of vessels going through the persian gulf and ultimately take
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military action against iran in 1988. these unprovoked attacks wanted military strike. >> dana: it could i play for you also charlie these two other things? senator mitch mcconnell, the senator majority leader weighed in on this with fox & friends. and they are fortunate pursuing and that's what they see them striking out with his attacks on vessels in the persian gulf. the sanctions are really hurtin hurting. >> dana: and pete buttigieg, he weighed in, as he served. >> we learned in our country how hard it is to end the war. we have to make sure that we don't start one. >> president trump: clearly mcconnell is exactly right and iran is clearly desperate which
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sort of raises -- reminds us of all the questions that a lot of us had when the obama administration made that deal with iran and the first place. they were on the ropes and they still are. and it's a good thing. they are very bad actors. and the comments by mike pompeo who, -- all options are on the table that those are kind of the answers you give to everything. and everything is always on the table. the thing that tom cotton said it, what did apparently warrants a military strike and that's not the same as saying -- >> dana: that there is going to get one. and they are saying, they are very skeptical.
11:18 am
and you know, military access, and a whole lot more. >> dana: secretary pompeo is on his way to centcom so we might even get more today. >> maybe they were trying to rescue a mine or something. but, i still tended to believe mike pompeo and the u.s. military right now. >> tomorrow president trump will officially kick off his election campaign. donald trump is sending out a war chest, sparking nine regions crucial and has a sprawling network of volunteers who have been rigorous. i wonder what you think about
11:19 am
that, one of the great things about his first campaign was that it wasn't the established. >> he wasn't the incumbent and, it runs so much better as a marauder from the outside. he appealed to so many people, people, -- >> dana: is kept those people energized and added more. it was a much more difficult posture and operate from mike, and, i think a lot of people overstate that. there's a lot of excitement. >> dana: i was going to get a quick take on this before we go. he said, trump is perverting the
11:20 am
democratic party and whether his youth gives them pause, and you know what some of them like, the idea of terms precedent see being bracketed, and the complaint was democrats are so focused on just beating trump that they are not actually painting the big message of what they want to say. >> i would actually argue the greatest strength that president trump has right now is not that the old insurgent outsider thing or the incumbency. it's a fact that if you take away trump and his style and look at the issues, he wins in a landslide. whether it's immigration, -- at some of the things we like a lot of these things too.
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>> a lot of democrats agree. >> but we don't admit it. >> fox gets exclusive access to the chinese client of blacklisted to the government.
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introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> dana: a former egyptian president mohammed morrissey has died. the ousted muslim brotherhood leader was in court today for a hearing on espionage charges when he collapsed. he was rushed to the hospital and died shortly after. he was thrown out of office by the military following mass protests throughout the country. he was 37. >> we have a wide range of very important issues in the way china in the united states interact for an awfully long time. we allowed china to take advantage of us on trade and another other ways of president trump has pushed back very strongly against them. >> dana: mike pompeo backing up the president's tough stand on china, and this comes as
11:26 am
huawei, the chinese telecom giant is identified as national security list and blacklisted by the u.s. government and our response to allegations that it could be used for spying. we got exclusive access to huawei's headquarters. so glad you were able to join us, tell us what you learned. >> thanks for having us. it's interesting, huawei's has always denied the allegations but it seems that those denials were taken to a whole new level. the company is arguing that he really couldn't spy even if it wanted to. it was a 45 minute drive from downtown to the corporate headquarters and a rare opportunity for an american television crew to tour the facility. we were met there by an englishman, the huawei vp, and we knew by the extension of the invitation, they had a story they wanted us to here.
11:27 am
>> my question is this. why are we here? >> we've always been very open and transparent about inviting journalists to come and visit huawei. i think there is a lot of misunderstandings and lots of misinformation. there is no connection between huawei and the chinese government. that brought us to the most sensitive of topics, whether huawei can facilitate. 170 countries throughout the world and many of those countries are now deploying their 5g networks. we work very closely with those partners to build out the hardware. but at all times the telecom customers and partners are completely in charge of all of them. >> is no need to but i want to be clear in this point, there's
11:28 am
no need for you to come up but could you? >> we could not do it without the permission of the telecom company. >> could you do it without their permission, is it technically possible? >> to my knowledge it's not technically possible. >> then it was on to the research and development center where we were given a demonstration on the rollout of 5g. the huawei executive there is of the company has been preparing for a potential crackdown by the u.s. government by developing its own chips. >> there is no timeline as to when those chips would be ready and those business would be wrapped up, where huawei has been able to survive without, revenue is going to be $30 billion lower than previously forecast over the next two years. back to you.
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>> dana: wonderful exclusive, thanks for bringing that to us here. the supreme court is out with some key rulings. plus brand-new battleground poll in, we are seeing numbers rise and another is seeing quite the opposite. when you start with a better that's no way to treat a dog... can do no wrong. where did you learn that? the internet... yeah? mmm! with no artificial preservatives or added nitrates or nitrites, it's all for the love of hot dogs. ♪ i want it that way... i can't believe it. that karl brought his karaoke machine? ♪ ain't nothing but a heartache... ♪ no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of
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11:34 am
director and not mauer, former trump campaign regional coordinator. i know that you know georgia very well. i wanted to bring up to you that in a speech that he just gave in washington, d.c., former vice president biden said that he believes if he had the chance to take on president trump that he could beat him in south carolina and georgia. what do you think of that? >> it's making me nostalgic for campaign life because that is exactly what we used to tell our volunteers to get them revved up and motivated to go knock on doors. i'm not surprised, it's a little bit on the glass half-full site for me but i fully understand. >> it would have to have an outstanding ground game here. it is possible because he has that obama model but it's very ambitious to say the least. >> dana: if i could show you new polling in new hampshire, showing biden at 33 and sanders at 20.
11:35 am
warren -- i guess you kind of consider that hometown, in south carolina at 45. so a lot of this shows consistency so far for him. >> no doubt that joe biden is the nominal front runner but that's a pretty dangerous place to be. i was in new hampshire of june of 2015 when hillary clinton was beating bernie sanders by over 50 points. i was also there in february of 2016 when she got walloped by over 22 points. this race will be turned upside down next week after the first debate. we will see by the end of the summer weather joe biden is still the front runner come this fall. >> dana: let me ask you another question about new hampshire. governer sununu, head of the rga republican governors association was here are a few men months ago and asked him what was in play for president trump. he said very much yes. thoughts on that?
11:36 am
>> absolutely. there is no doubt that president trump really tapped into a lot of angst and men and women that he talks about on the campaign trail and he found in a lot of places. it was a close race, it was 3,000 votes and no doubt he will be competitive this time. >> dana: let me ask you about this. progressives are trying to figure out, how do you bring down biden without attacking former president obama? a former sanders aid said this for politico. nobody has made the argument that obama's presidents are the reason that obama's they lost n 2017. obama did a good job and we need to get back to that. how would you suggest that they
11:37 am
thread the needle? >> they really need to stay away from any criticism of the obama biden area because of obama's approval ratings which are higher than 70%. if they want to go back to biden and its history, they want to dig back to their support, they for example the defense of marriage act which is very much opposed to our democratic values and ideals right now. and maybe as far back. >> so you don't want president obama to back down to his oppositional and gay marriage? >> look. we tend to be stubborn. we are going to really remember what happened with his support of dome offer back then. >> let me ask you about the fact that the donations, there is so much money that will be spent in this election, 23 candidates. listen to "the new york times" and what they said about how big
11:38 am
donors are making decisions. is that with millions of dollars on the line, top new york donors are trying to pick favorites and three candidates are generating most of the buzz. vice president joe biden, kamala harris and mayor pete buddha -- of alabama. >> i wonder if that was actually paid for by elizabeth warren and bernie sanders because that plays right into the messages. he had that democratic and wall street when, and you have where the energy is which is the progressive, socialist left wing of the party were elizabeth warren and bernie sanders have a solid plurality of this electric and the democratic primary. so if i am elizabeth warren or bernie sanders on the stage next week, there is no doubt -- they will have that article with the them. >> dana: last work for you. would you rather have any message or money to fund the
11:39 am
campaign? >> is going to take a huge amount of money, and really the money will allow you to get message for the money. >> president trump already has 40 million and there war chest and just getting started with the official election kick off tomorrow. all right, thanks for being her here. the supreme court is upholding a double jeopardy rule which could have implications for president trump's former campaign chairman, paul manafor manafort. garrett is live outside of the washington stops. >> the implications are particularly timely. double jeopardy says you can't be prosecuted twice for the same crime and, you look at a long-standing exception for that role. then again in federal court. in a 7-2 division, they upheld that upset stomach stating it
11:40 am
does not violate double jeopard jeopardy. each one has an interest of indicated. two separate will be seeking prosecution for various crimes. if the court had overturned that president, they would have opened the door. that allows them to cover federal and state crimes as well and that in theory could have implications for paul manafort who could be facing state charges of president trump pardons them on the federal level. >> dana: we are still waiting for some big decisions on the citizenship questions. there is the gerrymandering peace and also, what can we expect? >> a lot of big decisions so coming, coming in the next two
11:41 am
weeks. the trump administration will be allowed to include a question about a person's immigration or legal status on the census. and that would discourage immigrants from participating and that could lead to an inaccurate account. republicans are accused of creating a heavily partisan congressional map and the other part is in maryland where democrats are accused of doing the same. the court will decide if electoral districts will be to partisan, and what role do they have about the piece cross. the court will discuss a decide if that memorial violates the separation of church and state, a lot of folks giving a very close eye on that state. >> all across the country, there are so many indeed.
11:42 am
we will keep in touch. a week of protest in hong kong with hundreds of thousands calling for the chief executive to resign. plus a white house official saying trade deal with china could be months away. and follow us on social media. we are on twitter at daily briefing and at daily briefing fnc on instagram and facebook. ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise.
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>> shepard smith on the fox news desk, more ahead on the u.s. response to rising threats from iran. also, drug test for nicotine. drug tests for nicotine, that's when the school district's plan is to cut down on what is calling it tipping point.
11:47 am
that and the rest of today's news at the top of the hour as fox news rolls on. >> dana: at welcome back. wilbur ross 20 down expectations of a major trade deal as u.s. trump and chinese president xi jinping meet at later this month. this will slap tariffs on china. according to a recent poll 45% of american believes that tariffs will hurt the u.s. economy. let's bring bring in michael froman, vice chairman and president of strategic growth for mastercard. great to have you here. i want to get your read on how you think things are going with this trade deal and how different things are now, just in 2019 from when you were there. because china has a new leader, a total bit different. >> michael: many of the issues that the administration is pursuing around international property rights or force technology transfer have been long-standing. they were worked on by the obama administration in the bush of
11:48 am
before that. each of us took a different approach sometimes using the wto to slap tariffs on china, and eliminating some of these bad practices. but they have been around for a while and administration is taking its own approach. >> dana: take a listen to people peter navarro on why he says tariffs are necessary. >> it was over 150 pages, and that reminds people what we are trying nick to negotiate. it's a cyber intrusions over the business networks to steal our's trade secrets. it's the forced technology transfer practices and intellectual property theft that china engages in to the tune of several hundred billion dollars per year. >> dana: wilbur ross that even real shooting wars and with negotiation and this will ultimately end with negotiation whether that will be 10 minutes, ten weeks, or a longer.
11:49 am
it's not possible to judge. so i like that the administration is setting the stage that this could take a while. do you think they could hurt the economy? we have a poll showing 20% of americans are very concerned that products will become more expensive and 33% are somewhat worried. >> dana: it was the effect of the tariffs themselves both for consumers but for businesses that use imports as input but also the cost for retaliation as other countries put tariffs on our exports that hurt our farmers and ranchers and others who live and work and export related industries. >> dana: we will have to wait and see that meeting coming up. take a listen to democratic candidate for president also, from the criminal justice bill i got done to all the way to opportunity zones.
11:50 am
that is one of the toolboxes that is bringing millions of dollars of investment as folks at the forks conference called at the biggest economic develop a team to make a bill that we cut for low income generations. >> dana: what would you describe it as? >> michael: this is one of the few areas of bipartisan cooperation. that creates a very powerful incentive for people to invest in stressed areas around the country by basically deferring and getting rid of capital gain gains. >> dana: isn't that what new york tried to do with amazon though and it didn't work? >> michael: this isn't really picking a company but more private investment. the key though is, if it's not done carefully it could be a windfall for real estate comments. that's mayors that work with data assets.
11:51 am
>> do you have an example of a good area or city that's done this? >> we are working for example with new orleans where you can track that there are neighborhoods where people have a fair amount of spending power. they are traveling four or 5 miles to go grocery shopping in these food deserts. so, they say help revitalize the neighborhood. >> dana: doesn't help in rural america, too? >> every government was able to designate a portion of the state. >> dana: and what do you need the executive branch to do, the treasury department? >> if the treasury department has given out a couple rounds of regulations will clarify but there is more work to be done. so investors understand what they have to do to benefit from a tax incentive and put those investments in the kind of projects that really create opportunities. >> dana: why are we waiting? run, don't walk. get the opportunity zones done.
11:52 am
details on the ground for an opioid settlement that would touch every corner of the country. plus, arizona police facing backlash after an officer pulled out a gun on a family suspected of shoplifting. we will explain next. >> i apologize to the community and i apologize for the actions of our employees at the scene. you're headed down the highway when the guy in
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>> dana: and now i'll look other stories. the local government for what could be an opening at settlement, rivaling the tobacco settlements of the 1990s. the police commissioner now says that the only people who committed violence will be charged in connection with last week's clashes between police and protesters. finally, u.s. soccer star carli lloyd clapping back at critics of the team in their game against thailand, what is now
11:57 am
being called a golf club. gently tapping her hands together as if she were politely cheering at a country club. congrats to herbie at fox news alert, an arizona family speaking out after -- is suspected in a shoplifting incident. that viral video, creating a firestorm of controversy. we are live in denver with the details. the family has not heard from police or the city personally? >> they say they have not. they said that the public apology is given by the chief of police are an apology tour, that they have not reached out to them. they were in attendance at a news conference i just wrapped up. >> he just basically -- it was a slap in the face. it's like putting some lemon juice on an open wound. just hurting even more that nothing is being done.
11:58 am
>> he was with his pregnant fiancee and two children when his 4-year-old daughter took a barbie doll from the family dollar store without his knowledge. he says -- and in the news conference, there was some confusion over whether he admits to shoplifting underwear. they show officers pulling their weapon on him. >> when i tell you to do something, you do it. >> i am. >> i am going to [bleep]! >> they say this does not represent the totality of the department and they have launched an internal investigation. the family attorney precursor to a lawsuit that they did not have body cameras. the chief says that needs to change. >> what was going to take 30 days to get each precinct up and running. starting with our third precinct, tomorrow. speak out dana, the family dollar store says they will not be pressing any charges
11:59 am
whatsoever with regards to own a shoplifting. >> dana: what have they set aside from the fact that they have not called the family personally, what are they saying? >> law, the mayor of phoenix as calling on the phoenix police department to attend a community meeting scheduled for tomorrow evening. a spokesperson for the family says that they are planning come along with other supporters who will join them to "shutdown the meeting." they call it a sham. they say more needs to be done. >> to be six months pregnant with a baby in your arms and to have a gun pointed at you and the baby and to be told put that baby down on 100-degree ground, that's truly barbaric. and so the country has to know what happened, and the video says it all. >> dana, the family and their supporters are calling for three
12:00 pm
days of activism in the city. >> dana: thank you for bringing us an update on that story. we appreciate it. we just got our week started. it's monday. i will see you in a few hours on "the five." things were joining us, everyone. i'm dana. here is shepard smith. >> shepard: it is 3:00 p.m. on the east coast. tensions with washington are appearing to escalate. the iranian regime is now signaling that they will break the rules of the nuclear deal from which the united states removed itself after the u.s. accused iran of attacking drones. plus, the has joined twitter 25 years after the murder of his ex-wife and her friend, he created a twitter account to set the record straight and settle old scores. the school district is about to begin testing students were nicotine.


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