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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 17, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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unafraid. "the story" guest hosted by my friend ed henry starts now. >> great to see you. i hope you had a wonderful father's day. >> bret: you, too. >> a story exclusively with kyle. after surviving the parkland shooting he emerged as a figure to be unabashedly pro trump and pro gun. then he became a political target. critics are driving in his past. well, they found something. weeks ago, he said despicable things as a 16-year-old. he used the n-word and made jewish slurs in text messages. the comments were out of bounds, disturbing and as a result he says that harvard
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rescinded his invitation. is this really a political hit job? political correctness run amok. we have big questions. i'm ed henry in for martha maccallum. kyle kashuv joins me live in a few moments. he says he whole heartedly apologizes and feels what is happening here is the result of political foes out to get him. we'll press him on the racially charged messages and also hear his side of the story. but first, trace gallagher live on the west coast news room with the back story and details. good evening. >> good evening. kyle kashuv said he and others were trying to be as extreme and shocking as possible when he used the n-word repeatedly, including about the black student athletes. it was ads in a google document in a chat space and shared among several friends. someone retrieved it and possessioned screen shot of it in a video on twitter.
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kashuv says at the time he was thoughtless and immature and he made the remarks months before the parkland shooting that killed 17 of his classmates. but it appears some former students at the marjory stoneman douglas high school wanted nothing to do with the apology and took the matter to harvard and asked the college to rescind his a mission. kashuv apologized to harvard for the "hurtful things" he wrote saying he is no longer the same person, especially in the wake of the shooting. asked how he could right the wrong. it didn't help. in a letter that kyle kashuv shared publicly, harvard wrote in part quoting ath as you know the commission takes -- harvard wrote in part -- kashuv now believes he was targeted more for the politics than the offensive comments. remember in the wake of the parkland shooting he became a prominent media figure who supported gun rights.
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and became the high school outreach director for a conservative group with highs to the trump family. today he tweeted quoting, "after i issued the apology, speculative articles were written. my peers used the opportunity to attack me and my life was once again reduced to a headline. it sent me to one of the darkest spirals in of my life." in 2017, harvard also rescinded a mission for ten students who shared sexually explicit and racist messages on facebook. two other students who graduated this year from marjory stoneman douglas high will be attending harvard in the fall. kyle is unclear where he will attend. >> let's find out. trace, appreciate it. joining me now on the story exclusive the man himself kyle kashuv. good evening. >> how is it going, sned >> it's going well. i want to talk to you and get to harvard in a moment. what were you thinking? >> well, at that time it was a
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friend group to say who could say the most shocking thing or extreme thing for the sake of shock value. i'm extremely sorry. i wish i could take it back but i can't. all i can do now is seek to right the wrong. know forgiveness isn't given. it's earned. i know that the person who wrote those things is not who i am today. >> how do we know that? you certainly sound heartfelt. but you want something. get in to harvard or another school, how do we know you are not saying i didn't mean it. >> that a fair question. ever since i was a public figure i condemned the racism and hatred. that is why we have seen the alt-right come after me so far because i condemn them for the racism and the hatred. >> where does it come from
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when you say you wanted to say the outrageous thing? you could have said something about sex or drugs or any number of things. but in one case that was mentioned you typed the n-word 11 times in a row. and said, we have it on the screen. you said you were good at typing it because "practice --" you can see it at the bottom. "practice makes perfect." you didn't use the n-word once. in one text you used it 11 times. where does that come from? >> look, when i said is indefensible and wrong. i apologize repeatedly. but what is also in that same message is i used the antisemitic jokes. i basically pray every week. i'm jewish. my parents are jewish. they emigrated from israel. half of my family was wiped out in the holocaust. so clearly it's not indicative of who i am. i'm jewish. i'm not antisemitic at all. >> so on that point, you are jewish.
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i can't question your faith or anyone's faith. but why in the world would you say "kill all the jews"? that's one thing you said. you're jewish and many members of your family was killed in the holocaust you told me. i'm sorry about that. how could you say kill the jews? >> in a time that a person could say the most shocking thing. that was the aura of the group. >> okay. so you wrote this apology to harvard. among other things as trace said, they said we appreciate the express of the regret. we appreciate your candor. but we are not letting you in. i find it interesting among other things that you also wrote to the harvard diversity office. >> yeah. >> around this time, they apparently didn't know harvard was saying we appreciate your candor but we are rescinding your admission. what vard diversity office sent a separate letter saying we accept your apology, it sounds heartfelt. so if the diversity office
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accepted your apology essentially, why in the world did admissions office rescind it? >> i can't tell you. some people are saying political bias. i think one of the biggest things to look at is the state of academia now. harvard -- for people who don't know harvard was founded in 1636 by slave owners. it has long history of racism, sexism and misogyny. but people can grow and people can change. i don't hold that stan dord to harvard. i think people can make mistakes. i don't think it makes them irredeemable as harvard said for me. >> fair point. i'll give you a time-out. you mentioned they had slave owners in the 1600s. you using the n-word was what? year, year and a half ago? >> two years ago. >> two years ago. a little more recent. okay. i'll go back to my first question. how do we know you have taken for what specifically -- you went through an awful tragedy in florida and have been
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hailed by some, and you should be, for your poise going through a tragedy i can't imagine. but what specifically changed in your in the last two years that you no longer write or say the n-word? >> it's because i matured tremendously. i no longer am in the friend group where we act immaturely like idiotic children. i have condemned racism in the public life i didn't ask for. i never wanted and never quite frankly wanted to be in the position. i'm not an entertainer, i'm not an actor. i'm a kid who went through a tragedy and saw the suffering that the community went through and doesn't want to see it for any other community. that's what i'm fighting for. >> what advice do you give to the 16-year-old kyle kashuv now? >> say it again. >> what advice do you give to your 16-year-old self now that you have had point of reflection? >> i have changed tremendously from that kid. but to the past kyle i wish i could take back the comments. i can't.
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i'm sorry for it. s a i mentioned before, forforgiveness isn't given. it's earned. i'm going to try to right this wrong. i apologized because i felt like i had to. not because -- sorry, not because i felt like i had to, but it was the right thing to do. >> people will be able to judge for themselves what they think about what you are saying, what you said then and what you are saying now. we appreciate you taking the tough questions tonight. what kind of standard do you think harvard is setting now? one assume that there are freshmen and sophomores at harvard today who maybe said dumb things when they were 16. >> look i think that people can mature and people can change. i really don't hope, i don't hope to continue move in this direction because i think the purpose of education is to assist people in their progression of growth and change. i don't wish this on anyone
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else. there were like five or six other people in the group who said simply heinous and outrageous and egregious and terrible things. i don't wish what happened to me to happen to them. i don't wish that. >> let's end this conversation with your future. as i understand it, once harvard said you were admitted. you turned down scop larship money at places like george washington university and other -- scholarship money at places like george washington universities and i assume they moved on and picked other people. >> the deadline for the other colleges have ended. all i can do now is i genuinely don't know. i don't know. what happened with the academia now is frightful. i will continue to push for school safety. at the end of the day the only reason i'm here, only reason i'm talking to you today is what happened to my school on the 14th. all i truly care about is that
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schools are safe. that is why i'm here. once again i want to say i'm really sorry for the past comments i made. i will do everything in my power to right this wrong. >> kyle, you have stood up and tried to make sure that stoneman douglas and other schools are safe. you have moved to washington, in fact, from florida to speak out more. obviously, this has been a painful episode for you and we appreciate you coming in and offering your thoughts on it. i hope you feel like you have your side of the story out tonight. kyle, thank you. all right. here now, molly henneberg from the federalist. and we have national syndicated radio host, also fox news contributors. rich, what is your reaction? >> a tough interview. no student should go through what he went through at parkland or any other school for that matter. when it comes to his admission at harvard, harvard has the right to do what they would do. i hope this is a learning
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experience for kyle. that that language is not appropriate. i do believe the idea of being a student is to learn, to grow and to become mature adult. i think even in their childhood made mistakes. everyone in the teen years made mistakes. if harvard decide whether they admit him i hope he gets to some university. but the language should never be utilized anywhere at any time. >> yeah. that was very interesting to watch. obviously there is no defense for what kyle and his friends were saying in this chat group, where they were trying to be intentionally inflammatory. it's a good reminder even when you are a youth, you should speak well of other people and not use language or think such thoughts or anything like that. the reason why he is here is not because of what he texted his friends when he was 16. but because of his political views. that is what i lot of people find frightening. harvard doesn't care much about race. they're sued now about the
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racism against asian americans. >> that was my next question. >> they are not investigating idiotic thing that a big percentage of the student body engaged in when they were 16. i'm sure some of our viewers were perfect kids in high school but most of us did a lot of stupid stuff. this isn't really about what he did. it's about him having the wrong political views and him supporting second amendment gun rights. >> richard, pick up the conversation there. i have a story here from november 2018. it's talking about the lawsuit we have all heard about. this is basically suggesting that harvard has been discriminating against asian american applicants partly giving them lower personal scores to lessen chances of admissions. asian americans say they are using a stereotype against them. should harvard be preaching to others now? >> they are talking about two different things. this case has merit and we have to see how the case is decided. remember, trace at the top of
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the show trace talked about how harvard rescinded a mission of ten other individuals who made lewd and andis a lives you comments. i -- lacivious comments. they can build their community however they want to build it. yes, he was out there and public and he believes in the second amendment. but because they rescinded other students who didn't have anything to do with parkland so to say harvard trying to create a class that this language and behavior is unacceptable. >> molly i want you to weigh in and end on the state of academia now. >> if people hear the story they understand the targeting happening and they feel threatened and they worry about speaking out themselves. generally speaking. we have a problem in this country of not extending grace
4:15 pm
and forgiveness. you don't want it to be cheap and easy to be forgiven. but if someone is repentant and a child when they do something stupid, the country would be better served to forgive each other across the political divides. regardless of the political persuasion of people involved. >> she is right on that point. i see the park five that got a raw deal so we have to do better how we treat young people. but no matter what political party, that language is unacceptable. >> i appreciate your comments. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> another big story. this is breaking at this hour, the u.s. preparing to send more troops to the mideast as the tensions mount with iran. is military strike warranted? if so, could it smark an actual shooting war in -- spark an actual shooting war? tom cotton is here live with thoughts about getting tough
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>> ed: moments ago the pentagon authorized additional 1,000 american troops to the middle east in response to growing concerns over iran. where tensions have been mounting. today iran moved to increase the uranium enrich. levels and break the stockpiles let by the obama nuclear deal in the next ten deals. this comes on the oil tanker attacks in the gulf of oman that the u.s. says iran is behind. here live is the tom cotton of arkansas, members of the armed service committee and author of "sacred duty: a soldier's tour at the arlington national cemetery." thank you for coming in. >> thank you, ed. >> ed: how serious is this tonight, the president and the
4:21 pm
pentagon authorizing 1,000 more u.s. troops to the middle east? >> ed, this deploy. is a prudent measure to build up the force protection posture and the permanent bas bases like qatar and bahrain. it will help with the surveillance for the strait of hormuz and the gulf of oman against unprovoked attacks on the commercial shipping on the high seas that iran conducted with the two tankers or in a port laps month against four tankers. >> ed: before this announcement, the "new york times" said in an editorial the incident is the latest evidence that the united states and iran are on a collision course. at a moment that hardliners on both sides have little interest in any diplomatic off-ramp. i wonder what you think in the next 12 months we will be talking about a hot war in the middle east?
4:22 pm
>> ed, if the united states and iran are on a collision course it's only because iran continues the 40-year low-level war against the united states to the point of provoking retaliatory military strikes. let's remember the ayatollah seized power in 1979 and immediately invaded our sovereign soil and held hostage for 400 days. in 1997-1998 iran did the thing they are doing now. attacking commercial vessels in the persian gulf and in the strait of hormuz. to the point that ronald reagan had to conduct retailtary strikes -- retaliatory strikes. what iran did warrants retaliatory strikes and it is up to iran if they want to behave like a civilized normal nation and whether they want to continue to conduct the attack. >> ed: you laid out stubborn facts. nancy pelosi, probably doesn't surprise you, disagrees with
4:23 pm
probably all of it. listen to what she says. >> he comes in and undoes that. enflames the u.s.-iran issue. why? what is the purpose? i'm not going to accuse anybody of instigating anything but for not having a policy that would smooth the waters, so to speak. i think he probably knows there is no appetite for war among the american people. >> ed: i imagine you know she says, "he" she is talking about the president of the united states. she is saying he inflamed the situation by tearing apart the obama nuclear deal. >> ed, i have to say i'm surprised and days pointed that nancy pelosi sounds like she is siding with the ayatollah a few days after they attacked the commercial vessels in the open seas in the gulf of iran. oman. iran has engaged in this, for
4:24 pm
many years. after the obama deal they were still supplying the rebel proxyies with missiles to attack shipping vessels and even american vessels. they continue to support the terrorist groups. they continue to support attacks on americans in iraq and afghanistan. this is the same attack that kill 500 americans in iraq. iran is sewly responsible for the -- solely responsible for the tension in middle east. if they want to watch it down they can behave like a normal nation. if they don't they will face the full mite of the american military sooner or later. >> ed: all right. stakes are high. senator tom cotton, we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. >> ed: state department confirming multiple security incidents involving 15 employees who mishandled classified information at the state department in the clinton e-mail probe. details next. plus, mystery deepens in the
4:25 pm
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>> ed: breaking tonight the state department identified 23 security violations involving those who investigated hillary clinton's use of the non-governmental e-mail server. 15 individuals believed to have mishandled the classified information. they note the number of the violations could grow as they continue to look in the matter. no word on the specific state department personnel. we reached out for comment and are seeking more information.
4:30 pm
>> president trump: we are winning in every state we poll. we do very little polling because i'm not a huge believer in polling. you go out there and you fight and you don't need polls. you need ideas more than polls. >> ed: president trump sounding confident he will come out on top in 2020. as he prepares to kick off the re-election campaign tomorrow night. but some say he is oblivious to the tough fight ahead. >> i'm at a loss how he thinks he will get where he needs to go to get re-elected again while he keeps playing to that small base. >> he is obyou lives you to the train -- oblivious to the train coming he will get run over. >> joining me is the chair of the america first action, political action committee supporting the president's re-election. welcome back. >> thank you. nice to be back with you. >> joe scarborough says the
4:31 pm
locomotive coming at the president. >> doesn't it sound like it did four years ago? >> ed: we could probably play the tape back. >> how will trump ever win? well, he did win. he defied the pundits. they were all wrong. i tell you today polls we are so far out from this election the polls will go up and down and around again by the time we get to the election next november. >> talk about the polls. fox had one on sunday that suggested joe biden beating the president by ten points. 49/39. bernie sanders up by nine. elizabeth warren is up. short of a dead heat from buttigieg and kamala harris. for the incumbent president to be behind biden in the fox poll ten points nationally what does it mean to you? >> if you want to roll back the clock, how did it look at reagan? he was behind.
4:32 pm
clinton was behind and he won again. even obama against no name was being defeated. he came back and won. polls at this point, nothing in them. >> ed: president said much the same from the polls leaked inside the campaign they were fake. over the weekend he tweeted almost 70% in a new poll says don't impeach. they can't win the election. so he cites a poll there on his side on impeachment impeachment. 7 in 10 saying don't impeach. so is the approach if you don't like the poll too, earl. a if like it, great. >> american first policy hasn't done polling yet. we are not privy -- >> ed: what about the one he was tweeting about? >> he was looking at that. the president knows what he has ahead of him but he is a
4:33 pm
fighter. he is out there all the time. he can run on a good record. he ran on not letting the forgotten man and woman in america continue to be forgotten >> ed. you were inside the administration, the small business administration. >> right. >> ed: record low unemployment. we have seen job growth. are you nervous what might be ahead for the economy? >> look at what happened to the blue collar workers. non-supervisory of the blue collar workers, the rate of pay are increasing more than the supervisors and the job growth is a statement that the president can be proud of. he is helping the 25% that is forgotten. >> ed: polls go up, and polls go down. a lot of them suggested the president didn't have a chance as a candidate as you suggest. tomorrow night, preview for
4:34 pm
us. your group will be there trying to register voters. the president says the crowd is supposed to be three or four times as large as the arena can hold. that suggests enthusiasm. >> clearly there is enthusiasm. we'll be on the ground and register the voters. we will also interview people out there. they are there in a tent and it's raining and they are already there on the ground. >> ed: 30, 40 hours in advance. people have been waiting to get in. >> the arena holds 18,500. they released 100,000 registrants. >> ed: linda mcmahon does not see a train. >> i don't. we can do this. >> ed: a story exclusive with the man and a push to make a texas town a sanctuary
4:35 pm
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when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint. >> ed: disturbing video out of toronto this evening. take a look at this. parade-goers celebrating the raptors' nba championship in downtown toronto suddenly running for their lives. a couple hours ago when the sound of gunshots rang out. three people are in custody in connection to the shooting. thankfully we are told there were no fatalities. police report four victims with non-life threatening injuries. over a million people packed the square to celebrate the raptors first ever championship after they defeated the warriors thursday in the nba finals.
4:40 pm
s a small town in east texas joining the fight of abortion. they are small town to adopt ordinance to make abortion criminal offense within the city limits. mark d. dixon the director of the right to life of east texas. mark, i appreciate you coming in. >> good to be here. >> ed: tell me, were you inspired by the california and other states where you see cities providing sanction wares to illegal -- sanctuary to illegal immigrants? >> that is the idea ultimately. rothwell, new mexico were the first to mention let's do a resolution, sanctuary city for the unborn. but resolutions don't have any teeth to it. so we didn't want to pass a
4:41 pm
resolution in waskom. we wanted to pass the ordinance as well. >> ed: critics jumped on you, as you can imagine. i want their side so you can react. this is what amy from pro choice in texas said. this is a dangerous attempt to undermine roe v. wade. we won't be intimidated. we want texans to know abortion is legal in all 50 states. how do you respond? >> abortion is itself a dangerous act. not just to the woman but also to the unborn child. this is something we want to see an end to. there is no constitutional right to abortion in the constitution. we want to see on end to this horrible decision known as roe v. wade. >> ed: how will it play out? as i understand it the doctor can be held criminally liable and also the woman? is that right? >> the woman won't suffer any penalty in this.
4:42 pm
but anyone associated with it would. so, of course, that is upon the overturning of roe v. wade. but i think being retroactive from the point of the vote on tuesday. >> ed: how does it move forward, though? despite your personal views roe v. wade is currently the law of the land. so women have that choice. what will happen in east texas? >> roe v. wade is an unjust, lawless court opinion. it's not the supreme court that makes laws. it's congress. our message, the ordinance is clear that the supreme court was wrong on roe v. wade. so we are challenging that in this ordinance. we are going to uphold what we believe is right. >> ed: now, last question. there is a poll in the "wall
4:43 pm
street journal" suggesting recently that the strongest ma majority for abortion rights exists in america now. you are standing on principle and maybe you don't care about the polls because you think it's the right thing to do. what do you say to the pollsters about this? >> ultimately, at the end of the day we have to do what is right. i am reminded by a statement from thomas jefferson who said the supreme court is supposed to be the most helpless and harmless member of government. it has become the most dangerous. we say that people have a right to abortion, that mothers have a right to end the life of their unborn child someone has to rein in the reins there. abortion is murder. we have to treat it as such. we want to encourage cities
4:44 pm
across the coast to stand up and be a voice for voiceless. >> ed: we appreciate you speaking out tonight and appreciate you coming on "the story." >> thank you. >> ed: next a jimmy buffet fan club travels to the dominican republic. nearly half of them fall violently ill. nowitzki say the one thing they had in common -- now they say the one thing they had in common was the swim-up bar. one man was so sick he lost 14 pounds. we'll talk to him live. let's be honest. it's kind of unfair that safe drivers have to pay as much for insurance... as not safe drivers! ah! that was a stunt driver. that's why esurance has this drivesense® app. the safer you drive, the more you save. don't worry, i'm not using my phone and talking to a camera while driving... i'm being towed. by the way, i'm actually a safe driver. i'm just pretending to be a not safe driver. cool. bye dennis quaid!
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>> ed: breaking this evening the state department just confirmed the death of yet another american tourist in the dominican republic. 55-year-old man in new jersey died there in a d.r. last week. bringing the total number of the unexplained american deaths now to nine. meanwhile dozens offing other seemingly healthy tourists fallen ill there, including 50 people from a jimmy buffet fan club who visited the caribbean destination in april. we will talk to one of them live in a moment. but first, trace gallagher, again, who has details on the back story. trace? >> on the breaking news of the 55-year-old new jersey man who died in the dominican a few days ago.
4:49 pm
we don't yet know if he fits in the common denominators if he suffered heart attack or water on the lungs or he drink from the hotel minmy bar. we should have answers soon. the group from oklahoma made up primarily of the central oklahoma parrot head association, jimmy buffet fan club stayed at the r.i.u. palace. 114 of them went to the d.r. 47 got sick. severe cramps, chills, aches, vomiting. some of the people were sick for more than two weeks. it appears everyone got sick swam in the pool or had a drink from the swim-up pool bar. that woman was affected. watch. >> a drink from the blender that said they were rinsing out and not drawing out. rinsing out. we don't know if the water was filtered at the pool. >> another woman said she
4:50 pm
spoke to others who stayed at the hotel as well who were not parrot heads and they got sick also. the center for disease control looking into at least one case. some thing it could be related to the pesticide because the workers are constantly spraying it. that would mesh with the colorado couple that got violently ill after going to d.r. and got home to be diagnosed with the pesticide poisoning. they have asked f.b.i. to help with the toxicology exams following death now of the nine american tourists. >> ed: shocking. thank you, trace. my next guest is one of the 47 people who got sick. says he lost 14 pounds on vacation. dana flowers travel member and member of the oklahoma parrot head association. thank you for coming in. what in the world happened? we're sorry about you losing the weight. that is dramatic weight loss.
4:51 pm
what happened to you? >> i began to get sick one evening while there. i went to my room. began vomiting, had severe diarrhea and i felt terrible. i went to bed and stayed in my room for two days before coming out again. >> have you been able to piece together what other people have and is it tied to the swimup bar? tied to food? >> it is hard to say. it's the common denominator. we were all swimming in one pool or had something from the pool bar. hard to say. >> a former f.b.i. official on the program last week. had a theory that could be alcohol that was contaminatedded.
4:52 pm
listen to this. >> something i would focus on is the alcohol. i do a lot of work in that part of the world. high percentage of the alcohol is counterfeited. lord knows what they put in it. it's probably greed and people saving money. >> ed: he is suggesting that some of the resorts are all inclusive. drink as much as you want for one price so they cut corners and dilute alcohol and put things we don't want to know about in there. and it's making people like you sick. >> that is correct. i believe that. that is a good possibility that is happening. >> so tell me when you want to go on vacation. you are a travel agent. you helped put this together. how often was it? your experience sounded horrific. what was happening among your friends and the colleagues there? >> of course, they immediately began to think it was probably some sort of the food borne
4:53 pm
illness. food poisoning. that was the talk while there. we had no idea of the other things going on or that have taken place since. we were there for a fun time. sickness began. we were dropping like flies. >> ed: you stayed in touch with the people. the nine deaths are not connected to what happened with you thankfully but have you kept in touch with other who are still ill or does it appear people in your group got better? >> our group is fine with the exception of one young lady still sick all the time. since the trip. she went to the hospital in her area and they found that she had salmonella poisoning and they escalated her case at the c.d.c. >> ed: i have only been in
4:54 pm
the dominican republic once. my reflection was it was a beautiful place and there were a lot of american tourists. that is propping up the economy there. would you go back or send someone from your travel agency back there? >> no. i personally would not. i would not recommend at this time that anybody goes back. in the future if they discover what is going on i would recommend it. it's a beautiful place. this is my second time there. the first time was a nice experience but this time not so much. >> ed: we hope you are feeling better now and everyone in your group especially the woman in the v.a. hospital checked out and gets better. we appreciate you sharing your story tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> ed: more of "the story" is next. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and
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is she alright? i hope so. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. be there for you, and them. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. >> ed: finally tonight, you may have seen martha's exclusive interview on jonathan morris on "the story" last week. now the untold story podcast
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features martha's unedited and emotional conversation with jonathan morris. it's now available on in it, he gets candid about the difficult decision to leave the catholic priesthood and opens up about his hopes for the future. here is a clip. >> i want people to know in their own minds when they feel stuck, when they feel afraid of change, when they feel like they are going to get people down, and they don't know a way out, there is a way out. follow your gut. follow your heart. god is at the center. >> tucker: powerful words. i was a powerful interview with martha. that is the story on monday night. i'm see you here tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. eastern. in the meantime, tucker carlson, my friend. coming up next. ♪
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