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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 17, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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time.. we'll be back tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. the show that is the sworn and the sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. dvr actively can figure it out. stay tuned, sean hannity takes over right now. >> sean: you are the sworn enemy of a lot of people. >> tucker: yes, i am. >> sean: by the way, welcome to the club for you >> tucker: i will take that as a complement to. >> sean: it is meant as one. i am proud of you for that. good job. welcome to "hannity." buckle up. tonight, major progress on multiple fronts in our quest for equal justice. at this hour, john durham's investigation into the origins of this pressure witch hunt now causing massive panic among man deep state officials, including many at the top of the uppern: echelon of the cia, again, not rank and file. remember last week "the new yorb times" reported durham's investigation "provoked anxiety in the ranks of the cia" and
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according to the "american spectator" tonight, many top officials are now running scared and for good reason.e 2016, an international effort to spy on the trump campaign, the trump transition team and, yes, the trump presidency. it all occurred. multiple secret undercover informants were involved. all told, at least three, possibly more trump associates were actively spied on abroad in what was an unprecedented effort to surveil on a political campaign. that means there is tonight in america the strong possibility that in 2016 what would be illegal intelligence gathering against american citizens and an american campaign was actually subcontracted out to alliedic countries to purposely circumvent u.s. law, constitutional civil liberties, have them do the dirty work and pass it on to our guys as if that would be legal. so what did these top c.i.a. officials, not rank and file, at the top, what did they know and when did they know it?
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at the very same time, christopher steele, hillary clinton's dirty russian dossier with russian lies, misinformation, propaganda was allegedly being pushed by then c.i.a. director, a guy by the name of john brennan. all of this happened on obamae and sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe's watch, not donald trump. brennan, now a paid, official trump hater on conspiracy tv msnbc. every second, every minute, every hour hitting trump. he should be worried tonight. he has publicly called the president treasonous. far more plausible that in fact it was brennan who used his huge power and influence at the central intelligence agency to spread lies, propaganda, misinformation, to influence a presidentialre election. how deep this goes, we won't find out and it is not just brennan who needs to be held accountable.
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this culture of corruption among these high-ranking officialscu that still are serving in our government appears to be alive and, well, according to "the times," "senior agency officials have questioned why the c.i.a.'s analytical work should be subjected to a federal prosecutor's scrutiny." to the credit of gina haspel, she said she will fully cooperate and everybody in her agency will fully cooperate. i have news for the senior officials by the way, nobody in this country is above the law. conobody. we are a constitutional republic based on the civil liberties of we, you, we, the people, not the government. fidelity to our constitutional civil liberties is a cornerstone of successful civil society. now we do entrust what is absolutely, positively -- i'm proud of this because we need them. the world's single most powerful tools of intelligence to protect
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us against many enemies both foreign and domestic. those enemies aree real. these powerful tools, however, are never to be weaponized against the american people for or political opponents or political campaigns. and mark my words, we will get to the bottom of this. john durham will uncover the truth. we'll get the equal justice that you, we, the american people deserve. it is a sad chapter that some people would abuse their power to this level. because when it comes to spying, you can destroy anybody in the country. that's why we have a constitution, which is the foundation of our rule of law, liberties come from. the president, attorney generale are all dedicated to stopping this abuse of power from ever happening again no matter who was involved. let's take a look. >> you clearly believe there was a group of people working against you. do you think president obama was behind it?
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>> i would say he certainly must have known about it. it went very high up in the chain. you'll find that out. i won't make that statement quite yet. i would say that president obama had to know about it. a previous administration used the intelligence data and intelligence agencies to spy on my campaign. >> do you believe president obama spied on your campaign? >> i don't know. but hopefully we're going to find out. >> sean: keeping the deep state in check will be a struggle. over the weekend even "the new york times" issued a report about america's escalating online attacks against russia's power "the times" is alleging the president was purposely left in the dark about these new measures, "officials describe broad hesitation to go into detail with mr. trump about operations against russia for concern over his reaction and the possibility that he mightt countermand or discuss it with foreign officials."
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um, excuse me, but whether washington, unelectable bureaucrats like it or not, president trump was a duly elected president of the american people. he was given his power asn commander-in-chief by the american people, not by washington swamp and sewer and he must be briefed on any serious security measure that this country takes against an international foe and, yes, russia is a foe. a hostile regime run by a hostile actor by the name of vladimir putin. as an aside, i'll throw this out there. you want to bring russia and putin to their knees? this country can and should out produce them in terms of energy and when we do that, and use the vast resources that are far bigger than theirs and help our allies with what is the lifeblood of every economy, oil and gas, guess what? they will be in deep trouble. but you do have these holier than thou james comey super patriots in our nation's capital that have to be stopped.
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the will of the american people must be served. we must be protected from what is a powerful few unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats and for many years, one of those powerful, unelecteds bureaucrats -- there she is -- was hillary clinton. the fallout of her mishandling of secret information in her time as secretary of state is far from over. as the attorney general said to senator lindsey graham, and breaking moments ago, catherine herridge is now reporting ate this hour that an ongoing state department probe has now identified at least 15 individuals who mishandled classified material associated with clinton's illicit secret server that was in the mom and pop shop bathroom closet. so far the state's department review has found 30 serious security incidents and those numbers could get much higher as the investigation continues
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to unfold. an incredibly scary situation without a doubt. hillary clinton put state secrets, yes, lives, methods, sources in jeopardy and she didn't act alone. she broke the law. it is clear, 18 usc 793 and then she tried to cover it up. she wiped it clean. 15 other individuals who have been implicated in what is clinton's gross misconduct. all must be held accountable. we'll get back to my monologue in a second. joining us now with a full report on this breaking news is our very own catherine herridge. i know you've been -- remember that point, though, where only 40 emails were sampled and 4 of the 40 were classified top secret. >> that's right, sean, good evening. in this letter obtained by fox news, the state department provides a progress report telling republican senator chuck grassley it has identified multiple security incident involving current and former employees related to hillary clinton's emails. "to this point the department has assessed culpability to 15
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individuals, some of whom were culpable in multiple security incidents." daemonic security has issued 23 violations and seven infraction. incidents. this number will likely change, it says, as the review progresses. the state department notification to grassley who is overseeing this review does not identify individuals by name, but fox news was first to report the key aides huma abiden and jake sullivan sent unsecured materials through clinton's server prompting the investigation in 2015. despite the two-year f.b.i. investigation no one was charged with mishandling classified information even though james comey confirmed in july 2016 that seven email chains were classified at the top secret special access program level when they were sent or received by clinton's team. they are among the u.s. government's most closely guarded secrets, sean. >> sean: great investigative work as thank you so much for sharing
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that with our audience. more later in the show.. first we turn our "hannity" watch. 2020 radical socialist democrats their close friends in the media mob, tonight, tonight nancy pelosi is barely clinging to her gavel. as we speak, yes, the speaker in name only is trying to prevent her radical base from launching an impeachment proceeding against president trump. i said, speaker in name only to appease this radical base. top democrats investigating trump-russia collusion. they once again want to do this. this is now the fifth such investigation. and the results will not be any different, as the attorney general said, it is over.en more seasoned democrats, 43 democrats, oh, newly elected red states. they all are expressing loudly, this is political suicide. by the way, whatever, according to reports, democrats are evplanning to haul in corey lewandowski, chris christie, and even paul manafort. more testimony.
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same questions. more interviews. everyone in my view should plead the fifth. after four investigations that concluded the same thing, no collusion, no obstruction, a fifth investigation is nothing short of an abuse of power and absolute harassment and a waste of taxpayer money and, by the way, what about the private citizens that will now again have to hire high-priced, hourly lawyers in washington?ho it is a national disgrace and they don't care. remember, all surrounding what is a real conspiracy, a real hoax. there was no collusion with the trump campaign. no conspiracy, no obstruction. democrats don't care. they were even calling for the president's impeachment because of this totally reasonable statement. this was, like, the perfect setup. iec suspect the president did it himself where he said, well, if someone called me, i would listen. if i had to, i'm calling the f.b.i., okay?
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what's wrong with that? watch. >> your campaign, this time around, if foreigners in russia china, someone else offers you information on opponents, should they accept it or phone the f.b.i.? >> i think you do both. i think you might want to listen. there is nothing wrong with listening. if somebody called from a country, norway, we have information on your opponent. oh, i think i'd want to hear it >> you want that kind of interference in our elections? >> it's not an interference. they have information.n. i think i would take it. if i thought there was something wrong i would go maybe to the f.b.i.i. >> sean: they called me, i would listen. if it's wrong, i'll go to the f.b.i. if listening to what some people say when they call you, you don't solicit it, and report is a crime, then what does that make hillary clinton? i know george stephanopolous is a clinton sycophant.
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by the way, the lowest ratings ever for his hour special. our phone interviews with donald trump rated higher. i'll explain later. anyway, she actually paid for the russian lies. the misinformation, the russian dirt after funneling money through a law firm to an op research firm to a foreign national. still over the weekend, deranged trump haters in multiple cities -- a total bust, took to the streets to demand impeachment. we sent our own investigative reporter, our guy on the streets, our friend lawrence jones to the rally in new york city.. this is a disgusting display of what he had to encounter, watch. >> i'm here because i believe in democracy. >> you believe the president should be impeached? >> i do. >> why?e >> he is an illegal president. >> why do you think he should be impeached? >> he's obstructed justice and committed really impeachabled offenses. >> sean: when we show you the full tape later in the show a
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horrific, disturbing racist moment. lawrence personally attacked because of his race, vile, vicious, hateful racism. he will tell you what the sick, disgusting individuals did. i'm angry. this rage-filled anti-trump rally took place days before the official relaunch of the president's campaign tomorrow in orlando, florida. unlike those sad, indignant impeachment rallies, the president's event tomorrow will be extremely well-attended. trump supporters were lining up 40 plus hours in advance of the rally. at least 20, 25,000 people. they'll squeeze as many as possible in. there's been well over 150,000 requests for tickets at this hour. here with more from the ground is an old friend of our program from fox 35 orlando. it has been a while ago, we became great friends. you're a great reporter. great to see you again.
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thank you for being with us. >> thank you so much, sean.e great to be here. right now you have hundreds of people camping out outside the amway center. it's the building there. look at all the people lined up along the sidewalk. oh, they are so excited right now. this is where president trump will kick off his reelection campaign. look at all the people here. today the president tweeted there has been 100,000 rsvps for the rally but only room for 20,000 people inside amway. many people will be watching from an outdoor area at amway. over here more campers and here over here, we have more camp over here more campers and here is amanda and john from georgia. what did you come here for? >> we came because we have to see trump. it's his reelection, his big thing and we're having the trump fest tomorrow, super excited for that. this is also my father's day gift to >> best father's day gift ever. >> what did you bring? >> we have our tent with, sleeping bags, food.
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we brought a grill and immediately made some friends and we'll have a cook-out tonight. >> sounds like it will be a great day. i have to tell you, sean, earlier today, it was pouring rain and lots of lightning. thank goodness these people had a tent. they'll need it. back to you. >> sean: we've been friends a lot of years. i want to go to that party. tell your bosses i said -- we've been friends for so many years -- you have the rest of the night off to have the barbecue and, i mean, this is stuff that happens to people that play guitars, piano, and can sing, s,t a politician. joe biden, creepy sleepy, could only get 85 people. unbelievable. have a great time. valerie, great to see you. joining us now with reaction to our opening monologue, sara carter, fox news legal analyst and american center for law and justice executive director jordan sekulow.
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because she is smiling the most, we'll start with sara tonight.h if you don't play guitar, pianos and sing, who gets that kind of 40 plus hours outline and 150,000 requests?40 that's pretty insane. >> that's incredible. it's president trump, sean. this is what the democrats don't want the rest of the american public to actually understand. here we have a president who is willing to listen to the american people, go out there. he speaks to them directly. and i hear this over and over again, no matter where i go, i'm in north carolina, i've heard people talking about the rally tomorrow night here in north carolina. on my way up here, saying how excited they were. people feel energized by president trump and i think what we're seeing on the part of the democrats is really unfortunate because they are pushing this idea of impeachment and i do not believe the american public is going to buy this one bit. it will backfire against them. >> sean: let me go to the issues that we brought legally and
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by the way, jordan, good to see you. we've been friends a long time. go to you first on the legal side, what the c.i.a. is afraid of. if in fact -- we give them these tools. i am proud, by the way, that we have the premier law enforcement agency in the world. they're calledth the f.b.i. ande have the premier intelligence of the world, the c.i.a. and other groups. but we also have a constitution, civil liberties. if we weaponize these tools, can you not spy on anybody everyu second of every day? >> it's the worst fears we have about these agencies, right? that's part of this -- the whole russian scandal and the fact that an american political campaign was spied on. a presidential campaign and a major presidential campaign was spied on by the u.s. government systems that we create. that's our greatest fear and when you have to put the real checks in. i'm sure that article is correct that the c.i.a. agents, the
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bureaucrats in washington, are no fans of the u.s. attorney and attorney durham or attorney general barr and the investigation because they are not used to anyone in washington, d.c. looking into what they're doing, how they are using the tools that we pay for, and create. i'm glad about these tools but then you see the leak. the leak to "the new york times" about this technology we've donk to russia's power grid. that's also a huge part of national security risk right there. the leak of that story. >> sean: really well said. gregg, now that we know that first of all, durham is going to great britain to interview steele. we already know what steele has to say because he said it in an interrogatory under oath where he said, i don't know if any of that is true. that's a big deal. more importantly, when the cia
10:20 pm
now -- gina haspel says -- she's been a hero after 9/11. we know that for a fact. when gina haspel solicitors full cooperation within her agency, and there is now a demand to save order and recover order. c.i.a. officials that are involved in this will start talking. it means what? >> it means that the people who engaged in rampant acts of lawlessness and abused the tools of power to launch an investigation without evidence, to lie and spy on a campaign, those people are in trouble and that is john brennan, james comey, andrew mccabe, peter strzok, and james clapper, just to name a few. and i hope you're right, that the c.i.a. will, in fact, turn over the documents that are demanded. but, you know, at the f.b.i. christopher wray is james comey in a different suit and i'm deeply worried that he will continue to obstruct. but the tide has turned.d.
10:21 pm
the tables have turned and now you've got william barr and john durham. there is a reason why barr used the word "spying." he has been debriefed by the inspector general michael horowitz and well aware of the evidence accumulated so far.r. the interview of christopher steele will be pivotal because if he says, as we expect him to say, that i warned the f.b.i. and the department of justice that this document i had composed is unverified, then that means having used it anyway, they engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud. >> sean: exit question. i'll give you 15 seconds each. sara first. if they'll all be interviewed and we know durham, we know horowitz is holding back, i expect because of steele. i'm hearing not until after the fourth of july. where is it headed? it means it's deeper and bigger than anyone thought. >> it is much deeper, it is much bigger than anyone thought,
10:22 pm
sean. i think the idea that the intelligence community was weaponized to go against a political opponent is something we should all be so concerned with. it's a civil liberties issue and something that durham will definitely take seriously and so is barr. >> sean: jordan? >> all you have to look at for all the viewers out there is the fact all these people's attorneys from their government, all their former general counsels like jim baker areal starting to speak out to people like rachel maddow. there is a huge issue for them. >> sean: well said, last word, gregg. >> this scheme to undo an election, to damage a presidentt and frame him was so pervasive it will take many months to unravel. >> sean: getting deeper than we thought. we'll get to the bottom of it. we made that promise. we won't stop. when we come back, sleepy, creepy, crazy uncle joe biden thinks he can beat president trump in south carolina and texas. look what is happening in orlando tonight.
10:23 pm
ari fleischer, karl rove next. later, we sent lawrence jones to the impeach trump rally in new york city this weekend. two protestors were down right nasty and despicable to lawrence. he will tell that story and much more. ♪
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♪ >> sean: nancy pelosi, speaker in name only. the party being run by a crop of extremists led by alexandria ocasio-cortez. this weekend, the new york congresswoman made one thing clear. the pressure is on pelosi to move on their radical, out of control agenda, including new green deal, impeachment or nancy's days look numbered. >> how real is that progressive frustration that speaker pelosi has said so far and seems to be
10:28 pm
holding the line she isn't ready to do that. >> it is quite real. i believe there is a very real animus and desire to make sure that we are -- that we are holding this president to account. >> sean: abc's jonathan was fawning over the congresswoman at her being a "king maker" in the democratic primary between elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, touching moment. take a look. >> who will she endorse? will she play king maker in the 2020 democratic primary? >> let's turn to the 2020 campaign. are you going to endorse? >> i mean, not now. [laughs] it's possible that i'll endorse later on perhaps, you know -- i do not see myself endorsing any time soon. >> sean: all this may be bad news for sleepy, creepy, crazy uncle joe even though he tried to suck up to congresswoman
10:29 pm
ocasio-cortez and adopt his own crazy new green deal. new levels of delusion are happening for biden, claiming he will beat president trump insi texas, georgia, south carolina. here with reaction, fox news contributors, pretty smart guys when it comes to politics. ari fleischer and karl rove. ari gets first crack at it. >> the issue with aoc is she represents the future, she represents the energy of the democratic party. you can just feel it in the grassroots. the problem the democrats have and actually this will be interesting to see how it plays out. there's a large number of democrats who want to beat trump. it doesn't matter who they nominate so long as that person can beat trump. there's another part wants to go for the farthest left position they can possibly elect. those two groups are clearly intentioned and it will play itself out through the entire primary campaign. having 4 million twitter followers,
10:30 pm
that's another reason why people do want her endorsement. i usuallyly don't think endorsements matter but i think hers, particularly closer to iowa and new hampshire, well mannered son. >> sean: karl, i've known you a lot of years. if you go this hard core left, new green deal and demand impeachment after four investigations, and you got hundreds of people and 150,000 people wanting to get in to see trump tomorrow and 85 people showing up for crazy uncle joe biden, i'm thinking that's not a good sign.n. i don't see any democrat with any real momentum. obama had momentum in '08. i don't see it here. >> we've got two issues come we've got aoc and we've got biden. we should be so lucky she becomes king maker. this is a woman who's got real problems. >> sean: full shot of this. go ahead, all right, we got it. >> a little mini board. this is a cnn poll in march.
10:31 pm
her favorables nationwide, 31, unfavorable 41. a new poll. i'm uncertain of the methodology. in her district she has a 21 favorable. 51 unfavorable and 13% reelect. the bigger the role that aoc plays inside the democratic the more left wing it goes and the better the president's chances for reelection if anybody thinks what will sell in a hip district in new york that is gentrified in the year is going to sell in flyover country, they are getting themselves. i want her to be a more disruptive force. the bigger the role she plays, the worse off the democrats are. >> sean: why did biden feel compelled to change his position so far on everything? he seems tired to me. this is not a health diagnosis but he seems like he's just not that into it. he gave in on the new green deal with his own version to appease her? >> maybe, but i think he is trying to thread the needle and being a little too cute. he ought to be who joe biden is.
10:32 pm
maybe he is saying, look, i'm not for the new green deal but for something that's reasonable and sounds sort of like it butut -- i think everybody inside the democratic party is recognizing the energy on the left of the democrats and is trying to appease it. that's why we have so many democratic presidential candidates, not including biden and hickenlooper, who come outbi in favor of the impeachment of the president. the energy is there on the left of the democratic party. i just think it's a mistake on their part, on biden's part, to appeal to it so much. >> sean: ari, who will win this battle for the heart and soul of the democratic party? nancy pelosi is pretty hard core left but not left enough. and joe looks tired to me. >> none of us know yet. you have to let it play out. that's the strength of our system. the democrats have to go through it right now. let me go back to the interview jonathan carl had, and the press is soft on aoc and other liberals. if you read the resolution of her green new deal, it talks
10:33 pm
about the guaranteed benefits the government would give, including healthcare for all residents of the united states. a guaranteed job for all residents of the united states. residents, not citizens. jonathan carl should have said does it apply to illegal immigrants? do they have a guaranteed right of healthcare and all the other benefits? why didn't you say citizens? the press misses its chance to ask tough questions. it just loves the left and they like to listen. they go easy. >> sean: at some point they have to say, was obamacare a success? you want to tear down the walls? our walls and moral? you want to take back tax cuts and get rid of energy independence and then the eight years of obama? i'll say this. if karl rove could play the guitar, i don't know, the same way jimmie page of led zeppelin did, and you could play the piano like elton john -- >> i want to see ari in those glasses. >> sean: and if i could sing,
10:34 pm
we wouldn't have a concert as big as trump haters 45 hours before an event. good to see you all. when we come back, sad but important story. we'll teletext. we sent lawrence jones to an impeach trump rally, not well attended in new york city. two of the protestors were hurling racist, vile, vicious comments at lawrence. we have one on tape. lawrence is next. we have ath big announcement at the end of the show and by the way, our phone interviews with the president rated higher thane the full network hour of little georgie stephanopoulos's friday night. a disaster. i'm glad. straight ahead. ♪ ey really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call
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clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. >> sean: this weekend the far
10:39 pm
left came together to demand trump's impeachment. it wasn't well attended anywhere. we sent our friend and colleague and investigative reporter, guy that hits the street hard lawrence jones to one of the rallies. this one in new york city to ask why should the president be impeached? let's >> sean: this weekend, the far left came together to demand trump's impeachment. it wasn't well attended anywhere. we sent our friend and colleague and investigative reporter, guy that hits the street hard lawrence jones to one of the rallies. this one in new york city to ask why should the president be impeached? let's watch. >> i'm a here because i believe in democracy. >> you believe the president should be impeached? >> i do. >> why? >> he is an illegal president. he's an illegal president? me.ained that for >> he was in cahoots with the russians. >> where do you believe the president should be impeached? >> because he obstructed justice. n committed really impeachable offense. >> if it were any democratic president or even republican president, he would have been impeached and run out of office. >> do you believe the president should be impeached? >> no. there has been investigation>>th after investigation and they foundst nothing. he has been investigated more than any other president.
10:40 pm
>> what crimes has he committed? >> he was -- everything with russia, like, he conned his way into office. >> we've been putting up with an illegal, fake, illegally elected president for over two years. >> what crimes do you suspect the president has committed? >> number one, conspiracy with the russians, and he covered it up like you can't believe it. a criminal for a long time. >> why don't you think the democrats have brought up the articles of impeachment? >> that's a good question. i wish i could read pelosi's mind. >> do you believe he is putting the country in real danger? >> yes, every day. >> how? >> he loves our country. he is a good man. they want communism here. then go to venezuela. i'm very angry. >> sean: there were some very
10:41 pm
vile, racist, vicious, horrible moments. two men approached lawrence jones and one told him to go back to fox news where there is, "more cotton for you to pick." we don't have that on tape but we do have the next comment on tape. take a look. >> obviously the people -- you go back to kenya now. >> sean: here now is fox news contributor lawrence jones. we talked saturday. i was pretty pissed off. you probably heard me in a way i don't usually go on the air, true or false. but i'm upset that that happened. tell us -- tell everybody what happened. i thought these were supposed to be the accepting, loving, wonderful, tolerant people of the left. apparently not. >> this is who they are, sean. so often those of us on the right are painted as the racist people, the hateful people.
10:42 pm
you discuss this all the time on your program. i was just asking these people a simple question about if they felt like the president should be impeached or not. these guys come up to me and said go back to fox news to pick cotton. they say go back to kenya. this is who these people are. but i doubt many people in the media are going to condemn these people. >> sean: the thing is, i don'tpe think any of them will, that's the sad thing. we've become friends over time and i know it has happened before.. it has happened to others. she writes in her book, just google it. i'll never forget that. and if you are -- if you're black in america and conservative, for whateverer reason there is -- there is no holds barred. everything else is, we have to watch it, you have to say the
10:43 pm
politically correct. there is not even an ounce ofys niceness, kindness. it is open season. why isan that? i frankly don't get it. >> well see, these guys are upset and they're fearful. notice, these were not black people saying this. this was the white liberals saying these type of things because they know that with our report and exposing the poverty and the failure of policies that all these democrat cities have been doing to many people that look like me, they don't want this to be exposed, they believe that all black people need to think the same way. they want us to stay on the welfare system so we can't progress in life. i'm going to expose it every single day. if they think i'll stand down because they yelled obscene things to me, they have another think coming. we'll double down and go to all these liberal cities. all the presidential candidates will have to answer why my community continues to be in poverty? why is that?co >> sean: you know what happens
10:44 pm
every two, four years. now it's a continuing loop cycle. racist, sexist, islamophobic and throw granny over the cliff and by the way, they hate old people and young kids. okay, none of it is true. but i look at the president's records. we have the best employment situation since 1969. i'm a little bit older than you. the mets won the world series i9 1969. you know what? i know, you're young and better looking and smarter, i know, we're friends. you can say whatever you want. but look at african-americans, hispanic-americans, asian-americans, women's in thec workplace, youth unemployment. records for trump, not for biden, obama. why do they have this hold? why? >> i feel like the republicansth our failed to communicate message. we have all the policies.
10:45 pm
we all the policy positions that helped black america but we don't go into those communities. those communities. >> sean: that's a great analysis. that should not happen. i called you on saturday and i said, listen, you don't have tol do this, and you said to me, are you kidding? i just want people to know i just admire your strength, your courage, and your desire to get out and there are other people that love you and go up to lawrence and hug him and kiss him on the i've seen that footage, too, lawrence. this should not happen and i'm sorry, my friend, that that happened. i'm truly sorry.en >> i appreciate you, brother. >> sean: love you, too. we'll take a break and come back. don't forget, his new show "keep up with jones" available. by the way, coming up despite the drug and homelessness crisis in california, you should hear the liberal governor. he is really a dope.
10:46 pm
he says the gop will be dumped in the waste bin of the history. that's where he will end up. governor mike huckabee and jason chaffetz next. ♪ ♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ but i'm more than a number. when i'm not teaching, i'm taking steep grades and tight corners. my essilor lenses offer more than vision correction with three innovative technologies for my ultimate in vision clarity and protection together in a single lens: the essilor ultimate lens package. so, i can do more of what i love! buy two pairs of essilor's best lenses
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♪ >> sean: lawlessness continuing to destroy major cities, coastal liberals are blaming everybody but themselves. california governor gavin newsom said republicans are into the politics of what california was into in the '90s. they'll be in the waste bin of history. they have the highest poverty in the nation. the highest state income tax. middle class, you are losing tens and tens of thousands of people every year, and states like texas and florida and tennesseeca are gaining. cost of living in your state of california skyrocketing and you
10:51 pm
are letting all this happen on your watch. all the homelessness, san francisco, los angeles, that's your problem. why don't you fix your problems? anyway, joining us now we're welcome back to the program fox news contributor mike huckabee, and former congressman, and he did a great job, the number one rated show even in my absence on friday, and we love to thank our audience, jason chaffetz. good to see you. thank you for being in on friday. governor huckabee, we start with you. you know, when you were governor of arkansas, you would never let this happen. and nor did you tax at 13.5% state income tax. >> no, because if you had done that you would have been running people off like california. if you don't believe that, go to the internet and google the cost of the uhaul trailer from california to texas and look if you take it from texas to california. it's a fraction of the cost. you know why? u-haul -- people are moving out of california.
10:52 pm
>> sean: this is live tv. >> it's $1600 versus $400. here's the reason. people are getting out of california to go to texas. when you take a trailer from texas to california, you are actually doing u-haul a favor taking another trailer to load up another family getting the heck out of california. >> sean: that's a great story. why you were so good in the debates. jason chaffetz. >> look, they are sanctuary city policies, they have rapidly rising taxes, their regulations are overly burdensome and why texas, florida, utah, idaho, arizona. nobody can afford to live like that. by the tens of thousands, the homelessness problem. it is so rampant in california. they are out there trying to regulate straws. there is such a disconnect. >> sean: there is a one-mile difference between nancy
10:53 pm
pelosi's gated community and her office and in between, we did all the -- lawrence jones went there twice, feces, needles, homelessness. she -- it's reported worth tens of millions of dollars. she can't get her million friends to build a center to get a bed, hot meal, a shower. liberals only generous with our money? >> yeah, that's a good assessment.. they are only generous with somebody else's money. the biggest challenge california has is they're becoming like a lot of other countries and they're almost a country to itself. the biggest danger they have is when you have extreme wealth, extreme poverty, and a shrinking middle class. california has a lot of wealthd but it has also now has the highest poverty rate as you mentioned earlier. the danger, that's sort of the prerequisite to socialism and communism throughout history.
10:54 pm
when the middle class shrinks they have no place to go. >> sean: governor gavin, i think he is a jackass, fix your own state before you lecture everybody else.he these problems can be solved. if i was nancy pelosi and i hadh this problem in the middle of my home between my office, i think i would go to my rich neighbors and say, i'll give a million, considering she is worth tens of millions, can you give a million, you give a million? we'll build a place where people can get a hot meal, go to the bathroom, take a shower andal watch tv during the >> some of their fundamental policies, the sanctuary city policies, the invitation to come and live there, to not cooperate with federal law enforcement officials, couple that with free healthcare for everybody,ee provide all the incentives for people to come there illegally. they want to give everything away for free and want everybody ybelse to pay for it and they're about to raise the gas tax yet again. you can't live under those
10:55 pm
conditions. >> sean: let me say this. i enjoyed your twitter fight, governor, with alec, had a few myself over the years. if sarah huckabee sanders ever decides to run for governor of arkansas, sean hannity is totally in her corner and she can follow in the footsteps ofs her father. she has done a great job and yor should be such a proud dad. >> thank you, sean, i appreciate it. >> sean: thank you both. when we come back, a big announcement. we have a big announcement about georgie stephanopoulos straight ahead. ♪ control your blood sugar. toujeo provides significant a1c reduction, and stable blood sugar control, around the clock. find your groove with toujeo. ♪ let's groove tonight. toujeo is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. it contains 3 times as much insulin in 1 milliliter as standard insulin. don't use toujeo to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you're allergic to insulin. get medical help right away
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>> sean: georgie stephanopoulos, clinton hack, so-called abc journalist garnering look at these horrible ratings for his one-hour special with the president. we did a phone interview with the president for i think 45 minutes of the show right here
11:00 pm
on "hannity". we got approximately 4.3 million viewers. he had 3.9. tomorrow night we'll have wall-to-wall coverage of the president in orlando. the president joins us wednesday night. here is laura ingraham. >> laura: i think he beat 60 minutes in the demo as far as i could tell. he was up against the u.s. open, which is something. i think a lot of people were tuning into for goodness sakes. >> sean: we thank the audience. this show, tucker, you, thank god you have made us number one in cable and we want to earn everyone's trust every day. but to be on a network and get your ass kicked and i only did a phone interview by little own sean hannity. he needs to pack it up. that is humiliating for him. >> laura: what i don't understand is did they shrink the pr