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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 18, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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brain and a major artery. finally the ugly, the broadway play hillary and clinton ending a poor ticket sales. the play will have its final performance on sunday. the production which cost over $4.2 million for bringing in a total of 4.7 million. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". thank you for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. >> fox news alert. 1000 us troops heading to the middle east in a major show of strength against misbehaving iran. >> more evidence does reveal showing iran's direct involvement in the attacks in the gulf of thoseman. the trump administration prepares for the worst. >> running to reelect, hundred in line ahead of the president's official 2020 campaign kickoff. we are live in orlando with what you can expect to hear.
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>> can you imagine? terrifying at 10,000 feet. the 10 minute war that had passengers saying a prayer. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ >> good tuesday morning. good morning. you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning.
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>> you worked all weekend. you tired? jillian: now. i did yesterday. >> donald trump kicking off his 2020 campaign in orlando, florida. the campaign anticipate tens of thousands of people to show up and some of them are already lining the streets to get in. >> reporter: people have been out there for days and it will continue to grow i imagine. >> reporter: let me show you what the line looks like this morning. these folks have been here since yesterday afternoon, 100 people this morning. let's show you where the line continues to go stretching down the block, they have their coolers and we are still hours from the doors opening. how many have been here more than a day? by the time they can it will be
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more than 40 hours. it just started to sprinkle a little bit. a pretty bad thunderstorm and lightning storm yesterday. more expected today. heat, humidity, all to be one of the first 20,000 people to get inside the amway center. >> we saw on the news they are starting to line up. we had a flight coming in today, called to cancel that and got an early one. >> i like the fellowship we all have here. everybody -- anybody that comes around that has a different opinion they have a right to it. >> a lot of these folks in high spirits despite it being the middle of the night. look at this video. from the campaign press secretary, the line overnight just growing this morning. some people got here at midnight, some at 1:00 am but not everyone is happy the president is chosen orlando. remember the trump baby balloon? a copy of it expected to fly at
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the stonewall bar where a lot of rally is expected to take place as they will be voicing their opposition to many of the policies. the president tweeted they had more than 100,000 people signing up for tickets. obviously that many can't fit in the amway center so they will have 45 big screen tvs and the concert for those not able to get inside. a lot of these folks will be in there cheering with the president tonight. rob: the campaign knows how to get people to show up for the rallies. jillian: the pentagon sending 1000 additional troops to the middle east as new images show the aftermath of tanker attacks linked to iran. rob: the secretary of state, mike pompeo prepares for a very high-stakes meeting. >> reporter: the secretary is on his way to meet with tampa
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leaders after speaking with top officials in asia, europe and the gulf urging international response to iran who announced yesterday they will exceed the iranian stockpile as the pentagon urges 1000 more to the middle east, defense attorney patrick shanahan issuing the statement, the united states is not in conflict with iran, the action is being taken to ensure the safety and welfare of our military personnel working throughout the region and protect our national interests. we will continue to monitor the situation diligently and make adjustments given intelligence reporting and credible threats, this is officials released several new photos showing iran's involvement in attacking two tankers last week to the strait of hormuz, sailors seen removing unexploded mine from one of thinkers. iran denies any involvement at least one ally, germany, says they are sure who is behind the attacks.
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on capitol hill, nancy pelosi taking issue with additional troop authorization saying the decision may escalate the decision with iran and risk serious miscalculations on either side. diplomacy is needed to diffuse tensions. america must continue to consult with our allies so we do not make the region less safe. he also called for congress to be immediately briefed on the administration's plans, so far no indication that will happen. >> thanks. millions of undocumented immigrants could soon be kicked out of the country. the president tweeting overnight saying next week ice will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who illicitly found their way into the united states as the trump administration restores $432 million in aid to central american countries, the state department says the remaining 183 million will be held unless they step up immigration enforcement and mitch mcconnell
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says he will bring a $5 billion bill to the floor next week. the funds will be used to build more detention centers as well as provide medical treatment and food for migrants. form immigration judge andrew arthur says donald trump's actions aren't just protecting our board but forcing other countries to step up and defend their own. >> we are seeing unprecedented cooperation from a government hostile to any idea of stopping migration from mexico and the united states, the president has made the president of mexico president obrador step down his rhetoric and put troops on the border to stop those individuals. we've seen the guatemalan government begging for american help and accepting cbp officers to help them defend borders. the president is asking other countries to do what congress should be doing that congress is not acting because democrats in congress don't want to. >> reporter: mexico has
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deployed 6000 national guard troops at their southern border with guatemala. >> a new jersey man is the ninth american tourist to die in the dominican republic in the past year. joseph allen founded in his hotel room thursday after complaining about not feeling well. cause of death has not been revealed, dozens of tourists from oklahoma said they got extremely sick in april. 47 people in a jimmy buffett fan group coming down with a mysterious illness. >> at one time, they either swam at the pool or where the bar was or had drinks from that bar. >> really unbelievable how the story steeps developing, several travelers tested positive for salmonella in that big group but it is unclear what caused that.
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a convicted murderer may have afforded that hit on red sox legend david ortiz from behind bars. court document showing two men in prison for other crimes planned the attack and organize the payments. dominican police recovering a bone suspects used to communicate after it was sold for $180 one day after the shooting. the prosecution promised way automotive for that hit this week. ortiz recovering in a boston hospital after he was shot in the back at a dominican republic nightclub earlier this month. >> paul manafort will not be moved to the rikers island jail. a senior doj official tells fox news he has been transferred to new york but will remain in us custody because he is convicted of federal charges. a former trump campaign manager serving a 7-year sentence as he awaits a state trial in a separate case. >> lighting things up, former new york mayor rudy giuliani in the middle hosted the annual golf classic in liberty national golf club, the event
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held in honor of stephen and some of her towers foundation, he had just ended his shift on 9/11 and plan to go golfing with some of his family members and brothers when the first plane hit that morning. he drove home, grabbed his gear and ran through the battery tunnel from brooklyn into lower manhattan, a 2 mile run that he did to help out, he was killed that day when the towers fell but it is a tremendous organization. they do a great job honoring our heroes and helping them with everything they need. we had bill hammer and bo dietl at liberty national, one world trade center right there. hit pretty good. the best part was the story. rudy giuliani and bo dietl,
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don't know if you know who bodie lose but he's a friend of fox, he tells stories most which i can't repeat on tv. >> 10 minutes after the hour hundreds lining up and camping out long before the president officially kicks off his 2020 reelection. the same message used in 2016 keep him in office? >> our next guest says on his 2020 advisory board she says he isn't campaigning on promises made but on promises kept. >> this is the lighting social media on fire. the answer to the question about 6 pack abs. it is all over the place, stay with us. of a lifetime. it's "progressive on ice." everything you love about car insurance -- the discounts... the rate comparisons... and flo in a boat. ♪
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which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ ask your healthcare provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. rob: welcome back. orlando, florida, the streets
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lined with a number of supporters of the president waiting to witness history later today. jillian: the president officially kicks off his 2020 presidential campaign. rob: how will this be different from his shocking underdog 2016 win? jenna ellis, thanks for coming on this morning. he is the incumbent this time. what changes about the campaign going forward? >> reporter: the message is simple, keep america great. this time donald trump is not campaigning on promises made but promises kept. he is the incumbent had achieved such strong results for america including a strong economy, great reformed conservative judiciary, border security, religious freedom, protection of sanctity of life, the, justice reform act, the list goes on what he has accomplished in his first term.
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for americans who were hesitant to vote for candidate trump, now he has a track record of proven results we know so many americans are really excited to get behind. that is why we are seeing people lining up 40 hours in advance and we will see donald trump is going to make his case for why the american people can truly trust him to continue to put america first in his second term. >> he is saying, quote, thousands of people are already lined up in orlando two days before the big rally, large screens and food trucks for those who can't get into the 25,000 capacity arena. it will be an exciting evening, make america great again. this poll here is hypothetical, if you were voting for president right now who would you vote for? this is plus or-3 but if you
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look, joe biden is up by 10 percentage points against donald trump, bernie sanders beating him as well and warren, harris and buttigieg all three average with the president. what you make of those numbers? >> i'm not a fan of the polls because we learned from 2016 you can't trust them. we are 18 months from the election and even the night before the 2016 election the polls were predicting hillary clinton would win in a landslide and look at what happened with donald trump so it depends on how the polling question is asked, his polls, what their response is and a lot of people may be hesitant to answer one way or the other so i don't put any stock in the polls and if you look at the internal polling numbers, donald trump is very strongly leading against any of the 2020
2:18 am
democrat so i don't think you can put any stock in the polls and donald trump has been very clear about that so he's going to keep campaigning and continue to make promises he's going to keep for america. >> you did have some bad internal polls, you fired if you polling people this week. when you have a surging economy like the administration, they have done a good job with the economy how is that a socialist like bernie sanders can have such a resounding lead in any poll? >> that is problematic to think anyone in america would vote for someone who is advancing socialism like bernie sanders but that is something we have to look at, who actually comes out in 2020 and goes to the ballot box and so many people will respond to polls but once they go to the ballot box will vote a different way. it is not necessarily indicative of anything and i personally don't put a lot of stock in the polls because we
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have seen again, in 2016 how remarkably different the outcome of the election actually is. >> one thing for sure, it will be an exciting night for trump supporters who are out there, they will try to get in. >> thank you so much and keep america great. >> taylor swift making a political statement in her new music video. ♪ be in the dark age ♪ that's fine ♪ taking all night. you just need to take several seats. >> a little clip of it, social media has a lot to say and, shimkus is here to tell us about that coming up next. uh-oh, looks like someone's still nervous about buying a new house. is it that obvious? yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance. yep, they've been doing it for years.
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♪ jillian: talus of making a major political statement in her new music video release during lgbt you try month. >> carly shimkus here with a lot of online reaction. >> the new song is hard you need to calm down and there are a lot of opinions about it. the song is mostly met with support, received 1.3 million likes on youtube but some finding fault and it was a writer for the atlantic says it puts the criticism famous people receive on the same playing field as the persecution of gay people and the people say the video's
2:24 am
anti-lgbt protesters stereotype people support traditional marriage. some comments coming in on a friend. alienating half the fans, not too swift. another person, this one on instagram says fighting stereotypes with stereotypes and just and signing on twitter saying she seems she forgot who brought her to the dance long ago. the song ends with swift encouraging people to sign a petition that supports the equality act, her most political music video so far. >> there have been hundreds of text messages between all my girlfriends about the dad bought thing in the last few days. >> do you feel like the dad bought, jillian? >> that is not the dad bought. >> jillian's answer says it all. >> the survey will quickly become the most popular survey of adult men everywhere.
2:25 am
>> we can say that. >> the dad bought is a couple extra pounds around the belly. a new planet fitness survey shows 65% of people find the dad bought attractive, 51% say it is the new sixpack and some say having a dad bought his boost their happiness. a lot of ladies are talking about this. one person says i hate a man with abs and sculpted shoulders said no woman ever and another person says there's nothing like a beer belly that says i'm off the market and this last comment, canceling the gym membership. a survey from planet fitness, i would say this would go against going to the gym. >> the theories if you've got a guy with a dad but he looks cheap. >> the theory is confidence is
2:26 am
king. if you can look confident in any shape. >> i can't believe we have to leave this incredible topic to talk about peeling garlic. >> this could be life-changing if you like to cook. look at this video someone peeling garlic, sticking a knife in the garlic and pulling out a clothes. people say this is absolutely revolutionary including this twitter user who says thank you for carrying revolutionary content on my timeline. i'm skipping work today to peel garlic. this has been viewed 13.7 million times. >> i've never seen it done that way before. >> i don't cook enough. >> doesn't it make you cry, all this stuff? >> carly has never been in this before.
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>> that is the -- rob: 26 after the hour. breaking overnight. the state they gave you legal elements 8 prices to drive. >> this might be the most be the adorable rationing of the national anthem ever, a pint sized patriot stole the show. we will be right back. ♪ banner yet wave ♪ ♪ for that
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>> welcome back, a fox news alert the pentagon sending 1000 additional troops to the middle east, brand-new images show the aftermath of those tanker attacks in the gulf of oman linked to iran. air, naval and ground-based threats in that region. >> millions of undocumented
2:31 am
immigrants could soon be kicked out of the country, the president tweeting overnight next week ice will begin the process of removing millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the united states. the announcement comes as the white house restores $432 million of aid to central american countries. >> people camping out on the streets of orlando to secure a spot as donald trump's campaign kickoff rally, the president says his campaign has received 100,000 requests for tickets. the amway center only holds 20 or 25,000 people. >> one state just gave illegal immigrants a license to drive. >> tracy carrasco has the latest. >> andrew cuomo signed that legislation granting driver's license to undocumented immigrants after the measure passed a controversial vote in the state senate yesterday. attorney general chris james came out after that was signed
2:32 am
saying this is legally sound so this is challenged, her office would vigorously defend it. this takes 180 days meaning the first licenses would be granted in december. so far 12 states and dc already have something very similar. >> what is new in san francisco. >> san francisco has proposed being the first us city to ban the sale and distribution of ecigarettes as the city waits for the fda to come out with a review on how e-cigarette hurt the public health and this is a measure to stop what has become an issue since 2014. e-cigarette have become the most commonly used tobacco product among young people in our country. those on the other side say banning the sale of e cigarettes will just push people into using other more dangerous tobacco products so if considered it would have to go through both before being
2:33 am
signed into law. >> brace police officer stopped the masked gunmen shooting outside a federal courthouse. >> holy crap. >> witnesses capturing really frightening moments before the suspect is killed in a shootout in dallas, the fbi calls the responding officers he rose as no one was killed or seriously injured and how about this. a local photographer taking the photo on the left side of your screen, almost coming face-to-face with the gunmen. you can see him in this video crouching down behind from that shooter. >> crouched in the corner and try to make myself a small as possible and just prayed that he didn't walk after he. if he saw me sitting there with
2:34 am
a camera i have no doubt he would have shot me. >> unbelievable. the suspect was not known to authorities but he did post warnings on social media. we know he was discharged from the army in 2017. >> federal judge declares a mistrial on 15, charges against the militant in the deadly benghazi attack. last week a jury found him guilty of providing support to terrorists and destroying government property but the same jury could not reach a decision on the remaining charges which included murder. four americans were killed in the 2012 attack on the us consulate in libya including ambassador christopher stevens. >> major bombshell in hillary clinton email investigation. the state department says they found 30 security incidents considered to be violations and infractions by 15 unidentified people. rob: the investigation is into a server, deleted 33,000 emails when she was secretary of state. this is being called serious and disciplinary actions are pending. officials will wrap up the
2:35 am
probe this september. >> the atmosphere seems very unstable this week. >> it is muddy and we have to showers in the forecast. not bad. >> a lot of danger taken off. >> unstable atmosphere. past 24 hours a lot of that going on across the mississippi river valley, parts of the plane states where we have potential for strong to severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall in the forecast. there is your severe threat in the plane states toward the mid-atlantic and the northeast, large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes and flash flooding and tomorrow's of your threat, the same areas eastward across the ohio valley, flash flooding will be a concern across these vulnerable areas over the next couple days, several inches of rainfall
2:36 am
towards the east coast. here is your forecast. one of two in phoenix, 81 in kansas be, showers and thunderstorms across the plane states. over the mid-atlantic, southeast and northeast unstable across the northeast for the next several days. i hear some rustling. i smell food. what is happening? >> taco bell and the nba giving away doritos tacos as part of their steel and taco promotion. >> the golden state warriors winning on toronto, that means we sold delicious tacos for our studio and that was the first time they go international. that is what my notice said. >> that was a spicy doritos.
2:37 am
>> what is that? >> carly will have these in the commercial break. >> i don't know what this is. the tacos will be available 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm at participating locations, no purchase needed but there's a limit of one taco per person so make the best of it. >> the company -- the company was founded in march 1962. >> eat the taco. >> breakfast time on the set. taco bell. there you have it. you got to see this as we eat these tacos, 30,000 feet, look at this, turbulence sends a flight attendant into the ceiling of the plane as passengers pray for their lives, terrifying moment that
2:38 am
could make you think twice before you jump on the next flight. >> parkland shooting survivor dropped by harvard for controversial comments from his past. he says he is sorry, but should harvard be too? we will talk about this coming up. bookers know summer is for booking it like booking a beachside resort, and ordering two more tacos than you need to. check. showing the deep end who's boss! check. starting a scooter gang with the fam. check. "awesome" bookers know summer won't last forever. "you're gonna thank me" so be a booker at the world's number one choice for booking accomodations. the world's number one choice the russell's travel to a different swim meet every saturday. but's thursday. good thing they discovered gain flings with oxi boost and febreze odor remover. smelling is believing and gain flings can hiya karate stink too.
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>> this probably is the video of the week, 10 people hurt when severe turbulence jolts this jet. you can see when we slow it down a drink cart flies through the air. look at everything go everywhere, the flight attendant, the head goes into the ceiling, scalding water from the drink cart burn some of the passengers. you can see at least one of the 120 terrified passengers starts to pray. you think it is all over. that turbulence lasted five
2:42 am
minutes on that flight from coso, passenger injuries are all minor but that is the scare of a lifetime and that is unbelievable video and here it goes again. right there. unbelievable. a home completely obliterated when it suddenly explodes in the middle of the day. >> it was like a sonic boom, like a plane breaking the sound barrier. >> the explosion sending debris flying tripping the homeowner in new jersey. not to the police officer ran to the home to help and pulled that man to safety. >> a switch that clicks in and you get into this mode where you need to help someone. >> the hero cop, the homeowner is in stable condition somehow.
2:43 am
look at the house was the explosion under investigation. >> the supreme court tosses out a ruling against oregon bakers would not make a wedding cake for a gay couple. melissa and aaron klein cited religious beliefs as the reason for refusing service, the justice is wiping out lower court rulings and sending the case back for a review. last year the court ruled in favor of the colorado baker in a similar situation. supreme court expert joined us earlier to weigh in. >> the court felt the court below needed to take another look at the case in light of the decision the supreme court handed down last year so there's not really any new learning from the courts on the decision here or its ruling here, but it will give the court below an opportunity to reconsider. >> they were fined $135,000, celebrating the court's decision as a win. a parkland shooting survivors apologizing for using racist language online after his admission to harvard is revoked. he says he made the comments before the mass shooting which he says made him a more mature
2:44 am
person. on the story he brought up harvard's controversial history. >> harvard was founded in 1636 by slaveowners. it has a long history of racism, sexism and misogyny but people can grow and people can change. i don't hold that standard to harvard and people can make mistakes and i don't think mistakes make you irredeemable as harvard should for me. >> he tweeted a letter from harvard rescinding his acceptance reading the committee take seriously the qualities of maturity and character. he gained national attention as a conservative activist for posting classmate anti-gun effort and we asked you did harvard make the right decision. a lot of you weighed in. >> on twitter, they have a right to do the right thing. >> area and instagram says harvard made a mistake. >> ron on facebook says he was a kid. there are other ways to get an education been harvard. live and move on. let your mistakes be in the past.
2:45 am
>> is new york looks to decriminalize pot alarming numbers are warning just how bad the drug can be for young brains. what you need to know coming up next. >> let's see what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> hello, look, i know you both love to golf. we have a special guest coming to the studio. jillian knows who. coming up on "fox and friends" which kicks off and 15 minutes texas congressman william heard. he was actually invited to speak before a cybersecurity event and was uninvited because of his proportions. and judge napolitano and the governor of texas greg abbott will be joining us live and here's why rob and jillian will be live in the studio at 7:50, fresh off his u.s. open win gary wouldland will join us live in studio. that was an amazing birdie putt.
2:46 am
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>> new york lawmakers make a last minute push to legalize recreational marijuana statewide. jillian: doctors are warning of serious damage marijuana can do on young brains. here is jeff hunt of colorado christian university. i know a lot of people consider marijuana a gateway drug to
2:50 am
other things. when you look at the fact that states are trying to legalize it what do you think of that? >> adolescent experts including doctors, researchers, physicians, psychiatrists are raising the alarm with regard to marijuana use, especially the impact facing young and developing brains and that includes lowering the iq, what happened to young people, when they smoke marijuana regularly they can lower their iq as much as 8 points and in some cases that is unrecoverable so that is seriously problematic and young people that smoke marijuana regularly can develop psychosis. in some cases five times greater psychosis and that includes depression, anxiety, addiction and in some cases even suicide. it is deeply problematic especially for developing
2:51 am
brains. researchers are raising the alarm. >> let's look at what it can do to a young brain. executive function, processing speed, memory, attention span, concentration and worth noting to a lot of people that vote who may be smoked pot years ago that the marijuana being produced today's really powerful stuff being made in labs, not your daddy's weed, not the same stuff that was around in the 70s. >> exactly right. what we found in colorado is the marijuana produced today's 405% stronger with regards to thc, a component that results in all these problems with brain development. i smoked marijuana in the 90s and i had problems with migraines. what we are finding out today is the marijuana people are
2:52 am
consuming is a lot stronger, much worse effect as a result of it. >> to play devils advocate the other side of the arguments, those who think this should be legal, what is their argument? >> reporter: what they point to is alcohol and tobacco are also problematic but in those cases we have a lot of education on those. and tobacco, we face a lost generation. people use tobacco, doctors thought it was okay, 20,000 doctors agree lucky strike is okay for sore throat or facing a lot of that similar stuff with marijuana today so advocates say we have other drugs out there, people are welcome to consume those but we don't have the education so we spent hundreds of millions of
2:53 am
dollars to help people understand the impact of tobacco. in colorado and states that legalized marijuana young people don't understand the risks. in colorado we see 50% of teenagers think there is no risk associated whatsoever with using marijuana and it is even healthier than using alcohol or tobacco. we haven't done a good job helping people understand the risks associated with these drugs so they can make an informed decision. rob: we appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me on. jillian: the governor of california is one of donald trump's most outspoken critics but he might have to change his tune to handle the homeless crisis in his state. rob: a baseball player gets a face full of dirt and how it worked in the end. stay tuned.
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and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. ♪ smoking funny things ♪ making love by the lake with every song ♪ drinking whiskey out the bottle ♪ not thinking about tomorrow ♪ singing sweet home alabama all summer long ♪ rob: definitely summertime. jillian: it's actually not summer yet. rob: it's technically not. we have three more days to
2:58 am
go o of apparently. there is capitol hill. freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez comparing the situation at our southern border to the holocaust. >> the united states is running concentration camps on our southern border. and that is exactly what they are. the fact that concentration camps are now an institutionalized practice in the home of the free is extraordinarily disturbing. rob: this just popped up. her office did not immediately respond to fox news for comment. jillian: liberal lawmakers want to give low income learners extra thousand bucks a year in income tax refunds. have tone doors part of president trump's 2017 tax law to do it.
2:59 am
many democrats in the state's legislature railed against the legislation when it was signed into law. address business tax deductions and triples how much the state spends on the earned income tax credit. rob: time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. we start with the good. adorable 5-year-old sings the national anthem at a baseball game. watch this. ♪ o say does that star-spangled ♪ banner yet wave,. rob: cute kid, jacob martinez belting out the national anthem at the game. jillian: eagle getted eyed custom and dorgs sneak finches into the jfk airport from south america. stuffed in hair cullers inside. he admitted his plan to sell
3:00 am
them for 3,000 bucks apiece. rob: wow wow finally the ugly. a baseball player gets down jordan getting a face full of dirt trying to slide into third base. he was face and scored later on. jillian: is have a good day. rob: bye. ♪ hey now, you're an all star ♪ get your game on ♪ go play ♪ all that glitters is gold. steve: already the 18th day of june. come on up to the mezzanine level of f. day two. dan bongino in for the busy brian kilmeade. ainsley: no tie. he prom milled me yesterday. tan dan you watched the show yesterday. steve: yet, by the end of the


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