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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  June 18, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> kennedy: thanks so much to charlie hurt for being the man in the middle. >> charlie: i will have to go shoe shopping. >> julie: i would hope so. >> kennedy: it's mid-to-late june after all. we are back noon eastern tomorrow. here's melissa in for harris. >> melissa: fox news alert, secretary of state mike pompeo with a warning for iran after meeting with u.s. military commanders at central command. let's go "outnumbered overtime." i'm melissa francis in today for harris faulkner. secretary pompeo briefing reporters moments ago at centcom in tampa, florida, saying he discussed the ongoing tensions in the gulf with military commanders and that the u.s. military is prepared to respond to any further hostilities in the region. following last week's tanker attacks near the strait of hormuz. >> one of the purposes of my visit today was to make sure we record needed. the responsibility for diplomacy, achieving the
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strategic outcomes president trump as set forth, falls on all of us. but the state to permit has the first oar in the water on that. but we can't do that without making sure we have the capability to make sure if iran makes a bad decision. if they make a decision to go after an american or an american interest. >> melissa: rich edson has more from the state department. >> good afternoon, melissa. the secretary of state months to make sure the diplomatic and military efforts on this are alm about the tension that is ongoing right now in the persian gulf. the subject case as the trump administration is trying to be established deterrence to convince iran to stop advancing its program, missiles, with the secretary to five describes as the mind activities the region. as for committee canning with iran, he did say that they are engaged in multiple levels of communication and here's what he had to say. >> he sent president abe to take a message of his to the leadership in iran. you have to remember, these are
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messages for the leadership. i think the iranian people are being willfully miss -served by that leadership but we are engaged -- we have been d in many messages, even this moment right here. communicating to iran that we are there to deter aggression. president trump does not want war. >> as the pentagon prepares to send a thousand additional troops to the region, the u.s. has released photos officials say further proof iran is responsible on the attacks on two tankers last week in the gulf of oman. it says they show iranian soldiers are moving in a unexploded line from one of the tankers, and the iranian crew after the operation. the decision to send more troops to the region, house speaker nancy pelosi says, "americans must have no illusions about the regime, but we must be strong, smart, and strategic, not reckless and brash, but how to proceed. this may escalate the situation and risking seriousness calculations on either side." it administration had already
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expanded the military presence in the region and says it will maintain sanctions against iran until it is willing to negotiate a comprehensive agreement. iran's atomic energy organization says it's on track to exceed limits in stockpile uranium that were set in the 2015 nuclear agreement. that'll happen in about nine days. german chancellor angela merkel says she is counting on iran to continue to comply with the nuclear deal. if not, she says there will be consequences. the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, says he expects the countries that are still part of the iran nuclear deal will reinstitute sanctions against iran if they do in fact violate the terms of that agreement. melissa? >> melissa: a richer, i want to ask about breaking news happening right now. this is coming from the president tweeting, saying, "acting secretary of defense patrick shanahan, who has done a wonderful job, has decided not to go forward with his confirmation process so he can devote more time to his family. i think pat for his outstanding
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service and will be naming secretary of the army mark esper to be new acting secretary of defense. i know him and have no doubt he will do a fantastic job." what you make of that? did you hear rumblings of this or see this coming? >> i had not heard rumblings, but when you look at the situation that is ongoing right now that the united states and the military have now gone quite some time without having a confirmed secretary of defense. it's something that a number of officials in the u.s. government would like to see. so he was supposed to be nominated, was nominated to fill in for a permanent position they are, the acting defense secretary, but now that restarts the clock on this whole process of trying to get a confirmed secretary of defense. >> melissa: yeah. rich edson, thank you for that. i want to bring in her and congressman mark green of tennessee. he says on the house homeland security committee. he has an iraq and afghanistan veteran, and i want to ask about that in one moment. i want to ask about this news that is coming from president trump, tweeting pat shanahan will not go forward
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with his confirmation. instead he's naming mark esper the new secretary of defense. what do you think of that? >> i think mark esper is a great choice. he's a west point classmate of mine, as is secretary pompeo. i think he will do a fantastic job. >> melissa: why do you think there was that change, if you had to guess? i just want to be clear, naming him as the new acting secretary of defense. >> it's really hard to know, getting to those nomination processes. there are so many different things that go on. who knows? all we know now is he has withdrawn, and mark esper is a great choice. >> melissa: okay, and how do you -- you say he's a great choice. in what way? what do you think he would do differently, or in this current situation? >> well, mark has been the secretary of the army for quite some time and has done a great job there. i think he gets what's going on in the world, and he understands the dod's role.
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>> melissa: yeah. let me ask you about everything else, all the news of the day in terms of the secretary of state pompeo talking about what's going on with iran, moving those troops there. i know you were on the mission to the middle east to capture saddam hussein and he did have the opportunity to interrogate him for six hours. one of the things he talked about a lot with the invasion of iran and iran itself. given that perspective, what do you think of the current moves were the most recent moves that iran has made? are we making things worse by bringing troops over there, or are we de-escalating the situation? what is your expert opinion? >> i would say this is part of the continuum. it's, which have cost $10 billion or so. what they are doing is striking how to try and leverage europe and china against the united states. that's not going to work. the world will stick together and especially if they start
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increasing the enrichment of uranium. even angela merkel said earlier today that it will not be tolerated. this is just a part of the continuum. the troops that are going there are mostly defensive. support assets. i think it was really wisdom of the president to send mike pompeo to centcom, sort of a softer approach than sending someone from defense. just settle and wise, and i think it communicate through iran that this is about diplomacy. we don't want war. but we are prepared if necessary. i think it's a part of the continuum and hopefully we get iran to the table, because the real issue is a nuclear weapon in iran. a suicide bomb mentoring measug kilotons as a whole other level. that's the real goal here. >> melissa: how meaningful is it to have angela merkel come out with those comments and say not only that they wouldn't abide by more enrichment, but also that they are now joining the chorus of voices that say iran is behind those mines that
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were planted on those vessels in the gulf of oman? >> it's huge that she came out today and said that, particularly as secretary pompeo is making his comments. very helpful, very supportive, and we are very thankful for her saying that. >> melissa: congressman, i hope you come back soon. we appreciate your time. i want to go to jennifer griffin. she's live at the pentagon for more on this breaking news that we are getting, and just to let people know, it's that mark esper now is being put forward as acting secretary of defense. jennifer, what are your thoughts on that? >> well, melissa, it's no surprise. it was clear that acting defense secretary patrick shanahan had hit a bit of a rough patch. there was a report during the d-day events that the president was seeking alternatives, and it was clear that his confirmation had stalled because the actual request for a confirmation hearing had not ever been sent
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up to the hill. then there was, just moments ago, a "usa today" article that broke news that the fbi was still investigating allegations of domestic abuse that came out of a very contentious divorce proceeding involving shanahan. so i think it's no surprise that the president decided that this was going to be a difficult confirmation hearing, and remember, the inspector general had to look into shanahan's involvement and by his former position at boeing, this has been a trouble nomination, really, from the beginning. it was clear that the president was losing confidence in the nomination. speaking of mark esper, he currently is the head -- the army secretary in charge of 1.4 million soldiers and national guardsmen. he has been leading that department and is a favorite of
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the president. he is a graduate of west point, class of 1986. he served on active duty for a decade. he served in the gulf war, he led the 101st airborne in a rifle platoon -- excuse me, a rifle company in europe. he has a lot of experience. he also was the national security advisor to senate majority leader bill frist on the hill. so he has a lot of hill experience. he served on the house armed services committee as policy director. he has a storied family history. his uncle was a very famous journalist with the associated press in vietnam, george esper. so this is a very interesting decision. but i think all eyebrows -- many eyebrows were raised when it was clear the secretary of state was heading down to briefings and the acting secretary pat shanahan was not. so a lot of questions
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surrounding that. we know the reasons now, and now they will want to move relatively quickly with the confirmation hearing for acting defense secretary esper. >> melissa: so you would say that, previously, some i thought the reason why secretary pompeo was going down there -- and we've heard this in the past hour -- was to make it clear that things are being led by the state department, that it was policy first and military second. and he wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page. do you still think that was part of it, or do you think it was really that they were about to announce this change? >> i think it's a combination of the two. i think it's very clear that the state department has been in the lead, even when you heard shanahan speak about the iran crisis in the last two weeks. he immediately spoke of secretary pompeo's role and him being in the lead, the state department being in the lead. i think it is a combination, but i think it was very clear from
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several -- you note also that acting secretary shanahan was not over in europe for the d-day celebrations. typically a defense secretary would have been there for that. i think the writing was on the wall, unfortunately. >> melissa: jennifer, great reporting. thank you. we appreciate it. in other fox news alert, president trump is threatening to deport millions of illegal immigrants beginning next week. tweeting that they will be removed as fast as they come in. but now top senate democrat chuck schumer blasting the plan. kevin corke is live at the white house with the latest. kevin? >> melissa, good to be with you. plus in that tweet he remarked on the remarkable efforts by mexico to stem the tide of the migration that seems to be really overwhelming our southern border. he also hinted that guatemala may also be assisting in the effort, as well. the president has made a lot of what has been happening, but even with the help, it's clear the u.s. border patrol and ice drink we have been overwhelmed.
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and feeling congressional intervention, they've asked the white house for help. i will be part of the statement. it's lengthy but i think you will find it instructive. this is for the white house on ice removing illegal aliens. it says this. "countless illegal aliens not only violate our borders, but break the law all over again by skipping the court hearings and absconding from federal proceedings. these runaway aliens launch sony asylum claims only to be no-shows at court and in order removed in absentia. there are more than 1 million illegal aliens who have been issued final deportation orders by federal judges, yet remain at large in the country." so the feeling here is that now is the time for state white house officials to stop the willful defiance of our laws and stem the tide." as you pointed out come over on capitol hill there's a real division among lawmakers over the best way to address the crisis. at least one democrat believes the strategy is the wrong prescription.
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>> the president tweets one day with no basis in fact. he's going to deport millions of people. well, to have the highest ranking officials within the agency, within csis and homeland security, have said it's impossible to do. he's not solving it, he's making it worse. >> chuck schumer saying the president is making it worse. and you should expect, melissa, for it to be make a focus. not just for tonight's rally, the kick off over in but throughout the campaign officials tell me, "of fairness, we should not put the needs of those here illegally above the needs of citizens." as i get more on the shanahan-esper story i promise to pass that along. >> melissa: thank you. coming up, we will have the latest from the dominican republic where another american tourist has died mysteriously. while they are on vacation. plus, democratic congress woman
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10:20 am
allen arrived in the dominican republic on sunday june 9th. on wednesday night, he was feeling sick, feverish. so he decided to take a cold shower and stay in. the next morning, his friends could not reach him. when the front desk let them into his hotel room, they found him lying dead. he was staying at a resort. his brother, jason, says his brother had just had a physical and was "in very good shape." no issues. the brother now for years his death is connected to the at least eight mysterious deaths on the island since last year. in a statement, "my family and i are afraid my brother was a victim of a wrongful death. it is our wish to have my brother's body taken from the dominican republic to be autopsied by a per forensic pathologist here in the u.s.." the nine mysterious deaths had similarities. the dominican republic listen to because of death for the most of the victims of attack. pulmonary edema. lungs filling up with fluid. the families of most of these
10:21 am
tourists said they were healthy and exhibited no signs of illness before they went on vacation. we don't know if the other six instances involve the many bars and hotels. >> given the rapid onset, the lack of pre-existing illness, that they either inhaled, topical on the skin, or interested could be the culprit. >> they haven't issued any travel warnings as of yet. they are waiting for the fbi toxicology reports to come in about three weeks. on three of the victims who died at the bahia principe resort. in the case of david ortiz, dominican documents have identified alberto miguel rodriguez motel as the men who paid hit man to try and kill the slugger. he's actually a fugitive at
10:22 am
large. police have said that the coordinator of this attack offered $70,000 to kill big pap papi. he's recovering in boston and is said to be in good condition for it a lot going on. >> melissa: bryan llenas, thank you. speak of the united states is running concentration camps on our southern border. that is exactly what they are. they are concentration camps. >> melissa: the trump and administration holding migrant detainees and what she describes as concentration camps. that comment, as you might guess, already drawing quite the backlash. one official calling at the insult to those who protect our borders. >> i think it's disgusting to
10:23 am
compare with the men and women do out on the border right now to that. it's definitely a slap in the face to a lot of these individuals that have family members that actually went through concentration camps. i've said it many times, some of these people need to crack open a history book before they make some comments. >> melissa: the new york democrat treating this clarification earlier today. "for the shrieking republicans who don't know the difference, concentration camps are not the same as death camps. concentration camps are considered by experts as the mass detention of civilians without trial. that is exactly what this administration is doing." let's bring in james carafano, vice president of the heritage foundation. he also served on president trump's homeland security transition team. sir, thank you for joining us. what did you think of her clarification? >> i thought it was historically inaccurate. i've been to dachau, auschwitz. concentration camps are places
10:24 am
where all human liberty is suspended. it wasn't just the nazis he did this. others have done it. the chinese are doing it today. to say detaining people on the border according to u.s. law as a concentration camp, it's factually incorrect. >> melissa: there's also a lot of irony in her saying, "if that doesn't bother you... "and making these jack reed moves in the sense that she's one of the power to do something about it. the way that the border has become a humanitarian crisis, the only ones who can fix that our folks in congress who need to put together plan and vote on it. for her, i wonder -- isn't she the one, that if it's bothering her, she could go and help fix it? >> look, i don't do politics and i don't pay much attention to what politicians say. on the one hand, there is a clear lack of proportionality.
10:25 am
when we blow up and exaggerate everything we don't like, and to the most forms of criminality, even violence, it's hard to be honest public discourse. that's a problem. it ties into the second issue that you just raised, which is congress has a role in fixing this. he read the constitution, providing for the common defense, securing the border, those are not just executive response abilities. congress has a role in that they've done nothing. to hear somebody complaining that our borders are unsecured and people are coming across the border, we are forced to detain these people as if they have no responsibility. it's a little bit disingenuous, i guess. >> melissa: one president trump tweets that mass deportations are going to begin, next week, what are your thoughts on that? >> i don't pay a lot of attention to presidential tweets because they are just tweeting. here's a fact, which i think -- if you understand the policy, the president's comments make perfect sense.
10:26 am
the fact is there are at least four over 1 million people inside the united states with legal deportation orders. in other words, they have no other legal recourse. they've had their due process. they have no right whatsoever to remain in the united states. we should be deporting them. otherwise, our immigration laws make no sense whatsoever. if we can't even deport people that the court has ordered to be deported -- i think deporting them is important. i think the present is spot on there. who of the respect immigration laws if we don't deport people who, by every legal measure, have no right to be here? >> melissa: what you think the solution of the border is? >> well, i think it's exactly the kind of things that the administration has been working on. we have to work with latin america. the president has been really tough on that. we have to secure the border. the president has been tough on that. we have to deal with illegal immigration here and enforce the laws. that's what the latest tweet is
10:27 am
all about. and we have to reform the legal immigration system. we wrote a report, it's on our website,, we go through these things step-by-step. you have to address all the pieces. it seems like that is exactly what the end administration is trying to do. >> melissa: not getting a lot of help, though. thank you for coming out. we appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. >> melissa: three dallas police officers are not being called heroes after preventing what could have been a tragic mass shooting. a live report on that coming out. plus, the crowd is lined up for president trump's official reelection launch rally tonight in orlando. lots of excitement building already. could this state to be the key for a second trump victory in 2020? ♪
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when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint. >> melissa: sources telling fox news that the justice department has rejected the transfer of former trump
10:32 am
campaign chairman paul manafort to the notorious rikers island jail complex. that request being made by new york city prosecutors additive manafort's pending trial on state charges that include falsifying business records. he will instead be held in a federal lockup in manhattan. president trump gearing up for his big reelection launch tonight in orlando. he enters the 2020 race with a massive war chest and a sprawling network of volunteers at his disposal. former speaker of the house newt gingrich says there is reason some trump supporter's started lining up days in advance of tonight's rally. >> what it tells you is this is a president with a very intense relationship with his base. trump is unique, in that he was elected in the end by all the people who are mad at washington who wanted didn't mind weaknesses as long .
10:33 am
he has convinced them he has a fighter. >> melissa: let's bring in dan hangar for "the wall street journal" editorial page, deputy editor, and judy miller, adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute for policy research. posts are fox news contributor's. it's interesting when you frame president trump as somebody voted for by people who really are sick and met in washington. it makes it seem like joe biden would be the person to run against him and help them win. what do you think? >> true, if people are still sick of washington and what washington has become. i agree with newt gingrich that the president's relationship with his voters is intense. the big question, of course, is what percentage of those voters make up the electorate. if it's 43%, that's a pretty good percent, not enough to win. the president has to make -- to close the deal between the 43% and another 6% or 7% of the electorate to be the winner in the 2020 election. and we know that he has that
10:34 am
solid base. we are going to see that in orlando tonight. the question is whether he will be able to pull up more voters, suburban women, republican women who voted against a public and candidates in the midterm elections, we will get the arguments night in orlando. the argument he intends to make to the american people. >> melissa: judy miller, vice president -- former vice president joe biden says he will take states to turn the election. georgia, north carolina, suffolk atlanta, texas, in florida. to think he could win of those states? >> [laughs] i think he should be more concentrated on michigan, pennsylvania, and states that actually won it for donald trump. florida, by the way, is one of those states. i think the president's opening in florida tonight for that reason, with the themes he is going to emphasize in this campaign, which will be, one, the economy and the enormous progress that has been made under his term, and two, anti-immigration. those are the two themes i think
10:35 am
we will see. but i agree with dan, i just don't know whether those themes will be enough to appeal to the suburban women and the suburban people, middle-class people, whom he has alienated. >> melissa: dan, someone very smart said to me earlier -- i know that judy meant to say anti-illegal immigration -- somebody smart said something yesterday, that the way he should get those women back is when you look inside the fox news poll and see that 70% roughly have sympathy for border agents and 70% heads of the four dock up folks here waiting to find out their feet, that in that cross over, if he could solve that, that itg women back to his table. that smart person of course was you. i told you i would steal that line. i just didn't know you would be here when i did it! [laughter] >> that's television! >> melissa: it's a fantastic argument. do you think you could get democrats to agree to deal like that? >> i do not think he could get democrats to agree to that deal, because nancy pelosi is not going to give him a victory on
10:36 am
anything in the next two years. but he should make that argument and put the burden on the democrats. he should make the offer. "i'm willing to do something on daca, but you have to give me something on the border." the american people are behind him on both of those issues. so i think you should start making the argument, let the democrats respond. >> melissa: and he doesn't alienate folks on the right, because daca is a touchy issue. >> no, he alienates some but i think they understand he has to get reelected. he has done all he can at the border. the things alexandria custer court has said about the camps, absolutely absurd. those are court-ordered groups that have been held on there like that. i think most people understand the president is doing all he can to try and solve the problem down of the >> melissa: do you think it would bring some women voters back to the president? >> it would bring some back, i'm not sure it'll be enough. because this is going to be -- or it could become a very close race. which is why the president is
10:37 am
starting so early and so intensively. >> melissa: great job, guys. thank you. good stuff. some federal officers are being held as heroes after yesterday. casey stegall is live in dallas with more calm and what we are learning. casey? >> a come melissa. brian clyde was his name. we know he served 19 months in the united states army, from 2015 to 2017. for conditions unknown, he left the army. it has not been made public yet, but he did just graduated with his associates degree a couple months ago back in april. we are talking about someone who had no criminal record whatsoever. so the people who knew him, you can imagine, in shock and or when they see this chilling video that was recorded by someone on their cell phone yesterday that shows him in full tactical gear firing at police
10:38 am
officers. 8:30 in the morning, no less, when people were out getting to work at, walking their dogs in the middle of downtown dallas. investigators say the 22-year-old first shot at the federal building and broke out some glass. so the federal officers came out, they were fired upon, and then this shoot out and sued. in a matter of minutes the gunman was dead. nobody else hurt. it just so happens that a newspaper photographer was there, and happen to be nearby and captured this terrifying picture of the gunman. listen. >> i crouched in a corner and tried to make myself as small as possible. just prayed that he didn't walk past me, because -- i'm in plain sight, and if he saw me sitting there with a camera, i have no doubt he would have shot me. >> can you imagine? the bomb squad performed a controlled designation on items
10:39 am
found inside the suspect's car which was parked not far from the scene. police say it was to ensure that there were no explosive or harmful devices inside. but the real question now remains why? agents with the fbi say a motive not clear, but work is being done going through this shooter's social media accounts. his facebook page yesterday show posts that he seemed to be a rather large gun enthusiast but making a real honor for threats or anything like that investigators believe he came to do damage yesterday, melissa, armed with a military-style weapon and also about 150 rounds of ammo. >> melissa: wow. casey stegall, thank you. a jury has been selected in the murder trial of decorated navy seal edward gallagher. a live report from court, next. s are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®.
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>> melissa: fox news alert, acting defense secretary patrick shanahan has withdrawn his nomination as he is speaking out about domestic violence issues within his family. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live at the pentagon with more on this story. you've been busy. jennifer, what do you know? >> melissa, we've just learned that patrick shanahan gave an interview to "the washington post" in the last two days in which he outlined some of his family's problems that date back almost a decade. one of the incidents we've mentioned was reported on by "usa today," and involves a domestic battery charge that came out in divorce proceedings with his wife. but now we are learning that there was also an incident involving his teenage son in which he actually beat his mother with a baseball bat. that was when he was 17 years old. that incident has been kept
10:45 am
under wraps even though there were public records, and it really raises questions as to how the fbi, when a devoted patrick shanahan -- who was a boeing executive of the time -- when they vetted him, to be deputy defense secretary under jim mattis, why this didn't come out at that time and why flags were raised at that time. or if they were raised, why were they ignored? he was confirmed by congress, by the senate, for that deputy position. but now we have a very, very emotional interview that he has given to "the washington post" prior to withdrawing his nomination. and the president announcing that mark esper, the army secretary, would be the acting defense secretary. but now this emotional interview in "the washington post" with patrick shanahan saying that his family and his young adult children will be re-traumatized by these events being played out in public. one would have thought that he would have known that before he
10:46 am
took this very public position and accepted the nomination to begin with, because these were public police records and divorce proceedings records that were available to the fbi at the time. but now we know more details about those domestic violence allegations, acting defense secretary shanahan had issued a public statement explaining that he had not punched his wife. that in fact it had been reversed. but now these very disturbing details about the sun's involvement in a separate domestic violence allegation. melissa? >> melissa: wow. jennifer griffin, think of it. secretary of state pompeo saying the administration does not want war, but that the u.s. is ready to respond to irani and aggression. reaction from a democrat who says war with iran would be "an unconstitutional blunder." next. ♪ ok everyone! our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition...
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino pretty defense secretary pat shanahan is out in our own bret baier sat down recently and asked him about being nominated. we will tell you what he said. plus president trump heading to florida for his big rally and we've got a preview. what is each president candidate's selfie strategy? we will explain on
10:51 am
"the daily briefing" ." >> melissa: fox's light, secretary of state mike pompeo singh president trump does not want war with iran and the u.s. will maintain its pressure campaign to counter remaining aggression. this is democrats are slamming the plan to send more troops in the least, could he could escalate the situation. democratic congressman roe, sits on house armed services and oversight committee. thank you for joining us. let me ask you, because a number of people have come on previously and said based on the size of the troops that it's just a thousand. it looks like a defensive move rather than the grass move. preview seat to family. where are they wrong? >> i believe the president, that he wants to avoid war. my concern is that john bolton and mike pompeo, r secretary of state, art inching is integrator escalation. by sending an aircraft carrier to the region, by sending 1,000 troops, you run the risk that an
10:52 am
accidental confrontation could spiral out of control. that is my basic concern. >> melissa: mike pompeo a short time ago, after he talked to other military leaders at centcom, said that the goal was to "reestablish deterrence." that had apparently been taken out of the way, that we've seen an escalation in the absence of those deterrents in the region. of the remaining aggression. folks .2 terrorist attacks, all sorts of different things including these mine pearl s found on the side of vessels that were in the gulf of oman. you don't think that the iranians need more deterrent in the area? >> melissa, the cause of the escalation has been our withdrawal from the nuclear arms agreement. if you look at the tankers, the norwegian ship and the japanese ship, let's look at what those countries are saying. norway is saying, "let's go back into the nuclear agreement. abe from japan is saying to
10:53 am
negotiate with iran. as the countries that were directly attacked. i think we know it needs to be done. we need to reenter negotiation and have a de-escalation. to avoid the risk. >> melissa: congressman walter responded. here's what he had to say. >> they are trying to create this narrative that, but for the united states -- and you are hearing that with the democrats in congress as well -- if we hadn't withdrawn from the deal, none of this would be happening. supporting terrorism over the region, syria and iraq and in yemen. it's developing a missile program in violation of u.n. sanctions and importantly its holding american hostage as we speak. >> melissa: 's of those things didn't come in the wake of america pulling out of those deals. i don't know how much you believe the evidence, of how they weren't really in this dea
10:54 am
deal. that they moved it to a different spot under a different name, that was basically what they have gotten out of the country. did you not by any of that evidence? >> it's not just that i reject that evidence, so does secretary mattis. he is the president's own defense secretary, and says that iran was in large compliance with the nuclear deal. i don't deny that iran had sponsored terrorism or hezbollah, and they are not a great anchor, but the deal was constraining them. secretary mattis believes that, they the european allies believe that, japan believes that, we need to get back to the negotiating table. secondly, i think president trump wants to get bao the negotiating table. he has john bolton, responsible are so many blunders, advising them incorrectly. >> melissa: let me ask you question. i think you are right that he wants to get back to negotiating. he had said as much. other experts view what's going on as trying to get leverage before they sit down at that table. that we had given up all the leverage by getting the sections off, that we had plenty of money to fund terror, and frankly if we can ramp up nuclear
10:55 am
enrichment, a dolomites on the uranium enrichment , as quickly as they can threaten, they didn't have their foot as much off the pedal. this is about getting the back to the table but with actual leverage this time. >> the problem was we weren't having these escalating incidents when we were in the agreements, and they were in compliance according to all the international inspectors. i am for making sure that we get the best deal possible, tough diplomacy, and their republican members of congress like matt gaetz who also doesn't believe we should be getting to war and supporting the policy. i think the president surrounded himself with the wrong people who don't share his values. he doesn't want another war. he believes in tough diplomacy. >> melissa: real quick before we go, we don't know they were in compliance because they didn't allow anyone in to inspect. if you read the agreement, those anywhere, anytime inspections didn't exist. they got to pick their own samples. >> the secretary matta said they
10:56 am
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>> melissa: thank you so much for watching. i melissa francis and for harr harris. "the daily briefing" starts now. >> dana: hi. "the daily briefing" starts now. patrick shanahan is out, and demarcus ware will replace them. plus, mike pompeo says the u.s. is sending additional troops to the middle east to deter iran from further aggression in the region. all this, and president trump getting ready to head to florida to kick off his 2020 campaign. hello, everyone. i'm dili dana perino, and this s "the daily briefing." dogs coverage on today's bombshell. analysis on all of that.


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