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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 20, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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heather: quick thinking, the detective taking down a stocking suspect who was running away from a man chasing him in australia. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues, goodbye. >> we are devastated tonight. no words to convey the depth of sadness we feel. she gave her young life while protecting our community. jillian: it is thursday, june 20th. a community in grief after a police officer is ambushed and shot in california. rob: a manhunt intensifying overnight. pouring rain across much of the northeast. standing vehicle sitting in rising floodwater in new jersey. jillian: the rescue playing out while you were sleeping. >> so scrumptious.
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is this hands chuck? jillian: america has spoken. are released favorite vegetable just revealed. rob: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ lightning and thunder ♪ jillian: we spent the last 45 seconds debating vegetables. rob: it can't be court on the cob. lightning and thunder on the east coast. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. jillian: let's get to a fox news
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alert. the message from iran, ready for war, asked her an act of hostility against the united states. rob: a navy drone shot down in international airspace. any ideas how the us might respond to this? >> reporter: tensions have skyrocketed, the race is on to recover the us navy drone shot down by iranian surface-to-air missile. not clear how the us will respond to the provocation. officials tell me a target list has been brought up but it is up to donald trump to strike back or not. before the incident lindsey graham spoke to bret baer on special report. >> anymore disruption of shipping in the strait of hormuz, take out there navy, their refineries, reduce attacks on american interests so they will pay pain, they will feel pain. >> reporter: the u.s. navy high-altitude drone was shot
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down 70 miles from iran in international airspace near the strait of hormuz not far from where us officials the iran attack two oil tankers last weekend four at his last month. the navy drone can fly 60,000 feet in the sky 30 hours at a time, it is used to capture military communications and surveillance and reconnaissance missions. each drone cost $180 million. two drones have been shot down in the region this month. i am also told iran tried to shootout another drone lastly. us warships and helicopters are racing to the wreckage to get there before the iranian's do. jillian: we will follow the story as it develops. rob: an urgent manhunt underway for a gunman who shot and killed a police officer responding to a 911 call. officer sullivan was guns down trying to help a woman escape a domestic dispute in sacramento.
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>> we are devastated tonight. there are no words to convey the depth of sadness we feel. she gave her young life while protecting our community. rob: it took 40 minutes and an armored truck to rescue o'sullivan after she was shot and the gunman continue to fire off bullets. she later died at the hospital. officers lining up, police evacuating neighbors and warning people to avoid this area of sacramento. oh sullivan is the 20th police officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year. jillian: the fbi is testing minibar samples from a dominican republic resort to determine if alcohol is to blame for a series of mysterious tourist death. retired ohio police officer jerry kern is the 10th american tourist to die in the country since last summer but health officials are disputing the
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mysterious death. a spokesman for the ministry of public health saying, quote, is all hysteria against the dominican republic for our tourism. this is a very competitive industry and we get millions of tourists. we are a popular destination. people are taking aim at us. rob: a live look at capitol hill where border patrol chiefs will testify on deploying more troops to the southern border. jillian: this is the president's emergency funding request heads to the senate floor. rob: griff jenkins with reaction from the white house. >> reporter: the white house is hopeful they will find a willing partner in house democrats, $4.5 billion that little border aid package passing the senate appropriations committee in a bipartisan vote. the president highlighting he has a willing partner in mexico. >> 6000 soldiers on the southern
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border stopping people from coming in and they have been really stepping it up. i was going to put tariffs on if they didn't but they've been doing a good job. they will tell you the traffic has dropped down. >> senior mexican officials tell fox news the mexican government will deliver the reductions, the president is demanding what official that arrested the border dropped from 4500-2600. us officials say it is too early to confirm those numbers. making the case before the house homeland security committee for more support on the southern border where they are overwhelmed. 600,000 apprehensions this fiscal year, averaging $100,000 per month and 6000 pounds of narcotics crossing every day. provost will tell lawmakers this bill which focuses on humanitarian efforts to save lives. the bill hits the senate floor next week where it will pass but there is no indication that it has bipartisan support in the
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house so we shall see. rob: does anything have bipartisan support? thank you, a syrian refugee under arrest accused of plotting to attack a church in the name of isis. prosecutors say he bought bomb making materials and told an undercover fbi agent about this plan at a pittsburgh pennsylvania church. the pastor is relieved to see him behind bars. >> grateful that god protected us, carried us. rob: the suspect moved to the us as a refugee in 2016. the attack was meant to be revenge for isis in nigeria. two witnesses will take the stand following a day of dramatic testimony against the navy seal. eddie gallagher is accused of war crimes including murdering isis prisoner in 2017. a witness telling the jury he saw gallagher stab the isis
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teenager in the neck but the defense argues there is no evidence of a murder as gallagher's for lucille are trying to taken down because they don't like him. of convicted gallagher faces life in prison. the potential for a presidential pardon is hanging over this trial. he has pleaded not guilty. jillian: republicans. and heckled during intense debate over slavery reparations. >> for the sins of a small subset of america many generations ago. let me finish. would almost certainly be unconstitutional. the reason for that, listen, wait a minute. >> reporter: lawmakers on capitol hill debating the issue for the first time in more than a decade. actor danny glover in 2020 hopeful senator cory booker were among the witnesses to testify. >> we as a nation have not acknowledged and grappled with racism and white supremacy that has tainted this country's founding and continues to persist in deep racial disparities today.
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jillian: the house bill calls for a commission to study the issue. former nfl player burgess owens testified against reparations saying the issue has negative impacts on the black community. >> reparation points to a certain race, certain color as evil and my race is one that is not only -- it doesn't matter our color. successful in this country like no weather because of this great opportunity to live the american dream. jillian: joining tucker carlson owens blames what he called black elitism for bringing the issue to the forefront of the national conversation. >> the real threat to the black community is not white supremacist but black elitism. those on the panel, in the black caucus that have seen this misery of their policies for
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decades and did nothing about it. it doesn't come down to people, folks that have a care to empathize, to come together, might not come from the same place but we have a common bond. we need to change this and they feel good about themselves. we have a focus on our kids. we can do those things together and figure out a way to get past difficulties on reparation. jillian: a number of contenders voiced their support for reparations. rob: live look outside. this is new jersey where more than a dozen vehicles are trapped in rising floodwaters. look at this. this is our 295, first responders on the scene making water rescues as fast as they can even at this hour. that is how much rain in new
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jersey overnight. janice dean is following the storms. she will have a live report in a few minutes. jillian: that is happening right now. the us at the women's world cup against sweden this afternoon. you can watch the match on fox at 3:00 eastern. those teams undefeated have already advanced to the next round after their win in chile on sunday. the us only needs a draw to win their group. rob: 11 after the hour and new york wants to give illegal immigrants a license to drive but one county clerk who has to issue these licenses says not so fast. >> when they talk about people needing a drivers license if you are here illegally you shouldn't be hiring these people because they are violating federal law. i can't in good conscience do this. rob: it is his duty to put the brakes on this new law, he joined us next. jillian: did you see this yet? just look at your tv screen,
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rob: a new york county clerk will not be enforcing the new green light law after andrew cuomo signed the law allowing illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses. rob: jillian: michael kearns says not only will he direct illegal immigrants back to the state but plans to fight this in court too. he joins us live this morning. thank you for your time. this is something we have been discussing a lot for the past few weeks. once this drivers license is issued aside from the obvious being able to drive, what else
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can people do with this license? can they registered to vote? how is important is that we make a change? >> this is very important. this is not only about the law but security and voter fraud. in new york, people can register to vote and on the senate floor, sponsors of the bill, already people in new york are voting illegally. rob: let's read off something from the erie county board of the election commissioner regarding the concerns about voter fraud. in 2020 a lot of illegal immigrants have a good reason to want to vote in this country with the current political environment. we are confident say god will be established that will prevent illegal voter registration and other unauthorized uses. voter fraud is and will remain nonexistent in new york state. do you buy that? >> i don't buy that because we know, i spoke with ice and one of the things they told me and
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conveyed to me, when they apprehends people who are here illegally, one form of identification they have is a voter card. with new technology in new york, people are asked to fill out a form to vote. we know there's already fraud. talk about security, homeland security, this document, a license which is a privilege in new york will be a gateway document for people not only to vote but to commit fraud and crimes. jillian: not just new york. 12 us states and dc offering licenses to illegals and you can see the states outlined there. why did you decide to take the stand? did you have any hesitation in doing it? i am sure you knew you would get backlash. >> it is illegal to hire people who are here illegally.
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there are ways for people, a great institution in new york, if you have a student visa you can get a drivers license. we are on the border of canada, international companies. you can get a drivers license, you need proper documentation. the things that upset me as you had seen her assistance coming in. i had to turn them away when they don't have proper documentation. to meet a higher standard for a citizen for someone here illegally. rob: democrats will say illegal immigrants especially in new york are already driving, already working. all this does is give them identification and keeps tabs on people. it would be a good thing to do this. what do you say? >> one of the things that will happen is the commissioner will destroy the record. law enforcement, state police came out against this law because you won't be able to do that.
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it will not make a safer. i met with homeland security and ice, this is an opportunity, gateway document to change identity. we are talking serious information here. i'm not going to violate federal law. i took an oath of office to defend the constitution and i will continue to do that and we are not going to issue drivers licenses. there is no funding coming back, and unfunded mandate. i could go on and on why this is wrong. jillian: we will be following along to see how this plays out. have a good day. it is 19 minutes after the hour. you would think it was a no-brainer but wait until you hear who has been warned about using marijuana and the numbers are pretty alarming. rob: are democrats in trouble for 2020? not if former president barack obama has anything to do with it.
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heather: valerie jarrett, one of the senior advisers to president obama says he is so concerned about the country he may get involved in the 2020 presidential race. kim jong un carly shimkus is here with reaction to that online. >> reporter: expect to see a familiar face, obama is very concerned about the direction our country is going in and he was involved in the midterm election. my expectation is he would do
2:24 am
the same in the general election. all of us good democrats need to get behind whoever is the nominee. don't expect him to get involved anytime soon during the 2016 election. he waited until after the primaries to endorse hillary clinton. this news is not sitting well with folks on social media. one twitter user says he should stay out of. he had his chance and he. it. another person signing and saying didn't help much last time. a lot of people wondering if he was going to endorse joe biden when he jumped into the race which when he didn't biden said he asked obama not to because he wanted to win on his own merit. rob: this is interesting. pot has become legally more places, and people generally assume it is safer. when pregnant people are smoking i can't imagine. carley: according to this study pot use among pregnant women has doubled. look at these numbers.
2:25 am
and the first trimester between 2002-2006, up to 12% between 2016-2017. and others said they did. social media sounding off on this one. lenore says i say no drugs for their babies and another twitter user saying i am offer legalization of marijuana but don't do it while pregnant. one more tweet, more studies on this issue. some studies have shown it could increase your chances. >> these bring us the moment in life. >> at the nhl awards last night. montréal goalie, surprise young fan who lost his young mother to cancer.
2:26 am
>> the second is the question. do you want to go to the all-star game next year? >> yes. >> reporter: anderson whitehead's mom laura trying to get the going to meet her son but was unable to do so. they met earlier this year and looks like they will be spending more time together, that moment stealing the spotlight. rob: the kid in tears right there hugging the player. 26 after the hour. shocking numbers show the homeless crisis surging in los angeles. are liberal policies in la to blame? >> the united states is running concentration camps on the southern border and that is exactly what they are.
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>> starting with a fox news alert, and police taking a suspect into custody after an 8 hour standoff. officer o'sullivan was shot as she tried to help a woman escape a domestic dispute situation but she later died at the hospital. rob: the fbi testing minibar samples from the dominican republic resort, this could help if tainted alcohol is responsible for tourist death. retired police officer, the 10th american tourist to die in that country since last summer.
2:31 am
health officials are calling the mysterious deaths a hysteria. jillian: chinese president xi jinping arrives in north korea for talks with kim jong un. they will discuss nuclear weapons in the trade with the us. >> severe storms unleashing rain and high winds, more than a dozen stranded in rising floodwater. >> ripping trees from roots, no one was hurt. happening right now, it is happening right now. >> flash flood warning in philadelphia as well. we can't tell you where you are going to see flash flooding, but
2:32 am
the potential is there. listen to your local forecast. we are into a rainy pattern in the eastern third of the country and the threat for severe storms, parts of texas, mississippi, alabama into georgia, towards the mid-atlantic, severe threat include tale, damaging wind, isolated tornadoes, heavy rainfall. this is the area of concern. know what to do if there's watching morning, not just severe thunderstorm watch or morning but flash flood watch or warning as well. there is the precipitation over the next couple days. some of these areas, thunderstorms and heavy rain over the same area hour after hour. that will be a concern going through the next 12 to 24 hours in the eastern third of the country. the other big story is the heat across the south and the potential for showers and thunderstorms across portions of the high plains. there is your forecast, heat
2:33 am
index in texas into louisiana, well over 100 °. new york 80. a good weakening weekend for new york, a lot of areas will feel like summertime. >> it has been raining for two month. >> the eastern third of the country, and stable for the next few weeks. rob: alexandria ocasio cortez refusing to apologize for comparing migrant detention centers on the southern border to concentration camps. the democrat doubling down on this. jillian: her comments are drawing criticism from a lot of people on both sides. >> reporter: aoc told instagram
2:34 am
followers that us government is running concentration camps on the southern border. >> the united states is running concentration camps on the southern border. that is what there are. >> sparking outrage in their own party. >> bill diblasio saying she is flat-out wrong. >> she cannot compare what not season concentration camps without any historical -- horrible moments, no way to compare. >> is refusing to apologize tweeting say what you will, kids are dying, i'm not here to make people feel comfortable about that. some in the mainstream media coming to her defense. >> the truth is we are creating concentration camps on the border.
2:35 am
in 1933 there were concentration camps. in 1941 they were death camps and that is where we are going if our consciences are not pierced. jillian: nancy pelosi was asked what she thought about aoc's comments. rather than condemn them pelosi turn the issue around on the gop. >> republicans have no interest in holding the president accountable for his words, they will misrepresent anything you say if you had one word in the sentence, they can exploit. jillian: the most compelling response of all of this coming all the way from jerusalem, the holocaust memorial giving aoc a history lesson on concentration camps tweeting aoc, concentration camps assured a slave labor supply to help in the nazi war effort even as brutality of life inside the camp helped assure the ultimate goal of extermination through labor. obviously a lot of people upset about this.
2:36 am
>> better to say i am sorry, i was wrong. >> they just kill you, to make that comparison is unbelievable. we have comments on this. we are going to go -- >> mark morgan served in the obama administration, this rhetoric is not only wrong but insulting to the brave men and women who protect our border. >> let's talk about the hard-working men and women of border patrol and ice working every single day to safeguard this country. what is this rhetoric doing? it is demoralizing them. i was there in 2014-16 and i'm here now. i watched it. i saw border patrol agents that cared for these kids, bringing soccer balls to play soccer with them in this rhetoric is irresponsible, reckless and wrong.
2:37 am
>> we want to know what you think. should aoc apologize? most of you are saying yes. ron on facebook says aoc can't deal with reality, there is no basis to compare anything to the tragedy of the hitler nazis. another person writing on instagram i would be surprised if she apologizes. i hope she will be more careful speaking. another person tweeting time for her to get the boot. hate does not belong in congress or anywhere else in government. rob: i jumped the gun. an important story, appreciate it. we will keep following it. a manhunt is underway in wisconsin for whoever shot and killed an off-duty police officer who was gunned down trying to stop a robbery at a bar on monday. investigators say dna could be the key to solving this case. since the suspected behind the mask. there is a $27,000 reward for any information. jillian: a federal judge wants
2:38 am
to reconsider his ruling over the controversial census citizenship question. george hazel ruled allegations of discrimination and conspiracy did not have enough evidence but now he says the plaintiff's request for reconsideration raises a substantial issue. the supreme court is expected to rule on two other cases involving the question. rob: police hunting for a man throwing punctured punches in a massive brawl at a little league baseball game. take a look at this. how embarrassing is this? parents started fighting a game that was for a 7-year-old kid in colorado after the umpire who i believe was only 13 years old made a controversial call. four people were arrested. one was seriously hurt. jillian: the kids in the background, what is happening?
2:39 am
a granny you don't want to mess with. a woman with a suspect on her run with her rifle. martha glass holding the man at gun point at her alabama home as her granddaughter called 911. >> wouldn't get down so i shot in the air. it is amazing to me i got to witness my grandmother in action. jillian: the suspect is facing charges for car theft. tough woman. it is 39 minutes after the hour. joe biden going head to head with cory booker, why the june 2020 contenders -- rob: supposed to be the most magical place on earth but the prices keep skyrocketing. big changes coming to disney world coming up. ♪ -excuse me. uh... do you mind...being a mo-tour? -what could be better than being a mo-tour?
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>> democratic rivals joe biden and cory booker taking shots at each other on the campaign trail, the former vice president says he has no reason to apologize after senator booker resized him for highlighting his ability in the past to work with segregationist senators. >> should apologize -- he knows better. >> biden hanging tough, booker trails biden in the 2020 presidential polls, said biden's relationships in the past were not the model needed for this country. >> washington dc could be the city of secrets. the international spy museum says there are 10,000 spies in the nation's capital. the museum placed spies are becoming more diverse, neighbors and college students, they typically place their best spies in dc. i can believe it.
2:44 am
rob: walt disney world hiking its annual prices before the star wars galaxy's and attraction opens in august. the prices keep going up. according to theme park insider, non-florida residents will see a hike up to 25%. that is a headache. florida residents could see increases of 20%. disney world announced hollywood studio will open at 6:00 am in september. hotel guests can check out star wars. you have to be rich to go to disney world. say goodbye to your personal space. to check out new airplane seats showcased at the paris air show. less then two feet of legroom, 23 inches, most airplane seats have 31 inches of legroom. look at the bicycle style seats. this looks awful.
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so far no have plans to use this idea, let's hope not. jillian: you know how michelle obama feels about vegetables. >> turnips for what? turnips for what? rob: michelle obama went viral for this video during her time in the white house but turns out americans aren't as excited about turnips as she is. jillian: turnips show it is the least favorite vegetable in the us. veggie tracker says 27% of americans hate turnips. rob: the favorite vegetable, here we go, the favorite is corn. more than 91% of americans say they love corn. jillian: a different study said broccoli. i don't like broccoli. 15 minutes until the top of the hour.
2:46 am
shocking numbers show the homeless crisis surging in los angeles. michael knowles says it is not in a, neck problem and it can be fixed with 3 simple solutions. rob: let's see what is coming up on "fox and friends". you've got to love corn on the cob. >> i'm from iowa. i love corn on the car. broccoli, you know how to make it better? don't eat it. put bacon with everything. i actually smoked a whole head of cauliflower. jillian: i did too. rob: it was great. >> coming up on our program jason chaffetz, former congressman from the great state of utah joining us to talk about the president's allegation last
2:47 am
night looking into whether or not the spy agencies despite on him and listen to his phone calls when he was running for president. we will talk to jason chaffetz and judge andrew napolitano. representative jim jordan of ohio and lawrence jones, about reparations. and kicking off summer, one day early. kurt the cyber guy will show us how to use our technology, we have a couple boats on fox square. it is a rainy day. rob and julian return in 2 minutes. you are watching "fox and friends". summer's not the time
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rob: california facing a surge in homelessness across the street. >> lossless -- los angeles county is 59,000 people who are
2:51 am
homeless, 12% jump from last year. could the state's liberal policies be to blame. rob: the michael knowles show and california resident michael knowles. what is the reason? >> when you incentivize certain behavior you get more of that behavior. that is what leftist politicians are learning in the tent city formerly known as los angeles. in the last year in la county, homelessness is up. it is up 16%. what does california want to do? throw money at the problem. state budget wants to through $2.4 billion at it. this is 2 years after eric garcetti convinced us to borrow $1.2 billion and the problem has gotten worse.
2:52 am
>> you mentioned the increase of 12%, 16%, look at those numbers, that is almost 59,000 homeless people in the county itself, 36,300 in the city. of these policies don't change where will we be in 5 or 10 years? >> the problem isn't getting better. you look at those numbers and that timeframe the economy has gone big gangbusters with record low unemployment, it is not about economics, but addiction and mental illness. the policies we have on the streets, tell police not to enforce the law. homelessness is a dysfunctional act that harmed the individual, arms society, nobody benefits but homeless people in los angeles can access a ton of welfare programs.
2:53 am
cops are told not to clean them off the street. it would be simple to solve this problem. if you got people who were mentally ill, people who were addicted into treatment they need and took the genuine ne'er-do-wells and criminals and through them in prison, it would be simple to clean it up but the left politicians in los angeles don't have the political will to do it. rob: you see problems like homelessness and it is one of a slew of issues you have in major cities in this country most of which are run primarily by democrats and you see this exodus from those cities, people leaving these expensive cities. what needs to change about the mentality of the people running places like san francisco, los angeles, new york, chicago? >> especially san francisco. it used to be one of the great cities, now there are needles all over the street and people defecating on the street. if you decriminalize certain terrible behaviors you are going
2:54 am
to get more of those behaviors in the city will only get worse and worse. what we need to do is make sure we have beautiful places and take a firm stand. what leftist politicians believe is it is compassionate to let people shoot up apps on the street, compassionate let people live in squalor. there's nothing compassionate about it. it is cruel. it is a cruel society that incentivizes the awful behavior that harmed everybody involved. >> thank you for joining us. appreciate it. it is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. millennials are causing quite a stink. are they really a smelly generation? ♪ sunday night ♪ game on ♪ another night ♪ rob: carrie underwood doesn't stink. back with a lawsuit. why carrie is under fire for her sunday night football song.
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. .
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the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. jillian: welcome back time for th the good, the bad, and the ugly. the retired patriots star donated $50,000 to a children's hospital in buffalo, new york. he jokes that it's cool to finally be accepted there after spending years as a rival of the buffalo bills.
2:59 am
rob: next the bad. kerry underwood accused of plagiarizer her sunday night football song ♪ game on ♪ it's sunday night ♪ turn off the light. >> you a lawsuit claims the country star ripped game on from a california song writer. the nfl and ntsb are being sued for copyright violations. underwood has not commented. jillian: how about this the ugly claim millennials really stink. >> when i get nervous i stick my fungers under my arms and i smell them like that. jillian: according to a u gov plan 39% of 18 to 24-year-olds have not used deodorant in the last month. i'm older than 24. same age group saying they haven't purchased any deodorant or anti-spu anti-pierr
3:00 am
rant. i carry it in my purse with me. rob: she says people don't notice i notice. jillian: can't smell it through the tv. have a good day. steve: 6:00 in new york city and this is a fox news alert. tensions rising nut middle east. iranian officials say they are ready for a war after the iranians shot down an american surveillance drone over night. ainsley: latest and boldest move yet in a series of alarm will incidents. ed: lucas tomlinson has the breaking details. >> the race is on to recover the wreckage of a u.s. navy high altitude drone shot down by iranian surface to air missile. in international airspace over the strait of hormuz not far from where u.s. officials say iran attacked two oil tankers in the


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