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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  June 20, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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morning weighing 6 pounds 2 ounces. >> congratulations to mom and dad. graphic artist ritchie and his wife lindsey. congratulations. >> bill: nicely done. good morning, everybody. new this hour a suspect is said to be in custody after a deadly shooting of a young police officer in sacramento, california. you can hear the pop in the background. the gunman refusing to surrender for eight hours in a stand-off for police. he opened fire on them. a 26-year-old officer was shot and killed. fellow officers trying for 45 minutes to save her life. more on that story out of northern california coming up inside "america's newsroom." first, however, breaking overnight. a major provocation out of iran. they shot down a u.s. navy drone over the strait of hormuz.
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brand-new hour begins now here on "america's newsroom" on a brand-new day. i'm bill hemmer, good morning. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. the big question at this hour what will the u.s. do next? right now iran saying it targeted the drone in iranian airspace but the united states says that is not the case. >> bill: this latest move marks the second time tehran shot down an american drone this month. we're live from the pentagon. lucas, hello. >> central command responsible for all forces in the middle east rejected iran's claim the american drone flew over iran. those reports are false. it was an unprovoked attack on a surveillance asset in international airspace. the race is on to recover the wreckage of the drone shot down by an iranian surface to aramis ill over the strait of hormuz not far from where u.s.
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officials say iran attacked oil tankers. the shoot down of the unmanned drone with a wing span the size of a boeing 737 airliner took place two days after patrick shanahan resigned. army secretary mark esper takes over monday. president trump spoke to sean hannity last night about an hour after the u.s. drone was shot down. >> i worry about iranian proxy wars. >> president trump: don't worry about a thing. everything is under control. iran is a much different country. much different today than when i took over. it look like there was no stopping them. >> lindsey graham spoke to bret baier. >> my red line. if there is any more -- take out their navy and bomb their
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refineries. go after the iranians so they'll feel pain. >> the drone can fly up to 60,000 feet and loiter for 30 hours at a time used to spy on iranian military communications and tracks shipping in the busy waterways. each drone costs up to $180 million. last night officials say iranian-backed forces launched cruise missiles into saudi arabia targeting a power plant. >> bill: topic a for the administration today. >> there was a secret meeting at the white house last night after these reports of the iranian-backed forces launching cruise missiles to saudi arabia. now a large, unprovoked attack according to u.s. officials on a $180 million piece of military hardware. expect meetings at the pentagon and white house. patrick shanahan has resigned and mark esper doesn't take
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over until monday. >> bill: developing story. thank you. >> sandra: more breaking news. in one hour we could get some of the final decisions from the supreme court. first a democratic aide is heading to prison for releasing home addresses and phone numbers of senators who supported brett kavanaugh. >> doxxing is the act of gathering and posting on the internet sensitive information about an individual and it is highly illegal. 27-year-old found out the hard way after he posted personal and private information on five senators on wikipedia. here they are. now the man was sentenced yesterday to four years if prison after pleading guilty in
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april to five felony charges. two counts of making public personal information, one count of computer fraud, one count of witness tampering and one count of obstruction of justice. the district judge called this a vicious offense and told the court it has serious consequences. he admitted he was motivated out of anger after his release last year. his attorney issued this statement. no one should be judged by their worst act but how they emerge from it. the defendant is remorseful and is in recovery and looks forward to a successful life after his sentence. davis is also a former staffer who has been charged. >> sandra: griff, thanks. >> president trump: the fact is they were spying on my
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campaign, using agencies to -- intelligence agencies to do it. we're trying to find out whether or not they listened in on my calls. that would be the ultimate. we'll see what happens. >> bill: the president last night with sean hannity and he suggested phone calls were monitored during the campaign of 2016. dan henninger from the "wall street journal." based on that comment i suppose that's part of what is being investigated when it comes to the investigators. >> that's what bill barr was talking about in the senate hearing when he said he thought there was spying, surveillance of the trump campaign and he wanted to find out what was going on. and the expectation is that attorney general barr will do exactly that. that was improper. the big issue here i think, bill, what bill barr is attempting to do is to restore the credibility of institutions like the f.b.i. and the c.i.a.
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to which the american people invest a lot of power. and their credibility has been damaged with at least half of the american population. that's a bad thing. i think bill barr, who wants to see these institutions function properly, wants to get to the bottom of who did what, punish those people and restore their credibility. >> bill: you had hope hicks before the house judiciary committee. it believes they're headed to court on this matter and a few other things. >> they're probably headed to court where these things usually go. i think what the house democrats are also doing at least some of them are trying to push nancy pelosi towards agreeing to impeachment hearings. this is a political project of theirs. they want to tee up the trump presidency as impeachable. they want to convey to the american people that it was an illegitimate presidency. the russian collusion narrative
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failed and this is plan b as the president has said. as a legal matter there is no reason why any of these white house officials have to testify before those committees and undoubtedly this is going to court. >> bill: you're writing this morning in the "wall street journal" about trump's sleepy joe problem. he was on telemundo and asked about his potential opponents and characterized two of them this way. >> president trump: bernie looks like he has had it. bernie looks crazy but he always did. he looks like a tired crazy now. joe biden looks like he is exhausted. i don't know what happened to him but he is exhausted and he doesn't do any work. he is not working. >> bill: how does that match up? >> my column was pegged to a couple of interesting things in the fox poll this week, president trump didn't like it very much. deeper down in the poll they asked democrats whether they preferred a candidate who was steady and reliable or one with
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a bold new agenda. upwards of 72% said they wanted somebody who is steady and reliable. what that suggested to me is there are a lot of voters out there who think our politics has become too chaotic. they want a time-out and possibly that is joe biden's appeal. sleepy joe biden. why do so many people like him? i think it's because biden is promising a return to normalcy from the kind of tumult of the trump presidency. >> bill: whether or not that strategy works. >> that is the strategy he is pursuing. reliable. i'm bipartisan, reach across the aisles. the democrats set it up so there is no reaching across the aisle to the trump presidency right now. that's his plan. >> bill: check it out today in the "wall street journal." new reaction in a moment on the investigation of the investigators. house intelligence ranking
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member devin nunes is live later this hour. >> sandra: defiant joe biden after claims he needs to apologize for comments he made referencing back to the good old days in the 1970 senate. >> the point i'm making is, we don't have to agree. you don't have to like the people in terms of their views. but you just simply make the case and you beat them. you beat them without changing the system. >> sandra: now his democratic rivals are calling him out of touch. dnc communications director will be here to respond. >> bill: president trump touting his record on jobs and the economy saying that more americans are working now than ever before. we talk about that with peter navarro from the white house shortly. >> sandra: the f.b.i. reportedly testing mini bar samples from hotel rooms in the dominican republic. we'll have the latest on that investigation. more families continue to speak
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play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tum tum tums >> are you going to apologize? >> apologize for what? he knows better. there is not a racist bone in my body. >> bill: there is joe biden a stern response after taking heat from several democratic rivals included senators cory booker and kamala harris. it developed quickly. with me now is xochitl hinojsa, communications director for the dnc. where did this come from? it seemed to catch fire overnight. >> it did. i'm not going to get into the
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back and forth between candidates. that will be up for them to respond to. frankly you will see a lot of that on the debate stage next wednesday and thursday for the first debates in miami. but i think that what's really clear is what every single person on that debate stage next week has fought for civil and voting rights and diversity. i don't think you can say the same of this president. earlier this week was donald trump's relaunch of his campaign and he had white supremacists at his rally. you don't hear him or republicans denouncing them. it's clear between these parties. >> bill: i understand where you are trying to go. let's bring it back to the issue at hand. joe biden was reacting harris and booker, who will be on stage next week. here is what they said yesterday. first of all this is biden's original comments. joe biden says i was in a caucus with james o. eastland.
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he never called me boy, always called me son and he goes on to say we did not agree on much of anything. we got things done. today you look at the other side and today you're the enemy. the enemy, we don't talk to each other anymore. booker and harris went him the following way. watch. >> somebody running for president of the united states, somebody running to be the leader of our party, should know that using the word boy in the way he did can cause hurt and pain. >> to coddle the reputations of segregationists, people if they had their way i would not be standing here as a member of the united states senate, is i think -- it's misinformed. >> bill: that's pretty clear. using the words like coddle. how far left will his democratic rivals drive him or drag him in this primary season? >> well, i don't even think it's about how far left will
6:17 am
his colleagues drag him, i think it will be answering to the voters. voters have questions of all of our candidates. so every candidate will have to answer directly about how they are going to help them. and whoever has the best ideas, whoever has the best plans for the american people will come out of our democratic nomination. it is going to be a very long year. i think that we have 12 debates happening. >> bill: he already reversed his position on the hyde amendment. how far left will they take him? >> that's up to him and it will be a decision that he is making in terms of his policies and his stances and where he is going to go with that. i think what will be really interesting is the debate stage next week where you'll have people talking about the issues. we'll have candidates not only answering questions about their plans but they might have questions about each other's plans and so you will have two nights and have these campaigns responding directly to whoever on various things.
6:18 am
>> bill: does the dnc have a position on the reparations hearing? >> they believe these conversations should continue to happen and these are conversations not only within our party but within our country. we believe that civil rights is a shrink of america. that's a conversation democrats are willing to have while republicans run scared. >> bill: i didn't hear a yes or no. do you have a policy whether or not you support it? >> we support the conversation, absolutely. >> bill: only the conversation but not the actual payment. >> again, we want to make sure we're having these conversations within our primary. >> bill: burgeis owens was in front of this committee yesterday in the house and he is very much against it. here is his position, watch. >> how about a democratic party pay for all the misery brought to my race, and those after we learn our history decide to stay there, they should pay also, they're complicit and
6:19 am
every white american, republican or democrat who feels guilty should need to pony up also. >> bill: react to that. >> going back to what i said before i think the democratic party here isn't the problem. the democratic party believes diversity is our greatest strength and we must have these important conversations about race in our party. but you have a republican party who is not doing that and i think that is extremely troubling and donald trump is up for reelection. voters should be asking him these questions. >> bill: owens was offended by it because he thought it was another form of welfare. >> i think we should be having these conversations within our party. we have a debate next week where a lot of these questions will be asked of our candidates right now and i think that there are some serious issues that are being raised not only in this hearing but around the country and those should happen on the debate stage. >> bill: >> bill: as a party would you
6:20 am
take a position? >> there will be a process. when we have our democratic nominee and actually a little bit before that where we will have a platform process where we're going to discuss a who range of issues not from the economy to healthcare and that is a process that takes several weeks and we will discuss exactly where the democratic party stands on a number of issues. >> bill: it will be considered is what i hear from that answer. >> a number of issues will be considered and we bring in a lot of stakeholders, unlike the republican party. >> bill: to be debated next time. xochitl hinojsa thank you for coming in again. >> thank you for having me. >> sandra: breaking news out of california where a young police officer who just joined the force last year has been shot and killed. what we're now learning about the suspect. >> bill: top democrats including speaker pelosi now brushing off the concentration camp comments by alexandria ocasio-cortez.
6:21 am
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6:25 am
>> no words convey the depth of sadness we are and how -- >> sandra: we have an update on this story this morning. christina, good morning. >> she is the first sacramento officer to be killed in the line of duty in 20 years. police say the 26-year-old rookie officer was shot and killed by a man who barricaded himself inside a house for nearly eight hours. o'sullivan and several other officers went to a home in north sacramento for a domestic disturbance call last night helping a woman get her belongings out of the house. a man at the house started firing shots. o'sullivan was hit. as the man kept shooting several roads were closed and nearby residents were told to stay inside. she was in a backyard and the suspect kept firing. it took 40 minutes to get to her eventually using an armored vehicle to reach her.
6:26 am
after an eight-hour stand-off the shooter came out of the front door of the barricaded house before 2:00 in the morning. family, friends and co-workers are mourning sullivan's loss. >> our police officers leave home knowing there is a possibility that they will never return. today that horrible possibility has become the devastating reality. >> the sacramento bee reported o'sullivan was part of the first graduates of the scholarship program in 2017. she worked for the city since january of 2018. o'sullivan is described as having a bubbly personality and always willing to help but also tough and strong. >> the men and women of our department will continue to do our jobs to protect the community. and we will draw from the strength and courage of tara. our hearts are with her family, whose pain can hardly be
6:27 am
imagined. >> police were able to negotiate with the suspect to get him out of the house and taken into custody. no word what led up to the shooting. >> sandra: what a story. we all grieve the loss of that officer. thank you. >> bill: also from california today there is a massive homeless issue in l.a. and many are now stepping up calls for the mayor to resign. >> our leaders seem to think it's okay to leave people on the street to die just whistling past the graveyard where we've had 3600 people die on the streets of los angeles in the past five years. >> bill: is there a solution? money man charles payne has been digging into this and we'll talk to charles next hour coming up. >> sandra: u.s. central command confirming an unprovoked attack by iran taking out an american drone stoking fears of war between the u.s. and tehran. are sanctions working and is the administration considering imposing more. we'll speak with peter navarro
6:28 am
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>> bill: 9:30 in new york. new this morning the f.b.i. said to be testing mini bar samples from hotels in the dominican republic as they investigate the death of nine american tourists. a in your practitioner was saying she was six there a month ago. her symptoms didn't make sense to her. >> severe sweating, weakness, numbness in the hands and toes and difficulty walking. scary that nothing is being done about it. people are dying from it. i got lucky and came back alive. >> bill: jeff paul in the capital city of santo domingo. good morning. >> good morning. that testing by the f.b.i. of at least one mini bar is reportedly happening at a resort further down the coast from where we are here.
6:32 am
the mini bar is at a resort as american authorities continue to work with local authorities here in the d.r. the ministry of health saying so far their tests by local health inspectors show negative results when checking food, alcohol, pool, a.c. units and other areas. the f.b.i. is also helping with the toxicology tests of three of the now 10 americans who died in the d.r. in about the past 12 months. those results could take up to a month to get back. physicians who study problems involving lungs and respiratory issues say time can be a factor when studying and collecting the samples. >> i think the authorities are doing the best they can do. the numbers of deaths that have occurred as the ability to do autopsies swiftly might be challenging in some countries or cities where coroners who are doing this may not easily
6:33 am
be available. >> 2.7 u.s. citizens travel to the d.r. each year. the overwhelming majority visit without incident. so far the state department says there have not been an uptick in deaths reported to them. the minister of health in the d.r. says that these deaths are isolated and he worries long-term what impact it could have on the important tourism to this area. >> bill: jeff paul, thank you. good to have you there. this is new as well today. the dominican republic's a.g. is given an update on the shaongt of david ortiz. it was a case of mistaken identity and the target was another man sitting at the table with big papi. the hit was orchestrated by a cartel member who remains on the run. ortiz hospitalized in boston.
6:34 am
his condition is good. >> president trump: i would have said we'll create five million jobs in 2 1/2 years, people would have said how ridiculous. i would have been skewered by the press. we have the best, lowest unemployment rate for african-americans, asians, hispanics. nobody has ever seen numbers like this. >> sandra: president trump last night talking jobs on hannity. he says there are more people working today in this country than ever before. joining us now is peter navarro assistant to the president for trade and manufacturing policy. everything you have been doing, peter, good morning to you. has front and center when it comes to the future of this country, our economy, looking at the stock market today s & p 500 hit an all time high. are the president's policies working? is that what is at play? >> i remember during the campaign we talked about cutting taxes, deregulation,
6:35 am
unleashing our energy sector and of course leveling the play field on trade as a way of getting us out of this terrible stagnating 2% growth in the obama and bush years. we've hit over 3%. the president said over 6 million jobs created. i'm most proud of this president because he created manufacturing jobs compared to 200,000 jobs lost in the obama/biden administration. obama said we couldn't bring those manufacturing jobs back unless we have the magic wand >> sandra: joe biden the frontrunner for the democratic ticket now took credit for the strength in the economy because of the obama-era policies. what did you think when you heard that? >> so laugh out loud moment. i remember debating the
6:36 am
economists from -- they're all this inbred group, biden, obama, clinton. they said manufacturing jobs were gone. service sector economy. forget about all that. on the campaign trail we used to talk about how everything obama/biden did was growth killing. you think about it more regulation kills growth, higher taxes kills growth. trying to stamp out our oil and gas industries. and of course these bad trade deals that they did nafta back in the 90s or south korea deal was hillary's deal. >> sandra: i want the talk about those and i want to acknowledge the dow up 214 points. 100 points away from an all-time high. s & p is hitting an all-time high. rising tensions with iran is front and center this morning. i know you played a part in the construction of the sanctions, the aggressive sanctioning that we have imposed on iran.
6:37 am
do we have anything left in the tool box to further pressure iran, peter? >> so of course i'm not going to comment on the events of the day but here is what i can tell you is the big picture. iran is a rogue nation seeking to export nuclear weapons technology, radical islam and terrorism not just to the middle east but europe and the rest of the world. the approach of the biden administration was to give them billions of dollars -- i don't know to what end. i guess they were trying to pay them off in some sense. our approach is economic sanctions. what we're trying to do here and which is succeeding is to cut off their export revenues. they sell oil, they sell petrochemicals. they sell iron and steel. if we cut off the revenue off they can't pay for the war. it is certainly working. it is working beautifully and we have to trust this president, president trump, to
6:38 am
carry this policy. >> sandra: are the european allies still buying oil from iran? >> they better not be. the sanctions are in full effect. anybody around the world who doesn't believe that president trump will do exactly what he says he will do hasn't been watching fox news lately. >> sandra: so france for example, italy, germany, they're not buying oil from iran right now? >> i don't know the details of that. clearly we have strong sanctions and if they do that, there is strong cost to them. look, we're working with our all aisles around the world. but there is this tension where for economic reasons our allies do things that aren't in the interests of both the united states and the rest of the world with military expenditures for example. our national security umbrella is financed by u.s. taxpayers and countries around the world try to shirk those responsibilities even though they benefit from the national
6:39 am
security umbrella. this president is changing that and getting people to step up and it's all to the good. let's see what happens. the most important thing we have to do in the short term is get the u.s., mexico, canada agreement passed and make sure we can continue with this beautiful run on the economy. >> sandra: mexico gave a thumbs up on that. the first country to do so. when eventually and what are the chances of congressional approval for the usmca. >> i think the vote was 114-4. it was a slam dunk in mexico because this deal is good for mexico, canada and the united states. the thing that i like about it as a trade and manufacturing guy is the fact that we have the strong rules of origin coupled with tough protections for labor and the environment to u.s. soil. every member of congress, regardless of party, wants to
6:40 am
go back to their district and talk to their people and be proud that they voted for usmca. it's a matter of getting it to the floor. >> sandra: i want to get to china quickly before we let you go. on usmca considering congressional approval would be next when do you see it happening? summertime july, august? when does it happen? >> we're shooting for summer. the ambassador is doing a fantastic job working closely on both sides of the aisle on capitol hill. we need to get language to the house soon and summer is what we're hitting. we have to do this. it will be great for american. >> sandra: final thoughts on china. president has a big meeting coming up end of next week. does a deal get done? >> i was in orlando and he said we either get a great and fair deal or we don't. if we don't we have a strong economy and the tariffs are
6:41 am
working beautifully to bring our factories, job, supply chain home and last quarter this is really important, q1, 2019 grew 3.2%. a full point was due to the china tariffs. we grow faster when we produce more and it is all good. we'll see what happens. >> sandra: we appreciate you coming back to "america's newsroom." hope to have you back soon. >> bill: good stuff there. 19 before the hour. president trump not letting up on those he said who spied on his campaign. >> president trump: the top people were terrible, they were leakers. the top of the f.b.i. he leaked and when you look at what went on, sean, it is disgusting. they wanted insurance policy in case she loses. >> bill: he went on to say democrats are handing out subpoenas like they are cookies as hope hicks goes behind closed doors to answer questions and democrats were not happy. republican devin nunes will tell us what to look out for next coming up live.
6:42 am
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>> she is only one peg on the board and that we'll need to proceed with director mueller and we'll need to proceed with mcgahn. that's what we're going to do. >> obstruction of justice in action. you have the white house asserting immunity, not a thing. >> it is an ongoing effort by the president of the united states to prevent the american people from knowing the full truth. >> three democrats right there hitting back at former trump communications director hope hicks for not answering a lot of their questions on the time that she spent on the white house with the house judiciary committee. full disclosure, miss hicks is executive vice president and chief communications officer at fox corporation. want to talk about it with devin nunes, ranking member house intel committee. thank you for coming back. i want to get to a lot in four minutes. let's start with hope hicks. what was this hearing all about? it appears based on that
6:46 am
reaction that we're going to court. >> well, it was a deposition taken behind closed doors. the house intelligence committee last year had her for many, many hours. she has been interviewed by the senate, the mueller team. so nobody quite understood why she was back in the u.s. capitol yesterday doing essentially another deposition. my sources that were inside and did the interviewing said it was quite embarrassing to watch the democratic congressmen ask hope hicks about her love life. that's bizarre to have a bunch of old congressman asking somebody about her love life. i think the american people would be ashamed if they knew what actually happened in that room. >> bill: that came up in that hearing room yesterday? >> that's what the folks that i talked to are telling me. >> bill: what's relevant about that? >> i have no idea. that's a good question. >> bill: the president was with sean last night by telephone talked about subpoenas flying left and right.
6:47 am
listen. >> president trump: nancy pelosi hands out subpoenas like they're cookies. i will tell you, when a jim and mark meadows, jim jordan and devin and all these people when they went to paul ryan to get a subpoena, paul would say well, let's take it easy. let's not this. it was impossible. you couldn't get a subpoena. she hands out subpoenas like they're cookies. >> bill: it was a clever line. i guess trying to just cut through this and understand it. give us perspective on where the investigation of the investigators is today. what has moved forward, sir? >> so what i would remind the president had it mostly right but also what he didn't talk about was how d.o.j. and f.b.i. continually blocked our subpoenas. we had very targeted subpoenas and oftentimes they would use the mueller team, for example, as the reason why they couldn't
6:48 am
answer our questions. one of those questions is about the second scope memo. remember they had the first scope memo that didn't meet the qualifications that rod rosenstein signed. and then a second memo we weren't allowed toz. it went to court, a piece came out about paul manafort. it was based on the dossier. we said wait a second, you have no evidence of collusion, you used the dossier for the second scope memo. d.o.j. and f.b.i. and mueller stonewalled us. we've been able to see it. i can't go line by line what was in it but the bulk of it nearly in its entirety was based off the steele dossier. why is that important? remind the viewers, this was the information that the clinton campaign got from the russians. ultimately is where it came
6:49 am
from. >> bill: the information they took to the fisa court to get their surveillance. >> bill: that's correct. >> byron york is saying now mysterious third scope memo for robert mueller. what do you know about that, sir? >> so what -- i don't know if it's the third scope memo but it looked to me as somebody who read it it looked like a cya memo. we know this, the public knows this, you can go into the mueller report, dossier, you can see they talk about this expanded investigation and they list a bunch of names in there and so -- but it looks to me like they wanted a reason. there must have been a legal reason why they needed to add an addendum to this. my guess is they expanded it so far and wide and remember, by this time this is in october, they already know there is no collusion. so they start to investigate
6:50 am
random americans like roger stone. remember at the end of the day what did they get roger stone for? for lying to congress. why was roger stone put into anything like what they are saying -- we have no idea why he is in this. >> bill: i'll cut through this. a lot of things that happened between election and inauguration day is something bill barr is focused on. do we ultimately find out what was going on? >> yeah. we'll get the full picture. that i am quite sure of. we're actually -- we've sent over eight criminals referrals to d.o.j. i expect some will be acted on. i think the big question is how many people will ultimately be prosecuted in this. i am confident we'll get the full story. >> bill: thank you for your time. we'll speak again. devin nunes the republican from california. thank you. >> sandra: new developments in the murder trial of navy seal edward gallagher. a member of his platoon giving
6:51 am
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>> sandra: graphic testimony in the court-martial of navy seal ed gallagher charged with murder and other war crimes when a star witness for the prosecution described gallagher stabbing an isis prisoner in the neck. chief correspondent jonathan hunt reporting live from san diego. jonathan. >> sandra, today promises to be another dramatic day in court. not an easy one for the reputation of the u.s. navy seals or the lawyers defending chief petty officer edward gallagher accused of murdering an isis fighter in iraq.
6:55 am
miller said yesterday on the day in question a captured isis fighter was brought to the seals and miller said he had a leg wound but miller said he saw chief gallagher kneeling next to the prisoner and quote, i saw him stab the prisoner in the side of the neck. miller said gallagher, who has been accompanied to court each day by his wife stabbed the isis fighter twice and took pictures with the body and miller said gallagher came to his room later that day, quote, he asked me who is not good with it? i said i'm not good with it. on cross examination gallagher's lead attorney chipped away at miller's credibility pointing out his memory lapses on many details although not on the central accusation of being witness to murder. >> what we learned about chief miller is when you aren't telling the truth you can't remember anything to keep your story straight. >> and the attorney said he
6:56 am
considers every one of the seals who served with gallagher and now is testifying against him to be, quote, cowards and liars. it is open warfare between some of our most elite fighting forces in this courtroom. >> bill: minutes away from what could be a critical day at the u.s. supreme court. we could get major rulings. more coming up in a moment. the deaths of americans. it has been a mystery, the dominican republic needs to give answers soon, says ted williams, who has watched this case carefully. his thoughts coming up on that as well. come on back at the top of the hour. [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton.
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7:00 am
that quickly turns liquid to gel. so i feel protected and pretty. always discreet boutique. >> sandra: fox news alert now. anticipation growing at the supreme court. some of its biggest decision and rulings could be coming down at any moment as the clock ticks down on its term. welcome to "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. there are a few nicknames for me. it is a full plate for the justices on the docket. everything from capital punishment to executive power. their opinions could affect millions. time running out on the term. which way will it go? shannon bream is at the supreme court with a preview of the big cases. >> i think the hem nateor works
7:01 am
for bill. two cents on the nickname. we're waiting three big cases, several. 20 actually now. right now at this moment 10:00 eastern they start handing out those cases. we'll wait to see what we get. we look for the cross case, the war memorial that sits outside d.c. in suburban maryland and it was put up almost 100 years ago commemorates world war i. it is in the shape of a cross. a humanist organization is challenging that. they say that it sends a religious message. the government has been sending a religious message by having something in the shape of a cross and that there are plenty of veterans, those who died in world war i who don't share that faith and have no faith at all and not an aappropriate yt symbol for them. the critics are worried if this cross is struck down. there are crosses and religious symbols in war memorials and cemeteries here and overseas as you saw with the visit to the
7:02 am
crosses and the cemeteries over in france from that world war. it is a mess potentially with the memorials as folks look around the world at what could be impacted. also there are two gerrymandering cases in north carolina and maryland and affect control of the house. how those districts are drawn and whether or not they would benefit republicans or democrats. the court has never struck down a partisan gerrymandering case before. finally a big citizenship question that the trump administration has wanted to include in the 2020 census. there has been a big fight whether or not that makes people not filling out the form if they need to talk about the status or citizenship. they say people in minority or immigrant groups will be under counted. the government says there is a legitimate reason and need to print the forms by july 1. >> bill: on this census matter everybody is waiting on that.
7:03 am
it was expedited through the legal process now and there is a chance they may not rule. what is happening there, shannon? >> it's very unusual but they've already heard arguments. they've had the oral arguments and briefing and everything else but there are opponents of this question who say they have now discovered new evidence in some materials left by a late republican strategist that were discovered after his death saying it is enough to reopen the case to talk about the animus and why the question was included in the census. three federal judges have ruled against the question being included. one of those lower court cases there was an order from one of the judges saying it could be significant material if potentially noticed here the supreme court here potentially the case that they would actually reargue this case later. take that into account or go ahead and rule because the record was closed. we'll know shortly. >> you are still the breamer.
7:04 am
we're back with you later. >> sandra: joe biden firing back as critics pounce on his comments about seg regraitionists who served with him in the senate in the 1970s. peter doocy is live with us. >> joe biden served with hundreds of senators from 1973 when he got to d.c. until 2009 when he became v.p. there are two that come to mind when he recalls a time that stuff got done in d.c. and they are both segregationists. he told donors about a man known as the voice of the white south. i was in a caucus with james o. eastland. he told donors about a man who tried to keep schools segregated. herman tall imagine, you go down the list of all these guys. at least there was some civility and we got things done. both of those were democrats. it doesn't change anything for
7:05 am
kamala harris. >> to coddle the reputations of segregationists people if they had their way i wouldn't be standing here as a member of the united states senate is i think -- it's misinformed and wrong. >> cory booker added i have to tell vice president biden as someone i respect that he is wrong for using his relationships with eastland and tall imagine and how to bring our country together. he should -- joe biden is defying democratic requests for a sorry. >> are you going to apologize? >> apologize for what? >> corey should apologize. he knows better. there is not a racist bone in my body and i have been involved in civil rights my whole career, period, period, period. >> that represents a profound difference in the way biden
7:06 am
sees himself and the world compared to 19 other candidates who will try to make a splash at the debates next week. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: want to bring in the a-team now. lot to react to. david asman from the fox business network. jon sumers and lauren claffey former deputy assistant secretary for public affairs. this thing got red hot in a hurry. this issue of reparations got a lot of attention yesterday on the hill. >> i was on the hill yesterday down in washington for the art laffer award ceremony. republicans think he is finished. all the republicans i talked to. republican strategists in the room with art laffer, they say there is a 100% chance that he is not going to be the democratic nominee. there may be other views on that. i'm no expert. that's what they were saying. republicans that i talked to think just as a reporter i was
7:07 am
working there as a reporter among these republicans. they that i that biden is finished not because of this but he has been slipping so much in so many different ways and his comebacks are always insufficient. >> i don't know about that. we have no idea who will ultimately end up being the nominee at this point. >> sandra: that's a fact. >> i will say that he said was insensitive and unnecessary if i'm being completely honest. he didn't need to go all the way back in history to talk about what is happening right now. we have a do-nothing senate that hasn't had a vote or passed a bill since may. let's talk about what is actually not happening in washington >> bill: you're saying joe biden misfired. >> he could have selected a better choice of words. he didn't need to lift up the names of those people and could have talked about what is actually happening right now. >> what is fascinating about that is his advisors are taking to the press to push back on that.
7:08 am
they told him he shouldn't tell the story. he went and did it anyway. major red flags for a candidate they revert back. >> bill: what do you think it says if it is true that there were leaks from his campaign this early on? >> it makes me think they are going to have a lot of disillusionment and people starting to think twice about him being the frontrunner. >> bill: when he made the reversal on the hyde amendment his campaign chair went to him and spoke to him privately and said you can't continue this way. it seemed to be the trigger that changed his mind. >> it doesn't seem that he is actually changing his mind. he doubled down on these comments in the fundraiser next and he adjusted his comments slightly to make more of an emphasis on working with people that you drastically disagree with. the foul is already there. he can't take it back. >> he does represent stability, political stability. >> he wants to at least. >> he wants to. he represents a link to the past when people did work with
7:09 am
each other. ronald reagan famously worked with tip o'neil and there were some things -- some great things done when clinton was working with a republican congress. we have had times. but democrats have a big skeleton in the closet. that is they were the segregationists up until 2010 senator rob byrd from west virginia was a ku klux klan member and recruiter for the ku klux klan and in the united states senate until 2010. you look at the list of ku klux klan members, you look at their party, the big leaders who were in politics, and most of them were democrats. this is a problem that democrats will have to deal with. >> they love to throw that out there. >> it's history. it's just history. >> let's talk about the action taking place and which party is working to level the playing field for people -- >> economically it's the trump administration. >> economically it's the
7:10 am
democrats. >> sandra: we have escalating tensions with iran. lindsey graham made fresh comments and we're told the president has just been briefed on the situation with iran. here is senator lindsey graham. >> the ayatollah is to blame. we didn't sink anybody's ships or blow up pipelines or dismember yemen. we aren't the largest state sponsor of terrorism. what are they trying to achieve? they're trying to bring trump back to the negotiating table through intimidation. they're trying to divide us and the europeans. they're trying to drive up the price of oil because they need money. so getting out of the nuclear deal was a good decision because it was a bad deal. to get trump back to the negotiating table they are trying to use hostile acts as the means to do that. if they are successful, that becomes the template for other outlaw regimes and terrorist organizations. so the iranians have made a
7:11 am
miscalculation. only if trump responds in a way to deter this kind of effort to restart negotiations. [inaudible question]. >> i talked to him this morning. he believes we are going into a -- we're getting into a bad space. that his options are running out. that he is not going to be intimidated to redo a nuclear deal that was terrible. he is not going to relieve sanctions because the iranians are worse than they've been. the iranian deal was to get them to change their behavior. the nuclear deal. they did everything but change their behavior. they took the money and used it to disrupt the mideast further. the first miscalculation that the iranian nuclear deal would make them a viable member of the family of nations. i think what president trump believes this regime is spoiling for a fight but they understand how a conflict would
7:12 am
end. it would end badly for them. he does want to try to get a better deal but not this way. >> sandra: senator lindsey graham reacting to the news of iran overnight shooting down an unmanned american drone with a wing span of 737, $180 million military drone owned by the united states. lindsey graham made the point that he with iran's actions are trying to provoke the united states. divide us with our european allies. as far as our response the president's response to this should be to deter further actions and escalation by iran. as far as sanction relief he says we are not there. david, what did you think? >> the point is that iran is poking the hornet's nest. you have to be careful. we're the hornest's nest to them. they're seeing how far they can poke it before something comes out and bites them. so far there is nothing in the history of the trump administration to make me think that trump is not preparing
7:13 am
some kind of plan to show them what's inside the hornet's nest. they have to be very careful. we're in a delicate passion now. the market doesn't much care about this. >> bill: what do you guys think? >> the foreign minister was out recently talking about how their strategy against the u.s. will be to rile up our allies and create a consensus the u.s. needs to break their position on sanctions. this is a key moment for the united states and for the trump administration to make sure we're aligned with our european allies. our european allies are still trying to make trade deals and work with iran. >> bill: they have not bent on their position. i thought it was very interesting. a little reported but came out yesterday from the "washington post". mike pompeo went to baghdad in may and delivered a message to transfer to tehran. if you kill one american in iraq today there will be hell
7:14 am
to pay. this administration is getting ready if that happens. >> hopefully there is planning taking place behind the scenes. we have a hornet's nest. they know president trump has a tendency to be unpredictable. it could be an advantage or disadvantage in this case. we don't know. hopefully there is strategic planning that is taking place behind the scenes and not a situation where the president is going to have -- >> sandra: white house director of trade, peter navarro involved in the creation and construction of these sanctions on iran to some extent said the sanctions are working on iran. he said working beautifully, david. he said as far as the response from european countries, i asked them are they still buying oil from iran. interesting he didn't have a definitive answer to that. >> it is. they have changed -- i would suggest they have changed in one regard. that is iran's responsibility for the tanker attacks. at first the germans and others were suggesting that you couldn't be sure.
7:15 am
when they were shown all the information we had, all the photos, all the videos that we have, that's when they turned around and said okay, absolutely. even adam schiff admits that. one reason they went after the drone. the iranians are worried about our eyes in the skies to get them -- and catch them red-handed. >> bill: it was unmanned flying slow. pause for this moment. we're going back to the u.s. supreme court. there has been a decision reached by the court in a case that shannon was describing a moment ago. what do you have there in realtime? >> this is a very fractured decision. it appears to be a 7-2. essentially this crosses a big war memorial from world war i that stood 100 years outside of washington, d.c. in maryland. now it looks like that cross will stay put. there was a big argument from the humanist organization that challenged the cross and wanted it torn down saying it didn't
7:16 am
appropriately represent all veterans. they felt the cross was a christian symbol and entangled the government with religious. in that time period the cross was often a symbol of fallen soldiers, people who died in battle. at the end of the decision in the case the cross is undoubtedly a christian symbol but that shouldn't blind us to everything else that the cross has come to represent. for some that monument is a symbolic resting place for ancestors who never returned home. this was put together by the mothers of fallen soldiers in world war i. many of them didn't return. their bodies were never returned. for itss it is a place for the community to gather and honor all veterans and sacrifices for our nations. for others an historical landmark. for many of these people destroying or defacing this cross that stood undisturbed for a century would not further
7:17 am
the ideals of respect. the cross does not offend the constitution. that's good news for people who are fighting to save this monument and also worried about monuments across the country, around the world that may have some religious symbolism tied in with them like a cross as a grave marker, those kinds of things. arlington national cemetery a couple miles from here great concerns what would happen to some of the cross symbols that are also being upheld there. for now they send this back to the fourth circuit the next lower court right before the supreme court and they tell them to rehear this case essentially for further proceeding. the cross will stay. it will go back to the lower courts with this guidance from the supreme court. many fractured opinions. a lot of the other justices agreed with the overall outcome but had their own reasons for writing their additional concurrences. ginsberg and sotomayor said it
7:18 am
sits at a busy intersection saying it is bold and clear in the middle of traffic and they have questions about whether or not that would indeed violate the separation of church and state because it is viewed as a christian symbol. they talk about this. they say from the very dedication of the ceremony the keynote speaker who dedicated this thing almost 100 years ago talked about the sacrifice of soldiers and compared it to that of jesus christ at the time. so they say there is religious symbolism. for now that cross is staying put. guys, back to you. >> bill: thank you so much. if there are more decisions we'll get back to you. >> sandra: thank you. at least 10 americans mysteriously tying in the dominican republic between 2018 and 2019 as authorities investigate what exactly happened there. one tourism expert believes it could have parallels to the natalee holloway case. >> bill: the president saying iran has made a mistake.
7:19 am
more on the breaking news and the briefing he was given at the white house after we woke up to the news of an unmanned aerial drone flying over the strait of hormuz downed by an iranian missile. where this goes next when we come back. wanna take your xfi to the next level?
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>> bill: dominican republic, that big business on the island is tourism. that could be at risk. 10 americans dying at resorts. dominican republic experts saying that if authorities don't find the cause it could be as damaging as the natalee holloway case from 2005 on the island of aruba that sparked double digit tourism losses there. ted williams attorney, former homicide detective. ted, good morning to you. why do you think this has been so hard to figure out so far, ted? >> good morning, bill. the reason i think it has been rather difficult to figure out is because the d.r., meaning the dominican republic officials, are not on top of this case. and i do agree that there is some similarities to the aruba case with natalee holloway, a case that i covered here with fox. i think that what we're looking at here is a public relations
7:24 am
nightmare. >> sandra: they are warning that this could lead to a significant drop in tourism. what are you hearing about what is happening on the ground there and any future plans to continue to garner business there? >> well, it is a public relations nightmare, sandra. tourism in these caribbean islands like the dominican republic is their bread and butter for them. i just was down there a month and a half ago. i can tell you people are deeply concerned about the deaths and the manner that they're being investigated. bill and sandra, if i were in the dominican republic and i was conducting an investigation i would bring in independent forensic pathologists to conduct autopsies to try to determine what these various individuals died of and what is
7:25 am
causing or precipitating the illnesses there. >> bill: you figure that they would probably do that in an expedited manner. it hasn't happened. you wonder why. here is what we got from the director of health in the d.r. said it is all a hysteria against the dominican republic to hurt our tourism. we are a popular destination. people are taking aim at us. when you consider up to two million americans go there every year. how do you cut through the possibility of this being coincidence and this being something entirely sinister, ted? >> well, first of all i think it's garbage that statement that the dominican republic person just made. i think that what they have to do is to bring in -- i know the f.b.i. and the center for disease control is already down there. but we have to give them complete access to this
7:26 am
investigation and i don't think that is occurring at this stage. also when you look at these resorts, these all-inclusive resorts that sell alcoholic beverage, one of the things that was a scandal several years back was that they were using moon shine and rot gut liquor that they were giving to the public. so as a result of that they need to conduct, bill and sandra, an extensive investigation down there. >> sandra: do you think we'll get answers? >> i think sooner or later we'll get some answers. it is sort of like the answers we just got in the shooting of david ortiz, big papi was that it was somebody else. i think they are trying to deflect, meaning the dominican republic officials. >> bill: ted williams. try to run it down for us. thank you for coming in today. >> sandra: thank you, ted. breaking news now from the middle east. iran stoking the flames of confrontation further after shooting down a u.s. navy drone.
7:27 am
tehran's revolutionary guard saying it is sendsing a message to america. the president just tweeted moments ago that tehran has made a, quote, big mistake. >> bill: in a moment here congresswoman ocasio-cortez sparking fierce backlash, refusing to apologize for the comment regarding concentration camps on the southwest border. republican congressman lee zeldin is our headliner. we'll talk to him about that and iran. >> if i were -- i wouldn't give her so much -- i would just treat it as why are we listening to this woman? refinance your home and take out 54,000 dollars or more to pay credit card debt, or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your payments by over 600 dollars a month. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100 percent of your home's value.
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>> bill: fox news alert. breaking news on the situation with iran. this is all new at this hour. president trump was briefed earlier this hour after an iranian missile shot down an unmanned american drone overnight in international airspace. the president tweeting moments ago iran made a very bad
7:32 am
mistake. we can confirm he will be meeting with his acting defense secretary pat shanahan and mark esper. first the jerusalem. our middle east bureau and tray yengst. >> a major escalation after iran shot down a u.s. drone in international airspace. this time, though, iran is taking credit speaking thursday the revolutionary guard claimed the u.s. drone entered iranian airspace before being hit by a surface to air missile. it has the wing span of 737 and cost $180 million. the drone took off from a u.s. base in the persian gulf before being engaged. the top generals are saying the attack was meant to send a clear message to washington >> those who defend the borders of the islamic nation of iran will react in a total and
7:33 am
decisive way to any intrusion by foreign elements on our land. our borders are our red line. >> as for the american red line to engage iran the pentagon says there will be a response if u.s. forces are targeted. the downing of this u.s. drone comes after a month of rising tension between the u.s. and iran after proxies are believed to have targeted western linked oil tankers and pipelines. iranians set a july 8th deadline for europe to find a way to skirt u.s. sanctions or they say they'll leave the nuclear deal like the u.s. did and begin enriching uranium -- our envoy is trying to find a path forward. >> bill: developments from the middle east. >> >> sandra: for more on this let's bring in lee zeldin of
7:34 am
new york. congressman, good morning to you. can you add to the developing situation anything new that you know as the president has responded iran has just made a very big mistake? >> iran is acting out. the pressure that the united states has been applying to iran, they're feeling it with regard to their economy and we have to understand domestic politics for iran, they seek to appease hard liners. we criticized the regime. it is not just the senior leadership but they also have people on their right that they seem to be more concerned about than all of the many millions of iranian people who actually want a free, stable, democratic peaceful iran instead. we're hearing from the intel that we're receiving here on capitol hill is that this actually didn't go down within iran's borders. it was over international waters. iran's going to continue to set
7:35 am
themselves backwards if they don't engage in productive diplomacy. the united states does not want military conflict with iran. the president of the united states does not want military conflict with iran. we would love to see a resolution with regard to these nuclear and non-nuclear activities that iran is engaged in. >> bill: it is a tough neighborhood as you know. i want to show our viewers on the map the area we're discussing and very specific question as to what is happening with our allies and what sort of support or lack of it we may be getting. on the map over here, saudi arabia to the west, iraq to the north, iran here, the persian gulf, strait of hormuz, that choke point where 20% of the world's oil squeezes through on a daily and weekly basis. this is the port city. according to the iranians this is where a truck-based missile was fired at 4:00 in the morning and again as you mentioned they are claiming
7:36 am
credit for. this choke point. the amount of oil that goes through here. two tankers were hit by land mines in the last two weeks in this exact area. among our allies, who will come and defend us knowing the europeans right now are fighting us on this nuclear deal? >> first appeared foremost in the middle east, they're so concerned with iranian aggression they are starting to view israel in a different light. alliances are shifting. iran's non-nuclear activities that we saw before the negotiation of the jcpoa during the negotiation and especially afterwards when iran got all this cash, their vision is to build a land bridge across the middle east. they worked with the houthis in yemen, assad in syria. they have great influence over
7:37 am
the iraqi government in baghdad. as far as our best allies in this effort, while there was a p-5 plus 1 that included three european countries, u.k. france, germany, china and russia. if you want to find our best friends when trying to respond to what iranian aggression is happening each day you will find it in the countries around iran greatly concerned with this aggression. >> sandra: i want to update our viewers at the bottom of the screen. we got word there will be an 11:00 a.m. eastern time white house meeting an iran. as far as who will be in the meeting. both pat shanahan and mark esper, the outgoing and incoming acting defense secretaries. as far as our response here, what we have heard from the pentagon, what we have heard from the president, president trump has not ruled out using military force, although we constantly hear as we did from
7:38 am
peter navarro avoiding all-out war. how specifically do you want to see us respond to the latest developments. >> first, we need to continue to make it absolutely clear to iran that we will have zero tolerance for the targeting of the united states, of united states personnel, of united states national security interests. when you attack the united states, it is very different than a situation where they might be aggressive in a neighboring country. we're concerned about that but as far as red lines on our end, there should be a military response if we're attacked by iran. that message needs to be out there. i want to reiterate, i don't want to see a military option. that's the last possible option. the president doesn't want military conflict. i don't believe that our country wants military conflict. but i do believe that if everyone out there who believes in the multiple instruments of national power, diplomacy,
7:39 am
information, economics, applying economic pressure, having bilateral and multi-lateral diplomacy with other nations that are concerned or the information campaign where millions of iranians are concerned about the people leading their own country. to make those other instruments and national power for effective it is helpful to have the military option on the table as a deterrent. >> bill: you won't get much of an argument from this administration on that. what do you know about the message mike pompeo delivered in iraq in the month of may that was destined for tehran about not killing a single american. >> secretary pompeo is very intelligent and will stand his ground in being concerned about iranian aggression specifically in iraq, as well as what we're seeing in other countries. but what we need is for the iraqi government, there are many who aren't beholding to iran within the iraqi
7:40 am
government. for them to know that the united states has their back. their support, their encouragement to have their own sovereignty, to control their own destiny and not allow themselves to become proxies for iran. i believe that in any of these conversations he would be well pressed and stand his ground. offer encouragement and support for the iraqis. >> bill: we will find out whether iran received that message. thank you for your time today. republican lee zeldin out of new york. >> sandra: thank you, congressman. meanwhile another story we're watching this morning. a growing homeless crisis in high-tax california and a massive problem in the streets of los angeles. several voters there have decided to take action. >> we're living in third world conditions that are a threat to all of the public health here in los angeles and that we have a mayor that is completely ignorant of that and he is a
7:41 am
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>> sandra: los angeles mayor eric garcetti is under fire over the city's growing homeless christs and he announced a new cleanup and outreach effort as people ask for a recall. a lot going on. this is a developing situation in l.a. continues to get worse. i know you've been digging into just how bad it has gotten. >> i have. it is heartbreaking. los angeles is one of the wealthiest cities in the world. the golden state. they have the homelessness, rodent problem. typhus. over 20% of the population is living in poverty right now. 17% of people under 65 don't have health insurance. if you want to buy a house, let's say someone moved to l.a. today. they would put the 20% down payment on a house by 2061.
7:46 am
you move out there today and want a house, hope you are 17 or younger. >> sandra: based on average earnings. >> mortgage payments and home prices are going up. wages are stagnant in los angeles for 40 years. they have not moved in 40 years. >> sandra: you look at the pictures of the streets of los angeles. >> it is heartbreaking. it is nuts. it blows your hand. >> bill: 59,000 can fill a football stadium. >> it was up 12% last year despite all kinds of efforts. you know, people have to look -- one thing to say we want to do these initiatives to fix it. but how did this city and how is new york city, lurching toward that get in that position? a city with very high taxes and very high regulations, it is hard. there is no upward mobility. that's the problem there. housing prices are expensive. but if people could start a business. if you wanted to start a business in l.a. you couldn't afford the hurdles.
7:47 am
>> bill: whether it's l.a., portland, san francisco, the governments in the cities are making it possible. an issue all across the west coast. >> they are moving out in droves. google is trying to do something huge in san francisco, talking about a billion dollar initiative. the private sector trying to come to the rescue. these cities can't have it both ways. it might be the only solution. >> bill: why would that be acceptable if you have public officials voted into office are allowing it to happen and people who live there are ticked off. >> whether it's googles or apple of the world. people who lived in l.a. for years can't afford it. they won't get a job at google and apple. it is tempering the public frustration with them.
7:48 am
>> bill: this woman wants the mayor of l.a. to resign. she said this. >> it is outrageous. we've had a 75% increase in homelessness in the past six years under the leadership of eric garcetti. there is no question who is to blame for this increase. he needs to be recalled. >> the mayor is under a lot of heat and responded the following way. garcetti, the mayor in l.a. >> my strong opinion everything we're doing is working. my strong opinion is that's not enough. secondly it's not preventing people entering homelessness and the city doesn't have the power or the departments to address that on our own. in fact, most of those things aren't even under our jurisdiction. >> you talk about a punt. of course it's not right. his strong opinion doesn't matter. i don't care how strong his opinion is. the facts on the ground are heartbreaking and he should be embarrassed and ashamed of himself. >> sandra: dow up 212 points.
7:49 am
took a little bit of a hit when the president tweeted out iran made a big mistake. >> the dow is right behind it. the two major head winds that bogged down the market this year, trade issues and the federal reserve. the feds on board. jay powell is not going to let the economy go into recession if he can stop it. we won't have a trade deal overnight but we're back on track. >> bill: we're watching the breaking news from d.c. escalation in tensions are iran overnight. the president will meet with mike pompeo, mark esper. more breaking news as it develops inside "america's newsroom." i wanted more from my copd medicine... ...that's why i've got the power of 1 2 3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment .
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7:53 am
>> sandra: a government study on pregnancy and marijuana getting a lot of attention this morning. the number of expectant mothers that use marijuana has doubled and most common during the first trimester. dr. marc siegel and fox news contributor. good morning to you. first trimester is critical in the development of a baby and its brain. >> you know why it's much more
7:54 am
common in the first trimester for women to use it. >> sandra: they don't know they're pregnant. >> they get morning sickness. they try to counter the morning sickness with pot. 7% of pregnant women in the united states use it according to the new study. 7%. especially in areas where it's legal. that's bad news. it leads to early term, leads to pre-term labor and small birth weight infants. many studies suggest it may affect behavior later on of the infant as they develop into childhood. >> bill: how do you feel about medical marijuana? >> i'm for medical marijuana but not for pregnancy. that's when i tell my pregnant patients don't take anything let alone a psycho active substance. i like marijuana for pain. it can be used if properly prescribed for pain and epilepsy. there are medical uses. but recreationally it ends up in food, drink, cosmetics. you don't know where it's
7:55 am
coming. the key headline here is that the thc content, the psycho active substance has gone up 10 to 20% now over the years. it used to be 1 to 3%. when it's 10 to 20% your risk of psychosis is five times what it would be otherwise. >> sandra: fascinating not only to learn that 1 in 14 pregnant women are using marijuana, but women in general using more marijuana. 12% of women, 1 in 8 women in this country are using marijuana. >> i think it has something to do with the point bill just made. we think it's medicinal. people use a lot of things thinking it will make them feel better. they have aches and pains. >> sandra: some people use alcohol for that. >> they use vitamins or turmeric, but marijuana has huge side effects in terms of psychiatric short and long term problems. behavior problems and judgment.
7:56 am
when people use pot daily and they get tested their test scores go down. if you smoke marijuana when you are pregnant you're more likely to have a baby born early, a baby born smaller, tiny, and long term behavioral risks. in school the child may not do as well. >> bill: the symptoms of marijuana -- breaking news on the developments with iran. moments away, critical meeting at the white house as president trump tweets a moment ago iran has made a very big mistake. our coverage on that continues at the top of the hour. read ea, looked at chart patterns. i've even built my own historic trading model. and you're still not sure if you want to make the trade? exactly. sounds like a case of analysis paralysis. is there a cure? td ameritrade's trade desk. they can help gut check your strategies and answer all your toughest questions. sounds perfect. see, your stress level was here and i got you down to here,
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and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> sandra: the white house set to hold a meeting this hour on iran after tehran shot down a u.s. navy drone ratcheting up the tensions between the two countries. welcome back to "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. the u.s. military calling the downing of our drone an unprovoked attack in international airspace. tehran claiming it was shot down over iran and warning the u.s. not to invade its territory again. president trump was briefed just this morning on the attack and tweeted this. iran made a very big mistake. national security correspondent jennifer griffin leads our coverage from the pentagon this hour. what's the latest? >> the white house says president trump has been briefed about the attack. both outgoing and incoming acting defense secretaries will be going to the white house
8:01 am
shortly for a meeting on iran are john bolton and mike pompeo and the national security team. in a statement u.s. central command rejected iran's claim that the drone flew over iranian territory. those reports are false. it was an unprovoked attack on an u.s. surveillance asset in international airspace. it was shot down by a surface to aramis ill into the persian gulf roughly 17 miles from iran's shoreline over the strait of hormuz where it was flying, not far from where u.s. officials say iran attacked two other tankers last week and four others last month. the unmanned drone with the wing span the size of a 737 took place after patrick shanahan resigned. mark esper takes over on monday.
8:02 am
>> i worry about iranian proxy wars and terror, tell me your concerns. >> president trump: don't worry about a thing. everything is under control. don't worry about a thing. iran is a much different country. i will tell you much different today when i took over. when i took over it looked like there was no stopping them. >> the drone can orbit at 60,000 feet and fly for 30 hours at a time. it is used to spy on iran. each drone costs roughly $180 million. u.s. officials say iranian-backed forces fired cruise missiles last night into saudi arabia hitting a power plant. >> bill: jennifer griffin watching all that from the pentagon. >> sandra: with retired navy seal david sears. we know that house and senate leaders receive a classified briefing that should be happening any moment now at the white house. lindsey graham, the senator, is speaking right now.
8:03 am
stand by, please. let's go to the senator. >> go back into the enrichment business. there is one country in the entire world that can't afford to sit back and watch iran move forward on the nuclear front is israel. >> what do you make about the criticism that joe biden is getting for speaking somewhat sympatheticly about things that he was able to get done with segregation. >> i'm not on the panel of the debate. i don't know why they didn't pick me to be part of the democratic debate. you never know. i would ask do you believe barack obama would have -- >> sandra: he moved off the topic of iran. we heard from him earlier, david, saying what he believes iran is trying to do here. to try to poke at us and divide us with our allies. what do you make of what you've learned so far, the president has been briefed. we expect this meeting to be happening any moment at the white house. >> there is definitely multiple things going on at once. we have to treat them sort of
8:04 am
in separate bins. you have the attack on the drone. i think that the united states needs to come forward with very good evidence showing that it was international waters. if that's the case, then it warrants a response. some sort of measured response, whether it's tomahawks or bombers into those missile batteries just showing iran they cannot do this. the tankers are another separate issue. it's iran using provocation but it is not against us. it is against the international shipping. we haven't heard anything from the international community on this other than a couple of small this is a bad thing. but you didn't hear anything from norway or japan. that you let the international community start to weigh in. we have the larger middle east strategy which we need to discuss and kind of some of our assumptions there. >> sandra: that's what will be discussed in the white house surely as we await the meeting to begin. nancy pelosi making comments on iran saying it's a dangerous situation. the high tension wires are up in the region. i don't think the president
8:05 am
wants to go to war. he has gone on the record saying that but he has not ruled out a military response to iran. this will be a closed-door meeting. relevant committee members will be there along with john bolton and mike pompeo. senator lindsey graham made comments earlier on iran and what we're seeing happening there and what we need to tell the iranians. here is the senator. >> we need to tell the iranians that if they increase their enrichment program for uranium, it would be -- if we give in here to intimidation and, you know, outrageous conduct, then north korea will do the same and on and on and on. >> sandra: that was senator lindsey graham's response on how we need to proceed.
8:06 am
what do you expect to hear out of this meeting? and what further response do you expect from the white house, david? >> i think that you will have to see some sort of -- if they come forward and say this was in international airspace and the wreckage was recovered in international waters you'll see some type of kinetic response. you should. as far as the enrichment piece. we have to see where iran goes and what they're pursuing. the united states department of defense, not the israeli department of defense. our concerns in the middle east should be our concerns and not all of our partners or allies there in coming to the aid of saudi arabia or israel all the time. they need to handle their own region as well. we need to be very measured in what we do. i think the sanctions are a great way to proceed and keep the pressure up on iran. >> sandra: great point on what further we can do economically if we discuss that.
8:07 am
peter navarro said this on that. >> what we're trying to do here and which is succeeding is to cut off their export revenues. they sell oil, they sell petrochemicals, they sell iron and steel. if we cut off the revenues they can't finance their war and terrorist machine. that's the approach. it is certainly working. it is working beautifully. >> sandra: working beautifully was a big statement at the house there. final thoughts. the president has hinted the white house has economic tools to deal with european countries that have opposed those sanctions. that i hear from you, you also believe those are working. should the president consider options as far as acting with these european countries that are not in favor of those? >> i think he certainly should. if you put pressure on them, on the european countries to do business with iran it isolates
8:08 am
iran more. they need oil coming out of the gulf but not iran. they're working. iran has had to cut funding hamas and hezbollah. they are hurting and they are getting domestic unrest as well which is the last thing that they want or need. >> sandra: david sears, retired navy seal. appreciate your input. thank you, sir. >> bill: eight minutes past. inside the trial now, dramatic testimony in the court-martial of navy seal edward gallagher. a fellow navy seal on the stand describing in graphic detail the moment he says he saw gallagher kill an isis prisoner. jonathan hunt is on this trial reporting live in san diego, california. what happened, jonathan. >> good morning. well, today two more seals who served alongside chief petty officer edward gallagher in iraq are due to take the stand and testify against the chief
8:09 am
accused of murdering this wounded isis fighter in iraq in may 2017. now on the stand yesterday was chief craig miller who served with seal team 7 with chief gallagher. miller said a captured isis fighter was brought to the seals on the hood of a humvee. minutes later miller said he saw chief gallagher kneeling next to the prisoner and quote, i saw him stab the prisoner in the side of the neck. miller said gallagher, who has been to court each day by his wife stabbed the isis fighter twice and took pictures with the body. gallagher came to his room later that day and he asked me who is not good with it? i said i'm not good with it. on cross examination gallagher's lead attorney chipped away at miller's credibility pointing out his memory lapses on many details. although not on the central accusation of being witness to
8:10 am
murder. after the session he talked about chief gallagher's reaction to hearing the accusations. listen here. >> this entire process for him has been difficult hearing people say things that aren't true. people that he thought were his brothers. people he thought he could trust and went into combat with and that they then turned on him. for the first time in two years he got to watch chief miller actually be questioned on the deeper details and exposed for the fact that this is just made up. >> and when i asked him, the attorney repeated what he said before, he considers every one of those combat veteran seals who is now testifying against chief gallagher to be, quote, cowards and liars. >> bill: a lot of attention on that case. jonathan hunt, san diego. >> sandra: fox news alert. supreme court issues a key ruling on a war memorial in the shape of a cross on public land.
8:11 am
it has been there for nearly a century. can it stay and what other impact will the court's decision have? >> bill: a new mystery surrounding the mueller prob. another memo outlining the scope of the investigation just now surfacing. raising more questions about the investigation and we'll explain in a moment, next. >> president trump: it's a hoax, a terrible hoax and it should never happen to another president again. many of them would not be able to handle it. are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. with our military service, veterans like us have earned a valuable va benefit. the right to apply for a va home loan. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages,
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8:15 am
try new febreze one. brand power. helping you buy better. >> bill: federal authorities have arrested a 21-year-old refugee from syria saying he had bomb-making materials and maps with escape routes. the pastor of the church involved in pittsburgh is relieved that it was stopped. >> it was overwhelming but grateful god protected us. god carried us and covered us. i was overwhelmed and i became grateful >> do you know this person at all? >> never saw him or met him. >> bill: the suspect was trying to recruit supporters in the u.s. to commit similar acts for isis. >> sandra: fox news alert as we get new information on the probe itself. we're getting word this morning of a previously unknown memo
8:16 am
outlining the investigation's scope signed by then deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. it is dated several months after the special counsel's appointment and as of now its contents are secret raising big questions on why it was necessary in the first place. byron york is the chief political correspondent for "the washington examiner". good morning. you are always so good at laying this out for us, what we need to know. what does this tell us? >> it's a little mysterious. go back to may 17th, 2017. mueller was appointed and rod rosenstein who was the deputy attorney general writes a memo to mueller. you're assigned to investigate three things. you are supposed to investigate links and coordination between the trump campaign and russia. anything else that might arise directly out of that and then you can investigate obstruction of justice. so we all thought that's what the investigation is about and
8:17 am
then we later learned that it was kind of all for show. we learned that on august 2, just 10 weeks after the original appointment, rosenstein writes another memo to mueller and he expands on what his jurisdiction is we think. i say we think. that second memo is still secret. and now we learn that on october 20th of 2017 a few months later he writes a third memo to mueller again expanding the investigation. we've had brief descriptions of these things but don't know what they're about. >> sandra: we asked devin nunes about that report, byron. here is how he responded. >> looked like a cya memo. we know -- the public knows this. you can go into the mueller report, what i call the mueller dossier and you can see in there they talk about this expanded investigation. and they list a bunch of names
8:18 am
in there. but it looks to me like they wanted a reason. there must have been a legal reason why they needed to add an' den dumb to this. >> sandra: what about the legal reason? >> devin nunes has an advantage over all of us because he has seen the memo. and the justice department has shown it to some members of house committees. we're not sure what the legal reason could be. it could be that some of the people mueller was investigating, their lawyers were claiming their case was outside the jurisdiction of mueller. he didn't have any authority to investigate them and maybe mueller went back and got some investigative powers there. but we do know that october of 2017, we know in the end mueller could not establish that conspiracy or coordination had taken place between trump and russia. and what we know is that by october 2017 that's when he was learning that he could not establish this. so is it linked to that somehow?
8:19 am
we just don't know. >> sandra: there is still so much to learn and that we don't know. we had the chance to catch up with jim jordan. he appeared on "fox & friends" earlier this morning. talking about the overreach of the probe and the investigation of the investigators. here is jim jordan. >> emmett flood sent a letter to the attorney general. if they can do this to a president of the united states. imagine what they can do to you and me. that's the fundamental point here and why this investigation that the attorney general and john durham are doing is so darn important. >> sandra: your response. >> you really get to see how much importance republicans are placing on this investigation by the attorney general, bill barr, who has appointed john durham, the u.s. attorney in connecticut to do this investigation. they're placing a lot of hope in that. there is also the inspector general investigation in the justice department. they think they'll get some information out of that but
8:20 am
they don't hold hope it will be a big, broad, wide ranging probe. so republicans have put all their eggs in this basket hoping that attorney general barr will be able to get to the bottom of the origins of the trump/russia investigation. >> sandra: very interesting. thank you for your reporting on all of that. >> bill: 20 past the hour. the publisher of the "new york times" firing back at the president after he accused the paper of treason. why the publisher said those remarks have crossed a dangerous line. >> sandra: democrats venting their frustrations following that closed-door testimony by hope hicks yesterday as president trump defends his former communications director. >> president trump: they fight a dirtier fight, the democrats fight a dirtier fight. it's too bad. moving is hard.
8:21 am
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8:24 am
president trump is meeting with secretary of state mike pompeo, pat shanahan and incoming defense secretary mike esper on escalating tensions with iran. nancy pelosi weighed in saying the president does not want war with iran. >> i think it's a dangerous situation, high tension wires are up in the region. we have to be strong and strategic about how we protect our interests. we also cannot be reckless in what we do. so it will be interesting to see what they have to say, whether -- i don't think the president wants to go to war. there is no appetite for going the war in our country. >> sandra: reaction pouring in now after iran shot down a u.s. military drone in international airspace. president trump tweeting that iran, quote, has made a big mistake. we'll have more on this as it develops. >> bill: "the new york times"
8:25 am
publisher firing back at president trump writing a piece today in the "wall street journal." he says the president has irresponsibly -- he said they committed an act of treason. howie, good morning and thank you for coming back. we showed salzburger's father who used to be publisher. what is the genesis for this? >> this has gone from conventional warfare to nuclear and a.g. salz burger in defending a times story about u.s. cyber-warfare efforts against russia. details in a moment. is not just accusing president trump of making a dangerous charge but really rolled out a lot of ammunition. he is saying the president is boosting leak investigations against the press. that he tried to stop at&t from taking over time warner and blaming him for a worldwide
8:26 am
surge in violence against journalists. i think that one goes too far as a guilt by association. >> bill: those are serious charges. >> it all started with the times story that says the u.s. has made incursions against russia's electric grid to send a message to vladimir putin in the cyber-warfare efforts between the two rivals. and so what salzburger is high lighting is they went to national security officials. do you have any concerns and were told by various agencies including nsa no, we don't have any concerns. now the president comes along and says it's virtually treason. president is making two different charges here that are hard to square. one he says the story is virtually true because it is such sensitive information. at the same time he says it is not true. nobody else in the administration has denied it. >> bill: let me share the tweet and i'll give a little bit of what salzburger wrote in the
8:27 am
piece. a virtual act of treason by a paper needing a story bad for our country. also not true. anything goes with our corrupt news media. they'll do whatever it takes without the slightest thought of consequence. from his piece today interesting it showed up in the "wall street journal" and not the times. he said the president's rhetorical attacks continue to foster a climate in which trusts in journalists -- more than a quarter of americans and republicans agree the news media is the enemy of the american people and the president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior. what you go on to describe is how this has become personal between these two men. how so? >> i think salzburger in publishing trying to reach a different audience than putting it in his own paper. the president is entitled to criticize "new york times" coverage.
8:28 am
the personal part comes in here. when salzburger took over the publisher's job from his father trump had an off the record session which the president made public and he president asked for an off the record and salzburger said he went with his reporters to the oval office and some months ago delivered his message to the president that your enemy of the people rhetoric is creating problems for journalists. now the gloves are completely off. president using a word like treason and the publisher no longer trying to be diplomatic in saying hey, the rhetoric that you are using is now sliding into real threats against my business. >> bill: a lot to talk about on sunday. howie kurtz there in washington nice to see you. >> sandra: a former democratic aide sentenced the prison for posting the personal information of some top gop lawmakers. judge napolitano will weigh in on that next. >> bill: there is history being made in north korea. the question is why now? china's president has arrived
8:29 am
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8:32 am
so, what's your "better?" >> bill: u.s. supreme court has issued a ruling that we've been waiting for for some time. a world war i memorial in the shape of a cross can remain on public land as the state of maryland. it was a 7-2 decision saying that cross does not violate the first amendment. justice alito explaining even though it is a christian symbol the court cannot be blind to everything else that the cross represents. the judge here andrew napolitano. good morning. 7-2 ruling. what was your read on this, judge? >> that this changes the standards that judges will use in the future when they evaluate whether a religious symbol violates the first amendment. the old rule, the rule before today, looked at the purpose of
8:33 am
the symbol. justice alito rights the purpose is obscured by history. it was developed in 1925 and we shouldn't be historians. new rule says if there is a sectarian perception of the symbol and there are sectarian perceptions here according to the majority, ones of peace and sacrifice and honoring those who sacrificed for the country during the great war, then the court will ratify it and will not interfere with it. >> bill: translation? >> you'll see more government construction and use of religious symbols in the public square as long as there is some non-religious meaning to those symbols. >> bill: on screen here, here is the issue, cross shaped war memorial. american legion, secular peace cross honoring the war dead. opponents said it is a mix of church and state on public land. the supreme court disagreed today. >> this may the case that justice ginsburg was talking
8:34 am
about saying there was bitter disagreement coming. i think she is also talking about the one that's coming monday, the census. but her dissent is a stinging dissent said hey, the cross means one thing, christianity. how can it possibly not mean that? >> bill: alito said this. the removal or radical alteration at this date would be seen by many not as a neutral act, but as the manifestation of a hostility toward religion. >> this is the conundrum that the first amendment creates with respect to religion. the government can't establish a religion by supporting anything outwardly religious but the government also can't interfere with something that is already there because it can't be hostile. so surprisingly 7-2. surprisingly two justices you would think, the dissenters are ginsburg and sotomayor. you have justice kagan and
8:35 am
breyer with the traditional majority on this changing the rule as i explained a few minutes ago. >> bill: we're waiting on the census question. perhaps it comes tomorrow or next monday. i want to move to this other case. a phrase called doxxing. >> i didn't know what it was. >> bill: the exposure of your personal information putting it online. five u.s. senators, mcconnell, mike lee, orrin hatch, lindsey graham and rand paul were docksed -- docksed has struck back. >> that's the kicker. he received an excess of what you normally receive for doxxing. his purpose was to interfere with a governmental function to interfere with the ability of senators to pass judgment on
8:36 am
the nomination of brett kavanaugh to be on the supreme court of the united states by making their lives miserable and exposing where they lived and phone numbers were so people could harass them. >> bill: he was sentenced to four years in jail for stealing that information. in a new technological age you could do this in the past on paper and distribute in a very nefarious way. with technology you can do it with efficiency. >> the crime becomes more acute and the punishment becomes more severe. on the same day he is sentenced they charged one of his collaborators who works for the same senator. i don't believe the democratic senator hassan had anything to do with it. how big was this conspiracy and what does the government do before it entrusts these people with access to these computers? how does it determine that they are worthy of that access? >> bill: i would dare suggest it will happen again if it is not happening already. judge napolitano, thanks.
8:37 am
>> president trump: these people are absolutely -- they use the word it's a good word i guess, unhinged. what has happened to the democrats. in the meantime they aren't doing any work in congress. they're so busy interviewing hope hicks and taking pictures of this incredible young woman and putting the pictures out to the press of her testifying. and they're not allowed to do that. it is probably illegal. >> sandra: president trump attacking democrats last night for investigations related to the mueller probe. the house judiciary committee holding a hearing this morning one day after former white house communications director hope hicks was avoiding questions in a closed door hearing. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington for us. good morning. >> the house judiciary committee hearing is part of their investigation into the special counsel report but none of the witnesses this morning have firsthand knowledge of the russia case, the fact witness, but they're offering expertise
8:38 am
at legal scholars and specialists on foreign election interference. doug collins said today's testimony along with the seven-hour testimony from hope hicks yesterday, the former white house communications director, now an executive vice president and chief communications officer for the fox corporation are an effort to relitigate the mueller findings. >> they realized the summer season was after all the shows had run the whole season and time for reruns. well, tomorrow is the official start of summer, it's time for rerun season. yesterday's episode was hope hicks. today's episode is before us. >> the committee's democratic chairman nadler pressed witnesses on the president's recent abc news interview where he said he would listen if a foreign government offered damaging information on an opponent and based on the information he received mr. trump said he would decide whether it should go to the f.b.i. >> is it likely or plausible
8:39 am
that the president's statements last week may encourage russia or other foreign governments to engage in the same type of influence operations against our democracy in the next election? >> of course. they're paying attention and listening to everything that the president and his advisors and members of this body say. >> republicans and other critics accuse the democrats of a double standard. democrats took information from a former british spy and used it to open and f.b.i. probe of trump associates. as a footnote democrats hope to get out that testimony from hope hicks in the next 24 hours probably, maybe by the close of business tomorrow, sandra. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: also new today the chinese president has arrived in north korea. president xi will spend two days with kim.
8:40 am
we follow that from hong kong. why now and what comes of it? >> interesting stuff, bill. the region here, the world watching the summit in pyongyang involving chinese president xi and north korea leader kim jong-un. the first time that the chinese leader has gone to north korea. kim went to china for their four other meetings. today, well, was the well choreographed arrival at the airport. both are looking to get something out of this surprise session. our analysts say that kim is desperate for relief from international sanctions hurting his economy. chinese president wants a commitment from the north korean leader to move forward on the stalled denuclearization talks on the us uls so he can bring something to president trump when they meet next week. so he can get leverage in his trade battle with the united states. and overall experts say xi wants to boost his political stature which has been hit in
8:41 am
recent weeks by mass anti-beijing, pro-democracy protests in hong kong. another day of well-orchestrated events are planned for tomorrow. good diplomatic cover for the chinese president. more protests are planned here, too. >> bill: interesting meetings there from hong kong today. thanks. >> sandra: defense attorney for navy seal charged with murdering an isis prisoner reacting to graphic testimony yesterday from the prosecution's star witness. saying he cannot be believed. where the trial goes from here, a closer look at that case next. >> for the first time in two years, he got to watch chief miller actually be questioned on the deeper details and exposed for the fact that this is just made up. you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages,
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8:44 am
>> bill: so then here is the latest what we're gathering out of a new response of iran.
8:45 am
the u.s. wages economic terrorism on iran has conducted covert action against us and now encroaches on our territory. we don't seek war but will defend our skies, land and waters. we'll take this aggression to the u.n. and show the u.s. is lying about international waters. all this coming a short time ago. president said iran has made a big mistake and also learning that national security advisor john bolton will travel to israel to meet with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu as president trump gets ready for a meeting with mike pompeo and incoming and outgoing acting secretaries of defense. this follows the latest escalation of tension with iran when an american drone was downed overnight. this was in international waters according to the u.s. position. the president is about to welcome the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau at the white house a few moments from now. that deal with mexico and canada, the usmca will be a big
8:46 am
topic of their meeting. we're told based on sandra's interview with larry kudlow they could be close to getting that deal done. so it passed apparently in the mexican senate. we'll see where it goes next. all that now is on our plate as we watch. >> sandra: two more navy seals expected to testify today in the court-martial of navy seal edward gallagher. the jury heard from the star witness yesterday who claims he saw gallagher fatally stab an isis prisoner in the neck. phillip holloway is a former jag and criminal defense attorney. good morning to you. what did we learn when the prosecution called up that star witness yesterday? >> well, sandra, what we learned is this is a swearing contest to be sure. if you think about it, though, this is very remarkable in the context of a war crimes trial to have a swearing contest. but regardless of which said prevails with the jury, this is a lose/lose scenario for
8:47 am
america. consider this, if the prosecution is correct, this seal team was led into combat by a notorious war criminal. someone with a trouble past who was nevertheless able to mount a successful navy career and earn awards in the process. on the other hand the contrast set up by the defense is they're all wrong. that instead of being led into combat by a criminal, that the outfit was infested by criminals who were lying to remove their leader going so far as to lie about him to accuse him of murder and sit in a military courtroom and commit perjury in their efforts to remove their chief. they are saying it's mutiny. >> bill: the video is edward gallagher. we have had his wife on this program several times. she says and maintains that he maintains his innocence through all of this and says he is not guilty of what he is being charged with here. what that star witness said on
8:48 am
the stand yesterday is that i saw him stab the prisoner in the side of the neck. the testimony as you know got very dramatic. he said he believes he saw gallagher stab the man twice and identified another seal, corey scott, who was next to the detainee as well. where does this case go? >> it will be very difficult for the defense to prove this was not a murder. i think instead what they need to do is focus on the issue of reasonable doubt. the highest standard of proof known to our legal system and applies in military courts as in all other courts in the nation. the key distinction here the prosecution gets a little bit of a break. they don't have to prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to all jurors. they must convince five. in that contest that your burden of proof responsibility is watered down a little bit so
8:49 am
that could give the edge to the prosecution in the end of the of course, time will tell. >> sandra: to be clear this trial was derailed and eventually delayed because of problems with the prosecution and these emails that were exchanged that revealed they were monitoring emails that eddie gallagher was sending with his legal team and his family and others. >> that's one of the things that is going to make this case even -- notwithstanding the facts of the case or the allegations in the case. that's one of the things that will make this so historic. there is no shortage of animosity between the prosecution and defense team. you have the email scandal, of course, going into the trial. you had the removal of the head prosecutor in the last days or weeks. but you also have the defense going on the offense basically in the court of public opinion having daily press conferences where they are accusing the prosecution and their entire
8:50 am
stable of witnesses of lying and being overzealous. this is definitely one where the sides are going at it with everything they've got. >> sandra: we've been watching this from the beginning and it continues today. we'll continue to watch and monitor all of this. phillip, thank you for your time. >> bill: busy morning already. it will continue in a few moments. "outnumbered" is coming up next. melissa francis has a preview. >> president trump says iran made a very big mistake shooting down a u.s. drone. a top general warns the u.s. reserves the right to respond with military action. is iran trying to goad the u.s. into a conflict? and joe biden refusing to apologize for touting his past work with segregationist senators despite heavy blowback from fellow 2020 democrats. the former vp standing apart from the democratic pack on the issue of reparations. all that plus our #lucky guy.
8:51 am
"outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> bill: russian president putin weighing in on iran. he has a message to washington we're the slowskys.
8:52 am
8:53 am
we like drip coffee, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying on fancy technology for help. snail mail! we were invited to a y2k party...
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8:55 am
meeting as you see the white house camera there. we'll take you to the white house. first here is lindsey graham on capitol hill on iran. >> here is the deal. this drone was in international waters. we've been flying patterns like this for months. we're trying to collect intelligence to make informed decisions. we're told the iranians, before they shot the drone down, that if you engage against american personnel or assets you do so at your own peril. the president does not want a war with iran or anybody else. but he is the commander-in-chief and so when abe was asked by the president, the prime minister of japan to deliver a message to the iranians let's talk, not only was he rebuffed, they attacked a japanese ship while the japanese prime minister is delivering a message from the american president let's see if we can negotiate. so that tells me all i need to
8:56 am
know about the iranian regime and the negotiating. so i talked to the president this morning. i will meet him this afternoon. they made a big mistake by shooting our drone down. what's provocative is to shoot the drone down and blow up a japanese oil tanker with the japanese prime minister in the your office trying to start negotiations with the united states. what the provocative is having your proxies shoot into saudi arabia. this is the way this is headed. if they start enrichment at the levels they're talking about in a few days, israel will have to respond over time. there is one nation on the planet that is not going to give the iranians the pass on their nuclear program, that's israel. israel will, as a last resort, attack to prevent a nuclear armed iran.
8:57 am
we'll come to their aid. here is what they're trying to do. they're trying to break our will. intimidate us to come to the negotiating table. the president made an offer to negotiate, the response was to attack a japanese tanker, the emissary of the person chosen to deliver the offer and last night they shot down a drone. iran needs to get ready for severe pain inside their country. their capability pale in comparison to ours. we won't let them disrupt navigation of the seas, attack our allies and u.s. interests without paying a price. so if they're itching for a fight, they'll get one. >> militarily? >> we're a lot closer today than we were yesterday and only god knows what tomorrow brings. if next week they go back into enrichment, putting them back on a path to a bomb which they were on anyway, that escalates
8:58 am
the tensions between israel and iran. if they do anything else against an american asset and this president doesn't respond like ronald reagan that's a signal to north korea and the entire world we're all talk. so iran's fate is in their hands. and its it's up to them to decide how it ends. >> when you say the u.s. will aid israel. what does it mean? military involvement? >> 100%. if they go back into the enrichment business that puts them on an accelerated path to a bomb and israel has to defend itself against the threat. i'm confident we'll be there. nobody wants to get there. i'm also confident that we'll protect the straits of hormuz and we'll protect american military personnel and civilians on the ground. i'm confident that if there is a war with iran, they lose. i'm confident it would be very devastating to the region. it will not be pretty. don't want to go there.
8:59 am
but what more do you expect the president to do? he sent the japanese prime minister to try to start negotiations and they blow up a japanese tanker. i don't know what to say. >> is the president prepared to act military tearly? >> i will let you ask him. if he does not change the course we're on, then others will act. >> you talked to the president this morning and you will talk to him later. do you believe that he -- that he sees we're one step closer to war? >> i think anybody would believe that we're one step closer. they shot down an american asset well within international waters trying to assess the situation. what are you supposed to do? ronald reagan took a lot and then he acted. this president has taken a lot from iran. he was right to get out of a bad deal and right to put sanctions on their disruptive behavior throughout the world. he would like a better deal.
9:00 am
to me it's clear that the iranians are trying to break us iranians are trying to break us between our allies, trying to create chaos. and you can legitimize this way. if we do it with iran, north korea could explode a bomb, shoot off a muscle, thinking that is how you get america back at the table. >> for the campaign strategy -- >> all i can say is if you are not willing to stand up to aggression, you are going get hurt. it was not a very good strategy. this is not an endless war. this is a provocative regime that shoots its own people down in the street, that threatens the business of the state of israel. if you are not willing to take this enemy on, you will regret


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