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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 20, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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good answer for that. >> dana: the iranians just releasing the video in the situation room and they'll discuss that as well. thank you for joining us. you'll have a special and moving interview live with shepard smith and a wonderful hero from 9-11. here's shep. >> shepard: good afternoon. yesterday our team got a call from luis alvarez. he's the retired new york police detective that spoke on capitol hill alongside jon stewart in support of long-term government funding for the 9-11 victim's compensation fund. >> i should not be here with you, but you made me come. you made me come because i will not stand by and watch us a my friends with cancer from 9-11 like me are valued less than anyone else because of when they
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get sick they die. >> shepard: luis was a first responder the day america was attacked. like so many other brave men and women of that day and the challenge that followed, he got cancer from the toxic air surrounding the smoldering ruins of the world trade center. luis alvarez called us to tell us that he just entered hospice care. he said doctors told him there's nothing more that they can do. the end is near. luis asked our team to send a camera and satellite truck to hospice so he can speak to americans and lawmakers one last time and he will. a final message from an american hero live about six minutes from now. but first, the situation room meeting on iran is set to start right now at the white house. president trump takes a new tone toward iran. the new tone calmer, more
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measured. this after military officials said iran shot down an american drone over international waters. the latest escalation of tensions between tehran and washington. iran releasing this video that it claims shows the shoot-down. fox news has not verified this video. also today the pentagon putting out this video of the shoot-down. president trump now suggesting the whole thing could have been a mistake by somebody that he says may have been acting loose and stupid. but this is the first attack in this recent round of tension for which iran has taken credit. iranian officials claim the drone was at one point in their airspace and the shoot down would send a clear message to washington. pentagon officials say that is false. they report that this was an unprovoked attack, that the drone was at least 20 miles from iranian airspace at the time of its downing and that it never entered iranian airspace. pentagon officials say this was
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a deliberate act from tehran aimed at interfering with u.s. surveillance in the region. still, the president is pushing back on both iran and his own pentagon. saying the shoot down may have been the result of human error. >> i have a feeling that it was a mistake made by somebody that shouldn't have been doing what they did. i think they made a mistake. i'm not just talking the country made a mistake. >> shepard: will the united states respond? when asked that question, the president says you'll find out. overall, analysts say president trump's morning comments suggest that washington may not immediately respond. though the president said it would have made a big difference in his words had this been an attack on american personnel rather than on an american machine. jennifer griffin reporting live from the pentagon. iran's foreign minister is now responding? >> that's right. all eyes right now on that situation room meeting that will take place at 3:00 p.m. with the
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bipartisan group from congress. iran's foreign minister in a tweet just moments ago says the u.s. drone was flying over iran adding the u.s. drone took off from the united arab emirates many stealth mode. we retrieved sections of the drone in our territorial waters where it was shot down. u.s. officials say the u.s. navy drone was not over iran and was shot down 20 miles from iran's shoreline. international airspace is 12 nautical miles. the navy says it was flying over the strait of hormuz. here's the air force commander speaking from a base in qatar. >> an attack on a u.s. surveillance asset that had not violated iranian airspace at any time in its mission. this attack is an attempt to disrupt our ability to monitor the area following threats to international shipping and the free throw of commerce.
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iranian reports that this aircraft was shot down over iran are categorically false. >> the general did not take any questions. iran's revolutionary guard announced they shot down the drone after the drone crossed its borders. >> we do not have any intention for war with any country. but we're fully ready for war. >> the para military guard answers to suprethe supreme lea. iran released this video of a truck-based missile system that can fire up to 18 miles in the sky. >> shepard: what kind of options has the pentagon has presented to the president? >> we know general dunford took military options. the president gave himself and iran's leaders an out perhaps to get them to the negotiating
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table. >> i find it hard to believe it was intentional if you want to know the truth. could have been somebody that was loose and stupid that did it. we'll be able to report back and you'll understand what happened. it was a foolish move. that i can tell you. >> similar to a u-2 spy plane, the drone can orbit 60,000 feet and has a wing spent of a 737 plane. it's used to spy on iran but not over iran because it can see from such a long distance. it's used to track shipping. each drone cost $180 million. iran missed when it fired on a reaper drone, a different drone, that was sent to monitor the two tankers that were hit by limpit minutes last week. >> shepard: thanks, jennifer griffin. for analysis, michael o'hanlon is here.
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he's a senior fellow from the brookings institute. o'hanlon specializes in u.s. defense strategy and military defense. good afternoon. >> nice to be with you. >> shepard: your thoughts based on what you heard about saw from the president today. >> first i'll say i don't usually spend time complimenting president trump but i like his measured tone and effort to deescalate rather than escalate. we may wind up doing something and perhaps we'll have to if this continues and maybe we do so. i still like the fact that he's looking for a way to keep it within bounds. a very prudent way to handle a use of force situation. on the other hand, the overall trump strategy towards iran suggests we could see more of this. we have our foot on iran's thrown. iran doesn't tend to relent in that situation. i think they'll be looking to test our resolve, test international cohesion, test the oil markets and i would expect to see more of what they've been
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up to the last couple weeks before they agree to all of president trump's demands, including pulling forces out of syria and other things that i don't think will be on the table. so in the short term, good restraint by president trump even as we consider military options. we may have to implement at a limited scale. in the longer term, this could get worse before it gets better. >> shepard: to our knowledge, this is the first time that the iranians have shot down a piece of equipment of this kind. the response is measured at this moment. what might be an appropriate response given the circumstances? >> it's a great point. jennifer alluded to the u-2 shoot downs from the cold war after which we didn't really feel the need to militarily respond. we factored it to a broader way of handling the soviet union. we could do the same thing here as added evidence to the rest of the world why they should be tougher on iran. so that's one category of
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possible responses. the other is limited military strikes against specific iranian naval assets or revolutionary guard assets. iran has two separate navies that have seen to be involved in one way or another in these kinds of recent actions or a more general campaign throughout a whole sector of iran's coastline. surface to air missile batteries, small ships, larger combatants that we can think or destroy. it evokes memories of what we did with saddam hussein in the 90s. a one day or three-day campaign of a limited but still consequential nature. i'm sure those are on the table as options when general dunford goes to the white house. i have no idea where president trump is leaning. >> shepard: thanks, michael. >> thank you. >> shepard: i mentioned the situation room is in -- there's activity there now. lawmakers, cabinet members are meeting in the situation room.
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lawmakers are being briefed on capitol hill. when we know more, we'll bring it to you immediately. now, an american hero's final interview. that's how he described it to us on the phone. as i reported, luis alvarez rushed into the twin towers after they were attacked. authorities assured the world the air is safe. he breathed in what we know is toxic dust. while he dug through the piles of debris searching for victims. yesterday nearly 18 years later after 68 rounds of chemotherapy, doctors told him there's nothing else that they can do to fight his stage 4 cancer. last week luis went with comedian and activist jon stewart and other first responders to capitol hill to urge again lawmakers to provide long-term funding for the 9-11 victim compensation fund. >> we went to ground zero of the
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pentagon and shanksville to help people first and then help their families bury someone or something. you made me come down here the day before my 69th round of chemo. i'm going to make sure that you never forget to take care of the 9-11 responders. >> shepard: he never finished that 69th round of chemo. yesterday luis posted on facebook that during his treatment, nurses noticed he was disoriented and discovered his liver was shutting down. all treatments stopped. luis alvarez is now in hospice care. he said he wants to do this one land interview to advocate for his fellow 9-11 responders. he wrote on facebook, "i will continue to fight until the good lord decides its time.
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please take care of yourselves and each other. still here, still breathing. still fighting." with us now from long island, first responder, retired nypd detective, american hero, luis alvarez and his son, david. luis, thanks so much. such an honor for you to be here with us. are your care givers making you comfortable? >> yes, shep. good to be here. thank you for having me. i'm doing well. i'm comfortable. i'm not in a lot of pain. i have my family surrounding me. i'm at peace. >> shepard: would you like to share with our viewers anything about your last conversations with your doctors? >> well, what happened was when i went for my last round of chemo, they noticed that i was
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disoriented. i didn't know the date, i didn't know what hospital i was in. i couldn't answer simple questions of what year it was and stuff like that. the doctors sent me to test. they realized that my liver had finally shut down. my bod was filling up with ammonia. that is what was making me feel disoriented. >> shepard: life's final curtain is hard for everyone. i wonder as you reflect on your life what you would like our viewers to know about it. what you look back and said that was important or that really matters. >> well, i have no regrets. no regrets whatsoever.
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9-11 happened. we got called down. it's my job as an nypd detective to respond to emergencies. no hesitation. went down, spent about three months down there doing the bucket brigade, doing rooftop detail, trying to find remains. i did work with everybody. i'm nobody special. i did what all the other guys did. now we're paying the price for it. >> shepard: i'd argue that all of you are special. i'd argue that every person that serves his fellow man is special and deserving of honor as you are today.
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but you called us saying that you want to make one last stateme statement. >> we need to go fast. go quickly, efficiently so we don't have to go to washington again and lobby. it's not -- i've been blessed. i got sick 16 years after the fact. my son, david, he was 11 years old on 9-11. he's 29 years old now. i'm leaving him without a father. i have two other sons, tyler and ben, who are 19 and 14. i'm leaving them without a
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father. there's plenty like me. like i said, i'm not special. there's plenty guys like me. okay? i got sick 16 years after the fact. there's workers out there that say this isn't going to happen to me. i'm okay. the time has passed. the time doesn't -- is not going to pass. there's going to be more and more and more responders getting sick. i just want them to know that just because you're not sick now doesn't mean you're not going to get sick. you need to be covered. i'm lucky to have the healthcare that i got. a lot of guys don't have it. plenty of people that in terms
12:17 pm
of going through the stress of fighting cancer, they're also fighting the financial stress of the healthcare. it's not right. you know, we served our city, our state, our country. should be compensated for it. not compensated in the sense that, you know, we want to be rich. we just want the money to be there for our families so that god forbid that they do get sick, they're covered. they have the health insurance, they have the funds to take care of their families. god forbid that they get sick and die. that's what i'm advocating for.
12:18 pm
okay? we did our job. congress has to do theirs. okay? we were told the air was safe down there. it wasn't. you know what? that doesn't matter. because we would have went in any way. that's what we do. it's not a job. it's a calling. okay? we would have went in any way. this is what happens. >> shepard: you spent a lifetime protecting and serving and suddenly you're now an advocate full time. how is that transitioning and what has this experience been like for you? >> it's been a listen overwhelming. i'm a humble under-the-radar kind of guy to have all of this
12:19 pm
attention is a little strange. but i'll do whatever i have to do to see my brothers and sisters that aren't covered get the coverage that they need. and the help that they need. i want to tell all the first responders if you think it can't happen to you, just take a look at me. okay? 16 years later i got sick. it's an epidemic. more and more first responders getting sick. our government has to take care of them. it's just a matter of decency, a matter of doing the right thing. we did the right thing when we
12:20 pm
went down there. now it's the government's turn to do the right thing by us. okay? take care of the first responders that are sick. ease their lives a little bit. going through this cancer is stressful. not just on me, on my whole family. very stressful. we need to ease the stress of first responders. let them know that they're not alone. the government is here to back them up, to give them the support their need, the
12:21 pm
financial support that they're going to need when they get sick. it's just a matter of time. you know, it's just a matter of time before we get sick. >> shepard: luis, as fate would have it and as situations have dictated, you will no be a historical figure, especially in this city. and i wonder when people talk about luis alvarez of new yorkist finest, what you'd like for them to say about you. >> i want them to say that i fought for first responders. it's not just the new york family. didn't just happen in new york. as a bomb technician, i traveled around the country, training and with other departments. i would talk to guys that were
12:22 pm
like hey, i got this cough. i don't feel good. these are guys from arizona, new mexico, california. when 9-11 happened, they came. that's what we do. not just new york, all over the united states. they all showed up. so it's not a new york thing. it's a country thing. there's goes in other states and other cities that are sick. they don't understand why. i want them to know, hey, if you were at ground zero or shanksville or the landfill, get yourself checked out.
12:23 pm
you could be sick from ground zero. >> shepard: luis, we're honored to know you and thanks to your family and all the best and all the love to you. great honor. thanks for your service to our city and our nation. >> my pleasure. >> shepard: luis alvarez. at this hour, at the 9-11 victims compensation fund is running out of money and those like luis suffer, lawmakers are still squabbling about what to do. the bill to extend the fund is in limbo on capitol hill. lawmakers are unable to work out the details. our senior producer from capitol hill says it's unlikely lawmakers will do anything about it before they go on their july fourth break. of course, they could. they could resolve their differences and pass this bill right away. luis alvarez and thousands of others would thank them.
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it's estimated the number of people that have and will develop 9-11-related illnesses will reach 95,000. system breaking news now in the trial for a former navy seal accused of murdering a teenage isis prisoner. in a stroke of unimaginable theater, someone else just confessed to the crime in the courtroom. prosecutors say special ops chief edward gallagher killed an isis fighter in an employment in the iraqi city of mosul and there's witnesses. yet today, a medic testified that he saw gallagher stab that teenager. but the medic says he, not gallagher, is the one that killed him when he cut off oxygen flow. prosecutors say the medic has immunity in this case and he's just trying to keep gallagher out of jail. that is the reporting of our
12:25 pm
chief correspondent jonathan hunt live outside the courthouse in san diego. jonathan? >> shep, this played out in the most dramatic fashion in court today. seal team 7 member corey scott was the man on the witness stand. he served in iraq in may 2017 alongside chief petty officer edward gallagher who has been, as you know, accused of the murder of that isis fighter. corey scott said under questioning from the prosecution that yes, he saw chief gallagher stab the isis fighter in the neck near his jugular vein. but as a combat medic, he went on to say when being questioned by the defense that that stabbing was not what killed the isis fighter and scott said he in fact killed him saying "i held my thumb over his tt tube until he quit breathing."
12:26 pm
that was a trachiotomy tube that helped him with his breathing. why he said he did that, in the isis survivor had survived, he would have toe be happeneded to iraqi forces. scott said he previously seen the iraqi forces torture and murder other captives. under questioning from the defense, he was asked why did you kill him? scott replied because i knew he was going to die anyway. i wanted to save him from what was going to happen next to him. and then he was asked by the defense attorney" did chief gallagher kill this terrorist?" to which he replied "no." in the hallway outside the courtroom, i was standing there during a recess immediately after this testimony. chief gallagher and his wife andrea who has been with him every day came out, they hugged. there were laughs and one of their supporters walked up to
12:27 pm
chief gallagher and slapped him on the back. there was certainly a measure of relief, i would say it bordered on the celebratory. shep? >> shepard: jonathan, how did prosecutors respond to this? >> well, they said simply that they had never heard this story before in all the many times that they had questioned seal team 7 member corey scott. they're accusing him of changing his story after he was given immunity from prosecution over the death of this isis fighter. the lead prosecutor said "you can lie about the fact that you killed the isis prisoner because you don't want chief gallagher to go to jail" to which scott replied "i don't want him to go to jail." testimony resumes in just a couple minutes here, shep. we have another member of that seal team 7 on the stand this
12:28 pm
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>> shepard: so this is el capitan in yosemite. it's a life long goal for many climbers. it's about 3,000 feet up there. look at it next to one world trade center. it's nearly twice the height. a 10-year-old girl just reached the top. we reported on her yesterday. she's now the youngest person to summit el capitan. she made it to the top if five days. this is video of her doing it
12:33 pm
with her dad a climbing guide and family friend. >> yeah, yeah. come on. >> shepard: that's dad cheering her on there. her mom said that she practiced a ton but she was worried about her daughter since sayla ways shy of 60 pounds. her parents are rock climbers. she's been climbing sips she was a wee baby. she doesn't get all the fuss. she says she's just a normal girl. she's here on the deck. how are you? >> good. >> shepard: your the youngest person to ever do that. >> uh-huh. >> shepard: how does that feel? >> i don't know. exciting and really
12:34 pm
overwhelming. >> shepard: yeah. how so? >> i feel like everybody is thinking it's crazy because i'm the youngest person but i did it to have fun. >> shepard: was it? >> uh-huh. >> shepard: when you got to the top, what was that, selah? >> it was really emotional. it was something that i had been thinking about for a long time. >> shepard: and when you looked out over it all and realize had with you had just done, how did that feel? >> really crazy. yeah. >> shepard: were you going how did i just do that? >> uh-huh. >> shepard: it's an amazing joy. >> she's a precocious little kid. >> shepard: there's four children in your house hold. everybody is a climber but the 18-month-old? >> i did find her at the top of a ladder the other day. >> shepard: mommy's nightmare. but everybody is into it in.
12:35 pm
>> yes. >> shepard: you're coloradoans so it comes naturally. >> yes. >> shepard: what do you want to do next? >> i don't know. there's not a certain climb that i want to do next. i really want to -- >> shepard: you want to do what? >> lead five tens. like put up a rope, lead a climb. a certain type. >> shepard: one thing i did hear, when you got to the top you were hungry. >> yes. >> shepard: what did you want? >> pizza. >> shepard: there's not a pizza hut there. >> but there is a pizza deck there. >> shepard: did you guys celebrate? what did everybody say? >> i can't remember. >> shepard: but it was fun? >> uh-huh. >> shepard: all right. america's youngest scaler,
12:36 pm
climber, i guess? climber of el capitan. >> yes. >> shepard: we'll come visit. a joy. nice to meet you. more next.
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limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> shepard: the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his country stands by the united states after a drone was shot down earlier today. trey yingst reporting live. trey? >> iran's revolutionary guard claims that the drone entered their airspace before being shot down. the drone came from a base in the persian gulf last night. new images show what looks like a missile defense system used by the iranies.
12:41 pm
the drone has a swing span of a boeing 737 and cost $180 million. iran says this was meant to send a clear message to washington. >> those that defend the borders of iran will react in a total and decisive way by any foreign elements on our land. our borders are our red line. >> as for the american red line, the pentagon says there will be a response if u.s. forces are targeted. there's a concern that if a larger conflict erupts, key allies could be threatened. israel faces threats in hezbollah and lebanon. netanyahu called on the international community to stand together against iranian aggression. >> in last 24 hours, iran has
12:42 pm
intensified their aggression against all of us. i repeat any call for all peace-loving countries to stand by the united states and their effort to stop iran's aggression. israel stands by them on this. >> this week the president's national security adviser meeting with russia and israeli counter parts. this could be a chance to deescalate the situation. >> shepard: the alabama republican roy moore announcing another run for the united states senate in 2020. after he lost amid sexual misconduct allegations, this is an affront to the republican party. president trump says he can't win. six women accused roy moore of pursuing romantic relationships with them when they were teenagers as young as 14.
12:43 pm
he was an assistant district attorney in his 30s. two of the women accuse him of assault or molestation. moore denied the accusations and has said he considered his 2017 defeat when he lost to jones by 22,000 votes out of 1.3 million cast a fraud. now against the wishes of the russian party and against pressures from outside and within, roy moore announces he will run in 2020. a city in florida has agreed to pay hackers nearly $600,000 in ransom almost a month after losing access to its computer system. we regarded on local cyber attacks on local governments before, most notably last year in atlanta and recently in baltimore city. the fbi does not support the paying of hackers, a spokesman for riviera beach, florida,
12:44 pm
they've been working with outside security consultants. they couldn't do anything. so they had to pay up. the fox business network's kristina partsinevelos reporting live in new york city. kristina? >> gone are the days when you ask for cash. this city council voted to give the hacker what's they wanted. they wanted 65 bitcoins. right now if we take a look at the price of bitcoins, it's volatile. it's $9,426. that's gone up about $100 in the last few hours or so. like you mentioned, they had to pay the attackers roughly $600,000 in bitcoin because bitcoin is not government regulated. if you're wondering, how does this happen? an employee clicked on an e-mail link, the malware entered the system and everything shut down, even 911 dispatchers couldn't write down addresses in their system. they had to write it down by paper and pen. this is clearly a big problem.
12:45 pm
seems to be occurring more and more often. like you mentioned, the fbi said don't pay the hacker. but the city council decided they had no other choice. they wanted the encrypted data back into their own hands so they did pay the hacker. this is an on going situation that happened in baltimore. two years ago, there was an l.a. hospital that paid 40 bitcoins, about $20,000 to hackers because they couldn't access their me medical devices, this is becoming more and more common because there's no government regulation on bitcoin. so shep, at the moment, we know that they have paid the hackers, this is the riviera beach council. they still haven't received their data back yet. >> shepard: and spent another million on new computers. more on the escalating tensions between the united states and iran. we're live at the white house
12:46 pm
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>> shepard: a live look at the white house where the house and senate leadership are meeting with president trump at this moment in the situation room on
12:50 pm
the situation in iran. this after iran shot down an american drone today. the president first said that the country made a very big mistake. later said he had a feeling somebody there actually did make a mistake. he wasn't supposed to shoot down that drone. blake burman works at the white house and live. >> you saw the microphones there we're hoping to hear from the key members of congress, the meeting inside the white house situation room ongoing right now, been going on the last 50 minutes or so. this includes the big four up on capitol hill. mitch mcconnell, kevin mccarthy, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer all at the meeting in the situation room. the top democrat and republican for the house and senate intelligence committee, the top democrat and republican for the house and senate armed services committee. we saw the secretary state mike pompeo enter the west wing and
12:51 pm
patrick shanahan and the president part of the briefing as well. house speaker described the situation with iran as dangerous and said we have to be strategic. >> we also cannot be reckless in what we do. so it will be interesting to see what they have to say, whether the -- i don't think the president wants to go to war. there's no appetite for going to war in our country. >> there was also a separate briefing on capitol hill earlier today for members of congress. there was another meeting over here at the white house early they are morning with the secretary of state and other members of the military as well, deal military leaders. so all across washington today a cross government, iran has been a key focus. >> shepard: blake burman live. there is breaking news now. these are pictures from georgia.
12:52 pm
protesters are storming georgia's parliament building as thousands and thousands rally about the visit of a russian lawmaker. they're demanding that the entire government of that nation resign. i mentioned this was sparked by a russian legislator's arrival. demonstrations began at the delegation left the chamber. some carrying european union flags and saying russia is an occupier. the russian legislator support for independence for the georgian break-away region and his support for vladimir putin has stoked a lot of animosity in georgia. police were able to fend them off at one point. but the fact remains that they're trying to storm the parliament and demanding the government resign. tensions are high and escalating at hotspots around the world.
12:53 pm
the news continues next. problem i was told to begin my aspirin regimen, and i just didn't listen. until i almost lost my life. my doctors again ordered me to take aspirin, and i do. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. listen to the doctor. take it seriously. (kickstart my heart by motley crue)) (truck honks) (wheels screeching) (clapping) (sound of can hitting bag and bowl) (clapping) always there in crunch time.
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with cosentyx. >> shepard: another american has died after visiting the dominican republic. there's reporting that the woman went there on her honeymoon and died less than a week after getting home. doctors say she had fluid in her lungs similar to others that died in dominican resorts. we're tracking 11 suspicious deaths from that island in the last year. jeff paul is reporting live in santa domingo. jeff? >> what makes this death different, the woman died after she returned home. we spoke with the state department. they said despite the numbers going up, they tell us there is
12:58 pm
not an uptick in deaths being reported to them. all of this happening as the fbi reportedly taking samples from a mini bar at one of the resorts where a tourist has died. agents wouldn't confirm their involvement. toxicology report surrounding three deaths at the same report. the health ministry said their tests show negative risks when testing food and alcohol. it doesn't seem to be sitting well with some tourists. some business owners says it feels like people are not vacationing here now. >> i have 100 some employees here. they're worried. they want to know my opinion. my opinion is what i just told you. of course, we have to find out what happened to the cases that
12:59 pm
were iffy. >> the first and only dominican american house rep said on twitter, he's travelling to the d.r. to sit down with tourism leaders and government officials. he said he's going to see for himself to ensure the safety of tourists remain a priority. one other congressman has sent a formal letter to the fbi and the state department asking them to be quicker with the facts of the cases. >> shepard: jeff paul live. the other big story from there is the shooting of big papi, david ortiz. authorities now say the shooting victim was not intended to be big papi. it was intended to be a friend of his. that is according to the local authorities. the investigation into that shooting continues. the final bell ring on wall street in one second.
1:00 pm
and there it is. the dow up 264 at the moment. 29 of the industrials are in the green today. "your world" with neil cavuto and the best in business right now. >> this is a new fly in the ointment. what happened, shooting down the drone. >> it's a dangerous situation. the high tension wires are up in the region. i don't think the president wants to go to war. >> here's what iran needs to get ready for. severe pain. if they're itching for a fight, they're going to get one. >> what is our strategy? to deal with the consequences. >> this country will not stand for it. that i can tell you. >> neil: first the shoot-down and now the sit-down. the president and intelligence officials are all meeting in the white house in the situation room as we speak. as the u.s. responds to iran shooting down