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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 20, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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def leppard? >> i don't know. combine them both. >> >> juan: i know "the devil went down to georgia." >> greg: never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. >> u.s. and iran on the brink. joe biden refuses to apologize saying segregation of senators were able to get things done with civility, and a shocking claim stuns the court in a trial of a navy seal accused of murdering a terrorist prisoner. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, welcome to washington. on mike emanuel in for bret baier. a tenuous situation is more pressure rest pressurized tonight. iran says the drone was in its airspace and the u.s. says that
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is not correct. the incident has brought the two rivals closer to a shooting war that russian president vladimir putin says would be catastrophic at a minimum. we begin our coverage tonight with correspondent rich edson at the white house. >> congressional leaders have left the righ white house to upe them on the growing tension with iran. mitch mcconnell associate administration is engaged in measured responses. we will see if the united states should respond to shooting down the drone. president trump met with his national security team hours after they shut down the drone over the neural volatile straight of her news. iran's military says this video shows its forces destroying the american drone. an iranian surface-to-air missiles struck the high altitude drone in international airspace. despite his initial warning, the
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president then seemed to be intent. >> it was someone who was loose and stupid. it was a very foolish move. that i can tell you. >> the pentagon called the attack unprovoked. he says the coordinates were present at the location of the u.s. drone in iranian airspace. and says they retrieve sections of it in u.s. waters. u.s. officials say the drone never violated iran's airspace and was never closer than 20 miles to the iranian coast. speak of this dangerous and escalatory attack was irresponsible and occurred in the vicinity of established airport is between dubai, uae, and must got a mod. possibly endangering innocent civilians. >> officials say iran tried to destroy another drone and
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missed. u.s. officials say iranian backed forces fired cruise missiles last night into saudi arabia, hitting a power plant. and iran denies that, and suggests that they are trying to indicate a conflict. >> we don't have the intention to go to war with any country but we are fully prepared for war. >> iran also says it's on track to eliminate nuclear issues. the house speaker says the u.s. cannot afford to be reckless. >> we must act in a way that does de-escalate and does not escalate the tensions and the situation there. >> this is administration says that sending a thousand troops to the region to deter a war, not start one. i want to get out of those endless wars.
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>> senator graham says the united states should respond with firmness. >> if there is any more disruption to the shipping in the strait of hormuz linked to iran, take out the navy and bomb their refineries. if there's any more attack on the iranian interests, go after the iranian so they will feel pain. >> at the pentagon is building its case that this drone never entered iranian territory. they just released a map that said when the drone took off, and, they call it a self-inflicted disaster. and it's a democratic presidential candidates. here's correspondent peter doocy. >> democrats who don't like the
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way joe biden describes working alongside segregationists are about to have a chance to tell them to their face. and they make race part of the campaign on the first day, by invoking the memory of deadly race racially charged riots. >> those words, the president of the united states, assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those with the courage standing against it. >> they are accusing biden of doing something similar by ascribing civility. we got things done. cory booker wants the former be to vp to say, sorry. >> there's not a racist bone in
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my body. ivan been involved. >> many of the candidates covet alexandria or causey or cortez, "cory booker does not -- waxing nostalgic about working with segregationists is insensitive. he knows better. really? what is better, to stay quiet about it? booker also believes that biden's biting responses backwards. >> for his posture to be to me, i've done nothing wrong and you should apologize, i'm not a racist, is so insulting. >> watching from the sidelines, joe biden is piling on. the biden critique from president trump isn't new. the biden critique from other candidates for president is. >> i said how i feel about his comments. i think that they were misplaced and frankly misinformed.
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>> joe biden and most of the field were there this weekend, where the state makes up 61% of the primary electorate and biden will have a chance to explain why he made segregationists part of his presidential pitch. >> moments ago we learned vice president biden called senator booker today to try to smooth things over. that's according to two biden campaign sources who say they will not comment further on the substance of the discussion. a world war i memorial in the shape of a cross will stay on public land in maryland. the supreme court announced the ruling today. fox news chief legal correspondent and anchor of "fox news at night" shannon bream has details. >> for nearly a century, the bladensburg piece crosses stood as a memorial to the fallen soldiers from world war i. for more than five years the american humanist association has been trying to take it down, arguing that the symbol on the public park equates to government endorsement of
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christianity and does not appropriately honor all service members. >> there is an unfairness of suggesting that a cross could represent all veterans when clearly not all veterans are christians. >> today and a 7-2 opinion by justice samuel alito, the supreme court disagreed. "the cross is undoubtedly a christian symbol but that should back should not blind us to everything that the cross has represented, that has stood undisturbed for nearly a century would not be neutral. cross does not offend the constitution. supporters of the memorial say the ruling protecting the specific symbol sends an unmistakable message. >> what we don't do is have a religious kgb that sniffs out all the religious monuments and tears them down. and that's what the court was saying today. >> justice ruth bader ginsburg dissented today joined by justice sotomayor or writing
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"maintaining peace in a public highway over nonreligion. opponents of the cross including the interfaith alliance argued today's opinion actually harms of religious freedom. "the supreme court has slowly been shifting away of the separation between religion and government in this country. allowing the religious beliefs of some more weight than others. as the supreme court wraps up the final days of this term, we will wait on the decision whether the trump administration has a legitimate reason for adding a citizenship question to the 202 2020 census. some think it will leave minorities undercounted. the justices are also weighing two cases on the issue of partisan gerrymandering. so depending on how broadly or narrowly they do that it could impact control the house and next year's election. we will get the next round of
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opinion at 10:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow. >> its busy season for you. we will see you tonight at 11. >> mike: china says it hopes the u.s. will bring what he calls a problem-solving attitude and advanced to trade talks between president trump and president xi and japan. optimism of a potential deal fueled another good day on wall street. the dow searched 24 249 and the s&p 500 finished ahead 28 for a new record close. nasdaq jumped to 64. another major trade agreement involves the u.s. and canada. of correspondent kevin corke reports tonight from the white house. >> it's the largest trade deal by far ever entered into and we are very close to having it finalized which means a lot of jobs for our country and a lot of wealth for all three countries. >> publish president trump today.
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and. center will approve it rapidly. it will be very bipartisan. >> >> it sounds like an international agreement. >> it was all smiles on capitol hill, with house speaker nancy pelosi. there are concerns over just how soon a deal could be struck. legislators in mexico have already signed off on it, getting the u.s. and canada to complete the usmca. over the agreements and enforcement mechanisms for labor standard, prescription drug costs and -- >> i celebrate the ratifying of this treaty. we jumped ahead for canada and the united states. we reiterated tides of friendship and coordination for developers with canada and the
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united states. while employing congressional leaders to do the same. by great job, the president meant the new and improved assistance. a tenuous measure of cooperation he admitted and one that will have to do for now. >> president trump: they can easily stop if they want to. they can easily stop this tremendous migration to the united states. >> also in that interview, the president said that latinos and hispanics in this country do support his idea of deporting millions upon illegal migrants. he said listen, the ones who are here illegally, they don't want to see their wages go down, they don't want to lose their jobs and they don't want more crime.
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>> president trump is threatening to veto resolutions in congress plaintiff locking arms sales to saudi arabia. the republican-controlled senate aims to block sales short of necessary votes to override the promised veto. the saudis have erased a string of attacks who are backed by iran. saudi leaderships also under intense pressure over the murder of jamal khashoggi. china says its president is willing to play a role in the denuclearization of north korea. xi jinping is meeting with kim jong un and an impasse with the u.s. is a major topic of discussion. greg palkot is watching the situation tonight from hong kong. >> created by north korean leader kim jong un. for the first time in 14 years of a chinese leader has come to north korea. kim has met with president xi
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for other times, always in chi china. >> the leaders from both countries to exchange opinions on important issues that concern both sides and involve bilateral relationships and future developments. >> in fact, there are lots of politics and high stakes involved in this two day meeting. analysts became desperate hurting the north korean economy. talks between the u.s. and north korea about denuclearization remain at a standstill. >> can't make enough progress without meaningful, verifiable steps on denuclearization. >> and bringing concession through the meeting and that could help all around. >> china can show you some muscle, so affecting the diplomacy and north korea. >> one other possible benefit, helping him repair his political
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stature battled by recent anti-beijing pro-democracy demonstrations in hong kong. activists hear a singing peaceful tunes now but more protests are planned. >> more well orchestrated events are planned for day number two of the summit in pyongyang. it remains to be be seen if there will be real results from this aging diplomatic theater. up next, by facebook is entering the cryptocurrency business. here is what fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. box six in birmingham, as chief justice roy moore says he's running for the senate again next year. president trump and many others have tried to discourage judge moore from entering the race. he lost a special election and, he denied those allegations.
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26-year-old tara o'sullivan is removing belongings from a home when the suspect opened fire. he later surrendered to authorities. and this is a live look at philadelphia. the police commissioner confirms, 72 police officers have been placed on administrative leave during an ongoing investigation into alleged racist and inappropriate social media posts. the department has rolled out antibias and antiracism training along with instruction on social media policies. that is tonight it's a live look the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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door's open. morning... welcome to the neighborhood. do you like my work? secure your home with x1 voice control. and have professional monitoring backing you up with xfinity home. demo at an xfinity store, call or go online today. ♪ >> mike: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the majority live will not go along with a bipartisan plan for house leaders to have that lawmakers receive their first their first cost-of-living pay increase in a decade. members of congress has an automatic inflationary pay bump this year, but it's been frozen since 2009. and that includes sightings of
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aircraft's with unusual designs. mark warner says he wants answers. "it doesn't matter if it's weather balloons, little green men or something else entirely, we can't ask our pilots to put their lives at risk unnecessarily. facebook is planning to enter the world of cryptocurrency next year. the libra is honored in currency used by the roman empire. but the launch of the new digital money system is causing an outcry from the social media giant, many critics. gillian turner looks at both side of the story tonight. >> facebook is under attack in dealing with a quote growing backlash for a plan with its new cryptocurrency called libra. including ebay, visa, mastercard and uber t with this
3:22 pm
digital money. >> it's the same way the internet is. >> something facebook says will help stave off the major volatility that plagues most cryptocurrency. and, the company says if all goes according to plan, the real life pretty much anywhere on planet earth. we cannot allow facebook to run risking new cryptocurrency out of a swiss bank account without oversight. that's because the past couple years has been dealing with scandals over privacy, election interference, fake news and hate speech and violent video strea streams. >> if we want people to trust us with this new service we will have to basically deserve their trust. >> but cyber experts are convinced.
3:23 pm
>> they have to convince us that not only should we worry not worry about privacy concerns but, financial transactions are now safe as well. that's a very tall order. >> the senate banking committee has already slated a hearing for july. the focus on the libra and privacy issues. and france, germany and australia have all warned a global regulatory reckoning is on the horizon. period up next, beyond our borders. thousands of protesters tried to storm the parliament building. they are calling for the government's resignation. the unrest was sparked by the appearance thursday of a russian legislator as part of an assembly of lawmakers from orthodox christian countries. many georgians resent any sort of official visit by russians. the italian firefighters say
3:24 pm
three people were killed in an explosion in the apartment building that appears to be caused by a gas leak. the explosion completely leveled the building leaving only outside while standing on three sides. it took rescuers hours to locate the victim which include a couple found in bed. and, the u.s. women's soccer team blanked sweden with a 2-0 score at the world cup in france. up next, the knockoff round of 16. the americans face off with spain on monday. that's just some of what's going on beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ like a-- ♪ drifter i was ♪born to walk alone! you're a drifter? i thought you were kevin's dad. little bit of both. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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♪ >> a navy seal testifying under immunity said he is the one who deliberately killed and isis fighter in iraq, not his colleague who is on trial for the crime. san diego tonight with a bombshell testimony. hello jonathan. >> hello mike. it was an extraordinary moment in court on the stand with the seal team member cory scott who served under chief petty officer edward gallagher, the seal commander accused of murdering a young nicest prisoner in iraq in 2017. called as a witness for the prosecuting comic prosecution, scott, who is a combat medic said he saw gallagher stabbed the ices fighter in the neck and then when questioned by
3:29 pm
attorneys, he's of the stabbing was not what killed the captive. instead, he said i held my thumb over his tt tube until he quit breathing. meaning he blocked a breathing tube inserted into the fighter's throat and's succeeded him. i knew he was going to die anyway and i wanted to save him from what was going to happen next to him, cory scott replied. explaining further that he believes iraqi troops would torture him if he lived. did chief gallagher kill this terrorist? no, said scott. prosecutors now treating scott as a hostile witness accused the seal of making the story up after he got immunity from prosecution saying, scott never said anything about killing the prisoner himself in any previous interview with investigators and adding, you could lie about the
3:30 pm
fact that you killed the isis prisoner because you don't want chief gallagher to go to jail. to which scott replied, i don't want him to go to jail. now in a hallway outside of the court room after that session, i watched as chief gallagher and his wife andrea who has been with him every day hugged another of gallagher's supporters came up and slapped him on the back. clearly the gallagher team feels they reached a major turning point today. mike? >> mike: a quite a day in court. a judge has barred several authorities from arresting people at massachusetts court houses for civil violations while the lawsuit challenges the way the practice plays out. the lawsuit alleges that it scares people away from court and makes it hard for prosecutors to hold people accountable. no comment yet from the justice department.
3:31 pm
oregon democratic governor kate brown has deployed the state police to round up republican lawmakers who fled the capital in an attempt to block a vote on a landmark claimant plan. and that was sent to the voters for approval instead of an approval by lawmakers. conservatives called for a walk out after negotiations with democrats fell apart late yesterday. democrats have an 18-12 majority, but need 20 members present for a quorum. and there is a growing mystery over deaths of american tourists in the dominican republic. jeff paul has the story tonight from the dominican capital of santo domingo. >> with the number of deaths keeps growing. fox news can now confirm as many as 11 americans have died while vacationing in the dr most involving heart attacks or respiratory issues. the latest happen on tuesday
3:32 pm
when a 59-year-old woman returned home after honeymooning and put the con. now the fbi is taking samples from a menu bar at resort where an american tourist died within the last 12 months. they are helping dominican authorities with toxicology reports surrounding three deaths at the same result. >> people are very worried about it. local people. i have 100 some employees here and they are very worried. >> american juan fernandez owns a business in says tourism is taking a hit. carlos morales is vacationing from boston and has heard his fair share of warnings. >> they are like, you're going to the dominican republic? please be safe. everyone is alarmed. >> adriano espaillat on, the first and only domain he can remember of congress that he's
3:33 pm
headed to the dr to sit down with tourism leaders and government officials. writing on twitter "i'm taking this trip to see for myself and ensure the safety of american tourists and visitors to the dominican republic remains priority" since 2011, the number of american tourists dying from nonnatural causes in the dramatic and has fluctuated from as many as 27, in 2011, 213 deaths last year. one other congressman is formally written to the fbi, a and, it has not seen an uptick in deaths. >> after iran shoots down the u.s. military drawn. we will get reaction from the panel, when we come back. she's not a baker. she wears that apron to sell insurance. nobody knows why. she's the progressive insurance lady.
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we took a physical >> early this
3:38 pm
morning the air defense system of the revolutionary guards bravely shot down eight and unmanned u.s. aircraft which trespassed our borders and was violating our an international security barter. >> iranian reports that this was shot down over iran are categorically false. >> president trump: we are not going to be talking too much about it, they will find out they made a very big mistake. >> is what iran needs to get ready for, severe pain inside their country. their capability is pale in comparison to ours and if they are itching for a fight, they will get one. >> i see military action because i don't want to get us into a war, but we will have to see. >> fiorini and shoot down a very sophisticated drone. as glynn tensions and there you see it on the map, the strait of hormuz where much of the world's oil travels through. this has escalated tensions here in washington and around the world. some leading senators commented on the possibility of whether
3:39 pm
this could lead to war. >> we are a lot closer today than we were yesterday and only god knows what tomorrow brings. >> the president may not intend to go to war here but we are worried that he and the administration may bubble into a war. we told them that the democratic position is the congressional approval must be required before funding any conflict in iran. >> mike: that was leader schumer after top officials were brought to the situation room for a briefing. with that let's bring in charles hurt, opinion editor for the times. amy walter, and matthew continetti, editor in chief for "the washington free beacon." welcome. your thoughts on the situation tonight? >> i think it's clear that the iranian strategy is to provoke the united states into a large scale military response in order to divide us from our european allies, and the iranians are
3:40 pm
trying to basically hold hostage and keep them in two the jcpoa, the obama nuclear deal. so far, he has not given into this strategy. he continues to follow into this policy. notice that there is no equivalence between what centcom says and what the irg seed this information campaign says about where this drone was shot down or who has responsibility. there is no equivalent between economic sanctions and terrorist acts such as blowing up tankers trying to have safe passage through the strait of hormuz and downing in american drone. >> do you think the members of your administration were inclined to push you into this situation? >> i said i want to get out of
3:41 pm
these endless wars. i campaigned on that, and afghanistan for 19 years. this is a new wrinkle, new fly in the ointment, what happened shooting down the drone. this country will not stand for it, that i can tell you. >> is suggesting that just because you are hearing from other people in the administration or as we saw, we saw senator lindsey graham suggesting that we are very close to war. that's not where this president has been and it's never where he has wanted to be in any of the dealings whether it was with north korea or china or here. but, that was his selling point as a candidate, still as a president. and, being able to negotiate either a better deal with chyron or a better deal with north korea or a better deal with china.
3:42 pm
at some on trade and of some on security, it hasn't come to pass yet. and that's a challenge going forward in the next two years as he's running for reelection, telling voters that yes, i came in to make these changes, but none of them were successful. >> did anyone doubt at this point that iran was responsible for the attacks on the oil tankers last week? this action sort of blows this out the window clearly. clearly, iran is desperate and i think as matthew said they are bruising for some sort of conflict with the united states. imagine how desperate the economic situation must be, if the hot war of the united states would be an improvement of the situation. the last thing is, and the president reiterated that he did not want to get into this.
3:43 pm
and making sure the tankers have safe passage around the world. it's interesting that this iranian news overshadowed the canadian prime minister in terms of getting canada and mexico across the finish line. take a listen to this and i will get you guys to react. >> president trump: i think nancy pelosi in the house will approve and the center will approve rapidly. and it's great for everybody. speak out this is a great opportunity for us to continue to work and to develop and to build on the closest alliance the world. >> i celebrate the ratifying of the treaty. we reiterate our determination and conviction to maintain the
3:44 pm
ties of cooperation and development with canada and the united states. >> one thing, i don't know. i don't want to give them this win, and the 2:00 is really ticking. if this does not get done within the next few months, nothing is going to happen in 2,020. we know that for sure. it truly has to happen for these guys go on a summer break. >> quick thought? >> and that gives trump a win before the election. next up, joe biden refuses o apologize for saying segregation senators have used to get things done. ♪ /month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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3:49 pm
>> i've done nothing wrong. it's so insulting, and so missing the larger point. >> he knows better. there's not a racist bone in my body. >> after that dustup, there was a phone call between president joe biden and senator cory booker. the readout from the booker campaign is that corey share directly what he said publicly including helping vice president biden understand why the word up boy is painful to so many. and apologize to those who are hurt. back with our panel, and as a conservative, i am loving it. this is the second time in one month that joe biden's mouth has gotten him in trouble.
3:50 pm
they were able to work civilly with segregation senators decades ago. presidential elections joe biden's mouth has been getting him in trouble for half a century, they better get used to it. many of us, including me included. you can't say mccain is not a war hero, you can't say things about free trade. you can't say these things about fill in the blank or his positions that he's held in the past. i think we have to wait a little bit, bubbling up here in washington and the twittersphere. the second thing i think is really important and goes to a bigger problem for joe biden is
3:51 pm
coming he's selling himself as the great compromise her. he brings these things that people say they pined for that no longer exist in washington. and, less than half of democrats and republicans think that that is a good idea. they all want the other side to compromise, and even that as a selling point is not a very big winning message at this moment in time. >> do you think president trump is sitting back watching this and getting new material? >> i think he definitely is. and i think that's taking a step back and taking a breath. the difference between donald trump and joe biden, donald trump was saying things that were shocking around here
3:52 pm
but he was saying things that a lot of people outside of washington that related to them, and that's things that the politician didn't say. but biden said stupid things, really dumb things that had no meaning. of the stupid things he has said, this is kind of a funny one to use to accuse him of being a racist. but also, it sort of like what comes around goes around. it's amusing because joe biden himself, obviously the whole democratic party has done this. he told a gathering of black voters in 2012 that mitt romney would put him back in chains and launch that despicable campaign launch where he lied about what donald trump said in charlottesville. and so -- i found it amusing. i think it's unfair but, it's amusing because he's done it to
3:53 pm
other people. >> people on the hill were asked about this fallout, take a listen. >> . , let them all debate that's a better president than the current occupants of the white house. >> so that doesn't have any lasting damage. >> and that will be at the question. are these -- is every week going to be issue is that over the course of time become too heavy for him to handle? and second, if not joe biden, then who. who fills in the question. the reason he is at first is because he seems the most selectable. as soon as stock drops off, joe biden is in serious trouble. he's a front runner now but that
3:54 pm
might not last through the end of the year. >> does this campaign have legs? >> he's been part of the problem around here for almost 50 years. i see a real problem even running against an incumbent. i have a problem putting all those eggs in joe biden. does he ultimately apologize? >> he will say what he needs to say, that's for sure. >> he wants to run as a person who brings all sides together. and he is defending these disastrous remarks. >> i think that undoes that position even more. >> when we come back with a young ballplayer and an inspirational story. ♪
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♪ >> mike: finally tonight a young athlete with big dreams. >> he is as good as you will find in the country. he can throw any time in any account. that curveball. >> 13-year-old grade in is an n the baseball field, he plays for a youth travel team in idaho and he wants to be a major league ballplayer after college. baseball runs in the family. his dad as a former college player and his brother was just drafted by the miami marlins earlier this month. he is quite an inspiration. we thank you for watching "special report" this evening.
4:00 pm
i am mike emanuel and washington. stay with fox news all evening, we have you covered. "the story" guest hosted by sandra smith starts right now. >> sandra: thank you. >> iran made a big mistake. they've made a very bad mistake. you will find out. you will find out. >> sandra: that is "the story" tonight as the world anxiously awaits the president's response to a startling new provocation by iran, a direct attack against the united states military. i am sandra smith and for martha maccallum tonight. and abry jones shot down by an iranian air missile , stoking fears of growing conflict, we are told by u.s. officials that the drone was flying in international airspace over the gulf, they are disputis and claiming the drone