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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 20, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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that's wrong. i want to see this new generation of weaponry built by that best engineers, the smartest military and we must protect freedom. this cannot stand what happened with iran. we will always be fair and balanced, let not your heart be troubled, there she is. great show last night. >> laura: you are fantastic, your interview with the president. >> sean: happy birthday! >> laura: it's going to continue all week long. >> sean: laura just turned 27. >> laura: isn't that amazing? i do my best. >> sean: you are causing trouble in dartmouth in undergrad, i know your whole history. >> laura: great show tonight. i'm laura ingraham, this is a fox news alert, the world is watching and waiting to see what the u.s. will do to respond to what our military officials are calling an unprovoked attack from iran, the pentagon releasing this video of the
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islamic revolutionary guard using a surface-to-air missile to shoot down a drone. iran released its own video claiming the drone of violated territorial airspace over the mouth of the persian gulf. the pentagon insists this is international airspace. president trump says iran it made a mistake but downplayed any suggestion that it was a provocation that came from the top. >> it could've been somebody who is lucinda stupid stupid that did it. we will be able to report back and you will understand exactly what happened but it was a foolish move, that i can tell you. >> laura: how will the u.s. respond? fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin live tonight at the pentagon. >> it's the first time iran has admitted shooting down an american warplane, it's a second time in a week they have fired at a u.s. drone, this time they hit their targets.
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a $110 million u.s. navy global hawk. competing narratives from iran and the pentagon about where the drone was flying, when it was shot down. iran's foreign minister tweeted this hand drawn map and some coordinates that would have put the drone about 8 miles off the coast of iran in iranian waters. the pentagon responded with a map showing a flight path of its own and a denial of the unmanned drone over iranian territory claiming it was in international waters. roughly 20 miles from iran's shoreline when fired upon. >> this attack is an attempt to disrupt our ability to monitor the area following recent attempts to disrupt shipping and the free flow of commerce. iranian reports that this aircraft was shot over iran are categorically false. >> they released a video of the advanced surface-to-air missile used to shoot down the american
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drone. if that chairman of the joint chiefs arrived with military options by inviting a tough group of congressional leaders to be briefed in the situation room, the white house fulfilled its duty to consult with congress before using military force. even house speaker nancy pelosi accepted the white house version of events, minority leader chuck schumer warned about bumbling into a war and asked mitch mcconnell to move on the defense bill next week which has an authorization for the use of military force against iran attached to it. >> laura: thanks so much. my take on this, a word of caution as we see iran's latest blatant provocation against america with the shooting down of that drone in our international waters. listen closely because many of the same voices, not the president -- but others who were urging our invasion of iraq in 2003 are back in the mix. in government, outside of government, and the white house, a few and maybe the pentagon.
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one of the most compelling parts of trumps america first agenda back in 2016 and helped him win the g.o.p. nomination and the presidency is often overlooked. his election signaled a change from bush-ism and endless war. >> our actions in the middle east will be tempered by realism, the current strategy of toppling regimes with no plan what to do the day after, gradually formed, sudden and radical change should be our guiding objective in that regio region. >> laura: gradual reform. whatever response america is mulling, we must be wary of doing anything that will draw us into another long-term conflict in the region. we must protect our interests, protect our friend israel including our rights to patrol international waters and airspace but america cannot and should not be sucked into wasting billions and billions of taxpayer dollars in a region that has been in turmoil for
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decades. even generations. writing on the subject this week, pat buchanan said it best. "if war comes now, it will be known as trumps war." it was trump that pulled us out of the nuclear deal, tehran was complying with its terms. whatever you think of the iran deal, that is how the u.s. and the international media would frame this and perhaps to the great detriment of trumps reelection. the only obstacles to trumps winning in 2020 are an economic collapse and a new american war. that risk, trump throwing in with the bush war hawks and a repudiation of his own doctor and principled realism in foreign policy. if the president and the pentagon think a targeted show of force can produce the intended deterrence, that's fin
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fine. anything requiring a large deployment of american troops would have a more harmful effect on his presidency than anything mueller ever did. we are going to discuss this in the next few minutes with newt gingrich. but first. trumps prescience in another area and pragmatism on refugees, that's the focus of tonight's angle. back in 2016, candidate donald trump warned about the weekend unreliable process we had and using for betting refugees. he was suggesting banning refugees from suspect countries. >> we are going to stop the tens of thousands of people coming in from syria. we have no idea who they are, there is no paperwork, it's going to end badly.
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>> laura: it almost did, as we reported last night the fbi has arrested 21-year-old syrian refugee mustafa alomar, he is suspected of planning an attack on a black church to take revenge for our isis brothers in nigeria. on world refugee day, it's important to note that he had been admitted into this country as a refugee that candidate trump issued that warning. of course we all remember when president signed his executive order banning refugee travel from seven countries including iran, libya, north korea, yemen, somalia, and syria, the left went nuts. >> what the president has done is not in the entrance of security. it is reckless.
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it is reckless and rash. >> president trump's order has nothing to do with security. >> laura: nothing to do with security at all, elizabeth. a lower court blocked his initial order and the administration went back to the drawing board. the supreme court upheld his more narrowly tailored executive order setting has broad national security powers under article two of the constitution. the administration was right to be persistent despite the blowback from the open borders left and this latest example of a radicalized refugee hell bent on killing in his in the name f religious feuds -- come on. that joint terror attack force, we would be reporting another church attack tonight. where is the media coverage of the story?
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it's getting minimal coverage, i wonder why. because it reveals that trump was right and his critics were wrong. the president's priorities, keeping americans safe. they aren't racist, they aren't anti-muslim, they are pragmatic and prudent and patriotic. america should welcome through o refugees fleeing persecution but not the expense of our safety and security. for whatever reason even under trump we have been slow to admit christians and other minorities from the middle east. they aren't safe themselves. nor are they safe in their home countries on their ancestral land. extreme betting should take into account their ability to assimilate rather than being sent to pockets of america
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rather than insulating them from becoming self-sufficient, english speaking citizens and our wonderful representative democracy. as we welcome through refugees fleeing persecution we have lots of work to do to remove those who are unlawfully present in the u.s. right now who are already ordered deported tonight. tonight, ice is telling us there are 570,000 immigrant fugitives still living here. these are individuals who have been through all the immigration process including appeals. they have been ordered deported and must be found and deported, period. none of this includes the millions of migrants already released into the interior u.s. including the 207,000 family units. most of these are not legitimate
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cases for asylum, they aren't refugees, they have heard it through the grapevine that bringing a kid across will give them a fast pass to the promised land. i remember barack obama in 2014 during the height of his own border crisis saying this. >> don't send your children to the borders, if they do make it they will get sent back and more importantly they may not make it to. >> laura: if they make it, they will be sent back. how many of those do you think got sent back? almost none. when trump talked about doing what obama said we would do, deporting those ordered out of the country, the democrats go nuts. >> this so-called crisis at the border is fake. this is a crisis of his own making because it was a campaign pledge. >> the president has chosen fear. the fact is women and children are not a security threat to.
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>> laura: i get scared looking at those two. it's going to be all the sob stories. these border crossers no doubt want a better life for their families, we understand that. they receive all the due process they deserve and then some. if they had children here, american citizens, the families can reunite in their home country. if the rule of law is not respected at our border, why should it be respected anywhere? why should american citizens have to follow the law? we have an explosion of homelessness and americas wants most beautiful cities -- we've documented it. you've seen the photos, you've seen the video. many of the homeless in places like california have been exacerbated by their terrible sanctuary policies and the introduction of more illegals into the mix, it can't continue. if people are truly caring about the human suffering of real
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refugees, they will embrace the president's policies, clear out to those who are abusing our immigration system, and ensure that whoever comes means us no harm, and that's the angle. joining me now is counter terrorism expert aaron: along with investigative reporter sara carter. you've been doing some digging for us in his pittsburgh terror plot, what news can you tell us? >> there is nothing new specifically to report from law enforcement, they're keeping everything quiet. what has been circulating as the fbi did some great work in thwarting this potential attacker. he came over the border at the same time trump had made his speech about putting the kibosh on refugees coming from these predominantly terror extreme countries. this individual ended up coming to the u.s. illegally as a refugee. he turned into a potential would be terror attack. the fbi used its informant
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network to thwart the attack, thank god because they are getting much better at being able to prevent. they are lucky because he's done some good work. when i watch your angle report and i see the shock and of the content of the left has four immigration, what's going to be even more contemptuous is when the liability of terrorism on a mass scale which could potentially come into this country because of how porous these borders are with the lack of a wall, the lack of a serious tier one immigration. >> we need asylum reform. >> correct. >> laura: we have a toxic mix potentially in the making right now. >> africa is a monster mess right now. it is waiting to explode. until we start treating
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immigration as a national counterterrorism layering problem, then we are not going to effectively be able to deploy any type of israeli style security to prevent the next church attacker. >> i think there is something we need to discuss here, this was not about attacking one church. let's think about what he was planning. he was planting a secondary bomb after the church was attacked. we had discussed this with two fbi agents. >> laura: backpack bomb. >> he was going to wait for the police to get here. that's what they do, when i was in iraq and afghanistan, i covered the war, they would always say don't go right after the bombing because there's always a secondary. that means he was trained. i would like to know more about who he was talking to. >> laura: where is the digging by american reporters on this? did he go to a mosque? maybe he didn't, maybe he did.
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this is amazing lack of curiosity. >> they are afraid to tell the truth, they are afraid to find the story because they don't want to talk about the issues. this isn't just about immigrants, this is a national security problem. the democrats don't want to bring this up. i just spoke today, to people in guatemala, i frequent there, i've been there twice already over the last year. the influx of people from africa, they see him coming through columbia, coming through south america to of the states because they are hearing the same -- >> laura: fast pass, fast pass to the united states. >> 570,000 deported, that's what we know, we don't know about all the others that came in. the adjudicators told me people from syria, we are talking about
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countries that have a broken government. they aren't in interpol, they don't have criminal histories. >> laura: trump was prescient, he was correct and he was defiant and he was trashed for it then maybe you can quibble with the way the order was rolled out -- okay. his basic instinct is to protect america first and he gets trashed by the left for doing that even though obama said you've got to go home. obama said you got to go home, none of them went home. >> i think what we're seeing here, again -- people need to remember immigrations and cost m enforcement falls under homeland security. it was created for this reason. it was designed to make sure we have all the layers of stop guards in place, it will take a
7:18 pm
multi-failure event from another potential terrorist. >> laura: we don't need a multi-failure event. we need someone who crosses our southern border. cross right over your process takes about 24 hours, 36 hours, you've got one person coming in. they are connected, this individual according to the fbi tonight was already in contact with another individual we are learning more about who that individual is. he's a great american kid who has a great life and suddenly he's a radicalized individual. >> it's so important for the department of homeland security to deal with the situation, we need extraordinary vetting. we know it's not happening, some of them are very good people that are just looking for a better life. a large majority of a certain part of the world are connected
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to al qaeda. >> laura: from belgium, from france, to what we are seeing with the problems in sweden, as far as i know we have trump. he's the one who has been saying it's been madness. thank you so much tonight. up next is the left seems to ramp up its dangerous and anti-semitic rhetoric by the day, has america become more immune to this hateful speech? former house speaker newt gingrich is next on that. when you're not able to smile, you become closed off.
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>> laura: as trump was relaunching his reelection campaign in florida, our own raymond arroyo talks to protesters at an anti-trump event two blocks away. they revealed a new line of thinking on the left, a deeply negative view of their home country. >> your placards as america was never great, why do you say that? >> because we slaughtered an entire people to get our land? >> we are all free, we can come out here and say our peace. >> i think you're on the wrong side of the bridge. >> laura: that language might be expected from an activist, more prominent voices are now
7:24 pm
contributing to the warped mind-set. >> let's make america great again, when you think america was great? >> we aren't going to make america great again, it was never that great. >> things are savagely wrong in this country, what we are seeing doesn't reflect our spirit. it doesn't reflect our potentia potential. >> laura: it's one of the greatest times ever to be an american, joining me now with reaction former speaker of fox news contributor newt gingrich. are we on the side of proportion or many of the most prominent vocal voices and the activists on the ground really just a very about defaming the foundations and accomplishments of our home country? the hatred is palpable. >> i think it's amazing that president trump has this knack
7:25 pm
for framing things in such a way that his opponents go crazy. you now have for example the president says keep america great which i think is a great campaign slogan for next year. the democrats say no, keep america weak. the president says i'm proud to be an american, the left says i'm ashamed to be an american. the number of lies being told right now about the united states are astonishing but all trump is doing is he's drawing to the surface the deep hatred which on-campus is certainly began by the middle of the 1960s and has grown and grown like a cancer. you're now seeing with leading national democrats and they have a real problem. if you are a democrat today and go to a normal democratic meeting and start talking about how wonderful america is, how great the founding fathers were, how remarkable the constitution is, he would be booed off the
7:26 pm
stage. the democrats are a party which is genuinely anti-american, that's pretty remarkable. >> laura: we've moved from when i was in college in the 1980s, it was ronnie raygun. a mushroom cloud over the soviet union, it was ridiculing him, we all forget him now in the glow of reagan biographers but they were trashing him. they were saying america at her core is illegitimate because the founding was illegitimate, the founders were racist -- but this has grown with social media and grown with the president's nomadic prevalence of 24-hour media, hollywood is emboldened. you're right, trump has a way of drawing out water anti-american madness and regular people are going i love my country.
7:27 pm
my god, i wouldn't want to live anywhere else. >> 1984, jeanne kirkpatrick captured this, she had been hubert humphrey's advisor. she was originally a moderate democrat and she gradually had been driven out of the party by the left wing. she had this amazing speech which is worth our audience googling and pulling up, she talked about the lame america first democrats, they are always blaming america first. if you watched the last three or four days talking about concentration camps which is a total, absolute lie. it is smearing america, it is insulting to everybody who is genuinely worried about the holocaust and the concentration camps in which 6 million were killed and millions of other people were killed and yet on the left today as we watch
7:28 pm
recently with vice president biden, biden telling the truth about friendships that were unacceptable was more damaging than alexandria ocasio-cortez saying things that are absolutely, totally false but feel good if you're a left-winger. >> laura: it's false, defamatory, and deeply vindictive at its core. i have to get your quick thoughts on what's happening with these heightened tensions between the u.s. and iran. asked if the u.s. was going to retaliate after one of our drones was going to shut down, the president had this to say. >> iran made a big mistake i made a made a bad mistake. [reporter questioning] >> you'll find out. [reporter questioning] >> you'll find out. >> laura: how should we respond? >> the president is doing the right thing, you have a huge
7:29 pm
problem. you take full responsibility in which case we have to retaliate or you have to fire somebody. if you want to claim it was a subordinate, fine -- fire them. but if you want to take responsibility, remember this. because we are energy independent, because of the policies of donald trump, we are exporting energy. we aren't affected by the strait of hormuz. china, india, japan, europe, they have a huge investment in this. i suspect we are saying to them, you want to help us patrol the streets of her mood is? you're the ones whose economy will crash if they close. >> laura: let's spread the burden. fantastic tonight. and the watch watchdog group jl watch uncovered a case of collusion between "the new york times" and the fbi
7:30 pm
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>> laura: judicial watch just obtained internal fbi emails and made showed "the new york times" reporter revealed advance information to the fbi, a story they were working on. it concerned jared kushner and contact he might've had with the united states. that same "new york times" reporter also published the comey memos that the former director admitted leaking during congressional testimony. for more, i'm joined by former deputy independent counsel and john eastman a constitutional law professor saw a "new york times" reporter send
7:35 pm
an email to the fbi that asks no questions. and offered only information. is that a problem? >> i don't have enough information to know whether or not it's a problem. what this isn't, this doesn't appear to be a situation where a reporter is going to publish something and wants to make sure the administration doesn't have a problem with national security secrets. what can be dangerous in a situation like this is where a reporter is saying i'm going to report abc and d and if you don't disagree with me, i'm going to assume that it's correct. it's very difficult to tell from the little bit that i have seen about it whether or not it's inappropriate. >> laura: it certainly seems, this notion that the fbi deep state was still looking for ways to delegitimize the trump
7:36 pm
election. his family is only in there because they are going to benefit or they are cozy with the russians -- you don't usually see this unless it's a clear issue of implicating national security. a conversation with the russian ambassador, that's not advocating anything. it does fit the narrative of the deep state versus trump for some. >> what struck me most about the stuff that was released is the very friendly tone and banter about it. this is not the first time these folks communicated. one wonders how extensive the coordination on strategy and communication and what have you had been. you get a reporter that interviews you and they run by a quotation they are going to use to make sure they didn't bollix it, that it's accurate. reporters don't normally give advance notice of the stories they are going to run to people involved in the story or people
7:37 pm
on the sidelines who might have some vested interest in the story. >> laura: the "washington examiner" in the last few weeks published another piece where the inspector general found in fbi official engaging in misconduct, engaging in this behavior of accepting gifts from the press. they concluded a now former deputy assistant director engaged in misconduct by disclosing info to the media that had been filed under seal in federal court maintaining dozens of unauthorized contacts with reporters accepting a $2125 ticket from a member of the media to attend a dinner sponsored by the media. a lot of us think there is a cozy relationship in the washington establishment, whether you have been here for a long time, you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. it cuts against our understanding that the press should be a check on government, a legitimate check, not picking
7:38 pm
and choosing which government officials are going to feed information to advance a particular political narrative. that's what a lot of us see coming out of these last -- especially few years of trying to dog president trump. >> the event you're talking about is even more disturbing than that. it was one of the few instances that inspector general horowitz reported about where fbi officials not only inappropriately released sealed information to the press but they then excepted favors from those same members of the press. this is very inappropriate conduct and could have been prosecuted. i read that piece the other day, none of the people cited by horowitz for engaging in this type of behavior have been charged. as you know of course mccabe, the former deputy director has not been charged. there was a very strong referral on him almost two years ago.
7:39 pm
that's what i would focus on. >> laura: wrongdoing, i think deteriorating public view of the role of government, the role of the press. there is no repercussions. we have to talk about the hope hicks testimony on capitol hill, a lot of hullabaloo on that. the lengths to which people have maligned her and the executive privilege is very quickly -- your thoughts there. >> i have been reading the transcript, it's riveting reading. it's such a farce. on a day that we have an act of war committed against the united states by iran, they are asking hope hicks about private communications and discussions that occurred in the white house which is off limits. we have three separate branches of government in this constitution and the congress doesn't get to inquire into the deliberative processes of the president or his top advisors any more than the president
7:40 pm
would be right in demanding that chairman nadler's chief of staff testified to the department of justice. this is a farce. we've got more serious things happening in the world. this one and the mueller hearing as well. >> laura: thank you so much from a conversation tonight. a victory for religious liberty at the supreme court, a group that argued that case is here. and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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>> laura: now, a fantastic resolution to a story we brought you earlier this year. this piece cross built 94 years ago at the sight of a world war i memorial in maryland came under siege from liberals who wanted it torn down and they sued for its removal, claiming it violated the establishment clause of the constitution. in a win for religious liberty, the supreme court ruled the american piece cross one memorial can stay. this passage says it all. "a government that roams the land of tearing down monuments with religious symbolism and a scrubbing away any reference to the divine will strike many as aggressively hostile to religion. joining me now is kelly shackelford, and ceo of the liberty institute that argued this case on behalf of the
7:45 pm
american legion before the supreme court. it is today a full victory? is it as far as you hoped the court would go? >> there are some people that wished the thomas opinion which would have been more explicit in saying lemon is dead. >> laura: lemon versus kurtzman test which liberals have relied upon to diminish what the establishment clause is all about in the first amendmen first amendment, but it looks like you guys won on the substance. the court did to ground this in this has been around for a long time. my concern is will there ever be another memorial like this that's allowed, a new one and a new part of public land? >> this is significant. you have to realize what they could have said today. if they would've struck down this memorial, if you strike down this memorial you have to go into arlington cemetery and take down the crosses, you have to go into every community in the state of this country that has religious symbols and images.
7:46 pm
the religious cleansing would have been breathtaking. instead of that, they want the other direction. they said this approach we have been using for 50 years is really not working. that's because in the government to be hostile to religion. that's why nativity scenes, veterans memorials with crosses, memorials have come under attack. >> laura: there was a chapel case when i was clerking for justice thomas, you think you are moving in a direction that is going to be more hospitable to all religious expression? going forward he won't be able to do a cross like this because it's new, it's not belonging to a museum or it's been around for a long time. >> i don't think so, i think some people try to read what was said is it's only if it's old. >> laura: you don't trust the court, like me. >> i think gore such an thomas came back in concurrence and said it's something we've been doing since the beginning of the
7:47 pm
country like praying before meetings, it is long-standing even if you just started this week. >> laura: justice ginsburg in her dissent, they don't usually read from the bench -- just as the star of david is not suitable to honor christians who died to to to serve their coun, so a cross is not suitable for people of other faiths. it elevates christianity over other faith, other religions and over nonreligion. why were those crosses on the gravestones be acceptable in any other depiction? >> under this approach, you tear all the religious symbols down and you know our history, 100 years ago mothers that lost their sons and world war i picked this spot. >> laura: "in god we trust," that could offend all these secular humanists giving aggrieved commentary, they said this sympathizes with one person, jesus christ above all
7:48 pm
else enough not allowed under the constitution. >> what they say is any sectarian symbol -- every religious symbol is sectarian. whether it's the start of david that is jewish, or a cross that is christian, they are all sectarian. this is their way of saying we want to get rid of all the sectarian symbols and i think it goes back to something basic. we are a religious people with religious heritage, we have secular and religious monuments and that's okay. >> laura: i would argue there's a lot of secular religions out there demanding fealty to various movements with their own symbolism, there's a lot of religions out there that are maybe not officially declaring it but they are just as dogmatic. congrats, it's a lot of hard work. up next, a message for president trump and the american business community, stay there.
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♪ >> we rebuilt china, they've done a great job but they took us four suckers and that includes obama and biden, they took us four suckers. we can have a good deal or a fair deal or were not going to have a deal at all. >> laura: trumps instincts on china have been right all along and he's being vindicated once again. ahead of this next meeting with
7:53 pm
president xi of china, he is going to continue to resist this doing a deal for the sake of a deal, we have some good news. these letters like corporations from nike, walmart, costco calling for an end of tariffs so they can click make a chinese buck on the backs of american workers. ignore those, ditto for the short terms fluctuations of the market. the dow is still up 46% since trump won in november 2016. the president should continue to blow the trump in all the great american companies, this is a good news that are starting to respond by actually moving operations out of china and in some cases even back home. hasbro shifting most of its
7:54 pm
production out of china out to natural trading partners like mexico. vietnam, india among those. stanley, black & decker tool makers, they are shifting production to fort worth, texas. plans to hire 500 people. whirlpool intends to move the manufacturing of some of its kitchenaid appliances out of china and into the united states as well. even unlikely voices from wall street like former goldman sachs chairman have come around to the use of tariffs writing saying it hurts us misses the point. u.s. buyers may switch their purchases to domesticate domesr nonchinese companies, not great but part of the process to ensure pressure to level the playing field. bingo. trump is actually making the global marketplace more efficient, after decades of china's distortion and
7:55 pm
manipulation. we should never have allowed the communist machine to become such a rich military and economic juggernaut but thankfully, we now have a president committed to the principles of fair trade and he celebrates economic patriotism here at home. made in the usa is always going to be better. we'll be right back with a very heartwarming last bite. (male announcer) we know some summers
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♪ >> laura: it's time for "the last bite" ." zion williamson, 19 years old, superstar player from duke. selected by the new orleans pelicans as their number one overall pick in tonight's nba draft. his response, just watch. >> i didn't think i would be in this position. my mom sacrificed a lot for me. i wouldn't be here without my
8:00 pm
mom. i dreamed about it since i was four, and it actually happened. >> laura: i really like that. never go wrong thinking the two best coaches in the world, god . one of your parents. awesome. that is all the time we have tonight. don't forget, check out my new podcast, draft day, shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team have all the latest. >> shannon: it's a busy night, laura, thank you very much. can't keep up. we begin with a fox news alert. tensions building in washington tonight as we stand by to see how president trump will respond to iran after his revolutionary guard corps shot down a u.s. military drone over the strait of hormuz. the president says he does not want war. what about some of his hawkish advisors? plus we have a "fox news @ night" exclusive with hhs secretary alex azar as a from administration snags a major legal victory from the left-leaning ninth circuit.


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