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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 20, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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mom. i dreamed about it since i was four, and it actually happened. >> laura: i really like that. never go wrong thinking the two best coaches in the world, god . one of your parents. awesome. that is all the time we have tonight. don't forget, check out my new podcast, draft day, shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team have all the latest. >> shannon: it's a busy night, laura, thank you very much. can't keep up. we begin with a fox news alert. tensions building in washington tonight as we stand by to see how president trump will respond to iran after his revolutionary guard corps shot down a u.s. military drone over the strait of hormuz. the president says he does not want war. what about some of his hawkish advisors? plus we have a "fox news @ night" exclusive with hhs secretary alex azar as a from administration snags a major legal victory from the left-leaning ninth circuit. it's all about your tax dollars
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go into clinics that perform or refer patients for abortions. we'll explain. newly revealed emails between former fbi employees peter strzok and lisa page. judicial watch fob for them. we'll tell you what they say, including a relationship between a "new york times" reporter and the fbi. trey gowdy is here to weigh in. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin with corresponding kristin fisher following all the late breaking news on iran. good evening. speak of the world is waiting to see how president trump responds unmanned u.s. drone. democrats say any military action against iran must first be approved by congress. many republicans argue that's not necessary, that time is of the essence, and that if the president does not respond, it would set a dangerous message to iran, and other adversaries all around the world. >> here's what i believe about donald trump. he's a dealmaker, he is trying to avoid conflict, this is truly
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a defining moment for him. they are testing him. they need to do so at their own peril. if they get away with this, god help us with north korea and throughout the world. >> the president may not intend to go to war here, but we are worried that he and the administration may bubble into a war. >> this afternoon, top congressional leaders, republicans and democrats, convened in the white house situation room for a classified briefing. afterwards, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's address at response would likely be coming soon. when president trump was asked point-blank how will you respond, he said, you'll find out. he said around made a big mistake, but he also said he found it hard to believe that a strike was intentional, and suggested that may be a officer was responsible. >> i said i want to get out of these endless wars, i campaigned on that, but this is something, a new wrinkle, a new fly in the ointment, what happened, shooting down the drone. this country will not stand for
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it, that i can tell you. >> the pentagon insists the u.s. drone was in international airspace over the strait of strait of hormuz ohno shutdown by an iranian missile. iran says it was over iran, as tensions escalate, many democrats are blaming president trump for pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. elizabeth warren says "trump provoked this crisis and his reckless foreign policy by tweet will only worsen it." senator lindsey graham says the president is not the problem. the ayatollah's, and that iran should prepare for severe pain inside their country. shannon? >> shannon: kristin fisher, thank you very much. so what is the president thinking on iran after a white house briefing with top lawmakers under administration officials late today? let's discuss it with california democrat, congressman john garamendi, who sits on the house armed services committee, and tennessee republican mark green, also in afghanistan and iraq war veteran. gentlemen, welcome to you both. >> good to be here.
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>> shannon: want to play some because senate minority leader, chuck schumer, had to say today. >> the president may not intend to go to war here, but we are worried that he and the administration may bubble into a war. >> shannon: congressman, what do you make of that assessment? >> i think it's unfortunate that that is the position they are taking. i think that we clearly need a measured response here. i think the world needs to see, honestly, smoke and fire. i think kim jong un needs to see smoke and fire. there's been an attack on the u.s. military, and if we don't respond, we are incentivizing future attacks. i think it's time to ask act. >> shannon: what you make of that, congressman garamendi. you hear what your conduct on my counterpart says about this idee don't respond in some way, that others around the globe may think they can get away with this kind of thing. >> we certainly have to respond. the question is, what would be the appropriate response? and what is the role of congress
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and that response? we are clearly in a situation where it could be a war, any kinetic action against iran would be an act of war. now they may have started it, but now you are in that situation that is required congressional involvement in the process. >> shannon: both feel that way, there is a congressional authorization? >> i certainly do. >> i don't. i think the war. soccer is pretty clearly, when an attack happens against the us that it can respond without coming to congress. it's because that is a defensive response. the defensive issue is past. it's been a day, day and have since the drone was shot down. we are now into a normal, any war is normal, a response to an action. this would require, in our view, and authorization by congress, and would be wise for the president to seek that because that would have the support of the congress and we do represent
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the entire american republican. >> shannon: i'm assuming the two of you have information i don't have. are you convinced that it was shot down by iran? it was in international waters, not an iranian airspace? do you agree on that? >> the appropriate criteria, it was a shot down by iran. a response is necessary. it does not have to be immediate. it has to be a response. whether it's a kinetic response or some other type of response, there is time to do that, and it's also time to rally our allies. we should not be in a situation alone here, clearly, iran attack, is that an act of war? i would say certainly rises to that level. how do we respond to that? that is time, take a deep breath, think it through, rally our allies, get the world behind us. >> let's give president trump some credit. he's had a very measured response here. he even gave them an out with potentially it was a trigger-happy guy, so the
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president is doing this very measured response, and i think it is clearly within his authority to respond. >> shannon: let me play something else from senator graham talking about where there is an "redline." here's what he said. >> my red line is if there is any more disruption of shipping in the strait of hormuz linked to iran, take out their navy, bomb their refineries, anymore attack on american interest, go after the radiance so they will feel pain. >> shannon: that was yesterday. response from you both, starting with you, congressman greene. >> clearly that is a response. that is a clear war, no doubt about it. is that a measured response? i think not. as i said earlier, a response is appropriate. they could come in many different forms. certainly, the sanctions are in place, is that enough? probably not. are there other things that can be done, measured somewhat equal? all of those things are -- it should be on the table, and as i
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said, he should come to congress and say, here is what happened, here is how should we should be responding to that. >> shannon: let me quickly read, i will read a tweet that comes from a colleague of yours, congresswoman alano marco my democrat freshman. she says "just as in iraq, address aggressors are using illegitimate. tact to drum the beats of war. the media is taking these claims at face value. children will die, and the world will be less safe, no war with iran." final word to you as a veteran of the iraq war. >> speaker pelosi acknowledged today in the press that this was an international waters, and the international airspace, and attack in our military. we have to respond. if we don't respond, we are putting our men and women who are in uniform in that theater right now at risk for you there will be more attacks. we have to respond, period. >> shannon: think you both were coming in, we know you have a lot to way, the white house is burning the midnight oil. >> thank you.
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>> shannon: president trump sits down for his first spanish-language tv interview, during which he reportedly is it done my can says that hispanic voters support his immigration agenda. trace gallagher is tracking the late-breaking news from the interview. good evening. >> good evening, even on the so-called latinos for trump campaign rollout will happen on tuesday in miami, this is a national effort to win latino voters. that will include using top republicans as surrogates to canvass their home states trying to influence latinos. the trump campaign believes that because of record low unemployment, curbing illegal immigration, and a tougher stance on china, hispanic voters will lead toward the president. as the left keeps moving toward socialism, the trump campaign thinks latino voters with ties to leftist countries like venezuela, will be turned off by democrats. on the flip side, democrats believe the president's incendiary rhetoric about hispanics during the 2016 campaign will continue to hurt him in 2020. during his first
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spanish-language interview on telemundo tonight, the president, and anchor holds a couple who is not a trump fan, k and forth over the president vowed to deport illegal immigrants, with the president arguing that hispanic voters want them deported. watch. >> they want me to do it. they are here illegally. >> they do not. >> they do. they don't want to lose their jobs, they want to keep their salaries, and they don't want to cry and people come through, you have ms-13 coming through. >> in 2016, mr. trump beat expectations by getting 28% of the hispanic vote, about the same as mitt romney in 2012. but way below the 44% who voted for george w. bush in 2004. still, some analysts say, democrats have to be a bit concerned because in 2020, 32 million hispanics will be eligible to vote. that is the largest number of minorities and if the president can boost his numbers, it could
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be decisive in states like florida, nevada, and new mexico, and for that matter, even texas, where g.o.p. domination has faded. it's notable that the tuesday night rollout of latinos for trump comes one day before miami also hosts the first democratic presidential primary debate. shannon? >> shannon: indeed. we'll be taking "fox news @ night" on the road to the debates next week. thank you very much. they are pete buttigieg responding tonight to the officer-involved shooting in his hometown of south bend, indiana. an african-american man, eric logan, was killed sunday by sergeant ryan o'neal, who says logan approached him with a knife after he was investigating reports of a man breaking into cars. the 2020 democratic candidate says his city demand answers about how police interact with the communities they are sworn to protect. >> in any police department, certainly in the south bend
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police department, if and when anything actionable comes to our attention, we will act because we cannot tolerate any racism in the application of police powers and justice. >> shannon: and another 2020 news, you may recall former dripped on mike vice president joe biden hit back at fellow candidate senator cory booker for suggesting bondage and apologize for praising the ability for lawmakers to be civil on tuesday night. he then said booker should apologize to him because of his long civil rights record. tonight freshman congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez, siding with booker, tweeting "he does not owe joe biden an apology for pointing out that working with segregationists -- what is better, to stay quiet about it? planned parenthood stands to lose big after a stunning victory from an unlikely place in the trump administration. stick out and find out why in
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♪ >> shannon: breaking news. fox news alert. "the new york times" just reporting they say that president trump approved strikes on iran and abruptly pulled back. from their reporting, it said the operation was underway in its early stages when it was called off. according to a senior administration official. planes were in the air, they were boarded, ships were in position, but no missiles had been fired when they were told to stand down, the official side. so that apparently was taking place within the last 24 hours, we are continuing to drag a lot of more information and facts where we can find them. we will work to confirm this independently. we have another panel discussion coming up with a couple of foreign policy experts. we'll dig into that a little bit
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more. stick around. more news on iran. in the meantime, the trump administration scores a big legal victory from an unlikely source today, and it's bad news for planned parenthood and other clinics that perform abortions or refer patience to them and still have to get your tax dollars in the form of family p. correspondent leland vittert is here. good evening. >> more than devastating in some cases, shannon. it's hard to underestimate how significant this is. this ruling allows the trump administration to turn off the family planning money any medical facility that not only provides abortions but any facility that provides abortion counseling or abortion referral referrals. title x is the governments family planning program and a lot of the $260 million a year goes to planned parenthood, which also trump administration's policy a gag rule. here is their tweet, "a federal court just allowed the title x gag rule to go into effect. this is a devastating blow to
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the 4 million patience who obtain birth control, cancer screenings, and other essential care through title x." now president trump made the defending planned parenthood a cornerstone of his 2016 campaign. this is seen by many as an important first step in that fight. earlier this week, announcing his reelection bid, the president made it clear, abortion would be a key part of his 2020 campaign as well. >> virtually every top democrat also now supports taxpayer-funded abortion right up to the moment of birth, ripping babies straight from the mother's womb. [boos] leading democrats have opposed measures to prevent the execution of children after birth. >> it's not where they come as you pointed out, this victory for the trump administration came from. the west coast ninth circuit
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court of appeals, a normally friendly venue for those opposing the president and his policies. >> shannon: we've got this other case we are following in missouri, the state they are saying it does not want to grant a license to the states last abortion clinic, they said a number of questions, and fractures, potential violations. where do we stand in that showdown? 's ticket we are learning about how the state of missouri wants to shut down that planned parenthood clinic. here we go. they allege the clinic performed three "failed abortions" that required additional surgeries and another lead to life-threatening complications for the mother. planned parenthood alleges state officials made all of these facts public in violation of patient privacy laws. antiabortion groups put the health department records on its website before a circuit judge sealed them because of a request by planned parenthood to shield confidential health information. a spokesperson for the
8:21 pm
republican governor there verify the accuracy of those documents to "the associated press." "usa today" reports the clinic is now going to defy a state requirement of two separate pelvic exams on women before having abortions, saying it is not medically indicated and "deeply traumatizing and inhumane," they say, for their patients. >> shannon: there's a lot more to that story we will try to unpack. thank you very much. let's talk about this ninth circuit ruling in favor of the trump administration. planned parenthood calls it an attack on its patients. 2020 democratic contender calls it a violation of human rights. for a reaction, joined by health and human services alex azar. great to have you with us, mr. secretary. essentially what this does, they drove administration reroutes money from clinics that perform abortions or refer for abortions, setting into other clinics. critics say the patients are in danger. i will read more from
8:22 pm
planned parenthood. "they won't stand for this attack on maline's people across the country and the news out of the ninth circuit this morning is devastating for the millions of people who rely on title x health centers for cancer screenings, hiv tests, affordable birth control, and other critical primary and preventative care." what happens to those people? >> first, let me be really clea clear, president trump, vice president pence and i, we are part of a pro-life administration. we protect human life. part of this is the regulation that you mention that we put out, that prevents these title x family planning monies from going to supporting the abortion enterprise. for too long that money has been used to subsidize the provision of abortion contrary to statute. congress has said that you cannot support abortion as a method of family planning. we are just finally enforcing it. >> shannon: obviously you hear what planned parenthood is saying. they are not referencing abortion. they are saying what about the cancer screenings, the other
8:23 pm
things. senator kirsten gillibrand, says, "the trump administration's title x gag rule -- there is debate about calling at that -- will deny access to basic reproductive health care for millions of people, i call that a violation of human rights. we will fight back." >> i'm not going to talk about her as a candidate of course. that's completely incorrect to say that this is an and he way impeding service delivery for women or others at her family clinics. we have a full range of services, we have fully funded those at $400 million. planned parenthood actually only represents 13% of the clinics that provide family-planning services under title x. interestingly over the last eight years, planned parenthood, which talks so much about cancer screenings and everything else, cancer screenings and preventative services are down 60% over the last eight years that planned parenthood facilities. we actually have federally qualified health centers in their various affiliates outnumber planned parenthood by
8:24 pm
20-1, a broader reach of services throughout this country in more rural areas, better depth providing care, and preventative services, cancer treatment, hiv treatment, et cetera. we are insuring a broad range of services but consistent with statute, and of course, planned parenthood, a grantee under our regulations, if they maintain the physical and physical separation that the law requires, and the other protections that president trump is imposed. >> shannon: a couple of other things. you signed on to a letter to congress trying to tell them how dire the situation as of the border, the need for funding to help people who are ill, help children, others pray the letter says "we continue to experience it a humanitarian and security crisis of the southern border of the united states. the situation becomes more dire each day. we cannot stress enough the urgency of immediate passage of emergency several mental funding. regardless of party, what is congress getting done, not getting your own, what do you need? >> this is not political. this is about humanitarian relief. we have kids coming into this country, twice the number we are
8:25 pm
getting last year. we are plum out of money starting at the beginning of july. congress has got to act to give us this money orchids will get backed up at the border. the good news is, the senate has been working on a bipartisan basis to get a supplemental approach appropriation three. the houses working on that. we've got to get this done, got to get it done immediately. not a time for gamesmanship, not about immigration policy, however broken our immigration laws are. this is about simply taking care of kids when they are handed over to us to shelter them until we can place them with their family members who are already here in united states. >> shannon: i want to give you a chance to respond to some anonymous reporting and give your takes on this. and politico, "trump aid spar with health secretary." the divide has adduced all projects, disputes of medicaid, fetal tissue research, drug pricing reporting, and bitter attacks. they cite a number of people without naming them for that quote. your response? >> absolute nonsense.
8:26 pm
we work very well together. i have an extremely productive relationship with the president, vice president, senior members of the administration. the president is a great leader. as a great leader, what do they do? you get a team together to bring together different viewpoints, you argue things out, you bring everything together, and at the end of the day, the man sitting in the oval room in the chair makes the call and you know what we do then? we salute and implement that. he brings -- he brings all of us together and that is what we do. that is good leadership, that is good decision-making, the contrary would be a problem. we get on well, we get on professionally, we are in fomenting the president's agenda, he is the one who got elected, not anyone of us individually, we are here to serve him and implement his agenda across the board. >> shannon: one sentence because we are out of time. what is the number one challenge that hhs is facing right now? >> the number one challenge we are facing is getting drug pricing downplayed the president wants to get them down for people and that is what
8:27 pm
we are doing. last year they went on for the first time in 46 years. we save the american taxpayer $26 billion in spending on drugs dressed from january 2017 until july 2018. we've got much more that we are working on. >> shannon: mr. secretary, great to have you with us on "fox news @ night" ." did the president approved military strikes on iran and tonight to slam on the brakes? we have more in the breaking news report next. you ks aren't actually in the room? hey, that baker lady's on tv again. she's not a baker. she wears that apron to sell insurance. nobody knows why. she's the progressive insurance lady. they cover pets if your owner gets into a car accident. covers us with what? you got me. [ scoffs ] she's an insurance lady. and i suppose this baker sells insurance, too? progressive protects your pets like you do. you can see "the secret life of pets 2" only in theaters. "the secret life of pets 2" if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, every day can begin with flakes.
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8:32 pm
shannon. what it says is that president trump had approved military strikes against iran but pulled back at the very last minute. according to a senior at administration official, planes were in the air and ships were in position, but no missiles have been fired when the word came to stand down. officials told "the new york times" that the president had initially approved attacks on a handful of iranian targets, things like radar and missile batteries, the strike was had to take place just before dawn friday in iran in an effort to minimize the risk of iranian military or civilians. in this report, there is a lot of details, also a ton of questions. they say it's not clear whether president trump simply changed his mind on on the strikes, or perhaps the administration altered course because of some logistical or strategic issues. another question, it's not clear whether the attacks still might go forward. that is a huge question over the
8:33 pm
next few hours, days, even weeks. asked about the strikes, the plans for a strike in the decision to hold back, the white house declined to comment, as did pentagon officials. shannon, this is a very important point. no government officials asked "the new york times" to withhold the articles. so you have to wonder, at some level, does the trump administration want the iranian regime to know that they were this close to stroking? very sensitive military targets. bottom line, shannon, as of as late as 7:00 p.m., just about four and a half hours ago, military and diplomatic officials here in united states were expecting a strike after all of these intense discussions and debates at the white house that we've seen taken place all day today. as you know, "the times" reports about who was pressuring president trump to strike, who was advising them not to strike.
8:34 pm
"the times" as the secretary of state, national security advisor, and gina haspel, the cia director, favored the military response both top top pentagon officials cautioned that such an action could really escalate tensions in the region and possibly pose a home to u.s. troops over there. >> shannon: we've talked so much about the balance between the president, who is talked about again today that he campaigned on getting out of what he called endless wars. he said repeatedly, publicly, that he does not want to go to war with iran. there've been reports that he's been telling the hawks within its administration to tone it down, he does not want to escalate this. as you know, and you heard earlier in the show, we had a bipartisan -- we had two from either side of the aisle, house members are talked about the fact that they see me agreement, there had to be some kind of response. there's been so much discussion about the fact that there has to be some message sent to iran or it may embolden other foreign powers to do these kinds of things if we don't. do we know anything about how much that may have influenced
8:35 pm
the president? this idea of trying to find the right response, very measured, precise? would not letting this go unanswered, taking down the u.s. drone. speak about the republicans and agree that iran is responsible, iran is behind this. but where it seems today for is exactly what the response should be, and how quickly, if the u.s. does respond, how quickly a response should take place, and the key distinction here is democrats say that president trump needs to come to congress and seek authorization and get approval before taking any military action, while many republicans, like senator marco rubio and whatnot, they say that time is of the essence, and that sort of authorization is not necessary in that case. it is unclear tonight what the final factors were to get president trump to change his mind the very last minutes. again, according to "the new york times" report. >> shannon: kristin fisher,
8:36 pm
thank you so much. keep digging, let us know. we'll come back to you if you have additional information as we continue digging. thank you. let's bring in writers white house correspondent, a former state department official to talk about this. welcome to you both. we are all watching this unfold, these developments, minute-by-minute. we were talking about this article, something that kristin picked up on, without the sign is very interesting, that in "the new york times" it says "no government officials asked "the new york times" to withhold the attacks." they are setting a number of senior at administration officials for he did not get ree white house or pentagon but said that nobody told them not to publish this report. >> that is interestingly included that. i don't know what the interpretation of that is, that at "the new york times" reporter saying, we don't want to get blowback for having reported something that is clearly secret, if it's a way of saying that the administration much of this information to get out. i'm not in position to say what that is. that certainly stood out to me, and the same way that other pieces of that story stood out, namely the people who were
8:37 pm
encouraging president trump to do this, and the people who are not. >> shannon: we talk a lot about this dichotomy between the president saying, the hawks that he has advising him, and he really tried to say today, it seemed like leaving some room, saying this could have been a mistake, i don't think this was intentional. does not look like he was giving the iran space to save face. a mission that was going to go off tonight, within hours, it's been dialed back. >> i doubt "the new york times" report. frankly, "the new york times" does not have good access to the west wing. it sounds a lot more like mid-level officials in the bureaucracy leaking to their favorite paper, "the new york times." i do think the president should strike iran. i think the timing is a little suspicious. i would think we would take a little more time to consult with allies and also if there is to be a military operation, it would not be the united states, it would involve the partners like saudi arabia and others throughout the belt. >> shannon: plenty of skepticism about what they are reporting. >> there is also always a
8:38 pm
tendency to try and exacerbate s within the the administration, but president trump is not a wimp on iran. aside from killing isis, the biggest part of his campaign. secretary pompeo, not just laying out iranian misconduct over the last two months since they threatened to close or tamper with shipping and strait of hormuz in mid-april, but going back there 40 years of this regime, this regime exists to spread water throughout the middle east, they served by taking middle americs hostage, they killed more than 200 marines in beirut in 1983, they tortured americans, killed u.s. officials in beirut, blew up the towers, killed more than 1,000 americans in iraq. there is a long pattern of attacks on americans here. it's the one he had a lot to say today in his oval office meeting with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. a lot a lot of comments on iran during those comments with the two of them. want to play a little bit of what he said about the fact that the drone being shot down by
8:39 pm
iran, he called it a new wrinkle, and how he viewed that as the situation has developed. here's what he said to me oval office today. >> i said, i want to get out of these endless wars, i campaigned on math. this is a new wrinkle, a new fly in the ointment, what happened, shooting down the drone. this country will not stand for it. >> shannon: jeff, he's ending a very clear verbal message, but we don't know what the next step is or where the considerations are. certainly, there will be options presented to him, whether he was starting to act on one or not, whether he wants iran to think he was acting on it, we just don't know. he had a lot to say today on this topic. >> he did. he sent a few different signals. one of them was, he said that he thinks it was probably a mistake. he seems, without comment, to be playing it down a little better. but then he also said, the clip that you just played, something the united states won't stand for. i would like to add something that what kristin said, terrific reporters on the byline of that"
8:40 pm
i don't have that confirmed, fox news does not have a confirmed, so we don't know exactly what happened. but the reporters on that byline are very good. >> those good reporters just were completely wrong about mexico. how the trump -- the deal that trumped off for mexico after he put tariffs on, they said it was nothing new. in fact it is dramatically new. so i think you do need to keep in mind that the reporting and this is fairly iffy. the key point here, the president does have two react, i believe by the fact that a u.s. aircraft was shot down, thankfully, it was unmanned but we can't allow a new president for the world where you can shoot down any u.s. military aircraft, clearly market the u.s. u.s. military market insignia because his unmanned braids be good to go back to one of the points that you brought up earlier, the president does not want to be seen as a president he was starting a new conflict in the middle east. >> shannon: so clear during the campaign, he did not want to -- >> there is no pretense of
8:41 pm
invasion, no pretense of democracy building, nation building, making the world's labor, this is like reagan, retaliating against the libyans for their interference with maritime conduct. this is a minor -- relatively minor, always have to be prepared for things to go the way you don't expect. this doesn't need to look anything like iraq or afghanistan or libya. >> there's always a risk of escalation. that is something that the pentagon is pretty sensitive to. >> shannon: if you can stay put, we've got a lot more news trickling in on this front, we would love to continue our discussion right after this break, we continue with breaking news on iran. this is not a bed.
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or more on car insurance. ♪ >> shannon: breaking news on iran, fox news is working to confirm reports from "the new york times" that the president approved strikes on iran and then changed his course. tonight hours ago, correspondents rick kristin fisher is here with the latest as we continue. >> all day long, the world, all of washington has been waiting to see how president trump would respond to iran shooting down
8:46 pm
this unmanned u.s. drone. iran said it was shot down over iran, the u.s. that it was shot down over international waters and how it appears that the u.s. came very close to 90 taking military action against iran. "the new york times," brand-new reporting, fox does not have this confirmed come up with "the new york times" says that president trump had become incredibly close, had authorized strikes against iran but pulled back at the very last minute. according to a senior administration official, that person told "the new york times" that planes were in the air, ships were in position, ready to go, but no missiles had been fired when the word came to stand down. officials said that the president had initially approved attacks on just a handful of romanian targets, things like radar and missile batteries, the strike was under take place just before dawn friday in iran to minimize risk to the iranian military or to the civilians.
8:47 pm
the big question is whether mr. trump simply changed his mind on the strikes or whether the administration had to alter course because of some logistical or strategical issues. another question is, well the attacks go forward? there have been a lot of discussion on capitol hill about whether or not president trump needs congressional approval to strike iran for what they did to this unmanned drone. democrats say he needs congressional approval, a lot of republicans say he does not. now the big question is, well president trump move forward with this plan to strike back against iran? again, shannon, not confirmed by fox but if true, this reporting shows just how close we came tonight to engaging in takings military action against iran for the shooting down every u.s. drone. >> shannon: not knowing if it's back in action, other plans to continue with this.
8:48 pm
if you it did, might have something from the pentagon. we'll take a quick break. more on iran next. that's why esurance has drivesense.® the safer you drive, the more you save. although i'm not really driving right now that would be unsafe. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless. with advil liqui-gels, what stiff joints? what bad back? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels. (kickstart my heart by motley crue)) (truck honks) (wheels screeching) (clapping) (sound of can hitting bag and bowl) (clapping) always there in crunch time.
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♪ >> shannon: planes were in the air, ships were in position according to to "the new york times" denied by the president backed off against
8:52 pm
iran. really, the world is watching and waiting. let's bring in the former state official, getting a little more information here tonight. we've all been remarking how quiet it has been from the white house today. that should be assigned that is essentially something is afoot. really kind of dark over there. >> i was one of a few reporters who stayed late just in case something is happening but officials -- there is certainly nothing official in quite some time and nothing from the president as well. he is usually still up pretty late and we haven't heard from him. i'm sure that, you know, maybe he's thinking about weighing in and maybe not. >> shannon: feel free to call in, mr. president. we would love to know what is going on. ultimately, he is the commander-in-chief, he makes these decisions, but so many people are going to weigh in. and he talks about the fact that
8:53 pm
he likes that there are questions of plans, challenges to plans, viewpoints, any administration thinks that is healthy. he has talked a lot about that recently but there are a lot of stakeholders in this thing, when you're talking about defense and everywhere else that will be impacted by this. >> there are, probably on the same page if you look at the national security advisor john bolton has been very, i think, accurate and tough on iran over the years are recognizing not only their malfeasance in a nuclear program they absolutely do not need considering they are awash in oil and carbon energy, and the secretary who has been very good laying out recent malfeasance by iran and bad things iran has done buckling over the sweep of their history iran is very good at getting away with discrete events, the attack on tankers, the 21, each of which was owned by a u.s. treaty ally, japan and norway, and operated by the
8:54 pm
united arab emirates, but it wasn't an attack on a navy ship or something that would obviously attract a response from the u.s., so iran is good discreetly but if you look at the fact pattern of their 40 year history of the islam republic, it's very dangerous and very deadly. one other factor, it's not just the people in the executive branch by people in congress, it's laughable saying that congress needs to give approval to donald trump -- >> shannon: we had the composition at the beginning of the show. we've heard from republicans, senator mike lee saying that he thinks the administration needs to explain what is going on, deeper briefings, and he think congress probably needs to get involved with another authorization before there would be something involving iran. how do you think that place? yeah, you've got a legislative branch that has plenty to say when it comes to these matters. >> and a legislative branch on the house side that is led by democrats who don't have a whole lot of love for the person in the white house right now, and this would only add to concerns about democrats about this administration, and he saw some
8:55 pm
of the key, top democrats today urging restraint, urging the president not to get into a situation that could be escalated, a conflict in the middle east. >> shannon: do you think this is one of those events because we are almost out of time, because there was a briefing today, there were people on both sides of the aisle where they have a hard time finding consensus on things like immigration and stuff like that, they will try to have a unified message, try to have a unified plan where they can support this president as he is now acting as commander-in-chief? >> no, i think congress is out to get donald trump here to chuck schumer before and bob menendez from new jersey who in the past were good, and against of the iran deal, they are saying things that are ludicrous. donald trump does not need authorization from congress to respond to an attack on u.s. interests. it's not just george h.w. bush, bill clinton who didn't go to congress. go back to the because i war with france, exactly like this, maritime dispute, because you
8:56 pm
don't need it. it is in the president's inherent power. >> yet there is a bipartisan agreement that iran is a bad actor. >> shannon: thank you, gentlemen. exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ with huge savings-- like bass pro flag chairs for under $10 each. and this stars and stripes tailgate toss game for under $30. now with free 2 day shipping.
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