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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 20, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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we'll be back tomorrow night, the show that the sworn and sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink and all the things they produce. we'll be back tomorrow, for now, sean hannity live from new york city. >> sean: great show as always, buckle up. all eyes are on the middle east, earlier this morning a u.s. surveillance drone flying above the strait of hormuz over international waters shot out of the sky by an iranian missile. this act of aggression is not going to stand. the president is putting the mullahs of iran on notice, tonight they should be very, very worried. this was a bad idea, take a look. >> iran made a big mistake. this drone was in international waters, we have it documented, it's documented scientifically, not just words. they made a bad mistake. >> reporter: how will you respond, mr. president? >> you'll find out. you'll find out.
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>> reporter: are you going to go to war with iran? >> we aren't going to be talking too much about it, they made a very big mistake. >> sean: yep, iran made a very big mistake, they will pay. tonight the president is clearly giving the mullahs an opening to pick up the phone and come clean and end their hostile behavior. i like that patience, what about all the liberals who said donald trump is rogue and we can't trust him? he's being very patient. after a meeting at the white house, congressional republicans released this statement "iran attacked a u.s. asset over international waters, this provocation comes after they attacked and destroyed two commercial tankers in international waters. there must be a measured response to these actions." hmm. how do we define measured? president trump does not want war, he's not interested in another years and years long international entanglement, i don't expect one. in coming days, we will know if
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the mullahs are smart enough to take the opportunity which is a small window -- it may not even exist within 5 minutes. because if they don't, the president will have no choice, he will bomb the hell out of them. no need for a long, protracted boots on the ground, we have the greatest military on the face of the earth, the most advanced weapon systems, and a strong message needs to be sent that a huge price will be paid if you take on the united states of america. simple peace through strength and it works. my strong opinion, it's imperative we as a country develop what i call the next generation of military weaponry. we have learned from vietnam, we have learned from iraq and afghanistan. sadly, wars we get involved in quickly become politicized. they do not end as they should with complete victory. we don't want our kids going door-to-door like they did in iraq and having democrats say, come home and then being told never mind, we didn't mean it.
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america needs the single most advanced weaponry for all future i'd much prefer we devastate our enemies from tampa, florida, that generation of weaponry is something we need to advance as a country quickly and expeditiously. thankfully tonight, we are in a new era, the weak, feckless biden-obama policy is dead and gone, there will be no more late night shipments of cash and other currency in cargo planes for the mullahs in tehran. there will be no more bribes or european frolics for john kerry, there will be no united nations, this is a different time. there will be hell to pay and the world is watching, china tonight is watching, russia is watching. the north koreans are watching. a quick "hannity" history lesson. it's no mystery why iran is acting out.
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in 2015, how this happened, i cannot explain. it is inexplicable. the single dumbest foreign policy deal ever made in the history of this country, biden-obama literally loosened economic sanctions on iran after they had a chance to support young freedom fighters, the younger generation that wanted help that were quoting jefferson and washington and framers and founders, and yeah, biden-obama gifted the radical islamic mullahs of iran $150 billion in cash and currency, in exchange the iranian government made an unverifiable promise not to build a nuclear weapon for years but they can do it in ten years. the radical islamic extremist government of iran continued to fund terrorism as they always have all over the world, proxy wars. they continue to chant death to israel, death to america, they continue to burn the american flag, the israeli flag.
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they are a hostile actor in the region and thanks to biden-obama they have a boatload of cash to spend fomenting terror around the world. all of this changed january 20th, 2017. president trump was inaugurated, he pulled the united states out of this horrific iranian nuclear deal he reimposed devastating sanctions and they are working. tonight, iran feeling the effects of the president's policies, they are feeling it in a big way because of the reimposed sanctions. they are now facing years long recession. 2018, their economy retracted by a whopping 4%. this year, the international monetary fund is predicting iran will lose another 6%. inflation a massive issue in iran, 2019 alone, inflation likely to top 40%. meanwhile, our economy is booming and because of the president's efforts to unleash american energy, we are in the best position we have ever been in as it relates to any conflict in the middle east.
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we are shielded from the crisis because of course the lifeblood of every economy is oil and gas, not the new green deal. the iranian economy has lost the value as we have become energy independent. we are now the number one producer of oil and natural gas for the first time in 75 years, america is energy independent. we are a net exporter of energy. in other words, we have their leverage. we don't need the strait of hormuz as we once did and iran is suffering economically. the iranian people are growing more and more angry and frustrated with their radical government. iran's armed forces cannot match the might of our military. now the mullahs must see the writing is on the wall. they either stop funding terror, proxy wars, stop attacking ships in the gulf of oman, stop plotting the annihilation of israel, our closest ally in the middle east, and the united states. if they do not end this
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hostility, if they do not stop, the mullahs of iran will feel pain, i predict, like never before. they will earn it. they will make it happen. we'll have more on my monolog in just a minute, but joining us now someone who just met with today iran's chief spokesperson in the united nations, fox news correspondent geraldo rivera and senior intelligence officer fox news contributor dan hoffman. i'm assuming, geraldo, this is a preplanned meeting, you didn't know this was going to happen. >> we have met before, he has hooked me up with the foreign minister of iran on a couple of occasions. next month we hope to bring some fox news key personalities, yourself included, to meet the foreign minister of iran. what they are struggling with now is they really believe, and i heard your monologue and it's as strong as you ever are on this topic -- they see it totally differently. they think they have absolute,
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graphic, undeniable proof that the drone was over their territorial waters. they have offered documentation on that, they say this was an act of aggression. >> sean: geraldo, they shot an american drone out of the air, they are not getting away with it. >> if, indeed, the drone was over iranian airspace, then it's not a question of getting away with it -- >> sean: the president was very clear, we pinpointed the exact location, it was international waters and we had a right to be there, just like those tankers had a right to be there. the radical islamic mullahs of iran that chant "death to israel" and say they want to wipe israel off the map and the united states off the map are back to who they are -- fomenting terror. proxy wars. >> they see it completely differently.
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>> sean: i don't care what they see. the truth is the truth! >> let's see their proof. >> sean: see their proof? >> truth matters here, facts matter, we shouldn't rush into another disastrous military conflict, how many times do we have to go down this road? how many american lives have to be lost? >> sean: geraldo, you did not listen to my monolog. with that i say? >> i've seen the suffering of our gis in combat. at least let's prove they are in the wrong. >> sean: i never said boots on the ground, i said just the opposite. this president was clear, he doesn't want this foreign entanglements where young americans like 58,000 dead in vietnam and all these kids that died didn't even have armored humvees -- those days are over because washington can't fight a war without politicizing it. if you shoot an american missile or a drone out of the air and you attack tankers in the strait of hormuz, you're going to get the living crap bombed
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out of you! we will win that war. >> the president was much more measured than you are now. >> sean: i agree. >> he was discrete in his comments. >> sean: i'm measured, too. >> he is trying to give them a way to save their dignity and get up this crisis. i think he's standing up to john bolton and the other hawks in the white house who want to drag us into a conflict. >> sean: geraldo, did you not hear me? i did not say boots on the ground. i said there will be a price to pay and i want the next generation of weaponry, and i will bring dan in here, where we never have to put boots on the ground because i don't trust the politicians in washington to send these kids to war and have no intention of following through and winning the war anymore. >> this is the perfect time to renegotiate the nuke deal the president doesn't like. >> sean: with radical terrorists? really? the ones that want us dead?
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the mullahs that kills our boys in iraq, that fomenting terror, you want to drop another $150 billion on their tarmac? >> are you talking about saudi arabia? every one of these radical madrasa is funded by the saudis? >> sean: geraldo, i am the most critical of sharia in this country! the most critical! >> i'm not blaming you, brother, i love you. i'm telling you, iran has a story to tell. >> sean: i don't really give a -- they've been fomenting terror -- >> [laughs] careful. >> sean: they killed americans in iraq. >> when was the last time americans died? >> sean: excuse me i! interact, they literally killed americans. the evidence was overwhelming. look at what they were doing in yemen! another proxy war! what happened to you? i want the next generation of military weaponry so we can't let these idiots in washington,
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decide to send them and back down. they have to be able to blow them out of the water and they must pay to take out a drone in international waters. i'm not believing a word that these lying mullahs say. >> first, sean, geraldo, let's take the word of the united states over the malign actor of iran. as far as where the >> the way we took the word of drone was located. the united states government in 2003? >> sean: dan talks. >> in this case, you have to remember iran is the malign actor and they have a history of launching increasingly escalatory kinetic action in the gulf. this is all about leverage, they want us to return to the iran nuclear deal but on their terms. we have driven their economy into free fall, their currency is worth nothing, and that's why they have threatened us with nuclear blackmail. back on may 8th, they said they would begin enriching uranium to weapons grade levels if they didn't receive relief from sanctions, we are crushing them. that's what this is all about
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and the key date for me as we head toward july 8th, do they start to weaponize their uranium? that's another point. i think the one thing i would highlight for this is my best guess on what we are doing in this administration, we are looking at a proportional response. they hit a drone, it wasn't one of our manned ships. >> sean: i'll tell you this. i'm going to tell you this. these mullahs that threatened to wipe israel off the map, when they drop bombs on their own kids and they send them to murder and kill and they are going to be rewarded in heaven. you marry that to nuclear weapons, you are looking at a potential in our lifetime, holocaust, geraldo rivera, that can never happen! ever happen! >> who pulled out of the nuclear deal? it wasn't iran that pulled out it was the united states of america. >> sean: okay, iran can't shoot down an american drone and if they do, there's going to be hell to pay.
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i don't want to boot the ground! >> the difference between the iranian story and the u.s. story, they say it's 9 miles off the coast, we say it was 20 miles off the coast. >> sean: i believe america. i believe pompeo, i believe them over radical islamic mullahs who chant death to america, death to israel. >> john bolton is a radical u.s. nonmullah. >> let's make one thing clear on the treaty, on the nuclear deal, it didn't become a treaty because it didn't have enough among democrats. it is extraordinary flawed and puts us at greater risk because it doesn't deal with the ballistic missile threat or the terrorism they support as well as the sunset clause. we need to get them back to negotiations. >> that's a great idea. use this occasion to do the same thing. >> sean: after they pay the
10:15 pm
price. >> the present renegotiated nafta. >> sean: i don't want one boot on the ground. i want the next generation of weaponry so our kids don't have to go to a war that washington bureaucrats will politicize and pull out of, that's what i don't want, thank you both. the mullahs of iran have never been good people, given the opportunity, i believe they would wipe israel and the united states off the map and think they are doing the will of god. their radical form of islamic extremism, it is dangerous, it is a real clear and present danger, it is scary, they have a history of fomenting war and terror and fighting proxy wars, they must never be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons. but today, sleepy creepy, the guy who helped give them $150 billion to bribe them, he blamed president trump for the hostility. a self-inflicted -- yeah, because you train to the mullahs to cover if they act out, we will give you money.
10:16 pm
you are an appeaser, joe biden, you and obama gave $150 billion to radical mullahs who want to destroy us -- brilliant. they in turn used the money we know to fund terrorism around the world and fight proxy wars. for a bunch of known liars that want to build a nuclear weapon and you have a ten-year promise but you don't get real inspections, iran vowed to quadruple the rate of uranium enrichment, obama and biden failed this country and failed the entire world, thankfully those days are over. come november 2020, let's keep it that way. i will have a mini monologue on sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe. joining us now, sebastian gorka. pete, we'll start with you, i know your time, your service, your country, you heard me and geraldo, your reaction. >> i know geraldo, i love him, but it sounded like he was spewing iranian talking points.
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the iranian perspective. the reality is, the only reason we have international waters is the united states navy. there is no u.n. navy, no one else is going to make sure oil flows, that our ships are able to trade around the world -- it is us. if we are confronted in that place, we have to respond. it doesn't mean you start a war. we don't need boots on the ground but this islamic republic of iran is not a republic at all. it is completely islamist and they seek to control as much as they can. the obama administration, they knew they were dealing with weakness. these provocations bring us to the table on their terms. in this case, you know this white house. i think john bolton is a patriot, i don't think he wants boots on the ground and some massive war in the middle east. he wants america to stand strong and respond proportionally to put iranians on their heels and say these sanctions are going to work. they're going to make you hurt, we want you to hurt, so much that you have to come to the table on our terms.
10:18 pm
you'll never have a nuclear weapon. we'll never allow it. >> sean: let me say this, dr. gorka, i'm serious about this. we have been involved in conflicts and it gets politicized after thousands of american kids, our treasure, take up the task and go fight, bleed, and die and others disfigured and others lose limbs, lives changed forever and washington says never mind. i'm sick of that. then we must develop the next generation of weaponry and we will fight the war from tampa and we will destroy the living crap out of anybody. it can be proportional, i have a rule in my own life. if you hit me, i'm going to hit you back ten times harder, let's start there. >> that's how it works. first things first, can i congratulate you on the sleepy creepy? that's excellent. we need to get back to the white house. that's crooked hillary level of branding.
10:19 pm
that's very good level of branding. can i cut through all of this? there's so much garbage being spewed here even by some people who are appearing on fox shows. i had the title of strategist to the president, let me tell you about this president. he will never, ever deploy the 82nd airborne onto the streets of tehran. that is not donald trump. the idea that there is some malevolent conspiracy of dark neocons in the white house including john bolton, pete is absolutely right. it's garbage, it's being spun by the people in the ben rhodes echo chamber, spun by obama era holdovers -- john bolton is a patriot and he will never, ever give advice that he doesn't think is sound to the president but the president makes the decision. he built his campaign on two things. build the wall, reform
10:20 pm
immigration, and stop the stupid wars. the idea that suddenly he is going to be suckered into something that his whole campaign was the antithesis of is just ridiculous. >> sean: the problem is, and i supported president bush. for those that would like to know, i had a lot of loud debates and arguments with then private citizen donald trump over it. i felt it was necessary post 9/11 but i never thought washington would do it again. that's politicize the war. i don't have any faith or hope in any of these people, to be frank, so i think the only deterrent we now have is the next generation of weaponry, last word. >> you can't let iran get a new, you don't need the 82nd airborne to stop that. there is no debate, this white house is serious about it. obama had a slow roll path, this white house will not.
10:21 pm
that doesn't mean starting a ground war, it means preventing the mullahs from getting the weapon they want. >> sean: a squared, b squared equals c squared. radical mullahs married to weapons of mass destruction equals a potential holocaust. it's mathematical, we can't let that happen. thank you, both. judicial watch uncovering more damning emails between peter strzok and lisa page, tom fitton will explain congressman mark meadows, congressman devin nunes, the great woodmark living on the situation with iran, and much more as we continue with tonigh tonight. please stay with us. a lot of breaking news. ♪ when we started our business
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"new strzok-page emails, fbi media collusion." wow. joining us now with the latest big developments investigating the investigators, great work once again by judicial watch and its president, tom fitton, you have a lot of information here. i will let you condense it and explain it to the audience. f >> we are getting strzok-page communications, they've been playing game with the text messages, but the emails show that james comey testified about hundreds ofnd thousands of emails on anthony weiner's laptop from the clintoe server and the fbi went crazy because they didn't like the number. they thought it might be wrong. they weren't assured -- as you know, there's a debate about how many emails they were there. they tried to muddy the record with congress by sending them a letter that tried to walk it back but didn' it shows again the fbi was concerned about protecting hillary clinton. you have emails concerning "the new york times," there's a
10:27 pm
heads up about an anti-trumpmp russia story concerning jared kushner that he sent over to the fbi as a heads up, not looking for a comment but just as a friendly, you might want tj pay attention to this. it shows collusion between the media and the comey fbi and quite funnily in some ways or sadly, there is email traffic between strzok and page where they get into a spat over who sent what emails to whom about the grand jury that was looking into hillary clinton. it shows you that the fbi under comey was an ethical mess, unprofessional, and their handling of these investigations deserved -- deserves another look. >> sean: we've got to get to it, we are getting more every single day and every single night.t.
10:28 pm
this freedom of information act requests are yielding great revelations, thank you. as we reported on the show last night, according to "the hill"'s john solomon the fbi was warned early and often that a document related to paul manafort known as the black cash ledger could be fake. they were warned again and again and again. but just like the dossier of christopher steele, it was used anyway. like the dirty dossier. the bought and paid for russian lies to justify investigatingyw the trump campaign. joining us now with reaction, house intelligence committee ranking member congressman devin nunes, house freedom caucus chairman, mark meadows. without these two men, we never would've discovered this biggest abuse of power scandal in history and corruption scandal, thank you both for your hardab work. let's start first, congressman nunes. let's start with your reaction to this new revelation and more
10:29 pm
importantly, they were warned again not to use information and they did it again, why? how did they get away with it? >> this is a new revelation. a we did not know about this. there were rumors about this black ledger, that it wasn't true. from what solomon has learned, people in the fbi knew this was just another dossier. if you look back at the last two and a half years, everyone has a dossier they were paying for and getting from russians, it's going to go down as fake news. all of this was planted into the fbi and used. i think paul manafort still has a lot of explaining to do but the question is if this investigation was poison from the beginning, it raises real questions the american people need answers to. >> sean: i think we do. by the way, you mentioned that pervy democrats were grilling hope hicks about her love life
10:30 pm
and the president said democrats wanted pictures of hope hicks they could post online? what's that all about? p >> during the day yesterday, members of congress, republicans were coming out and they were shocked at the questions that were being asked to ms. hicks. >> sean: how bad? >> they were asking about her love life, i think asking about someone's love life in congress, i mean, come on. >> sean: how is that relevant to any investigation as it relates to election>> interference? congressman matos, you have gone and done a very deep dive. i think the best work that you and congressman jim jordan and matt gaetz and others have done is closed door interviews, that thanks to congressman doug collins we now have accesst to. you guys were asking the right questions. now we know they used more false information they were warned to what level can we say this was a premeditated conspiracy to commit fraud on
10:31 pm
the court and to influence an election with phony information and to undo the will of the american people? >> it was all about him doing the will of the american people. it's interesting tonight, you lead and with tom fitton and some of the emails he's talking about, chairman nunes and jim jordan have both been all over this. the use of the media, what we found is even if john solomon is reporting, is not only that they knew it was false. they worked with the media to make sure it gets reported soo they could use the same media reports to justify their surveillance. here's the real problem i have with all of this. the deeper we dive, the more we see protocols were broken and candidly when you start to look for the real there there, it is there but it's on the part of the fbi planting false narratives in the public domain.
10:32 pm
>> sean: the question is, we've got the investigations ongoing. congressman nunes, americans want to know more than anything else, the people who helped rig the investigation into hillary that were warned about the lies they were using to obtain fisa warrants and w applications, that were also spreading misinformation to "the washington post" and using it to bludgeon a sitting president, four separate conclusion smell, including your intel committee saying no collusion, can you please explain those people who did these things,y that they are going to be held accountable? >> we aren't going to stop until we get the entire truth out. i want to follow what mr. meadows said, i think it's important. what we learned today from the judicial watch papers and emailp is you not only had this circular reporting where you had
10:33 pm
fbi leaking to a reporter, reporter running a story, theng fbi using the story, we now have something new in the chain. you have reporters spying on people and taking it to the fbi. probably in exchange for favors. >> sean: your thoughts, mark? >> the big thing we've got to understand the is there were a number of players at the toprs levels of the fbi that continue to work with the media in an inappropriate manner in order to spin the narrative that we are still dealing with two years later. it's time the american people judge for themselves, let's declassify everything and make sure the truth comes out. the president will be exonerated when that happens. e >> sean: quick answer. should the president have a response against iran? >> i think he does need a response. it has been a bad regime for 40 years. >> sean: mark meadows? >> it has to be measured and certainly calibrated
10:34 pm
appropriately but i believe this president will act accordingly and we'll support him in that decision. >> sean: thank you both. when we come back, the great one, mark levin, who has the number one book in the country. his thoughts on iranian aggression, joe biden stumbles and was talk a little bit about books when we get back. ♪ once-daily toujeo helps you control your blood sugar. toujeo provides significant a1c reduction, and stable blood sugar control, around the clock. find your groove with toujeo. ♪ let's groove tonight. toujeo is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. it contains 3 times as much insulin in 1 milliliter as standard insulin. don't use toujeo to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you're allergic to insulin. get medical help right away if you have a serious allergic reaction such as body rash, or trouble breathing. don't reuse needles, or share insulin pens. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which can be life-threatening. it may cause shaking, sweating, fast heartbeat, and blurred vision. check your blood sugar levels daily.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: more on our top story regarding escalating tensionsre between the u.s. and iran.on author of the number one book, four weeks in a row. "the new york times" best seller list, it's called "unfreedom of" the press," i call him the great one for a reason. he has the number one rated cable show sunday nights ten eastern. he is the host of a nationally
10:39 pm
syndicated radio host. this is now your fifth week and i noticed you four weeks in a row number one on "the new york times" best seller list, which doesn't surprise me, -- jimmy acosta has a book i don't even know what it's called. you sold in your fifth week, at least according to bookscan, over 35,000 books, that's yourng fifth week. you've sold hundreds of thousands of books, i looked at the numbers. jimmy acosta barely sold over 6500. is that a failure on his part? i would say that's a disaster.t >> it is a disaster, he wrote a book about himself. he has always been about himself and the fact of the matter is, he has disrupted the presidential press conferences, his book isn't about the media. jim acosta is a clown, he's not a reporter, he's an advocate, he's a partisan, he's a democrat
10:40 pm
if not in fact, in name, and the american people are on to him. his book is rejected, despite the fact that he was promoted by "the new york times," promoted on the sunday shows and on cnn and so on and so forth. but you know what, sean, i want to raise a point with you as i sit here and listen for my segment coming up on this iranian matter, we are starting to get propaganda, it sounds like iranian propaganda coming out of the mouthss. of americans. americans who should know better. they ask you, can you point to one example where iran committed a terrorist act? i can point to many, but let me start with 1983. beirut, lebanon, hezbollah, which is the terrorist militia wing of iran, blow up our marine barracks with two truck bombs, killed over 250 americans most of whom were marines. that was iran, iran was behind that. stop apologizing for iran! what i hear tonight and what i'm hearing throughout the day is a bunch of people who are
10:41 pm
embracing jimmy carter's foreign policy of appeasement, of distraction, of excuses, of spin. you can embrace jimmy carter's foreign policy, a wild failure, or you can embrace ronald reagan's foreign policy, a wild success. i'm also hearing, maybe it's coming from iran or china or russia or north korea, a concerted, clear campaign against john bolton. john bolton hasn't done anything, he is the national security advisor and advises the president of the united states. i'm sure china and russia and north korea and iran love it when they hear hosts and others trashing john bolton, part of a massive propaganda effort. the president of the united states is a strong leader, he will listen to advice from many people, he will make the decision. but these attacks on bolton, including leaks coming out of the white house, are a disgrace, absolute disgrace. >> sean: it's not about that. mark, you and i have discussed
10:42 pm
this at length. you were our chief of staff, under a great attorney general, you worked in the reagan administration, a man by the name of ed neese. peace through strength is our only option with you and i have watched, wars started then politicized, then we say never mind. i personally would like to see the next generation of sophisticated technology and weaponry where we don't have to send kids there to fight and to do what's necessary from here. >> let me tell everybody a little secret. it's a very big world and there are very many evil, genocidal maniacs out there from the head of red china to the head of russia, to the head of north korea, to the head of iran and i just got started. we aren't the problem, we aren't the ones who instigate wars and i'm sick and tired of hearing people on cable tv and other words suggest the president of the united states is provoking anything.nd
10:43 pm
thing. we aren't provoking a damn we never provoke anything. you know why we wanted to because that's where you know why we wanted to afghanistan? because that's where 9/11 was hatched, that's where we were attacked. don't tell me iraq is a reason not to deal with iran. one has nothing to do with the other. the world is always going to be evil, sometimes there will be war, sometimes there won't. sometimes there will be military action, sometimes therere won't. the word here to keep in mind is prudence, not ideology from the code pink republicans and the hard left who sound alike, not the radical interventionists. prudence. the iranians attacked us, they attacked oil rigs in commercial waterways. thee iranians have captured american sailors in the past, they have killed american soldiers in iraq and theas iranians have killed american marines in lebanon! i don't know, what do you think red china would c do about this? what do you think russia would do about this?wo what do you think any self-respecting nation would do about this?
10:44 pm
to turn over and pretend that if we do something, we are provoking -- for god's sakes, to quote the foreign minister of iran is a disgrace. >> sean: don't forget, the number one book in the country, sold hundreds of thousands, fake news cnn's guy only sold a little over 6500, yikes. that's called an epic fail. coming up, crazy, creepy, sleepy uncle joe biden feeling the heat from his own party, we will address what is a long history of his comments on race, pretty despicable. we've got the truth coming up. ♪ he got the truth coming
10:45 pm
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♪ >> sean: >> sean: tonight, amtrak joe is driving even further off the tracks, following his outrageous
10:49 pm
comments about working with democratic segregationists in the 1970s, well, sleepy, creepy, crazy uncle joe is doubling down on stupid, take a look. >> how does it feel that your democratic rivals saying you have issues talking about race? >> they know better. >> are you going to apologize? >> apologize for what? >> cory booker has said -- >> he should apologize, he knows better. there is not a racist bone in my body. i've been involved in civil rights my whole career, period, period, period. >> sean: all right, let's look at this career. remember, we told you this would happen, we told you he would be doing nonstop damage control, it would be blunder after blunder, gaffe after gaffe because he can't escape the ghosts of his past. other candidates are smelling blood in the water, take a look at what his fellow democrats are saying. >> vice president biden shouldn't need this lesson.
10:50 pm
this is deeply disappointing, we waited for him to apologize, he didn't until the next day. whether i'm running for president or not, as many people today have been, juneteenth no less, calling out for him to acknowledge that his words were harmful and hurtful.t >> why is it you believe he has to apologize? >> i think the media makes a bigger deal of it than it is. >> so he doesn't have to? >> i do, i don't think you have to be touting personal relations with people who were very brutal segregationists. i'm sorry if you disagree with me, that's fine, that's my view. >> sean: you can't work at a 7-eleven or dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent and obama, this is a story book. you have for the first time, an african-american that is clean and articulate -- what?
10:51 pm
there's a pattern here because crazy uncle joe came out hard against busing, integration of public schools in the 1970s, he made inflammatory comments when pushing the '94 clinton crime bill. he used the phrase predators one our streets talking about urban crime, he made excuses for segregationist strom thurmond calling him a "product of his time." in remarks at his funeral. don't forget, a few decades ago, racist bigots ruled the day in the democratic party, a significant number of congressional democrats opposed the 1964 civil rights, you have people like robert kkk byrd, al gore's father nowhere to be found. the '65 voting rights bill largely opposed by democrats. a whopping 70 democratic lawmakers opposing landmark historic legislation. one of the longest-serving
10:52 pm
democratic stars in the u.s. senate was none other than thei. former clients ben himself robert kkk byrd. biden spoke at his funeral, he said nice thing about him, robert byrd. if the funeral of a former klansman, hillary called him her mentor. what if donald trump did that? this is all getting so bad that biden's advisors are publicly begging him to stop talking about your political past because it is a massive liability. biden has no core values, no solutions, eight years ofas failure. he is willing to say and do everything to try to appease the new, extreme, radical democrat socialist party. but is anybody buying it? remember his anita hill apology tour, the flip-flopping on the hyde amendment? he held that position for 40 years, and having to pander to the real speaker of the house, alexandria ocasio-cortez. i'm not saying she's the real speaker, for you idiots in the media, it's not a conspiracy theory, but she scares the
10:53 pm
living daylights out of the presidential candidates and pelosi. he adopted the crazy new green deal, climate change and nonsense. he's averaging about a flip-flop per week making the campaign spend and the spin in a million different directions. we are here to do the vetting to expose biden for who he really is, like most of the democrats, he's a complete creature of the swamp, the sewer, a fraud. someone with no plan for our future and he has to run on the biden-obama record. $150 billion to mullahs in iran, 13 million more americans on food stamps, 8 million more on poverty. you know my list. here now, former secret service agent fox news contributor dan bongino. it's interesting, he's trying. the problem is, he's made a lot of incendiary statements and decisions on racial issues and
10:54 pm
rightly, he should defend it, but he says i did nothing wrong. >> sloppy joe has had a bad couple of weeks. first we had the hyde amendment flip-flop where he did a 540 and now we have this. i don't know why he's surprised, though, sean, his campaign. the democrats for, what, 30, 40 years have managed to use racism charges as a political, tactical weapon on the ideological field of ideas.eaeo why is he surprised that it was going to be used on him? remember, "they are going to put you well back in jeans" nonsense, talking about mitt romney of all people? remember that? biden weaponized race too so whr is he surprised it's being turned on him? w >> sean: who goes in and says you can't work at a 7-eleven or dunkin' donuts without an indian accent -- and i'm serious. wow, storybook, the first
10:55 pm
african-american that's articulate and clean, who says this? >> brother, i don't know what that means. what does that mean, he takes a shower? that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard in my life! i can't translate biden-isms. >> sean: by the way, i want to complement you. we watched you on "fox & friends" hosting, you did a great job. i'm declaring is the oldest original member of fox news, you are a no tie guy. >> i love you, you just made myo night! thank you so much! >> sean: iou that one. coming up, more "hannity" right after this. ♪ offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa"
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♪ >> sean: it's sad that washington will ever politicize war, what they did in vietnam was wrong and the fact they allowed a rack and afghanistan, post-9/11, to be politicized --
11:00 pm
that's wrong. i want to see this new generation of weaponry built by that best engineers, the smartest military and we must protect freedom. this cannot stand what happened with iran. we will always be fair and balanced, let not your heart be troubled, there she is. great show last night. >> laura: you are fantastic, your interview with the president. >> sean: happy birthday! >> laura: it's going to continue all week long. >> sean: laura just turned 27. >> laura: isn't that amazing? i do my best. >> sean: you are causing trouble in dartmouth in undergrad, i know your whole history. >> laura: great show tonight. i'm laura ingraham, this is a fox news alert, the world is watching and waiting to see what