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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 21, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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jillian: friday, june 21st and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 on the east coast a fox news alert donald trump reportedly approving the military strike on iran. and abruptly backing off after a us drone was shot down in an unprovoked attack by the regime that claims it is fully ready for war. what is the white house doing next? what is their next move? breaking developments, stay tuned. dominican official set to speak
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out on the suspicious death of at least 11 american tourists as the fbi ramps up its investigation. what is really going on in the dominican republic? we are taking a closer look. alexa may always be listening but now amazon has plans to always be watching. "fox and friends first" starts right now. you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning, thank you for joining us, turning out to be a very busy day. fox news alert, brand-new reports overnight that donald trump has called off strikes against iran. the question is what happens next? after iran's unprovoked attack on an american drone? benjamin hall joins us live in studio at the white house preparing its response.
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a lot of things changed overnight. >> reporter: the important thing to remember, donald trump is twice used tomahawk missiles in the middle east so it is feasible this is going to happen and all reporting suggests they were underway and very close to us forces striking iranian targets but at the last minute the president made the decision to call this off. the decision was originally made when the global hawk drone was shot down wednesday evening, donald trump accused strikes against iran and that operation was in its early stages according to this report, planes were in the air, ships in position, missiles fired when word came to stand down. donald trump giving good nothing away. >> i have a feeling it was a mistake made by somebody that shouldn't have been doing what they did. i think they made a mistake. not just talking the country made a mistake but somebody
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under the command of the country made a mistake. i find it hard to believe it was intentional if you want to know the truth. could have been somebody who was loose and stupid that did it. >> reporter: as late as 7:00 pm military officials were expected to strike after intense discussion and debate at the white house, the top national security officials and congressional leaders. it is not clear if this was pulled off because of strategy, logistics or the strike might still go ahead. >> i said i want to get out of these endless wars. i campaigned on that but this is a new wrinkle. a new fly in the ointment, what happened shooting down the drone. this country will not stand for it. >> reporter: donald trump insisted the us drone had been flying over international waters when it was taken down by an iranian missile shot from iran's coastline. iran's government disputed the
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president's characterization insisting the american drone strayed into iranian airspace. we have seen a steady uptick from iran over the last couple of weeks, attacks on the tankers, and the question for the president is what next? looks like it was close to taking place but still unclear if it might take place. heather: mike pompeo, john bolton and gina haspill were all pushing for this attack. >> reporter: you might expect from john bolton and mike pompeo that line. gina hashill also supporting sanctions. of true that would be surprising. sanctions of not seemed to work. this seems to be the only solution going forward. heather: what about support from
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other countries? >> the us will once to have allies behind it before it makes any move. whether a targeted strike like this or providing assistance to oil tankers through the strait of hormuz, to support that. heather: we will see you back here. much more to come on that. the president under some scrutiny for a remark on iran potentially making a mistake we just showed you. general jack keane says those comments may have been more pointed than they appear. >> i think the president may be revealing a strategy when he said it is a mistake in the sense that he exercised restraint here to shore up our allies support for a coalition to keep shipping lanes open and obviously mike pompeo and
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ambassador bolton working hard since provocation began to get allied support. they want to eventually shape a coalition that will be able to detect shipping as it goes through the main artery of oil in the world called the persian gulf and the gulf of oman. that is the objective. we 20 two sets of tankers were attacked in the valuable oil shipping lane the strait of hormuz, saudi thinkers were hit in may, and japanese tankers just last week. joe biden blaming donald trump for the iranian strike. the former vice president calling the president's iran strategy, quote, a self-inflicted disaster. fox news contributor of the american enterprise institute says biden should take a look in the mirror. >> your administration is the one that sent unmarked bills to tehran. your the administration that lifted sanctions on the iranian regime that has allowed them to fund hamas, fund hezbollah and terrorist groups and fund their imperial expansion across the
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middle east. heather: the trump campaign responding what is his meeting biden absolution, send forecast? let iran take more us sailors hostage? more coddling? we will have much more on this, so stay with us. a fox news alert, police officer shot and killed in the line of duty overnight. the unidentified officer attacked in mission, texas as he responded to a report about a man with a gun. the suspect is under arrest, this is the 21st officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year and the second in two days. we now know the manic accused of killing segment a police officer was a criminal or had a criminal rap sheet dating back decades. records show adele ramose was charged with the mexican violence, dui in the 1980s, accused of gunning down officer
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sullivan as she tried helping a woman escape a domestic dispute. police say it took 40 minutes to rescue sullivan because ramose stop shooting at them bit during the eight our standoff. border officials revealing shocking numbers about the crisis at the southern border. >> operations are being overwhelmed on a daily basis, we are dealing with the human hearing crisis like no other. heather: illegals from 52 countries entering the us with 100,000 people getting past agents this year alone. ellison barbara live in washington with powerful testimony from capitol hill. >> briefings on iran and the release of testimony for a former trump a, house subcommittee heard from carla provost.
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and they are populations across the southern border. >> this is like no other crisis i have seen when it comes to the humanitarian side of the house. i have been forced to diver 40%-60% of border patrol manpower away from the border as we process and care for 430 families and children flooded across the southern border so far this year. >> reporter: conditions at detention centers, inspector general report released earlier this month found egregious violations with detention facilities including overly restrictive segregation, inadequate medical care and food safety issues. earlier this week alexandria ocasio cortez compared detention centers to concentration camps. lawmakers were quick to criticize those comments. ocasio cortez defended them. she found those comments offensive and said border patrol
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agents doing the best they can with limited resources. as for the senate spending package, the senate appropriations committee approved a $1.6 billion supplemental bill. it is expected to go to the senate floor next week. heather: thank you. 10 minutes after the top of the hour. our top story, the president reportedly pulling back on in order to strike iran. why would he change his mind and what should he do next? national security analyst rebecca grant has some ideas next. take a close look here. you see that? young people are apparently growing horns on their skulls and some experts say cell phones are to blame.
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heather: donald trump reportedly ordering strikes on iran after its military shot down a us drone fly in international airspace. now the president told the military to stand down but would a strike be the right course of action in response to the latest provocation? to weigh in, doctor rebecca grant. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it this morning. i woke up this morning at this seems like a complete about-face from what we saw coming from donald trump publicly when it appeared he was practicing restraint. the move was made reportedly that he was going to strike iran and called the planes and the military back.
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>> it shows he is very confident as commander-in-chief and methodical and cautious so what this tells me is something changed. maybe it was with an ally, maybe military commanders in the region, maybe even some message from iran. trump still has his military options open. heather: earlier in the day he said iran made a big mistake. he also said he believed it was not intentional, somebody stupid and loose and he was asked are you going to strike iran in his response was you will find out, you will find out. do you think something else is still going on? do you think it is still a possibility that we will strike? >> i think something is brewing definitely, you see trump trying to give us the most possible information. no question it was a really stupid move but this says they are looking over the until what really happened, what is the position of the allies and
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there's a lot of traffic in that area, boats, air, you have to be careful and make sure everything is right but make no mistake all the options are still on the table. heather: we were just discussing that before you came on. the faa issued this no-fly zone. not sure what you call it but apparently there was an aircraft within 45 nautical miles of the drone when the drone was hit. heather: there's a lot of surface traffic, regular air traffic and for iran to just fire a surface to air missile locking onto a target with the possibility of hitting something else is really strong. and incredibly stupid move. i see trump wanting to leave himself a little bit of time to talk and make the right measures. heather: everyone is listening to him. he knows everything he says, he tweets out, the responses that he makes, i believe many times are intentional knowing these other countries are listening. what about in terms of response
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from other countries and getting their support and what we do? >> the pentagon and the white house state department are in close touch. we have a big coalition with a lot of other naval forces. he is in touch with our key allies. an ally involved in the strike. you know who else is listening to this message? iran. they have got to know they are on notice but i wouldn't want to be in an iranian software missile battery today. heather: not just iran listening but a lot has to do with the iran nuclear deal and sanctions. we could go further from there but north korea watching this as well. >> very much so. this is vintage trump. he always said whether it is north korea or iran. he is in no rush. he hasn't foreclosed any options at all and his restraint shows confidence. he is in command of the situation.
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it keeps to iran and north korea, everybody else, any bad guy around the world watching as well. heather: he talked about ending american involvement and running conflict, can't be the world police force but we have heard secretary of state mike pompeo, john bolton and gina hasare in support of these attacks. >> they let out a response option like taking out surface-to-air missile battery that hit the are q 4. that is an easy course of action. i'm sure trump is looking at that. iran has gone pretty far. they are asking for some type of response. it will be up to trump to decide when that happens but they are right on the line, and a serious response if they do anything else.
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heather: thank you for joining us, we will see what happens today. 18 minutes after the top of the hour, major twist in the murder trial of eddie gallagher. a medic says he is the one who killed a young isis fighter. >> someone finally have the bravery to stand up for the truth. it was refreshing after all these years. heather: will the charges against gallagher be dropped? the latest on that next. there is an emergency food crisis for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union. - this is a fight against time. what we're dealing with is coming out, meeting someone who's 85, 90 years old, can't get around, has no food, has no water,
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against eddie gallagher despite bombshell testimony. a fellow navy seal telling the courtroom he in fact killed the isis prisoner, not gallagher. aishah hasnie joins us with more on the trial twist. >> reporter: the courtroom stunned as seal team 7 medic corey scott took the stand saying he is the real killer. the bombshell testimony as navy prosecutors pursue murder charges against special operations chief eddie gallagher accused of stabbing and killing a teenage isis fighter. scott told the court he saw gallagher stab the fighter in the neck but it was him who held his thumb over the breathing tube and suffocated the boy. he said he did that because he knew the isis fighter was going to die anyway. gallagher's wife reacting after the stunning testimony. >> to here today someone finally had the bravery to stand up for
1:24 am
the truth was refreshing after all these years. >> navy prosecutors pursuing murder charges, treating scott is a hostile witness, he never mentioned this information before. he is talking because of the immunity deal and doesn't want to see his colleague go to prison was a navy spokesman said the government will not be dropping premeditated murder charges against chief petty officer gallagher despite his testimony. the credibility of a witness is for the jury to decide which gallagher's attorney is expecting a not guilty verdict but if found guilty he could face life sentence. heather: a prosecution witness.
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biden's remarks about working with segregationist senators as a young lawmaker. >> like corey booker called for it. >> he knows better. there is not a racist bone in my body. >> you should apologize. i am not a racist is so insulting. >> he called booker to smooth things over. it is not clear if biden actually apologized. 25 after the top of the hour, 11 american tourists are dead in the dominican republic. what is really going on? ted williams says he may know how to get some answers. he is live up next. when we started our business
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heather: we are back with a fox news alert, donald trump making a last-minute decision to call off military strikes against iran overnight. the entire world waiting to see how the white house response to iran's unprovoked attack. that video was released from the pentagon and that is showing iran hitting our drone. foreign affairs correspondent benjamin hall is here with what the rest of the world is saying. >> this is a part of the world many countries have a vested interest in. and we will be waiting through the day to see what the response is. yesterday we were hearing from iran when there was just a possibility of an attack, they threatened to respond. take a listen. >> those who defend the borders of the islamic nation of iran in
1:30 am
a total and decisive way to any intrusion by foreign elements. our borders are our red line. >> reporter: iran has been escalating for some time. first we had the tax on the tankers in a critical waterway in the strait of orders where 21 million barrels of oil a day pass through. then we had the announcement they will begin enriching uranium beyond 3.6% allowed by the jcp oa pushing up to 20%. that is something that could put them within a year of building a bomb. so clearly a need for some kind of response, all leading up to wednesday evening's shooting of that drone by an iranian surface-to-air missile. we can see that, here that. iran is fiercely disputing the president's characterization the drone straight into iranian
1:31 am
airspace and there is no doubt the us is willing to respond if they have to and that will put iran -- heather: you mentioned what iran said, july 7th deadline for that. we will watch that date to see if iran has any further action. we were talking reaction from other countries. have you heard anything from russia? >> we heard from vladimir putin, closest ally of iran and syria for some time now. here is what he said. >> translator: i want to say it would be catastrophe for the region because it would lead to an influx of violence and increasing flow of refugees from the region. >> not just russia. it will be interesting to hear what china has to say. it is china who will be had by the rise in oil prices. the us provides a lot of its own
1:32 am
energy, china will bear in mind when donald trump, president xi jinping at the g 20. heather: it all ties and if you look at different countries, you mentioned syria and how iran is tied in along with russia and this would be what trump's third attack, the first two in syria in 2017-18. >> he always said of his redlines are crossed he will respond. the use of chemical weapons by the aside regime and he quickly reacted. we were on the ground when that happened and that was a clear sign of the times that donald trump will respond and has the means to do so. we don't know for a fact this attack on iran, it has been shot. heather: everyone is tied with north korea.
1:33 am
thank you, great to have you with us. a look at other headlines this morning. what a busy day. police officer shot and killed in the line of duty overnight. the unidentified officer attacked in texas as he responded to a report of a man with a gun. that suspect is under arrest, the second officer shot and killed in the line of duty in the last 2 days, the 21st this year. a judge will decide if a special prosecutor will investigate attorney kim fox's handling of the jussie smollett case. a former judge pushing for the investigation after charges were suddenly dropped. the former empire actor was arrested after police say he staged a hate crime against himself applied to investigators. on top of the results connected to mysterious deaths in the dominican republic will be released today. the tourism minister insists the island is safe and that is
1:34 am
despite 11 tourists dying since last summer. what in the world is going on in the dominican republic? what are federal officials doing to address the issue? here to weigh in his fox news contributor ted williams. thank you for joining us this morning. what is happening? what do you think? >> i think the dominican republic, lack of transparency on the part of the various officials, sticking their head in the sand and making up statements like this is all fake news. we do realize you have 2.7 million americans vacationing down there but when you've got this spate of deaths in this limited period of time it is rather suspect. one of the death that is very suspect is the death of two maryland people who were
1:35 am
vacationing in both were relatively healthy and died at the same time. that is very suspicious. heather: happening a different resort, not just one resort. health official saying these mysterious deaths, it is fake news. they think it hurt their tourism and we can bring that up for everybody at home. we are hearing a lot about testing liquor in these many bars. do you think that will be the cause. >> you may be on to something. that has to be looked at,
1:36 am
where people do not dropdead intoxicated, that is something they have to look at. heather: what about the water itself? was so sick for one whole night, the person i was with was sick for the night previous to me and we didn't drink from the minibar but we had water, we had ice that melts in your drinks. >> join the club. i was just down there a month and a half ago and i had the same scenario and situation. normally they tell you don't drink the water, even brush your teeth with the water. it could very well be toxins in the water. we are left to speculate. they have got to get in front of
1:37 am
this in the dominican republic. they have got to ensure the public they can come down and vacation there and be safe and they haven't done that so far. even with these autopsies they are going to announce today and tomorrow they need to bring independent forensic path all adjusts down there to conduct autopsies to deal with integrity, what the public wants to hear. todd: 1 about bringing them back for autopsies? is that happening? >> it happened in one of 2 cases where there have been independent autopsies that have been performed. we don't know the results. the fbi and the center for disease control are down there, helping out as best they can. heather: you have 11 americans dead. at what point does the united states issue a travel warning if they don't go to the dominican republic?
1:38 am
>> that is the $64,000 question. the state department can issue a travel advisory at any time. advisory goes from level i to level iv. the state department on april 15th issued a travel advisory level ii but it had to do with crimes, assaults, sexual battery, those kinds of things but they have not issued anything. they are looking to see what kind of uptick is going to happen and they may do that soon. heather: looks like there will be some news on all of this today. ted williams joining us live, thank you, great to have you with us. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez has a lot of backlash for comparing migrant holding facilities to concentration camps. the border chief has a message for her. weight until you hear what that person has to say.
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heather: border patrol chief carla provost colin alexandria ocasio cortez's concentration camp comparison deeply offensive. >> a member of congress has referred to those detention centers as concentration camps. would you care to comment on that matter? >> i find it offensive. my men and women of the men and women of ice are doing the best they can with limited resources they have. heather: carly shimkus is here
1:43 am
with the online reaction. >> all week she has compared detention centers to concentration camps. carla provost is a different take. she told members of congress stories of how she heard of agents that buy toys and clothes for migrant children with their own money and she says they are doing the best they can with limited resources they have. conditions in these detention centers faced criticism because of overcrowding and hygiene issues. the conversation about what these detention centers is like has dominated the conversation on social media. border patrol is underfunded, understaffed, under constant attack by the media and politicians while trying to uphold our laws. another twitter user says this is not about blame or shame but finding solutions with positive outcomes. the senate will vote on $4.6 billion border funding bill
1:44 am
next week. hopefully tried to make the situation better. that is what ocasio cortez to be talking about. they should vote in favor, get some funding down there and fix the problem. >> we will wait and see. mitch mcconnell says will likely pass the senate and we will see what happens. >> get stuck. the candidate for 2020 apparently talking about food. >> the new york times asked 2020 candidates a bunch of questions. one of them was what is your favorite campaign trail comfort food. watch this. >> lots of veggies. >> i try to stay away from it but cupcakes. >> i have no comfort food. >> the word got out that i like beef jerky. that is comfort coffee. >> glass of whiskey at the end of the night. >> chips and guacamole. >> french fries. >> all of them sounds delicious. the sides the whiskey at the end
1:45 am
of the night. molly on twitter says vegetables -- and others is not one person said chocolate. i don't know if i can vote for these people. heather: what is your comfort food? >> first thing that came to mind was macaroni and cheese. >> i thought you would say taco bell. >> spaghetti any time of day. >> any type of pasta i am all about. >> thank you so much. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. forget big brother. amazon has its own plan to keep an eye on you. kurt the cyber guy joins us with amazon's latest item sparking serious buying concerns. you got to hear about this for sure. ♪ okay, paint a picture for me.
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heather: federally funded family planning clinics get the green light to ban discussions on abortion. a federal appeals court lifting restrictions on the trump administration's new rules. health and human services secretary alex azar weighing in on the victory. >> donald trump, mike pence and ir part of a pro-life administration. we stand for protecting the sanctity of human life from conception until natural death. congress has said you cannot support abortion in family-planning. we are enforcing it. heather: planned parenthood calls a devastating blow. democratic presidential candidate kirsten gillibrand is vowing to fight back tweeting the decision is a, quote, violation of human rights. the ruling comes as the last abortion clinic will discover its fate.
1:50 am
a judge must decide if planned parenthood will have its clinic license renewed. it was kept open earlier this month as health officials reviewed what the governor called, quote, a series of deficiencies. if it closes missouri will become the first state without a legal abortion clinic. florida city hit with a major cyber attack leaving their official email and official 911 dispatch compromise as riviera beach officials agreed to pay $600,000 bit coin ransom to the hackers who took over their system. the rest of america be worried about this? here with morris kurt the cyber guy. thanks so much. >> municipalities around this country are under attack by ransom where hackers that are showing up big time. last month we had baltimore, maryland. do you know what the cost was? they refused to pay $76,000 to
1:51 am
the hackers and instead said we will deal with it on our own. it is now $18 million. before that -- bill: let's bring up a list of all those cities. it is a lot. >> the smaller the town here is what they did. can you imagine being in your hometown and you call 911 and they can't dispatch someone to you because their computer has been taken over by a hacker? it is a reality. these are the cities in the last month to couple of years, albany, san diego, atlanta, sarasota florida, los angeles. here is the deal. what hackers have figured out is smaller companies and smaller municipalities have not put the money into protecting themselves. they don't have sufficient backups to their existing systems. so they go after them. this playbook is working. they are getting rich while
1:52 am
cities get crippled. heather: should the cities be paying this ransom? >> that is a question nobody can answer. if you are going to do that you trust the hackers honor their word. how can you trust these people? the answer is protect your city, protect your home, protect your company from all of this ransom where. heather: speaking of protection this seems very bizarre to me. big brother is watching, a new patent reveals amazon drones could be used to spy on your home and spied intruders. >> they plan to do drone delivery to homes all around america and they put a patent together and surveillance as a service. in between delivering packages what they intend to do is use the cameras and sensors on these
1:53 am
drones to monitor your house, sweep around your house, see into the window that it has been broken or the door may seem a jar or broken into they will let you so you in the future, this delivery will allow you to subscribe every hour, every day -- bill: they are not just doing this on their own. >> that is how they described it. this is a patent they filed for. what if somebody gets a hold of my amazon account and is spying on me? can i hire a drone to follow you around thinking you're not being honest as a spouse? it is crazy where we are going with that kind of function of what you can sign up for. heather: here is what amazon has to say. privacy concerns saying we take customer privacy very seriously, the pans clearly states it would
1:54 am
be an opt in service available to customers who authorize monitoring of their home. >> they will say that today. what they do to my was another story. heather: we saw the first story with hackers, it happens. thank you so much, good to have you with us. it is 8 minutes until the top of the hour. basketball phenom zion williamson is headed to the pro-plaps. who is the first person he thanked? >> i wouldn't be here without my mom. she did everything for me. i want to thank her. heather: you can't miss this moment, next. ♪
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heather: the massive 40 foot piece cross can change -- stay on public land. the supreme court rules the world war i memorial in maryland has historical significance and therefore should not be seen as an endorsement of religion. the decision was praised by the trump administration and maryland governor larry hogan. senators getting close to a briefing on possible uso society, the pentagon meeting comes as the navy reports a series of unidentified aircraft. senate intelligence committee vice chair mike warner says these sightings could be a
1:59 am
safety concern for navy pilots. the pentagon started studying ufo claims into thousand 17 after several sailors and pilots reported seeing them. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good. top nba draft pick zion williamson gets emotional talking about his mother's impact on his life and career. >> my mother sacrificed a lot for me. i wouldn't be here without my mom. she did everything for me and i want to thank her. she put her dreams aside from mine. heather: she coached him until he was 14 years old and now he is headed to the pelicans. i highway patrol trooper, a traffic stop goes horribly wrong. trooper victor rivera holding onto the car door is the
2:00 am
suspected the gas in orlando, florida. he was not seriously injured but the suspect charged with attempted murder. all this started when he tried to pull over a speeding car. the first driver ran away, the first passenger don't in the drivers seat. you might want to put down your phone. a new study says young people are growing horns from using their phones too much. one like bones are forming in the back of people's skulls. that wraps up our show today. lots going on. "fox and friends first" continues right now. rob: it is friday, june 21st, teetering on the brink of war, white house authorizing a military strike against iran but abruptly pulling back. jillian: how should the president respond after the regime shot down a u.s. navy drone? we will break it down for you. rob: agents sounding the alarm the border crisis has gone global.


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