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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 21, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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onto the car door is the suspected the gas in orlando, florida. he was not seriously injured but the suspect charged with attempted murder. all this started when he tried to pull over a speeding car. the first driver ran away, the first passenger don't in the drivers seat. you might want to put down your phone. a new study says young people are growing horns from using their phones too much. one like bones are forming in the back of people's skulls. that wraps up our show today. lots going on. "fox and friends first" continues right now. rob: it is friday, june 21st, teetering on the brink of war, white house authorizing a military strike against iran but abruptly pulling back. jillian: how should the president respond after the regime shot down a u.s. navy drone? we will break it down for you. rob: agents sounding the alarm the border crisis has gone global.
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>> our operations are being overwhelmed on a daily basis, we are dealing with a humanitarian crisis. this is like no weather. jillian: migrants pouring in from 52 countries but help from congress may be on the way. rob: millions of dollars in a lifetime but found he could live on taxpayers dime. he retired millionaire exposing massive foodstamp approval. jillian: much more one "fox and friends first" continues right now. we have a lot to get to this morning. you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. rob: thanks for starting the day with us. a fox news alert, brand-new reports overnight that the president call off airstrikes against iran. jillian: the big question is what happens next after iran's
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unprovoked attack on an american drone? benjamin hall joins us live in studio as the white house prepares its response. >> reporter: important to remember that twice in the past donald trump has used tomahawk missiles for precision strikes in the middle east, this was going to be number 3. at the last minute it was put off. this decision to attack was made after the global hawk drone was shot down wednesday evening. donald trump then approved military strike against iran and it is reported the operation was underway in its early stages. planes were in the air, shift in position but no missiles were fired. when word came to stand down. all day donald trump giving nothing away. >> iran made a big mistake, a very bad mistake. you will find out. you will find out. you will find out.
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>> as late as 7:00 pm diplomatic officials were expected to strike after intense discussion and debate with the president's top national security officials and congressional leaders. is not clear if this was called off because of strategy, because of logistics, or if indeed the strike might still go ahead. >> look, i said i want to get out of these endless wars but this is a new wrinkle, this is a new fly in the ointment what happened, shooting down the drone. this country will not stand for it. >> reporter: on thursday donald trump insisted the us drone was flying over international waters and an iranian missile was fired from iran's coast. iran's government disputed the president's characterization insisting the american drone straight into american airspace. this is seen as a clear warning to iran that if they try
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anymore, if they escalate further, going back to may they started be enriching their uranium above 3.7%. this really could be seen as their last chance. rob: this is a big deal. what happened last night is a big deal. thank you so much. jillian: all eyes on the president, we will keep following that. joe biden blaming donald trump for the iranian strike colin the iran strategy a self-inflicted disaster. rob: fox news and washington post contribute or mike tyson of the american enterprise institute says biden should take a look in the mirror. >> your administration is the one that sent unmarked bills to tehran. you are the administration that lifted sanctions on the iranian regime that allow them to fund hamas, fund has bill and terrorist groups and their imperial expansion across the middle east. rob: the trump campaign responded tweeting what is his
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solution? send iran more cash? take more us sailors hostage? more coddling? jillian: we have another story, a live look in philadelphia as fire is lighting up the sky because an energy refinery goes up in flames. rob: according to local reports a pretty big fire began after 3:00 in the morning. hazmat and fire crews are on the scene. it is unclear if anyone has been hurt. rob: this video shows one of two explosions. some neighbors say it knocked art off their walls. some people say it felt like an earthquake. some people felt this as far away as new jersey. fireballs exploding from this area. if you are not family with this area it could have an impact on
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other people outside this region because this refineries a few miles from philadelphia international airport. is this story continues we will monitor that. there is a big highway. if you're waking up or traveling to philadelphia keep an eye and be aware of that. jillian: another fox news alert. a police officer shot and killed in the line of duty overnight. the unidentified officer attacked in texas as he responded to a report about a man with a gun. the suspect is under arrest. this is the 21st officer shot and killed in the line of duty and the second in two days. rob: the man accused of killing a current a police officer as a criminal rap sheet that dates back decades. records show adele rameau's was charged with domestic violence, dui and battery in the 1990s and accused of gunning down officer o'sullivan as she tried to help a woman escape a domestic dispute. police say it took 40 minutes to
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rescue o'sullivan because ramos would not stop shooting at them during an 8 hour standoff. jillian: the border official sounding the alarm revealing shocking numbers about the crisis at the southern border. rob: illegal immigrants from 52 countries entering the us with 100,000 people getting past agents this year alone. allison barber live in washington with testimony from capitol hill. >> reporter: a busy day on capitol hill, briefings on iran and release of testimony from a former trump aid, house homeland security subcommittee, border patrol chief carla provost told congress border patrol is overwhelmed on a daily basis as more and more migrants, many considered vulnerable populations tried to cross the southern border. >> this is like no other crisis i have seen in my career when it comes to the humanitarian side of the house. i have been forced, 60% of
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border patrol manpower away from the border. and care for 435 families and children flooding across the southern border. >> border patrol came under fire for condition that detention centers and inspector general report released this month found, quote, egregious violations of detention standards. including overcrowding, restricted segregation, inadequate medical care and food safety issues. earlier this week alexandria ocasio cortez compared detention centers to concentration camps. lawmakers on the right were quick to criticize those comments. ocasio cortez defended the. she provost told the committee she found those comments extremely offensive, border patrol agents are in her words going above and beyond to care for migrants and doing the best they can with limited resources. the senate appropriations committee just approved $4.6 billion border supplemental bill, $2.9 billion of that would go to the care of migrant children.
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it is expected on the senate floor for a vote next week. jillian: it is 9 minutes after the hour. time to go outside. it has been a really interesting week. rob: got his umbrella out. that is not good. >> reporter: not the best news ever, charlie daniels band behind me in the next couple hours. the rain picking up, at times off and on, heavy rain. if you're coming out here this morning you'll want an umbrella. otherwise temperatures not looking bad. in the lower 70s on the east coast, these showers off and on through the morning hours. by the time we get into the afternoon we will be clearing off. it is picking up on us and we are getting rounds of off and on heavy showers. by the time we get into the afternoon being rain in the center of the country where we will be looking at potential big
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storms. i will leave you with temperatures where it will get warm in the south, 93 ° in atlanta, it will feel like the devil went down to georgia which is a song they will be playing out here rain or shine. rob: you get to play that one? 10 minutes after the hour. top story this morning is a big one. reports the president pulled back on an order to strike iran. why did he change his mind and what should he do next? jillian: doctor rebecca grant has some ideas and joins us live next. ...every curve, every innovation, every feeling... ...a product of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. ♪ want to freshen your home without using heavy, overwhelming scents? introducing febreze one. it eliminates odors with no heavy perfumes, so you can feel good about using it in your home.
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let's get down to business. the business of getting it done. the business of road trips. the business of getting everyone back together. the business of hustle... ...and hard work... ...and whatever this is. modernized comfort inns & suites have been refreshed because whatever business you're in, our business is you. book direct at rob: fox news alert. donald trump ordering strikes on iran after its military shot down a us drone flying in international airspace. now the president telling the military to stand down. jillian: what a strike be the right course of action?
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secured and analyst doctor rebecca grant, thank you for joining us. a lot of people trying to make sense of what happened in the overnight hours, the reports you just mentioned that he ordered this and told everybody to stand down. do you think that is part of his strategy to keep iran off-base and what he is going to do? >> it could work that way. he had a senior leader, he may have given initial approval for a strike and something changed, maybe with an ally, maybe in the target area, maybe us military forces or a message from iran. trump is showing he is methodical, cautious, careful and still has all the military options open. >> they took down one of our drones. we don't strike back, do we look week? >> that's right. this is not just a tiny drone
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but a major u.s. navy surveillance asset, unprovoked attack, in international airspace. it is a gray area but in my opinion a strike is justified. if it is a measured response particularly on surface-to-air missile battery that took out that drone. there are a number of strike options, it will be up to trump to decide what is right to do. jillian: we have seen the president not hesitate to strike before when warranted, we saw that with syria on a number of occasions. everyone is trying to figure out why he pulled back. a big topic of conversation. aside from what happened yesterday what would you see as the next step from the president? >> he has launched strikes before but donald trump has proven to be very methodical and cautious with strikes. what is next? look at the intel. look at the situation with the allies and there is still a possibility of a retaliatory measured strike.
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in my mind that would be something like a tomahawk lead cruise missile strike or an airstrike on specific military target. a lot of collateral damage estimation goes into this to make sure we are not hitting civilians or the wrong type of target so trump has always options. he is in no rush and he will decide when the time is right. rob: a tweet from congresswoman ilhan omar. just like in iraq, using illegitimate pretext to beat the drums of war. that first line. we have had ships attacked, a drone taken down and what you make of that? >> the congresswoman is way off base. it is not accurate to compare this to iraq. this is a situation that iran created with its july 7th deadline to restart nuclear activity. they attacked, shot down two drones, they have attacked tankers, they have made threats and what we are talking about is not a land invasion but a
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measured air and naval response. we are going to continue heavy surveillance of that region, talk to and work with our allies. in this case the congresswoman is way off base. this is iran, not iraq. jillian: you talked about working with our allies, who specifically do we need to hear from on this? a lot to be made of what china will think about this, north korea, russia etc.. >> exactly. for the allies, we have a lot of naval forces working there with our fifth fleet. we will be talking with other parties in the iran deal the trump pulled out of and that would be great. the other security council members, very important to talk with our golf state allies. the others will be in constant communication as to the state of the situation in the gulf. golf allies and nato allies. rob: charlie hurt made a good point. how bad must the situation be in iran that they are trying to
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pick a fight with the united states? >> excellent point but this is part of iran's strategy, they think their fast boats and knowledge of their home waters are enough to let them take on the u.s. navy and they want to strike out and provoke war, and to get the europeans to give them a backdoor financial mechanism to get around sanctions. this is absolutely aimed at splitting the us and our allies. we can't let them do that. at some point down the road we may need a measured military response to deter iran and show that military activity will not get them out of this terrible situation they created. jillian: thanks for joining us. have a good day. it is 18 minutes after the air. the murder trial of navy seal eddie gallagher.
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i'll pass. jillian: autopsy results connected to mysterious deaths in the dominican republic. the country's tourism minister insists the island is safe despite american tourists dying last summer. rob: nathaniel holmes and his fiancée, dominican health officials now say they likely died of shock after seeing her partner died. jillian: two more tourists coming forward, one passed away in april of last year. barber mitchell, retired nurse from pennsylvania died after getting sick in 2015.
2:23 am
rob: u.s. navy refuses to drop war crime charges against chief eddie gallagher despite bombshell testimony, fellow navy seal telling the courtroom he himself killed and isis prisoner, not gallagher. jillian: more on a trial twist, the surprised so many people. >> the courtroom stunned as corey scott took the stand saying he is the real killer. the bombshell testimony coming as navy prosecutors pursue murder charge second special operations chief eddie gallagher accused of stabbing and killing a teenage isis fighter. scott told the courtroom he did see gallagher stab him in the neck but it was actually him who held his from over the tracheal tube, the breathing tube and suffocated the boy. scott said he did it because he knew the isis fighter was going to die anyway. tyler merit service gallagher
2:24 am
and says that chief petty officer is innocent. >> it is not as black-and-white as everyone wants to understand. this is a combat zone, an individual trying to inflict harm on our servicemembers. regardless that he is 17 years old, that is military age now and regardless of all of that and he did not murder this individual. he is an honorable man and what happened here is a travesty. >> despite this new testimony prosecutes are still pursuing murder charges and treating scott as a hostile witness saying he never mentioned this information before in his pretrial interviews and is only talking now because of that immunity deal and doesn't want to see his colleague go to prison. a spokesperson says the government will not be dropping premeditated murder charges against chief petty officer gallagher despite scott's testimony.
2:25 am
the credibility of a witness is for the jury to decide. gallagher's attorney says he expects a not guilty verdict but if he is found guilty he could face a life sentence. >> a massive welfare loophole exposed. meet the million and was able to cash in on food stamps for months. >> it is friday meaning the all-americans are concert series live on fox square, the charlie daniels band will be performing live all morning long commute don't want to miss it, we are coming right back. ♪ of a lifetime. it's "progressive on ice." everything you love about car insurance -- the discounts... the rate comparisons... and flo in a boat. ♪
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rob: back with a fox news alert donald trump making a last-minute decision to call off military strikes against iran. jillian: the entire world waiting to see how the white house responds to the unprovoked attack.
2:29 am
foreign affairs correspondent benjamin hall joins us. what is next? >> reporter: this is the region so many countries have a vested interest in. we are waiting for the international response to the latest news. even before we heard about this attack, before was called off iran was threatening an attack and here is what they said. >> those who defend the borders of the islamic nation of iran will react in a total and decisive way to any intrusion of foreign elements. our borders are our red line. >> reporter: it is iran who has been escalating for some time. first the attacks on oil tankers in may and the norwegian and japanese tankers last week in that critical waterway where 21 million barrels of oil a day pass through. wednesday evening shooting down the ark you 4 drone shot down by
2:30 am
missile from iran's coast. iran's government continuing to insist it is not strayed into iranian airspace, straight into iranian airspace but no doubt the us will respond, they have the capability, they were willing to last night and it is a warning shot across about that if they escalate the situation there will be consequences. jillian: we wait to see how the united states responds has there been a response in russia? >> russia is a close ally of iran. they were closely together. vladimir putin has commented a lot on this issue going back a few weeks. >> translator: it would be a catastrophe for the region because it would lead to an influx of violence and increase the flow of refugees from the region. >> reporter: we have yet to hear from china who has an interest in the area as well. a lot of oil comes through the strait of for news. their economies blowing. they don't need a rise in oil
2:31 am
prices and donald trump meeting president xi jinping of china next week, expected to be higher on the agenda. rob: what about the iran nuclear deal? all the countries we are allies with, trying to hold this together. this kind of behavior can't be easy to stick with. >> iran pushing the limits of uranium enrichment. they will be part of the 3.7% enrichments. that could take a long time. european allies are saying they want to stick with the jcp oa, when it comes to the economic arguments they have to side with the us. european allies saying they want to stick to the jcp oa, iran trying to enrich more uranium, that is dead in the water. jillian: thank you.
2:32 am
rob: congress before any military action is taken against iran, only congress can authorize a war. we should vote next week. jillian: the former advisor to donald trump says the president can act on his own and there is historic precedent. >> donald trump does not need authorization from congress to respond to an attack on us interests. ronald reagan and george hw bush didn't go to congress would go back to president john adams, exactly like this maritime dispute. no bother with congressional authorization because you don't need it. rob: overnight, several international airlines after it away from the strait of hormuz in anticipation of conflict. jillian: we begin with a fox news alert.
2:33 am
live look at philadelphia, fire lighting up the sky as an energy refinery goes up in flames. people reporting several explosions across the area. according to local reports the fire began just after 3:00, hazmat and fire crews on the scene, it is unclear if anyone is hurt. the last abortion clinic in missouri will earn its fate today. a judge must decide about planned parenthood having a clinic license renewed. it was kept open earlier this month as health officials reviewed with governor calls a, quote, series of deficiencies. of it closes missouri will be the first state without a legal abortion clinic. autopsy results connected to mysterious deaths in the dominican republic will be released today, insisting the island is safe despite 11 tourists dying since last summer. rob: a minnesota millionaire exposing a massive welfare
2:34 am
loophole by cashing on snack benefits, food stamps, for 19 months as one state lawmaker fights to change the requirement rules for this program and they are both here to weigh in on why eligibility requirements should be stricter. jeff how joining us this morning. thanks for coming on. you are a rich guy. how are taxpayers paying for your food? >> that is the way the laws are written. i was surprised to learn that. i was doing some work with the minnesota council on aging receiving formal training for that and they passed out snap applications and explained eligibility in minnesota is
2:35 am
based on income only in comparison with many other programs they taught us about that are based on ascending level of income and assets. if a person has money in the bank and 20,000 whatever or in my case more they are not eligible, should not be eligible for food stamps in my case but eligibility only and my wife and i were retired, drawing very little income and i thought i might be eligible for this so i filled it out, took it to the county and 3 weeks later i am getting food stamps and i am somewhat appalled. i contacted my state senator jeff how, and you can tell them what happened then. >> we started working on this in 16, wrote some legislation,
2:36 am
basically took what used to be the federal asset test and applied that and what happened was we struggled to get a hearing. we did get a hearing it was pretty ugly and instead of trying to help us find common ground on how we actually make this program work and close those loopholes they attacked mister alexander and accused him of wrongdoing when the fraud investigators looked at him and said he did everything -- rob: he didn't break any rules or do anything wrong. >> the program is set that way. i would say mister anderson -- alexander was cheap labor because the audit this program, showed us where the flaws were for under $6000. so we have been working -- rob: when you see something like this and you see push back, you
2:37 am
are showing from this problem and you have a better way to do this, better way to stop this. >> absolutely. we work through the program and had a good bill last year and instead of trying to help us find common ground, push back and say there is no problem, very few people doing this and we don't believe, we don't know how big the problem is. unless we put the parameters up and close the loophole that allows this to happen we will never know how big the problem is. rob: you can see the different restrictions by state here and how there are so many states that don't have a place to check on this. were you shocked to see this type of thing? i can't imagine i don't think you are a scammer, just trying to make a change.
2:38 am
>> i was shocked. yesterday we took our story to the nation's capital, was invited to attend a congressional hearing and had almost an identical response. the democrats wanted to send me to jail. the irony is i was complying with law that they support. rob: the wildest thing in the world. we've got to leave it there. we appreciate your time, great story this morning, it is unbelievable, thank you so much. >> we will continue to work on it. >> 38 after the hour. 2020 president of candidates reveal their comfort foods on the campaign trail and the internet is eating it up. >> it is really comfort coffee. >> glass of whiskey at the end of the night. >> french fries. jillian: french fries. rob: not bad.
2:39 am
justin trudeau in the hot seat. twitter can't stop talking about it. jillian: carly shimkus has more on that when we return. ♪ developed it. align helps to soothe your occasional digestive upsets, 24/7 with a strain of bacteria you can't get anywhere else. you could say align puts the pro in probiotic. so, where you go, the pro goes. go with align, the pros in digestive health. and try align gummies, with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health.
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gain flings. seriously good scent. and if you love gain flings, you've gotta try the dish soap. >> border patrol chief carla provost calling out alexandria ocasio cortez. >> a member of congress referred to those detention centers as concentration camps. would you care to comment on that matter? >> icon find them offensive. my men and women in the men and women of ice are doing the best they can with the resources they have. jillian: carly shimkus here with reaction online. >> ocasio cortez has compared migrant detention centers to concentration camps but border patrol chief carla provost has a different take. she told me over the stories of
2:43 am
border agents buying migrant children close and toys with their only, they are doing the best job they can with limited resources they have but conditions in these facilities have faced repeated criticism mainly because of overcrowding and poor sanitation. the conversation about whether these facilities are humane has dominated social media. chris on twitter says border patrol is underfunded, understaffed, under constant attack by the media and politicians while trying to uphold their laws. another twitter user saying this is not about blame or shame but finding solutions with positive outcomes. the senate will vote on a $4.6 billion border funding bill next week to alleviate the situation. jillian: everyone has their favorite comfort food. >> this is one of the stories like president of candidates are just like us.
2:44 am
the 2020 presidential candidates, bunch of questions, one of them was what is your favorite campaign trail comfort food and this is what they had to say. >> when you are vegan that means lots of veggies. >> i try to stay away from it but median cupcakes. >> i like beef jerky. that is comfort coffee. >> glass of whiskey at the end of the night. >> guacamole. >> french fries. >> i like all those answers particularly the french fries. when twitter user says not one person said chocolate. i don't know if i can vote for these people. yours is pizza all day every day. rob: they are not political robots. >> they are just like us. rob: justin trudeau with an awkward sit down with the president. >> they had a meeting in the oval office and the tone of the meeting was friendly, kind of
2:45 am
awkward body language sitting there, very stiff. let's look at these tweets was one person says we know they don't like each other. i would like to be a fly on that wall and another twitter user timing and saying body language in these clips, we must have a body language expert on this. >> trump owns the space between them and i don't think justin knows what to do. >> someone who always knows what to do is brian kilmeade. we should check in with him coming up on "fox and friends". >> that's the problem and why i talk to you in the morning and not rob. rob is critical of my breakfast choices as the show moves ahead. some dramatic things happened rob and jillian were going over. a strike on iran ready to go, the president call back at the last minute, the white house is not pushing back on this story, we are trying to get to the
2:46 am
bottom of it. we will wind it all and david perkins will be breaking this down for us, retaliatory strike, he will join us live in 10 minutes. we have some other context, different perspective on this. house minority leader kevin mccarthy wants the president -- we will have a lot of fun. if it ever stops raining, the all-american concert series, charlie daniels is here and he brought his instrument. this can only mean one thing. he is going to play. next time let's book a hall because it is steaming outside but the show must go on. we will go to break, don't forget to get dressed. your own boss. that's the beauty of your smile. bring out the best in it with crest 3d white. crest removes 95% of surface stains... in just three days.
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jillian: summer is here and millions of americans are getting ready to fly on vacation but fewer tsa agents on hand at airports expected to be busier than ever. are you prepared for the stress? jenin joins us now for her best tips. we appreciate you being here. let's go over it seems like every year we have more people expected to fly but it is true and fewer and fewer agents. >> you think of summer travel like traveling over busy holiday weekend like thanksgiving and christmas so all those strategies should apply when you are booking and heading to the airport. number one try to book the first flight out in the morning. statistically they are more on time. your flight is more likely to be at the gate and so frustrating when there is a delay. tsa lanes are shorter so you
2:51 am
don't have a problem is the compound throughout the day. the first flight of the day. if you booked your flight and are headed to the airport prepare your self, arrive early, use everything you have as a resource. the number one thing is those two hours to arrive early, more critical than ever in the summer. make sure you are keeping that in mind. jillian: check those connections too. there are more automated things especially screening reducing wait times but does it make it harder for some people when you don't have an agent to ask the question or whatever the case may be? >> the key is get there prepared early so that you can get through that process as seamlessly as possible. jillian: tsa pre-checks, something very popular in the last few years. we were talking about this during commercial break.
2:52 am
a significant amount of time, you say they might be changing something associated with it. >> they haven't seen the enrollment numbers they expected over the years and reenrollment numbers so they are reassessing how they are putting this out, how they can gain more travelers to streamline the process. it is interesting because over memorial day weekend, that holiday weekend, 91% of pre-check users had less than a 5 minute wait so they want to streamline that and they are looking at doing things like making it easier for people to enroll, having a mobile enrollment and even changing the structure. heather: why don't people want to use it? >> it is so hurtful. >> i think it is a no-brainer. $85 for five years, one of the things they are looking at is changing that, making it less for less of a time commitment so people can try it out and frankly i have been using it
2:53 am
since it came out and it is a game changer when you are headed to the airport. jillian: a couple more tools you can utilize, talking about global entry which i want to do. i haven't done it yet because it is one of those things that requires you to physically be there and that is a time constraint for a lot of people, there is global entry and the other one i found helpful with mobile passports. >> absolutely. both of those when you are global travel are helpful. to streamline the process, as you said, one of those things when you first enroll you have to purchase, tsa pre-check had that as well. and interview process, one of the things they are looking at with that mobile enrollment, potentially changing that to make it easier for travelers. heather: thank you for joining us, happy travel. rob: thanks so much. time is 62 minutes after they are. a state trooper dragged 100 feet by an out-of-control driver. this horrifying video coming up next, show you what happened. not only did these republican lawmakers leave the state house,
2:54 am
they left the state. why the democratic governors going to extreme lengths to drag them back. stay tuned. ♪ ray here... cheaper aerosols can cover up odors, burying them in a flowery fog. switch to febreze air effects! febreze eliminates even the toughest odors from the air. freshen up, don't cover up. febreze . .
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jillian: rain, rain, go away. rob: charlie is still going to play but is he going to play in the rain, it would appear. charlie daniels band is going to be live outside on fox square this morning. going to be a lot of fun, each in the rain. listen to this one. the governor of oregon, dispatches the police to find missing lawmakers. republican senators leaving the state to avoid a landmark vote on climate change. starting today those 11 lawmakers will be fined 500 bucks a day and prepared to stay away until the end of the month when the legislative session ends. democrats are furious. >> this is the saddest day of my legislative life. they're is no joy in my heart for what i just read. rob: ain't politics fun. cap on state greenhouse gas emissions republicans say it would devastate rural communities. jillian: prayer dedicated people file out of a region. >> use reason, logic science
2:59 am
and compassion to create solutions for the greater good of our. it is done. hell satan. >> government meeting in alaska. 40 people protesting out of the building. the woman won a lawsuit allowing her to give the invocation. >> all right. time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. start with the good. wrestling star makes good on rookie baseball player san diego padre's $1 that he wouldn't make the major leagues. two men at florida steak house made the bed and he had to make good on it. jillian: next the bad. hiivelg patrol trooper dragged 100 feet during a traffic stop that goes horribly wrong. that trooper victor rivera holding onto the car door along the highway in orlando. the suspect is charged with attempted murder. >> look at that homeowner shocked to wake up finding an suv big truck in swim pool. the driver says he
3:00 am
accidently hit the gas instead of the break when somebody cut him off near tampa, florida. jillian: that's a nightmare for all parties involved. >> the truck is the same size as the pool. jillian: have a great weekend. "fox & friends" starts right now. see you back here next week. steve: this is a fox news alert. 6:00 here in new york city. president trump reportedly made a last-minute decision to stand down, call off military strikes against the country of iran overnight. jillian: the big question now is what happens next after iran's unprovoked attack on an american drone. brian: this story is going to be love that throughout the show and it's already moved since we prepared for the show. benjamin hall joins us live in studio as the president prepares for his options. what took place or could have taken place last night. benjamin, what do we know? >> first thing to say is president trump has used tomahawk surgical strikes once before in the middle east. this was not a empty threat. it was a last minute decision to stand down. this is the report fing the "new york times" it.


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