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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 21, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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intensity of anything i've ever known. sacredness and tears. they speak more eloquently than 10,000 tears and unspeakable love." he also wrote an amazing book about his father. he is watching us from above today. >> sandra: will continue to remember and miss him. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: and we begin with breaking news. so we've been watching what would happen in the state of missouri with the clinic that has offered abortions to women. they had been told in order to get a license renewal, they had to add some exams to women right before the procedure, putting on a second invasive exam. doctors said they would no longer perform that, so the state was looking at license renewal. in just the last few minutes, we have learnt of the state of missouri has denied license
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renewal to the st. louis planned parenthood affiliate. however, a judge has stepped in with a temporary injunction to allow that st. louis planned parenthood affiliate to continue to perform abortions for now. we are waiting to get details on what "for now" means. they are declining to renew the license to perform abortions. the state of missouri loan clinic. but i can continue for some time for that judge, as we get more information on this, we will bring it to you. and this is happening. president trump confirming that at the last minute, he halted the planned air strike targeting iran's military assets and is now laying out the reasoning behind his decision. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. in today, melissa francis, lisa boothe, fox news contributor, leslie marshall, and you know him in the center
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seat. brian kilmeade, and host of his at radio show. the hardest working man before noon anywhere on the planet. >> brian: little do we know how much fun this is. it shouldn't be labeled work. we were covering the story that you just mentioned. the iran strike that never happened. and then general keane weighed in. the president comes out and treats another part of the story. >> harris: all right, so you're ready to go. you took notes on all of this. it is unfolding as we speak. >> harris: we have you. we are good. >> brian: thanks for having me. >> harris: absolutely. the president wanting iran today. after iran shot down a military drone over international waters yesterday, iran claims the drone was actually over its territory, and is releasing photographs of
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what it says are parts of the damaged drone is recovered. now the president giving new details on his decision to scrap a strike targeting iran and radar systems that took out our drones. he tweeted this. "we were locked and loaded on different sites when i asked how many will die. 150 people, sir, was the answer from a general. 10 minutes before the strike i stopped it, not proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. i am in no hurry, our military is rebuilt, new, and ready to go, by far the best in the world. sanctions are biting & more added last night." at the white house with the latest. big day on this. >> it is still unclear how the white house is going to respond to this. he had an intelligence briefing. supposed to have his weekly lunch with mike pompeo. democrats are now responding to
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the president's decision. adam smith is the chairman of the house armed services committee. he decided to change his strategy last evening, it gives an impression of indecision, he says. he says the military had targeted the radar installation, that iran used to shoot it down before president trump called that off. >> unfortunately, the drone was unarmed. there was no man in it. it was over international waters. clearly over international waters. we didn't have a man or woman in it. it would have made a big difference, let me tell you. >> the pentagon relates to this map, showing that it never entered iranian airspace. never came closer than 21 miles. then iran shot her down while he was over international airspace. they claim that it came into their airspace, and they had a right to target it.
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>> we tried to caution the drone, two radio transmission. unfortunately, bedroom didn't respond, and all of a sudden, we noticed it. we had to defend ourselves. to defend ourselves does not mean that we are seeking conflict. >> the president withdrew from the 2015 nuclear a drea agreeme. they are less than a week away from violating the agreement. they say that they have seen a greater threat from iran, and they blame iran for targeting two tankers in the gulf of oman. the administration has also trust dominic stressed the need for international pressure against the iran. they have requested a closed-door meeting to discuss is for monday. >> harris: outside the white house. thank you very much.
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we bring it out to the couch now. brian, you've been covering this all morning. >> brian: a couple of things. i am not sure 150 people would have been put into radar installations, but it was exactly what they were used to locate our unmanned drones. they say we are not looking for it here, against an unmanned drone, surveilling international waters. i was able to speak to a senior administration official this morning. they said 100% they have proof that it was in international waters. they are mapped to counter ours was hand drawn, so i don't really think they have much of an argument. there's a couple of things going on here. i admire the president for holding back. they would say he's so aggressive, he's so strong. he wants to counterattack. look out. he's going to be using the military nonstop. he's been just the opposite. but i do think it is very important for our nemesis since
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1979 to get a message. this cannot stand. >> melissa: this is one of those cases where the president's foes would criticize him no matter what. if he had done, they would say that he had gone off on his own, started a war. he pulled back. i don't think the timing was exactly how he tweeted it, that they were on their way and he said "how many?" this is one of those things were probably the plan was i'm going to send them and pull them back so that they know i'm serious, and i give them one more chance. i disagree with people like chris wallace was saying in the last hour, and i respectfully disagree that it makes them look wishy-washy. he was coming as close as he could do sending a message. i have been on an aircraft carrier in that specific region, and it is a very small territory, so in terms of -- i don't know. i am sure our military knows exactly where the drone was, but i don't know. mistakes can happen. >> harris: lisa? >> lisa: for someone who has worked in political
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communication, i look at what has transpired at least in the media. it seems like perhaps this was a p.r. tactic from the administration in making this information to "the new york times," that i'm running. president trump reaches out, letting them know that potentially it was imminent, then pulling back. >> harris: can i ask a question. why can't it be what the president said it was? we are going down all of these lands of -- >> melissa: because he would have been told earlier. >> lisa: look. objectively looking at this from a nonmilitary perspective, but reading between the lines of what has transpired and what has been set, it doesn't look like either side really wants a war. look at president trump, not pulling the trigger on this. also making comments, like saying it was hard to believe it was intentional. regarding the explosion of the tanker, saying it was very minor. you look at the actions of the iranians, that they attacked a japanese tanker, and unmanned
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drone -- >> brian: to protect both of those countries. >> lisa: that is what it looks like to me. that neither side really wants us to escalate. >> brian: iran was doing something. shooting at somebody for some reason. >> lisa: but do you think that they just want to bring the president to the table with some really for the sanctions? >> leslie: harris, you and i had a good show in the green room with each other. you mentioned a tweet that i had seen, friend and former member on the couch, who talked about -- >> harris: the instagram. >> leslie: the iranian people have suffered at the hands of the surgeon, and she said "america stands to the iranian people in their struggles for a better future, and i speak to internationally come of the political ramifications of this. we have right now in iran the youth in the future of this
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nation, much more moderate than their fathers and grandfathers, and actually much more western -- open to having a better relationship with the united states. and in addition to the 150 people, long term for the relationship between the united states and iran. with the people. >> harris: here is what i caught. the spokesperson, during the peaceful green movement. we remember her and many others who suffered at the hands of a radical regime. their struggle for a better future. there is a picture. i was on instagram this morning. the spokesperson for the state department. you know, it catches my eye, because it reminds me of the green revolution. where the criticism came, having missed an opportunity to do
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this. >> brian: it goes back to that deal that president obama wanted from day one. he did not support the green revolution immediately and barely overall because he wanted to go through a deal with that administration. whatever you call it. and he goes and supports the green revolution, he will forever fracture the relationship. we pulled back, the revolution get squashed. then the deal that couldn't even get the majority of support in the center. >> harris: i want to talk about money and the sanctions now. we talked -- we had lindsey graham's words on the program yesterday. if you're itching for a fight, you're going to get one. he was talking about the pain that people were going to feel in the country via the sanctio sanctions. >> melissa: yes. now we are hearing -- the president treated about more sanctions earlier today. he was referring to something coming from the treasury department. they will have deadlines for iran to comply with certain financial task force standards.
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money-laundering, et cetera. and of the additional measures if that deadline has not met. this is a further tightening on the money that is going in and out of iran. >> harris: i know you have studied this. so what are the conditions on the ground for the people? you hear leslie talk about how much more westernized they are. this is not what they want, but what are the conditions like? >> melissa: i've done a lot of research on this, and i think the best information we get is from the israelis because it is hard to know what's going on inside of iran. there has been such inflation because there is no money, and really, the basics are not getting there any longer. they are just crumbling -- any of the economic infrastructure that is they are at this point. and they are trying to keep the message from getting out, but it has had a crippling impact. the idea, we stand with the iranian people, the idea is for them to understand that the
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money was supposed to get to them, it is being exported for terror. >> harris: the next round of the conversation would be great to touch on china. >> brian: absolutely. >> harris: we will continue to monitor the development's on iran as objects come into our newsroom. also i had, he may be one of hollywood's highest profile liberals, but michael moore predicts president trump will win the election. his reasons for that coming up. the controversy continues over joe biden's comments. calling cory booker -- they had a conversation after both men said the other should apologize. spoiler alert: neither one did. we will be right back. whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. look for savings in your weekly paper.
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♪ >> apologize for what? >> cory booker called for it. >> he should apologize. he knows better. there is not a racist bone in my body. i've been involved in civil rights since the beginning of my career, period. >> harris: he refused to apologize following an outcry. after he touted being able to work with senate colleagues, even segregationists. since then, things have gotten more intense between the former vp and cory booker. biden called booker last night, reportedly to ease tensions, but did not apologize for his remarks. here is cory booker after that phone call. >> at the end of the day, this is not about me or him. it's about where our country is, and we have real race issues in our country. and we need leaders, pleural,
9:19 am
presidential candidates are not, that can bring folks together. when i go home tonight, back to a black and brown neighborhood, that you can still literally see the legacy of this dark, dark past. for him to dredge it up and no way that he did, we had a very constructive conversation about it. i don't feel like i want an apology to me. i feel like this is something that he should speak to the public about. >> melissa: in the meantime, the biden campaign cochair of the congressional black caucus, saying "this is really media issue. it's an issue that is going around on social media, the people are not talking about this, whether it's a black caucus, working with president trump last year to get civil rights done, or working with some very unsavory folks back in the day. the goal is to get things done. tonight, they will be in
9:20 am
south carolina as the annual fish fry goes on." one can that be question mike i would like to be at that fish fry. >> brian: i think they are wrong. democrats are talking about it. although contenders who are going to be on stage next week want to take a shot at the top guy. >> melissa: is that what it's about? it's an opportunity to take down the guy who is out front? >> brian: do you think anybody is -- >> harris: no one is calling joe biden are racist. cory booker is not doing that, which is why i don't understand why he thought he should apologize. he is taking specific underage with the word "boy." he is looking at this from his own perspective as a black man. that's what i got when i watch that entire interview last night, but the calling for apologies and all of that, nancy pelosi says the authentic. joe biden is authentic. his problem is not the people
9:21 am
think he's racist, it is that people think he is not relevant. his problem is the fact that his examples come from 1973. where you are using words like "segregationist." i was still in second grade, as old as i am. >> melissa: hitting the nail on the head, ms. harris faulkn ms. harris faulkner. in other piece that they call "grandpa run for president," the concern is that he sees contemporary america through distorted haze of nostalgia. his values and assumptions were shaved by the last generation, or even the one before that. and after many years, he still lacks both self-awareness or discipline to wonder whether modern voters will find his rumination about the past as interesting and as relevant as he does. what is your reaction to that question marks before my concern was not the examples he gave because the way i took it was i have worked with racists, and i
9:22 am
was able to get stuff done. i worked with people that i didn't agree with, but we were able to get things done. i'm sitting there saying but you are citing the '70s. you have to look at millennials, independent voters, that is where i think that joe biden has hurt himself. in addition, this is normal right now. i mean, we saw it when president trump had over a dozen opponents. they were attacking him as he was climbing up, he was number one in the polls. beside between obama and hillary. >> brian: it was brutal. >> harris: do you think you should apologize? >> melissa: lisa, she raises a very interesting point. i think the number one problem is that he dated himself. you are seeing the person that emerges from this democratic primary is going to be a battle-hardened. they are going to be so tough, and they could be very tough
9:23 am
competition if they survive this firing squad to the end. whoever the winter is. they are going to be tough. >> lisa: i think we can all say that hearkening back to the days of working with segregationists is not a good thing. also, this perceived electability. i think what joe biden is going to do as a month go on is disprove the second part of that appeared under cut himself on this perception that he is electable because this is a guy who repeatedly stop senate, has demonstrated that he is a poor candidate. also, you look at his capitulation on the hyde amendment, that makes him look weak and inauthentic. >> harris: the whole party is capitulating because they took it out of the spending bill. they didn't want to get into it. >> lisa: he is not a strong candidate. >> harris: nobody wanted to touch that. i have a question for you, though. what happens next for joe biden if he doesn't do something? i don't know what's going to look like. that democratic debate, the
9:24 am
second night, what happens if he doesn't deal with us before then? >> brian: i think what he hopes for is to not get damaged in the debate, and then he's fine. >> harris: won't this come up if he doesn't deal with that? >> brian: i think if there were candidates who don't want to be vice president, have some courage, actually want to run, they will go to it right away. >> leslie: that's why kamala harris, she says i am concerned, but she's not going after him because she is a very potential vp. >> melissa: what do you think about my theory, though, that they should fire at each other as hard as i possibly can? the person who survives will have been through everything. they will be so battle hardened. >> brian: here's my problem with your analysis. you are assuming they come out with 1,000 cuts, all healed. they are going to come out damaged goods.
9:25 am
and they are going to be had by their own side. when they turn out, are they going to be so far to the left that america can possibly, the general public can't possibly find them palatable, acceptable. >> lisa: but joe biden -- >> leslie: a moderate -- >> lisa: he is not. this is a policy position that the majority of americans do not want. he capitulated because that is what the left demanded. what i would do, if your people to judge, you're on the stage with him, i would point to joe biden and saint this is the past. we need the future. he will be incapable of -- >> harris: 's how can you not bring up the race issue? he's having some problems in south bend right now after the police cameras were not turned on right now. >> melissa: q's angela brandt of trying to block a new trump administration rule that would bar undocumented immigrants from
9:26 am
housing. why this looks like another reversal on her past, and whether she has a right to fight the new row. tensions between the white house and some lawmakers boiling over about the president's plan to strike iran over its downing of the u.s. military drone. should the white house have to get approval first? ♪ there are three words when you live with migraine... "i am here." aim to say that more with aimovig.
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>> harris: fox news alert now amid the news that president trump called off an air strike on the iranian military installation that took down our drone. lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle and reason dave pressured the president to seek congressional improvement before taking military action against iran. the white house yesterday invited house and senate leaders to the situation room to talk about the response to iran's provocation. chuck schumer and republican senator rand paul both say congress must have the final
9:31 am
word. >> we told the room that the democratic position is that congressional approval must be required before funding any conflict in iran. one of the best ways to avoid going into war, a war that nobody wants is to have a robust, open debate and for congress to have a real say. we learned that lesson in iraq. >> we don't go to war unless it is voted on by congress. declaration of war has to be voted on by congress. >> i think what's interesting about this is that really the president has the best handle on this and is less likely to act in an irrational way, to immediately blow something up. i think he actually has pretty good sensibilities that most of the wars that we have fought in the middle east really haven't been for eric's national interest. >> harris>> harris: iranian offs say they got a message from
9:32 am
president trump that an attack is imminent, but he still wants to talk about range of issues. when he was prepresident, canada trump, he had taken on candidates, you know, we never should have gone into the war in iraq. that is something that he has said. >> brian: by the way, george bush did go to the senate, he did get the majority of votes. he did to bring it the united nations. they did call leadership to the situation room. so they're doing everything. and actually do think that is a mature thing to say. i was encouraged that nancy pelosi did not take an unnecessary shot at the president, but he could have done it without congressional approval. not looking to dig into warfare. so i think it is a little bit of
9:33 am
congress trying to speak out. we know that is where rand paul always stands. he does not want to get involved in the middle east on anything. >> harris: so leslie, when you look at a bipartisan move, the final word should be with congress, are we had a place where if the president says yes, i need this to go do what i need to do in the middle east, what do you think the response would be? >> leslie: no, we are not at at the point, especially with iran. in the house, it was complete now on party lines. in the majority of power. they said we don't want those. it republican said we are going to stand with the president. the senate isn't going to pass it, but if you look at yemen, we have had them break with the present, side with democrats. there are some people that are like let's put it on the brakes. there are others -- >> harris: and arm sails right now. >> leslie: exactly. >> brian: saudi arabia. >> leslie: exactly. it depends on the region.
9:34 am
you see more of the left and right side. weaponry being sold to saudi arabia by the united states because you see democrats and republicans are reaching across the aisle and standing together. i think that certainly could change. >> melissa: i don't know. i would say that so far i think the democrats have shown a lot of restraint in terms of -- you don't want to come out and undermine your leader at this point in time. it's just not appropriate, no matter what you feel. and it's different to go have a private conversation or to say in these briefings we don't think we are at this point, but that is where other nations find their strength is within our division. we learned that very well from russia through this last election. this last election cycle as well, but i think that for democrats, so far, i hope that we don't see a lot going to the podium today saying that the
9:35 am
president looks wishy-washy. you have to -- >> harris: well, well don't look at twitter. don't look at social media. even those people who normally would say -- they stay out of it. >> melissa: other senators? >> lisa: i don't think congress actually wants the power to do this. even the house vote to repeal that i think is just a show about because i know inevitably it is not going to go anywhere. for a long time now, congress has been conceiving this authority. >> harris: why do you think that, lisa? >> leslie: they don't want to have to take that top vote, go out and campaign on that, they don't want the ownership of it. >> harris: they don't wanted in their politics. can we talk about russia for just a second. dumb i? we mention the bipartisan response to the sails of weaponry other countries watching this, what is going to happen next?
9:36 am
what are your thoughts? >> brian: i think it's all things. when you see those rockets go out, and we say we don't think it's a big deal, we see it we se provocative moves, we say let'sp our powder dry. it is not matter of being juvenile, but we didn't want anyone to ever want to challenge us. i've got news. suddenly, the world is challenging us. this is all related. we are being pushed. this president -- >> harris: going into that country while we were waiting to see what was happening with the people on the ground. one must question because you kind of touched on it earlier. no americans, no people harmed in the downing of that unmanned
9:37 am
drone. where do you think we stand? that number is not likely to change. >> brian: platforms could be blown up, you have to you get hit harder next time. the most important thing is to let them know. enrichment is off the board. israel steps in, which is worse. >> harris: attacking those military targets. all right. we will move on. some big names are speaking out on president trump's chances of winning. michael moore and piers morgan seem to agree. what they're saying, why they're saying it, and whether they are right. in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> melissa: political prognosticators offering early productions for the 2,020th election. michael moore and piers morgan both say that he is headed for reelection. michael moore tweeting about the
9:42 am
2020 a launch rally, saying "i watched the whole thing last night. i know no one wants to waste time even looking at him, but not wanting to see the enormity of the fight ahead does not make it go away. he hasn't lost 1 inch of his fired up insane base. are you ready?" meanwhile, morgan writing in an op-ed, "he exuded the confidence and swagger of someone who defied all polls and logic last time and fully intends to do so again. democrats are brimming with the same and tired arrogance that hillary spewed throughout the last campaign to catastrophic self-harm." you look very fired up about that. there is a lot to that. michael moore -- let's not forget, he called the people in the audience "insane." and you have piers morgan
9:43 am
pointing out you think he's crazy or whatever. you're underestimating it. >> leslie: 19 incumbents have lost since 1900. i so don't underestimate this guy. he could win. a lot of people got angry at me for it. this is going to be very tight. i don't think it's a guarantee for the president when you look at right now some of the polls. why is it different? people aren't going to be afraid to say "i'll vote for donald trump's" as many were. you don't have that silence. >> melissa: oh, i think they're even more afraid now. >> leslie: i don't agree. and i don't think he is a shiny brand-new toy that he was. oh, so different than what is running. >> melissa: but again, you are speaking like someone who hasn't been attacked or had their family attacked in public for either supporting or being perceived to be supporting
9:44 am
president trump. even for working here, i think we have all been attacked in public, had our families attacked, so i think people are more afraid to say that they would go out for him now than last time. >> leslie: probably, but we are so far out. >> lisa: the polling is so far out right now, they are of no consequence anyway if your general election or primary because that's not how primaries or general elections are done. national polling is bogus. if you look at president trump, yes, he has the incumbency, strong economy, raising $25 million in 24 hours. let's say joe biden is the nominee. he wants to go out and win michigan, ohio, pennsylvania. guess what? the obama administration decimated those with regulation, as well as those coal jobs as well. he can say i revitalize those communities and brought the jobs back. >> harris: you and i had an
9:45 am
interesting conversation about polling. something he was not happy with. you have to give people a reason to go to the polls. sometimes when those numbers come out, and i don't know how democrats and republicans look at it, but sometimes you have to say well, the income and history, and i'm just going to right you. 219 years. but the income it has to also have a reason for people to come out. a good economy will not get them to the polls. >> brian: make it akin to 1976, when apollo creed, and a movie that i still love, he was taking the fight lately. his manager looked out the television, there was rocky balboa pounding the meat with a ferocity that he had never seen before. are you taking the series? those people who didn't look up at the tv like msnbc, they don't understand the guy hitting the meat is ready to hit again, and those people watching can't wait
9:46 am
to get this on again. >> melissa: 2020 candidate kirsten gillibrand taking aim at a housing row, limiting subsidies for housing with mixed citizenship. a few years back, she was in favor of restrictions for undocumented immigrants, so is the senator just switching positions to appease the democratic base? is that net carbs or total?... eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress too many people a restless night's sleep. there's a better choice. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid and the 12-hour pain-relieving strength of aleve. that dares to last into the morning. so you feel refreshed. aleve pm. there's a better choice.
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>> welcome back. kirsten gillibrand is staking out new territory in the immigration debate. introducing a bill yesterday aimed at blocking a rule from housing and urban development that would restrict households with at least one undocumented family member from getting federal subsidies. this marks a reversal for her, supporting tougher restrictions on undocumented immigrants during her earlier political career appeared she said it's not a slip up your it is just growth. here she is back in april. >> i was from upstate new york, prioritized on my district. when i became senator of the entire state, i realized some of my views did need to change. i think it is really important that you are able to admit when you're wrong and that you're able to grow and learn and
9:51 am
listen and be better and be stronger. >> i mean, come on, is she an opportunist? >> leslie: i think anybody running for president is an opportunist. >> lisa: then when she ran for senate, particularly now -- c4 i think her explanation is -- >> melissa: the second issue. herford stomach her third or fourth time, she is conveniently at always evolving when her old views don't fit the new people she is trying to court. it is one thing to change, and another to change the moment you are running in front of a different group. on the issue itself, you can't have open borders and tons of free stuff. that's a problem. one or the other. open borders or free stuff. both doesn't work. >> brian: free housing,
9:52 am
abortion on demand, then you have guns, she used to be pro-gun. she flip-flopped. she has had more exposure on more networks than anybody else i know running for president, and she still registers as 0.0. democrats are getting a look, and they are saying i'm not interested. i would have been interested in a moderate woman, experience and senate, once you run, take on the joe biden faction. >> leslie: is an opportunistic or desperation? >> melissa: what's the difference? >> lisa: just all of the above for those to go. remember the exchange with the nra? she called them one of the worst organizations ever or in ameri america. they responded. when you were in the house, you said you look forward to working with us. >> melissa: i thought that you can't change your position. it's that people don't know if they can believe you are not.
9:53 am
president trump ran into the exact same issue when he was talking about being pro-life or pro-choice. by the same token, people wondered how well he really behave if he gets elected? and he had to prove that after the fact. but it still was a question in people's minds. every time you change, you add another one. >> leslie: when he was running to become president of the united states, he became the republican nominee, and he changed his mind on a very important issue and became pro-life. >> melissa: did i not realize that? >> lisa: how much does authenticity matter? >> brian: i love being idealistic. i think it matters a lot. obama, bill clinton, as well as george bush. i don't see any of that here. donald trump too, i'm pretty sure they will not make another. >> lisa: true story. if you ever lose your wallet and hope to get it back, better have
9:54 am
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>> melissa: people may more honest. people more likely to return a lost money with money in it than one that's empty. even more often if the wallet has nearly $100. a of psychology north carolina university not involved with the study says there is this emphasis that money is what drives human behavior and this paper is a beautiful large scale demonstration that people's self-interest is really broader than just money. brian, it was more than 17,000 wallets and 355 cities. if the wallet had 100 bucks in it, 72% of the time it was returned. if it was empty, only 46%.
9:59 am
they think it's because of your self-image and if there is money in it, you feel good about yourself for returning it. in college i returned a wallet with 200 bucks in it. the people couldn't believe it. i felt really good about myself. i needed that money. >> brian: i think you are a good person which doesn't surprise me. i will add this. don't you think everything can relate to losing their wallet. mostly it's not the money it's the i.d. that could be me. i want to put out the good vibes. the karma. >> melissa: the karma works. when i returne lost my wallet lr it was returned to me. i think there is lost wallet karma what do you think? less less sounding very california right now. >> lisa: think you are inherently a good person. i think most americans are inherently good. i left my wallet on the amtrak train the cleaning crew turned it in. everything was in there thank you. i'm not sure if that person even knows but i appreciate it. less less my son turning 12 twice in two weeks found a
10:00 am
money with money in it. loves swag. i thought he would keep it. he said mom i felt it and he felt good about himself. >> melissa: end on that happy note. brian kilmeade, thank you. we will be back on monday. now here is harris. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. president trump ordering and calling off airstrikes against iranian military targets that took out our u.s. drone. he stopped that action just 10 minutes before launch. and now, in a new interview is explaining why. you are watching outnumbered overtime. i'm harris faulkner. the president has just said military planes would have been in the air soon, when he decided to make the call to stand down. that mission was intended as retaliation for the downing of a u.s. navy drone over the strait of hormuz. here's the president explaining his last-minute decision from just minutes ago. >> i said how many people are going to be killed? sir, i would like to get back to you on that. great people, these generals. they said came back and


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