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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 23, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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next up team usa please pain tomorrow at noon eastern time schedule the action on fox and fox sports. eric: go usa. arthel: were backing for easter we hope you will join us. ♪ ♪ if there is it will be an obliteration like you've never seen before. i'm not looking to do that, if you want to talk good otherwise you're going to have about economy. no preconditions. >> president trump wants to make a deal. and so far no response yet to the ayatollahs and noteworthy in the past it's not exactly been about open to u.s. overtures. welcome to the u.s. headquarters in washington. >> all of this comes after the president came within ten minutes of watching the strike against tyrone for shooting down
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a restaurant thursday. we go to the white house, president trump will return a little bit today and he spent the night in camp david. he joint base andrews secretary of state mike pompeo gave quick sound before getting on a plane say that the united states is totally willing to speak to a run exactly what the president said in the clip in this ancient against iran, additional sanctions will go into force more. president trump did a plea case interview with meet the press he saw i want to play some more about what is going inside his head when he made the decision to call off the iranian airstrike. >> there it is, look, you can have nuclear weapons. if you want to talk about a good, otherwise you can live in a shattered economy for a long time to come. >> you feel like you're being pushed into military action
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against iran. >> i've doves and i have hawks, i have some hawks. >> the president referring to his national security advisor john bolton and pivoting topics showing a bipartisanship, president trump announced he is delaying the ice rates that were planned for this money. fox news sources confirmed the president called speaker nancy pelosi and she asked him they had a strained relationship but a few peers, the phone called delay the race the president trump's plan to arrest in a couple of thousand people in large cities like miami, los angeles and houston to the midfield now facing a two-week delay. the president tweeting just as many from camp david, "i want to give the democrats every last chance to quickly negotiate simple changes to asylum and locals. this will fix the southern border together with the help that mexico is now giving us, probably will not happen but worth a try two weeks and big
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deportation begins. "important to note members of congress will only be in session in the house and senate for a few more days before the july 4 recess. it is only one working week left on capitol hill but president trump says he is not fooling around and if democrats cannot meet him halfway on the southern border he says the deportations will continue and the president expected to be back at the white house at 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. >> a lot to get to. take you so much. >> will start getting to report a publican congressman judiciary committees greg, the former operation thank you, good to see you sir. we appreciate you joining us on a sunday. you're a freshman in commerce. i won't make you answer for the inaction of your colleagues in the past when republicans had the house. but the house are presented have been trying to do something on immigration for years now. it's an absolutely nothing has gotten, as david reported there is four days left really working
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days to get this done i president trump deadline. it does not seemed like there's much reason for hope doesn't? >> i was in the rose garden with the president when he announced immigration plan and hours later speaker pelosi said it is dead on arrival. we have had a congress were democrats have absolutely stalled on doing anything as it relates to the crisis on the board, even now democrats and the left are saying we have a crisis on the border, the new york times did two editorials saying congress is acting because when prices on the board. they have done nothing as it relates to fixing this problem. we as her republicans have bills filed but they are not allowed. >> it's always easy to blame the other side. i understand speaker pelosi controlled the majority and what was there. but it is noteworthy that even when republicans had the majority in the house that the majority in the senate in the white house. the republicans cannot agree on what they wanted to do on
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immigration. >> i was on congressman happen but i will tell you people in my district were upset that when the republicans had the majority they were able to get that done and i think i'm fairly going to be fighting to bring the majority back to the republicans in the house and if we do when the majority in 2020 you will see all of us focus on immigration. >> so why should anybody have any hope that the second time around and follow the happens of the majority in the house again. why should they give you the majority if you cannot get anything done the first time around. >> ever present focus on the issue. >> and he was not focused on it two years ago when he had a republican house, republican senate and he had the white house. >> i was not there so i cannot speak of what he is telling congressional leaders but i tell you he came into congress with a conservative class of leaders from across the country and we all feel very strongly about this issue. >> you feel too strongly to make it go?
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>> is a republican can demand too much from democrats? >> the president is certainly willing to make a deal. look at the things that he offer, he is willing to go a lot farther the more conservative members of the house is willing to go. the demo presently to do it. >> i think with the president leadership on this, hopefully we can get something done. all the democrats are doing is stalling and doing nothing on this issue right now will hundreds of thousands of people are coming illegally into our country. >> let's get to the issue of ironic now. you fought in iraq and you know firsthand the horrors of iran. the president saint that if there is war, around is going to be obliterated. peter riding in the near times, mr. trump has been a commander in chief of contradiction. he is adopted a modified version of theodore roosevelt when it comes to overseas military care. speak loudly and carry a small stick or carry a big stick and wave it around without actually using it much.
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criticism? >> coming for my perspective 600 and my brothers and sisters in arms were killed by iranian iuds in iraq during the time of our service members there. this is something that is very important to me. the president has said on numerous occasions he does not want war and i think his policies are correct. putting the sections in place -- >> has not bolded the ayatollahs, the people who killed the 600 hundreds? >> i think he is doing exactly what needs to be happening. we cannot as a country allow iran to obtain nuclear capabilities or nuclear weapons. it would be devastating for israel and devastating rallies in the region. we cannot allow them to be state sponsors of terror. -- >> record, do you think the president is been tough enough? is not time for kinetic action? >> i think is taking the time that he needs that the battlefield is what it is in making the right decision and not rushing into anything.
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>> congressman, we appreciate it, we appreciate your service, for same here with us and you are welcome back anytime. good to see user. >> for more reaction let's go to democratic pennsylvania congressman a member of the house appropriations committee, matt cartwright, he is the co-chair for the house democratic policy inc. medications committee, welcome to you, thank you for being here on a very busy weekend. >> my pleasure, nice to talk to you let's get your take on the response to the attack on the president strategy to stand down on retaliation for now, we are hearing the tensions in the region and the president tweeted there are sanctions on iran coming. so with all of the said your take on will this ran things back up? >> if you want my opinion, my opinion is this, this is the big news the president trump is listening to everybody, he is
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listening to who he omits our hawks, gina haspel, the great apologist for waterboarding, mike pompeo, john bolton who still thanks it was a good idea to invade iraq. and he knows, he knows that there hawks in the big news is, he is willing to stand up to them. even in a dramatic fashion. with ten minutes left to go before the strike he is willing to stand up to them and that is the big news. he is more of a negotiator. he sells style the great negotiator and that is what he is always been a brinkman at heart even in real estate deals and when this comes along and he does this at the last minute, sure we can criticize him for waiting for the last minute but that has been his style and my point is this, iran deal, that she's a poa, that was always meant to lead to further negotiation to buy time, we have to keep iran from getting a nuclear weapon, the jcpoa was
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structured exactly for that. present has some this. i listen to everybody, any debts, he listens to speaker pelosi he listens to the hawks, he listens to them all. my recommendation would become the sit down with junk carry, this man, secretary of state, john kerry poured himself into creating the iran deal which left open the idea for the negotiations and i would like to see president trump sit down and pick secretary carries brain. >> i want to get your take and when asked about senator tom cotton who is on the armed services committee and intelligence many. and they're talking about the strategy, here is what he had to say about president trump's policy on iran working.
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>> president trump iran policy is working is probably the first time in 40 years we have had the initiative against iran. when the reason there was flashing out his maximum pressure campaign that is driven the economy to near depression levels. >> do you agree? >> i cannot say that i do because what he is doing, he is engaging in psychology and imagining what other people are think. for us to get inside the head of the ayatollahs, i think that's a tall order. what i do know is president trump is acting in a way that he recognizes the further negotiation has to take place, he is not into rushing us headlong into a kinetic or shooting work and i don't think anybody in this country wants that. i think he is accurate in taking the temperature of the american people when he realizes that. >> i want to ask you something really quick before you go. another strategy on social media, the resident is calling the ice reads that were
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scheduled across the country in cities, the president tweeting he is ordered the democrats and republicans to work out a solution for the asylum at the celebrity. what do you think about that? >> that is further evidence of what i just said he loves brinkmanship, he loves taking us up to the brink and stepping back and saying let's negotiate. sometimes that works. i will say this, when you talk about iran before any kinetic action we demand congress be consulted, the old amus from 2001 does not apply anymore and he needs to consult congress and get our say-so on it. >> a lot of people turning to that point. we want to thank you for being here today. i perceive your time. >> my pleasure. >> let the clock began. we are in the single digit count on. before the first democratic i may debate this week. most of the packs but that we can in south carolina catching
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up to a new debate prep. peter ducey on the trail and columbia, south carolina. >> nobody use their time on the stage yesterday at the south carolina democratic convention to criticize joe biden, about civility with segregationist. but he does have an explanation and that is he was taken out of context. >> when you call racist like yon i got to know. >> that's not what i said, they did not print the whole deal. reporter: joe biden was well received but he did not have the loudest supporters here in south carolina, not even close, here's had a germline walking her to the state and baido beto or wor,
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internet text he opposes even as the president delayed designed to round up illegal immigrants. >> who knows what he is going to do, what he is certainly attempting to complete, it will distract us from the fact that there are kids today in el paso imported patrol detection centers sleeping uncle concrete with aluminum foil blankets in the dirtiest most inhumane conditions. reporter: this week and in south carolina was like a dry run for the debate in miami because the candidates were always on the clock. most of them have gone home to prepare for the debates, wednesday and thursday which will be the first time some are seen by national audience. >> peter ducey on the trail and south carolina. more on this with the panel especially about joe biden. thank you so much.
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>> there are key decisions expected this coming week that could decide if a question gets asked on the senses and the politics play to begin a role in the drawing of the congressional district? we will bring the court panel up next. ♪ geico makes it easy to get help when you need it. with licensed agents available 24/7. it's not just easy. it's having-a-walrus-in-goal easy! roooaaaar! it's a walrus! ridiculous! yes! nice save, big guy! good job duncan! way to go! [chanting] it's not just easy. it's geico easy. oh, duncan. stay up. no sleepies. the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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>> breaking in the last couple minutes, mike pompeo say that president trump sent a letter to north korean leader kim jong-un and north koreans have called the letter excellent, julian turner on whether the letter means a possibility of another sitdown between the two leaders. secretary of state mike pompeo confirmed just a few minutes ago the president is still talking with north korea dictator kim jong-un despite the fact that the last summit in hanoi apart at the seams. >> there is a recording about a letter that was from terming him and it wasn't accent and i'm hopeful this will provide a good foundation and it can get an important discussion to north korea to denuclearized. >> the last time the nort whitee had corresponded between the leaders student limits,
10:20 am
president trump said kim sent him a letter. despite the flurry of correspondence national security officials tell fox news there are no plans underway for another trump, kim summit. president trump has floated the idea publicly and privately in recent weeks that these officials say the white house nor any of her government department agencies are working on or considering a summit right now. the president is feeling so positive about the relationship he had a laundry list of what he believes are his foreign policy successes. >> i've had a lot of people that are not trump fans and a lot of them said, we would be at world war iii, it didn't work out that way, were doing great in north korea and a lot of different places we not that serious, 100%, kim jong-un may not be meeting with president trump anytime soon but he did meet with chinese president xi jinping two days ago and north
10:21 am
korea and with both governments coming out of a meeting hailing it friendly and successful. policymakers say if trump in kim were to set up a meeting in the future both sides agree on exactly what denuclearization means as a precursor. >> that definition has been elusive, julian turner great reporting. thank you. >> you bet. >> you may not have it on your calendar but a lot of people in washington do, the supreme court scheduled to wrap up its terms this week in several key decisions have yet to be released on insight on what is on our panel. chief counsel and policy director of the judicial crisis network and the president of the constitutional accountability center elizabeth, thank you for being a ladies. a lot to get to the flurry of
10:22 am
activity that happens, there are a couple big cases, i want to get your take on. gerrymandering and what is happening with the census question at hand because president trump wants to put a question on the census about citizenship. i want to start with you, i do think adding the question could change political landscape? >> this is going back to a question that is been asked for most of the nation's history broadly on the senses in recent years, he is going back to the practice asking of the entire country, is an important thing for the nation to know how many citizens it has the have information when it comes to voting districts and other services. i think that should not be a controversial thing at all, however, i predict it will turn out that way, it's worrisome, we are seeing a lot of the text on the notion of citizenship, some people are saying it should not be a prerequisite for voting, this is a worrying trend. >> they say timing is everything
10:23 am
of course, and because the census bureau as to when the question out by the end of the month, that has to be done by july 1, what do you think are the implications for the 2020 election and i was reading, if it is put on we could be looking at six of the 7000 people not taking part in the census because it could be on this question are. >> i think the numbers are much more than that based on the census bureau's own numbers actually. when i talked about the 2020 election, were talking about a whole decade of impacts around the spring yes the deadline is coming up but we need to make sure this is right, the senses is in the constitution, it requires accountable people when you're drunk constitutions clear and it is held to everyone, citizens and noncitizens must be counted, it does not matter whether your citizen or join the political and, we're talking about hundred billion dollars of crucial funding, that does not matter about citizenship it comes to community, healthcare,
10:24 am
schools, roads, important federal funding that could be denied particularly communities of color. we have seen that the new evidence coming off about the potential motivation for the question being to make the electorate more white and more republican. that is concerning. the court has to make sure it makes the right decision and the revolver requires that the citizens of question be the for the right reason. we have seen the lower court say that the trump administration acted in back. >> let's talk about the gerrymandering issue at hand. there are two specific cases to challenge north carolina state congressional map which was gop legislator in the mail in case which summits on the configuration of the sticks case. the stakes are high in both cases in all cases we met it is typically in both of them, one party challenged every time.
10:25 am
what we have is a situation where the constitution gives a broad power state to draw these districts and they had to stay within limits, we have a lot of challenges about racial divide in the courts epson and now they're asking something very new. let's have the court say, is this too political or not, the problem is there's no constitution or a legal standard to go there. they have been looking for years to try and find one and they never found a standard to apply, that risks making the court itself of force. they are second-guessing the politicians themselves. at the political process and it needs to stay in the hands of politicians, it will bring the car down to have them try to invent standards on a case-by-case basis. i think the long history there is no standard, i think that is the direction they will go.
10:26 am
>> i think this is not second guessing this is enforcing the constitution in equal protection clause in the first moment requirements as is committed against against political, both parties. it's across partisan argument that drawing these districts to disadvantage, one political party over another when they're in the extreme by lisa constitution into step in and enforce the constitution. we have a system under the constitution where the voter choose the elected leaders, not the other way round and that's what the court is being asked to enforce. is there anything else you're keeping what ion? >> there's a really important case of the separation of power kaiser versus wilkie lassitude bureaucratic agencies that they can write their own legislation and interpret them in the courts but not be able to have as much of a say insane with the law is. that will be really important to see if the court let these agencies take over and become judge and jury. >> we will be pulling you back your expertise as we move to the
10:27 am
next two weeks. thank you both so much for being here. we appreciate it. >> former ambassador bill richardson standing by, nice to see you sir. it is going to break it steel on the nuclear deal. we'll be right back. ♪ drive safely.. . with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? doctor bob, what should i take for back pain? before you take anything, i recommend applying topical relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu.
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♪ ♪ >> u.n. security council set to meet monday to discuss the latest tensions with iran. the president trump announces, quote, major additional sanctions against tehran also starting on monday. we have the very latest on that. >> president trump says starting tomorrow major additional sanctions against iran. the white house has not yet said what those sanctions may include, but they come only days a after iran admitted to shooting down a u.s. military drone. the president has tweeted and talked about iran quite a bit this weekend including on nbc's "meet the press."
10:32 am
the president made it clear he has plenty of options including possible military action. >> i'm not looking for war, and if there is, it'll be obliteration like you've never seen before. but i'm not looking to do that. you can't have a nuclear weapon. you want to talk, good. >> reporter: the white house has been considering a number of response options. the president called off a strike against iran after he says he had concerns with how many people could have been killed, but we've also heard from secretary of state mike pompeo just within the last hour or so that says it's still possible that relationships between the u.s. and iran can improve. >> we're prepared to negotiate with no preconditions. they know precisely how to find us, and i am confident that at the very moment they're ready to truly engage with us, we'll be able to begin. >> reporter: we've also heard from a number of lawmakers this weekend they've been trying to warn the white house that congress needs to sign off before any military response goes forth. listen to what democratic
10:33 am
presidential candidate and new jersey senator cory booker had to say earlier this morning. >> this president cannot take military action against iran without coming to congress. the 2001 authorization for the use of military force does not cover a military strike against iran. >> reporter: the associated press reports the u.s. has already launched a cyber attack against iran's military computers. these are systems that control the rocket and missile launchers, that attack happened on thursday, the same day that the u.s. drone was hot down, laura. laura: mark meredith, thanks so much for bringing us up to speed. leland: now we look ahead to tomorrow at the u.n. security council and bring in bill richardson, a man who knows the u.n. well as former ambassador. good to see you, sir. there is this discussion, the u.s. says and puts out a map of where the drone was shot down and says it was over international air space. the iranians say, no, no, no, the drone violated u.s -- or violated iranian air space, and
10:34 am
that's why we shot it down. just a couple of miles, important miles. are we going to see an aide lay stephenson, cuban missile crisis moment at the u.n. tomorrow? >> well, i think regardless of where the drone was shot down, it was a provocative act by iran. so what we need at the security council is to deescalate but also to get france and britain, our allies, to back us on iran not proceeding with their plans to enrich uranium. and secondly, maybe to get vessels to go in the straits of hormuz to prevent, to prevent any kind of escalation or an attack on a tanker as the iranians did. that's what we have to do at the u.n. security council tomorrow. leland: all right. so you think about how this is going to play out at the security council, it seems as though the iranians are sort of
10:35 am
itching for a fight. if nothing else, reuters now reporting that they are in the parliament in the past 24 hours. the deputy speaker saying america is the real terrorist in the world by spreading chaos in countries, giving advanced weapons to terrorist groups, causing insecurity and then the law makers began chanting "death to america." this doesn't sound like a regime that's ready to negotiate and go ahead and keep their word on the deal. >> well, i think what we need to make sure, leland, is that our allies back us. like, for instance, our allies should admit that this was a provocative act of shooting down the -- leland: the buritz already have, haven't they? -- the brits already have, haven't they? >> well, not really what we need is russia and china that, especially in the security council. because, for instance, 80% of all the oil goes to straits of hormuz to asia, to china, to
10:36 am
japan. so, look, i don't think we should have gotten out of the nuclear agreement, but at the same time i think iran is being provocative. but what is needed here is the campaign of maximum pressure but also diplomacy. get iran, get us to negotiating table at least to deescalate. leland: all right. as we noted, the president says he's ready to talk anytime. so far based on what the iranians have said so far, they're not exactly too interested in that. this is what tom cotton said earlier on "fox news sunday" about not striking and perhaps a prelude to how he would think about maximum pressure and negotiation. take a listen. >> i think retaliatory strikes were warranted for what i see as iran's deadly marching up the escalation chain. it started out with threats, it went to an attack on vessels in ports, to an attack on vessels
10:37 am
at sea, now to an unmanned american aircraft. leland: is there a danger in not responding and going to u.n. and not punching back when the bully takes your lunch money? >> well, we are punching back. we're putting additional sanctions tomorrow, cyber attacks. i think the senator's position is very unwise. look, we have forces in iraq, syria, in afghanistan, american forces that might be hit back. i want to prevent ans escalation. i -- an escalation. i think you can deal with this with additional pressure on iran, additional economic pressure. military -- the american people don't want another war in the middle east. leland: well, and the president was elected on the promise of not starting one. ambassador, it's good to see you, sir. we appreciate your time. enjoy the rest of the day up in cape cod, sir. all the best. laura? laura: 2020 democrats making their case to voters on the
10:38 am
campaign trail this weekend which just days until the first democratic debate. our political panel will discuss who's up and who's down in the polls, coming up. ♪ ♪ so simple, so good. get the recipes at people, our sales now appla new low!10 frames. at visionworks, our sales are good on over 500 frames. why are you so weird? see great with 2 complete pairs for $59. really. visionworks. see the difference. it's nice. ♪ you got this! ♪ woo! ♪
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or if you plan to or have recently received a vaccine. this could be your chance to leave your psoriasis symptoms behind. ask your doctor for ilumya today, for a clearer tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> i have a lot of respect for joe biden and gratitude towards him and have even more of a responsibility that i have to be candid with him, to speak truth to power by invoking this idea that he was called son by white segregationists who, yeah, they see him, in him their son. leland: new jersey senator and 2020 presidential hopeful cory booker continuing to hit joe biden on his comments about working with segregationists, comments that have been, shall we saying problematic for the front-runner ahead of this week's democratic debate. problematic, distracting. we'll find the right word. wade smith, rashad ritchie. on your screen, wade is on your left, rashad is on the right.
10:43 am
gentlemen, appreciate it. what is it, are these comments by biden distracting? are they problematic? is it a mountain out of a molehill? >> well, yeah, joe tripping. joe should have never utilized a known racist and segregationist as part of his example. right plan, wrong man hereful here's the thing, in south carolina last month joe biden was polling at 45%. he's now polling at 37%. he's 20 points ahead of any of his second place contenders in that political competition. so the question is did his comment move the needle 20 points? hell, no, it did not -- [laughter] so he's still the guy to beat out in south carolina and likely other southern states as well. leland: wade, as you watch this and the democrats for so long loved joe biden, rashad pointings to poll numbers, but you think about the it, he was vice president for eight years, and nobody ever went after him as racist.
10:44 am
now all of a sudden you've got every democrat nipping at his heels in the way that they are, republicans have got to be loving this. >> we absolutely are because it's the only way to tear joe biden down, is to have the other candidates in the race try to throw things at him that make him look even worse than he does when he speaks. [laughter] joe biden's greatest strategy right now is just to not open his mouth, release little instagram posts and not come out until the debates because that's what gets him the most in these polls. anytime you have a cory booker coming at him, kamala harris, it makes people open their eyes and say is this really the real joe or what is? leland: we got the cards for wednesday night and then thursday night. wednesday night you have sort of warren and then a nurple of -- a number of second tier candidates. thursday night you got biden, gillibrand and buttigieg along with some others. rashad, does joe biden have a danger in playing it too safe? >> i don't think he could play
10:45 am
it too safe. i do think he could make a mistake, and that will be a disaster. remember, these debates are going to be heavy on candidates, so you're not really going to have a true debate, and you've got five people asking questions, so you're not going to get the mix-up, the back and forth that we look to for debates like this. so at the end of the debate, the zingers, the one-liners will be what is important in the debate's finality. leland: noteworthy for a lot of the reporting that those guys are spending this week really practice exactly what you just talked about. rashad, one thing that's become an issue in a way that i can't remember in presidential politics is so early is race relations in america. here's what condoleezza rice has to say about it as we head into the conversation of race relations in america vis-a-vis the presidential race. take a listen. >> it sure doesn't feel worse than when i grew up in jim crow alabama, okay? so let's drop this we're worse
10:46 am
today than we were in the past. really? leland: are wade, thoughts? >> i think rice is on point in certain aspects of this. i think the only time that race relations are at its worse today is when it's being plaid up as a political talking point. i believe that if you interact with people of different races every single day, you see this as a coworker, friend, family member. it's just the way it is today. and if you want to go back 50, 40 years, go ahead, but i think it was way worse then than it is now. leland: rashad, it might work to fire up the base to talk about race, clearly they think it fires up the debate, that's why they do it. how does that play in the general election? are there more americans with condoleeza rice or more americans on the it's never been worse side? >> i don't think most people think it is worse than it ever has been, but let's be clear, racism exists. leland: yep. >> people who are racist make it about racism. individuals who are not racist
10:47 am
attempt to respond socially to that dynamic in this societal structure. so this is a political narrative now because you have a different political climate, and president trump has been a large provocateur of that climate. so let's be honest about what's happening in america now. he gave cover and equivocation to white supremacists. that's a big deal not only in politics, but also in conversations in homes. leland: all right, wade, i know you're going to want to respond to that, and and we'll give you both the first and last word next time. pretty soon we've got to start talking about how the tide's going to do this year. next time, all right, buddy? >> roll tide. leland: absolutely. good to see you both. laura: there was a startling sight for festival goers in missouri when this hot air balloon crashed to ground at high speed. more on that next. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,
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10:51 am
leland: you see this coming at you in a park, this is it is a hot air balloon crashing into a crowd of onlookers in missouri. it new knocked over a number of people, injured one. dozens were in the balloon's way, celebrating hand bell's bicentennial festival. look at those people who don't seem all that worried for a
10:52 am
moment. no major injuries. the event continued as planned. no word yet on what went wrong here. ♪ ♪ laura: well, it's a story we've been following from the beginning, it will be one month tomorrow since the missing mother of five young children in connecticut has gone missing. she was last seen may 24th in new canaan dropping off her children at school around 8 a.m. that day and hasn't been seen or heard from since. this is a new photo that we're showing you released by her family on friday. jennifer was embroiled in a bitter divorce and custody battle with her estranged husband for the last two years. court documents revealed she was terrified of her husband and thought filing for divorce can and seeking custody of the children would enrage him and potentially cause her harm. her estranged husband and his girlfriend were arrested june 1st, charged with tampering with ed after two people matching
10:53 am
their descriptions were seen on surveillance video in hartford dropping off bags of garbage in over 30 stops along a 4-mile stretch. clothing had blood on them which matched jennifer dulos' dna. the two are currently out on bond. investigators have led anive search of the -- an exhaustive search of the waste facility in hartford. yesterday they released these photos and videos giving us the first look at what exactly they have been dealing with. investigators also revealed they found blood evidence inside jennifer's rental home, specifically in the garage, where they found blood spatter evidence. now dulos' attorney is telling fox news they are actively working on their own investigation into what happened to jennifer. >> we have information about her whereabouts just before her disappearance, in the days before her disappearance that give us suspicions. we have received information about visitors, people in the
10:54 am
area that that we're looking fo. we're interested in talking to boyfriend of her nanny. there had been a recent break-up there. laura: the attorney also claims that jennifer had psychological issues and says she once also wrote a manuscript similar to "gone girl," remember that movie with ben affleck. the attorney for jennifer's mother who currently has custody of their children told "the new york post" this is a classic act of desperation to slander the victim, so a lot of back and forth, leland, on this case -- leland: you have been up there, you've covered it, you've spent so much time and have some great sources with the new canaan police. what are the police not telling us as you read the tea leaves -- laura: they're not telling us anything. leland: what do they have? hey lauer well, we cover a lot of these cases, unfortunately, missing persons cases, but this is one of the first ones i've ever covered where we have not
10:55 am
had one press conference from the police, from the family. it's just a lot of mystery -- leland: norm brought up a couple of issues, he said we have some ideas, we have these things, and police, have they been given those details or do we know? laura: they have been talking, and that's a all we know as far as sharing the evidence and the information, they have not. leland: this story will continue to play out. you can see the web site there on your screen. all right, senator angus king from maine, he ran into a little bit of problems getting home. we'll tell you the unique way he made his way back to maine. ♪ ♪ let's be honest. it's kind of unfair that safe drivers have to pay as much for insurance... as not safe drivers! ah! that was a stunt driver. that's why esurance has this drivesense® app. the safer you drive, the more you save. don't worry, i'm not using my phone and talking to a camera while driving...
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leland: senator angus king, he normallys home to portland, but when his plane was delayed at dca -- that's reagan airport -- he decided to get home another way. he and a couple of constituents hitched a ride in a rental car, and they all drove north. here is the instagram picture of it, or at least it was on his instagram. there they all are about midnight or 1:00 in the morning -- [laughter] as they drove back to portland, maine. so -- laura: i love this story. i love it, although i wish they had a thing where you can share your ride like uber does. i would want to do that to make sure, but it look like they all made it. leland: they all met in the airport line.
11:00 am
as my grandfather would say, if you have time to spare, go by air. fox news sunday is coming up, it was great to have you. laura: thanks for having me. leland: all right, see ya. chris: i'm chris wallace. president trump orders but then calls back airstrikes on iran for shooting down a u.s. drone. as tensions rise, what happens next? chris: what about a serious dark horse who didn't make the cut?


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