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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 24, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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74 years later, it was his turn. congratulations john. that's it for this "special report with brett baier" fair and balanced. "the story with marth maccallum" starts now. >> martha: thank you. good to be back. good evening to you. >> if you want our vote, i doubt you'll get it -- >> there are ways to affect the way -- do you understand? give the people that are racist off the streets. >> if anyone who is on patrol is shown to be a racist or to do something racist in a way that is substantiated, that is their last day on the streets.
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>> martha: very tense moments for south bend mayor pete buttigieg when he stepped off the campaign trail to head back home to south bend and he faced some of those angry constituents after a shooting by a police officer left a man dead. officials say that officer ryan o'neal was responding to a call about cars being broken into. o'neal said he encountered eric logan and he approached him with a knife and refused to drop it. o'neal did not turn on his body camera. eric logan's mother confronted the mayor. >> i'm tired talking now. >> martha: it becomes increasing issue. look for the candidates to turn on each other as points. as they battle for the crucial black vote which makes up 60% of
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the south carolina democrat primary vote where buttigieg has been campaigning. joe biden also doing some explaining about his relationship with two segregationists senate colleagues decade ago after saying they were able to work together. biden won't apologize. said his comment was misunderstood. here is candidate and senator cory booker. >> this is about him invoking a terrible power dynamic that she showed a lack of understanding or sensitivity to. by invoking this idea that he was called son by white segregationists, they see him in him their son. >> martha: thank you for being here. let me start with you first. do you think the attack on pete buttigieg was fair or unfair?
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>> well, i think it's a fact that he has failed to integrate the police department in south bend, indiana. he's failed to get the cops there to turn on their body cams. you saw the tragic result of that. the people in the black one third of south bend has apparently turned against the mayor. he's had an incredible run mayor pete has. i think that the rubber has met the road. it seems to me that unless he can turn this around, his candidacy will hit south carolina and end there seems to me. he's not being accepted by african-american community. if you can't go black, you can't go back. >> martha: what? >> 60% of the electorate democrats and electorate in south carolina going to a critical primary. i think the bigger point here is
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has he had success. what we've seen pete buttigieg moving up in the polls. he and elizabeth warren, the two democrats who shown gains over the last three months, clearly joe biden have a substantial lead. as you pointed out, there are questions about joe biden opening door by talking about his ability to work with segregationists years ago. people are saying especially now where trump in the white house, do you really want to brag working with a guy who's a segregationist? the door is open. i don't think that's serious what pete buttigieg is going through. i think pete buttigieg is proven to abguy from a small town, a smalltown man. if he doesn't deal with this crises, it's a terrible sign for someone who says he wants to handle the nation. >> martha: there was a vigil on monday he did not return. he's got criticism for that. it's important to point out that we don't know.
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we don't know what happened in this situation. it takes a long time generally for this process play out. the man was killed in this situation has a record. he's done some time in jail for cocaine and possession of a weapon. there's a process here that has to play out. it seems like when all these situations, you jump the gun you point the finger at the mayor and he's not responding. there are steps to go through here as tragic as it is. >> i think the mayor is going through these steps. he's been right away doing a townhall. he's made it very transparent. he said he made mistakes on the body cameras and he made mistake by not having many minority officers. he's gone through the department of justice civil rights area. i would say as much as we talk about him on the riess of the presidential campaign, he stopped campaigning for the week
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and he prioritized what he needed to do which is his job as mayor. i would say that, he has a uphill battle when it comes to the african-american community. he showed lot of leadership this week. really depends what had does going forward. does he make the changes that are necessary to be viewed as one who can lead the country. >> martha: south carolina, joe biden in the early stages. he seems tong -- doing well. some of the issues, lot of democrats according to the polls, aren't paying attention to lot of this stuff yet. maybe joe biden gets a pass on some of that. >> he does. i think you hit nail on head there. joe biden has the most credible credibility with african-americans or the main reason is he was a loyal vice president to the first
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african-american president in the history of the republic. he had obama's back. he was loyal. he was consistent. he was strong. he helped in the early days to legitimatize president obama and his role there. when you talk to james clyburn and john lewis, they give biden, not a pass, let's move on to stuff that's really important. joe biden is someone that they believe is tried and truth. >> martha: i want to go back to a tweet that the president back out on memorial day. he said anyone associated with the 1994 crime bill will not have a chance to be elected. african-americans will not vote for you. biden was responsible for criminal justice reform which fixed the bill. juan, president trump got more african-american votes than any republican who has run. he said, he wrote a book, "what
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you got to lose" he's saying, aisle not necessarily tweeting in a monolithic way. i'm treating as part of the economy. unemployment rate is better than ever for this group as well as other groups. is that a message that will resonate with voters who voted democrat. >> not with this president. he has a record. we can reiterate some of the things from charlottesville and statements he's made. i was noticing for example, today that condi rice said clearly, things are better today in terms of race relations. there's no question for people who want to speak in dramatic terms about going backwards. even under president trump. >> martha: we have that ready. i want to take a look at it. >> it sure doesn't feel worse when i grew up in jim grow, alabama. let's drop this notion that we're worse today. that pianos we -- means we made
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no progress? the hyperbole about how much worse it is does no good. >> aren't exactly leaders of that stature that he understands even from a conservative point of view. the black experience in america to the contrary, the closest you might come as -- >> martha: does it matter more than some of comments who you happen to hire? >> i would say on criminal justice reform and with vice president biden said, you had john lewis, james clyburn, all come out in support. you also had the majority of the black caucus vote for the crime bill in the early '90s. if we go back in history, the crime bill did lot of good
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things. i'm not saying there was lot of bad things. it reduced first-timers, it started the defensive woman's act. there was lot of things it brought to the forefront. >> martha: good to have you here. also coming up today, bernie sanders lays down a big marker ahead of the big debate going further than any of his opponents today unveiling a plan it erase all student debt for every american and make college free. here's how he said he will do it. >> our proposal which cost $2.2 trillion over ten years will be fully paid for by a tax on wall street speculation similar to what exist in dozens of countries around the world. the american people bailed out wall street, now it is time for wall street to come to the aid of the middle class of this country. >> martha: former education
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secretary bill bennett join me now. i want you to respond to what we talked about in first part of this segment. whether or not the issue of race is changing for the electorate. >> well, the candidates sure do want to emphasize it. i agree with you. lot of the electorate does it. they're attacking biden for his backwardness on ris rerelations. this south carolina democratic constituency seems supportive of joe biden. more people looks past race. condolezza rice is right. we've made progress. most voters know we made progress. president's pointed out some of the greatest progress in the last couple of years. >> martha: all right. moving on to the other issue of bernie sanders idea. tax wall street and give
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everybody free college education. elizabeth warren has a plan if you make over $250,000, you wouldn't get that relief from student loans. bernie sanders saying, it's got to be free and free for everybody in america. >> yeah. that's interesting. it's like a poker game. elizabeth warren heres my plan, $1.8 billion, bernie said i'll raise to $2.2 trillion. be careful of poker game of two socialist. guard your wallet. this is the wrong end of the problem they're attacking. when the federal government in 2007 took over the student loan business from the private sector, it made things worse. by the way, students who repaying their loans after the government takeover, lot of people don't know this, we're not paying it back in the student loan fund. they were paying for obamacare. that's one of the reasons the
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obama administration wanted to do it. how you you're going to do this? $8000 at a state university for a year but maybe $60,000 for the private university. that's all forgiven. what about people who paid their loans back? the colleges and universities when they see free tuition, they're going to raise tuition. if it's free, it's free. there's something that i wrote years ago about this. saying, the more the federal government makes available in terms of money with its crazy rules the higher tuition will go. >> martha: that's the bennett hypothesis. one last question for you. in terms of whether or not everybody needs to go to college. you're in an environment where is it also going to be if you want to be an electrician or plumber will that be paid for? what if you want different kind
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of skills. there's no inflation except in college tuition. >> there's dignity in all kinds of work. there's good income in all kinds of work. you heard about the welders who get $100,000 a year. there's a better way to address this. i'm having some conversations with some colleagues with this administration and i think getting the private sector back involved and using the kind of discipline of the market here, can go a long way. you'll see something from the trump administration lot more realistic than sanders and senator warren. >> martha: look forward to hearing more about that. keep us posted. great to esue tonight. senator rand paul urge the president not to attack iran. what does he think about the president's latest move which was a big one today?
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it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> these measures represent a strong and proportionate response to iran's increasingly provocative action. we'll continue to increase pressure on tehran. i can only tell you we cannot ever let iran have a nuclear weapon. it won't happen. >> martha: president trump targeting iran leader ayatollah. the president said he's responsible for the regimes hostile conduct. the hard hitting sanctions go right to the financial restrictions on top officials in iran including leaders in their navy. iran's foreign minister firing back by tweeting that the u.s. military has no business in the
4:20 pm
persian gulf has a thirst for war. joining me now republican senator rand paul of kentucky. good to see you. what's your reaction to these sanctions? good idea? >> you know i'm proud of president trump for not showing restraint. it really takes a statesman to show restraint. whether the sanctions will work is another story. from the iranian perspective, they see the sanctions as an act of war. cutting off their ability to sell any oil to asia which the previous sanctions allow them to sell some oil i think becoming so stringent that they have couple of possibilities. they say we're sorry we're going to negotiate and we're mad we're going to fight. unfortunately, we've got their back up against the wall. we're more likely to have more military confrontations than we
4:21 pm
were diplomacy. i'm very open and like to have diplomacy. the president said he will talk without preconditions. the problem is, we pulled out an agreement that irans actually adhiring to the iranians feel like we're not acting in good faith manner. >> martha: you believe we should have seen -- stayed in that agreement? >> i didn't agree that we gave up the money earlier. we gave them $150 billion up front. that was a mistake. the problem is that's already done. that was a carat. now that it's gone, we have no other caret, all we have is a stick. we're adding sticks which is more sanctions. i don't think that's bringing them -- they came to the negotiating table because they had a caret. that was the money. we gave it up too easily. they were still complying. i would have built on the nuclear deal. we got to startr on nuclear deal and ballistic deal.
4:22 pm
if you want the irani a balliste deal, the saudis have to be part of it. it they're not going to give up their weapons with the saudis not giving up any. i don't want them to have nuclear weapons. >> martha: this is a quote from an article in the american spectator. which is titled "trump is winning the little cold war with iran" the best approach to this ideological war against iran is through containment, deterrence and multilateralism. same tools the united states used to defeat the soviet union threat in the cold war. do you see that as a similarity? >> i'm a big fan of george canon.
4:23 pm
containment is a much more realistic approach to foreign policy. they need cob ton takenned. taken -- need to be contained. that's going to center to involve some kind of caret. one caret that could be offered is letting go of the additional sanctions that are cutting off flow of oil to the east. if you put that on the table and say, maybe we've gone too far ton that. we're going to have to have something in response. we got to be done with all of this military confrontation that iran is provoking with us now. i think there's a deal to be had. they're not going to come to the table with some offer. i don't think we had adequate conversations. >> martha: doesn't seem like they want to talk. unlike the north koreans who expressed some interest in talking. that's slo slow progress.
4:24 pm
in iran they were chanting death to america. standing up as we would in congress. i want to play this from president trump from the interview on tun sunday. why he's not looking for war but -- >> i'm not looking for war. if there is it will obliteration like you never seen before. i'm not looking to do that. you can't have a nuclear weapon. >> martha: what do you think? >> i think without question the u.s. has incredible military dominance over any country in the world. we have 1000 military superiority. we have the ability to do tall that. out of that chaos what happens. if we were to do that, we were to go all in with a war against iran, you get chaos again. what comes out of chaos,
4:25 pm
terrorism and struggle and civil war and famine. >> martha: senator rand paul. thatch thank you ver -- thank y. chicago police releasing their own 70 hours of the video of the jussie smollett investigation. a live report breaking news on jussie smollett coming up. a exclusive with moms leading the charge against drag queens at your local library for little kids. my experience with usaa
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>> martha: president trump taking a bit of of swipe at 2020
4:30 pm
democratic front runner joe biden in a new interview released with the hill tv. listen to what he had to say. watch. >> how he doesn't get president obama to endorse him, there has to be some reason why he won't endorse him. they seem to have gotten along. how president obama is not endorsing is a big secret. if you want to know, please let me know. he goes on lies and i asked the president not to endorse me. give me a break. >> martha: just outside the oval office little while ago. braking tonight the chicago police in this investigation have just released their file of the alleged staged attack on empire actor jussie smollett. the file includes 70 hours of video that is connected to their investigation of this case. at one point, smollett is seen with the rope around his neck.
4:31 pm
matt sims live in chicago with this breaking story tonight. >> we are poring through hundreds file released by the chicago police department. all kinds of documents including notes and video. note -- jussie smollett apartment for the first time after the alleged attack that police say is a hoax. a man who identifies as the director, he called police and leads the officer up to his apartment. saying jussie smollett is like a star. the attackers put a makeshift noose around his neck. smollett points out the white rope around smollett's neck. he tells police he wanted officers to see the rope. here is that video captured by the police body cameras.
4:32 pm
[indiscernible] there's also apparently video that shows the brothers on the way to this alleged hoax. according to police and also police video that shows him later being arrested. much more to come from this document. >> martha: including an investigation into why the case got dropped. which the chicago police were surprised about that. thank you very much. coming up next tonight, protest erupts in response to drag queen story hour which has been taking place at the local public libraries. step this appropriate for children who are ages 2 to 5? we will have both sides next. get ready for the insurance-themed experience
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♪ >> martha: okay. from coast to coast. public libraries hosting fence advertise -- evented advertised for children. drag queen story hours. the event feature drag queens who sit down and read stories to the younger children. they teach diversity and acceptance. they aim to indoctrinate and unnecessarily expose children to sexuality. it's generating protest that got so heated local police called in s.w.a.t. team to provide security. we'll talk to three mothers who are leading the charge to shut them down. we begin with a drag story hou.
4:38 pm
jonathan thanks for being with us. the question is appropriateness. i understand diversity and wanting everyone to understand that people who are different from them. when you're talking about children who are ages 2 to 5 and videos of some of these experiences. why is that appropriate for young children? >> you know the drag queen story hour, we were able to host at our local library was really able to be appropriate. it's age appropriate for preschool and kindergarten age and books are approved by library staff. the book that we write in particular it's about a kid in the bronx in new york who was accepted by his grandmother and able to explore what his gender is. it's a touching story about love
4:39 pm
and acceptance. it was a beautiful thing to see so many people coming together for a rating and in a library in our library was the largest turnout more this story time which is scheduled regularly. >> martha: you suppose you have a child struggling with these issues, i'm going to get some of these books or figure out how to talk to my child. i guess the question is, why this is appropriate as a public library when a lot of these images and these people are very provocative. there's a sexualization element to. enormous eye lashes. outfits and shoes, huge platform shoes. women about to come on, just from reading what they said. they think these are negative images for girls, negative
4:40 pm
images for women. it's a mockery of memorandum --. >> it's no different from me seeing minnie mouse read to kids with big eye lashes. we've had story time -- >> martha: the image we showed, that one was for teenagers. this woman pull the off her skirt and reveals this tight fitting thing underneath. she lays down on the floor and starts rolling around. how is that appropriate at a library which is based on education and literature and history. why should the focus of a library be that? >> i can only speak for the story time we held in our library. the drag queen, she was dressed
4:41 pm
like character that was age appropriate. it shows representation that's important to see diversity and rendition really matters. we know that 40% of homeless youth in america identify as lgbtq. if we can do anything to show that loving people celebrating diversity. those are the type of messages our library should be sharing. >> martha: i understand the big picture what you're saying. i was question whether or not it's appropriate these kids are so kill. they are 2 to 5 years old. they haven't had an opportunity to think about their own sort of place in their bodies and how they feel about it. looking at some movies about drag queens. they are documentarieser movies about that lifestyle. i think that for people who want to show up that day and read with their kid, they don't
4:42 pm
necessarily might not feel it's appropriate. last thought? >> sure. i share your concern. drag come -- there's a way to do it that's age appropriate. i'm thankful parents chose to bring their kids to it. i would encourage people to visit to learn more about what we do. thank you for having us dialogue. i think it's really important for us it talk about. >> martha: we do want to encourage that kind of open conversation. it's controversial. we thank you for showing up and talking about it. jonathan cook. let's bring on the moms who are on the other side of this debate. a group against drag queen story
4:43 pm
hours and lynn marr. lynn i want to start with you. you brought us the video that we showed that was for teen and tween events at library near you. they hand the out condoms at that event? >> lynn? >> yes, can you hear me? >> martha: yes, we're playing the video that you sent. you took this video? >> i did. i took that video on saturday afternoon at the library. there was an event held there. there was vendor tables in the middle of the library stocked with big bowls of condoms, some items i had to have explained to me. i'm not quite sure why the teens and tweens needed to have them.
4:44 pm
there were bookmarks that were accurate and there was a lot of information and most of it was about sex. >> martha: kim, talk to me about the group you founded. 500 moms strong. why you felt it was important to speak out about your feeling about these events? >> when i first found out about it, we couldn't believe that this group is coming for our children now. now they want to groom our children into their unhealthy liflifestyle. we decided it had to stop. i a career where i went around the country encoding medical records, large hospitals. i saw the effects of hiv and aids on young men. it's hearth breaking.
4:45 pm
by their own words, these drag queens are telling us that they are grooming our children to be drag queens in this homosexual lifestyle. >> martha: my last guest said it's more about allowing kids who might feel different to understand that other people feel like they do as well. it's okay and sort of giving these kids an opportunity to see people who are different than themselves. >> i've had kids and i have grandkids and i had kids who thought they were teenage mutant ninja turtle or super man or batman. kids are going to play all kinds of things. that doesn't mean you accept what they want to be. you can play that but you're not really a turtle.
4:46 pm
that's the role of the parent to guide children into the right role they should be for the rest of their life. look in your underpants you're a girl or boy. >> martha: we understand kids who encounter some confusion about that. it's a small part of the population. jonathan said, that's what they're trying to do. we understand that you guys feel differently about it. that's the crux of the debate. thank you very much for joining us tonight. coming up next, the inspiring young entrepreneur who is breaking boundaries and winning prestigious awards in the process. here he comes. hi john. ♪ i want it that way... i can't believe it.
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>> martha: let me introduce you to our founder of john's crazy socks. they donate a portion of their money to charity and hiring employees with differing skills to spread happiness.
4:51 pm
john made history as the very first person with down syndrome to win an ey entrepreneur the year award. watch this. [indiscernible] [applause] >> martha: joining me now is john cofounder of john's crazy socks. congratulations. what it like to win that award? >> it inspired me. >> he's a natural entrepreneur. >> martha: you are a natural entrepreneur. the thing i love about the fact that you won this really nice award which we're showing on the set here.
4:52 pm
entrepreneur of the year award. what it says to me, you're really good businessman. >> i am. >> martha: you are. you guys are really good marketing and your social media which you really worked really hard at. having that big presence. did you ever think you would go into business? >> when i was a kid, i loved -- i wanted to go into business with my dad. i wanted to create socks. i wanted to have crazy socks. [laughter] >> martha: everyone likes them. it makes people happy. you've been winning lot of awards. the whole take -- table is full of awards. >> this is a medal from the olympics.
4:53 pm
one of them is from track snow shoot. other ribbons i did -- i went to college. >> new york state games. we love the special olympics so much, we donate 5% of our earnings to the special olympics. >> martha: that's beautiful. you give 5%. your business model is that you are selling socks. you're selling greetings cards now. john just gave me this greeting card. thank you note from him. let's show off the socks. you got fourth of july. beautiful.
4:54 pm
>> i designed those socks. i'm wearing them right now. >> we have great patriotic socks. and apollo 11. >> martha: that is fantastic. 50th anniversary. i love how creative you guys are. you not only runs a place for people and employs lot of people with different abilities. you're making it work. >> that's because of the social mission. we have to run a rigorous business. it succeeds because of the social impact. more than half of our employees have a different ability. we're showing the world what they can do and giving back is baked into everything we do. it's not just sell stuff. we're raising money for our charity partners. we raised over $300,000 for our
4:55 pm
charity partners. not only you're an entrepreneur, you're a philanthropist. >> i am. [laughter] >> our customers support us by buying socks, they are creating jobs. they are giving back. they're sharing the experience. >> martha: congratulations guys. thank you for stopping by again. congratulations on your big award. >> thank you so much. >> martha: see you soon. because energizer ultimate lithium is the longest lasting aa battery in the world. [confetti cannon popping] energizer. backed by science. matched by no one. red lobster's new weekday five days.s here: five deals. for fifteen dollars get a different deal every weekday til six pm like endless shrimp monday admiral's feast tuesday four course feast wednesday and more.
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5:00 pm
in his 28 year career, he served in korea and vietnam. telling a local paper i never felt i was anything but an american doing his job. that's the "story" for this monday night. thanks for joining us. >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." a lot going in the world from iran to north korea and china. we thought we would get out of d.c. and go see the world. we are in japan in central tokyo on the roof of a building. the g-20 summit will take place later in the week. the president will come over for. that we will interview him as he does. until then, all eyes are on the democratic party. the first two democratic debates will be held this week. 25 candidates in the race all desperate to stand out from the others. not easy when they agree on everything. how do


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