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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 25, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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very sad, and it is sad how hisa career is perhaps going to end. >> sean: pam bondi, thank you. i had my suspicions from the get-go. we will never be the media mob. let not your heart be troubled, the news continues. laura ingraham, big news for you tonight, as well. >> laura: hannity, we saw in his nine-minute press conference where he was pretty defiant and he was not going to be saying anything else. that was its purity, was going to retreat to private life. i guess, the subpoena flies and he has shown up. so this is going to be interesting. >> sean: to correct a few hours later, i mean, a big correction. >> laura: yeah, well, he made the point at that press conference i think for a reason. the question is, why the roll back in the initial viewpoint that the report stood on its own and you get the sense that theit democrats just want another bite of the apple day in and day out
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because talking about how they failed on the border. >> sean: do you agree and i'm leaning on your legal background, or maybe some people don't know that you are a lawyer, but you are and you are a very good one and went to dartmouth. here is what i want to ask you. here is what i see, this is going to backfire in a massives way, a massive way. >> laura: i absolutely think it is a disaster for the democrats. number one, it keeps yesterday, it keeps alive the narrative of how this entire charades started. all of the entanglements that you documented for the last year plus two years on your show from the partisan entanglement to the desire to prevent the president from being elected in the first place. then staying in office. the president is moving on to all his agenda items and drug pricing and everything he is doing. and mired in the past but we have john durham's investigation ongoing. so i think bob mueller has that in the back of his mind as well.
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you know, he knows that john durham is one of the top u.s. attorneys and one of the top legal minds in america. >> sean: and steel interrogation. we also know he has to say or will he be charged with perjury in great britain? >> laura: we have that and thehe horowitz ig investigation, the longest investigation.we where is that? we want that out yesterday. >> sean: can we speed it up mr. horowitz.. come on, you are killing us here. >> laura: the point again and you have hammered this home and explained it to people which is so important better than anybody. what has happened at the core of our criminal justice system, our justice department, where it is supposed to be blind lady justice. blind with regard to politics or your skin color or anything. the corruption at the core is the story here. and the president that snared in
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that because they wanted him out. they wanted him done. that is the story that if any journalist want to be honest with themselves, if they cared about the truth, they don't care. >> sean: can i say at one point, what we witnessed here and i want to be clear as i always am, 99% the premier law enforcement agency and the fbi, premier intelligence people, 99%, but what happened here was nothing but an attempted coup in this country a soft coup. it is all coming out. >> laura: when you can find your political campaign political campaigns with impunity and write it off as oh well, russia was going to do this. they were well within their rights. but when you can order a spying operation basically on a political opponent and get away with it, then that is not the america i grew up >> sean: lies, rationalize
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ironically. >> laura: and then complain joined at the hip with putin when he's been tough on russia than most issues come i think tougher than obama was. >> sean: wait a minute, you mean, more flexibility over the election. that guy? >> laura: [laughter] that was my favorite shot remember that? >> sean: all right come come is that your favorite on more flexibility, or is it the idiot cowardly shift, what is the nature of the evidence? and vladimir, of course. >> laura: that is -- these guys are bozos on capitol hill. most of them couldn't run a small business let alone a significant sized business. they are running a congress over there, good luck. >> sean: four hours, three hours of radio, one hour on tv.
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tell him to come. >> laura: [laughter] sean, fantastic show tonight. >> sean: great analysis, by the way, have a good show. coming up, big breaking news, laura. >> laura: sean, this is a fox news alert 68 days after his 448 page report was released and 27 days after his only public comment, today, we now know when former special counsel bob mueller will speak again. breaking just moments ago congressman adam schiff and jerry nadler announced that mueller will appear at an open hearing in front of the house intel and judiciary committee on july 17th. now, for all of you watching at home, i want to go back to that single appearance by mueller just four weeks ago and what he said about what any congressional testimony from him would look like. >> and i don't expect this to be the only time i will speak to you in this manner. i am making that decision
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myself. no one has told me whether i can or should testify or speak further about this matter. there has been discussion about an appearance before congress. the report is my testimony. i would not provide information beyond that which has already been public in any appearance before >> laura: so what pray tell changed? a subpoena, but what else will he possibly say? joining me congressman mark meadows republican from north carolina the chair of the freedom caucus attorney and member of the trump 2020 advisory council and meredith, alan dershowitz, bigcu breaking news tonight. let's start with you, congressman meadows, this was quite something tonight, nadler and adam schiff triumph it just to
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announce that he will be testifying. what can we expect? >> mark: it is a shame, laura and let me just say this, it is a friendly subpoena and that should not surprise your viewers or the american public. because this particular special counsel, bob mueller has been friendly to the cause from day one. what i find so disheartening isf that bob mueller said it all 445 pages, that is all i'm going to say and what has he been doing? he's been courted by the other side so they can harass the president and keep all this narrative, but honestly, there is nothing there. and i just find it unbelievable that here in congress tonight we find out about this on the house floor. they don't even go through normal protocol to let the minority know that they broke house rules. i'm not sure the subpoena is valid because you can't issue the same subpoena from two different committees of jurisdiction. listen, it is not a good day for america but bob mueller better be prepared. because i can tell you, he will
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be cross-examined for the first time and the american people will start to see the flaws in his performance. >> laura: in just a moment congressman meadows will give us a couple of questions he think the special counsel, former special counsel would have to answer as opposed by republicans. professor i want to go to you. are we to believe that mueller and all of his legendaryan experience in all of the positions he had as a u.s. veteran, went up before the world and lied? that he will limit any comments to what he said in the report in his 9 minutes of what he said in that press conference? >> alan: everybody is subject to subpoenas, but what is shocking the democratic majority is asking the special counsel to violate the justice department rules regarding prosecutors. prosecutors are bound by justice department rules and tradition never to say a word beyond. we have decided not to charge x
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and not to charge y. that is why james comey was charged. we decided not to charge hillary clinton but what she did was careless, and that deserved criticism and the democrats are asking mueller to do the same thing commit the same sand thatc james comey committed and if he smart to submit to the subpoena and say justice department rules and the presumption of innocence and the way prosecutors operate for centuries precludes me from saying anything beyond and that we have made a decision not to charge the following people. we have made a decision not to charge. we have made decisions to charge the following people. and i will answer no further questions and if you insist you can take me to court. and the courts will back mueller. what they would do is criticize mueller if he went beyond that statement.
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>> laura: now, congressman meadows mentioned fox's told subpoena was a friendly subpoena. now mueller would only appear t under a subpoena and would stick to the four corners of the report. but that is not what adam schiff is saying tonight. watch. >> i don't think the special counsel's office considers this a friendly subpoena. he was to testify but nonetheless he will respect the subpoena. so we expect all of the membersl of our committee will have an opportunity to ask him questions. >> laura: i mean, what is your reaction to that? why, as alan said, is it sore dangerous to subject prosecutors to this type of questioning? if the former special counsel agreement, why not any prosecutor that didn't charge somebody? why mueller? >> i think the answer is obvious, laura, a political and nonpolitical judgment.
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and it injects politics -- if anyone had a delta over the last couple of years as to where robert mueller stands with the team he's playing on my think it is answered by now. he is clearly sympathetic to the democrats who have done this witch hunt against the president. i'm actually with questions of congress meadows that they will ask like when did you know there was no rush in collusion and some of the members of the handpicked democratic team in a year of the advance -- investigation and why did you drag all these people through the mud and it violate the right to counsel of witnesses pressure people, prosecute people, an old man for something you don't prosecute democrats for? i think there are a lot of questions to be asked.t robert mueller, we all know, he could have said you know what we are pending prosecutions. i will respectfully decline answers of years i don't even call me. >> laura: they will not takean him to court.
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that is ridiculous. i'm patently ridiculous. congressman meadows, a question i would like to ask mueller is you know what about verification of the steele dossier? what did he know about the verification of the steele dossier, if anything.n did the prosecutors bother to find out who actually sent the initial information and with a lack of veracity, was that in any way relevant to the filing with the fisa court? was that interesting to the mueller case? >> all of those questions were answered within days of bob mueller opening up the investigation. the fbi knew the steele dossier was not credible.lest they knew that christopher steele was not credible. they knew that they had problems with the chain of evidence as it came in. they also knew that the very first fisa application and they did not give the amount of information that was suggested that was in essence they are not guilt. when you look at that, when it
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is even further than that, it's about the connections to russia that correctly crafted their words and they made a connection to russia that was not there. t adam schiff knows it and chairman nadler knows it. send the american people know it because it's carefully orchestrated report that i believe mr. wiseman actually had a hand in and he is going to start to fall apart under cross-examination. it should have happened to begin with. >> alan: the interesting thing -- i'm sorry, the interesting thing, laura, it will backfire on the republicans for this reason. they can't ask any questions about president trump. president trump was a subject and the decision was not the charge. a but there is no restrictions on asking him questions other than the justice department rules about the steele dossier. because that is not a subject of the investigation. so they can ask them all they want about that. they can ask him about the fisa report. the only questions they can
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really ask him are questions by republicans that are critical of the investigation rather than questions by democrats that go to the issue of whether there was evidence that might have justified some finding of guilt against donald trump. and alan is right, they can't f ask only the questions they all want to ask but entitled to ask. >> mark: it will backfire on the democrats because there is a lot of more questions unanswered and the scope of what has been answer for democrats and largely 445 pages that laid out thee best-case scenario for them.m. >> harmeet: laura, if i can have the american people are dumb and need robert mueller to repeat on camera what he said in his report. you can see this on twitter. this is exactly the democrats position. b this is cynical and will backfire. donald trump's superpower is
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making enemies on themselves. i think another example of this hearing coming up. >> laura: this is something i want to go to jerry nadler said just moments ago on this whole issue of the mueller appearance. let's watch. >> there is no right to divide congressional subpoena. the white house might assert some privilege, but when they reveal that a lot of the information mueller and even private attorneys, they waive the privilege. so i think he will answer the questions that are put to him. it is his civic duty to do so and he's an upstanding prosecutor. >> laura: allen, is that true that mueller, there is nothing mueller can do? he has to submit? jerry nadler is the chairman of the house judiciary committee. and i don't think he apparently knows law but go ahead, alan. >> alan: first of all, he ought to know that he said speaking to private counsel waives the privilege. that is the essence of privilege. the special counsel or white house counsel, obviously so they can ask questions about that. but no, nobody can defy
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subpoena, but you can respond to the subpoena and then refused to answer questions based on the traditions of the justice department, based on grand jury material, based on an ongoing investigation, based on a range of possible defenses. but he can't refuse to answer questions about the fisa application. those are the kind of questions that i think republicans will be very well prepared to ask. those are the kind of questions that are currently under investigation by theve inspector general whose report we are waiting for. but those are not in any way precluded. so i think that they will regret having called him. look, i'm a liberal democrat and i'm on the democrat side. >> laura: we didn't know that. >> alan: i'm trying to stop them from shooting themselves in the foot. what i'm also trying to do is protect the americans because as you said, laura if they can do this to the special counsel
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they can do it to any prosecutoc who comes in and says no i did not decide to prosecute the corporate presents executive. wait a minute why didn't you prosecute the corporate executive. tell me about the evidence she rejected and tell me about the witnesses you didn't believe?po everybody is at risk at this democrat calling. >> laura: an actual principle liberal on these issues and so refreshing to hear. congressman meadows, another issue which i know all this panel has already delved into somewhat over the last year plus. but when we discovered that andrew weissmann had been briefed by bruce ohr. andrew weissmann one of mueller's top prosecutors and going back to december 2016, i think a lot of people want to know, wait a second why exactly was he put on that special counsel team if he was in touch with bruce ohr that early? is that of a legitimate line of inquiry in your view, the makeup
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of the prosecution team? look, if we have them up there testify let's get the information about that team. >> mark: it is a legitimate question. i think the bigger problem we see, andrew weissmann was very much aware of all the improper protocols that were broken. not just with bruce ohr but the way bruce ohr was sharing with joe bianca, working together to try spin this, and guess who was involved in all of that peter strzok. he was right there coaching saying, let's get this covered up. let's make sure that it doesn't come out. i can tell you that alan dershowitz is very correct. we have to protect the civil liberties. whether republican or democrat or in between, we have to protect those. this is a sad day for civil liberties and those who love those. those rights that we have. yet, it is the worst day for congress because what we have now done, what adam schiff and them have done is basically is harass the president and put forth a political agenda.
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it is the fourth time we want to get collusion narrative out of it. i don't think so. >> laura: they want multiple bites of the same apple. and the core has already been eaten through. there was no apple there. harmeet, the conflicts of interest, most people hear that phrase across the country laura, what are you got to talk about that? i will tell you why, if you arew on trail in the court and you find out later that the jury actually had personal animus against you as a person for reviews or religion, then that can nullify the verdict, okay? i want to know more about what they did, did they get a legal opinion about the potential conflicts of interest within the pool of prosecutors that made up the special counsel's office?? that is another question. we are playing 20 questions with mueller tonight, but i would like to get the answer to that harmeet. >> harmeet: sure, we would all
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like to know that, laura. alan dershowitz, we speak as a civil libertarian who alsoli believes in due process for the accused. when you have a politicized system, look, the basic principle in our system, laura prosecutors and judges are supposed to be ought beyond reproach and appearance of propriety but here we start out with robert mueller being turned down for a job that he was proposed for. then taking this position to criticize the president. then handpicking 17 democrats to be on his team to persecute the president. and then refusing to honor the department of justice guidelines. the very same reasons that rod rosenstein gave her james comey to be fired is exactly what robert mueller is being asked to do right now by talking about the investigation well in defiance of the department of justice guidelines. and this reeks of impropriety. what it actually does, laura, it
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really underlines the american people's confidence when you see a prosecutor get up there from fbi agent get up there to investigate something it will be impartial. we don't believe that anymore. >> laura: i can tell you as a former criminal defense attorney, a lot of good prosecutors but i have put my problem with prosecutors, okay way too much power in the united states. and i'm a conservative. and i have a lot of skepticism what patrick fitzgerald did to conrad black to what they did to martha stewart. they pick and choose their victims to advance their political career all too often. >> alan: conservatives ought to be very skeptical of any abuse of governmental power. that is where true conservative and true liberals really joined together against the extremists on both sides who -- we believe in due process and constitutional rights whether liberal or conservative. >> laura: adam schiff spoke just moments ago. a another comment about in his view, that he has questions
11:22 pm
about the counterintelligence investigation launched. watch. >> we have a number of questions about the counterintelligence investigation and the role that the counterintelligence agents within the team to questions about some of the prosecutorial decisions made. we have fact questions about some of the statements that were made in the report. so there are any number ofue issues we wish to cover. >> laura: congressman meadows could this be a little cya preemptive going on here given what they know that john durham might be uncovering as well as the inspector general? i thought that comment was interesting, maybe i'm over reading it. >> mark: well, i think it's interesting on two fronts laura. the ig report is coming out. we know that john durham is coming. and here is what we do know about adam schiff. he knows the truth. he knows what's going to come out. so this is his last hoorah and what he's trying to do is frame the argument that everybody can
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see that there is a problem they and here is why i have a real hard time with adam schiff in saying this. when he goes in and starts to question the decisions that have been made by this prosecutor who are we going to bring in next? the supreme court justices? when does it stop? >> laura: [laughter] again, harmeet, back to you. this is so disturbing on so many levels, like all of us are i think, mark, are you a lawyer? i forgot now. >> mark: i'm a business guy. >> laura: sorry to tar your reputation. harmeet, alan and i long practicing attorneys. i'm a recovering lawyer, but this is what we went to law school for. we believed in the principles. it doesn't mean you don't make mistakes. people fall down and get up and they make bad mistakes, but the principles, the rules of theey game, we are all supposed to believe in. now, there is a lot of people out there that think it's all corrupt, nobody is telling the truth.
11:24 pm
it's all get the politicalhi opponent by any means necessary. you will excuse any level of prosecutorial misconduct or even lying. >> harmeet: there are so many examples of that in the situation, laura. e i mention paul manafort going to prison for things the podesta brothers out and about and every other person in washington is doing. and really in the long term, i think robert mueller had a story career as a prosecutor in a u.s. attorney in san francisco for one thing is going to end upto having a tarnished career because he chose this last gig. he chose to allow himself to be politicized. he's continuing to do that with lasting damage americans will look at the situation on both sides and be cynical about the outcome here that is a disgrace real disappointment that it happened. >> laura: alan, the real disagreement with that. they have to go. this whole roving band of prosecutors. >> mark: they have to go. >> alan: when you called me on to beyond tonight, i was
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watching clinton affair and it was so familiar. there are the folks in arkansas going to jail, the specialal prosecutor who is a good guy. i like him so much, that when you give a person that kind of power. there were three special prosecutors for a time in that case but you give them the powem with collateral damage. we have to put an end to speciae counsel, special prosecutors and create special division within the justice department and a permanent division in the justice department to do these kinds of investigation under usual routes, no reports no reports to be made public. statements, prosecuting, not prosecuting but back toep traditions. this country has been built on instead of trying to create new ways of politicizing the criminal justice system and today used against the republicans, tomorrow against today after tomorrow used against you. dead in the water.
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we don't hear from that. and that's where we have to stand up for the rights of all americans. >> laura: i have to say, guys a lot of things can be depressing daily basis in the news business, but what is really sad is that, you can count on one hand the number of true liberals out there. i used to know christopher hitchens. >> mark: who was great. >> laura: you had a lot of people, former aclu director think he still out there but all of these people. >> alan: the dean. there are some good people, but there are so many good people on the democratic liberal side who have been civil libertarians bu get trump before any notion of civil liberties and prepared to compromise any rights community constitutional rights. they think the only important goal is to get trump. and i didn't vote for trump, but i've been trying to stand up against the oppression of any side that tries to use the ends that justify the means.
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>> laura: mark, speaker pelosies is out with a statement. congressman meadows, saying in part national security is being threatened and the american people deserve answers. the mueller report reveals the russians waged a sweeping systematic attack on the election and american intel law enforcement officials have warned that the russians will attack our elections again. yet sadly the president calls is a hoax. should you guess he would welcome russian interference again? okay, that is ridiculous. the democrats are making excuses for 2020 congressman. that is the statement tonight. >> mark: this is a 2020 exercise and, laura, let me say this. when you look at that, no one is more serious about keeping the russians from interfering in the election. k but what is inflated though they accuse the president of wrongdoing, he is innocent, and that is what this is all about. it has nothing to do with protecting the election, and it has everything about making a political statement.
11:28 pm
>> laura: just because i adore -- >> mark: when this first happened, i called for special investigative committee to look into the role of russian too without pointing fingers to americans. and we could really be focused how to stop russians because we acknowledge the russians have r tried to influence the election and continue to do it, but special counsel don't know anything about that and continue to prosecute people in the dark behind the closed doors of a grand jury. >> laura: harmeet -- >> harmeet: i was going to see if those questions had been asked of alan dershowitz and the obama administration officials who would have had to answer those questions because they are the ones who have the information. speaker pelosi, nancy pelosi's question leads to that trailer and nobody wants to go there. i think she's trying to change the subject. she doesn't think this is the best thing to be dwelling on and she wants to talk about the agenda of the democrats. they are shooting themselves in the foot by continuing to talk
11:29 pm
about this. >> laura: just because i adore all three of you, okay, i want to end this fantastic panel with some dramatic readings from last night. let's watch. >> what the hell is this all about? you will always get honesty from me. >> that's what i want. honest loyalty. mueller has to go. call me back when you do it. >> that evening mcgann called bannon and told them that he intended to resign. >> mcgann said the president had asked him to do crazy [bleep]. >> laura: okay, hollywood celebrities got together to read parts of the mueller report and i love how john, an extravaganza. this is how people had come to define themselves in their resistance to donald trump. each of you get a crack at that but i should have had you do a dramatic reading, alan. >> alan: so i will start
11:30 pm
laura. actually good actors doing the reading there. what we have our low paid poor actors here on capitol hill, trying to do the same thing and coming out with a very poor result. >> laura: as my daughter would say -- >> alan: i am thrilled, i am thrilled that actors are acting policies -- >> laura: wait a second, alan. >> alan: may be because they are actors that they know something we don't know. >> laura: alan, alan, they are telling you by doing the stupid dramatic reading, okay? read other peoples lines. that is what they do. this is their way of saying see, this is obstruction. they wouldn't no obstruction if it bit them in they are, youyo know, you know what. harmeet, final thoughts. >> harmeet: i mean, i think this is a sideshow. this is a mockery of this whole
11:31 pm
process by trying to politicize it again. and hollywood is the biggest swap of hypocrites of immoral people doing the worst thing to each other in society and for them to get on high horse and preach to us about it is ridiculous. many years ago come i don't think i will sway anybody's attention and my favor. >> laura: two words, kevin spacey, harvey weinstein. by the way, giuliani just text a reporter that they will not get anything, zero relevance basically. this will be a big goose egg for the democrats. so that is his view tonight. fantastic panel. you guys were awesome. thank you for coming in last minute. breaking news. that is why we do live television. coming up, my angle on thet deficiency that the democrats will face tomorrow night on that big debate stage and how trump can exploit them
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that is the focus of tonight's angle. as 20 democrats head into the first debate this week, the vulnerabilities of the current front runners are coming into focus. remember, most voters are noter closely following the canada -- candidates yet, but a new ap poll finding registered democratic voters arg paying little to no attention to the race. that is healthy. that is where we come in to give the democrat brothers and sisters a reality check on their current top five contenders. let's start with joe biden. o a.k.a. sleepy joe, a.k.a. rambling joe a.k.a. the harris sniffer. he has made a career of appealing to working-class voters by passing himself off as one of them. >> my time in public office i've gotten involved and been referred to low class joe. it's not always meant as a compliment. it means that i'm not
11:37 pm
sophisticated. that is why i'm low class joe.lw >> laura: obama dreads to endorse ever? often spoke of being one of the poorest members of congress. but cash and you julie since heo was vp charting up to $200,000 a speech and racking up lucrative book deals. in addition to his nearly 700,000 square-foot modest foe in delaware and $3 million beach house on maryland beach show joe is citing virginia estate worth millions. one that i swear was one featured for the rich and famous. it's in the back of my mind. real estate company even got rocked for the houses video. >> sitting high, there is an undeniable -- and reminiscence of the mansions and the immediate impression which will pass through the gates.
11:38 pm
>> laura: [laughter] and a gold plated lifestyle for gold plated joe. you can expect the opponents to make a lot of his opulent lifestyle as well as another issue, flat-footed notes on racial issues. >> it hurts when you talk about boys commit it hurts when you call a racist like normal eyes. >> that's not what i said though. they didn't print the whole deal.ou >> i know someone running for president of the united states someone running to be the leader of our party should you should know using the boy in the way that he did can cause hurt and pain. >> laura: well, then there is biden support for the trans-pacific partnership.
11:39 pm
remember trump nixed the ppp as a giveaway to the global list which is sure to be a point of contention for sanders and warren. p but perhaps one of biden's most glaring vulnerabilities is his reluctance to criticize china. >> china is going to eat our lunch, come on, man. they are not bad folks, folks but guess what, they are not competition for us. >> laura: a whole space weaponry and artificial intelligence, no big deal. and the less candidate revealed to bernie sanders and e warren currently competing in their own events and the freebie olympics, whether free admission, free health care guaranteed standard of living. expect more of this from the debate stage. >> four-year college college from a four-year public college all free and tuition free for all of our kids. >> tuition free for every person in new york state and vermont and in america.
11:40 pm
a medic cap for all, single payer program. >> universal pre-k for every one of our zero to 5-year-olds in the country. >> this proposal completely eliminates student debt in this country.ur >> laura: wait a minute, did she say zero to five years old? oh, my gosh. although this may play well in the offices prefer warren by 38%, but average americans are horrified particularly when they realize that they are going to get stuck with the giveaway bill. now even usa today slammed the democrats giveaway caucus noting sanders and warren are pandering to young voters. then there is poor pete as in i buttigieg. 5 minutes ago, he seemed like he was emerging as the new darling of the in crowd, including hollywood a-listers. he is well polished, he has pedigree and afghanistan and the
11:41 pm
army reserve, but now dogged by racial discontent in his hometown of south bend, indiana where the police force seems way too white to african-american residents. >> did you ask me if black lives matter? >> of course, black lives matter. >> do you understand, get the people that are racist off of the streets! you are going to get it. do your job to have a moral compass when you leave this place! >> laura: times lately, i almost feel bad for it seems like the pressure has been too much for pete. >> i don't know if it is smart or not. i don't know if it is strategic or not. but it is my city. and i have a relationship with everybody in the city who looks to the city to keep them safe.
11:42 pm
>> laura: well, his performance and words did not go down well with the south bend police either. they said in a statement, "mayor buttigieg an effect on law enforcement officers and law enforcement officers nationwide driving a wedge between law enforcement officers and the community they took an oath to serve." now questions of mayor pete'sdr confidence at handling basic functions of local government they are likely to dog him to the debate and through the campaign. you kind of have to see it this way. if you can't manage kind of medium-sized police department how will he possibly manage the entire executive branch? and then, there is kamala harris, the attractive california ag is constantly trying to prove how cool she is. now, harris promised that her doj would prosecute president trump, absolutely. she defended the hoax of jussie smollett and she hopes to get the anti-nra vote but while
11:43 pm
trying to sound balanced at least for today's democrats. >> i am a gun owner and i own a gun for probably a reason that a lot of people do, for personal safety. and we are being offered false choice which suggests the second amendment or do you want to take guns away? >> laura: important to note kamala harris, she was in iowa when she made those comments. she said semiautomatic guns have no place in society and she would like to ban them. her debate opponents will likely pounce also on harris' record as a prosecutor where they say she was not progressive enough and failed to support criminal justice reform. but thinking about that for a moment, none od that mattered because trump already did criminal justice reform. in the coming the dems like it or not, their candidates are going to at least to begin to smash each other. maybe even savage each other in
11:44 pm
a desperate attempt to break from the pack. politico reports that "democratic bigwigs fear debates will evolve into a horror show." come on, this got kicked off and if you want to subject yourself to a horror show? why would you want to watch left-wing resistance? if you want to do horror, watch a horror show. do war, watch a war show. >> i think you have the wrong one. >> laura: well, at least you will be entertained. and that is the angle. if you can believe that we have more breaking news tonight moments ago democrats in the house finally coming to the table to fund facilities being overrun. and here exclusively cantanelli next to react. all money managers might seem the same,
11:45 pm
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11:48 pm
>> laura: moments ago the house passed a $4.5 billion supplemental spending bill to provide humanitarian assistance for children and families at the border. this comes on the heels of another round of a major shake-up within border security leadership. for more, i'm joined by ken cuccinelli, acting director of u.s. citizenship and immigration services. good to see you, ken. the emotions have been raw over
11:49 pm
the last several days. many have been saying for months that unless congress funded these facilities, beds and the like, we would be in this crisin and people would die. people have died, and this crisis, what can you tell us tonight? >> ken: first of all, you are right. we saw going around today a father and daughter from el salvador drowning crossing the rio grande. we had two babies and a toddler mother die at the department of interior land. i want to say two days ago. this will continue especially going into the summer, the most brutal time of the year to be crossing those areas. of course, we look at this from the american side of the border looking at it from the southern side of the border, about two-thirds of the people coming across the border illegally are paying thousands of dollars and effectively blood money tolls to drug cartels.
11:50 pm
mobile terrorists in the world to get to the american border. they have monetized this crisis. and until we are sending people back to the northern triangle countries, sending people coming across the border back to their neighborhoods. so the other people thinking about coming can see that we are actually enforcing our laws this is not going to end. >> laura: ken, isn't it always the case, ken, i'm in agreement and we will hold you over, but we need to make sure that we have the rule of law means something. people deported and gone through the process sent back home. obama said that would happen anr he didn't do it and we also need these asylum cases dealt with in a different way. and that has to be reformed out of it has to be done. >> ken: that is right. no, you're absolutely right.
11:51 pm
we have massive loopholes in the asylum system that are being exploited tremendously. >> laura: ken, we will be right back. hold that thought. we have more news with ken cuccinelli up next. stay right there..ex nce with usa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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♪ >> laura: the catastrophe at the southern border. it is not new news. it is old news.
11:55 pm
and you know what, congress let you down, let the system down and let the migrants down who have been trying to cross into the country. some of them have a legitimate claims. not all of them. everybody has been let down by a refusal to do what is right. we continue with our friend ken cuccinelli, u.s. citizenship director, and i'm just delighted he is still with us. ken, it is so disgusting to see people exploit. >> ken: it is. >> laura: the pain of children and families. and ignore the pain and children and families in america who have been brutalized. the same thing. it is bad. >> ken: that is right, that is right. well, right now we have a system set up by congress where the federal government is performing the function of the last mile of a human trafficking chain all
11:56 pm
the way from central america. and we are literally handing children over to unvented people who are here illegally. for this to happen domesticallyu of course, we would be going berserk. if it wasn't about illegaly, immigration, the democrats would be joining us in being upset about it as well. t now, they want to facilitate it. so hopefully moving the budget through first the house and hopefully, approved by the senate will give hhs and border patrol and particular the tools they need to deal with the children and ice the attention they need to make the rule of law means something in this country in the illegal immigration contacts. >> laura: i should say while the president and i think the majority of republicans in congress, they actually recognize this, ken, for what it is. >> ken: yes. >> laura: democrats have been claiming otherwise. let's watch.
11:57 pm
>> this president just used the backdrop of the oval office to manufacture a crisis. >> they are engaging in a moral crisis. >> this so-called crisis have the border is fake. this is a crisis of his own making. th laura: well, this is finally, their eyes are open? ken? >> ken: no, no, no. truthful back then. they knew there was a crisis then, and they were playing serious politics with it while the president was busy trying to solve the problem. and they just, they instinctively fight with him no matter what, including when he's right. but i believe frankly, the polling among democrats got so overwhelming where based democrats were recognized the severity of this crisis at the border that their so-called leadership could no longer dodge this. now, we see nancy pelosi just
11:58 pm
you know, 24 hours or so ago, 48 hours or so ago, saying things like i don't get the point of interior enforcement. i don't get the point of enforcing deportation orders. >> laura: ken, i have got to say, i have come to the conclusion reluctantly but absolute conclusion, the goal here for today's democrats, notl obama democrats in 2015 when they said they would have to go home, but today's democrats just four years later the goal is no deportation, except maybe murderers, maybe. no deportations, no detentions. if you go online and read aoc that is it. no detentions, and no deportations. >> ken: right. >> laura: and you say? >> ken: well, i'm not sure i agree with you on the murders. because they tell us, oh, we want to see serious criminal aliens go, but the same people defend the sanctuary cities and they keep those murderers fromeo being handed over to ice for
11:59 pm
deportation. not a few miles from the nation's capital, lessa than a month ago ms-13 killed a 14-year-old girl. and the people who killed her had already been caught for violent crimes. all crimes that qualified them to be turned over to ice. but maryland and the state of maryland proudly proclaims itself as a sanctuary state. so they wouldn't turn those murderers over to ice to be deported.nd now, we have more people that are dead to a 14-year-old girl. >> laura: the casualties across this country is not just at the border, across this country. the democrats have selective indignation when it comes to casualties and victims. ken cuccinelli, thank you so much for being with us tonight. >> ken: good to be with you laura. >> laura: that is all the time we have tonight. veck out my podcast, a new one today, importance of sports and young people. you will not want to miss it. got a lot of stuff on the
12:00 am
importance of sports and young people. it is not politics all the time. shannon bream, take it from here. shannon: this is a fox news alert. major breaking news from capitol hill. former special counsel robert mueller will testify before congress july 17th in front of the cameras regarding his russia investigation was democrats clamoring to learn more about possible struck somewhat by the president and republicans say they have questions of their own about the origins of the whole thing. the house just passed an emergency border funding a lot of rising $4.5 billion for the humanitarian crisis at the border. why progressive democrats split with party leadership and didn't vote on the deal and it is unpleasant course with what


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