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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 26, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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♪ we will be back tomorrow at 7:00. tucker is next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: konnichiwa, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we are coming to you live from kyoto, japan, sitting in front of the hozu river, one of the a prettiest places in the world. this was the imperial capital of japan before it moved to tokyo. we are here because the g20 summit will be coming to osaka nearby. i will be interviewing the president, you will see it right but first tonight, the democratic debate less than an hour from now. a dozen candidates or so, ten democrats will take the stage, some of them potentially could t become president. many others, bill de blasio, cory booker, are making fools of
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themselves for reasons that aren't exactly clear. but it's interesting to see them all gather together because you get a sense of what the democratic party cares about, what its priorities are. this season, the candidates will be trying hard to become therd most extreme on the question of immigration. which one can attack the idea of borders most aggressively? keep in mind, it was only a few months ago that as a group they were telling you there was no crisis at all on the border. in fact, they were saying it was manufactured by the trump administration.t remember? watch this. >> folks, the president has manufactured one heck of a political crisis for himself. >> donald trump has manufactured a national security crisis. you will hear him say that this is a manufactured crisis,, not a national security crisis. >> nancy pelosi, anyone else who will give him a dime for this project. >> it's manufactured. >> it's a manufactured crisis for the president to get a political >> our president will go on tv tonight and lie, lie, lie some more.
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this is a manufactured crisis. >> tucker: shills and liars and dumb people, joe lockard coming out of retirement to lie to you, "it's a manufactured crisis." it wasn't true then, definitely not true now. 100,000 people estimated to be streaming into this country illegally every month. many from as far away as africa. the crisis is not manufactured, it is demonstrably real. even democrats recognize that now, but now they are saying it's not their fault, of course. they are blaming the president. this week, a man and his daughter drowned trying to cross the rio grande river to cross our border. beto o'rourke tweeted this, "the president is responsible for these deaths." this is the man who said we should have no border barrier whatsoever. the press instantly adopted his view as their own. watch them repeat his sentiment. >> the cruelty and incompetence continues day by day to exacerbate a humanitarian crisis at the border. >> resulting in the suffering of
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children and infants as the president and his administration concoct a toxic brew of political opportunism and operational incompetence. >> children who live there today and tonight should not have to shoulder the political dysfunction and the administration's policies that have created this situation. >> tucker: what you just saw isn't shading the truth, it's not bending the truth, it'ss lying right to your face and daring you to disagree. it's the definition of propaganda.u thousands of people cross our border every single day illegally. why? because word has gotten out that our immigration laws will not be enforced. it's not the president who decided not to enforce them. he was elected to enforce them. no, it's the democratic party, which has staked its entire political future on the dysfunction you are watching right now. importing a new class of voters to replace the american middle class, which it no longer serves or cares about.
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it's the democrats who halted deportation, democrats who are telling you, even today, we have to shut down i.c.e. not every thing about the democratic party is bad. not everything they say is a lie. but when they tell you that it is trump's fault that the border is out of control, that is at lie. it is 100% their fault. they created the status quo that is causing the deaths of migrants. but don't take it from us, five years ago president obama admitted that dysfunctional borders lead to suffering.m watch this. >> our message absolutely is don't send your children unaccompanied on trains or through a bunch of smugglers. we don't even know how many of these kids don't make it and may have been waylaied into sex trafficking or killed because they fell off a train. we have no way of tracking that. that is our direct message to the families in central america. do not send your children to thc borders. if they do make it, they will get sent back.
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more importantly, they may not make it. >> tucker: that is barack obama telling illegal aliens not to come. and not to put their children in harm's way trying to sneak in. can you imagine? he is a democrat, in case you don't remember, he held office just three years ago. try saying that today. anyone who even has those thoughts will be considered a thought criminal. obama would be too far right wing to stand on tonight's debate stage. he actually would be scorned by his fellow republicans, if he was a republican. things have changed a lot. ed henry is in miami for tonight's debate and he joins us live for some perspective on this question. hey, >> tucker, good to see you. it's fascinating, you're right, because among the ten democrats on stage, none of them are saying what barack obama said, which is that at least parents have some responsibility for what is happening at the border of the kids who are coming across. back in 2014, it was about unaccompanied minors. the photo you are talking about that has captured the left's
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attention, and it should capture everyone's attention, that it is a tragedy that a father and daughter died, but no one on the stage tonight is talking about the own father's responsibility, parents in general, and i will take it a step further. at least two democrats on the stage tonight, beto o'rourke and cory booker, they both served in congress, o'rourke, a former house member, booker, a current senator. they are blaming the president for the death of this father and daughter when they have been and were in congress and did virtually nothing about the border i will say cory booker at least, a few months ago, we checked the record, he did say it's a crisis and his party should not deny it's a crisis. but in fact, when you look at it, nancy pelosi called it a fake crisis. chuck schumer said it is a crisis that does not exist.. look at people in the media. don lemon on cnn a few months ago said this was an imaginary latin american conspiracy put together by the president. last night, don lemon was
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holding up this photo you showed a moment ago on cnn and saying anyone who wants to deny it's a crisis, i'll show you this photo. anyone like, don lemon? or nancy pelosi? chuck schumer? they have all denied previously that it was a crisis. >> tucker: so, they are betting, i guess, that nobodyy else in america can remember what the world was like three months ago, or what they said three months ago? >> right. part of it is you now have this debate in congress and house republicans bear some responsibility. remember, they ran the house the first two years of donald trump's administration. they didn't follow through on the wall, they didn't follow through on a lot of pieces. they did some of it, but there is a lot they didn't follow up on. so you have that issue on the table. now, byron york was pointing this out today.n you have democrats and republicans in congress fighting about a few billion dollars to deal with the border crisis. everyone should admit it is a crisis as the president first declared it. they are fighting over a few
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billion dollars to deal with the crisis and yet we have thousands of people crossing illegally every day, and while they fight, there is nothing they are doing. by the way, cory booker, who is on stage tonight, is going even further. he wants to decriminalize the idea of crossing the border illegally. how exactly will that work? if you come here illegally, he is going to say as president, i'm decriminalizing that. you can break our laws, it's okay. >> tucker: and here's universal health care, which you can now participate in. yeah, that is the end of the country right there. ed henry, thank you for answering that question. really amazing. good to see you. mark morgan is the current acting director of i.c.e. and he joins us tonight. mr. morgan, thank you for coming on. it does seem like the democratic party has woken up to the fact that it's a crisis, but now it is the president's fault. what is your response? >> again, tucker, this is just outrageous.
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how long have we been talking about -- the experts, the people who do this everything the day that risked their lives -- we've been out there pleading congress that they need to step up. the only dysfunctional thing ist congress! their inability to do what we've been begging them to do, to fix the flores settlement agreement so we don't release familiesle into the united states. tdpra, which allows us -- we are forced kids from the northern triangle countries, we have to let them into the united states. we have told them, that is the incentive, that is the pull factor. if they pass meaningful legislation to fix those two things, that would end catch and release, i am promising american people, the numbers would skyrocket down. and congress refuses to do their job. >> tucker: that's very, verynd obvious. this is an ominous sign, or it seems like one. nick robin, police say they have deported four suspected members of isis, they reportedly came to costa rica earlier this month
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and were caught after several of them came into nicaragua. what is this about? do you have any sense?e >> i do and i'm glad you brought this up because here is another narrative, we went from, "it's a manufactured crisis" to now, "it is a crisis but only a humanitarian crisis." it's not. that is why the president declared a national emergency, because it is humanitarian and a national security threat crisis as well, and this is a great this is where homeland security investigations, hsi, the investigative element of i.c.e., this is where they are pushing the borders out, they are working with other countries, and they have come up with these great systems where if we get an alert on somebody, these countries who are helping them i do biometrics on these people,tr and we are identifying who they are well before they get anywhere near our borders to do damage. in this case, that is exactly what they did. now, it came out, there wasn't any derogatory information about these individuals, so right now we don't have any connection to
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terrorist groups or terrorist activity, but that is not the point.ig the american people should realize that bad things, bad people could potentially come through that southwest border and this is a great example of that. >> tucker: yeah, as soon as they get here they get drivers licenses. [laughs] i mean, i don't know why i'm laughing. it's so completely absurd. mark morgan, thanks so much fore your perspective on that on that. >> you bet. >> tucker: young pioneer alexandria ocasio-cortez is a member of congress but would make a fantastic bolshevik if she decides to change careers. it's not enough if she decides to oppose the president's immigration policy, she also wants to destroy anyone who is remotely connected to securing the border. e-commerce company wayfair is providing beds for a new immigrant holding facility in texas. today, some employees walked out in protest. ocasio-cortez endorsed their efforts, tweeting "this is what solidarity looks like." maybe next she will boycott the
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snack foods that i.c.e. stocks in vending machines. elizabeth warren, meanwhile, is entering tonight's debate with a fresh proposal to completely decriminalize illegal border crossings, which is of course completely insane. sneaking into america illegallyy would no longer be illegal. what would happen to the country if we did that? melissa francis, cohost of "outnumbered" and "after the bell" on fox business. thank you for comingr on. first, alexandria ocasio-cortez, what do you make of this? she is saying that anybody who does business with i.c.e. inu effect should be punished. >> i mean, it's idiotic. the ceo of wayfair, a public company, first of all. they are losing money. their ceo doesn't get to make decisions like that, he has a legal fiduciary responsibility to do best with the shareholder's money, it is not his money, he can't make
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decisions based on his own politics or his own definition of morality. he has to try to make money for his shareholders. it's against the law for him to do what she wants him to do, to turn down business, especially given the fact that the company is losing money. let's talk about elizabeth warren and this other proposal we are going to hear more about tonight at those debates, if you tune in, where they are saying if you cross thu border, it shouldn't be illegal. guess what. if somebody is coming here to seek asylum, it's because the rule of law in their home country has broken down to the point where they no longer feel safe. they come to this country because the rule of law works and keeps them safe. so how is breaking the law helping those people who are coming here for laws and security? these are both really stupid ideas. how does taking away furniture help children? how does taking away laws help children? it doesn't. our lawmakers have massively failed us.
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this is a huge problem that is enormous because it has festered for so long. there is no easy way to solvees it. it's going to take a whole bunch of solutions. here's the thing, tucker, what if every time we interviewed a lawmaker, what if you and i took this pledge and everybody else, shep, sean, rachel, and anderson, what if we all said that every time you interview a lawmaker you say, name one thing you have proposed before that you are willing to give and puti on the table as a gesture to get the ball rolling? you can't name what you want in return. because, you know what, everyone is going to have to work together to come to a solution. that picture of the dead child is really heartbreaking. but everybody looks at it and they see someone different to blame. we can all look at it and see that it is a total failure on the part of america. look at that picture and ask lawmakers, what is it that you are willing to put on the table, with nothing in return -- you won't look weak, you will look strong. what do you think?
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don't you think that would work? >> tucker: it might. personally, i think that the people in charge of the country first need to care about the country. i am in a country now, japan, whatever their flaws, the leaders care about the country of japan. there is no immigration to japan because they don't think it is good for the country. there is also no litter and no crime. every priority on both sides of the divide politically, the basic priorities are the same,es which is, take care of the country. i don't see anyone in congress putting literally america's interest first at all. >> i agree with you but i think this would expose them because both sides have let this problem fester and it has become a great political thing for them, way tt hit the other side. i mean when you have somebody proposing that anybody who comes into this country illegally is suddenly legal, that doesn't make any sense, so they are obviously not trying to dony anything real, they are trying
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to make a political point. let's challenge them to actually fix the problem, or shut up and get out of the way. >> tucker: melissa francis, thanks very much for that. just a reminder, tonight going forward we will monitor the democratic debates and have all of the low points on tomorrow's show so you don't have to suffer through it. we recommend you don't. robert mueller wanted to go into retirement, he said so in public. democrats won't let him. the russia probe must continue! so he's being forced to testify. we will tell you when and where. yesterday we were broadcasting live from tokyo and now we are in a remarkable city called kyoto, japan. we will take you on the journey of how we got here. our first stop, japan's famous bullet train station in tokyo. watch. >> tucker: we are in the central tokyo train station, heading to kyoto on the bullet train. it's the largest metro area in the world and the first thing you notice about the train
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station is what it doesn't have, which is filth, graffiti, no trash, no one is begging forav money, no one's shooting drugs, nobody is yelling or picking imaginary insects out of the air. this is as nice as any public space i have ever been in my life. shocking. it would be nice to live in a place like this. ♪ (male announcer) summer fun starts at bass pro shops and cabela's with huge savings-- like bass pro flag chairs for under $10 each. and this stars and stripes tailgate toss game for under $30. now with free 2 day shipping.
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♪ >> tucker: welcome back to "tucker carlson tonight," we are live this morning, because it is the morning in japan, from kyoto, the old imperial capital
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for 1,000 years. this is where the japanese emperors lived. but that entire millennium, the city may be have never seeniu anything as absurd as what is happening in our own capital, washington, d.c., right now. the mueller report has been out for two months, if you've read it, you know that there is no evidence inside of it, this is the result of two years of investigation, that russia helped the trump campaign with the knowledge of the trump campaign. in other words, that there was collusion between the two. no collusion. but it doesn't matter, democrats cannot allow the story to die, they have to talk about it until november of 2020. now they are bringing robert mueller back to testifyo about the report. congressman jerry nadler, really a contemptible member of congress, insists it won't be a waste of everyone's time. watch this. >> i think it will have a profound impact. i think it is very important that the american people hear from mr. mueller as to what he did find, what the results of that two-year investigation were
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and not have to rely on the misinformation spread by the attorney general. i'll be reading the report, which most people don't do. >> tucker: former cia officer and a frequent guest on the show, he joins us tonight. john, thank you for coming on. you heard mr. nadler say that mr. mueller needs an opportunity to explain what he found, but i thought he got to write the report that had no time limit and no length limit. what can he possibly tell us that wouldn't have been in the report? >> he is not going to tell us anything at all. he's already told us, anything at all that has not already been published in the report. what jerry nadler is hoping is that 99% of americans have not read the report. they have relied on media to tell them what they should think, and that they are not going to go read the report now. now can you imagine somebody
10:24 pm
like robert mueller, who has made it as far as he has made it in life by being a professional, just throwing all of that out of the window and sitting in the witness chair and coming up with some sort of new revelation that nobody's known about? that he hadn't written about, that his investigators hadn't uncovered until just now? it's never going to happen. this is only political theater, and nothing more. >> tucker: so mueller told us when he made his one and only public appearance after the release of his report that if called to testify, he would not say a single thing that wasn't contained in the report. you think it's possible he will change that position? >> i can't imagine that he will change that position because then he is going to open himself up to all kinds of new criticism. why do that? what robert mueller wants is fo this whole thing to just end so that he can take that
10:25 pm
seven-figure salary and the big corner office in some law firm somewhere and live happily ever after. he said, and i saw this on all of the news networks in the last day or so, that he only agreed to testify because he didn't want to spend the money on an attorney fighting a so what he is going to do -- and i would bet a paycheck on this -- what he is going to do is he's going to sit in the witness chair and he's going to repeat everything that he concluded in that report. we are not going to see anything new coming out of thisis testimony. >> tucker: your point about legal fees, as someone yourselfn who has been hounded for a long time by the federal government knows very well, that is one ofr the ways they get you. you give up because it is too expensive. g thank you for making that point. great to see you. >> my pleasure, great to see you. thank you. >> tucker: lawlessness continues to gain traction in the united states. now in queens, new york, apparently a new d.a. has been
10:26 pm
elected who is committed to protecting criminals and tearing down the law. we are not overstating that. we will tell you the details after the break. but first, more of our journey from tokyo to our current location in kyoto to prepare for the president's arrival here in japan. >> tucker: we are at the central tokyo train station, about to board a bullet train. they call them a bullet train because they are really fast. a train like this could get between new york and washington, for example, in an hour. f it currently takes our fastest train three hours. this train is going to hiroshima right behind me. it's about to take off, they have electric engines, that apparently, the lift off, the g-force is intense when it starts. ♪ ♪ my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else?
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>> tucker: welcome back. we are here in kyoto, japan, along the banks of the hozu river. back in the united states, democrats are just moments away from taking the debate stage in miami where they are not demanding we open our borders to the world and give health care to millions of they are telling us that global warming will end the world andnd giving the green new deal total control of the economy is the only way to save it. for months, democrats have been working themselves into ano frenzy, a lather of hysteria.nt they say things like this. >> the biggest threat to our prosperity in this 21st century is climate change. >> the crisis that could, at its worst, lead to extinction. >> that climate change is real, is an existential threat to our country, and the entire planet. >> we are running out of runway to be able to fix this problem! [applause] we need all hands on deck. >> when the planet has been in
10:32 pm
peril in the past, who came forward to save earth? from the scourge of nazis, totalitarian regimes? we came forward. >> if you don't take climate change seriously, you don't care about the world, the country. you don't care about people. >> tucker: nazis, human extinction! these people are buffoons. they wouldn't know science if io got in the shower with them. no human atrocity is too ludicrous to draw a comparison with. it is total hysteria, it is hilarious actually. every candidate was willing to fly to miami on a gas guzzling airplane for the debate, emitting carbon along the way. that's weird. the world is ending but it's not important enough to curtail their ambitions? huh a research fellow at the heartland institute, he joins us. justin, does this confuse you? if this is an existential
10:33 pm
threat -- i love that phrase, not that i know what it means -- to humanity, if it is worse than the nazis, why would you ever fly on an airplane if you believe that? >> i have a better question, why would you ever support a bunch of socialist policies, why would you even want to spend one single penny on anything other than stopping this supposed existential threat that is going to wipe out humanity in 80 years? if we are all headed for a "mad max" post-apocalyptic hellscape universe in 80 years, shouldn't we be focusing all our money and energy on stopping the problem? yet they want free college tuition for everyone, cancelingg student loan debt, universal health care, federal jobs guaranteed, any program they can think of, that is what they are calling for. i'm not confused by this. it's obvious why they are doing this, because this is all about socialism. this is not about climate change, this is not about saving the planet. this is about socialism, and ann democratic party presidential
10:34 pm
candidate who wants to debate us on the climate science, we are more than willing to do that. we have a conference coming up, the heartland institute,ha july 25th in washington, d.c., any presidential candidate who wants to come and debate us on climate science, we will gladly host you. i don't think anyone is going to come. >> tucker: i don't think anyone will take you up on thatd you follow this for a living, china is the greatest emitter of carbon in the world by far, biggest polluter, too, in conventional terms. have you ever hear a democratic candidate denounce china? >> no, never. the amazing thing about that is even if we reduced our co2 emissions down to zero -- zero -- it wouldn't do anything because china and india and countries like that are emitting way more fossil fuels and emissions and than we are here in the united states. it's not going to make any difference over the next ten years. the reality is that co2 emissions are going to increase no matter what we do here in america.a. democrats who tell you otherwise are lying to you.
10:35 pm
they are lying to you because again, it's not about climateat change, it's not about saving the planet, it's about socialism, plain and simple. >> tucker: yeah, increasing a their power over you. justin, good to see you tonight, thank you. >> thanks. >> tucker: voters in queens last night elected tiffany caban, endorsed by alexandria ocasio-cortez and funded by billionaire leftists like george soros, she won s the democratic primary, so in effect, she is the officeholder, because that is the same as winning a november election. once she is officially in office, caban is clear about what she wants to do. she will decriminalize prostitution, she will end cash bail for all criminal offenses, and close down new york's famous rikers island prison without building a replacement for it. what would that mean for new york? howie carr is a radio host and he joins us tonight. what would happen if you did what she says she is going to
10:36 pm
do? >> it is chaos, obviously. queens is a very big place, it's got more population than 15 states. archie bunker doesn't live there anymore. she was elected with a tiny vote, it was only an 11% turnout in a special election. the regular queens democrat machine split the vote two or three different ways and she slid in by 1,000 votes. but this is total chaos what is going on here. she wants to decriminalize turnstile jumping on the subways and the buses. yet, across the river in manhattan, governor cuomo who backed the losing candidate, he just talked about adding 500 cops to the subways at buses in manhattan to stop the crime and the fare jumping that has beennh
10:37 pm
created by the same policy in the borough of manhattan. you know, soros has taken over low-profile but very powerful prosecutorial jobs here. he knocked off two moderate democrats in your neck of the woods in virginia, they elected these people in philadelphia, st. louis. the jussie smollett disaster is pretty much due to this new district states attorney in cook county chicago, she is another one of these woke prosecutors, and it is just crazy, this woman has a platform of "we've got to end mass incarceration."" there is no mass incarceration. the jail population in new york is down 50% in the last 20 years. the prison population in the state is down 51%. what are they talking about? you know, people don't know what a crime is anymore. in boston, it's the same thing.
10:38 pm
>> tucker: whatever happened to campaign finance reform? you have one guy, some naturalized american, george soros, who hates the united states and wants to destroy it, and he gets to choose who enforces the law in all these different cities because he is rich and the rest of us aren't as rich? whatever -- the left used to be upset about things like that but now they are for it? they think george soros ought to be allowed to control the country the way he does. what changed? >> i don't know, i tell you, i don't know what used to be called the mainstream democrats are paying much attention here. governor cuomo was complaining about the miserable turnout and the normal democrats splitting the vote. it happened in boston, too, last year, rachel rollins was elected and these candidates keep going further and further left, the d.a. in boston just won a court
10:39 pm
case to keep i.c.e. agents out of the courtrooms. now caban in queens is talking about arresting i.c.e. agents in courthouses. there is all this confusion -- >> tucker: we know exactly where this is going. this is -- >> last month, a guy just got out of jail and he went down to a grocery store and started shoplifting because if the cops picked him up -- this was in the suburbs -- he said, you can't arrest me, shoplifting is no longer illegal in boston. the cops said, that is true in boston but you are not in boston, you are in a different county. so there's all this confusion for the criminal community. they want to help. >> tucker: the criminala [laughs] we know where this is going. howie carr, thanks. >> thanks. >> tucker: here is a happy story, one of the most amazing survival stories ever. a man dragged away by a bear, found alive a month later in the
10:40 pm
bear's cave, waiting to be eaten, but rescued. we will tell you exactly what happened after the break. plus, the press routinely denounces the president as a. threat to the free press, but should they be worried more about the influence of facebook and google? the two companies that have actually destroyed the american media? we will tell you after the break. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: welcome back from kyoto, one of the reasons journalists are so hysterical recently is that journalism itself is dying in this country. in the past 30 years, 28 years more precisely, newspapers have cut more jobs in this country in america than coal, steel, or
10:45 pm
commercial fishing. it's being hollowed out. the only people left are the dumb ones. visual journalism was supposed to be the future, it was supposed to rescue the whole operation, but earlier this year, there were mass layoffs of digital journalists at huff po, buzzfeed, other media giants. we recently talked to the open market institute about why this is happening. he said that facebook and google are the cause, they are thee enemies of a healthy democratic free press. here is part of our conversation. >> tucker: state as clearly -- we hear journalism is dying and how online journalism is dying as well, but rarely do people say exactly why.ou why? >> it's because google and facebook have monopolized the advertising market. it's not so much technology as it is the business models of these two communication networks. >> tucker: so that means once they have this duopoly and they
10:46 pm
control virtually all online advertising, they take all the money and starve the sites that are driving the traffic? is that what you're saying? >> just to kind of explain, google and facebook are both essentially communication networks that you have to use. they are monopolies. google does search and a bunch of other products. facebook is social networking. effectively, every business or publisher and person on the internet has to use them. what they do with their power is they surveill you. they learn all your secrets,s, then they run large advertising businesses and manipulate users, you, other businesses, and the flow of information across the web to serve themselves. and this diverts advertising money that used to go to publishers into the pockets of google and facebook. so, you know, if you want togo know why all the journalists are being laid off, it is because that money that used to go -- by the way, this is a post-2009 phenomenon, so it isn't the internet, it is a specific business model that has emerged
10:47 pm
on the internet after 2009. >> tucker: i was thinking we should have a law against that, but it turns out we already do have a number, we've had them for over 100 years and they ban monopolies for the very reasons you are describing, but no one in congress or anywhere else seems willing to invoke these laws. why is that? >> since the 1970s, we have kind of been enthralled to this philosophy that says the only way to determine if something iy a monopoly is if consumer pricing -- is if you can see changes in consumer pricing, but because google and facebook appear to be free, you don't pay any cash for using their services, enforcers and antitrust regulators tend to say there is no market power problem there. it's an absurd philosophy. it's crazy.t' it's not really in the law, it's in a bunch of made up court decisions, that is how we do anti-trust enforcement now and it's time to start rethinking these choices so we can have a free press. >> tucker: right.
10:48 pm
so the alternative, what we have now, is a system where our biggest newspaper in the capital city is the private broadsheet of the richest man in the world, jeff bezos, who is responsible,t in part, for the destruction ofr the media. the media can't exist independently now that jeff bezos has the biggest megaphone in the city of washington, that doesn't seem like a dystopian outcome? >> of course it is, the free press should not be the plaything of rich monopolies, but it is. that is a devastating situation that we are in right now. the solution is pretty simple. if you are a communication network that people have to use, so if you are a monopoly thatt people have to use to get information from them to their friends or family or otherpl businesses, you should not also be able to run an advertising business. break them up. it's very simple. we've done it before, we can do it again. it's a simple fix.
10:49 pm
>> tucker: a man has been found alive after a month when he was dragged away by a brown bear. a remarkable story. that is more from our live broadcast from the beautiful hotel along the hozu river. ♪ (male announcer) summer fun starts at bass pro shops and cabela's
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and this coleman 48 quart cooler for under $20. now with free 2 day shipping. ♪ >> tucker: welcome back. we've got live pictures, i think, of the president landing in anchorage, alaska. there it is. the president's plane, air force one, refueling in anchorage en route to osaka, japan, where we will see him in a couple of days for the g20. what a pretty plane. you might assume, based on its name, that "teen vogue" is somen type of fashion website, but it is much more than that. yesterday, "teen vogue" tweeted this to its followers, "everything you should know about karl marx, and how they
10:54 pm
are relevant to our current political climate." "teen vogue" didn't mention the downsides. many millions, tens of millions murdered by marx's ideas, russia, venezuela, cuba, so many other countries. instead, they call marxism an inspiration and a bulwark against oppression. "teen vogue" used to target young people, now they target 35-year-olds with childish political beliefs. one of japan's closest neighbors is russia, and that is where this incredible survival story comes from. a russian man in siberia was mauled by a brown bear, then dragged back to its den to be kept for later like a plate of leftovers.d he suffered from a broken spine, but managed to stay alive for a month, apparently without food or water, until he was found by a group of hunters who rescued him, and now is in the hospital recovering. how did this happen? is it a real story? could you do it if you were grabbed by a bear? dr. marc siegel is fox's medical correspondent and joins us tonight. >> hi, tucker. >> tucker: this is a story that you want to believe is true.
10:55 pm
as a matter of human physiology, is it possible, could this be true?? >> you know, it's possible under the following circumstances: first of all, brown bears do not usually drag humans anywhere. humans are not their prey. but if he attacked the cubs or put the cubs at risk, the bear might get angry, and brown bears do sometimes store food, and they wait for a while until the food decomposes, and then they eat it. so it is possible he would be in this cave for a month. he can survive without food, tucker. you can survive weeks and weeks without food. mahatma gandhi survived on a fast for 21 days without food. you need water, though, and you are not going to survive by drinking urine the way he did. that is the part i do not believe because urine is salty and will make you more dehydrated. you could survive with broken bones, and you might look like that because areas of your skin are going to fall off from insufficient blood flow. the body will protect its vital organs, blood, glucose, oxygen
10:56 pm
goes to the vital organs. but here is how you could survive, if you were drinking from rock icicles in the cave, if the water that was dripping down in the cave -- it has minerals in it, and if you're drinking that, you could survive, and it is cold there. it's near mongolia, about 27, 28 degrees. the colder it is, the more likely you might survive because your organs stay alive longer, including your brain. i think it's possible. i think it's plausible, but not the urine part. you would have to get water somehow. if he got water, he could survive. >> tucker: that's heartening to hear. dr. siegel, great to see you. >> the courage is amazing, too, if it happened. thank you, tucker. >> tucker: it is amazing, nothing like a siberian hunter. tough group. health care costs across the world, but particularly in this country, are crushing. ours are some of the highest in the world, here in america, and they are rising all the time. where's the money going? one place is the massive
10:57 pm
paychecks for the heads of supposedly charitable hospitals. released a report on charity hospitals, and 74 of them, the top paid executives make at least $1 million dollars a year. check this out, at six of these hospitals, charity hospitals, the head guy, the administrator, makes more than $10 million a year.e it's hard to believe. adam andrzejewski is the founder of open the books and joins us tonight. adam, more than $10 million a year for running a charity hospital? how does that work? >> it's outrageous. the top guy last year at banner health in phoenix, arizona, made $21.6 million, the second highest paid executive made $12.4 million. that means two executives at banner last year cleaned off $34 million. >> tucker: do you have any idea what percentage of the billing to that hospital comes from federal or state government?
10:58 pm
probably the majority. >> it's a lot of money. out of the 82 charitable hospitals, $2 billion worth of research grants flowed from federal agencies, and we estimate that the 82 charitable hospitals did $83 billion last year inea medicaid and medicare billings, so it is a substantial amount of money, probably about one-third of the revenue comes directly from government. >> tucker: and they are rewarding themselves over $10 million a year. am i missing something, or is that -- >> no, you got it. and we found charities operating in hospitals all over the country participating in this. i in chicago, northwestern memorial, their ceo made $11 million. ascension health care in st. louis, missouri, last year, their chief made $13 million. we looked at the last four years of his compensation, and we were able to quantify that he pulled out $60 million of cash compensation. >> tucker: i want to put his
10:59 pm
picture -- i wish we had his picture for the screen, because that's a charity hospital. >> in houston, texas -- >> tucker: keep going. >> they justified an $18 million payout because the ceo was in his last year, and it was a golden parachute retirement payment. look, this is patient money. the average family in america is paying nearly $20,000 in health care costs. congress needs to crack down and there is a lot that steven mnuchin, the treasuryha secretary, can do to start enforcing rules on these charities. >> tucker: yeah, these are all hillary donors, anyway, trust me. adam, infuriating, fascinating segment. thank you for that. >> thanks for your interest in our work, tucker.ti >> tucker: i'm amazed by it. that is it. from japan, don't forget, we will monitor the democratic debate so you don't have to! have a great night. doing something wholesome. we will see you tomorrow, 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity,
11:00 pm
smugness, and groupthink. we leave you from kyoto, truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. we'll be meeting with the president at the end of the week. see you tomorrow. ♪ ten candidates on stage. two hours of ideas right out of the