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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 27, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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ride them appropriately and don't come near me. trace gallagher, you're amazing. i love having you in new york. thanks for joining us. i dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast, 1:00 p.m. in utah where cops searched a home in the hunt for this missing college student. police now confirm they're investigating whether she had a secret life with older men online. plus, the mystery mattress that could help cops crack the case. president trump asking if he can delay the census because of a ruling by the supreme court. it's one of two major decisions that could affect your voice in congress. we'll talk to a 9-11 responder about a possible break through for the sick and dying heros of the attack. an emotional meeting in which responders gave the top republicans in congress the badge of a former nypd detective
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that you may know named luis alvarez. >> he got his badge now. if he strays from his commitment, then we'll go back in attack mode. >> john will join us live as reporting begins now. our reporting begins with fast-moving developments in the disappearance of a college student in utah. indications now that she may have been leading a double life. searching online for sugar daddies and that something bad may have happened inside an area house. for now, cops are not being specific. police in salt lake city do say that they have a person of interest after they searched a man's home miles from where 23-year-old mackenzie lueck was last seen getting into somebody's car at a park in the middle of the night.
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detectives were at that house through the night. they towed away a car and brought shovels and dogs into the back yard where the neighbors say they saw and smelled the homeowner burning something days ago. >> just been waking up to burning fire smell. jump up. looking around. there's no fire in the house so it's outside. >> the smell was strong. >> strong enough to wake me up. >> i heard from a neighbor that he was burning in his back yard. i believe that neighbor informed him that you cannot burn in a residential neighborhood. it was causing quite a smell. a smoky mess, which disturbed the neighbors. >> shepard: here's a map of where everything has happened. more than a week ago, a lyft driver told police that he picked lueck at the airport and by her instructions brought her to a park outside of town around 3:00 a.m. where she got into somebody else's car. she hasn't been seen or heard
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from since. yesterday police descended on the house which is less than six miles from that park. now investigators are looking for a mattress and box spring that somebody at the home gave away last week. police are asking whoever picked those items up to call them. the assistant police chief confirmed the detectives are looking into the report that lueck may have been living that double life and that she was in fact dating a number of older men. claudia cowan has been following the story all week reporting live on the ground in salt lake city. claudia? >> shepard, police have not identified this person of interest and say they will only release a name when and if they make an arrest. we learned that a brand new adjustable massage bed was delivered to the home. this coming days after the owner gave away a mattress, selling it online, giving it away. this picture came to police as a
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tip. now they want to get ahold of this mattress, get it to a crime lab and run it through tests. what is unclear, whether the homeowner is the same person that mackenzie texted when she arrived at the salt lake city airport early in the morning june 17 or the same person she met with a short time later after taking the ride share to a suburban park. police have served multiple search warrants. neighbors say the owner lived upstairs and rented out a couple rooms in the basement through air b&b. it's unclear in the basement was rented out when mackenzie disappeared. neighbors say they saw people coming and going all the time. they said the homeowner would burn things in his back yard and complained to him about it. they described him as stubborn and anti-social. police say he has spoke to detectives, but the extent of his cooperation is a little unclear. he remains free. no arrests have been made.
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his wherables are unknown to us. it appears nobody was home to sign for the brand new adjustable massage bed. >> shepard: authorities are not naming him but they have been speaking to him but not much from the family, claudia. >> that's right, shepard. mackenzie's family is in southern california. they have not spoken publicly. the chief, mike brown, has been in constant contact with them. this morning he shared a gut wrenching conversation with mackenzie's dad, greg. >> i can feel the heart ache and the pain and the suffering in his voice as we spoke. my commitment to greg is that we could do everything within our power, the salt lake city police department to bring mackenzie home. >> this remains a missing persons case. police describing it as fluid and dynamic.
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they're still asking the public to call this dedicated tip line set up and especially if they have any information about the mattress. >> shepard: thanks, claudia. president trump is asking to delay the census in the wake of one of two supreme court rulings. both decisions have implications for american democracy beyond next year's election. first the supreme court refusing to put limits on how lawmakers can draw up congressional districts for their own party's political gain. it's a practice called gerrymandering. for example, here is what the congressional districts looked like in the state of ohio. back in may a three-judge panel determined that the republicans manipulated the state's districts boundaries to help them win elections. but today's supreme court decision effectively reverses that ruling. the court saying political matters like this should be handled not by the court but the states. similar in north carolina. three-judge panel said no. after 2016, republicans won 53%
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of the popular vote in north carolina. but representation they got 77%. ten of the state's 13 house seats. gerrymandering. in dissent, justin kagan read from the bench for the first time ever this court refuses to remedy a constitutional violation because it thinks the task beyond judicial capabilities. that ruling a win for republicans. the second decision is a settle-back for the white house. one the president called this afternoon totally ridiculous. the ruling deals with the 2020 census. the supreme court blocking for now the trump administration's proposal to -- as part of the census to ask whether the respondent is a citizen. john roberts said the rationale was not adequate. he said the evidence does not tell the story that matched the
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explanation. officials with the census bureau said if they had a citizenship question, millions and millions of immigrants will not fill out the census form. immigrant advocacy organizations and some democrats say if people -- if they're asked if they're american citizens, the reason for that is it's intended to discourage minorities for participating in elections and underrepresented. there's evidence that shows that was the goal. because the evidence is newly discovered since the lower court ruling, the scotus decision to sent it back to the lower court was unanimous, 9-0. unless the president gets his census delay, the question will not be asked. david spunt reporting live from washington. david? >> shepard, it's quite possible that that census case could come back to the supreme court. certainly is a set-back for the trump administration, but doesn't mean that it is over yet. specifically on this census case for months the president and his team including commerce
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secretary wilbur ross have tried to get this question on the 2020 census. they say the forms will be printed out at some point the next few weeks. that's why they felt there was a rush to get this done. the justices said they didn't feel that the trump administration made the correct argument to get that citizenship question on the census. i want to read though to you that immigration groups were out here, they were proud, they were excited about this ruling even though it's not set in stone. take a listen to one of the groups out here earlier this morning at the court. >> this decision to add the citizenship question was not based on protecting minority voters. it was based on suppressing their voice. >> you mentioned the president not happy about it. he's tweeting from japan. want to read this to you. seems ridiculous that our government and country cannot ask a basic question of citizenship in an expensive and detailed census for 2020. i asked the lawyers if they can delay the census until the u.s.
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supreme court is given additional information from which they can make a final and deso iive -- decisive question. the last time that a citizenship question such as this went out to all u.s. households was 1950. something to point out to you. it was sent out earlier today about the constitution, what it says about the census. it does not mention the word "census." it says she shall be made every subsequent term, shep. >> shepard: it also says every person, not every citizen, right? >> correct. every person, not every citizen. >> shepard: in addition, there was a ruling on gerrymandering. >> yes, that 5-4 is saying that the supreme court is not going to get involved in the gerrymandering business. a lot of supreme court watchers were waiting to see if this would happen. the supreme court is what we
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like to say here punted it back to the lower courts and never taken a firm stance on partisan gerrymandering. they lived up to the reputation sending it back to the lower courts. justice kagan very upset and using the word tragic from the bench. >> shepard: david spunt live at the court. a man named jerry curin died in the dominican republic earlier this year. at first his death didn't get much attention and then more americans started dying. coming up, we'll speak with his daughter that says she wants to tell everybody what happened to her dad. that is coming up as our reporting continues on this thursday afternoon. ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees
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sculpting the perfect body quitting smoking does, too. but with a little help, you can do it. get the resources and support you need to quit smoking from the american cancer society at >> shepard: the family of an man that died in the dominican republic was in so much pain that he couldn't speak on the phone. khalid adkins is the 13th
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american to die in the last year after travelling to that country. his daughter went with him, but left before he got sick. >> i literally was with my dad on atvs riding through the d.r., having a good time. now he's done. i'm still in shock. i don't want to believe it's true. i have no word, honestly. >> shepard: family members say he got on a plane to head home but started sweating. he vomited. had to get off the flight. went to the hospital in dominican republic where he died. officials say the 13 american deaths are not linked. this as delta airlines reports that it will let people change their d.r. vacation plans without any penalties. the fox business network's jeff flock rolling from chicago o'hare. jeff? >> a lot of unanswered questions
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about this one, shepard. we don't want to make too much of it. we don't know if these deaths are related or not. but fact is, with the authorities saying nothing to see here and people dying, a lot of people are asking questions and a lot of people are saying i'm not going to the dominican republic. look at the numbers, the bookings in june, down 74%. it's not that people are not going on vacation. they're choosing to go elsewhere in the caribbean. places like the bahamas, aruba, jamaica where bookings are up big-time and con -- cancellations. they're up about 50%. so it's having a major impact, shep. >> shepard: jeff flock, thanks from chicago. one of the americans that died in the d.r. is jerry curin, a retired police officer. his daughter says he got sick after dinner and some drinks and
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ended up in a hospital. he never made it out. she says that at one point the hospital demanded $50,000 to save her father. jerry's daughter, kelly brown, joins us now. thanks for being here. i'm so sorry. >> thank you. >> shepard: do you know what happened? >> i do not know what happened. what i do know is that my father traveled to the dominican republic and ate and drank something there, became sick. wound up at the hospital where he eventually died. >> shepard: then they asked for $50,000 to save him? give us the details, if you can. >> so what happened is, when they arrived at the hospital, they actually made my mother sign a promissory note for $80 u.s. american dollars. at which point they asked her to put $10,000 down on a credit card for immediate services. >> shepard: a shakedown. >> she did. of sorts.
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she did. she put $10,000 on her credit card. by 10:45 that morning, i received a phone call from a family friend that said they are going to get him ready for surgery but they would need $50,000. what did i want to do. i asked them questions. during the conversation, the amount went down to $40,000, which time i got my bank on the phone. we were negotiating how to get the funds to the dominican republic so that my father could have surgery. >> shepard: was there a surgery? >> there was a surgery. he died following the surgery. >> shepard: do you have any kind of resolution from the d.r.? do you have toxicology, do you have anything? >> we know there was an autopsy performed because my father -- took us two weeks to repatriate
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him back to the united states. part of the process requires an autopsy. we don't know if there was a toxicology report done. we know there was an autopsy but we don't have that information. >> shepard: they won't give it to you? i believe our satellite connection has frozen. my understanding of this case, i was going to ask her to confirm it, my understanding is they can't get anything out of authorities in the dominican republic. this has been part of the pattern. something happens, people become ill, they're not able to get details on exactly what went down. once there's medical procedures done, can't get details on that. in the end, if someone dies, you can't get results of an autopsy or toxicology report or find out whatever it was that happened to your loved one. in some cases, there's an extreme delay in getting the remains returned and at least one of the victim's families or one of the deceased families, i don't know that they're victims,
12:21 pm
one of the deceased families says we could -- they tried to urge us to have the body cremated so that we would never know what happened. dominican authorities to be fair, say these cases are not linked. but beware of your eyes and ears as often they tell the truths. coming up, we're getting an update on the little girl cracked in the skull by a foul ball last month. and world leaders set to meet in japan hours from now. it comes as president trump tries to hash out a trade deal with china. and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over $600 a month. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves.
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>> shepard: the toddler that got hit by a foul ball wound up with a skull fracture and still
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having seizures. that's according to the family's attorney. we reported on this last month. happened in houston in an astros-cubs game. the lawyer says the family was celebrating the little girl's birthday when a foul ball came flying off the bat and hit her in the head. the lawyer says the team reached out to the family and now he wants to talk with them. so far, no lawsuits filed. the defense department identifying two american troops that were killed in afghanistan. officials say both soldiers died in combat. 32-year-old master sergeant michael riley. he joined the u.s. army in 2006. this was his sixth deployment in afghanistan. and 24-year-old sergeant james johnston. he specialized in disarming explosives. pentagon officials say they're still investigating. president trump and other world
12:27 pm
leaders are set to kickoff the g-20 summit in japan. this comes as the u.s. tries to reach a trade deal with china. the chief white house correspondent john roberts is live in osaka where it's morning already. >> 4:30 a.m. good morning to you, shep. the president arrived ten hours ago. the first order of business is a dinner with scott morrison from australia. he has a number of bilateral beatings today. the big one remains to be president xi jinping of china. that will happen saturday japan time, late friday night in new york. the white house shooting don reports today that china was able to put some preconditions on that meeting. one of the preconditions being that the united states relax restrictions on equipment from chinese telecom giant huawei.
12:28 pm
i was told by senior administration officials that is not happening. another thing that the administration is shooting down is this idea that the president is going to put an indefinite hold on possible new sanctions against china. i'm fold that they could emerge a moratorium on new tariffs, against china as the meetings continue should they continue. larry kudlow, the chief economic adviser talked about this earlier on fox. listen here. >> there's no preconditions. i don't know where that came from. we're believe it's possible that if the meeting goes well the chinese will come back to the negotiating table and pick up where we left off in may where we completed roughly 90% of what could be a good agreement. >> the markets are looking forward to that they're up today. we don't know with those talks if they bear fruit or not. could be premature on the stock
12:29 pm
marked's part. trade is a big issue. the other is iran. the french president, emmanuel macron told reuters that he is going to bring up the subject of iran with the president during some of the plenary meetings and encourage the president to ease the sanctions against iran in order to bring them to the table. i don't know how he would react to that he figures he can squeeze them like north korea to bring them to the table. >> shepard: john roberts, reporting live. secretary kudlow mentioned a report, he said he didn't know where it came from. the "wall street journal" stand by its reporting. the fox news parent company and "wall street journal" share common ownership and the story
12:30 pm
is still on the wsj home page. for the second time in a little more than a week, cameras caught the german chancellor shaking. angela merkel looking unsteady and folding her arms across her chest. at one point she turns down a glass of water. we showed you a similar video last week. at the time merkel said she was hydrated. today the chancellor said she's phone but would not comment further. a few hours after this, chancellor merkel left for the g-20 in japan. the september 11th victim compensation fund is running out of money. the heros have been fighting to get an extension. they haven't. they're still waiting. there may be a break-through. we'll talk live with a 9-11 responder about where the fight for their healthcare and the funding stands now. i had a heart problem.
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three sharks close in on a young lady. what we're learning about the devastating attack ahead. word that a notorious drug king pen el chapo guzman called a dying doctor rival. there was nothing nice about the life-saving move. possible progress on capitol hill in the fight to help the heros that answered the call on our nation's darkest day. mitch mcconnell says he will hold a vote in august on the 9-11 victim compensation fund. he called for lawmakers to extend the victim compensation fund. once and for all tuesday, he gave the senate lead area badge belonging to luis alvarez that is in hospice and dying of
12:36 pm
cancer. >> we wanted the senate majority leader to be reminded of people like detective luis alvarez. so he's got his badge now. if he strays from his commitment, then we go back into attack mode. for now we'll put down our swords and we'll pick up our rakes and farm and be with our fellows that are dying. >> shepard: benefit payments have been cut because the fund is running out. less than a week after the towers fell while digging through the peel, a steel beam crush john field's left foot. his injured was described as life threatening. so he's been an advocate to provide health care for the sick and dying responders.
12:37 pm
he started the feel good foundation to help survivors. he's with us again on the news deck. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. with so much going on, you're so generous with your team to tell our story. >> shepard: it's an important one. what i wanted to know, i saw you ranting and raving after the meeting with mitch mcconnell. what was your take away? >> we had an engaging productive leader with the senate majority leader. we take him at his word that he will stick with his commitment and we'll have a bill done by the summer recess. >> shepard: this was a new tune from you. you were down on him and the process. >> i'm down on both sides of the hill in d.c. >> shepard: you're better with mcconnell now. >> i'm better. i'm never going to say i'm happy. how long this has taken us to get here. you know, we stepped up our rhetoric and our game plan. we took matters in our own hand.
12:38 pm
we went down this road in 2010-20 2010-2015. we met with nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell. >> shepard: she made a promise. >> yes. she made a promise. we want a straight up and down vote so the senate can get it before the august 3 recess. she's not safe from us. nobody is safe from us anymore. these men and women like luis alvarez are dying. the american people are behind us. we now have as of this morning, stepping into this studio, 2/3s majority in the house and in the senate. we have 24 republican co sponsors now. mitch mcconnell can't backtrack. nancy pelosi can't backtrack. they can put their politics aside and put them on the floor for a straight up and down vote. nobody gets away with it anymore. >> shepard: you mentioned luis
12:39 pm
alvarez. how is he? >> he's dying. another 9-11 hero that sacrif e sacrificed to go to d.c. to shame lawmakers to be an american, to be a human being and show an ounce of humanity. it's going to be the 182nd funeral that i go to. i came out of that meeting with mitch mcconnell and i cried. people ask me why do you cry? i'm better than those in the senate. i have humanity. i see people suffering. when i get angry, i cry. i'm not embarrassed to say i cry. so if mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi and other members of leadership on both sides, try crying. it really does cleanse the soul. >> shepard: why is this taking so long? i understand the particulars of it all. i know they're waiting on a score from the congressional budget office. i know that. they could have years ago say all right, as long as people are
12:40 pm
getting sick, we'll have coverage. there's not a sunset on this bill. you're not going to have to come back and redo it. one day everyone of us will be dead and we won't have to worry about it anymore. until then, they should opportunity it. it's simple. isn't that simple? >> yeah, you have to ask them in this seat and why them why. political affiliations loyalty. i can't answer for them. what i can answer for is tens of thousands of people that need this relief. people like luis alvarez's family. when they are gone and pass away, they're not left in financial ruins. its un-american. we have an anniversary coming up september 11th. if this bill is not done, they will have to tase me. >> shepard: how is your foot? >> my foot is fine. my heart hurts, my soul.
12:41 pm
physically and mentally, these trips, 279 now are crushing. it's my soul. i feel for people like luis alvarez and ray and john, all of my friends because congress and the senate are dysfunctional. they promise to fix the problems. it's a joke. >> shepard: john, hang in there. >> yes, sir. >> shepard: nice to see you. >> thank you for telling our story. >> shepard: i don't do anything. >> you do you do more than you know. >> shepard: thank you. all right. luis, we're thinking about you. a college student was snorkeling in the bahamas, right? sharks were suddenly there. all her family could do as the sharks were attacking was scream their warnings. their heart breaking story ahead. an accusation that one of the world's most notorious drug records brought in a doctor to try to get a rival guy revived.
12:42 pm
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>> shepard: police in the bahamas say an american college student died while on vacation there after not one but three
12:46 pm
sharks attacked her. her parent say it happen. here's the girl, jordan lindsey. she had been snorkeling with her family near rose island, which is not far from nassau. kabc reports, the los angeles station, reports that her parents and other family were nearby and tried to warn her that the sharks were coming, but she didn't hear them. investigators say he had bites all over her body and that the sharks tore her arm off. jordan later died from her injuries. jonathan serrie with the story in our south florida newsroom. jonathan? >> hi, shep, shark attacks are rare in the bahamas. that comes as little consolation to the family. this is the reaction of the family's neighbor. >> my heart is bounding. i cannot believe it. i don't know how to go through this. >> on a go fund me page, the
12:47 pm
lindsey family writes that jordan was a beloved daughter, sister and girlfriend. she had a gentle soul and will be missed deeply. the family has raised $35,000 to transport her body from the bahamas back to california and to pay for my additional travel and funeral expenses. the family plans to donate a portion of the money to one of jordan i favorite charities and animal rescue called the gentle barn out there in california. shep? >> shepard: are you hearing from officials in the bahamas, jonathan? >> the ministry of tourism put out a public notice expressing condolences and sympathies to the family and friends of the victim. the ministry of agriculture and marine resources issued a notice saying the public is advised to exercise extreme caution in an around the waters of new providence, adjacent islands and keys. that area includes rose island, the area where jordan was snorkeling. the advisory goes on to urge the
12:48 pm
public to leave swimming area where sharks have been spotted and to avoid attracting additional sharks by not cleaning or discarding fish waste while in the water and leaving the water if you're injured or bleeding. sharks are sensitive to blood, shep. >> shepard: thanks, jonathan. if there were any doubts that el chapo is ruthless, new documents should make it clear. have you seen this? prosecutors say the notorious drug lord once had a doctor revive arrival cartel member so el chapo could torture him further. bryan llenas is live with more. >> over the course of the three-month trial in new york, we heard from 14 cooperating witnesses. the drug king pen's inner circle how he ordereded assassinations or personally killed people. we thought we heard it all.
12:49 pm
these newly released court documents are shocking. they detail a brutal account from an up named witness that says in 2010, el chapo ordered his men to torture a man inside of a large garden house. he was a cartel rival. the man was tied to a chair, had his ear electrocuted and teeth pulled out. when he passed out losing consciousness from the pain, el chapo brought in a doctor to revive him to torture him more. he was killed and his body dumped. he tried to kill one of el chapo's sons. during the trial, we her about el chapo's propensity to guns and his diamond pistol with his initials. we also heard of torture. one of el chapo's body guards
12:50 pm
testified how el chapo shot a man and had him bury ad live. that same man said he beat two men with a branch until their bodies were like ragdolls before tossing them in a bonfire. >> shepard: what is happening next in el chapo's case? >> he's due back in court for sentencing july 17. the 62-year-old former car teal leader will be sentenced to life in prison and murder to conspiracy. el chapo's lawyers have filed a motion demanding a new trial, citing a jurying watched media reports on the case, which you're not supposed to do. >> shepard: bryan llenas live in new york. every driver knows good windshield wiper knows they can make a difference. >> he's wrapped around your mirror. now he's up top. what the [bleep]?
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you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> shepard: breaking news. here's 1 for you. the house speaker nancy pelosi has just told colleagues that democrats will pass the senate's version of a border funding package. this is new. just happened. nancy pelosi in essence has said okay, mitch mcconnell. we'll do it. even though it does not add in more protections for migrants. federal funding to care for the migrants at the border is set to run out in just days. we're expecting debate on this bill to happen coming up pretty
12:56 pm
shortly. a vote later this afternoon. president trump's one-time campaign chairman, paul manafort has pleaded not guilty to mortgage fraud charges. paul manafort is serving 7 1/2 years for lying to the feds for pro russian lobbying work. today's case in state court in new york, not federal court, and that could make a huge difference for manafort. jacqui heinrich is live outside the courthouse in new york city. jacqui? >> shep, he pleaded not guilty and left court smiling. he has a lot to worry about as his lawyers try to get the case thrown out. the supreme court ruled against the defense that he's using that means a possibility of more jail time even if the president issues a pardon. manafort showed up in cuffs and prison clothes from his arraignment where he's serving 7 1/2 years for federal fraud charges. president trump imformer
12:57 pm
campaign chairman faces 16 counts in new york state. prosecutors trying him on the same charges that he pleaded guilty to this spring. manafort's attorney said they're arguing double jeopardy but the entire separate recent supreme court ruling could negate that. they say it does not violate the fifth amendment. the argument of the court is sovereign entities. the case involved a alabama man and had been going on for years long before the paul manafort case. so it's chance that the ruling is having a highly charged political impact. given that manafort pleaded guilty federally, judge andrew napolitano says that his defense does not stand a chance in new york state. >> he has already pleaded guilty under east to the very crimes charged here in new york, in the new york state indictment.
12:58 pm
>> the president could pardon manafort for the federal crimes. if he's convicted, he could serve up to 25 years in prison, shep. >> shepard: jacqui heinrich live in new york. tonight is round 2 for the democratic presidential debate. joe biden set to face off with bernie sanders and others. peter doocy has more. hi, peter. >> looks like the focus on immigration will continue. bernie sanders took time away to visit the homestead temporary shelter for unaccompanied children. >> in the first week of my presidency, we will bring together the presidents of the central american countries, president of mexico to figure out how as a hemisphere we're going to address this issue.
12:59 pm
>> sanders and joe biden at center stage have been in presidential debates before. kamala harris and pete buttigieg and john hickenlooper have not. >> tim only person that has done what everybody is talking about doing. in colorado, we brought businesses and nonprofits together, democrats and independents together and republicans together. we got to near universal healthcare coverage. >> nobody brought up joe biden last night but tonight it's un avoidab avoidable. >> shepard: the ratings in for that. 15 million watched that debate across three different networks. tonight, special programming with that team on the screen beginning at 11:00 central. two hours live after prime time. after the debate tonight. the final bell is ringing on wall street. it's been mostly an update
1:00 pm
throughout the session. they're just below water for the moment. neil cavuto will have this and all the big headlines coming up on "your world" with neil cavuto, this is fox news channel. >> neil: all right. the supreme court is off for the summer but the battle for their final decision is on. it's already heating up the summer. welcome. i'm neil cavuto, this is "your world." if there was any questions about president trump's reaction to the highest court in the land blocking a question about citizenship from the next census, we now have our answer. kids cover your ears. something like that. to hillary vaughn at the supreme court on what the justices are saying and what the president is now tweeting. >> hi, neil. the supreme court putting a freeze on the citizenship question for now. waiting to decide if it can be added to the 2020 census. the supreme court says the commerce