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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 27, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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bourbon. >> all right, set your dvrs and never missed an episode of the five. special report is up next. >> bret: hi, greg. [laughs] this is a fox news alert, i'm bret baier and we are once again calling to you dumb like a stomach coming to you from the adrian center. ten candidates who were not part of last nights opening session will be on stage tonight. this lineup features the two acknowledged front runners, former president joe biden and self-described democratic socialist senator bernie sanders. we will preview this evenings session with our panel a bit later. we begin right now in washington for house democrats caved in today and voted to approve the senate version of a humanitarian aid to bill for migrants along the southern border.
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mike emanuel is on capitol hill tonight with the breaking news and what led to today's compromise. >> the houseboat was one oh 5-3 oh two. now it goes to a signature with much left democrats divided. >> this is not the one we had hoped for but it was one that we will be voting on today. >> under intense pressure, nancy pelosi surrendered a writing "in order to get resources to the children fastest, we will reluctantly pass the senate bill." policy to keep for many republicans. south carolina senator lindsey graham met with her this afternoon warning, today's aid bill won't fix the bigger problem. >> if you don't fix what they come here illegally then you will be spending $4 billion every six months. >> she also dealt with the divided caucus. liberals who said they didn't want to give president trump a dime.
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>> the boldest expression of who we are as americans. pelosi was tempted to force negotiation. >> a conference is a compromise and i suspect that will be part of our conversation. >> that was worked out by republican richard shelby and democratic patrick lakey which passed with an overwhelming 84-8 vote. mitch mcconnell clearly sensed he had the upper hand. >> both sides have already compromised and we are standing at the 5-yard line. apparently some of the house who want to dig back into that abolished i.c.e. playbook. >> every single member of the senate democratic leadership voted yes to end of the crisis on the border. but why madame speaker are we on this floor right now? >> and key democrats acknowledge that something had to be done.
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>> thinks kids don't have the basics, soap, tooth brushes. are children. >> this is a big loss, and they tried to flex some muscle and put pelosi in an awkward spot but they didn't have any leverage last time. >> bret: what about plans to hold a vote tomorrow it on the senate for the possibility of the military conflict with iran? >> it would require congressional approval before any military funding which could go toward military action with iran. majority leader mitch mcconnell is allowing it even though he says the amendment can and should be defeated. democratic leader chuck schumer has thanked mcconnell saying it's only fair. and it's expected to be kept open for much of the day to allow senate presidential candidates traveling back from i am a an opportunity to vote.
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>> we will track that. just across the street from the capital, a pair of final day rulings from the u.s. supreme court. justices and the majority said they had no business dealing with gerrymandering and the political shaping of voting districts and, they refused for now to grant permission for the administration to put a question about citizenship on next year's census. that prompted an unusual reaction from the president. david is there with details. >> the trump administration argued that having a citizenship question on the 2020 census would help enforce voting rights. while the justices agreed that the question in theory was okay, they had a problem with the administration's arguments for adding that question. >> we count. we will be counted. >> chairs outside of the supreme court after the justices ruled 5-4. the administration for now cannot legally add a substantive question on the 2020 census.
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the court ruled the commerce department did not make a strong enough argument for the question. chief justice john roberts delivered the opinion of the court, "the commerce secretary gave for the decision. the sole stated reason seems to have been contrived. roberts who is clashed with the presence in the past sided with the courts for more liberal justices. trump tweeted from japan that he wants to "delay the census no matter how long." finishing his tweet with, "can anyone believe that we are not able to ask anyone who is a citizen? the state of new york especially in urban areas would go on counted. >> everyone counts and therefore everyone must be counted. >> the issue gets tossed back to the lower courts and the administration has the option of continuing the legal fight but the practical effect, time is running out to put the
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citizenship question back in time for 2020. the court also rolled along ideological lines that it will stay out of the gerrymandering, i could gerrymandering business. they were accused of drawing district lines to favor the party and democrats in maryland were accused of the same. justice elena kagan wrote the dissent "of all times to abandon the court's duty to declare the law, this was not the one. the practice is challenged by a system of government and part of the courts rule in that system is to defended foundations. none is more important than free and fair elections. kagan called the majority opinion tragically wrong. the enumeration or census must happen once every decade and once every ten years. the president cannot delay the census but he can delay the printing of the census. meanwhile those self responses go out next march which is clearly a political setback for the president down here at the supreme court. >> bret: david, thank you.
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let's get some analysis. shannon bream is here. >> they sounded the alarm, because they said what was the long-term electoral calm parked, and that second question deals with these partisan gerrymandering districts. both impact the balance of power on capitol hill so a lot of alarm on the left. and with the president and a high signaling that might can try to delay the consensus, there are warnings coming from, including some and we saw on the stage last night, 2020 contender senator elizabeth warren, and she tweets this. the supreme court ruling blocking as citizenship question is a welcome relief. but the court has left open the possibility that the trump administration could still add a citizenship question to the census, and if they do i have a
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plan for that. from there she went on to lay out in a series of tweets what she would do if elected president including the president managed to get this question into the census and starting over with a brand-new one. >> bret: so how is the gerrymandering ruling coming down, figuring the reaction? >> if that's where the left is sounding the alarm. they say it's not fair, and they are warning about the long-term impact of this. the former vice president who will be on stage tweeted this. they write election rules for their own benefits. it couldn't have happened without justices put their by donald trump and republicans and that's another reason why the democrats must take back the white house in 2,020. chair tom perez sounds the alarm over the decision this way. whoever we reelect this year, they would get to redraw the district that we use until 2031.
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he goes on in an email to say if we lose it, the impact on the economy will be insurmountable. so expect these two decisions to spark an interesting conversation and will also realize that conversation about what these people would do if elected as president and what kind of people they would nominate forest supreme court because the seats would eventually come open. >> bret: we will see you tonight. last night's opening debate featured several of the candidates trying to make a lasting first impression of millions of american voters and viewers. his correspondent peter doocy. >> the trip to the democratic nomination started with a left turn. >> yes we are supposed to have a 77% tax rate on the wealthy. yes, we are supposed to be free college. because let's not forget that someone in the trans community, a trans female is poor, that
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doesn't mean that she shouldn't have the right to exercise that right to choose. >> those lines represent a departure from democratic nominees in the past and the dnc is delighted. >> they were talking about the serious issues. >> today perez got an ear full upset at the lack of climate change questions. >> i encouraged them to have more discussion about this issue. >> who here would abolish their private health insurance in favor of a government run plant, just a show of hands to start out with. lauren at center stage escaped scrutiny from others. at baidoa rock right next to her didn't. called out for opposing a measure that would decriminalize border crossing. >> i think it's a mistake. >> what grade would you give yourself? >> i would give myself in and .
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>> that includes bill de blasio who brought a call for unaccompanied shelter for children. >> they stopped by as well. >> you do not block off thousands of children including kids who are eight, nine and ten years of age. >> sanders established himself last cycle and john hickenlooper will try to do that tonight. >> i'm the only person who is actually done what everyone else was talking about doing. >> if night to match as night one, someone will speak spanish. >> i can't remember exactly what i was thinking about moment. >> he said that beto o'rourke butchered parts of his spanish pitch. something he tried to do, too. candidates tonight took notice.
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kamala harris is apparently heading to the stage with the a spanish word for stupid. >> [laughs] >> [speaking in spanish] >> bret: peter doocy, grassy us. let's get reaction to what's going on this week in miami. ronna mcdaniel is a chairwoman of the republican national committee. let's try this in english. i want to start by asking you about the supreme court today. and, the reaction to really a slap down to the administration of on the census question first. your reaction to that, the president says he wants to hold off to try to make this happen. >> i think there was room to fix the census question, i think the
3:13 pm
court set a something that's reasonable but they do need to provide a better explanation as to why that needs to be on the census. listen, i do think we should know who the citizens and noncitizens are in the country. i think it's important and we are facing a huge illegal immigration issue and dealing with the border. i think the president's right to say we will figure out how to get this done and i think he will in a timely fashion so we can get this on the census. >> bret: and the other rule on gerrymandering, do you see that as a win? >> i do. i think voters decide who their legislators are so they can draw the lines. that's the way it's been laid out and people know that that is the role of the legislature and i think that democrats have tried to use the role of the courts for far too long in the court said, we will let the voters voice count. we have elected these people and they get to draw the line.
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>> bret: here is perez talking about these debates last night and tonight. take a listen. >> people were talking about health care, immigration, climate change. issues, issues. and making sure that we didn't educate our voters about the 100% difference between our candidates, and this president. >> bret: in your to that? >> they were talking about issues like taking away our choice of doctors with a total government health care it. if they were talking about raising taxes, talking about open borders, taking over education. it's a total lurch to the left, the democrat party is now the socialist party and bernie sanders is now the mainstream and the democrat party. it's frightening. it's a threat to our democracy, to our way of life and i think what we saw last night on the
3:15 pm
state should send shivers down everyone's spine. if democrats take over the government will control every aspect of our economy and our lives will not be the same. >> bret: were republicans most concerned about the joe biden's, the michael bennet's, the john delaney's and more sense for centrist side of the party? >> i don't know that there is a centrist side anymore. i think john delaney made some good points. he said people were asking me about kitchen table issues, our jobs coming back. i thought that was good points. then we talke talked to elizabeh warren, he said if we impose medicare for all, most of the hospitals in this country will go out of business. i think that was a good discussion point, i think it had been disbanded upon. i think the democratic party is lurching so far left that they are taking themselves out of
3:16 pm
mainstream america. wages are up, 6 million jobs have come back to this country and people off of our food stamps, our economy is going. deregulation and it works. >> lasting quickly. look into this crystal ball. >> i think he will evoke his former president barack obama a lot. i think that barack obama will get attacked a lot, they learned from last night's debate. i think they will come out swinging. but people are running for president and, and he has waffled quite a bit and we will get a better chance on where he stands and some of these key issues.
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>> bret: chairman of the rnc just across the road. thanks for being here. president trump is preparing for some important meetings at the g20 economic summit. here is what some of the fox affiliates around the country are: are covering. fox 11's as a former jack gynecologist is accused of assaulting 16 women at the student health center. criminal counts against dr. george tyndall are the first, and that settles potentially thousands of claims. the doctor has denied any wrongdoing. fox 45 in baltimore as the city officials approved using $10 million in excess revenue to cover the ongoing costs of cyber attacks that immobilize some of the city's systems almost months ago. we brought you that story here. hackers are demanding $80,000 in ransom but city officials say they've been advised by law enforcement authorities not to pay it. and this is a live look at detroit.
3:18 pm
michigan's attorney general is threatening, and seeks to dismiss the pipeline operators request. that's former republican rick snyder to put replacement pipes in the tunnel beneath the straits. that's tonight live look outside the beltway from special report. we are outside of the beltway to come in miami. we will be right back nobody likes dealing with insurance. right? see, esurance knows it's expensive. i feel like i'm giving my money away. so they're making it affordable. thank you, dennis quaid. you're welcome, guy in kitchen. i named my character walter. that's great. i'd tell you more but i only have thirty seconds so here's a dramatic shot of their tagline so you'll remember it. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless.
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awarded "top pick" by cnet. demo at an xfinity store, call or go online today. xfinity home. simple. easy. awesome. ♪ >> bret: welcome back to the performing arts center here in miami. we are in the spin room and we will be talking to our panel in just a little bit and get howard kurtz's take on the first session last night. president trump is there for the g20 economic summit and some key summit meetings with world leaders. and we will tell what's at stake. >> it's great to be with you. >> that immediately heads into
3:23 pm
conservative minister scott morrison. , prime minister shinzo abe, prime minister of india, german chancellor earlier angela merkel and vladimir putin. xi jinping continues to dominate the conversation. , there are no preconditions. i don't know where that came from or where we are talking about. i don't -- i know it's quite possible. and, though officials considered such a deal that could emerge with such talk.
3:24 pm
>> i would like to once again admonished the u.s. and say that fighting a trade war and modern tariffs will only end up hurting itself and others which does not help resolve the issue at all. >> french president emmanuel macron says he will ask president trump to ease some sanctions against iran to bring them to the table. in paris today the president's special envoy said to u.s. sanctions have been remarkably effective. >> they've been stronger from the multilateral sanctions of the past. we need to convey to iran that there is no acceptable level of lethal assistance to its region. >> president trump begins with some disagreement. raising eyebrows in japan saying the defense deal between the u.s. and japan was so one-sided that if the u.s. got into a conflict, japan would watch it on a sony tv.
3:25 pm
>> overall, obligations on each japan and the united states are unbalanced. it is irrelevant to say it's one-sided. >> the friendship between prime minister abe is strong enough that the two will likely get past the comment in their bilateral. president trump isn't shy about calling out even close friends. he thinks what's happening is unfair to the united states. >> bret: john roberts early friday morning in osaka, japan. docs were mixed today in the u.s. the dow lost ten, and when we come back, we will find out what media analyst howard kurtz found out, but as we had to break in miami i spoke with a woman who has her name on the side of this performing arts center.
3:26 pm
period and we are joined by philanthropist adrian arch. this is a fantastic facility. you've been of this for a long time? >> i came here and they were just trying to raise the money for it. i was part of it almost from the beginning. >> bret: you do amazing things in miami and back in d.c. what does it mean to you? and your name is on the buildi building? >> it took my breath away because to realize that i gave the gift of years ago, and after the first few years it was not well run. and it was on the verge of bankruptcy.
3:27 pm
and the world really has to focus on miami for what's so great about it. >> bret: some 250 million mentioned so far? >> before the debate started, there was that. yesterday everybody filled responded to the process, and congratulations. specia"special report" continuer the break. ♪th only fordpass puts all this in the palm of your hand. fordpass. built to keep you moving.
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♪ >> bret: at welcome back to the spin room here in miami, the sight of the first democratic presidential debate and the second session is about to begin in about two and a half hours. our friends at one of the other networks are certainly hoping for a cleaner broadcast technically tonight, and fox news media analyst and a host of fox news media buzz howard kurtz looks at last night's performance. >> we what's happening? >> we are hearing our colleagues audio. >> and bc had to interrupt a democratic debate because of audio problems prompting a presidential tweet about a horrible technical breakdown from a fake news organization. but there were deeper problems as well. >> senator warren, i mentioned
3:32 pm
to you. >> elizabeth warren got so much air time that tulsi gabbard complained to, it's clear who msnbc wants to be president. with ten candidates on stage, savannah gospel he tried to pin down those who ducked to the questions. so just one beto o'rourke sidestep this one and then went in a different direction. >> some democrats want an individual tax rate of 79%. >> this they eliminate private plans that offer similar coverage. >> when she refused to address the wiping out of private insurance, the moderator stayed within the confines of liberal philosophy. they asked warren if they's accept any limits on abortion, and that is illegal immigration.
3:33 pm
>> we need to treat this like the virus that's killing our children. >> do you think they need to -- no u.s. president has ever been prosecuted for crimes after leaving office. at a time, some things turned into a free-for-all. >> . especially after joe biden and his top rivals face-off tonight. up next the panel on two big u.s. supreme court rulings right now. beyond our borders tonight. twin suicide attacks for security forces struck tunisia's capital today, killing a patrol officer and injuring at least eight people. isis has so far claimed
3:34 pm
responsibility. hundreds of firefighters are struggling to contain a wildfire in northeastern spain that spread to 13,000 acres. one official says authorities suspect the cause of that outbreak, deposit of improperly sort, stored chicken manure that high temperatures cause to combust. protesters opposed to legislation rallied outside of hong kong's justice department today. the bill which has been suspended would allow suspects to be extradited from hong kong to mainland china for trial. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back, to miami. ♪ calling all sunscreen haters.
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>> despite the trump administration's attempt to politicize the census and divide our nation, we the people prevailed. >> so sanctuary cities, they are created and, i don't think we should get benefit from the federal government for doing that. >> two big cases, and the administration has not made the case. the citizenship question on the census form, and the present reacted to that with the sing saying they detailed and important census in this case for 2020. i've asked the lawyers if they can delay the census no matter how long until the united states supreme court is given additional information from which it can make a final and decisive addition. it can any one believe it's a great country? we are not able to ask whether
3:40 pm
or not anyone is a citizen. only in america from president trump overseas. noah lisi, and in washington, byron york. chief political correspondent of the "washington examiner." byron, let me start with you. most of the census question and also gerrymandering? >> it's an odd ruling. the supreme court rejected its argument for the census question but gave it a chance to come up with another argument. the administration actually had some reasonable arguments. and the census has long asked questions about citizenship between 18, 20, and a 2,000. all but one census asked at least some americans about
3:41 pm
citizenship or place of birth. says citizenship as a part of many statutes like laws that allow americans to be able to be eligible for benefits are not. and we will go back and as far as the gerrymandering place is concerned, the founders of the country knew that state legislatures were partisan and, gave them the power to determine this ruling. going back to that ruling, the court was essentially saying, we don't buy it. we don't buy what you told us. the reason why we were asking this question. >> but we don't help with the paper trail. and we were asking this question or a political benefit in order
3:42 pm
to hurt democrats and help republicans. and so there was a pretty big disconnect there when you have serious party operatives. and, the fight is not over. we have to be vigilant as our democrats. >> and that's why it's important. that's why they draw the electoral votes. it also transfers federal grants to states, how many people live in different areas of different states? conservatives see this as a john roberts special. sided with ford liberal justices on the court. he is becoming and that's much too conservative chagrin.
3:43 pm
that was not the violation, but to your point john roberts sided with the liberals and said, i don't buy that, you have to give us more detail. >> how much is that on the gerrymandering case? >> it was a big roof win for the republican but, they continue to shape them. but when democrats get their act together and win a lot of state legislatures, they will benefit from this. that is the republican appointed judges and it was not really a partisan decision because it will apply. >> bret: we will wrap up there and save more time for the next panel. because the next up is the democratic debates. stay with us. ♪
3:44 pm
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♪ >> a geopolitical threat remains for nuclear weapons. speak out the biggest threat to the security of the united states is donald trump. >> that is our major threat
3:48 pm
right now, what's going in the middle east with iran. >> our existential threat is to climate change. >> climate change. >> china without a question. >> russia because they are trying to undermine our democracy. >> bret: the biggest threat was a question, those were not last night's contenders and another round tonight with ten democratic candidates. at the new york mayor bill de blasio was at a rally at the miami airport and, he is a quote that was picked up by senator marco rubio and he ended his speech by quoting from the murderous -- tribute to fidel or castro. he apologized and said he didn't realize that his words were
3:49 pm
associated with the man veered by so many in south florida as a mass murderer. we are back with our panel. >> that's exactly right. the best thing bill de blasio has going for him is that there is another debate in a couple of hours which will take the headlines away. >> bret: are your thoughts on tonight? >> last night was a good night for a lot of candidates on that stage on a bad night for a couple others but for the whole field it was a problem because the new debate starts tonight. no one touched him and, while warren had some good moments, booker had good moments and castro had a really good night, they helped themselves a little bit. they didn't really change the overall contour of the race. no one challenged him last night so the big question tonight is, what will the folks sharing the page with the vice president do. and how does he handle it especially when he takes it from several different directions. >> bret: remember that bernie sanders has been through
3:50 pm
the swamps. now he is shoulder to shoulder with the guy he has trailing which is part of the establishment democratic party, joe biden. that dynamic will be interesting to watch tonight. >> it will be interesting. when you are you solidified top-tier candidate, you don't want to do something that's going to hurt you. in particular, we focus on kamala harris. this is a huge opportunity for her off the back of the fish fry where she electrified the crowd to come up and have that kind of moment, which could change the dynamic in this race at least for her. >> bret: we seen pete buttigieg, he had good town halls. he needs something to happen in the past week in south bend. >> he has a very specific issue which is the problems in the city of south bend and what he's going to do about it. not sure how he will handle
3:51 pm
that. i will be looking to see if the centrism shows up tonight. joe biden is obviously not just the leading candidate but thought to be the cente centrist candidate. there just wasn't a whole lot of it. the lower tier candidates like john delaney made an excellent point when they talked about taking away people's health care for a national single payer and he said i don't think we should be in the business of taking things away from people. >> that was a big moment for delaney who is obviously trying to have big moments. here is a reference to the castro baidoa rourke moment. take a listen. >> i think it's a mistake. i think if you truly want to change the system that you have to repeal that section. >> as a member of congress i
3:52 pm
helped to introduce legislation that would ensure that we don't criminalize those who are seeking asylum and refuge. and that's a comprehensive rewrite of our immigration. >> i don't think he has done his homework. >> bret: were you surprised how many candidates went after him considering he has dropped in the polls significantly? he's kind of like punching bag for a lot of the candidates on the stage. >> particularly at the lower ranked ones. baidoa rourke came into this race with so much fanfare and so much high expectations and he has struggled to develop. last night was a very important night for him. and he teetered quite a bit. the debate, the question is always about expectations. do you meet expectations or exceed them or fall below them?
3:53 pm
he fell far short last night and the candidates ganging up on him were hoping to just sort of claim his spot in that sort of middle of the pack. >> bret: the other thing tonight that we don't have factored in all these other candidates who we don't have a lot about. for example marianne williamson, the author who had a different approach to a lot of things, she tweeted out after watching last night, i need to learn spanish by tomorrow at nine. what about marianne williamson, andrew yang? >> these are the wild cards and these are the folks who again, they look at this as they need to have a moment. so they may be extra risky because they are languishing. so back to baidoa work, part of this is about the median error that is part of this. that's -- the only thing that
3:54 pm
they thought he did while was him. >> bret: environ, 30,000 feet. are we looking more tonight at the battle inside of the democratic party between the two sides of the party and whether he goes more progressive or grows more centric? >> absolutely. if joe biden shows up, he will be the person to watch. now the joe biden and bernie dynamic is huge but i would also pay a lot of attention to kamala harris. a very strong candidate, pete pe buttigieg will be polished, because that's what he does. he will be someone to watch. >> bret: and thank you panel. when we come back, a different look at the democratic debate. stay with us. ♪ w, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy.
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>> bret: welcome back to miami. finally tonight, some late night laughs about the first 2020 democratic debate. speaker tonight was the first democratic presidential debate between elizabeth warren, beto o'rourke, cory booker, your middle school vice principal. the lady who kept your frisbee, the guy your mom dated after the divorce. trump called the debate boring but he still watched even though he also said it was a "very unexciting group of people." as opposed to the rock stars usually hangs out with, like mike pence and steven mnuchin. >> you are off. >> an epic showdown between nine normal size people and bill de blasio. >> bret: [laughs] yes, and peter doocy's spanish is spectacular. thanks for inviting us into your home.
4:00 pm
that's "special report." postdebate analysis at 11:00 p.m. with shannon bream. i will be here and we will have the dnc chair, tom perez on. martha maccallum has "the story" from new york. >> martha: all right, everybody. breaking tonight, round two of the democratic debate as they get ready to take the stage and is nancy pelosi gives in and accepts mitch mcconnell and the senate's immigration deal after pressure from house democrats. this bill we expect will make its way to the president's desk and we also expect that because of all of this this week, the border is destined to be a very hot topic again this evening. but before we hear from the next round, let's dig into the ideas that were put forth last night which argued that the united states taxpayers should be sending more money and more aid to bolster honduras,