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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. good night from kyoto, japan. sean hannity is next. ♪ welcome to the special edition of "hannity." the 2020 election. i'm dan bongino in for sean. for the hour we'll preview the race for the white house and we start with the painny long two- -- painfully long two-night democratic debate. this week americans got a glimpse at how radical and out of touch the left have become. nowhere more apparent than immigration. the policy of open borders isn't enough. now the field of radical candidates promise to decriminalize illegal immigration altogether. give all illegal immigrants unlimited taxpayer-funded healthcare. and much more. watch this. >> raise your hand if you think it should be a civil offense rather than a crime to
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cross the border without documentation? can we keep the hands up so we can see them. if someone is here without documents and that is their only offense, is that person to be deported? >> no. that person can be a part of this great american experience. >> raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants? >> we shouldn't have 11 million people with no path to documentation. it makes no sense. >> i would reinstate the daca protection to the young people and i will further extend protection for the deferral of deportation for their parents. i would reform how we treat asylum seekers at the border and have a community-based treatment center where you are doing it within the communities. where asylum seekers are given lawyers. where there is real immigration judges.
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not employees of the attorney general. but appointed for life. >> they are trying to force them to medicare government for all. look at this. >> who would bollish the private health insurance in favor of a government-run plan? all right. >> we will have medicare for all. >> so the plan that senator sanders and i support med kale for all is how -- medicare for all is how you get to single payer. >> it's medicare for all. you make it available on exchanges. people can buy in. if people like us are right and it will be a more inclusive and more efficient plan than corporate answers out there it's a glide path to the single payer environment. >> how do the dems plan to pay for medicare for all on top of free higher education, on top of the free family pay -- we have to use air quotes.
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nothing is free. on top of the universal basic income, unfettered immigration and green new deal. where will they get the money? take your money. your taxes will go way, way up. don't just take it from me. just listen to the democrats, yes, the democrats from this week's debates. >> you called for big new government benefits like universal healthcare and free college. in a recent interview you said you subjected americans would be delighted to pay for taxes for things like that. >> people who have healthcare under medicare for all will have no premiums, no deductibles, no co-payments, no out-of-pocket expenses. yes, they will pay more in taxes. we must make public colleges and universities, tuition free. and eliminate student debt. we do that by placing a tax on wall street. >> i would be going about eliminating donald trump's tax cuts for the wealthy. >> that is why we need to do a
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carbon tax and dividend. >> we had a value-added tax at half the european level it would generate $800 billion in new revenue. >> tucker: earlier in japan, president trump responded to the radical socialist agenda. suggested that the democratic party might need to change its name. watch this. >> president trump: i have been watching the debates a little bit in between meetings. i wasn't impressed. but when you look at the socialism and you look at what it can do, that is what you are talking about there. that is the socialist party. i heard they're going to change their name to the socialist party. >> tucker: we're joined by herman cain and austan goolsbee. austan, do you first. you know it's coming. is this an admission that obama administration failed?
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they ran on not providing healthcare to illegal immigrants. is this an admission that obamacare was a disaster? >> that is wrong on every count. i do agree that the debates were too long. you clearly cherry picked from bernie sanders, marginal candidate, one sentence from here, one sentence from there. and you are portraying something that wasn't what they said. in the case of healthcare for people that are here with undocumented immigrants, that was should people have access to healthcare, not that it would be given to them free. and not that they would take away somebody else's healthcare and give it to undocumented immigrants. that is completely absurd. that is not what they said in the debate. >> dan: i believe the government was government-funded healthcare. hold on. >> if a person goes to the emergency room -- >> dan: they already have healthcare. >> if they go to the emergency room and undocumented they have to be treated. that is the law.
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>> dan: the moderators were asking who would provide benefits to people in the country illegally? everyone raised their hands. it's not like we adobe photo shopped it. >> that is the only one of all the group agreed that you selected. >> dan: the whole group. >> it was if people could buy in. it wasn't that they'd be given healthcare free. it was buy in. >> dan: it was the whole group. we didn't select anything. herman, where is this work, we didn't cherry pick. these are their own words. bernie sanders running on the 70%-plus marginal tax rates, which is absurd. we have them running on expanded government spending with $22 trillion in debt. but can you tell me, mr. cain, anywhere on earth the agenda of the heavy government spending, con facecatory taxation where it worked? >> i'm surprised that austan is from the same planet that the democratic presidential
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wannabes are from. they're not from earth. medicare for all means no chases for all. period. dan, that is an original sound bite you can use in perpetuity. medical for all means no choices for all. all you have to do is look at obamacare. they called it the affordable care act. but it was the unaffordable care act. and what happened to it because it failed is because it wasn't affordable for a lot of people. so austan is trying to defend an indefensible position relative to healthcare for all including illegals. they don't understand the word "illegal." >> dan: austan, you are an economist. you are a smart guy. explain to me how mathematically it will work if people who are here in the country illegally, in other words no constraints on you coming in, you can come in the country illegally and still claim u.s. taxpayer asset, to
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claim the healthcare assets? explain how mathematically -- friedman the greatest economy of our lifetime -- >> i will explain it because you cherry picked it. >> dan: i did not cherry pick anything. i played their words. what are you talking about? >> you didn't! because vice president biden then explained why he voted for that. he said it's going to allow the people to buy in to the system. that you are going to collect taxes on those workers to pay in to the system. >> dan: how are they going to do that if they are here illegally? do we give them social security number or tax i.d. number? they are here illegally. >> that happens now, dan. people who are here illegally pay billions of dollars of payroll tax. >> dan: we give them social security numbers and tax i.d. numbers? i like how you switch that around. that is not what we do. you know that. they pay sales tax. >> they have a tax i.d. number you can pay taxes. >> here illegally. >> billions of dollars from millions of people come in that way. >> i want to nail you down, we
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should wipe out illegal immigration and it doesn't make sense. >> that is the complete opposite of what i have ever said. you put words in my mouth with nothing to do with what i said. i said what all of those candidates said they were voting for was to allow people that were here undocumented to buy in to the new system that they were putting forward. bernie sanders you are right is advocating a medicare for all plan to get rid of the private insurance. but the majority of the candidates are for a medicare by choice, which as you know the congressional budget office says is cheaper than the system we have now. it doesn't cost anything. and is supported by 74% of america, including the majority of republicans. >> dan: all right. suggesting that medicare will be cheaper than a privately run system is absurd. you are an economist and you know that is not true. the government bathes in
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inefficiency because cost and quality don't matter. you have heard of the third party player problem i'm sure. let me go to herman. bill clinton ran on the era of big government being over. bill clinton, well, isle gnome a clinton fan obviously but it was restrained in the congress. is that the party of kennedy and bill clinton, are they all republicans and dead and gone? >> the answer is no. every one of those candidates that we saw last night and the night before, they favor the era of bigger government. bigger government. more control government. that is what this is about. austan can try to spin this all he wants to in terms of the words he uses but the fact of the matter is it all boils down to they want to spend more of our money, those people that make money and have jobs. and spend it more for illegals. why don't they worry about the
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citizens of the country more than they worry about the illegals of the country? why don't they do something to help secure the border. they finally passed something but it took them two months or more in order to pass something to do something about the border. you want to know why? the people in the house and the senate heard from constituents back home. that is how we get civilized. we get back on planet earth. they are not on this planet. they are from an alternative universe, as laur laura ingraham said many times before. we need to get back to look out for citizens who work in the country rather than worry about illegals. >> dan: to take it out to a bigger peck spective here, what is -- perspective, what is with the argument of higher taxes and healthcare. explain what special knowledge that the government bureaucrats have to manage healthcare of 330 million americans, manage the economy?
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if they were any good of that stuff they wouldn't be in government position. they would be in a private business making money. >> we can argue among the three of us, we can have a debate about what should be the role of the government or how big should it be. you cannot deny that the overhead and cost expenses on medicare which is one of the most popular government programs in the entire country, supported by massive majorities, the costs are lower than the private sec sectr healthcare. >> dan: not true. you are messing with the fractions. i know that trick. it's older, sicker population. >> i'm not messing with the fractions. older and sicker should look worse but it looks better. >> dan: that everybody uses on the democrat side. you know that, austan. i have to run. >> it's the opposite of a trick. >> dan: we'll have to continue another time. you are looking at live pictures of president trump in o'is a cak, japan, at the g20
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summit -- osaka, japan, at the g20 summit. if the president has anything to say we'll bring it to you live. herman, austan, thank you. the liberal establish. media in panic after the first debates. they are realizing the radical positions adopted by the party will cost them the general election against president trump. take a look at this. >> last night was a disaster for democratic party. my only hope is people were not watching. >> i'm texting with the trump campaign sources. christmas. compare to christmas. gleeful. >> this is not your parents' democratic party or your older sister's democratic party. it's changed considerably. >> i don't see anybody on the stage that would beat trump. >> virtually every democrat on the stage took positions to the left of barack obama. playing right in to at least from the campaign's view, their plan to portray democrats simply too far to the left effectively a socialist party. >> dan: as you heard earlier some of the radical proposals
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made by the democratic presidential hopefuls this week include decriminalizing illegal border crossing, taxpayers funded healthcare for illegals. how is that going to work out? unlimited immigration and migrants will get free healthcare? the math doesn't work. joining me now with reaction is louisiana senator john kennedy. senator kennedy, thank you for joining us tonight. i appreciate it. i just had goolsbe austan goolsn and i was talking about the math here. it can't possibly work. you have experience in this arena. how do you have open borders? friedman said this a long time ago. you can't have open borders and a welfare state. the math doesn't work because the entire globe has a claim on the u.s. taxpayer assets. it can't work because it won't work. your thoughts? >> i listened to part of the debates. i just found it bizarre, dan.
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i know many of the candidates running but i felt like i was listening to folks who were castro without the beard. or cuba without the sun. number one it's clear to me that most of the candidates for president on the democratic side had decided illegal immigration is a moral good. i don't know a country in the world that doesn't have borders and doesn't want to know who is coming in to the country. for no other reason than public safety. in terms of the free healthcare for illegal immigrants we have at least 11 million folks in our country illegally. we have 5,000 a day coming in right now as a result of the asylum laws. i don't know how we would pay for that. it would cost by my estimation
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$55-$60 billion. nine zeros a year. to give free health insurance to folks in the country illegally. we can't afford what we are doing now in america with the healthcare. that is why we have a $22 trillion debt. we borrow $1 million a minute. not an hour. not a day. a minute to run government. right now even before we added the illegal immigrants to the healthcare system, we are already thelma and luilma & loue car headed toward the cliff. it's bizarre. the democratic position is everything will be free. free education. free healthcare. free housing. free love. free kittens. i don't know. i found it bizarre. i don't know how they think we will pay for it. >> i hate to put out two
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friedman quotes but he said if you think it's free you think your neighbor is paying for us be the joke is he thinks the same thing. the joke is we're paying for us. on the senate side -- i won't ask you to talk about the house side. but are they starting to feel the heat a little bit on the immigration issue? it appears that the democrats are for nothing. a big zero. they don't stand for anything on immigration to help the problem. i saw this week on this appropriation to ease is conditions on the border, there were 84 votes. which says to me as an outsider, maybe you can clear it up and tell me if i'm wrong, they must feel heat on the democratic side saying hey, guys, ladies, listen. we have to stand. when can't say no to everything all the time. am i reading this wrong? >> no, i think you are right, dan. for the longest time many members of the media and some of my democratic friends contended that we don't have a crisis at the border. we clearly do. we have 5,000 people a day coming in. setting foot on american soil. under the law, as interpreted
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by some of our judges we have to turn them loose to america. that is not a week. that is 5,000 folks a day. we have a huge humanitarian crisis. senate, democrats and republicans, worked out an arrangement to stem the humanitarian crisis web, about $4.5 billion. speaker pelosi to her credit went along with us. i thank her for that. she got it right. once in a row. she had to fight off the shadow speaker, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. but in terms of willing to fix the problem, look, we could fix this problem in two and a half weeks. by changing the asylum laws. right now as interpreted by our courts all you have to do if you are coming from the south is step foot on american soil, say the magic words and
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you are turned loose in to the country and you are told come back to court in a couple of years. obviously, many people don't. this just makes no sense. >> i agree with you on that. >> but it could be fixed. >> dan: senator kennedy, thank you for joining us. i appreciate your insights on that. i really appreciate it. deep state abuse in the 2016 election. the biggest power and corruption scandal in the nation's history. yet, it didn't come up ones in last night's debate. we will tell you why that was a huge mistake when sara carter, gregg jarrett and congressman andy baker up next. calling all sunscreen haters. you're gonna love this. new coppertone sport clear. not thick, not hot, not messy,
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>> dan: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." "2020 election." president trump is in japan for the g20.
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if he says anything we'll bring it to you live this hour. switching gears, we are holding those who abuse power accountable, democrats and the partners in the media mob continue to fuel more mueller mania and impeachment fantasies. take a look at this. >> let me tell you. we need someone on our stage when it comes to the general election who knows how to recognize a rap sheet when they see it and prosecute the case. >> governor inslee? >> the biggest threat to the security of the united states is donald trump. [applause] >> a president who fought to obstruct the investigation in the invasion of our democracy. we must begin impeachment now so that we have the facts and the truth and we follow them as far as they go. >> dan: in the two nights of the democratic debate there is not one question on the deep state on fisa abuse, or use of the secret informant to spy on team trump. joining me is sara carter, and
6:25 pm
gregg jarrett, and congressman andy biggs. gregg, to you first. i think the mueller appearance on july 17 has potential to blow up spectacular in the democrats' face. >> it's a big mistake. >> dan: huge mistake. one of the reasons is mueller report is written like an op-ed, not a serious legal document and he leaves a lot of things out. one contacts he elections is a russian carveout for manafort. he was a source for the obama state department. interesting point to bring up. no? >> yeah. he either concealed it or deliberately tried to deceive the american public. same thing with the professor masoud. he is not a russian agent at all and he works for british government probably. and in turn the americans as well. he takes john dowd's telephone message and he edits it down to misrepresent that. another place i found he completely misrepresented and
6:26 pm
invented a conversation involving papadopoulos and masoud. he doesn't source it. he just made it up and plucked it from his own imagination. so the report is frankly disappointing in so many ways. disorganized. contradictory, inconsistent. and so schizophrenic you will get whiplash. it's almost a garbage document like the dossier. what is frustrating about it most of all are the things he doesn't look into. if he is looking into russian interference how can you not look into hillary clinton paying for russian misinformation. >> dan: exactly. >> to interfere in the election. there is none of that in there. or the dossier. there is nothing in there about elto glenn simpson and fun g.p.s., all of them trying to interfere by spreading russian information. >> dan: sara you have been on this case like white on rice. one thing that bothers me is the initial charter was to
6:27 pm
investigate russian interference in the election. and it's convenient he goes through the multiple pages to talk about the don trump jr. tower meeting with the russians but he fails to mention that the russian lawyer was working for company hired by hillary clinton. don't you think it is a key point to bring up? >> it's a huge point. so here you have a natalia veselnitskaya. she meets with glenn simpson of fusion gps the day before and the day after. the day after that meeting and simpson is like no, we didn't discuss the trump tower meeting at all. so these are really significant questions that need to be answered. let me tell you, dan. the biggest point here is we hear rumors about what robert mueller will be testifying about and how this is significant on the part of the democrats. this is total theater on the part of the democrats. because they are continuously, including andrew mccabe, who has been on msnbc over and
6:28 pm
over again, who was basically thrown out of the f.b.i. for lying and fired by then attorney general jeff sessions for being a liar. and the i.g. caught him lying multiple times and leaking information to the media. this is how they are trying to keep disinformation alive. by holding a hearing which is theatrical. and robert mueller can't go outside the purview of his report. there is questions that need to be answered. as you said i believe the republicans have the upper hand here. they ask him questions that are very important, that he can answer. there are questions that he can't. but the democrats are trying to keep the rumor alive. it's a rumor and it's a lie. they have absolutely no evidence of anything otherwise they would have used it. >> dan: thanks to people like you we know it's lies. great work. you, too, gregg. congressman biggs, you are up on the hill. are they committed to get
6:29 pm
answers from bob mueller? something that bothers me is not that he leaves out the $500,000 patient to bill clinton, that is not in there. but also on the exculpatory evidence. trump said he wanted him to investigate people on the team who may have been involved this, does it sound obstruction to you? that is not in the report by the way. >> no. it doesn't sound like obstruction. in fact there wasn't any obstruction. mr. mueller knew it but his team was radicalized. don't forget he had a radical team that conducted the investigation. they come out and i don't know robert mueller from adam but i can tell you this the reality is mr. mueller put out a report that is not a legal brief. he shouldn't have done it at all. but it's an opinion piece. this is going to look like the hope hicks interview. you had the democrats reading
6:30 pm
or asking her to read. direct quotes from the mueller report. hope hicks say that was my statement. that is what you will get. go to mueller. you won't get anything new from the democrats. nadler said, chairman nadler already said hey, we will probably have him just read things. this is designed to keep up their narrative of something that happened that there was an obstruction of justice, somehow just like you heard in the debate last night, somehow the president is guilty of something. there is nothing here. they know it. they can't get him on anything that is criminal so they will attack and try to sully his name with the consistent rumors that they have been putting out from day one. >> dan: gregg, one of the key questions to ask bob mueller is when exactly did you find out this collusion was a hoax? weissman, his pitbull as they call him, he knew in 2016 that the dossier had serious
6:31 pm
issues. when did mueller find that out? >> within months of his appointment. may 17, 201. in fact, john dowd, the president's lawyer places it around november/december of 2017. there was a meeting on march 5, 2018. a full year before the report comes out. in which according to dowd, mueller admits that the president has no criminal exposure over collusion. mr. mueller, why didn't you issue an interim report? isn't it true you wanted to keep this going to influence unduly the 2018 interim elections? so that democrats could take over the house? that is a legitimate question to ask. also, you know, mueller interviewed with the president the day before he took the job as special counsel, sitting in the oval office. isn't it true, mr. mueller, you and the president actually discussed the reason that
6:32 pm
comey was fired which makes you a witness in our own case on the obstruction investigation? >> dan: sara is the cavaleck in the state department where she meets with the dossier in interview and the information is all garbage, is that going to come into play in the mueller hearing? that information she took notes on it and it's all discredited. do you think it comes up at all? >> absolutely. i think the republicans will swoop in on that and ask questions on that. this is significantly important. those e-mails and those exchanges and victoria newland where the state department and what she knew are going to come up because at that point in time everybody knew. they questioned the dossier fed to us basically by a foreign intelligence officer from mi-6, christopher steele, who took a ton of this information from the russians. and now what we're discovering
6:33 pm
is people like joseph mistov mad working with them and so we need to ask john brennan. what did you know? how were you involved in this? where did the investigation begin? >> dan: brennan is in a world of trouble. the gang of eight briefing he gave, remember, there were notes on that. that information was only from steele. so he is in a world of trouble. thank you so much. you can see there, president trump is mingling with the foreign leaders. we are monitoring this for any developments. directly ahead, joe biden. an absolutely disastrous performance last night. that is the understatement. will it kill his chances at the nomination? we'll have more with analysis. stay tuned. "hannity" special. beep goes off ] now that you have
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>> dan: a moment last night got heated when kamala harris took biden to task for the past record on civil rights. take a look at this. >> to hear you talk about the reputations of two united states senators who built the reputations and career on the segregation of race in the country. i was not only that, but you worked with them to oppose busing. >> that is a mischaracterization of my position across the board. i did not praise racists. that is not true. i opposed busing ordered by the department of education. that is what i opposed. >> it was a failure of state
6:39 pm
to integrate public schools in america. i was part of the second class to integrate berkeley, california, public schools two decades after brownv. board of education. >> i'm the guy that extended the voting right act for 25 years. we got where we got 98 out of 98 votes in the senate doing it. i have argued are strongly we, in fact, deal with the notion of denying people to the ballot box and i agree everybody -- anyway. my time is up. i'm sorry. >> dan: he also had an embarrassing motion when he said his first issue of president would be to defeat donald trump. okey-doke. watch this. >> the first thing i would do is make sure that we defeat donald trump. period. >> dan: okay. joining us now is former congressman darrell issa, and doug schoen and john james. thank you for joining us. congressman, i'll go to you
6:40 pm
first. listen, that was i think by all measures disastrous performance last night. is this catastrophic or can he recover? i have been in a few races myself. it's early in the process. can he recover? >> he can recover. a new deal democrat famously said in a presidential race i didn't leave the democratic party. the democratic party left me. that was ronald reagan. the problem that joe biden has, he hasn't stopped being a mainstream liberal democrat. the democratic party moved so far to his left that it left him. >> dan: doug, listen, no one knows the democrat politics better than you. you have been all over the problem harping on the identity politics over and over. this is a problem with it. it's cannibalistic at some point. where it starts to implode on itself. you see last night the same
6:41 pm
attack used against joe biden. doug, quick question. no one believes biden is a racist on the stage. they were using that as a weapon to you are the him. >> hurt him. >> you are right. this is cannibalism at his political worst. joe biden is a good man. he sounded like he was well past his prime. i think kamala harris took him down but i don't know if she did a great deal to fundamentally help herself. the big winner last night candidly was president trump. >> dan: i agree. >> because of the democratic chaos and division. >> dan: yeah. lackluster performance for all of them. john james, hopefully soon senator james. congrats on your announcement. great job. you did a great job last time, too. >> thank you. >> dan: this is a serious charge to lob at somebody. kamala harris said i'm not calling you a racist but i'll insinuate you are. there is nothing worse in
6:42 pm
america to be called. i thought biden did an awful job. it was like get him a cup of coffee. fight back! >> everyone on the stage disqualified themselves. five people on the stage, half are the current legislators and they stood up on the stage and said they were going to throw future generations under the bus. they are in a position to secure borders and get comprehensive immigration reform and they are failing to do that. i have been all over the world and fought combat in baghdad, i have grown business if detroit. washington is the only place i can think of that you fail and can still ask american people for a promotion. we can be good stewarts and compassionate without being bone-headed. everyone on the stage failed to meet that. go to jame jesus christ
6:43 pm >> you can fail u -- go to john james for >> dan: is there any way for the democrats to give the media environment where everything is on tape all the time to dial this back after the primary is over. we have candidates that are on stage physically raising their hands. telling america we'll cancel your private healthcare. it's on tape. can they get back to the middle? back to the general? >> no, they can't. this is a laura duc a michael ds moment. we have been here before where the parl party goes way out to t thinking they will inspire people rather than doing what the last two democratic presidents that got the second terms did. both bill clinton and barack
6:44 pm
obama -- i didn't like the liberal politics but they never talked as liberals. they talked as people who want to work together. then they did liberal things. i think it's too late for the folks. you saw delaney on one end and biden were the only people trying to talk as though they were running a general. i will come to my friend joe biden's defense in one way. the first thing you have to do if you're the president and do the first thing after you are sworn in is win the election. nobody on the stage will win the election based on last night's performance. >> i don't know who gave them the talking points but this is the worst focus group in america to told a bunch of democrats to lobby for healthcare for illegal immigrants and canceling private healthcare in america. ridiculous. thank you for your analysis. really appreciate it. when we come bark, democrats want no limit on abortion. hollywood loves it. we tell you why it not be good for dems in 2020 with kayleigh mcenany and kerry picket
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>> dan: welcome back to the "hannity" special. "the 2020 election." this week's democrat presidential debate radical democrats unleashed on the hot button issue on abortion. watch this. >> let's also not forget someone in the trans community, trans-female, poor but doesn't have the right to exercise that right to choose. so i absolutely would cover the right to have an abortion. >> i would make certain that every woman has access to the full range of reproductive services including birth control, includes abortion and it includes everything for a woman. >> first of all, let me tell you this. it didn't come up yet but
6:50 pm
let's say this. medicare for all guarantees every woman in this country the right to have an abortion if she wants it. >> dan: hollywood liberals prop up the democrats policy. jon voight responded to a twitter attack from radical actress alicei alyssa milano. >> come after me. i'm ready. >> darling, alyssa, god bless you. i pray god sends his light of truth on all of those with no truth about the republicans and about our president. may god bless america. >> joining us now with reaction is the trump 2020 campaign national press secretary kayleigh mcenany and the "daily caller" reporter kerry picket. alyssa milano criticizing jon
6:51 pm
voight. she was in "beverly hills chihuahua 2" and he won an academy award. does hollywood even matter anymore? it didn't help hillary in the 2016 election. >> no. hollywood doesn't matter. in fact, if anything it's a curse for a candidate because everyday hardworking men and women look and say aaliyah milano -- alyssa milano is going to tell me what to do? she said to have a sex strike because they want to keep a living baby with a heartbeat alive. women every should have a sex strike. women everyday women, tune her out. she doesn't matter. nor does hollywood. they are a joke. please endorse the democratic nominee. >> who is giving the democrats the awful advice that abortion to the ninth month of
6:52 pm
pregnancy is a winner outside of certain enclaves in new york, california and illinois? it's absurd. what happened to safe, legal and rare? it seemed to have gone out the window. >> that is so true. think about this. right after ralph northam governor of virginia made absurd comments about the post-birth abortions democrats began to get scared. they didn't want to talk about it and they explicitly steered away from it in the debates. however, it doesn't mean that a little crazy didn't come out, particularly out of julian castro about the trans community having abortions. they are calling it reproductive justice now. but now they want to repeal the hyde amendment that means the federal taxpayers dollars would go toward abortions. they want to make sure that they vilify all the states that pass the heartbeat bills. so still, you have a number of democrats who want to make sure they don't make the same mistake that hillary clinton made in 2016 when she said he is would support abortion
6:53 pm
through the third trimester. >> dan: cannot play well in the swing states here. you look at the one issue voters, people who vote on one issue. firearms, second amendment and abortion. this won't look good for democrats when the primary is over, radicalism on abortion. >> you are right. this motivates the republican base immensely and it motivates 85% of americans. if you look at who supports abortion passed in new york and celebrated with a standing ovation in the chamber and they lit one world trade pink and if you look who supports this insane measure to kill a fully viable baby it's about 15% or less. so they are motivating 85% of the american people when they do things like 19 times blocking a vote in the house for a keep-alive bill, keeping a baby alive outside the womb.
6:54 pm
purportedly they agree with the governor of virginia you can support infanticide. this is sick. they are becoming 1% that up supporters infanticide. >> dan: it's one thing to argue for choice. it's not choice. it's not a choice for infant in the womb. but something else for abortion. can they turn back from the primary and turn around in the general? >> no way. think about it. the whole idea of arguing the third trimester abortion on the national stage, the details of going into that, i don't see it. frankly i only see democrats going away from it. >> i agree. thanks. we appreciate it. you both were great. we'll be back with rush limbaugh's thoughts on the democratic debate. stay with us. beep goes off ] now that you have new dr. scholl's massaging gel advanced insoles with softer, bouncier gel waves, you'll move over 10% more than before. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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>> welcome back to the special is edition of hannity, 2020 election. rush limbaugh sounded off after
6:59 pm
watching the lackluster democrat debate wednesday night and listen to why he thinks onof the candidates have any shot at beating president trump. >> you would not have been uplifted by one thing watching this debate last night. if you are a radical leftist you would not have been uplifted. you would have had your hatred verified and validated. and your anger verified and validated. there wasn't one candidate on that stage that lit it up. donald trump doesn't do what we saw last night. do you realize we've been spared on our side this kind of political chat, this kind of political cliche, conversation for 2 1/2 years. we got somebody that is actually real. who goes to the white house and just -- to the microphones and just speaks. >> unfortunately that's all the time we have left tonight. as always, thank you for joining us. if you liked tonight's show tune into my podcast the dan
7:00 pm
bongino show. join hannity next week and laura ingraham is up next. stay tuned. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and thatth is the "the ingraham angle" live from washington president trump will sit across in president xi as a potential trade deal hangs in the balance. you'll see all the drama unfold here. stay with us. before we get to that we'll break down last night's wild democratic debate. the big moments, the clashes, the gaffes and the gifts for president trump. dennis kucinich is here to tell us why kamala harris was wrong to come after joe biden and we have a special folly about how age radical positions and religion are