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tv   Cavuto Live  FOX News  June 29, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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weather. you know what? >> you should. >> that was super fun. we will be back tomorrow with a great show. go yankees today. they will be on fox. watch them. >> have a great saturday, everybody. with respect to china, basically we agreed today that we were going to continue the negotiation. we're holding on tariffs and theyre going to buy farm product. >> so fingers crossed for now as trade talks seem to be back on. that was kind of expected. here is what was not. president trump last minute invite to meet north korea's leader at the dmz. and kim jong-un, this might be interesting. welcome everybody, happy saturday. i'm neil cavuto. you are watching cavuto live. we begin in seoul south korea
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with kevin cork. a sudden invite? >> yeah, pretty interesting, diplomacy by twitter. ostensibly one world leader sends another what amounts to an on line e vite and the other world leader might show up. the other leader in this case not just any old world leader talking about kim jong-un, the leader of north korea. one of the many headlines, neil, here in south korea as the president makes his way here for bilateral talks with president moon and the expected trip to the dmz for what could be a third face-to-face with kim jong-un if he makes it there. the president's trip here following an event g 20 summit in japan where he was asked if he would in fact meet with chairman kim while here. >> it might happen tomorrow, to be honest. we won't call ate summit -- we won't call it a summit. we will call it a handshake, if it does happen. i don't know if it will.
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it could happen. i'm literally visiting the dmz. >> if you met kim jong-un at the dmz tomorrow, would you step across the border to north korea? >> sure i would. i would feel very comfortable doing that. >> listening to my colleague john roberts ask that question, there was a lot happening obviously over the g 20, neil, i also want to bring your attention to people talking about china. the president said he had a very strong meeting with kim jong-un -- not kim jong-un, i beg your pardon with president xi jinping he noted by the way that u.s. firms will be able to sell products to the chinese telecom giant huawei. as for the on going trade talks, he said this? >> we had a great meeting and we will be continuing to negotiate and i promise that for at least the time being we won't be lifting tariffs on china.
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>> very important, a nod to u.s. manufacturers by the way, while the president was over there, they will be able to sell huawei much-needed products and that means the two sides hopefully can benefit and maybe that will help the talks, neil, keep going well. the president as mentioned will also have dinner here with president moon. in fact, that's already wrapped up. we expect a read-out from the white house not terribly long from now. as soon as i get more details, i promise to pass that along as well as our look forward to the trip to the dmz. we will see if it includes kim jong-un. back to you. neil: thank you very much kevin cork. other presidents have been to the dmz, not one as yet has stepped into north korea. when the president was asked and he would entertain doing that, that did raise some eyebrows. we will see what happens. meanwhile the chinese do seem to be making some allowances but we made some allowances as well in these ongoing talks. again, to a guest that's been warning about china, be very careful what they are committing to, the coming collapse of china
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author gordon chang. good to have you. one of the things that stand out in this is that china will start buying more u.s. farm products, we don't know how many or how it will be different than what they have committed to already, and we will be open to keeping huawei stay a place of business and doing business, our telecom companies doing business, but beyond that, details are scant. but i guess they are a start. what do you think? >> certainly it is a start. this is the starting of a new round of negotiations with the chinese. as you point out, neil, the big surprise was huawei. the president is giving a reprieve to the company, essentially, taking it off of the commerce department's entity list which requires them to receive prior license. he didn't say he was going to take it off that list, but that's the substance. you have to remember, this mirrors giving a reprieve to zte another chinese telecom equipment manufacturer last may. last may president trump did
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that at a private request from xi jinping, the chinese ruler, this time president trump gave the reprieve to huawei after a public demand from xi jinping that trump do so. you can draw your own conclusions about the way this is going. neil: huawei now is allowed to sort of buy equipment from u.s. concerns. that was something that was in doubt for those u.s. telecom companies are probably delighted to hear that. where do you think this is going? if the time line has now switched. the talks are back on. this is the start of resuming them. where is this going? >> i think this is going to a very long period of negotiations, and, you know, i don't see an agreement at the end of this, because the chinese have made these public demands which i think should be unacceptable to the american public, and probably are, and certainly if president trump were to accede to those demands, it would cause a firestorm on all sides of the political spectrum. you know, the chinese have been
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emboldened and so therefore they will be more difficult to deal with especially because of their early victories that president trump just essentially announced that at press conference in osaka. neil: do you get a sense that the chinese are reading polls in this country and these polls very very early on don't look good for the president, the recovery in the united states, notwithstanding, the strength of our markets, but maybe they're a bit too much focused on them, but they are. and they're sort of calibrating things based on those polls? >> well, chinese officials have actually talked about the trade talks in connection with president trump's standing in the united states and his reelection efforts. and, you know, they make assessments which i think are off base, especially because they don't take into account the volatile nature of what's occurring in the united states at this point, and president trump's popularity. so i think they are making a mistake. we know that they in 2018 in the midterms were pushing for
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democratic candidates and essentially they didn't do themselves any favors because essentially what they did was they replaced paul ryan as speaker who didn't have a thought in his head about china with nancy pelosi who is the chinese would say quote unquote antichina. i don't think that did them any good in the long-term in washington, so they can actually achieve outcomes which are counterproductive to what place they want to go. neil: interesting. gordon, great catching up with you. thank you. >> thank you very much. neil: gordon chang. this 2020 race, the impact of all of this, let's get the read from fox news contributor. we've got the washington examiners. and democratic strategist. jessica, it was interesting, i think between the two debates about seven of the candidates of the 20 cited china as a premier concern, a big issue and it came only a few weeks after joe biden kind of did a 180 from saying, you know, china wasn't a competitive threat to acknowledging that it's something to watch. so china's risen in their minds.
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what do you think? >> absolutely has risen. i thought it was more than 7 actually between the two for the greatest geopolitical threat. we only had a couple russia, i think michael ben net was most prominent there. this will give the 2020 candidates fodder to continue to talk about china. the emphasis on what's going on with huawei being the most important part of this i think is extremely important as gordon highlighted there. a national security threat. if we're selling them computer chips, for instance, we already have an issue. this is something that had brought together the two sides, you had schumer and trump talking the same way about huawei and the unfair trade practices. you are handing the 2020 candidates a gift to go after president trump on the basics, the tough talk, if he does back down on something like this. clearly he had to give the farmers something. there was pressure from them. they were a key constituency that got him elected in 2016. but this is concerning for all
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of us, a long negotiating path, but 2020 candidates are happy this is going on. neil: you could switch it around and just say he will argue back i'm the guy who brought them to this. >> right. neil: and you guys did not. >> i was just going to say, president trump has escalated the major concerns that we are having with china, the theft, the stealing, the intellectual property, the cheating, the list goes on and on. 500 billion dollars a year that the u.s. was losing, so because of the tariffs, the president has flipped this around and now people are paying attention and watching what is going on with china and what will be done with china going down the road. neil: you know, looking at the markets, and i talk to these guys all the time, and one of the things they always say better any deal than no deal. even if it's a bad deal. but to jessica's point, it better be a deal that given the
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delay here or the long wait, that's got substance to it. what do you think? >> president trump can't risk having an iran nuclear deal moment with the chinese. he can't risk having a bad deal. huawei at least conceding on that is pretty big. at the very least, if things go awry in trade negotiations, he can at least nix that and put another band on huawei, for example if the chinese are trying to renege at the last minute. if china is going to make these public demands, which gordon chang was mentioning should be affront to all the american citizens, president trump should go after the chinese in their human rights issues, in addition to the re-education camps that they have set up in the province for -- [inaudible]. that's the way the chinese are dealing. they don't care about the interest of american. they want to elevate themselves
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on the front stage. they want to become number one in the world. they are geopolitical threat. neil: the front-runner for the time being is joe biden. he has flip-flopped on this issue on china on how much to worry about them. i want you to watch this and maybe react to it. >> china is going to eat our lunch. come on, man. they are not bad folks, folks, but guess what? they're not competition for us. we need the rest of the world to deal with us dealing with china and their cheating and what they're doing in the western part of their country -- i mean the eastern part of their country. but i mean, nothing's said. you know, so you bet i'm worried about china. neil: he obviously read the tea leaves. >> he did read the tea leaves and the cover of every newspaper. there was an interview he gave
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with nbc after a couple of the initial statements where he worked to clean that up. he was really trying to emphasize american exceptionalism and say we remain on top and always remain on top, i will do what it takes to protect that status, but no one can reach america. neil: but the criticism he's gotten is in the obama administration, you didn't do that. >> absolutely. that's something he will have to contend with on the campaign trail. we saw in debate night number one, people are not going to be afraid to go after joe biden. they are going to try to do it politely, some less politely, but they are going to go after him for that record. and foreign policy actually i think hasn't featured as prominently so far in the debates as we will see in the next debate at the end of the july, i'm sure iran, china, russia, they were passing thoughts in conversation. neil: you are right about that. if we get a deal, then what? >> if we get a deal? well, then the economy is going to do even better than what it is now, our u.s. economy. and everyone is watching what is going to happen, what the outcome is going to be, but they are also seeing how president
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trump is handling this. again, he put china on the map. people are watching. they're reading about it. people at church are asking me about foreign affairs and issues. they never thought about this stuff before. the president has been mentioning things. neil: they should be concentrating on god. >> well -- neil: no, i'm kidding. if we do get a deal, you raised the possibility of getting a bad deal, we don't know, but then what, for the president? >> he has to get it before the 2020 election. he could make the argument that he needs another term in order to deal with the chinese, and that the democrats don't have the right solution to get a deal. i mean, we saw it with biden, basically kind of, you know, straddling this line where china may not be the number one geopolitical threat because the obama administration certainly didn't get us anywhere with china, and so -- neil: although they did win a number of battles at the wto. >> and the flyover zones. that's something that joe biden emphasizes that when china was
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with huge savings-- like logo t's and hobbs creek henleys for under $10 each. and this coleman 48 quart cooler for under $20. now with free 2 day shipping. >> medicare for all solves that problem. >> medicare for all is the way to do that. >> we will get to medicare for all. >> we have got to pass a medicare for all single payer system. >> healthcare is not just a human right. it should be an american right. and i believe the best way to get there is medicare for all. >> it's become like the socialist party. in fact, i heard there's a rumor the democrats are going to change the name of the party from democrat party to the socialist party. neil: all right, not all democrats, john delaney also a contestant for the democratic nomination had a different view from his colleagues on this very subject. take a look. >> i think we should be the party that keeps what's working
7:18 am
and fixes what's broken. [applause] >> i mean, doesn't that make sense? i mean, we should give everyone in this country as healthcare as a basic human right for free, but we should also give them the option to buy private insurance. neil: he got into some details on that very issue, saying about hospital administrators with whom he's chatted if they were paid at the medicare rate, every single hospital administrator, quoting from him, said they would close. he joins us right now. 2020 democratic presidential candidate, the former congressman john delaney. good to have you, congressman. >> nice to be here, neil, thank you. neil: that kind of fell on deaf ears in a party that doesn't want to hear that. are you an odd man out? >> no, i think most democrats actually do want to hear it. if you notice when i said we should be the party that fixes what's broken and keeps what's working, there was a lot of applause because 150 million americans have private health insurance. the polling indicates that well
7:19 am
over 100 million of them like it, including our seniors by the way. half seniors have medicare advantage which is a private health insurance program. this is an important conversation to have. i'm driving the conversation. i think when people realize what's in this medicare for all bill, i think a majority of the democratic party, putting aside republicans and independents but even the democratic party will reject this plan and go with the plan i'm proposing which is called better care which does get everyone healthcare but allows people to keep their plans and have private insurance. neil: you might be right, in the end that might be the way they go. you don't seem to be right now, congressman, but you are closer to them than i am. i did notice there was a point in debate where candidates were asked would you swipe out your private coverage for this government or medicare coverage, not everybody raised their hands, but a few did, elizabeth warren among them and others. what did you think of that because a lot of americans, 90% of whom have private insurance
7:20 am
coverage, they might have their issues with premiums and the rest but they kind of like it. and if they are told to junk it, in favor of this, they get a little nervous. >> neil, listen, it is a crazy idea. and it's never going to happen. and i am the only one -- you know, i'm the only one saying this. what's really frustrating about it is this whole idea came from bernie sanders who is not even a democrat and all these other candidates elizabeth warren and the whole bunch of the rest of them have basically outsourced their healthcare plan from someone who is not even a democrat. i think it is terrible. i think we have to have a conversation about this. and many issues too, i mean you were just talking about china. one of the things that i didn't get a chance to talk about in the debate was the transpacific partnership which is something i was a huge supporter of. i don't think you can run against president trump unless you are a supporter of the transpacific partnership because you have to have an alternative vision for the world. and the democrats who effectively rejected president obama's efforts to do that, they
7:21 am
were effectively taking us down the same path that president trump in my judgment has taken us down. there are a lot of important issues that need to be discussed for the rest of the primary, if we're going to put up a candidate that can go toe-to-toe with this president and how we conduct ourselves around the world. neil: the president walked away the transpacific partnership that would have rallied all the asian nations in that region, essentially against china or blunt its influence, it's got more influential in the interim. does that worry you? how would you handle that? >> the first thing i would do is get us in the transpacific partnership. you know, there's 20 days left after the next president is sworn into office to get in the tpp based on the trade promotion authority that the congress has given the president. i would get back in that right away. then i would start dealing with
7:22 am
china. i mean, china, they have acted like pirates, stealing our intellectual property, we need to work with our allies if we want to have a unified front to deal with this threat. neil: congressman, thank you. we will have a lot more after this. everything you love about car insurance -- the discounts... the rate comparisons... and flo in a boat. ♪ insurance adventure awaits at "progressive on ice." tickets not available now or ever.
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or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. neil: everything's okay, but it could have been a lot worse. united 209 an airbus 320 land at newark liberty airport today. the crew had reported a brake problem. the two tires blew in landing. the runway in which it sits even
7:26 am
now remains closed at this time. you can man the flight delays that are -- you can imagine the flight delays that are compounding. la guardia is just a few miles away, and they are urging you to contact the airline for passenger information. i think that warrants a pretty obvious -- if you are flying in and out of the new york area, this is probably going the compound wait times. everyone is okay. that matters a lot more. in the meantime, a lot of socialist ideas were on full display in the two debates, some that were priced out, others that were left out. the bottom line is all of this proposed at a time we're dealing with 22 trillion dollars in total debt, that's rapidly rising. management president, rebecca walter. we also have the cpa best-selling author, market analyst and last but not least our own jackie. jackie on what's happening on
7:27 am
the back and forth pricing these things out, some like bernie sanders, freely admit he's going to tax the middle class, but you are going to get a lot more bang for the buck in the savings you get in healthcare, but it is pricey. all of it is pricey. >> it is all very pricey. i think what's going to happen over time is it is going to get pricier for people. it all sounds good when you lay it out. from a standpoint of doing good for people, certainly we'd love to give everybody healthcare for free. it's just not doable. you can't tax the wealthy anymore than you are taxing them now. and you can't go after the middle class anymore either. what people aren't really looking at is the fact that they are also going to see the quality of that healthcare decline. they're going to have to wait longer. they are not going to be able to choose their doctors. we have already been seeing this as a result of obama care, and people who had private insurance are saying i liked my insurance. i want to be able to make those choices. i'm willing to pay those co-pays to be able to do that. you've got about 180 million people who have that private insurance who are saying i want to keep that, and it was even
7:28 am
more before. why would you do away with it and put everybody on the universal system? congressman delaney making the point that you should have both options is one step in the right direction. neil: the fact that so many competing for that office are saying no, no, it's this or nothing, and for the 90% of americans who have private insurance, they don't all love it, but they are okay with it. that's going to be a rude general election awakening, isn't it? >> what i'm not okay with is the fundamental shift of america to a socialist economy and not discussing that's what this actually is. let me explain something. here's the problem, everybody wants to look at norway, denmark and sweden as these great countries that provide this and that's fine. they don't talk about the tax policies. they have a barely marginal tax system, the top person is only making one halftimes the bottom person in the tax system. if you are making $60,000, you are making 60% tax to pay for these systems.
7:29 am
we can't have a marginal system where half of americans aren't paying any federal tax and at the same time have a medicare for all single payer healthcare system, it is not mathematically possible, so the democrats have to decide, do we like a marginally graduated tax system that we have had forever and tax the rich policies or are we going to change to the european model and tax everybody at very high rates in order to pay these benefits? that's before we even add in people that are not here legally and paying for their benefits as well. neil: i will put you down on a maybe on this plan. [laughter] neil: to her point, another idea was providing benefits for all those crossing into the country, that money has to come from somewhere. do you get a sense -- then it goes back to what the president was saying a week ago tweeting out any one of these guys become president, expect a market crash. people get the feeling that this is the way we're going, you can kiss this rally, this recovery good-bye, what did you think
7:30 am
about that? >> i think the president very well may have a point, because this would be a very big move towards a socialistic society, and i don't think it is a smart thing to do. look, the interesting part about this is that bernie sanders is driving the whole conversation about this. neil: to be fair to the guy, he started it all; right? >> yes, he did back in 2017, he actually proposed it in the senate. that's what got the ball rolling. bernie's a little bit different than the other candidates in that he wants to eliminate completely private insurance. the other candidates are really not on board with that. they are looking more at a system like canada, where you do have a socialist -- neil: elizabeth warren and others did raise their hands that they would nix private insurance to do this. >> well, i don't think it is a good idea, neil, and i don't think -- even though it polls well, when we start to see the cost, bernie sanders plan is about 2.5 trillion per year extra, to have medicare for all, i think people are going to be
7:31 am
in for a rude awakening because medicare for all is not free. everyone will need to pay for it. neil: you know, people are always for something if they don't have to pay for it. if you treat me out to dinner, i'm going the order two appetizers. >> which is why i have never offered. >> exactly. [laughter] neil: it's a very different answer you get, a lot of people like the idea of having, you know, college debt paid off or free college for as many people as possible, or healthcare for all, they like that because as long as you leave the socialist part out of it. i think the republicans don't realize the appeal it has. >> absolutely. when we start the conversation, goals are lofty, and people are for them, and it sounds great, especially to the younger population, they don't have as
7:32 am
much life experience to know what happens when it all plays out. these kids today. look at the stock market, neil, the best first half we have seen in over two decades, even with trade uncertainty with china on the table. neil: does that all go if any of these plans come to roost? >> i was thinking of the timing, if it does, recession next year, this is last thing we need is a socialist liberal elected where they are going to tax everybody in the middle of potentially the next market correction. >> yeah, but the fed is covering the president by offering lower interest rates. neil: they are. the inverted yield curve, shorter term rates eclipse those longer term rates normally precipitates a slowdown or a recession, which we will see. another issue that's gaining a lot of traction, even if it's worrying a lot of folks, decriminalizing illegal immigration period, that's after this.
7:33 am
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>> raise your hand if you think it should be a civil offense rather than a crime to cross the border without documentation? can we keep your hands up so we can see them. neil: have you ever noticed that some people wanted to raise their hand but it was tentative but you are looking around well everyone else is raising their hand. welcome back, everybody. a lot of the 2020 democratic candidates say at least all in
7:37 am
that particular bunch should look at those who are trying to get into this country and not treat them as criminals. texas republican congressman lance gooden here right now saying be careful what you wish for here. congressman, good to see you. >> thank you. neil: what do you think, at least the second bunch, saying no, decriminalize it, what do you think? >> i think if we're going down that route, why have a border at all? using their logic, we shouldn't have a border. let everyone come in. take down the gates and get rid of the border patrol. that's what we're hearing from the other side. they want to open our borders and let lawlessness reign. neil: i can imagine that obviously accelerate the problem at the border, migrants trying to get to the border. a lot of them were trying to clarify the next day that there's a distinction between decriminalizing and still, you know, slapping a civil offense, but a civil offense is a lot better than a criminal charge. >> yeah, this isn't like decriminalizing marijuana. this is a serious deal.
7:38 am
i mean, we've encouraged border crossings to the point that we have this crisis, which by the way democrats refuse to even admit that we had up until recently. but saying that you would decriminalize illegal crossings at the border is saying that you're for open borders, and that's what they should come out and say. neil: right now we have this emergency funding that was bipartisanly approved in the house, essentially the senate measure. >> right. neil: also bipartisanly approved, but democrats stumbled through it. >> house democrats. neil: house democrats. let me get your sense -- first of all, what will this money be used for? >> this money will go towards the crisis at the border. you see all these backlogs and people that are locked up and can't move through the process. we're seeing humanitarian needs that will in theory be met as soon as this money gets to them. with respect to the disagreement
7:39 am
in washington this week, to sum it up very briefly, the senate passed the bipartisan bill, only six democrats voted no on that entire bill and house democrats didn't like that. they wanted more. and so they stalled this and stalled this, and then when they realized their back was up against the wall, they were forced to accept the deal reluctantly after sanctimoniously telling us we republicans need to be bipartisan since january. they refused to be bipartisan up until the point they realized they couldn't win. neil: but it is done. a lot of the catalyst maybe of their own making to focus and maybe properly so, those kids, those who risked their lives, the famous photograph of the father and daughter died crossing the rio grand that ironically worked in favor of pushing this emergency measure through. what i want to know is how much of that will go towards more support, either more guards, more security officials, more
7:40 am
help in dealing with this huge influx of kids? >> the answer is not enough with respect to border security. president trump wanted more. we wanted more. at the end of the day, this is what could pass. it did pass. neil: how do we know, congressman, those personnel won't be handling these kids and their regular job which is to police the border is now going to be taken up in time to essentially baby sit. >> i'm almost certain what you just said will likely happen because we don't have enough resources at the border. we have refused to secure our borders. democrats are standing in the way of the president's plan to beef up the border and have meaningful security. we need to have more than what we've got. neil: as a party, are you getting worried that you are getting stuck with the label -- and it is unfair because a lot of these were built during the obama years -- but they are being filled during the trump years. >> you know, these issues are infuriating americans across the country. especially in texas where i live.
7:41 am
we are sick and fed up of what we're seeing at the border. we were tired of being told for the last six months in the house that there was no crisis, and just this week, we finally saw democrats speak up, and i heard the word crisis for the first time. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer stood up there and said this is all manufactured by the republicans six months ago. and now they have backtracked and they have admitted we have a crisis. but what we as republicans have to do is continue to make sure our message is out there to the american people, that we are pro border security, we're also pro immigrant, legal immigrant. people stand in line for many many years waiting in line. neil: all these kids, roughly over the last year, the number of children who have unaccompanied or accompanied with people, even back to the obama administration, they didn't quite know, weren't quite sure were parents, has anything changed in that? is there anything you can see that would alter that because the waves keep coming. >> the waves keep coming because
7:42 am
i believe we as republicans i wasn't in office yet should have done more when we had the majority. i hear that back home all the time. they say in president's first term, the first two years when we had majority in congress, republicans should have done more to execute on the president's plan for border security. we didn't. i think we played it too safe. and we lost in the midterms because of it. neil: do you think the delayed response is going to hurt you for 2020? >> i don't think so because i think the democrats are doing such a bad deal on the house that americans will wake up once again, but i suspect that in 2021, when we retake both houses in congress, we won't make the same mistake twice. neil: so you take the house. you take the white house. you hold on to the senate. >> absolutely. neil: we shall see. congressman, thank you very much. >> thank you. neil: it's almost as hot as texas here right now. >> it is. and d.c. is as swampy as -- [laughter] neil: it is living up to it. thank you very much,
7:43 am
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cascade platinum. neil: the u.s. is sending nearly a dozen fighter jets to the region as tensions remain quite high with iran. meanwhile we are also putting pressure on our allies to stop trading with iran, specifically singling out the likes of china and india. retired four star general jack keane on these developments. general, it has not eased the friction between our two countries or the volatility in that region. what do you think happens next? >> i think we're sort of in a bit of a pause here from the iranians perspective. because, you know, largely what they have been doing is they clearly want the sanctions removed or at least lessened to a certain degree. they escalated tensions in the persian gulf by their provocations, believing that so much pressure would be put on the united states that we would be -- that we would pull back. that actually has backfired.
7:47 am
why did it backfire? well, one, we caught them at ate. -- at it. they didn't expect to get detected. that's number one. number two, when they shot down american drone, clearly president trump exercised restraint which enabled secretary pompeo and his national security team to get coalition support for the united states policy in the region and start to put together a coalition that's going to protect the shipping lanes in the persian gulf. so the iranians are going to play their hand here for certain. they are not going to give up on wanting to remove those restrictions, and i think the likely thing they are doing right now is as you suggest, they're trying to get allies of ours to provide them economic assistance, and they're threatening -- they're threatening busting the
7:48 am
restrictions on a jcopa uranium restrictions which are sitting around 3.7%, and they want to go above that and threatening that thinking that will be a catalyst for other nations to avoid that, give them economic assistance. neil: you know, since learning, general, as you know, that a lot of was happening through iraq, whether it was exculusively through iran, it went through iraq, what did you make of that? >> yeah, so our audience understands this, many of the iraqi shia militia are iranian trained and iranian backed and the numbers are staggering, somewhere around 100,000 under arms in iraq. that's always a potentially dangerous situation. we sit there with a little north of 5,000 troops in iraq, and obviously we would be vulnerable if they turned against us, obviously we would respond in
7:49 am
kind, but iraq is a potentially dangerous situation and for the iranians to use those iraqi shia militia to attack saudi arabia, that's something that has not happened that i'm aware of in the past. and certainly the united states is working with the iraqi government to get to the bottom of this and get their assistance in preventing that from happening, and certainly the saudis are very much aware of all of this and paying close attention to it, certainly. neil: while i have you here, general, the president might want to meet with the north korean leader kim jong-un along the dmz even expressed willingness to step into north korea while he's there. what did you make of that? >> i think it is largely symbolic. i doubt that you could even characterize that as anything close to a summit where issues would be discussed. neil: is there any risk of other presidents who have been to the dmz have never formally stepped into north korea, what do you think of that? >> i think it's a goodwill gesture more than anything else.
7:50 am
neil: all right. >> i don't see any geopolitical issues surrounding it. the president has championed the fact that he's got a very good relationship with kim jong-un. he received a birthday letter from him. he's responded in kind. neil: right. >> i think that relationship stays in place. however, we really have not made any progress here, neil, on the key issue of denuclearization. we'll see if this leads to working groups being formed so that the real issues can be put on the table, and i think we have to have that before we put the two heads of states back together again as we've done in the last two summits, without some potential agreement prior to those meetings. neil: all right. general, always good catching up, my friend. thank you very much. >> yes. neil: and your incredible service to this country, general jack keane. >> thanks, neil. neil: the heat is on, i mean literally. it is like so hot and sticky and muggy. i mean, if i'm not careful, i might lose weight in this. but it's going to be around a
7:51 am
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7:54 am
neil: it's summer. this is really really hot. a heat wave throughout much of the nation right now. as a matter of fact 2/3 of americans are under its sweaty path. fox meteorologist adam klotz with the latest on that. adam: sweaty path, it is the heat and humidity, you are right. it is going to be brutal through the weekend and next week. current temperatures, 83 degrees in new york city, stretching back into the middle of the country where most of the intense heat will linger over the next few days. forecasted highs for today in some cases getting up towards nebraska, that's a triple digits, up to 100 degrees everywhere around, at least running up into the middle 90s. it lingers for you into sunday.
7:55 am
maybe a couple degrees cooler, but really not a whole lot. everywhere, again, running back up into the 90s in the middle of the country. this continues once again into monday. this is just as far as the graphic runs out. it is going to stay with these temperatures for days and days after that. now, you add in that humidity, that's when the air gets really heavy. you call it air you can wear. you step outside and you feel you can't breathe. the feels like temperatures get up into triple digits in a lot larger areas where it is going to be oppress i have for several days. -- oppressive for several days. that lingers into your sunday forecast, feels like upper 90s and triple digits. no surprise here neil. this is a large area, in the plains, portions of the midwest where we have heat advisories in place meaning it is dangerous if you step outside for too long period of time. right around minneapolis, already up to a heat warning. usually you get in these big cities and the heat gets more intense because of the concrete. one thing you would like to see on a day like this is maybe some
7:56 am
big storms to break this up a little bit. it is going to be mostly dry across the country, with this heat, we will see a couple pop-up thunderstorms but mostly dry. that will allow the heat and the humidity to stay brutal here for at least the next three or four days. neil? neil: you're the bearer of great news, as always, adam. thank you, my friend. i want to update you on this newark liberty airport situation. flight activity has resumed following an earlier emergency landing of a united plane that forced a brief suspension of flights. everything is okay now. when we come back, despite all the words about iran and north korea and whether the world's going -- the dow seeing its best june since 1938 when gas was costing 20 cents a gallon and there was a movie called "war of the worlds". that was then. it's kind of happening again now. wanted to get away who used expedia to book
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> well, this president certainly likes to surprise. and the president inviting north korean president kim jong-un to meet with him today. kind of tomorrow our time. but in asia you're in the future, but anyway they want to try to do that along the demilitarized zone and gillian turner with the latest. >> neil, i'm not in the future if case you're wondering. neil: good. >> president trump landed in south korea a couple of hours ago and along the border in the north and kim jong-un is considering the invite to meet face-to-face in the demilitarized zone. the president says it's all up in the air. >> spoke with the people, kim jong-un was very receptive. he responded and so we'll see, because tomorrow we're going to the dmz. i said, well, i'm there.
8:01 am
i'll shake his hand. we'll get alongments he set out dialog he says are on promising signs. there's been no nuclear test. there's been no long range ballistic test. gave back our hostages which are great and a lot of things are happening over there. >> i'll let him know this we'll be there and we'll see. >> policy experts say they've cautioned that they'll take steps and meeting with kim again will only give his public image a boost. and president trump has trade on his mind today, hold out hope with a deal on china. >> i think it's something that's actually easy to do. i actually think that we were very close and then we-- something happened where it slipped a little bit and now we're getting a little bit closer, but it will be historic if we could do a fair trade
8:02 am
deal. >> on north korea, senior administration officials tell fox news, no new meetings on summits on the agencies. nor has the ideas been seriously considered. and this, considering the trump administration has been the deal. >> and what they agreed to on the chinese trade front, the president and his counterpart in china agreed to sort of a cease-fire and all of this trade friction. the president will look at huawei and additional tariffs on chinese goods indefinitely, that was the 300 billion in remaining goods we purchase from china, putting that off, the 25% on the 200 billion worth of goods, that remains very much in effect. china is committed to buying more u.s. farm products, but like my diet, has not detailed
8:03 am
how they're going about doing that. there you go. you have all of these worries about china and whether a deal comes to fruition in iran and north korea, but say what you will. we closed off a banner month for the dow, the kind of performance we've not seen since 1938. i remember covering that one. how those 80 years flew by. and gas was selling and sea biscuit captured the world's attention and record time, three days and 19 hours, which is about the time you wait at laguardia airport for a typical flight. and orson well created panic war of the worlds about martians invading the earth and by the way, the dow stood at 133, that's 133. that was then, what to make of what's going on right now, our august panel rejoins us. the cvs market analyst, and also
8:04 am
from wealth management, rebecca walter and our own jackie deangelus. and point out the s & p had a pretty rock and roll month, the best since 1955. so, there are a lot of records that were broken. what do you make of this? >> i think the issue here, neil, if there were concerns about china, there was a hedge because the fed stepped in and said, hey, we basically have the president's back and we're going to potentially lower-- >> isn't that ironic? >> well, you know something, neil, the president has put quite a browbeating on them and you wonder whether that's had impact, but the point here is that trump has nothing to lose by negotiating hard because the things don't work out with china, he's got the fed behind him lowering rates and that will help the market, and that's why i think the market did so well this past month. >> you know, it's amazing when you think about it, i don't know what the next six months hold, but it's going to be hard to repeat the 17% surge since the s
8:05 am
& p, the first half. on what keeps it going, maybe not to the same degree, but what are you looking at? >> i'd love to see an actual china deal and agree to change their laws, and not the six months and see what happens with six months. a real deal would be i think a great market situation. >> it has to be a real deal. >> it has to be a real deal. it can't be this fake-- the problem, the way they walked away last time. they didn't want a deal in writing and sign it, they had to make them change their laws. i think we've all been waiting for a resolution since last year, and a chinese deal would be amazing. the federal reserve, i'm a little cautious, i don't want to see them, cut rates really right now, because i feel like we have a little more leg room and runway in this economy and i want them to have the leverage they need to have when we need them to cut rates seriously because of some major-- let's say we don't get a deal, that trump says not going to happen and we've got this coming in for them, like he keeps saying and that's when the
8:06 am
market says we're going to need the fed then and-- >> so if you have a deal, if you have a deal, there's less reason for the fed to cut rates and let's go back to what the market really wants and get a deal and we've been waiting for that and the flip side means the fed deal would have less reason to. >> i think the market has a checklist. one of the markets they have with the fed. they're going to be patient and caution and if we have that it's later down the line. >> no, the fed wants to see what's going to happen with china and that's the first issue, the president checked off a lot of things that were worrying investors. umca seemed like on track there, and mexico and the potential tariffs that could hinder those negotiations and china was the outliar and we were getting signs that progress was being made and he has been master negotiator, holding the huawei card and saying we're not going
8:07 am
to put additional tariffs on on hold the tariffs we have and maybe they lift and he's playing this like a chess game and then have a stellar first half. neil: this is the 10th anniversary of the longest american recovery in history. i don't know how that compares abroad. is any of that in peril? do you see this chugging along? >> no, i see it chugging along despite what happens with china, i think this economy and the market are in a good place and there's really no reason to panic. if you look at the signs in the economy, where is the down side, you have very little inflation, you have a situation where jobs are being put on every single month. whether they meet expectation or not. it doesn't matter. and i just think that it's an economy that right now is got consumer confidence and it's going to continue. you know, the way i look at it,
8:08 am
it's odd to have a market jumping with bonds jumping. gold jumping, oil jumping, for a while bitcoins jumping and everything is rising. something's got to give. >> and we've been looking at the financial laws, and no doubt. neil, the thing is, i agree that we have strong fundamentals and that's important. but we see some signs and i am concerned and we definitely need to make sure that we are not, you know, taking things so far to the left, that we can't recover economically, and china is a big one. >> there's enough cautious that it would off set the giddiness to keep markets going. >> and there are two arguments to this, you can look at what's happening in the bond market and gold and say that that's a safety trade on the table. another way to look at it is to say that investor appetite at least here in the united states is strong and they're looking
8:09 am
for a diverse group of assets in which to allocate their funds and that can continue if the president keeps these policies moving forward that make investors feel confident. stocks and bonds can rally together. >> what i find interesting, is it's a great time to buy meatless burgers and gold. i'd never remember that. >> that's something to think about, neil. >> i don't know how you feel about it. >> you guys are the pros, but these thing, i look at it and say-- >> i don't know how you feel about meatless meat. neil: tastes great. >> and making carrots out of meats and veggie meats. the commercial. neil: thank you all very much. in the meantime we heard from just about every democrat running for the highest office in the land, but exactly what does it mean to my next guest who takes exception from what he heard from college whose stage he has not been able to share, at least not yet. after this. the room?
8:10 am
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8:13 am
>> he neil, listen, it's a crazy idea and it's never going to happen and i am the only one-- you know, i'm the only one saying this and what's really frustrating about it. the idea came from bernie sanders who is not even a democrat and all other these candidates and elizabeth warren and the rest of them have basically outsourced their health care plan to someone who is not even a democrat. >> all right. obviously, talking about this medicare for all, or just junking of your private insurance for government run program. that was the read from john delaney, says it's a bad idea. what does 2020 democratic candidate seth moulton think about this? he was not able to make either one of the debates this week, but congressman, it's remarkable that somehow mary anne wilson was and are you bitter? >> no, no, look, the democratic national committee, the establishment in washington d.c. is not going to decide who the
8:14 am
best nominee to take on trump it with their debate rules. i'm going about my campaign on the ground that's why i'm in new hampshire. i got this late. it's not lost on voters, the veteran and won from the state where trump won. neil: and i think you said wilson, i apologize for that. and i wonder what you think about the choosing process and criteria, i don't know what it will be in future debates, what do you think about how they go about this? >> well, again, i'm not bothering to worry about this, neil. we've hit the polling criteria in several polls and some reason the ndnc decided not to count and half the candidates on the state didn't meet the donor criteria. the reality is when you're counting donors as opposed to voters on the ground, i don't
8:15 am
think that's the way we should choose a nominee. i didn't make the rules. that's the democratic washington establishment. i've been willing to stand up to that my political career when i first got on taking on a 18-year incumbent in my own party. this is run-of-the-mill for me and i'm used to it, but in my first race, when i took on that 18-year incumbent, the first poll i was 53 points down and i'm not 53 down from biden right now. >> remarkable victory, but you mentioned joe biden, he's dropped 10 points in the latest poll after the debate and cakama harris has jumped that amount. do you think that joe biden is in trouble? >> i don't know, he didn't have a great night on the debate stage, but he's got a long
8:16 am
history of service to the country. at the end of the day, the voters days. this is a wide open race. and americans are looking for leadership and there are glimpses of that. i'm in this race we need the leadership, i've been a combat veteran and the only person to lead-- >> and tulsi gabbert has served as well. >> and veteran-- and so is pete. i said i'm only candidate in this race that's led troops in combat. that's a different experience than the other vets out there. i have tremendous respect for their service, but if we're going to win this race we have to show leadership and bring together coalition of americans from all over this country just like when i was leading troops in the marines. people with different religious beliefs, different political beliefs and get them united
8:17 am
behind a common mission, i think that's the leadership experience we need for the next commander chief. neil: do you think that the next commander-in-chief should be a veteran. >> it's not a litmus test. my experience is valuable and certainly at a time the country has been as divided in my lifetime, it would be a good leadership experience to bring to the table to take on donald trump. and i'm also a democrat who believes that it's going to be harder to beat donald trump than many democrats like to think. neil: all right. congressman, we'll watch closely. good seeing you. >> good seeing you, too, neil. take care. neil: some other developments we're following and something that veteran congressman might consider if he were to become president, iran is now officially exceeding its uranium meeting, and they were thrashing it out and a number of nations still part of that nuclear accord. they didn't make any progress. it's just a matter of time before they have eclipsed the
8:18 am
ceiling under which they can enrich uranium, in other words, they're well on their way to becoming the nuclear power we argued they were trying to be all along. meanwhile, democrats are very eager to talk with bob mueller when he testifies. and so are republicans. what's at stake and maybe who is at stake after this. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. decrease alcohol use. use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems.
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8:22 am
be heard, the special counsel expected to testify before the house judiciary committee and one other committee next month and it begins on july 17th, it reads with what's at stake and how that will go particularly as democrats are pushing with the scene. and congressman mcclintock. congressman, good to have you. >> thanks for having me. neil: it seems, certainly, sir, among the candidates running on the democratic side, to a ran or a woman, at the very least there should should be impeachment proceedings and some say he should be impeached, period. and how is that going to go down when mr. mueller appears before your committee. >> what appears for the mueller report, it was biased and one-sided team of investigators, many of whom who had intense on mossty toward donald trump. what we're now starting to see despite that, they were
8:23 am
completely unable to make a case legally for collusion or obstruction so instead they've made a political case. let me give you examples, con sta someone with the russian intelligence community. what they left out, but they knew was that he was actually a u.s. intelligence asset. i'd like to know why that was left out of the report. john dowd has a conversation with robert keller, the attorney for michael flynn. he is quoted in the report in terms that make it sound like he's trying to subborn perjury. they leave out of the report that portion of the conversation where dowd makes it absolutely clear, crystal clear, that's not what he's suggesting. why was that left out of the report and then we have the supporting documents, i've read some of them, they are still under wraps.
8:24 am
they're not classified, but they're among the class of the most closely guarded secrets of the federal government, which is unclassified, but embarrassing, but they don't seem to support, those underlying documents don't seem to support the conclusions in the mueller report. so i want that to come out as well. neil: that's the way you would go when you have an opportunity to question bob mueller, is that he's going to stand by that report, the findings in that report and not veer off that. now, a number of your democratic colleagues, sir, said they want to know particularly why he was not able to make a conclusion on obstruction of justice. and they want to get to the origin of that essentially we're told that mr. mueller said, that i'm putting in your hands, congress. what do you think of that? >> well, again, i think that's more of a political than a legal argument and that's what i certainly want to explore. >> and you think that bob mueller should he have done that, one way or the other, made
8:25 am
a recommendation for or against. >> that's his job as a prosecutor, the president can't be prosecuted while he's in office, he can certainly be prosecuted after he's in office and we put a lot of time and money in bob mueller's office and the fact is it couldn't be made and that's where we are. neil: the fact he never intended to go that route, if you or your colleagues had any idea he might, and that you would have supported the investigation at a all. >> well, first of all, you can't cover up a crime that never occurred and you can't charge obstruction when the president and his campaign turned over every single document that mueller requested. neil: all right, so, the crime to which you refer, there was no crime was collusion and if he was exonerated on that front you can't-- >> meanwhile, allegations of foreign influence on the clinton
8:26 am
campaign, and the origins of the steele dossier, the genesis of this collusion were ignored by the mueller campaign and i'd like to know why. neil: mueller, the democrats wanted to have him, but i'm told that these kind of things could go on for summer. what are you hearing? >> well, i think that will depend. i think this will blow up in the democrat's face and they could end up dropping it rapidly. but we've got three other investigations and nobody's paying much attention to yet. michael horowitz investigation of the department of justice, he's the inspector general. >> and john durham. neil: do we know when it's the inspector general report. it seems to be delayed. >> in fact, we've met with the inspector general, a group of us on the judiciary committee last week and he indicated that they have already begun writing up
8:27 am
the report and they're doing some follow-up interviews with other-- with witnesses that they previously interviewed, but that he expects will be wrapped up, sooner rather than later, but obviously, there's no precise deadline. >> congressman, thank you very much taking the time on a saturday. i appreciate it, sir. >> it's my pleasure, sir, thanks for having me. >> be well. >> and the congressman, he heard, there's no "there" there when looking at russian collusionment -- collusion. and that's news to jimmy carter, he says it's pretty clear to him that there was, so much so, jimmy carter said that this president was not a legitimate president. a reaction from a top democrat after this. and not so good. for the mundane. the awe-inspiring. the heart-racing. the heartbreaking. that's what life is all about...
8:28 am
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8:31 am
>> he lost the election and he was put into office because of the russians interference on his behalf. >> jaimmy carter, a nice man, a terrible president, he's a democrat and it's a typical talking point. neil: all right. raised a lot of eyebrows when president carter in the past said nice things about president donald trump, but given the russian influence and the fact that the president has not done more to speak out against this, he's not a legitimately elected president. i want the read on this among other stories and the house
8:32 am
democratic whip, dan kildee. >> thanks, nice to be back. neil: jimmy carter says that president trump is not a legitimate president. >> well, he won the electoral vote. i think we all have opinions in how he's conducting himself in the presidency and lost the popular vote. we have a system right now that awards to the presidency who wins the electoral college. trump won the electoral college, there were interference with the outside players. i have to deal with him every single day, i'm in the legislative branch, he's in the executive branch under our system he's the elected president of the united states. i don't like that and i don't think that president carter likes it very much either, but it's a fact and i don't know that there's a lot of to be gained by continuing to relitigate the 2016 election, it's over. neil: do you think it was a mistake for someone of his stature, only a few men who have held that office, to say that? >> no, i mean, i'll let
8:33 am
president carter speak for himself and defends his own word. i think someone of his stature, an elder statesman notice u.s. has the right to say what he wants to say and defend himself. i understand the perspective he brings because so many people were upset about the interference that came from russia, but i think it's a subjective analysis that would lead to different people with different conclusions as to what the interference was. >> and there was controversy more in your purview now, sir, than the votes in the house where a lot of critics say, nancy pelosi, democratic leadership, blanked in the face, you know, of a controversy, and what's going on at the border, but the 64,000 measure, and nancy pelosi saying i think i know what you're saying, that it's not ideal, but the interest to address these had to be done. do you think in the end the way it was done was clumsy?
8:34 am
>> yeah, i mean, i would have preferred a different outcome. i thought that the senate acted in a way that didn't allow for the normal process of what we call ping-pong, what people call conference committee, might have played itself out. we had their bill, we had our bill, they had their bill. normally we would have a conference committee to try to work out those differences. leader mcconnell said take it or leave it, and at that point it felt as though the necessity of getting help to the border and especially help for those families and kids that are being hurt, was more important than us winning the short-term fight. i would have preferred another outcome. i like the house bill a lot better. i ended up voting for the legislation that now will go to the president's desk because it's more important to get something done for me, anyway, more important for me to get something done than to get my way every time and i think ultimately the speaker came to the same conclusion, knowing that we'll have a chance to try
8:35 am
to make improvements in the coming weeks, but i didn't think it was a good idea for us to simply walk away and punish those kids who might be affected by this because we didn't get our way in a legislative standoff. neil: as you're aware, sir, at least revealed a rift within your party among maybe the extreme progressives and those maybe not so extreme. democratic congresswoman omar was among those saying referring to this now infamous picture showing a father and daughter dead after trying to ross the rio grande, that it did nothing, the final measure in the pass did nothing to to p stop that thing from happening. we allowed the atrocity to take place and we've sent money to know if to buy proper beds or toothpaste or assist these children and their families. >> to be fair i think there's reason for some to have some mistrust of the administration's use of money.
8:36 am
the president has made it clear that he thinks he has much broader authority to use money in the federal budgets for the purpose that congress did not intend. i got her concern. however, this package to continue what has been in place, the fact is, we're running out of money and we needed to do something. >> it was not, to be fair to congresswoman omar and others, it wasn't the progressive wing that essentially outdid for a better day, it was the moderates that didn't have the patience to wait until the end of the day to see if speaker posey could negotiate something. we have a caucus and democracy can sometimes be a messy business, but my view, let's get what we can get done and live to fight another day. neil: you know, the department of homeland security,
8:37 am
congressman, expects a 25% drop in border crossing, largely attributable to this crackdown in mexico, to deter a lot of this migration, do you think that's a doable figure? >> i think it's possible. i'd have to look the at data. i think we can go further. i think that the president would be wise, also, to reinstate some of the humanitarian and other aid into guatemala, honduras, and el salvador. if we can eliminate or at least suppress some of the violence taking place in the country that's causing those people to flee. a combination of good border security and quicker adjudication at the border, whatever mexico can do to deal with the problem internally, but especially trying to diminish what is the humanitarian crisis in the northern triangle to prevent the need for people to flee in order to protect them and their children. i think all of those combined will make us safer and i think
8:38 am
will align with our values. >> congressman while i have you, do you agree with some of the democratic candidates, are at least those in the second debate, we should decriminalize trying to cross the border, all to a man and woman they raised their hand. what do you think of that? >> well, look, i think it is a legal right under our law for somebody to present themselves and seek asylum and i think we need to continue to treat this as a humanitarian crisis. i'm sure from time to time there's a need to use criminal, the criminal section of an immigration law to deal with these, but the discretion that we should apply should really assume that the people who are appearing and asking for asylum have legitimate claims, i don't think they should be treated as criminals to be fair. i think we have to have a criminal sex from-- should be a criminal sex from
8:39 am
time to time there is a need, but-- >> from sad news to pass along, n.y.p.d. detective died from 9/11 cancer. and family says please take care of yourself and others and we told him at the end that he had won the battle by the many lives he touched by sharing his three-year battle. he was at peace with that. you might recall he was urging the 9/11 victims compensation fund to be replenished and looked in his final days they were close to doing just that. members of that fund, including those pushing it like jon stewart, had said they had to win over republicans, they had a successful meeting with mitch mcconnell who promised action as soon as august. luis alvarez might get his way after all.
8:40 am
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>> all right. as you already know, a record number of americans travel the week of fourth of july. that's taking advantage light on what you can expect. it's part of the unofficial takeoff. the expectation a record number of travelers are out and about, triple-a is saying at least 49 people are doing something for the holiday, an increase of 4% near over year. now, most of that travel will be done by car. triple-a says almost 41 million people, 41 1/2 million. that could be because gas prices are relatively low. even with the increase that we've seen in oil prices over the last two weeks, the national average for a gallon of regular is $2.72. it was actually 2.85 at this time last year. if you're wondering about
8:44 am
congestion, travel the day before the fourth of july. and 9% with respect of travel time. they have travel windows to avoid. and in new york city the most occur wednesday july 3rd, between 1:45 in the afternoon and 3:45. they say do not get behind the road at that time. the good news, of course, is that fourth of july is the peak of the driving season. and those are expected to decline further if you travel later in the summer. this time of year, we saw well over $3 for the average. if you don't have a car and looking to rent. the rental will cost you 5% more and the average price $69 a day. the top destination, orlando,
8:45 am
florida. honolulu, hawaii, a little exotic and also, seattle, washington. finally, if there are more travelers on the road. it means there are more roadside rescues. triple-a thinks they'll have to rescue about 670,000 people from stalled cars, battery troubles, locking the keys inside, that kind of thing, neil. >> thank you very, very much. jackie deangelus. so you've been forewarned. they say age is just a number. a lot of young people say that's just old people who say that. all of a sudden it's a big issue with joe biden. is that fair? is that right? it breaks along, well, ages. i've always been amazed by what's next. and still going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin... i want that too. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less
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8:49 am
said it was time to pass the torch to a new generation of americans 32 years ago and he's still right today. >> i'm still holding onto that torch. neil: what we left out there was biden saying, get off my lawn! he never said that. a guy who had the senior moments and reviews maybe he lost his football -- fastball and the president weighing in, sleepy joe. is that fair? we've got denise, and jessica, all young, all clueless. [laughter]. i'm kidding, kidding! it was weird, the way it was framed that he was caught off guard because he lost his fastball. >> and in 2019 many progressive were woke and biden didn't fit into that category right now.
8:50 am
with respect to the #metoo accusations getting too close to women and other people and aligning himself or pro segregation, against busing and just speaks to the issue of-- >> he says he wasn't. >> i know he says he wasn't, but there are things about his record that just don't fit into the democratic party today and that's why age has become such an issue for him. neil: is it justified? >> i don't think it's justified. especially in this election. i think that democrats are so laser focused on donald trump, which is why you heard in the second debate the most frontrunners, elizabeth warren on night one, otherwises big heavy weights on night two, and more mention of donald trump, joe biden's first answer was trump, it wasn't anything, but i'm the guy to take down donald
8:51 am
trump. on one hand the majority say we don't want somebody old being our candidate and a majority want joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, they're all older people and over 70% saying they're looking for steady moderate leadership that emphasizes unity, that's the campaign that joe biden is running, not the campaign that a lot of the younger people are running. i think it's hard to make that argument, especially coming, like eric swalwell or others not doing it in terms of name i.d. the next argument that pete buttigieg is making, seth moulton is making, tim ryan is making, is important for doing this conversation. democrats are so scared of the prospects of another four years of that they're looking at who is the guy who is going to take him down and joe biden is the one that-- >> but they make a assumption that old is not going to rate with young. ronald reagan got a lot. >> bernie sanders's core was
8:52 am
millennials. neil: absolutely. i find the closer i get to those guys ages, the less i think it should be an issue, but what do you make of it. >> i'll still come on your show. neil: okay, gram ps. >> here is your cane. no. i think what we're seeing is age is not an issue. president trump is president trump. neil: but that's what they're implying in the attack lane. >> they're about the same age, bidenen and trump. biden is the fact he's not principled, flip-flops on everything from the hyde amendment and climate change initiative. 's not radical enough. i don't think that democrats don't want-- >>. neil: not that he's not president clint principled, but they're not accepting-- what i wonder in a party as you indicated of young people, and i think we have tulsi gabbert campaigning at the rainbow
8:53 am
coalition event of jesse jackson's, she's 37-- >> she's 38. neil: only a few years older than the minimum required to be president of the united states and then there's younger and eclectic age-wise. you say that president trump and joe biden are about the same age. democrats are looking at a political experience being a plus versus a minus and trump never a politician before he enitered te entered the political foray, a lot of the democrats don't want that, and pete buttigieg, seth moulton, tulsi gabbert, they're not experienced on the national stage. neil: that didn't hurt barack obama, a special case, but maybe people have learned don't wait
8:54 am
your turn. you know, we've had great success in the party, they could say that john kennedy didn't wait his turn. barack obama didn't wait his turn. >> that's the thing, trump came in and he was a wrecking ball to the entire republican party and gave this idea if he could do it, anybody can. neil: what do you think of that. >> mary definitely feels that way and it's complicated right now, the questions around what electability means. and working as a consultant and a question of electability, and i'll tell you later, the argument against joe biden, look at barack obama, that we could have a black man as a president and with a couple of years of experience including the community organizing. one thing when people say he came out of no more, he didn't.
8:55 am
he made a historic speech. >> but he wasn't a-- >> his name was there for democrats. >> he wasn't a senator. >> is there anyone of that stature that you see? you have to see that through the prism of your party preference and all, who has some of that skillset that could carry them to the nomination? >> like an obama? >> no. neil: think about it. >> because he could speak well and new on the scene. i don't see someone comparable in terms of how they really elevated obama at the time. getting back to joe biden though, he's been in politics for decades and i think-- >> and that can hurt you, too. it's a much longer record. >> and we have this right after the mid terms, the number one thing the democratic voters were looking for was the association with the obama administration. did you serve with him.
8:56 am
what was the connection to him. joe biden had that in spades. what he did, was during the presidency he use that had every single time. >> and he's crossed ten points. >> well, he drops four points. >> ten in the latest. >> and camera harris-- >> she jumped 11, but if you look at favorability. with african-american voters, he jumped up 18 points. >> you don't think this will hurt him. >> i think he was the front runner and it showed. >> and that's the thing with biden, the significant chunk of african-american voters devil in south carolina will be his saving grace and probably carry him to the nomination. and he may get new hampshire. >> and he went running to jesse jackson to speak at his event. neil: he didn't go running, they were all invited.
8:57 am
>> and look at them all weighing in on this. and in the meantime, we just don't know what's going to happen on dnz, and whether he steps in north korea. fox news continues. drivesense® the safer you drive, the more you save. although i'm not really driving right now that would be unsafe. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless. whoooo. did you know the exact same hotel room... ...can have many different prices? that's why tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price!
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>> we have a great meeting and we will be continuing to negotiate and i promise that for at least the time being we're not going to be lifting tariffs on china. >> so, the current tariffs are still in play, but president trump and chinese president xi jinping have agreed to restart trade negotiations between the two biggest economies. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm kristin fisher. leland: we'


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