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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  June 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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nation. be sure to follow me on facebook, i a gram and twitter. i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us and thanks for keeping our treek going and making last -- our treek going and making -- our streak going and making justice number one all weekend long. joining me tonight, corey lewandowski, dan bongino, congressman devin nunes and charlie kirk as well. we'll go to seoul, south korea where the president will be holding a joint press conference with president moon tonight. but first my open.
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the reason donald trump, an outsider, was elected president is because americans were tired of their interests not being protected. donald trump will win again in 2020 for the same reason. and it's one question, and one question alone that finished them. >> ray your hand if you your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. the democrats' clown car overloaded with mayors, senators, socialists, and a spiritual advisor continued down this bumpy road to nowhere in the second day of debate. it was a sight to behold. forget about everything you learned about the constitution, law and order, the rules and playing fair and square. in their eyes the world is an upside down backward and inside out place.
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andrew yang was out to lunch when a question was put to him. >> your signature policy is to give every adult in the united states $1,000 a month, no questions asked. >> that's right. >> i think that's $3.2 trillion a year. how would you do that? >> sorry? >> how would you do that? judge jeanine: boyden fell over his clown shoes when he couldn't distinguish obama's deportation and separation of families and children at the border just like trump other than to say obama did a heck of a job. sanders when confronted with his own prior statements that say the federal government should make the decisions on gun control. he says, or his word were, a mix characterization of his
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thinking. get that? a mischaracterization of his thinking. and elizabeth warren wants to kick millions of americans off private health insurance. she won't even lie and tell you you can keep it. and it was a contest about who could speak the best spanish. i believe in keeping your heritage alive including my own lebanese heritage. but i believe this is an english-speaking nation and pandering to spanish-speaking immigrants is over the top. encorey booker was turned off by beto o'rourke's not so subtle attempt to pander to illegals. beto wants illegals to start voting right away also. and speaking of beto, i couldn't help but think of richard nixon. this guy needs a new makeup
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artist so he at least appears close to the living. that genius alexandria ocasio-cortez said they looked like high school student who didn't do their homework. and i agree. but in the end, nobody of that matters. just hold on to your pocketbooks. they just put a lien on your savings, your money and retirement. everything changed when everyone at that stage raised their hands saying all illegals should be given healthcare. remember this? >> the reforms, the reforms i'm oh posing would not apply to those who are here illegally. not true. judge jeanine: but this is the picture that caused the clowns to lose their way and the
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american people. if anyone wants to feel the pain of the american people who want the elect a president and for whom a president actually works, then feel this. ordinary americans are confronted at the end of their lives with no health insurance that covers long-term care. which means when they get out of the hospital, they have to pay for their own care. they are then left out in the cold. where they literally have nowhere to turn. middle income americans who every day choose between food and medication don't want to hear about people coming here illegally without a dime in their pockets being rewarded with healthcare that they have not even paid for. do americans have to pay for their own healthcare and then pay for the healthcare of illegals and in the end have no long-term care when they are
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incapable of caring for themselves? maybe an illegal who got the free healthcare paid for by that american now in trouble might help. i don't think so. one democrat actually thinks a spiritual clown might do it. >> so mr. president if you are listening, i want to you hear me, please. you have harnessed fear for political purposes and only love can cast that out. so i, sir, i have a feeling you know our doing. i am going to harness love for political purposes. i will meet you on that field, and, sir, love will win. judge jeanine: not on is trump still in his lamborghini, all those in the clown car are in his rearview mirror. let me know what you think of on facebook and twitter. president trump arriving in
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south korea after wrapping up the g20 summit. chief white house correspondent john roberts joins me now from stoal with the latest -- from seoul with the latest. >> there is a little league baseball game going on in the stadium across the street. but today is a potentially history-making day. after he has meetings with the business leaders and moon jae-in. this afternoon as moon jae-in did on april 27 of last year, the president may meet with kim jong-un of north korea and shake hands with him. that scenario where the dmz narrows down where there is basically just a line between the two countries. the president may step into
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north korea briefly, becoming the first president to do so. the president talked about it and talked about the idea of stepping into north korea with me at a press conference in osaka yesterday. >> we'll see. they are working things out right now. thank you for being here. thank you. >> if you hah meet kim jong-un at the dmz, would you step across the border into north korea? >> sure i would. i would feel comfortable doing that. reporter: that would be something to see, an american president stepping into north korea. white house officials aren't sure if that's going to happen. the president will be at the dmz with moon jae-in. the bilateral meeting between xi
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jinping of china to talk about restarting trade negotiation between the u.s. and china. the two side agreed to do that. president trump promised he would not put any new tariffs on china. and he said he wasn't going to take any tariffs off. as to what to do about telecom giant huawei which the president sees as a national security threat. he said that is something that will come later. but he also suggested that if there could be a new trade deal between the united states and china, that the relationship could change in such a way that president clinton used to talk about it. george bush said china was a strategic competitor. bill clinton said china was a strategic partner. that was the language president trump used. but he doesn't know if a trade deal with get done. president trump: i think we'll
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be strategic partners. i think we can help each other. if the right deal is structured, we can be great for each other. if china can be opened up, it would be the largest market in the world. china is not open to the united states, but we are open to china. that should have never been allowed to happen. we are holding on tariffs and they are going to buy farm products. this says to me there will be a deal. they would like to make a deal, i can tell you that. if they can make a deal, it would be a very historic event. >> i asked the president, you got 90% of the way to a deal with china, then reneged on it, the president said that's always a possibility. but he remained optimistic. will today be history making?
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we'll find out. the president is set to lift off about 1.25 your time for the dmz. judge jeanine: joining me, trump's former campaign manager corey lewandowski. the reporting john roberts has given us regarding the president restarting trade talks with china. you recently wrote an article about the president fighting to fix the trade talks at the g20. your article seems to make clear. >> this president from day one said he'll put america first. for too long we had a terrible trade practice with our friend and allies around the world. they have taken advantage of us. when the president went over to
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the g20, he said i want to have a good relationship with china and open up that market. but it has to be fair to the united states. what we have seen by the tariffs he has put on. it's forcing china to come back to the table to renegotiate so that we have fair opportunity, they give us access to their markets, and we'll have a fair relationship. but let's be clear. this president is going to put america first because for too long everything else will be put in front of us on the issue of trade. judge jeanine: the president said he'll hold off on the huawei discussions as being part of the trade negotiation. >> you have to remember, judge. huawei is a back door opportunity for the chinese to make access to our most of sensitive marketplaces. so the president understands that. and what the president has said as it relates to the
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negotiations with china is we want to have a deal. if we are not going to do a deal that's fair to us. we'll keep the tariffs in place. we'll use the tariffs to reduce our deficit. and by the way, judge. it's not just message to china it's a message toind yeah and all the countries trying to take advantage. >> i want to talk about the debate. it's clear what we are seeing in this country is not just the moderate left. we have the extreme left which are the progressives. what we saw in the two nights seem to be joe biden as the big loser when he was ahead by double digits. >> uncle joe lost something in the fastball. he had an opportunity to retort what kamala harris said about
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him and he looked at the time and said i guess my times up i will just stop talking. joe has lost it. that debate was quintessential just how old joe biden has gotten, how much he's out of step with what's going on. he looked around at his colleagues on the stage before he raised his hand. judge jeanine: his hand was halfway up. he's not sure what he stand for. which could be a combination of his age which clearly is not a factor. you look at donald trump. no one can keep with the guy. but also he doesn't know who he is or what he stand for. when he tries to support obama and what he did saying he did a heck of a job. the guy is on another planet. bernie sanders, i mean, you can't just say bind was popular because he has got name recognition. bernie sanders has name
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recognition and he's nowhere to be found. i think he got lost in the shuffle. >> when you look at the second night of debate. that could have been a debate for the next ruler of venezuela venezuelaa. they were literally advocating socialist ideas. you heard eric swalwell say we want to take away assault weapons from every american. they want to give healthcare to every person in the country illegally. middle class americans taxes are going up so we can get people in this country illegally for free education and healthcare. that could have been a debate for the next president of cuba or venezuela. not the president of the united states. judge jeanine: it seems the party is going in that direction. corey lewandowski, thanks for being with us tonight. eric trump, and congressman
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>> he was put into office because the russians acted in his behalf. >> do you believe president trump is an illegitimate president? >> based on way just said which i can't retract. >> jimmy carter is a nice man. he's a terrible president. he's like the forgotten president. i understand why they said that. he wasn't a good president. look at what happened with iran. what iran did to him, they tide him up in knots. judge jeanine: president trump responds to some unexpected criticism from president jimmy carter. dan bongino is here. let's start with president trump's trip and some of what he says vi sarks twitter to kim jong-un. all right. we have a tweet?
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after some important meetings including my meeting with president xi of china. i will be living japan for south korea. while there if chairman kim sees this, i would meet him at the border/dmz just to shake his hand and say hello question mark? >> the president relies on a little personal diplomacy in these cases. all these foreign policy establishment elites who for decade through three generations of the kim evil dynasty have failed to make any progress with north korea whatsoever, i always ask them, what's your idea? if the president can develop some personality relationships -- you know the president, i met the man before. i'm not claiming we are personal friends. but i can assure you he's well
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aware of what kim is capable of. all the media elitists, he is entirely aware of what kim is capable of. he's trying to develop a personal path sow we can potentially make progress against a country that would threaten nuclear annihilation in a minute if kim gets his underwear in a wad. judge jeanine: the good thing is, it's better than saber rattling. think about it. the president is engaging in normal kind of social media, and the president is a lot wiser and looks beyond every chess move. >> he's capable of that, too. he has been perfectly capable of telling kim, my button is bigger than yours. remember that? that's right. that's a good thing. we tried a predictable approach.
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it hasn't worked. president trump's unpredictability is a strategic asset, not a debt result. -- not a detriment. judge jeanine: he would be the first sitting president to ever step foot in north korea. did jimmy carter lose his marbles or what? >> this is pretty disgraceful. the former presidents are pretty nice. you can disagree with their politics. but engage in grotesque conspiracy theories, the russians helped trump win the election that was promoted by media lunatics. for a former president, post presidency he has done some good things. but for him to engage in there
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is kind of nonsense reeks of industry aging unpresidential d of triaging unpresidential moments. this has been debunked multiple times. it's making him look ridiculous. it's kind of sad. judge jeanine: the president was referencing his history with return. the iranian hostages. ronald reagan comes in and they come marching home it's the same with president trump. he's able to get hostages out of these countries. jimmy carter, i find it incredible that a man who was the president of the united states would trash another sitting president, call him illegitimate. >> to do it now after it's been
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entirely completely 100% discredited. what do you get out of it? i think even the trump-hating media is embarrassed by this. you know? judge jeanine: dan bongino, thanks so much. my exclusive sit-down with eric trump is next. ♪
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attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at aishah: live from "america's news headquarters." i'm aishah hasnie. president trump could have a possible meeting with kim jong-un while in south korea. the president extend an invitation to meet at the demilitarized zone. and he indicated he would be willing to cross the borderline into north korea. you can tune in midnight eastern
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time for special coverage of the president's trip to the dmz. three kids got kick after visiting a petting zoo. all those infected visited sometime between june 8 and june 15. judge jeanine: a live look at seoul, south korea. meantime, big week in the race for 2020 as we all saw the first democratic debates of the season. as i said in my open, the democrat clown car is completely overload. i sat down with the president's
6:31 pm
son eric trump. we discussed what happened to him during a vial incident this week in chicago. good evening, eric. i appreciate you being here. it's been quite a week. we watched two presidential primary debates on the other side. were there any winners? >> i think it "new york post" got it perfectly. who wants to lose the election. when you are talking about paying everything for everybody, not having real proposals how it's going to get paid for or funded. yet they are not take care of the citizens of our own country, that's a problem. they asked the question, are you going to give free healthcare to every illegal immigrant who comes to this country? and everybody raids their hand. are you going to do anything to close the border? not a single person raised their hand. we have people in this country
6:32 pm
who need help. my father has done unbelievable things. but there are people who have having trouble paying costs. you are throw a million more people on that list. judge jeanine: it's interesting you say 30 million. i am tired of people saying it's 11 million. it's not 11 million any more. it was 11 million 7 years ago. there is a million people that came in this last year. >> you have people who need help, and you have healthcare costs in this country that have gone up because obamacare is a disaster. you have people in this country, you can take that money and allocate it in a different way. but for them to say we are going to give this free to this person and let everybody -- bill deblasio wants every illegal
6:33 pm
immigrant to have a driver's license. do they now get to vote? judge jeanine: they will use it to vote. >> when do we start putting the citizens of this country ahead of everybody else? that's what these people are not doing. that's why the american post had the headlines. judge jeanine: who do they work for? ways their interest bringing in people who didn't vote for them and don't pay taxes? why are they more committed to them than to us. if you don't believe that, we have to pay for them. i guarantee not one of them coming across that border has more than $20 in their pocket. >> not one of them are answering the questions how they are going to pay for this. they are going to bankrupt this country. we have the greatest economy our nation as ever seen.
6:34 pm
europe grew at .4% last quarter. we grew at almost 4% last quarter. china's commission going like this. -- china's economy is going like this. ours is going like this. let's pay for everything, pay for all the costs and expense. let's pay for the environmental issues of the entire world. the american taxpayer is doing that. it's that kind of system that put europe where it is. it's that thinking that created the venezuelas. we watched this movie with europe and it didn't work out well for them. we watched this movie with venezuela and it has not worked out well. judge jeanine: do you think the american people understand the danger people like this in saying we are going to pay for everything for them from healthcare to food to education on down, do you think the american people are buying that or do you think it illegals are
6:35 pm
voting? beto o'rourke wants them to get here. licenses will be used as identification to vote. >> you start with beto. beto's opening statement was in spanish. i'm surprised elizabeth warren didn't start speaking cherokee. we'll do this for you. we'll provide this free. they are not saying how they can do it. americans are incredibly smart people. they see through nonsense and b.s., and i think they see this as pandering. judge jeanine: let's assume it's the americans who were voting. it depend on who is voting. and if in the end all of these illegals coming in are voting, we have a real problem. but i want to move on to something. the radicals on the left and how
6:36 pm
they are treating people who are to the right and disagreeing with them. this week you were spat on by someone in chicago. was she a waitress? >> a waitress at a restaurant came up and spit in my face. judge jeanine: who does that? >> it's heinous act. i don't think it's reflective of parties. there is no tolerance out of the left. i don't think that's an action that's indicative of a party. i think of a person who is 50. you see these cases like jussie smollett. look at sarah huckabee sanders in restaurants getting screamed at. look what happened to ted cruz. when they are down go up and kick them in the face it's your duty to harass. look what they do with us. the way they weaponize legal
6:37 pm
systems, subpoenaing everybody. trying to bleed people dry in term of legal fees. the way they treat these young interns. it's horrible. judge jeanine: that their vengeance for your father having won. >> they know they are losing. they know he's done everything he said he was going to do and so much more. as fake as the media is, the one thing they cannot deny is my father has done everything he said he was going to do and much more. our economy is the best it's ever been. our military is back, veterans are being taken care of. look at my father at the g20. we are not getting ripped off by china and mexico. he's doing unbelievable job. and what's their platform right now? what their platform. give free benefit to everybody in the worldway which we can't
6:38 pm
afford? and spend $91 trillion on a green new deal? ban plastic straw? that was deblasios thing, get rid of plastic straws. judge jeanine: their only plan is we hate donald trump. you made a decision not to have that woman arrested. why? >> a lot of people say they would have done it to you. can you imagine if somebody would have spit on one of the obama children. if they would have done it to chelsea clinton. judge jeanine: you made a decision not to. >> sometimes you have to be the bigger person. i said tell her to have a nice night. they arrested her, chicago p.d., the mayor of chicago gave me a call which was incredibly kind. she said if you decide to press charges you let me know and i will make it happen. she had zero tolerance for those
6:39 pm
games. but you have -- that would have been the least of the problems in this person's life. i don't know, you have to move on with yours. judge jeanine: you are a bigger man. i give you credit for that. what should we expect from robert mueller's testimony? congressman nunes joins me next to talk about that and more.
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judge jeanine: robert mueller is set to testify in just a few weeks. the delusional left thinks he'll change his whole story and throw the book at the president. congressman devin nunes is with us. i thought we heard the end of robert mueller. now nadler and schiff are calling him back and he's going to testify mid-july. what's your take on that? >> he's like a bad penny, he just won't go away. i don't know which way's going to go, judge.
6:44 pm
there are two trains of thought out there. one is he'll not say anything which is very possible. but it's also very possible he could throw a man ski wrench in things -- throw a monkey wrench in things. apparently he agreed to testify for four hours. four hours is not enough time to get everyone's questions in. in addition people should know he's not willing to testify behind closed doors and he's supposedly going to send in andrew wise man and his team of geniuses that came up with these conspiracy theories. and that's not even going to be translated. we don't know the rules of the road yet, but we'll find out. judge jeanine: i want you to listen to this sound from adam schiff, chairman of house intel. >> there is no limitation on confining his testimony to the four corners of the report. that may be his desire, but
6:45 pm
congress has questions that go beyond the report. and we have seen with the attorney general he's willing to make statements that go well beyond anything in the mueller report. judge jeanine: my take on that is be careful what you wish for. if democrats and schiff want him to go beyond the report, even if it's contrary to the report it doesn't matter because the report is the best evidence and peaks for itself. that allows you republicans to get into when, where, how, why. >> i don't want lightning to trike the studio in new york. but i agree with schiff. if mueller comes in and testifies, he has the answer every question that members of congress have for hum. and he should. if he thinks it's classified and somehow get into classified information, then he need to go down into a secure area so we can ask him the questions there
6:46 pm
on the record. >> there are questions that can be asked about when the counter-intelligence investigation began, why he looked at this and yes looked at fisa. but i want to get to some sound. >> that's totally right. the fbi stated for a long time this investigation started the end of july 2016. that's a total lie. they have been lying to congress and misleading the american people, and i'm going the ask that question, at least somebody is going to ask that question of bob mueller when the investigation actually began. judge jeanine: i want to you his be to some sound that just came out from the president about a meeting with kim jong-un. president trump: i am going to go to the dmz. i understand they want to meet. and i would love to say hello. it will be very short.
6:47 pm
but we are in territory that's very close. we don't have to take long trips to countries. so it's good for both of us. let's see what happens. judge jeanine: the president started with a tweet saying he would like to shake hands and say hello it appears there is some response and both countries are working on it. >> the president has been very willing to meet with kim jong-un. this had not been done for decade. so this is more of the president's strategy of trying to open dialogue to see if something can be worked out. many of us are very sceptical that something can be worked out. but we are a heck of a lot better trying to work something out versus this lunatic getting a nuclear weapon and then doing something stupid with it like selling it or sending one into seoul or somewhere else. the president is doing what he always does, trying to have
6:48 pm
dialogue and trying to make a deal. judge jeanine: i recall when obama was leaving office he said the biggest problem the incoming president will deal with is north korea and kim jong-un. this is certainly better than saber rattling. they are going to talk. it's more than anyone can expect. and for the left to be critical blow my mind. final thoughts. >> so far, judge, there has been no missiles shot over japan. i think that would be the deal breaker if he starts to test long range missiles again. that would probably bring president trump away from the table. tore now things are moving -- at least they are new central, they are not going backwards. judge jeanine: congressman anyone's, thank you so much for being with us. charlie kirk is joining us next.
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jean rsh president trump confirming that he's working to possibly meet with kim jong-un for what he says will be a short meeting, if they can work it out. both side say the president are working on it. let's talk about it now with
6:53 pm
turning point u.s.a. founder, charlie kirk. the president puts out a tweet and says i would like to be able to say hi. i will be at the dmz. i'm with the president of the south korea, president moon. then a few minutes ago he says i understand they want to meet. i would love to say hello. it will be a short meeting. but we are in territory that's very close. what's your take on this? >> this is exactly the type of problem solving that's been missing in the american political debate the last 30-40 years. president trump realizes the tensions were escalating. so he reaches out to have conversations and die losing. thoughts i thought were agreeable. but if you look at the democratic debate, they called him a war monger. but he's actually reaching out
6:54 pm
for peace and dialogue. it's disruptive in a positive way with creative leadership capacity. i'm proud he's representing america this way. judge jeanine: saying he can't wait to pull the trigger and all that craziness when it's part of his genius in the way he wants to work things out. it certainly is a good thing ultimately. and if the president steps foot in north korea he'll be the first sitting president to step foot in north korea which is fascinating. >> i was just going to add. only president trump can get democrats who pretend they want peace, to want war. he's going for peace and the democrats find a way to oppose it. judge jeanine: it looks like antifa is gearing up and getting more and more fired up.
6:55 pm
what's going on on campuses now? you are the campus guy here. >> just in the last week turning point u.s.a. chapter at texas state university. antifa threatened to public size the personal information any incoming freshman who might join the local chapter. you are a freshman and you want to join a conservative student organization like turning point usa. you might have your information made public by these radical leftist groups. antifa is totally out of control. i think they should be taken seriously. you saw in portland journalists were assaulted. this is escalating to higher and higher levels and you see a lack of silence by anyone on the left to denounce it.
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a dream but not tonight. >> that's my dream, to. [applause] [cheering] what a terrible week to be a normal democrat. [laughter] you have 20 choices and none of them make any sense. they are either crazy or boring. that is no way to go through life. first crazy, steaming hot bag of it.


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