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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  June 30, 2019 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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jon: the president said relationships matter and clearly
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that is the case here. he's right in that regard. relationships do matter. if there is no rapport or no a port things aren't going to get done. but they can't be taken for granted. relationships on their own are not enough. it's heartening to seat president speak about how they have a process and they have teams that are going to go at it. as discussed earlier, that's been sort of a greed to in the past and the follow-through hasn't come together. i hope at this stage kim gets it. and hopefully his concern about the relationship with president trump will insure he has his teams dig in to negotiate with the american teams. jon: the rapport developed that goes a long way toward
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reassuring him that he can do deals with this president without worrying about power base? >> well, it -- looks like, president trump is trying to wrap good relationship around kim to entice kim to stay at the table, and to move forward. and in reverse can kim leverage this relationship with president trump back at home, to as we have been discussing, demonstrate to the multiple powers has yet to contend with he is the guy when he makes concessions, and they will be, if he does make them there will be contentious in certain parts of the north korean establishment and military in particular that he will tell them i'm the one at a can deliver the one can get sanctions relieved the one can move us forward in the way that is going to benefit us and you. so that is where the relationship with president trump comes in for him to lever that back at home.
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>> going to help viewers understand the bus just disgorged members of the press pool covering the president the fact bus has arrived they have been deposited there tells me president is there also they follow typically right behind him, so it appears we will be hearing from the president momentarily. as he addresses the air force other personnel at osan air base trying to meet and greet as many members of the american army forces in south korea as he possibly can on this trip. so i don't know, is there any way for you to guess what is going on right now in the north? what is kim jong-un saying to his lieutenants, negotiators. >> i brought up at press conference hopefully they are all still there there has been a lot of discussion about
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whether or not some had lost lives the last failed summit which was pretty -- at that time, president trump looked at it as a positive development in retrospect, but really didn't go well, so he is going to go back he has to get his people lined up, and figure out who on his team he is going to empower just enough to negotiate. now steve when he went out there, after the -- the first summit, he was left to hang, left to wait. so they are going to have to set up a schedule right away if he is serious, and he had wants to show president trump he is serious he is going to have to have his team get right on phone with american team, and lay out, a timeline and agenda for their meeting, that is probably if he is going to be the way he has to go next. >> we mentioned press corps has been disgorged from buses in interesting unfortunately thing happened earlier
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stephangrip o grisham was roughed up by north korean security guards probably unintentional to have you imagine north koreaance have been fed a steady diet of hatred for all things american do not have aggressive press corps in that country wants to get up close to the supreme leader in this case chairman kim, and you know they are not at all accustomed to freewheeling american type press corp there was quite a battle shallow -- shall we say trying to get from his of president trump and chairman kim. as well as president moon of south korea. there was a big scrum a lot of pushing and shoving stephen grisham white house press secretary ret roughed up
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bruised result of all that it appears that the pet whose helicopter is -- is on the ground there. we are going to be hearing from him shortly i wanted to make that point that -- this thing took place so quickly and with so little planning and preparation that that is the kind of thing that happened. he stephanie grisham press secretary for white house bruised in inturnt with north korean security guard, where do we go from here? >> well what we have to see now is we have to see teams meet, and that means the president look back representatives to north korean negotiations, steve said steve is going to do this steve said yes, sir he has to be may be staying there quite frankly, and identify his counterpart to have that counterpart identified have them hash out a schedule, for
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meetings and negotiations to begin to lay out, the end state objective what they are negotiating the parameters so they can begin to actually lay out, on paper, in black and white, what it is steps by both sides in order to get a real agreement a real deal. so they don't have time to waist, there is not a lot of political space for these negotiations here in washington and clearly, neither north korea they have to lay out a road map quickly about their negotiations process. >> the north koreans can't dodge can't say oh we didn't think you really meant getting rid of all of our nukes? can they? >> uh they might want to try but denuclearization and this has been a contentious issue on capitol hill, the definition of denuclearization has not yet been clarified so that is going to have to be part of negotiations we know what that means means getting rid of nuclear infrastructure
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nuclear weapons it verifiered full accounting infrastructure has to become the rule for negotiations, but also north korea is going to have an ask want peace agreement sapgz roll -- o sanctions rolled back put them on paper, that is how you get negotiations really going. >> just a little after 6:00 in the evening sunday night, in south korea this is osan air base, president trump just deplaned from marine one helicopter take over there for his use. they are a little bit south of the expect a stel seoul now the president about to speak to the assembled airmen primary this is air force base but representatives from all branches of the service there, it has been -- it has been an exciting and you might even say a heavy day for the
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president. he had this meeting with kim jong-un, came together very much the last minute after a tweet from the president inviting chairman kim to shake hands at the border and that is what took place. the let's listen to the president and what he has to say. to the troops who are assembled there. >> -- ♪ and i won't forget the men who died, and i have to stand up -- >> i thought would i hear president instead, one of the president's favorite songs, and now going to be talking to the troops perhaps we will get a little more insight as to what he heard from chairman kim spent close to an hour together supposed to be a couple minutes after the president walked across the
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line of demarcation into north korea spent almost an hour together now perhaps he will have something to say, to the american forces gathered there about what lies in their future, a lot of people would like to see the american force reduced in south korea because that would mean tensions with north korea are abating. can that happen? can it happen in this term? we don't know. but the president certainly seems buoyed by i what has at an place today in his talks with kim jong-un. let's listen to the president. >> thank you very much, thank you. >> -- going to be -- thank you very much, at ease everybody. >> two and a half hours late i
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understand a you gained people i don't know how that works i know it works. got a hell of a lot of people here. military, [cheering] it was a little unexpected we will tell you we're not ooh look at media back there that is a lot of media. >> that is a lot! we have a lot of media following us we are doing a great job i will tell you you are doing a great job, so important, but the reason i met with kim jong-un we had a great meeting because we are in all this together we want to get this thing solved has been going on a long time we had a great meeting it was unexpected i put out yesterday maybe i will meet with chairman kim he saw it social media. pretty powerful thing social media. and we just left and i said you know this was unexpected, and we're going to keep lot of thousands of great military
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people waiting but that is what you do you love your country that was a good thing to do right i said -- >> [cheers and applause] i said they will understand i will thrilled to be here this afternoon very here orrick men and women of the ua air force korea, great place great country beautiful country. and some day i am getting back home, i have been doing this a long time now, has been a long time has been days, and i left japan, i met with every leader presidents prime mifrnz dictators our country doing very well probably never had a better economy than we've right now doing good nice to
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know you are great people you are fighting you are fighting hard, and you are just your presence you have a presence like no other. like no other, so as president, no greater honor than serve as commander in chief of the gravest fighting force on face of the artist the united states military, thank you very much. [cheering]. >> when i met with as you know president moon also, we just in fact just called me again so happy to thrilled. and we met at dmz it was something incredible i got to see the dmz i got to see a lot of your fighting comrades, and we talked to them in fact i gave one little speech to a group of guys i gave to another little speech to them, met with chairman kim then came occupant met with
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president moon, gave another speech to group of guys now giving a speech to a big group of people a good-looking group. really very -- we had a very productive meeting i outlined the incredible prosperity that awaits north korea when this gets settled we have been talking about this a long time the country with tremendous potential, i have had a good relationship with chairman kim you know you see what is happening has been a lot different, they were giving us a great briefing, right of the dmz said it was so different before we had the meeting the big summit in singapore it was different it was really hostile, you understand it better than anybody it was really hostile since our first meeting in singapore we got along we got along we had a great kind of feeling. and when you go back momentum you will see it tonight on television, you will see it wherever you see it today there are so many forms of looking at things, hard to
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believe, as soon as you pick one another one comes up and first one is obsolete whenever way you look you are going to see nice, i stepped in with chairman kim i stepped into north korea and they say -- [cheers and applause] they say that is a very historic moment i think it is a historic moment, and a very good moment, and he asked me would you like to do that. and i said it would be my honor and we did we went over the line. and turned around and everybody was so happy. and many people i know this from korea were literally in tears crying, crying because this is a big thing a big thing. and we are now going to work on something a tremendous team of people know how to do this we are going to put them in charge, secretary of state mike pompeo is here, where is
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mike is he here? >> yes. >> where is mick where is or i secretary of state? >> [cheers and applause] >> mike come up here mike. . come up mike you know who else i have. has anyone every heard of ivanka? [cheers and applause] >> all right come up ivanka come on going to steal the show. >> what with a beautiful couple. mike. beauty and "the beast" mike. and you know we have our great ambassador, new ambassador who is so fantastic one of the truly great admirals became
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ambassador harry thank you very much you are right over here. >> [cheers and applause] >> it is great to be with you all wonderful to get chance to see such wonderful fighting men and women thank you for what you do to serve america each ab every day, bless you all. [cheers and applause] >> god love america god bless each and every one of you for being out here for everything that you do in your sacrifice we are very, very grateful to you, and your loved ones, you serve our nation out of uniform thank you.
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[applause] . >> thank you both, made the trip with me we spent a lot of time a lot of time tremendous three days, and never ends we have to work hard catching up a lot of things could have been done over years we're getting them done for you joined today by some of the tremendous military leaders that have helped in that process, of success. general robert abrams, where is robert? [cheers and applause] where is he? you know that great abrams tank is in his family named after his fa did you know that? pretty impressive. >> and his father was very proud of his son, thank you very much. thank you. . >> very proud of his son knew from the beginning his son was going to be a winner, and
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commander sergeant major. where the he has -- you know they say don't name last names sir nobody wants to hear just say sergeant major tag. >> he has the legend i will tell you no last minute -- lieutenant general witch -- >> air force. thank you. [applause] lieutenant general michael bills michael, thank you. [applause]. >> and commander major jason
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schmit. >> major general broadly james of sergeant -- michael salty dog right that is good? yes? >> thank you. [applause] . >> brigadier general. commander chief pet. >> officer stephen, operation. and commander master chief petty officer chris. [applause] >> -- where are you? i especially want to thank colonel john gonzalez you know colonel john gonzalez? and chief master sergeant.
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[applause] thank you adams. we are believed to have several friends from south korea. general shay. [applause] >> thank you great job. deputy commander -- i want to thank -- you are doing a hell of a job lieutenant general and chief master sergeant etch song of the air force operation command i hear they are very tough are they tough? yeah. . [applause] . >> that is great. all service members from u.s. forces, 330 million american -- in reserves we are also joined by many amazing
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military, families, families keep you going you wouldn't -- [cheers and applause] >> sometimes we are going to -- it is great, good job. >> americans grateful for your service, master sgt. and his wife james, where are you? where are you? >> where? >>. [cheers and applause] . >> good group. also in air force james served active duty in air force four years, assignments jaim
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recently earned presidential lifetime achievement award for 4,000 hours volunteer work on behalf of the military community incredible -- thank you. give him a big hand applause. joined by hundreds of brave airmen and women from the united states air force among them members of the 8th fire wing. >> many here today to celebrate, the 8th army -- [applause] i justified returned in normandy was up there, we are
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proudry joined by members of the 8th army yee second infantry division of, thank you let it all out. and 19th expeditionary support demand. >> air defense artillery brigade where are you? the first -- the 501st military intelligence brigade. where are you 65th medical brigade. [cheers and applause] >> as well as soldiers from headquarters thank you all thank you all today. men and women of the united states army garrison.
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along with those. [applause] . >> of course, joining us today brave united states marines. [cheers and applause] >> along with sailors of the united states navy and command. [cheers and applause] >> all right i could have said abbreviated version didn't want to do that. [cheers and applause] . >> together men and women of the machining's armed forces the most extraordinary warriors to walk the face of the earth you stand ready to vanquish any danger and deliver the full -- whenever
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and wherever you are called nobody like you you are special people. you are prepared to defeat defend against any threat with you live by famous u.s. forces career motto we go together we go together. many of our soldiers here today served in infantry, republic of korea -- the only forward base on -- to fight wildfires. . [applause] fantastic job. [applause] >> the action, thousands of homes and countless numbers of lives congratulations, for the job well done. you are walking in footsteps of american -- in history in summer of 2018 this air base
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hosted united nations command repatriation for beautiful thing to see, it was beautiful. and they came in -- and you saw what happened, came in to hawaii, mike pence was here to greet, great, great heroes. and they are coming back they are coming back along with we have -- so i want to thank you all for helping me, the heroes the homecoming after many, many decades. . [applause] . with us today master sergeant -- was born in seoul after
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five months, five months old flown from incheon to new york city where adopted by early american family 25 years later, to return to south korea for the first time and of the united states air force now completed third tour of duty in south korea where he served as contingency extinguished incredible job helping forces achieve unrivaled skill exemplified the american and south korea people i will say this. the folks here all especially -- thank you a lot. respect what he has done. [applause] . .
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>> thank you. thank you. also here today is -- south korea, came to the united states become american citizen after college joined united states air force, when he was a child in south korea he heard stories about the righteous might of american warriors respected by all make us so proud where are you? . [applause] thank you very much. service members here served all the world including iraq, afghanistan, and in our
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campaign against blood tiersity killing known as isis in syria took no matter where danger lyrics you are ready to fight tonight you know that motto ready to night and you are. with your help caliphate in iraq went -- and doesn't mean places, a street corner somebody happens to be crazy the fact is we took one hundred percent of the land in the area took it easily when using internet -- on internet -- [cheers and applause] thee people use it better let
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me thank every won in the audience, you really were fantastic you are fantastic we all thank you very much. our nation will never again -- sacrifices -- throughout the world no force on earth can imagine, the grit of the american soldier sailor, and marine under my administration we have made strong investments in our health care with 700 billion with a "b", dollars last year, and this year -- you know what 700 billion is? you needed it we were getting depleted the planes were all equipment as old, this year,
2:33 am
716 billion dollars ready to go we are giving armed forces -- [applause] -- and we're giving armed forces the resources to unique fighting and winning, new budget calls for you will love this 78 f-35's -- they say they are -- literally, what do you think it will be f-35 -- we have a problem we can't see it sir. >> 24 fa-18's brand-new and 8 new f-15 x's you like that. [applause] by the way, the warthog -- you know that -- [cheers and
2:34 am
applause] >> i got more people asking us to keep the warthog. >> they say -- you know with people, is that good? [cheers and applause] >> she said please don't let the warthog go it is a very great machine, and we are looking at ways maybe we can keep it around a little bit longer, it also asks in budget 146 -- black hawk apache helicopters -- 165 abram tanks you hear that general? abram tanks. best tank in the world so much more in next year alone we will buy 12 new warships
2:35 am
including aircraft carrier, nuclear versions -- three guided missiles, icebreakerers, frigates, you name it we're buying it. [cheers and applause] and we're --w about to say made in america so it's okay. [cheers and applause] we want you to have nothing but the very best equipment is what you have look it was depleted, even you know better than anybody you have to go into graveyard desert where they keep old planes -- ridiculous, it was ridiculous i heard stories grandson of people flew a plane when knew still flying same plane not anymore we have hundreds and hundreds of planes coming in great new equipment very
2:36 am
shortly we will have the most ready the best we already have best military in the world going to have he equipment whether it is the plane the ships equipment for soldiers doesn't matter we have the best the budget to do it, and that wasn't easy i will tell you this is not a political speech but the democrats were not going to give it to you that i can tell you. they weren't going to give it to you folks they weren't. [applause] >> they -- the hell with the military -- >> you don't have to worry about that do you? we never you know one thing you also got very nice raises the last couple of years. [applause] they care about that, you noticed you when
2:37 am
close to 10 years before you had, 10 years, we said it's time, and got a couple good ones, nice ones, nice to be well compensated. you must be arm you have to be especially in this world. in incredibly dangerous world you know hopefully when we build the carriers we have so strong to get to a point starting to -- wasn't even close hopefully we never have to use it but by having it having strength much more likely that we won't have to use it. so we're doing that, we are very proud of all of you no one ever stands a chance against the mighty stars and stripes they never will we will keep it strong going to keep you happy have the best equipment and there will never be anything like what we're doing, thank you.
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. [applause] millions of dollars up grades. and i understand that 35th air defense brigade this is -- where are you? happy about that, you see the difference is that correct? >> money coming in a lot of great stuff we are totally revamping improving and in some cases getting brand-new nuclear weapons never -- want to use them but we have the best in the world the most in the world and best in the world being upgraded substantially in some cases getting -- never want to use it greatest asset, powerful weapon will always be you no matter what we do always going to be american warrior there is no warrior like you. [applause] . >> one is tougher no one
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braveer irbeloved you have no idea how much our people love our military. and i can tell you, too, law enforcement they love law enforcement what they go through what law enforcement -- border patrol, ice, sheriffs everybody these are great, great people, you are great, great people. you are respected by all you are so respected and i just want you to know that sometimes you don't hear that you don't hear it enough you are totally respected. and i can tell you this there is nobody that respects the military more than your president. donald trump. [cheers and applause] >>. >> a perfect symbol of the endurance that we're talking about staff sergeant timothy.
2:40 am
the age of 19 timothy was diagnosed with cancer after recovering from surgery going into remission decided he wanted to join the military. he found an air force recruiter helped him enlist now served with distinction in air force nearly seven years he is a tough strong guy. staff sgt. is strength inspiration to all of us i want to just tell you great job he was a very a really he beat it a tough fight a tough battle congratulations timothy. applause. many stationed in this country showcase very best of america to this region and to the entire world. and they watch you they love you.
2:41 am
i told i you i got back in japan watching you, folks in japan friends brothers sisters, incredible if you inhere at a military position defined by value of loyalty honor courage and patriotic devotion you have carried on a priceless heritage of warriors have always risen to the challenge we have had tremendous hours of need. times where it looked like it just wasn't going to happen. and that is when our military always stepped up and just decimated anything in front of it. you are writing the next chapter in legacy passed down from generation to generation from concord bridge to, battle the battle of the byou hadn't lge through all 243 years of
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glorious -- when i return home, to white house i will celebrate independence day with a special salute to america on our national mall. july 4th. i hope everybody can be there going to be big, we will make it a special day because more proud of our country today than we have been in many, many, many decades. i want you to know that as we pay tribute to law enforcement -- we will be thinking of you brave service members far from home america independence all that great feeling of independence, and defending our great american flag. [applause] americans are born free, and so long as we have brave soldiers and sailor airmen and marines we know that our we are going to we will never,
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ever die. on behalf of all americans i want to thank you again to everyone in osan air base these are special this is special not only people but now you have special equipment sometimes it is nice to have the equipment, so osan i want to just thank you, everybody here, every patriot proudly serves under the red, white and blued go bless you god bless our military and god bless america. thank you all very much. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ wrapping up -- all right you can see president united states right there, osan air base is in south korea,
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addressing u.s. troops after historic few hours where pretty much off-the-cuff he had a bilateral meeting with kim jong-un the third time, the president trump sat down for takes with the north korea around dictator remember first one in singapore, back in 2018 then hanoi, earlier this year, now their third meeting, and in course of that the president became the first ever sitting u.s. president to step on to north korean soil, welcome to very special edition of "fox & friends." >> listening to the president speaking to troops opened spoke about u.s. economy, he paid tribute to military border patrol to ice political there for a second, immigration, on military funding, but mostly talking about how he was proud, to amp up military saying no one ever stands a chance against the mighty stars & stripes, mike
2:45 am
pompeo secretary of state mike pompeo was there and introduced by him ivanka trump as well was introduced giving comments may be attribute to military historic optimal to see him there, making those comments and military applauding our -- >> in context the reason there are u.s. troops in south korea we fought a vicious war there aft world twar to at 38th parallel korea krog over dmz with north korean dictator as i mentioned an hourlong meeting on south korean side getting a sense what was discussed in that meeting potentially an invite to the white house, from president trump, we will see if that manifests if negotiations are kick started or not later on that day he flew to osan air base a lot of our air force are stationed as well as rooeb korea air force
2:46 am
-- allies in the south ramping up troops talking about how investing in military committed to the because of freedom, around the world, so -- >> peace reminded all of us yesterday as we set this up that that war from 1950s still technically is not over there has never armistice part of negotiations between president trump and chairman kim has been to potentially eventually in conversations negotiations have an official armistice end to korean war the goal bigger than that full denuclearization of the korean peninsula has been what has been on the table, since north korea first declared they were willing to start on that path in april of 2018. a few months before the june 201 summit in singapore between president trump and chairman kim, the key is going to be what happens next. >> first two summits, now we can officially call this summit 3.0, because it was not
2:47 am
just a handshake as we are all reporting it lasted for well over an hour that the president chairman kim spoke in private in addition to the public what we saw in public pictures, the key is going to be what happens next negotiations from both sides getting together making sure these are not just photoo opposite thops. >> real progress. >> president moon jae-in said president trump is maker of peace on the korean peninsula no peace yet, no formal end to the wars you talked about, and the last summit some call it a failed summit because president trump walked away from the table, saying they want terms that we can't give, the question is toes this truly kickstart a conversation what if kim jong-un actually made the trip to the white house to washington, d.c., what if there was real conversation, established a bond a trust that could lead to them walking back from nuclear -- >> context when i first started covering singapore summit june 201 had in office
2:48 am
time mag cover says it shows president trump and chairman kim, and this cover says "the riskiest show on earth" june 201 riskiest show on earth, after singapore summit economist big international magazine kim jong-un won you can see how this has been framed from the media from the beginning risky kim jong-un is the winner by getting these meetings with president of the united states, and some cases leaving out the fact that we have pushed back from the brink of nuclear war there is that threat you have to be widely eyed about that this president pulled us back from brink of nuclear war. >> couple kim staying in response to president trump he is willing to take over into that demilitarized zone saying i believe this is suppression of willingness to eliminate all the unfortunate past and open a new future people do have concerns, because north korea has been responsible for
2:49 am
enormous amount of human rights violations not just looking for american president to make most of the time on denuclearization although that is priority but also to address some human violations sections of simply liberties people living in north korea. >> if you missed it while we were sleeping as it unfold in real time at demilitarized zone between north and south korea very impromptu came together in a matter of day or days meeting with kim jong-un, exchanging words at many different points pressed from both sides involving we hear reports that even incoming press secretary u.s. press secretary executiscuffled up by troops as press tried to cover this moment i don't think as you watch video there are moments, where it is in clear how far the president is going to go, you know, secret how far does secret service go
2:50 am
into north korea, really interesting moment of the u.s. president goes, of course, does have a secret service there but in those pictures you are seeing the president going off on his own with chairman kim some media company them didn't go very far taking first steps of a sitting u.s. president, inside north korea, communist north korea a president thrown script out talking about two days now, and let's show the context of 2017 if first became president center of 2017 in new jersey at golf club remember he said that if threats the missile tests and rest continue from north korea they would be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen then he dubbed kim jong-un "little rocket man" the critics said president is fomenting war this rhetoric was going to drive us into a nuclear war quite the opposite happened. >> when you talk about
2:51 am
immediate criticism i think fair to say that it is risky, that you do get concerned about the american president going in you want him to be able to make a deal people are likely skeptical of kim jong-un meeting him, in middle and they worry that you are going to extend yourself without preconditions to regime very laush to citizens so it is a risk you take i understand willingness desire on part of the president to try to bring a deal together, of course, a historic moment for him if able about to make that happen a great deal maker we have seen him in the past doesn't always follow rulebook sometimes works very well to everyone's surprise i think people's concern about dealing with regime that as you presses citizens without preconditions is a legitimate concern. >> dmz from knowing fox who have served there been there there have been over decades, tens moments years even north and south korean, u.s. troops not communicating at all, so to see a sitting u.s. president be able to come to that space in the course of a day or day and half, through
2:52 am
coordination to have a conversation with the north korean dictator is an indication of the fact that that communication is happening some tepid level of trust if you can use that word, exists so that there is a space created for a conversation, to be an had if you don't have that baseline you cannot get a dictator like kim jong-un to even talk being there is over 100,000 not as many as we could know in camped north korea labor camps death camps political opponents this is a national aeronautical and space administration regime helm bent on survival, so if kim jong-un doesn't belief he will survive this process he will never agree to anything, that pull back his nuclear arsenal, all of that is at stake when you are taking about denuclearization. >> objectify forget we haven't pow-mias remains of american troops going back toto the korean war key part of process president trump has been
2:53 am
pushing for some remains have been turned over the course last year or two errs i wouldn't, in these conversations, but it was fascinating to me some u.s. reporters traveling with president got a chance to acome to me him there posting photos of the cable that is in sort of in mess hall on south korea side dmz left set all the time for pow-mias american soldiers a plate with a setting and holy bible, remembering always that we still have a lot of americans a that we have not yet recovered. >> military tribute there around the country over 35,000 americans died in that conflicted douglas mac arthur last americans in north korea in context in 50s seoul exchanged hands multiple times i don't know if sound if we can hear what they are saying -- >> -- looking at this -- this is an expression of
2:54 am
willingness to eliminate all unfortunate tests open a new future. i just want to say that -- >> all right i can hear the president they are talking with chairman kim jong-un let's go to chief white house correspondent john roberts working through night through the day over there as well, john, you were there, singapore june 2018, hanoi this year i guess this is is summit 3.0 came together rather quickly. . reporter: it did you know, the way the president billed it we were in osaka when he sent out tweet i asked at press conference you know osaka would he be willing do walk he said i'd be comfortable with it, but he only ever portrayed it as a quick handshake, hello, how are you, nice to see you, it's going to last between 5-7 minutes. but as they headed towards freedom house on the southern
2:55 am
side of the border, the south korean side of the border, we had a feeling that something was up. and then when we saw them in that room with two the two chairs and seven american flags and seven north korean flags, a little bit of this had been precooked in the last 24-36 hours and there was some idea that this was going to go on longer than 5-7 minutes. you heard kim jong un, through his interpreter, say he hopes president trump can put all of his bad stuff behind us. well, that's really up to kim, because kim made a promise in june of last year to denuclearize north korea, and he hasn't done it. in fact, he's gone on to enrich more uranium, perfect his ballistic missiles and as well go on with his nuclear program. so if anybody has to come to the table here to do something, it's kim. and it's unclear what may happen as steve begin, who is the
2:56 am
president's envoy to north korea and the north korean nuclear talks, gets his team together and meets again with north korean officials whether they can put this train back on the tracks, whether they can move the ball down the road at all. other than the fact that there hasn't been any testing of ballistic missiles and there haven't been any nuclear tests, even though the facility is so geologically unstable that you probably wouldn't want to go in there to explode another nuke, nothing's been done in terms of denuclearization. kim did come to table in hanoi with the mistaken idea that maybe he could trade decommissioning for the lifting of sanctions, but the president said, no, we want your other uranium enrichment facilities, your ballistic missile program and your chemical and biological weapons program x. i think that kim was stunned. he said i can't do that. so president trump got up from the table and said, well, we've
2:57 am
got nothing more to talk about. so we'll see if they've got more to talk about. certainly, they're trying to keep the relationship together, but they can only go so far. ed: john, you are reporting live from seoul, of course, a report of the president greeting u.s. military and diplomatic officials as well as local south korean officials. he's getting ready to leave the air base where he just addressed u.s. troops, and now it's -- he'll be boarding air force one and heading home. jedediah: john, just a question about how this meeting came about. the president has actually talked about how social media played a role. of course, he gets an enormous amount of criticism all the time that sometimes he goes overboard, but this is really all happening because kim jong un noticed a tweet of the president's, and that facilitated the historic moment? >> reporter: well, it all started, i think, when kim sent the president a very nice, a
2:58 am
very warm birthday greet, and the president sent him back a letter. we don't know the contents of the letter, but i suspect there was something in there along the lines of, by the way, i'm going to be in south korea, it's my intention to go to dmz, maybe we could meet. he told "the hill" in an interview at the beginning of the week that he was thinking about getting together with kim, and he had said publicly he was going to communicate with kim in some way, shape or form. but this idea of a tweet, i think, is something that he cooked up on his own while he was in osaka. i talked to members of his national security council who said it came as a big surprise to us. so i think he had the idea in his mind, uh-uh think he'd hint -- i think he'd hinted to kim about it, and he sent out the tweet. he said kim follows him on twitter. we don't know that for sure, but it did come together quickly, i have to say. and talked about stephanie
2:59 am
grisham getting roughed up, hannah salem got roughed up as well, a couple advance people. kim's security people, because i saw them in hanoi, i saw them every day as we were going in and out, and he was going in and out. they play rough. and there was one point where you had the three leaders together, you had kim, president trump and moon joy-in, and you -- moon-jae in, and you had all of them literally blanched, completely freaked out about what may or may not happen as they were all standing there. and the photographers were crowding around. that's when a lot of people got butched and bruised. stephanie grisham fought very hard to get the u.s. media into those photo ops, because these authoritarian leaders, they've
3:00 am
got what they call state tv, and they just, they give them free rein. and, ed, you've been in situations like this before, the u.s. tv pool often gets shoved aside when these dictators come in and say we want it the way we want it, and you've got nothing to say about it. but the american team fought back hard. ed: that's right. we are now at the top of the hour in the united states, six a.m. eastern time. we've been watching these historic pictures and moments at the dmz. president trump meeting directly with chairman kim jong un. pete: john, thank you very much, and we will continue to be lye on the ground -- live on the ground including with our own tucker carlson. he was in south and north korea with the president earlier and joins us live on the phone. you've got a big interview coming up this week, tucker, thanks for hanging in there with us. you were there on the ground. walk us through what you've seen this morning. >> well, it was amazing, actually.
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