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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 30, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> breaking news overnight,presy at the worlds most dangerous border where he became the first sitting u.s. president ever to . then, met with kim jong-un and the heavily fortified the military ice zone between north and south korea. hello everyone and welcome to america's news headquarters i marked out. >> hello are found. thanks for joining as i am eric shawn. the historic gesture happened at 346 in the afternoon local time. it was 2:46 eastern time in the u.s. president trump is you can see side by side with chairman kim passed a low concrete marker or
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walk several steps to the north korean side of the d and c before going back for a private meeting with the dictator that lasted for nearly one hour. the leaders agreed to restart negotiations on the nuclear deal after talks broke down at the summit in february. >> this is my honor, i did not really expected. we were in japan for the 220. we came and i said i'm over here, i want to go with chairman kim. we got to meet and stepping across that line was a great honor. a lot of progress has been made. >> kevin has been traveling with the president and his live in seoul south korea with all the details. kevin. >> ardell, great to be with you. obviously what remains and what comes of all this remains anyone's guess. today the president not only raised -- around the world but in south korea, he did make history indeed. we were all able to watch it and take it in. quite a momentous day in seoul
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and just over at the dmz. we want to show you the picture as often as possible. you just don't see this happen every day. stepping into north korea and right into the history books. they did meet for 45 minutes or so. as you pointed out in the introduction they agreed to resume nuclear talks. much to the delight of the president and maybe a bit of a surprise because he said he hoped this would be the start of something special. >> nobody knows how things turn out. but certainly this was a great day. it was a very legendary historic day. quick notice nobody saw this coming. it's great that he was able to react so quickly. >> a quick reaction by the north korean leader, but that is not to suggest ardell that the process of ending the nuclear arms impasse will be quick or easy. >> speed is not the objects. we want to see we can get a comprehensive good deal. nobody knows how things turn
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out. certainly this was a great day. this was a very legendary, very historic day. >> historic day indeed. now, before leaving for washington the president also addressed members of the u.s. military at the airbase over in a song. that is south of seoul where we are. he told the trips that it was indeed a great honor to stand in north korea. he thanked them for hard-working great service to their country and all of humanity. i mention the president announced the nuclear talks would resume. he also made the suggestion that kim jong-un might in fact come to washington one day. he extended an invitation .
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we will see what comes of that. a moment to several hours in south korea. back to you. arthel: kevin, thank you. >> for more and what could come next, were joined by christian, former state department senior advisor who served in both the trump and george w. bush administration. christian, what do you think is significant of this visit? do you think it will lead to meaningful progress or wasn't just a meaningless photo of? >> i think it will lead to talks. the question is whether the talks will be more productive than they have in the past. is more than a photo of. you had both leaders basically taking and putting themselves on the line. there was always a chance that one would say no. i think it speaks to kim's political power. this is an absolute dictatorship. he is putting himself out there a little bit. again the question is whether talks break down. i would encourage them to brought it out to include economics and human rights. >> we talk about human rights in a moment. in terms of what you think they talked about in the hour that they spent in south korea sitting down, talking about, what do you think the president told him? >> i think it was probably a candid conversation that there are still some problems in the sense that they met twice before
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they have some good instincts in good inclinations. but there has not been any concrete step towards disarmament. we want them to take steps before any economic handouts. previous administrations, especially the clinton and bush administrations gave away goodies and north korea never delivered the nuclear weapons components that are promised. eric: they have lied before when dealing with the clinton administration oil deal. look, right now they have not opened up for inspections. they have not destroyed anything. they have not taken anything off-line that wasn't usable anyway. they have basically done nothing. they resume didn't missile test. what concrete steps you want to see from kim and want to see want in exchange from us for that? >> the glass is half-full assessment. the flipside is they have not tested long-range icbm or nuclear weapons. i would like to see a declaration that's a good start to express what the totality of the nuclear program is.
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we have a good idea and actually what they say matches our expectations we know there is some candor and they're not lying through their teeth. >> what about stopping it u.s. war activities or wargames with south korea? along with the trips that we have in south korea. you know when we talk about reunification he wants that and he wants us out. >> the workings are important. it is important to remember that a lot of our military is young, is entry-level and they will serve 2 - 4 years. you lose some muscle memory quickly if you don't have large joint exercises with allies. the president has suspended some for now. that is something we can resume if north korea does not show goodwill incoming negotiations. eric: we will see if they have any goodwill. they have not shown that before but we will see what happens with this historic movement overnight.
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christian, think you. >> thank you. >> after the president six-story step into north korea, both sides agreed to resume nuclear talks. my next guest was a principal negotiator of the 1994 agreed framework which aim to end north korea's nuclear program. he also headed the first senior level u.s. government delegation to north korea and was president clinton's on porch for human rights and democracy in burma. ambassador joins me now on the phone. ambassador, good to have you on the sunday morning and afternoon. let me start here, where these 20 steps in the right direction? >> yes. in my view. these were good steps, that this was mainly a photooptical, but it was also a very dramatic set of steps in the direction of trying to find a path toward solution while our history was
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on the graham peninsula. i think president trump meeting was a good idea. i think it is good that he stepped into north korea. it is good that they later took nearly an hour speaking on the southern side of the demilitarized zone. it will have been a success if it launches any more serious negotiations between senior officials aimed at getting some real results out of the next meetings between the two leaders. >> and only time will tell. meanwhile, president trump, ambassador, refused to communicate or work with north korea, does mr. trump risk missing a strategic opportunity since china and russia deal with north korea? >> we are dealing with north korea, too. i think we have had several phases. i think the meeting in singapore a year ago was an important symbolic meeting. it would have been more
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successful if it had launched a series of negotiations and preparations between senior officials representing the two sides. it was that lack of preparation i think that led the next meeting between the two leaders in hanoi to be less than a full success. we broke with a concrete agreement there. and now, i think the best thing that has come out of this encounter at the dmc is an agreement that we will have some serious negotiations and make the next meeting between the two leaders a success. >> and you have been there, again as head of the first senior-level u.s. government delegation to north korea. you have worked with the father, is there something that is different about the sun that would make you think that he, the sun would be more willing to d nuclear eyes given the right scenario? >> yes, i think there is
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something different. for one thing the sun is a very young man. he is in his early 30s. i think he hopes to rule his country for another 30 or 40 years. and, he seems to have a greater understanding that his ability to govern over time which is been done in the betterment of the lives of his people, he has focused both on the nuclear programs which are very dangerous, but now he is trying to turn away from that in trying to include the economy and build a better life for his people. i think that is why he is reaching out to president trump. i think the real issue before us is in order to get better lives for his people he is prepared to give up his deterrent, his nuclear weapons program. i think the jury is out on that.
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>> what is your gauge? >> my gauge is that it will take time. a lot of negotiations a lot of preparation. this is not an easy problem to solve. i think president trumps willingness to reach out to the north korean leader is a good thing but has to be followed by hard-nosed negotiation. with ultimately result in denuclearization of north korea. >> ambassador, we appreciate you joining us and will be speaking with you soon as this historic event will ripple throughout the world. thank you. >> thank you for having me. eric: smiles and handshakes with kim jong-un. some are cautioning to keep in mind the horrors of this cruel and unforgiving regime. the heartbreaking and outrageous fate of america university student from ohio who the u.s. as was savagely tortured and beaten by kim's logs and sent home with severe brain damage,
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blind and unable to talk, only to die. they said the poster was false, it was regime propaganda against the u.s. but he was just one symbol of the millions who have perished there. the un sites widespread you and charges including torture and prison camps that help them prop up their own. on sunday morning democratic ohio congressman running from president harshly criticized the dmc and cited the fate of auto. >> i am stones that this president who is supposed to be mr. tough guy, has absolutely no progress made and he wants to be on tv. he was the theater of it all. but, nobody is more safe in that region now you are literally
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praising who is responsible for the death of an american not too long ago for the way they held this young boy and you reword that with a visit from the president. i'm stones. i'm stunned by the whole thing. i hope come i don't know what to say about it. >> so, the receipt regime acted this way. they stated that the group that calls himself the provisional government said this in part, quote, we certainly seek peace and believe in our dialogue over conflict. millions starved to death, hundreds of citizens in concentration camps and hundreds of foreigners kidnapped and assassinated. the regime has never acted in good faith and only seeks to this all-important aloof fate weapons of mass destruction. regretfully, these empty gestures by the kim regime are only to deceive the world and empower the criminal regime. meanwhile in the senate, the otto warmbier act is awaiting a
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vote. it's enforcing a true change and its behavior if they say that is even possible. >> meanwhile, we will hear more from the president tomorrow night on the fox news channel. tucker carlson six down for an interview with president trump in south korea. you can see that tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern only right here on fox. >> a fox news alert on another big story, iran saying it is on the verge of reaching the 2015 nuclear deals agreed upon caps on uranium. this, after the partner still in that agreement fell short of two rounds demand to shield her from u.s. sanctions. were live at the jerusalem bureau with the details. >> are the l, mid tension with the united states and iran, the deadline that the iranians have said to reach their stockpile limit is just ten days away.
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this comes after failed attempts earlier this week by the remaining parties in the iran nuclear deal to appease tehran by figuring out a way to get around u.s. sanctions. representatives from britain, france, germany meant switzerland with the deputy foreign minister on friday. before going into the weekend they said iran brought too little too late. a spokesperson said they will speed up uranium enrichment that will soon break the limit of 3.67% and the threshold laid out in the nuclear deal. the trump administration continues to strengthen the regime in an effort to discourage production. earlier in the week, iran's supreme leader and eight revolutionary guard commanders were sanctioned by the administration after iran shot down a u.s. drone earlier this month. despite the actions president trump said at the g20 summit that he was in no rush to deal with iran. british prime minister, teresa
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may attended the summit and discussed a need for diplomacy. >> we need engagement on all sides to find a diplomatic solution and to counter iran's destabilizing activity. at the same time, the u.k. will continue to work with her jcpoa parliament to do all we can to keep the iran nuclear deal in place. >> it has been almost two weeks as the last iranian backed proxy attacked in the gulf region. this infighting may give an opportunity for the diplomatic channels to work and find a solution in the near future. >> thank you very much. eric. eric: the 2020 candidates are back on the campaign trail after meeting face-to-face for the first time on the debate stage. former vice president joe biden is defending himself after a tense exchange with the exchange on kamala harris on race and his record on busing. that was used to desegregate schools in the 1970s.
9:17 am
mark meredith is live on more with what they are doing on the campaign trail this sunday. >> former vice president, joe biden is facing renewed criticism by his democratic opponents on the issue of race. this time coming from cory booker. he question whether biden is up to the task of addressing america's race relations. >> who the next president is going to be needs to be someone who can talk openly and honestly about race with vulnerabilities. none of us are perfect. but really call this country to common ground to reconciliation. i'm not sure if vice president biden is up to that task given the way this last three weeks have played out. >> during last week's debate biden was criticized by kamala harris over his past use on desegregation busing. the vice president has been defending his record on civil rights and did that on a speech in chicago on friday. while the latest back-and-forth is making headlines the chairman of the dnc said his party has a
9:18 am
strong advantage when it comes to race issues. >> the voters will have to look at the totality of the vice presidents record in every candidates record. i invite them to kick the tires on all of our candidates. the good news is the difference between us and this president are night and day on issues of silver right. >> joe biden has several campaign stops plan. he'll make a return trip to iowa over the fourth of july holiday. we expect to see kamala harris on the trail today and california. she received widespread praise for her performance in last week's debate. several democrats have been rushing to her defense after she received harsh defense over race and questions of citizenship. several of the democrats called the attacks disgusting and on acceptable. elizabeth warren is encouraging tech companies to do more to prevent harassment online. eric: is going to be a busy summer. arthel: before he made history in north korea, president trump
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eric: president trump and chinese president xi jinping may have called a cease-fire in the trade were for now at the g27 summit in japan. beijing seems to be tempering expectations for a quick resolution. same both countries still remain widely apart, even on the conceptual level. so, what can we expect? christina has more on all of this from our west coast. >> hi, eric. the move is set to delay rice the impression between chinese and america. they will hold off on plans to impose tariffs on 300 million more chinese imports. he said china also agreed to buy more american farm products. trump seemed optimistic. >> we have a positive meeting. very positive on trade with president xi jinping of china.
9:24 am
>> the chinese want the u.s. to drop its tariffs on the condition of any deal. they also opposed 110 billion in tariffs on american goods focusing on agricultural products. beijing is reluctant or write any real commitments into chinese law. chief economic advisor was on fox news sunday this morning. he said the u.s. relationship with china has been unbalanced. >> as you know, we have had tremendous problems with intellectual property theft, transfers of technology, tariffs, nontariff barriers, various cyber hacking going on and other issues. those have to be remedied. >> he also said he will allow u.s. companies to sell some components to chinese telecommunications giant huawei who is on a black list is a threat to national security
9:25 am
>> what china has been doing with the cybersecurity, what ilhan omar has been doing all over the world, i thought that was the one piece we could count on president trump to hold the line on for national security purposes. >> it seem like it trump and xi jinping were reaching a deal in may but then u.s. official said the chinese were going back on commitments they are ready-made and the talks broke down. eric: thank you. i fell. >> thank you. for more on this let's bring in jonathan, the author of china's vision of victory and founder of the atlas organization. jonathan, good to have you. >> and what we might the temporary trade cease-fire have influenced that handshake meeting? >> in north korea? i think part of what's going on is donald trump is forming a
9:26 am
personal relationship with kim jong-un which in many ways is unprecedented the history of north korea relations. is the first sitting president to go to north korea. it's the showing that we don't necessarily need china in order to negotiate with north korea. this is one of china's ways of inserting itself into the u.s. security situation in east asia. in order to get to north korea you have to go through us. >> and do you think there was a phone call or communications may have been between president xi jinping and kim jong-un saying do this? >> there could have been. at this point there appears to be enough personal rapport being built between donald trump and kim jong-un that you may not need xi jinping at all. >> while some of the presidents critics are saying it is too much fanfare, too much lovey-dovey if you will, you are saying it's a good move on the president trumps part to continue to forge this personal relationship because that is what it will take to build trust
9:27 am
and to cut china out of that equation. >> i think it's a creative move and there's a bigger picture which is as u.s. china relations change in begin to separate from the last 40 years a policy where we can engage, it is not on stable footing and that's because of chinese ambitions. their strategic ambitions have surpassed the united states as a superpower and to create and do all of this which they are not willing to give up in trade talks. this is putting us on unstable footage. arthel: which, by the way speaking of the trade talks, from my understanding beijing said okay, we can do this temporary cease-fire in the trade talks but, i need you to reinstate or reduce and pull back some of the restrictions on huawei. that's a strong move on china's part. >> it is. he has agreed with that for the
9:28 am
moment. huawei is a very dangerous company. it's deeply tied into the chinese. any company or organization must support the chinese state. so, huawei is not exempt for this. he became a delegate with the congress at one point because it was dealing for the parties ambition. it is deeply tied into the mission of globalizing china. also you have a more important policy that few people know about is called civil military fusion. is the chinese communist party attempt to take their private sector and transfer the innovations made in the civilian sector to the chinese military. the chinese military as you know far from just building islands in the south china sea, their causing trouble in eastern south china sea and is basically military that is built to take on the united states. >> clearly the president is playing two games of high-stakes
9:29 am
poker. if i can get a concise answer on this. in order for the president to win his hand with china and with north korea, what are his next steps? >> the next steps, i think you have to get ready to shift american supply chains away from china. you have to build a united front where you get allies on board and other democratic nations start reworking the global economy so it is not as dependent. >> is that easy to do? >> it's a major diplomatic campaign. i hope he can do it. >> in north korea, just waiting the next move from kim to prove himself that he will move towards denuclearization? >> we don't know that he wants to d nuclear eyes. talking is better than nothing. arthel: jonathan, the more to talk to about but no time right now. thank you for joining us. >> president trump may be the first of the u.s. president to ever set foot in north korea. but, to former american presidents have visited in the past after their time in office.
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♪ >> a fox news alert on the history making moment president trump becoming the first sitting u.s. president to enter north korea. as most of us in america slept, he walked side-by-side with the dictator, kim jong-un, taking several steps into the hermit kingdom just before 4:00 in the afternoon local time. to former presidents have also been in north korea, but only after they left office. julian turner is live. >> are the out, president trump made history by being the first city president on the hermit kingdom he was -- this trip ultimately may earn him the distinction of being the most unexpected. >> i just want to say that this
9:35 am
is my honor, i did not really expect it. we are in japan for the 220, we came over and i said i want to meet with jim again. >> it turns out other former u.s. presidents have visited north korea in the past for very different and very specific reasons. president jimmy carter visited on three separate occasions after leaving office first. in june of 1994 to convince the regime to allow inspectors at nuclear sites. he returned again for the second time in august 2010 to persuade the regime to release the u.s. citizens held prisoner for seven months for allegedly entering the country illegally. carter secured that release on august 27. he then returned building on
9:36 am
carter's president with president obama in 2009, to help free to reporters being held hostage. they brought the journalist home on august 6. not all past presidents were not as open to travel to the kingdom they use that to slaughter to u.s. soldiers. >> president trump zon own visis really for the history books to decide this came just hours after helping with the immediate promise of renewed negotiations between washington and pyongyang. for now, that next benchmark is
9:37 am
crystal clear. i'll send it over to area will see what are the attentional nuclear deal could look like. a specialist he's a ranking republican on the house of negotiations. his district does include the oak ridge laboratory. welcome to new york what is your reaction i'm so proud of president trump, ui set our commander-in-chief needs to be the best american diplomat and president trump has done that again today. let's face it, north korea has been a problem because republicans and democrats, the house, the senate, the white house in years has unfortunately at the situation to fall into
9:38 am
the messages. president trump has told the world that he is the lead, he is leaving, he has done a great job. yoeric: you are nonproliferation expert. what would you like to see in the facilities? omar qaddafi sent all of his material, what you think is realistic? >> i'm so glad you raised that. so many in america don't know that the united states leads the world in nuclear armed proliferation is. what that means is, we will go out if a rogue nation or rogue person has these weapons of mass destruction, we will actually go out and take it secure them. we make the world a lot safer. we do that at oak ridge through the nsa and do a great job. what i would like to say is total denuclearization. they are driving the negotiation
9:39 am
you have got to see a nuclear free north korea he is still testing the material there still inviting them. you think you would ever actually realistically do that when the whole basis of that regime is based on a military-industrial nuclear contacts? >> i think ultimately he will have to do this. it's a process and it did not get there in a day and it is not going to take a day or two to solve this. we keep the sanctions on. the sanctions are still in place. it's very important. the sanctions may in some instances get tough. i know some in congress are looking for that. ultimately we have to have dialogue. whether you have a friend or foe, you've got to have dialogue. that's what president trump is coming. he has worked very hard to make sure that dialogue is open with
9:40 am
friends and foes. north korea is still a foe. they have acted wrongly. they have destabilize the entire peninsula. they have upset our allies. in many ways they have upset the chinese. eric: some actions in congress have been calling on the otto warmbier brink act, senate bill. that would slap moore's sanctions on the banks that provide the money flow that supports kim jong-un wounds regime, we are the senators talking about what they want to see. >> senator julie and i and our colleagues in a bipartisan basis believe that we need to keep on maximum economic pressure if we want to keep kim jong-un the tension and achieve our goal. right now, the sanction regime is like a sieve. it has lots of holes in it. until we plug those holes, we
9:41 am
are not going to achieve the goal of maximum pressure. we are going to make those chinese banks decide, do you want to have access to the u.s. dollar banking system globally, or do you want to keep doing business with north korea? i want them to have to choose. i'm sure i know what joys they will make. that is designed to increase the economic pressure on kim. so, the goal for these financial institutions to do business with kim or the united states, not both. >> that's right. should the sanctions be put on or out there as leverage? >> eric, i think the threat of additional sanctions is important in a good tool. look how president trump has used that with mexico and they totally reengaged in the process of keeping people pouring through their country. so, we need to keep sanctions in place until we see better action from north korea. we need to keep the threat of additional sanctions in place. i think it is more important to realize that nor korea is still dangerous. still potentially destabilizing. the goal is total
9:42 am
denuclearization we can do that. in order to do that we need peace. i think president trump today showed the world why he's a strong american president that the southern border. >> of 4.6 immigration bill president trump came to congress i said there's a crisis with the state. it is very important. it is terrific what is going on down there. 16 - 18 times we tried to bring the bill to the house floor. the democrats were deaf to it. finally, we got them to realize that there was or acknowledge there was a crisis. we needed a supplemental. we needed it desperately. this is a temporary fix. we go to the department of
9:43 am
defense. gets funds to make sure the humanitarian crisis can begin to be addressed, but we have got to address this entire situation. it is high time we do it. >> finally, you are in the congressional baseball game. >> i was rooting, is playing hard. i got another hit. unfortunately we came up on a strong supporter and i love the game. >> the democrats won again. and i tell you what, the cedric is an outstanding guy. eric: is there some bipartisanship on the field. thank you for joining us. >> of course. arthel: thank you. race issues were a big focus on the democratic debate stages last week. kamala harris challenged joe biden on his civil rights record with african-american voters seen as crucial to the democrats
9:44 am
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>> people across the country are are celebrating lgbt rights this weekend as pride month comes to a close. here, 4 million people are expected to march down fifth avenue. today's a pride parade is the largest in the world. some of the 2020 candidates are showing their support. senator bernie sanders made a stop in new hampshire yesterday. he marched in a pride. a national walk. this year marks the 50th anniversary of the stonewall inn riots, that was a bar in greenwich village at the new york city police went into ray. they have since apologized for that raid just recently and that action and the reaction helped launch the modern gay rights movement.
9:49 am
>> civil rights is the place to begin. the african-american civil rights community is stopping the lynching of african americans. do not talk enough about trans americans, especially african-american trans americans and the incredibly high rate of murder right now. >> on the issue of race, could not agree more. that this is an issue that is still not being talked about truthfully and honestly. there is not a black man i know, be he a relative, friend or coworker is not been the subject of some form of profiling or discrimination. arthel: that was cory booker and senator kamala harris tackling the issue of race on the debate stage last week. as all of the contenders try to win support from the african-american electorate. many organizations such as the national urban league are making sure that they are working hard that this crucial voting bloc is engaged in 2020. joining me now as national urban
9:50 am
league president and ceo, mark mario. >> it's good to see you. >> so, no doubt the african-american vote will have a major impact on the 2020 election. talk to me about policies and personality, even temperament that will resonate. >> the african-american vote represents about 26% of the expected democratic electorate. those who vote in democratic primaries in may be 12 - 13% of the overall electorate in a general election. so, that vote is crucial. this year, what is positive is that you have competition, you have candidates who are engaged, who are soliciting, who are working, who are working to earn the support of the african-american electorate, certainly you have two outstanding candidates in cory booker and kamala harris, you have people like joe biden who has a long-standing relationships and record, and you have got many others who have relationships and positive
9:51 am
voting record on issues that are important. so, what are the issues? >> it since you have made sure to point out the overall viewpoint there that you have as ceo and president of any well, i want to take a break right now and we will talk more after the break. mark, back in a moment hey, thats on tv again. she's not a baker. she wears that apron to sell insurance. nobody knows why. she's the progressive insurance lady. they cover pets if your owner gets into a car accident. covers us with what? you got me. [ scoffs ] she's an insurance lady. and i suppose this baker sells insurance, too? progressive protects your pets like you do. you can see "the secret life of pets 2" only in theaters. "the secret life of pets 2" be right back. with moderate to severe crohn's disease, i was there, just not always where i needed to be.
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>> we are back with the president and ceo, policies key to the blackwater. >> every issue is an issue. and i think we need to establish that, when you talk about areas of focus, is it education and education equity. as police justice issues. it is healthcare and its protection of the right to vote. in a fair democratic process. i would put those of the priority that african-americans are not going to be marginalized into just a handful of issues and every issue is a concern to african-american voters, african-american citizens and people as residents and citizens of the united states. >> absolutely, do you see that the democrats as a whole, are they focusing on the messaging #. >> i think more than ever before there is a determined focus by many of the candidates to work
9:56 am
to address to understand the issues and understand the issues of concerns in the african and venture community. what we need for the best interest of the nation in the 20% true. to spread the competition in the primary, i hope it continues. i hope we will see conflicting effort to make these issues center and in the general election. >> should look into office to talk to you. >> we have an invitation to all of us in indianapolis at our annual conference. we have a few concerns and we are looking forward to the others. >> president, ceo and new orleans native. we are back a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin... i want that too. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less
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>> president trump making history today is the first sitting u.s. president to be on north korean soil. he is promising to bring canyon back to the negotiating table. and welcome to america's news headquartered on washington at a very historic day. >> amen for leavinthe presidente meeting with kim jong-un in the president's daughter ev was joining. >> great to be with you. this is came together relatively


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