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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  June 30, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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we'll see you next. >> have a great sunday! [cheers] maria: good sunday morning. sunday morning, thank you for joining us. straightahead right here, republican house minority leader kevin with reaction this morning to trump historic crossing into north korea. secretary trade, the president. 2020 democratic presidential candidate of all how is here. partisan of california is here. cochairs bernie sanders campaign. also had, advising president trump on china trade talk.
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i think director for u.s. citizenship and immigration services,al crisis at the borde. all that right here, right now. we begin president trump making history as the first american president to step foot in north korea. kim jong-un accepted a last-minute invitation to meet at the tmz which the president tweeted out just before leaving the g20 in japan from south korea. the agreed to restart the nuclear talks in washington. >> i believe this is an expression of his brilliance for all the unfortunate ask for the future. >> hour to say this is my honor, i didn't really expect it.
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we came over and i said, i'm over here. we got to meet and stepping across that line was a great honor. a lot of progress made. >> turning me now on the phone. kevin mccarthy to react in this, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. what a historical night. while america slept, trump made history. first president to take a step into north korea. historians will study this night. they will study this week because this is significant. the change in direction for the next 25 years. first starting talk with china portrayed on our standards. to restart peace talkst after he
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rightfully walked away in vietnam. this is the correct way, even those who disliked the president are going to have to give him credit. this is what he said when he theed about "the art of deal". this could bank america and the world fundamentally different for the next century. >> talk more about the significant, the? were push back and say let's not forget the fact that north korea is often anything you. in terms of denuclearization. he's been trying to do denuclearization and trying hard to get kim jong-un to think differently. the significance is what? >> the differences, they are no longer testing the place. study the history. member we have the soviet union, president reagan went to moscow, the soviet union.evan he had to get up and walk away because it did not bring the freedom everybody looked for. the media criticized him. in a w few short years, the bern wall collapsed and so did the
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soviet union. no it with this happen in short-term but where will be for years ago? where we obama and clinton administration? we started this will people criticizing the president when he called iraq but he brought them to the table. he was able to walk away in vietnam and reset the stage. people said it was terrible but look at kim jong-un, on his face, he smiled at the president. he did i it in a manner that led him to faith but is now bringing people negotiate, denuc rise. he showed him because we are in a stronger hand today, their economics and are in a difficult position. a america stronger to make the world safer. he did what style but others have not been able to do. i give him tremendous credit. even though they dislike him, those who just like him have to give him credit on what he was able to achieve. it's not the end but it is the restarting that when we look back in history, this willll be the moment.
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the moment that turned the tables just like in iceland with reagan walking right. >> will you look at in terms of catalysts, where we are the denuclearization going forward? >> they haven't been testing long-term missiles anymore. that's a safer place. the are economically a cover position. president showed him he's willing to step across, willing to go further than others. you got to build that f trust ad that takes time. i think these two men build this trust that can make us stronger decision together. it's probably going to be a gradual step-by-step process but to restart it, to be in doubt before the, member what took place since leaving vietnam. north korea was trying to become closer to russia closer to china but this president has reset that stage and got what we are doing with china. this g20, historians will study the president has been able to
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achieve, just this week is so important. >> how significant a role do you think president played in this? he met pink on the g20 on the sidelines. do believe the conversation came up toward north korea? is this one of the reasons the president was encouraged to go to the dmz? >> the only history, i believe it probably did because china does not want to have north korea collapsed. what will happen, often north koreans will try to be moving in across the border. they don't want to have destabilization over there as well. they know what trump has been trying to achieve. he's been utilizing china at the same time trying tohi get to noh korea as well. it's put america in a stronger position and negotiations with china when many people criticized for the tariffs. when you look at it, this is where the president would go china had more to lose, china
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maintains this position, but somethingg chain go to vietnam and other places and welcome back. new car sales in china, look at the sales when it comes to domestically closing as well. tell position in the president used this opportunity to reset the stage, to get us on a more level playing field for negotiation. it's not just trade also is the world going to be safer? i know heri would utilize that asthma. >> i understand. it seems like it could be huge but what about the china conversation? looks like the president is lifting some of thesehe pressur, we've been talking about the national security risk and china in particular represents that. what did the president agree to with pink? >> i talked to him, right before he wenthe and but i don't know
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exactly what he has done but i do know what he said before. they have a real problem. they have the back door. the president realizes that. what the president allows them to do is actually let america products sell to them for a short time. make sure this negotiations back on track. i know this president is not going to allow him to get in across this world because as you have done, you're probably one of the leaders who have watched the executives it shows the 55 to back doors the other countries have brought this. at the real concern because no one else ever stood up to them. if it is ten years from now, who have lost if we allow him to continue to grow. to our own friends, what they would here. >> that's what i am saying. he's agreeings that they can supply u.s. companies despite the blacklist imposed upon the company in "midday". what should we think about that? companies can still supply them
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with the technology composed that they >> the pressure he has on china but the one thing resident is doing and the u.s. the rest of that not the products. do not let them in. america will not share the information with you because we cannot trust where it will go. that is a strong position of where the president comes back, they will go to the rest of the world. >> let me go on to otherhe issu, that is social media and our right to privacy and our right to know who's selling our data and to whom? tummy where you are in terms of upcoming legislation on social media and what you want to see? >> this is what we started in august because the power of social media today, if anything on the internet is offering you something for free, you're not
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the customer, you are the product. checking for data.. it's not just the enemy, it is who they are selling to the third party and others. there are certain companies that have so much control, google 80% of all searchess go through google. 95% of the people could drop off if you have an ad on the second page. my concern, if conservative, i believe in private property. the happens to be my data. i should know what you are able to take and collect for me. i should be able to move it and delete it. something very simple. we need legislation such as that. i look at the democrats, they look to break companies up. that's nothing about privacy. they think to over regulate but then you have no innovation. that is likee a world of what they wanted to happen. more concerned about privacy but also competitiveness. they've been found guilty in
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2012 of what they did to yelp and trip advisors that were nots allowing companies to rise and having a fair competition. those are things we should look at and half legislation that's universal across this country. america should drive this. this is where innovation is created. >> you make a important point. then there's another side. the censoring of conservative conversation, i spoke with the president last week and he is worried about this. going into the next election that the social media companies are going to choose a side and put the single on the scale. >> twitter is terrible at what they do. i've had people come to me, i can't join you on twitter. i see0% what is happening, one 100%. >> you want to seek legislation
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coming down to actually -- >> we need legislation to create competition. >> you may need legislation in order to create competition. our we going to see legislation also addressing that in terms of the censoring of information? >> is not just that. a few companies control so much. look at youtube, google, facebook and instagram. now that we foundnd out from afr the election, they did want to influence election. i don't democrats tried to on hopes of russia and other things but within our own country, the power with twitter and others, is likely brought these ceos in to congress last congress and every time before the company came in, they would deny something happening at the day before they would admit it. people who worked facebook republicans had to create their own group because they were, their own philosophy before that what they could work with and that. had what google did to california republican party that are ideology, where they
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supported certain conservatives on twitter whether the message could get. this is a they said it wasn't happening. they weren't even i allowing itn youtube to be seen. >> so you are working on that as well. >> this cannot sustain itself. i thank you for you bringing it forward but it comes to point that we may have to legislate. >> we will there. alexandra cortez heading to el paso. thank you so much. kevin mccarthy, still had on breaking news, trump steps into north korea. trump ministration, china, bernie sanders campaigns cochairman and the man in charge of u.s. citizenship and immigration services acting
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director. all right here. follow me on twitter. let us know what you would like to hear from. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. trump to a trip to north korea. north korea and the u.s. negotiations. kim jong-un praising president trump's willingness to move forward. twenty me t now, democratic presidential candidate. good to see her. thank you for joining us. >> thanks. >> your reaction to the president's move. >> i have a much different opinion than kevin mccarthy. i think this has been president trump to her, i have no idea why he's shaking hands with a dictator who just in make was
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sending missiles to the sea of japan. you don't want that kind of behavior with a visit to your country from the president of the united states. there's been no progress at all. they have done nothing. talking about it, it is historic but what has been done? nothing. the whole deal with china backing down, are you kidding me? what china has been doing with cyber securityh, all over the world, we are going to back down? i thought that was the one piece we could count on president trump to hold the line on for national security purposes. he is loosening what he did. i think this was very dangerous, i'm very disappointed with the president. even though those of us who disagree with him so much, tom national security piece he would always hold the line and he folded like a cheap suit. >> let's walk through this. security issue, certainly this
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is a serious issue, i agreed this is something we need to focus on as it relates to china but first, north korea, isn't it true that before you can actually get denuclearization, you need to start diplomacy? this is the first sitting president to ever step foot in north korea. this is a historic moment. >> it is historic, no question. but for what? you do these meetings especially with a dictator, what progress has been made? what good faith has been shown? he hasn't set a missile to japan in five weeks? i cannot believe, i am stunned that this president was supposed to be mr. tough guy, tough business guy has absolutely no progress made and points to he wants to bet on tv. he wants the historic moment, the theater a little but nobody is safe in that region now and what's the incentive? you are literally praising a
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dictator who is responsible for the death of an american not too long ago by the way they held this young boy. you rework that with a visit from the president? i am stunned. i don't know what to say. >> the formal announcement has not been made in terms of electing the ban but could be that the president is also taking into account thech technology companies that complained, they are not going to be able to sell anymore? >> they can complain all they want. number one role, responsibility the president of the u.s. is to keep us safe. have a history of accessing and allowing the chinese government to access and we're just finding out, to that they are the chinese government. they are propping it up like it is some kind.
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>> he's right. the data is right back to beijing. >> so why are we loosening anything? hold the line on that's not something to take off the table and you're seeing technology in rural america, germany making deals, it's going all over europe. this is something we just can't back down on. and very disappointed the president would do this. >> stick with me. i got to ask you about what's going on in your party. the ideological fight within the demo party, the deep progressive versus the century. also much more ahead, to huge do neutralization talk. china advisor mike is coming up next. we'll be back with more. stay with us.
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welcome back. tim, i would ask you about the debate last week. first off, nice that the moderators asked all of the candidates, would you agree to give healthcare to illegal immigrants? theyai always are, you are not n the stage. ?ould you raise your hands to answer yes to that? >> if we have undocumented people in the country, would you responsibly to make sure you have some basic care. being a part of the medicare program or something like that, but the whole other conversation we need to have. >> presenting the working class, you're going to give you eagles
12:26 pm
healthcare, what about american citizens? what about your constituents? >> that's what i was going to say. the focus has got too be on getting health care to people in the u.s. right now the publicans had to plans they push. both of them took 22 million people think on it didn't get far enough. they're getting ready rid of pre-existing conditions. what's coming out of the party right now is taking have get away from american citizens, that needs to be the focus. make sure people in a can have accessible, affordable healthcare and i support a public option for people to be up to do that. i think that is entirely appropriate. >> your colleagues want to take 180 million people off private insurance. let's face it, when you t were there, the question was, do you, are you okay with getting rid of private insurance, 180 million people are getting their
12:27 pm
healthcare from private insurance industry. he did not raise your hand, correct? >> no. i'm not for taking private insurance away. i'm for some kind of public option. we got to move to some type of medicare for all, the next to next step is a public option for people to buy into right now. i don't believe we should take people's private insurance away but when you see the pharmaceuticaly industry, i was at my moms a few weeks ago, she's paying $1000 a month in prescription drug costs. she's a working-class person and just outside, that is so unfair when they are taking so much publicly funded research and turning around and counting the consumer. >> kamala harris, a lot of people think she stole the show. she first raised her hand, yes i
12:28 pm
am for medicare for all, eliminating 180 million people with private interest, then later she changed her stance. do believe she did not understand the question or is she not realizing medicare for all is a loser? >> you have to ask her but i think we cannot be a party that goes into a general election taking private health insurance away from union members and some of these states negotiated good healthcare plans for themselves, sacrificed wages during negotiations to get a good health care plan. we need to makee sure people hae an option and if they want to then leave their private -- >> how are you going to stand out? much of your party has gone severely to the left. medicare foron all is what we ae talking about. bernie sanders has that plan. but you have to do something to actually pass go. they want things like these socialist policies.
12:29 pm
>> my focus the other night in the debate was getting the focus back on the economic anxiety that people are basing for that they are white, black, brown, gay, straight, man, woman, 75% are living paycheck to paycheck. they cannot afford a $1000 emergency. that is my focus. my phone has been reading off the not only the debate on wednesday but also on thursday. my phone has been ringing off the hook because people are seeing me as the person who can emerge about a working-class agenda in the industrial request, be able to be the top of the ticket to go in two places like kentucky to beat mitch mcconnell, we've got to win the senate back. you have to win north carolina, kansas, iowa.
12:30 pm
>> you have to come up with an answer on the border in alexandria heading to the border, why didn't you just take the senate bill? so there's that as well. >> know what is going to secure the border better than i am but reality is -- >> why? >> you got to put some resources down there, 90% of drugs coming in -- >> your colleagues don't want that. >> that's not true. i want to put resources that can't speak for everybody but i would make sure you have enough personnel down there, and if people to process people that these people were seeking asylum get basic care so humans are not laying in their own stop for three weeks and diapers aren't getting changed. going to central america and getting tos the other problem, why are these people migrating to the u.s.? gangs are running on honduras,
12:31 pm
guatemala and el salvador. real president would say let's get to the other problem, fix it. >> or a real congress would get to work and overturned the polls. congress will get together and take the, you've a got this agreement, let's fix this. you're not going to talk about 1 billion apprehensions. real quick. >> festivals and get to the of the problem why people are leaving the country. it's still a destabilizing factor for central america, north america, if gains are running three keyen countries in central america, go down and fix that problem. the president has not talked one thing about this problem at all. >> he's talking about not much else away from the border. >> he's not talking about central america, he's cutting states apart. n he's cutting the state department funding that would bi the very solution to go down to
12:32 pm
central america and stop and secure the area.a. amassing we have to prop up the entire country but make it secure enough for people don't want to come to our country cost us billions of dollars. it's time to be smart, he likes it as a tv show. same with north korea and he's acting like chamberlain going to north he's back down there, he wants the tv show. w he was a 24 hour news cycle. he's not solving any problems. >> i think a lot of problems have been solved i but let's continue this conversation. >> not where i come from. not in ohio hot? >> 75% of the americans still live paycheck to paycheck. >> we will talk more. up next, trade talks with china. michael pillsbury, stay with us.
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welcome back. trump making history today. side-by-side with kim jong-un. onto the soil of north korea named him back inn south korea where he says they agreed to re- start talks on denuclearization. the president and his chinese counterpart declared a cease-fire in the trade war. my next guest, trade and manufacturing policy director, and of the summer.
12:37 pm
senior fellow and director for chinese strategy. to have you on the program. >> thank you. >> you may have heard tim ryan. >> i did. >> first, can you go through what the strategy is with china at this point? >> the most important thingk was to get him to return his dedication to the talks. there was a major breakdown six weeks ago, talks based extinction at that time. they were taking back a lot of major points, refusing to go further on the mechanism. is a pretty bleak situation. what had to happen his his team made clear in the media that he needs something at this meeting. he also needs them to have tariffs, at least not imposed at this meeting. otherwise he would be saying no to any further talks. that's what trump did.
12:38 pm
it's a brilliant stroke. the president deserves a lot of credit. he hasn't spelled out details, he hasn't said 5g around the world but he has focused on american technologies suppliers, this gives him the face he needs to face down his hawks in china and restart the talks. huge success for the president. >> we've been talking about adhering from the president about the massive national sssecurity threat. does that fly right into the face of what the president has been telling us for so long? >> this goes back to what the president did on the gte matter. he hasn't said they should be put out of business. eavesdropping backdoors, surveillance, a series of things not acceptable. he doesn't want them to get into
12:39 pm
sensitive sectors throughout the world. our government is stilluc bad. it's something different to say we want to bankrupt and destroy them. that's what the president has not done. i asked a meeting in london last month, they make a distinction between keeping alive like they did with 70000 jobs versus being put out of business entirely. i think that is the deal he threaded. he's not giving up in any way. this big news that this is somehow a catastrophe, they surrendered, it's not true. he has not lifted the ban, the effort to keep him out of 5g in germany, around the world, that will continue. not to destroy the company, that is what trump will continue to supply. >> i have the chief security officer on my show last week, he
12:40 pm
basically said look, there are no backdoors. i said wait a minute, there are backdoors. the data goes back to beijing but he keeps pushing back. before you go, i need your reaction to north korea news. do you think the meeting withh china had anything to do with the present decision and what does this represent? >> it represents progress on the big picture of trying to get this young leader with his grandfather. prosperity market liberalizati liberalization, this is another big success by the president. he got to nudge the young chairman toward a historic decision. and not bete rude, nasty, callig names and that kind of thing. this is another success. very delicate, new. step across the border, struck. we're looking at another succe success, something president trump says, this will lead to work.
12:41 pm
i think it is fake news to criticize trump on these two fronts. >> real quick, a potential deal with china, why would the chinese give in to not stealing property and forcing technology g know those two issues? >> great question. two reasons, one is they say they want to cut this out themselves. they are generating enough property themselves.ou china is a very strong economy. world bank, even the fact, economy three years ago. purchase power, they are bigger than we are. people who understand that, deal with equal power here. you can't just in their face and say you signed this agreement or go to hell. he's got to be very clever and nuanced. >> let's not been forget the consumers of work. great to see you.
12:42 pm
more reaction, let's get to congressman of california, cochairman of the bernie sanders good to see her. thank you for joining us. >> great to see you again. >> your reaction to the president meeting with kim jong-un overnight. >> i support the president initiative. as a democrat in the u.s. congress, i will do everything i can to see it succeed. one of president wound advisors was in my office two weeks ago and he thinks there's a three-part framework to get a deal. first, the u.s. and north korea should have a permanent peace agreement. we should moveat toward permanet peace. if we do that, north korea will engage massive denuclearization, 90% denuclearization and after that, we can talk about more flexible sections. i think that mom is there. >> would potentially president bernie sanders, would he be
12:43 pm
dealing with these issues regarding china? >> he would have to he said as much this morning that he had no problem with president trump meeting with kim jong-un. this shouldn't be a partisan issue, it's a dangerous situation. we need to engage a diplomacy to resolve it. president carter, why met with a few months ago had actually met with kim jong-un's grandfather and had been working toward a framework to get the denuclearization, there's a clear that there. we should applaud trump foror taking the effort. >> i have to switch gears. ideological divide, and bernie sanders, your healthcare plan, medicare for all. we know there's an anonymous push back on medicare for all. not only it will cost $132 trillion but also knockout 180 million people to come together
12:44 pm
entrance from the private sector. how do you justify that? >> two things. first, the system cost $4920. you have to look at it in comparison, they will reduce the pharmaceutical costs. a lot of the hospital costs and insurance costs. if you read the bill, it allows for supplemental insurance. medicare for all, you get -- >> i did read the bill. it makes the insurance industry unlawful. it's unlawful. >> it's like britain's bill, you can have supplemental insurance after medicare. that is something many people support. strong medicare but if you still, after you get everything and you still want private insurance, you can have it under the bill in half. >> he said the eurocrats running your life, the government will tell you if you can get the mri or not.
12:45 pm
this is one of the issues this plan. i >> if people who are on medicare, if you ask them, most of them are very happy with it. it will strengthen medicare -- >> we got to go. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. we'll be right back.k.
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welcome back. top story is coming, trump making history and he made history overnight, first sitting u.s. president to step foot in north korea. as moderate these incredible pictures, we turn our attention to our own southern border with mexico. my next guest just returned from el paso, texas. i was there in april, we saw the crisis firsthand. congress just passed $4.6 billion funding bill to help ease the conditions that over credit migrant facilities. one of the biggest unresolved, in our asylum system.
12:49 pm
joining me now. the acting director of u.s. citizenship and immigrationcc services and authoritarian general of virginia. great to see if this morning. thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you. >> you just got back from the apostle border. i was stunned when i got back. give us your assessment and reaction to what you witnessed. >> first of all, folks in border patrol are doing phenomenal work was almost nono legitimate help. he mentioned the supplemental bill that went through this past week but it does absolutely nothing to solve the problems that caused this crisis. particularly in house of representatives, that is intentional. we saw this picture of a father and daughter who died earlier this week, they came here because they wanted to exploit the loopholes in congress owns that responsibility.s we need to change our laws and
12:50 pm
that means congress to close the loopholes that are attracting this mass migration north that we are not staffed more we have the facilities to handle. >> why isn't this getting done? i know alexandria cortez is going to the border tomorrow and a lot of my sources at the border are not so happy.s she doesn't believe anything she sees. she belittles it. i saw it,it you sought. the facilities are overwhelmed because people have been on their feet walking for four months and they go to these centers sick. >> that's right. that is a problem as well. the about the logistics of screening peace people who come across uncontrolled into our country. medical screening, the bordere patrol was designed in the facilities, designed basically
12:51 pm
to intercept, capture, process and return adult mexican males. they can do that in hours. but now we are talking people coming through mexico to the border and border patrol does not have the facilities. >> stay with us, we will talk about that when we come back.
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welcome back. can, i want to show you this shot of the debate the other night when all ten candidates were asked, in your plan for the government provide healthcare for illegal aliens? every one of them raised their hands, providing healthcare for illegals. your reaction to that. is this an incentive for people in guatemala, for them to say i get free healthcare in america? >> of course.
12:55 pm
it's those incentives that are the problem here that congress refuses to fix. it takes statutory fixes. we can't just have memos like present obama did. he struck those done when trump does it. they defend most of president obama even when they were illegally acknowledged to be by the president, obama himself. we don't have those options, congress has to fix these loopholes and that means closing men. i run the asylum system, we have over 300,000 case backlog if we continue to be rushed at the border. we are doing all we can to knock that backlog down. until congress fixes the loopholes, gets one of them and offers more incentives instead, i healthcare for illegals, we are not going to see an end to
12:56 pm
this crisis. that is why people are rushing the border. >> this country has been open so know. as long as i the fact is, asylum is one thing. i remember i interview people at the border in april. what do you want? coming about be upset you were facing. they said no, i would just want a job for a daughter. how do you know if it's actually asylum seekers or they just want opportunity? >> overwhelmingly, they just want opportunity, plenty of them are lying and saying they want asylum and trying to make up cases for asylum. it's our job to filter through and let those cases to find only the true once. what's happening here is the myers are getting in the way of america's and continuing to approach to true asylum seekers. including further good one.
12:57 pm
>> in a legal way. thank you for joining us. please come back with us. happy fourth of july, everyone. thank you for being with me. have a good week. the safer you drive, the more you save. although i'm not really driving right now that would be unsafe. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless. (danny) after a long day of hard work... have to do more work?
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arthel: history made in korean peninsula as president trump becomes the first sitting u.s. president to set foot in north korea where he was greeted by kim jong un with a handshake. hello, everyone, i'm arthel neville. eric: i'm eric shaw. thin line between peace and war that stands between north and south korea, the two leaders sat down nearly an hour for private meeting but the president then saying that washington and pyongyang will revive negotiations to try to dismantle north korea's nuclear weapons if