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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 30, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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arthel: history made in korean peninsula as president trump becomes the first sitting u.s. president to set foot in north korea where he was greeted by kim jong un with a handshake. hello, everyone, i'm arthel neville. eric: i'm eric shaw. thin line between peace and war that stands between north and south korea, the two leaders sat down nearly an hour for private meeting but the president then saying that washington and pyongyang will revive negotiations to try to dismantle north korea's nuclear weapons if
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that is even possible. kevin corke live in seoul, south korea with much more. >> great to be with you where the visit came relatively and ended relatively quickly but impact can be felt for generations to come as the president of the united states along with the north korean leader stepped into north korea and right into history, first time sitting american president enters the north. the president layed it all out when asked how it came together from tweet to history. >> we went to meet at the line. i said would you like me to come across? i didn't know what he was going to say but it was my honor to do it. face to face interaction the second in four months and third overall, the country in heavy sanctions of u.s. and much of
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the world. the president asked if he thought that would influence. at some point during negotiations things can happen. that's when we will be talking about sanctions. >> the president had a chance to see members of the u.s. military as the air base, that's just south of us here in seoul, told troops it was a great honor to stand in north korea and so now the president makes his way back to washington ahead of fourth of july celebration in the nation's capital, only this year with plenty so celebrate, both there and seoul. eric: kevin corke in seoul.
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>> let's bring in gordon chang, gordon, what are your thoughts about the president crossing the line and stepping onto north korean as a sitting president? >> this is really stunning because probably to other american political figure would have done this and no one would have done this on 2-day's notice, this is really historic, but the point is this is also a propaganda victory for north korea. north korea says t the strongest nation on earth and what they will show president trump coming into north korea before kim jong un goes to american soil. americans don't pay attention to symbolism because we have legitimate government. this is very important to him. president trump is not wrong to do this but you have to get something in rurp and needs to get pretty quickly. >> how quickly are you talking about? >> i would hope some time this year, this has been a long process. we let up on maximum pressure on the north koreans last may, may of 2018 and since that time kim
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jong un has not reciprocated, he's been producing missile material. yes, kim will smile and not taking steps that we require. >> we can assume or presume that kim will do the least amount possible. what is it that he can, should do to at least show president trump, hey, look, i'm doing something? >> well, two things that we really need, we need that declaration of missile and nuke facilities an we also need a timetable for disarmament, preconditions for further progress. and i would have thought we should have gotten them by now because it's been more than a year since historic kim summit in singapore. >> so if you think that was a good idea, did you say it was a good idea for the president to take the step, 20 steps literally, if you said that,
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then i'm confused because on the other hand you say it's a big win for kim jong un not as much for president trump? >> right, this is a process as everybody says and at the end of the process, arthel, north korea gives up weapons, then no one will complain about what happened today, but if kim doesn't give up his weapons, people will look back at a day like today and there's been days like this and say these were missteps, so really up to president trump to use american leverage which has and able to get north korea to give up its weapons. a lot of people say, arthel, kim won't do it, it's up to trump because trump doesn't have the power to force kim to do things that he would never thought he would do. arthel: and what's the pow they're the president have? >> we can first of all start enforcing sanctions to a maximum extent. go after the russians, go after the chinese, go after the south koreans who have also been violating the sanctions and, of course, go after the north koreans, we only cut 50% of their revenue, we need to go after the other 50% so kim really needs us.
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arthel: okay, you mentioned south korean president, let me play sounds from our president about the south korean president. >> so when i met with as you know president moon also, we just -- like he called me again, he's so happy, he's so thrilled and we met at the dmz and it was something incredible. >> okay, so why is president moon happy that president trump went across the border, across the line into north korea to meet with kim jong un the dictator? >> moon has one goal in life and basically only one goal and that is to unify the two koreas and when you have days like today that facilities the merger to have two koreans, moon is very, very happy today. arthel: i want to go back to you saying that he has to show some sort of -- north korea has been
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playing game forever. >> right. >> arthel: might kim jong un be playing waiting game now, election coming up. keep doing it until see if he's president again or not. >> yeah. not only does he played it his father and grandfather played it as well. a series of the way north koreans have a different view of time. they can do this because they have one-man state. kim jong un has problems at home, president trump can exploit those. arthel: the problem you're talking about is he's running out of money? >> running out of money but also unhappy senior regime elements from what we can tell, you put that altogether. kim jong un executed or at least banished a lot of political figures, that means things are not going very well in
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pyongyang, you don't do that, arthel unless there are real problems. >> they can't show that they have a problem with the dictator because he will send you off we canment shoes and you're gone. >> he was detained for a little while and probably was bruised pretty badly because we saw pictures where everybody was clapping and kim jong was going this, covering up what happened to his chin. arthel: you will hear much more about president trump's meeting when he speaks with the president -- when the president speaks to tucker carlson in an interview tomorrow 8:00 p.m. eastern right here in fox news channel. >> we are looking forward to that. the president sit-down with tucker. meanwhile the president and chinese president xi jinping, they agreed to a cease fire and
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resume talks. a trade agreement between to countries is still, quote, very much in the air, meanwhile the president tells tucker in that exclusive interview tonight that he is optimistic that eventually a deal will be struck. >> you recently hours ago met with the chinese president xi jinping? >> i did. >> are you closer to that meeting to a trade deal? >> i think we had a very good meeting, he wants to make a deal, probably the largest deal ever made of any kind, not only trade, we got along very well and we understand each other. eric: kristina coleman on what we can expect in west coast news room, hey, kristina. >> hey, eric, 11 rounds of talk in standoff, all of them fell. this new effort could take some of the edge financial markets, nervous about ongoing trade war between powers, chinese official news agency say it is country agrees to restart talks on the basis of equality and mutual
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respect, those sides concede this will not be a quick process, for now trump says china agreed to buy more american farm products and he would hold back as negotiations continue. >> we will not be lifting tariffs on china, we won't be adding an additional -- $350 billion left that could be tariffed, we are not doing that. >> trump also said he will allow u.s. companies to sell some component to chinese telecommunications giant huawei. huawei on national blacklist but the move still being criticized by some republicans like senator john borraso from wyoming, here he is on meet the press. >> to me huawei in the united states would be like a trojan horse ready to steal more
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information. >> senator lindsey graham also weighed in on cbs saying it would be a mistake, democratic presidential hopeful tim ryan agrees. >> i thought that was the one piece that we could count on president trump to hold the line on for national security purposes and he's loosening what he did. i think this is very, very dangerous. the white house economic adviser larry kudlow says trump isn't backing off national security concerns just loosening up for general merchandise. >> this is not a general amnesty, if you will, huawei will remain on the so far list where there's export control and any national security inferences or securities there won't be any licenses . >> last time trump and xi met
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was in argentina and trade talks fell apart after officials went back on commitments they already made. eric: kristina, thank you so much. arthel: gordon, is huawei a national security threat? >> it certainly is. we look at this across the board. they were doing it to us as well. they have to remember the communist party as requiring huawei to spy, 2017 national intelligence law, must spy if china demands. huawei doesn't have an answer to that. we should not allow huawei and we shouldn't be selling huawei anything. arthel: anything. the president decided to scale back restrictions on huawei because chinese president xi said scale back or no further trade talks, the move by the
1:13 pm
president, do you consider it good, smart move, necessary move, a dangerous move? >> dangerous move, awful, unjustified. you to remember this echos what president trump did for zte, another chinese telecom manufacturer last year, last year president trump said he gave the reprieve because xi jinping, chinese ruler asked for quote, unquote personal favor, this time, arthel, the chinese publicly demanded that trump capitulate on huawei and trump did that. arthel: moving forward is president trump operating from strategic strength or outmaneuvered? >> well, doesn't look like strength. again, this is a process we don't know where it's going to end up but doesn't look good when the president of the united states complies with a public demand from the chinese leader. arthel: how does president trump win the trade war with china? >> basically we have to go to put more tariffs on the chinese,
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maybe even import bans, goods that have benefited from theft of u.s. intellectual property but we need to have more technology restrictions on the chinese and, of course, with huawei we have to do all we can because it's a threat, this is a company from the international community. arthel: it's a big business, huawei it's huge, i was in dublin, berlin, i can't remember where, there's a big huawei, you know, building, you know, the big signs and light boxes and everything. >> it is the largest telecom equipment manufacturer in the world. it is the second largest maker of smartphone, you go down the list, it became that way because it stole u.s. intellectual property from companies like crisco and probably motorola and t-mobile and whole bunch of
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other companies and continuing to do it today, arthel, started in 1987 when it was founded and continues today. arthel: yes or no, the president has to clamp down perhaps more tariffs on china, does the president need the international community, our allies to help them out with that? >> yes. arthel: okay, gordon chang, you are awesome, thank you, eric. eric: all right, arthel, gordon, now to continuing threat against our country that, of course, iran, the terror sponsor regime saying it is just days away from exceeding uranium cap, controversial 2015 nuclear deal, after tehran claims countries sticking with the agreement like those in european union, well, they claim they are falling short of iranian demands to protect sinking economy from sanctions. live in jerusalem hey, tray.
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>> deadline layed out by iranians is 10 days away this comes after a failed attempt this week by the remaining party in nuclear deal to appease tehran. representatives from european countries, britain, france and germany met in switzerland with iran deputy foreign minister on friday but going into the weekend iran said that europe brought too little too late. atomic energy organization says it will speed enrichment that will reach limit and threshold layed out in nuclear deal. the trump administration continues to sanction the iranian regime in an effort to discourage their nuclear program provocative military action. the iatola and 8 revolutionary guard commanders were sanctioned by the administration after iran shot down u.s. drone earlier this month, despite economic actions president trump said this weekend at g20 summit in japan that he was no rush to
1:17 pm
deal with iran. british prime minister theresa may attended the summit and expressed no need for diplomacy. >> we need engagement and to counter iran's destabilizing activity. at the same time, the uk will continue to work with our jcpoa partners to do all we can to keep the iran nuclear deal in place. >> it's been almost 2 weeks since the last iranian proxy attacks in the gulf, action taken place in the past few months in the region could be opportunity for diplomatic channels to get working and find a solution to growing problem, eric. >> all right, tray, thanks so much, arthel. arthel: all right, 2020 dems looking to capitalize on momentum from the debates, the latest to have race next. slather it all over, don't hold back.
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eric: election time and 2020 democrats hitting campaign trail this weekend, fresh off the first debate they held over those two nights last week. front runner former vice president joe biden, has been facing criticism over comments of race and record while on senate, several candidates taking aim at the president this morning after that surprised summit with north korean leader
1:22 pm
kim jong un at the dmz, mark meredith, live in washington. >> several 2020 democratic candidates are criticizing president trump over the latest meeting as you were just talking with north korea's leader. >> despite 3 years of almost bizarre foreign policy from this president, this country is no safer when it comes to north korea. >> we also got a statement from joe biden's campaign, you can see on screen, president trump coddling of dictators at expense of national security it's one of the most dangerous ways diminishing in world staging and subverting values as a nation. joe biden's campaign putting out the statement while biden attacking president trump some 2020 candidates attacking biden over the issue of race, here is new jersey senator cory booker. >> the next president will be someone who can talk openly and
1:23 pm
honestly about race with vulnerability because none of us are perfect but really call this country to common ground, to reconciliation, i'm not sure if vice president biden is up to that task given the way the last 3 weeks have played out. >> biden continues to defend his record on civil rights, this as california senator kamala harris who received widespread praise per performance, took part in gay pride parade in san francisco and spoke to supporters early sunday eager to make the case how democrats can win back the white house. >> here is the thing, here is the thing, to win in 2020 i believe that we have to do what i've done before, we need to prosecute the case against four more years of donald trump. >> harris also receiving support from her fellow democratic candidates after she was attacked online about her race and background, several
1:24 pm
candidates have been calling attacks disgusting and unacceptable putting vermont senator bernie sanders, he was up in new hampshire today with several voters up there. >> arthel. arthel: president taking historic steps crossing the border in north korea overnight, next how lawmakers are reacting to the visit feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? they're america's bpursuing life-changing cures. in a country that fosters innovation here, they find breakthroughs...
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arthel: historic moment on korean peninsula today, president trump becoming the first sitting u.s. president to set foot on north korean soil, the president with kim jong un by his sidewalked across the low concrete markers that separate north and south korea at the dmz and took 20 steps into the north. two other presidents had been to the hermit kingdom before, president trump, though, is the only one who has done it while he is still in office, gillian turner with more in washington.
1:29 pm
>> president trump made history by being the first sitting president to visit the hermit kingdom but not the only american president to set foot inside north korea, ultimately his trip may earn the distinction of being the most unexpected. >> in japan for g20, i said, hey, i'm over here, i want to call chairman kim. >> turns out former u.s. presidents have visited north korea in the past for very different and specific reasons, president jimmy carter visited 3 separate times after leaving office first in june of 1994 convince the regime of kim il-sung, returned in 2010 to release the u.s. citizen held prisoner for 7 months, returned a year later as part of group of world leaders hope to go convince the regime to halt nuclear weapon's program. president bill clinton traveled to pyongyang at the request of president obama in 2009 to help
1:30 pm
free two reporters being held hostage, while there, clinton negotiated the release of dictator kim-jungill but not all presidents have been open to travel to the hermit kingdom. >> used to slaughter two u.s. soldiers, wonder why they are evil. >> will stack up in american diplomatic efforts, it's for the history books to decide, today just a few hours after his visit all eyes on immediate promise of renewed negotiations between washington and pyongyang, at least for now, the next benchmark is crystal clear. arthel: gillian turner, thank you. eric: several democratic candidates reacted to the meeting between the president and kim jong un calling it in their words nothing more than a photo-op.
1:31 pm
>> he keeps having the summits and meetings that really don't produce anything and what this is about is making sure that there are measurable results and we have a plan to go in there and we haven't seen that. >> it's all symbolism and it's not substance and meeting with kim jong un, raising his profile, strengthening him across the world with nothing for the united states, that is a problem. >> but one republican congressional leader calling the historic meeting between the two leaders an important step towards peace on the korean peninsula. >> to restart these talks after rightfully walked away in vietnam, this is the correct way and really even those who dislike this president are going to have to give him credit, this is what he said when he talked about the art of the deal, that this could make america and the world fundamentally different for the next century. >> so how is this playing in the political world, eric joins u washington examiner contributor and real clear politics
1:32 pm
correspondent. eric, as we just heard either seen as show or stunning breakthrough, they did sit down for an hour after the dmz handshake, how do you think it's seen as soon as the president lands back home? >> well, i think representative mccarthy is wrong in one key point which is that even democrats will have to approve of the president's action especially when it comes to democrats running for president that saying anything positive about donald trump is one-way ticket to nowheresville and with 20 or more candidates they can't afford to say anything positive about the president on diplomacy. eric: could that potentially boomerang against presidential candidates if indeed, we were told this would lead to restart of negotiations that were stopped after the summit in
1:33 pm
vietnam? >> yeah, i think there's stuff that looks like it's progress, that that will go down to the president's reputation, but a long time before the election and if you see these talks stretching out and perhaps failing before the election it could look bad for the president but i think that the main thing that we see happening here is president trump taking diplomacy for himself, could be a bad thing, the diplomats will tell you that only professional diplomats are in the position to get anything good done but with dmz having been in place for some 65 years, we have a massive failure of traditional diplomacy which suggests that efforts at direct diplomacy between leaders maybe worth a try.
1:34 pm
>> certainly still even though he's stepped into the north korean territory, technically still at war with them. here is a republican from tennessee, congressman chuck his view and contrast that to democratic presidential candidate tim ryan who slammed the meeting, take a listen. >> i'm so proud of president trump, he has stepped up again, i've always said the american president, our commander in chief needs to be the best american diplomat and president trump has done that again today. >> i'm stunned that this president who is supposed to be mr. tough guy, tough business guy has absolutely no progress made and points to, he wants to be on tv. >> they met for an hour afterwards, we don't know anything about one issue, that's human rights, whether that was brought up or not, of course, you had the person camps, slavery in north korea, the famine of million people and more who have starved to death and, of course, the tragic case that's being brought up today,
1:35 pm
otto warmbier, university of virginia student who was savagely murdered basically by kim's thugs. he's on twitter don't forget otto, how do we take this and remember otto and what he means and don't forget the brutality and true face of the cruel unforgiving heartless despicable regime? >> yeah, i think that this is a problem for president trump that he has, either in attack mode calling kim little rocket man or he's in sort of flattery mode saying how honored he is to step into the north korean territory and i think for appearances sake at very least it's one wants to
1:36 pm
avoid praising dictator kim jong un, on the other hand, the kind of serious diplomacy that you'd need to make with people who are threats it's often people who are threats are not pleasant people that you have to negotiate with and finally in terms of of the president extended invitation to the white house. should kim jong un be allowed in our white house or should kim jong un show something such as denuclearization, concrete steps in order to earn the privilege of that invitation? >> yeah, i think a trip to the white house with anything less than a serious enforceable nuclear and ballistic missile should just be off the table entirely, but we do have to also keep in mind that there are other issues like iran, iran's
1:37 pm
missiles and nuclear technology, most of that comes from north korea and so it's a problem that trying to solve the north korean problem is one that has implications for other dire problems that we face like iranian situation. eric of the washington examiner, eric, thank you, at least would say that the negotiations that have been at a standstill and stand off will now soon be restarted, eric, thank you. >> thank you, eric. eric: fox news channel will have much more of this evening on the president's trip to north korea, ed henry hosting a special program called these historic steps. great title starting tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, of course, right here, arthel. arthel: excellent title, key rulings coming down from the supreme court this past week ahead what the rulings tell us about where the court is going. y
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>> supreme court ending term with two politically charged rules, justices blocking citizenship question for the 2020 census and in second ruling the court deciding that federal judge cannot police partisan gerrymandering which, of course, is the practice of drawing electoral boundaries for political gain. for more on this i'm joined by richard paul, member of the trial lawyers association and richard, trial attorney, welcome both, richard, man, justice roberts really has surprised people angered a lot of conservatives with siding with the liberals on some of the issues especially when it comes to the census issue. >> well, look, what people don't understand that the court has always had a balance in it, justice roberts is serving the balance for the court, regardless of what -- what president elected, i'm sorry, appointed the candidates to
1:43 pm
supreme court, they don't act as they are conservative or a liberal, they act in the best light of the juries prudence of the day, that's what's important. we don't want somebody acting on political agenda and we want somebody to act under the law and that's what justice roberts is doing. >> rachel, chief justice put out statement past november, quote, we do not have obama judges or trump bushes, bush judges, what we have extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them. what would you say to people who are just so angered at some of the rulings no matter which way they do? >> well, i think we should tell them we need to be drreatful for separation of powers and we need to remember that politics has no place in a court of law. the job of justices is to be upholding the law and interpreting the law and the constitution and this is one of the real protections that we have in this country that makes
1:44 pm
our country so great. chief justice roberts considers himself guardian of the court and when people expect the justices because they were appointed by republican presidents or by democratic presidents to follow along that line, they're forgetting the very important principle of what our country was based on and what's in the constitution that politics does not belong in the courtroom. eric: a lot of people think politics is in the courtroom. the comment about that, turn out to be another david sutter, rachel. >> here is the thing, okay, this decision didn't go through because it didn't pass the smell test, didn't pass -- with regard to census, didn't pass the smell test for undercourts and didn't for scotus, sent it back to under court and we need proceeding, if you look at what happened in gerrymandering, conservatives shouldn't be losing the bigger picture, the
1:45 pm
gerrymandering case allows safe houses across the nation to redraw the lines however they want, in the grand scheme of things census question is a minor issue at this point because the gerrymandering went through and republican state houses are going to throughout the nation be able to draw the lines however they want to without concern of being pseudo. so i think that it's a perfect example of kind of dog whistling that people are so up and arms about this, if you look and play chess instead of checkers, this really doesn't hurt anything too badly for already very republican setup and blow to democrats to have gerrymandering ruling. >> richard, others would say democratic states where legislature draw districts and will help democrats at the same time, look, politicians, we know it all, politicians basically try to tilt the whole gain to themselves for the status quo, i think, and for incumbent and
1:46 pm
many would say it's a blow to the rest of us. >> the bottom line is this, the legislators are in charge of redistricting, no constitutional law that gerrymandering violates, that's the bottom line, politicians can play with political parties all day and have constitution or protection to do it and up to legislator, it's their job, not supreme court's job to draw lines among party lines and so every now and then you get a sway of people who at republican state may decide to vote democrat, we see it all of the time. so i think the court got this decision right and political parties land where they are which are that they can continue to politically gerrymander and that's not unconstitutional and does not hurt the one person one vote right.
1:47 pm
>> do you think justice roberts will surprise us again? >> absolutely. >> i do, we hear the daca decision that's coming up and in october when the supreme court is next in term, i think he will surprise us again with the daca decision that would uphold the current sates quo of daca. >> rachel. >> my prediction. >> okay. >> i think that's entirely possible, i think that with daca what we are looking at is arbitrary and capricious termination of a program at least that's what the under courts have been saying and the supreme court in this case is probably going to have a pretty difficult time i think with the current setup, i would -- i wouldn't be surprised if justice roberts rules in favor of daca because you really can't ignore the waistfullness and the cruelty of deporting the brightest, some incredibly young bright individuals back to a country that they've never known as home and i think what they will be doing is looking at how this actually affects us as a nation and particularly with regard to young people who
1:48 pm
consider themselves more american than a lot of american than we know. >> that would be the last word, i do have a ruling because i'm the justice here, this is a summer sunday, richard, you're in a city, richard, you're by the beach, i rule for the beach. >> i am, i am. you guys should visit me here. >> thank you both. >> that's awesome. >> thank you. [laughter] arthel: all right, guys, the push for more investigations into the deaths of american tourists in the dominican republic. and i just didn't list until i almost lost my life. my doctors again ordered me to take aspirin, and i do. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. listen to the doctor.
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1:53 pm
forensic support to fbi. jackie. >> well, arthel, atf confirmed that they offered to help the fbi which is assisting rather dominican officials with their investigation, senator schumer said atf should get involved because of unique ability to for forensic test drinks. theories of elicit alcohol, symptoms point to methanol, toxic synthetic chemical used in antifreeze that's used i lelg ally to make counterfeit alcohol, consuming small amount can lead fluid in the lungs, two
1:54 pm
officials causes of deaths for victims in resort deaths, dominican officials insist deaths unrelated, the number unusual considering 2 million americans visit dr each year, foreign minister told fox news that shows. >> the dominican republic has nothing to hide and we want the truth to have primary origin of the deaths even though the autopsies completed to come to light. >> alcohol tobacco and firearms has library that investigates moon shine and refill products, the fbi has not said whether it would accept the atf's help, cdc said they have not gotten a request from dr. arthel: thank you very much, we will be right back.
1:55 pm
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...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? >> well, the fourth of july is almost here, prompting many of us to hope for clear skies thursday, as we celebrate independence day, with a look at how the week is expected to play out weather wise we are joined now by accuweather meteorologist , christopher nalla n. hey, christopher. >> hey, there arthel. we're talking about the heat and humidity that is the big thing across the east and that will feel here anywhere from say indianapolis all the way to new york and yes the humidity means the chance for showers and storm s as we roll forward you can see those forecast highs
1:59 pm
around st. louis at 90 how about 88 in new york down towards atlanta it'll be 92, miami 90 back to the southwest around el paso, hot stuff. so what we're talking about though is the humidity and the heat and humidity combined chance for those showers and thunderstorms, a huge chunk of the country, anywhere from dallas through minneapolis all the way back towards bismark and then into the big cities across the east, back to the southwest, nice and dry, so getting ready for that heat and speaking of the southwest, notice these temperatures, really going to be rising over the next several days palm springs down to tucson , arizona, phoenix, las vegas, are you going to be in these locations look at these numbers through your thursday, we'll be into the middle well into the triple digits i should say about 105 around palm springs, california, 102 for tucson, arizona so certainly seeing heat across the southwest and the chance for those showers and storms further east. arthel back to you. stay cool. >> arthel: yeah, i'll try, you
2:00 pm
too. >> 110 in phoenix, all right guys get used to it i know. >> arthel: listen enjoy the rest of your day i'm going to find festivities. >> still going on here in new york city thank you for joining us and we hope you do every weekend on the fox news channel. >> let's bring back our wizard of odds, not oz, that would make me dorothy which is a dream but not tonight. that's my dream too. >> [applause] >> what a terrible week to be a normal democrat. >> [laughter] >> you have 20 choices and none of them make any sense. they're either crazy or they're boring, and that's no way to go through life. first the crazy, we've got a steaming hot bag of it.


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