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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  June 30, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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a facility and meeting the recipients of the veterans who get their new dogs. >> yeah! allpi right! thank you, our studio audience i'm greg gutfeld and i love you. >> [applause] >> president trump takes steps and makes history becoming the first u.s. president to set foot in north korea meeting face to face with kim jong-un since the first time in the summit in hanoi earlier this year. good evening i'm john scott and this is the fox report. the two leaders shook hands at the heavily fortified demilitarized zone between north and south korea just a day after president trump tweeted an offer to meet kim, following the close of the g20 summit. the two spoke privately for nearly an hour, before agreeing to resume stalled nuclear talk. president trump expressed his gratitude to the north korean leader calling seemingly impromptu meeting a great honor. president trump: this was a special moment and this is, i
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think, really, as the president said a historic moment, the fact that we're meeting, and i want to thank chairman kim for something else. when i put out the social media notification, if he didn't show up the press is going to make me look very bad. >> we all got a chance to see a bit of history today. truth is it actually came together somewhat quickly and yet it ended somewhat quickly relatively speaking about 50 minutes but nonetheless the impact of the face to face interaction could be felt here and abroad, from any generations to come. and today we witnessed history the president stepping right into north korea, first time a sitting american president has entered the north. mr. trump laid it all out for us too when we ask him how this all came together from tweet to history. >> we went and met at the line
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and in meeting at the line, i said would you like me to come across and he said i would be so honored and that's the way it worked out. i didn't really know what he was going to say, but it was my honor to do it. >> john you may be wondering about the north korean leader so this face to face interaction with our president was actually his second in four months, and third overall, but his country is still under incredibly heavy sanctions, both by the u.s. and much of the world, and the president was asked if he thought that could end soon. >> look, i'm looking forward to taking them off. i don't like sanctions being on this country, i'm looking forward but the sanctions remain , yes, but at some point during the negotiation, things can happen, and that's where we'll be talking about sanctions >> before making his way back toward washington the president headed over to osan john, that's just south of seoul, he had a chance to address members of the military at the air base and he told the troops in attendance it was indeed a great honor to stand in north korea so the
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president making his way back to the nations capitol ahead of a fourth of july celebration in washington, only this year, he'll have plenty to celebrate both at home and from his accomplishments here in south korea. i should also point out john the president said the nuclear talks would likely resume at least negotiations at the mid-level but he didn't give us a real hard timetable on that and he suggested it might take place origin the next few weeks and we'll see if that happens. john? >> a lot of handshakes yesterday, kevin corke, thank you so this marked president trump'ses first visit to the dmz widely regarded as one of the world's most dangerous borders since it was drawn in 1953. several u.s. presidents visited the demilitarized zone since but never while in office, jill ran turner explains from washington. reporter: president trump made history by being the first president to visit the kingdom but he's not the only american president to set foot inside north korea. so ultimately his trip may earn the distinction of being the
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most unexpected. president trump: we're preparing for the g20, we came over and i said hey i'm over here. >> it turns out a former u.s. president had visited north korea in the past, for very different and very specific reasons. president jimmy carter visited three separate times after leaving office, and first in june of 1994 to try to convince the regime to allow inspections at nuclear sites. he returned again in august 201o persuade the regime to release a u.s. citizen held prisoner for seven months and he returned a year later as part of a group of world leaders hoping to convince the regime to halt its nuclear weapons program and stymie a rapidly-spreading food shortage. president bill clinton traveled at the request of president obama in 2009 to help free two reporters being held hostage, while there, clinton negotiated the release of dictator but not all past presidents have been as
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open to the idea of travel to the kingdom. >> the actors that were used to slaughter two u.s. soldiers. >> where president trump will stack up in american diplomatic efforts is for the history books to decide. today, just a few hours out from his visit, all eyes are on the immediate promise of renewed negotiations between washington and for now at least that next benchmark is crystal clear. john? >> jillian turner thank you. plenty more coverage of president trump's historic trip later tonight. ed henry will host an hour long special examining this third meeting of the two leaders a little less than two hours from now 8:00 p.m. eastern and we'll hear from president himself tomorrow evening. tucker carlson will carry his exclusive interview with the president and you can watch that tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern.
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the 2020 democratic presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail after meeting face to face for the first time on the debate stage last week in miami. former vice president joe biden is defending himself after his tense exchange with senator kamala harris over race. meanwhile, senator corey booker also criticizing the current front runner over his recent comments. >> whoever our nominee is going to be, who the next president is going to be really needs to be someone who can talk openly and honestly about race, because none of us are perfect, to really call this country to common ground to reconciliation. i'm not sure if vice president biden is up to that task given the way this last three weeks have played out. >> mark meredith is in washington with more on that race. mark? >> john, tonight former vice president joe biden is facing fresh criticism as you just mentioned from fellow democrats over his record on civil rights. new jersey senator corey booker also running for president and
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you just heard from says biden may not be what the party needs, in 2020. >> right now the vice president to me is not doing a good job at bringing folks together, in fact , i've heard this from people all around the country causing a lot of frustration and even pain with his words. >> biden defended his record and he's held multiple fundraisers this weekend out west. earlier today we heard from the chairman of the dnc about the criticism building up against biden. >> the voters will have to look at the totality of the vice president's record and every candidate's record and i advise them to kick the tires on all of our candidates because the good news is that the difference between us and this president is night and day on these issues of civil rights. >> tonight biden has some tough words for president trump after his latest meeting with north korea's leader the biden campaign put out a statement in which they said president trump 's cod eling of dictators at the expense of american national security and interest is one of the most dangerous ways he's diminishing us on the
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world stage and our values as a nation. now, joe biden will be back on the campaign trail this week. he's heading out to immuno-oncology a was multiple events scheduled in the hawk eye state over the fourth of july. john? >> so mark while a lot of these candidates are piling on biden, others are rallying behind, california senator kamala harris , right? >> john, that's right that's because several 2020 dems are voicing support for harris after she was attacked online over her race and this controversy center s around the president's son donald trump jr. after he re tweeted and deleted a post that questioned harris' race. >> this is the game that these folks play and they put something out there and you notice what he did, he tweeted it out and he deleted it, like a coward so he could say oh, that was just a mistake. >> harris for her part spent the day out in california holding several events her campaign said it had a good weekend that brought in over $2 million in the 24 hours
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following last week's debate. john? >> mark meredith thanks very much. and 2020 democratic presidential candidate senator kamala harris took part in today's pride parade in san francisco. one of many taking place across the country. senator harries also spoke at a pride breakfast before the march and criticized president trump over his record on gay rights. >> the current occupant of the white house has no appreciation and probably no knowledge of this work. no appreciation, no knowledge, and the progress and so we must remind everyone of all that we have donald have yet to do. >> meantime new york city is the site of a massive pride parade. 50 years after the police raid at the stonewall inn, which sparked the modern day gay
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rights movement. as investigations continue into mysterous deaths in the dominican republic, senate min leader chuck schumer calls on the u.s. government to do more and he wants the justice department's bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms to provide technical and forensic support to help with those ongoing probe s. at least 13 americans have died while on vacation in the caribbean country since june of last year. joining us now with more, jacqui heinrich, jackie? reporter: john senator schumer wants the atf to find out who these deaths are linked to taint ed alcohol saying some of the people who died shows symptoms of possible methanol poisoning a chemical used in aunt it freeze and some types used to make counterfeit alcohol and the atf confirmed they offer ed their help to the fbi which is assisting dominican officials at least 13 american tourists died since the beginning of last year including three new yorkers, four of them died after having a drink from the hotel mini bar. two families had the bodies flown back to the u.s. for independent toxicology
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testing, on u.s. soil. the report spurred a lot of media attention and at least 65 reports of near-fatal incidents plus illicit alcohol or misused pesticides as the cause. senator schumer said the atf should get involved because of their unique ability to forensically test for tainted alcohol. >> and american tourists did not deserve to have to shake an 8 ball before booking a trip and wondering what might sicken them people want to know things are okay. cases of people who passed away symptoms point to methanol poisoning. there's no better agency than the atf to investigate and find this out. >> dominican officials insist the deaths are unrelated adding the number is not unusual. the tourism minister told fox news the autopsy showed natural causes of death. >> why did we request the intervention of the fbi? because the dominican republic has nothing to hide and we juan the truth of the primary origin of these deaths even though the
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anticipates are completed to come to light. >> the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms has a beverage alcohol library that investigates moon shine, counterfeit and refilled products. the fbi has not said whether it will accept the atf's help. senator schumer asked the centers for disease control to investigate the misuse of pesticides and the cdc doesn't have any plans to go and meantime the toxicology results that triggered this investigation is still pending. >> and tourism taking a hit there. >> a big hit at least 75% in the month of june according to one report. >> jackie heinrich. >> well it appears a heat wave is part of the u.s. as major temperatures and high humidity create a dangerous situation for the midwest let's check in with our accuweather meteorologist for the latest. christopher? >> yeah, john talking about the heat to continue with those heat advisories across the midwest, the entire state of iowa seeing
3:13 pm
those, current temperatures outside around 95 in omaha the heat continues to push further east and 95 is the current number around hastings, nebraska so it's all about this big bubble of air that continues with that high pressure zone, so that air is sinking, it's heat ing and it continues to build and that's going to be the focus as we head forward into time further east into the mid- week period. one thing we always look at here the accuweather real feel. it feels more like the triple digits across the upper midwest, right into the evening hours, so certainly feeling the heat here, let's talk about the future temperatures, as we look forward notice the numbers start to dip a little bit around omaha kansas city near 90, st. louis chicago, also temperatures in to the lower 90s so the heat is on across the upper midwest and it continues to push eastbound so hopefully you stay dry over the next couple of days and john hopefully you've got some sleep after a late night. >> it was a late night but an interesting one. christopher thank you.
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meanwhile, even hotter temperatures are spreading across europe. rising into the triple digits for the past week. at the vatican pilgrims and tourists brave sweltering conditions to admire st. peters basilica and attend pope frances ' prayer. trying to cool themselves off, any way they could. >> you take a lot of breaks with water and stopped at a lot of cafes and drank a lot of water. >> drink plenty of water and in the afternoon, obviously the primetime to stay in the hotel until it cools down. >> the appropriate addressed his prayers to those most effect ed by the heat, calling attention to the ailing, the elderly and those with outdoor jobs. >> well the latest on the ongoing tensions between the u.s. and iran. plus the pentagon is it getting why some contractors are accused of overcharging the department of defense and what's being done
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>> there's different ways to go forward wu but i think sitting down with our adversaries is not a bad idea i wish he would do that in the middle east as well and the persian gulf.
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i wish he would sit down with the dictatorship in saudi arabia and bring iran into the discussion and tell those people that we are sick and tired of spending trillions of dollars because they keep going from war against each other. bring them into a table and let's work out this. >> calls for renewed negotiations from presidential candidate bernie sanders as iran says it will soon exceed its agreed upon uranium cap, and european countries still in the agreement did not offer enough during last minute talks to prevent it from breaching the limit and trey explains from jerusalem. >> amid tension between the united states and iran, the deadline laid out by the iranians for breaching their stockpile limit is just 10 days away after a failed attempt this week by the remaining parties in the iran nuclear deal, by figuring out a way to get around u.s. sanctions.
3:20 pm
going into the weekend iran said that europe brought too little too late. a spokesperson for iran's a am to ic energy organization said that they will speed up the enrich. but break the limit of the 300- kilogram weight threshold laid out in the nuclear deal. the trump adminitration continues to sanction the iranian regime in an effort to discourage their nuclear production and earlier in the week, iran's supreme leader and eight revolutionary commanders were sanctioned by the administration after iran shot down a u.s. drone earlier this month. despite the economic actions, president trump said this weekend at the g20 summit in japan, that he was in no rush to deal with iran. british prime minister theresa may also attended the summit and expressed a need for diplomacy. >> we need engagement on all sides to find a diplomatic solution to the current situation and to counter iran's destabilizing activity. at the same time, the uk will continue to work with our jcpoa partners to do all we can to keep the iran nuclear deal in
3:21 pm
place. >> its been almost two weeks since iran carried out an attack in the persian gulf. this lull in military action mesa lou for diplomatic channels to find a solution in the near future. john? >> thank you, trey. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle accuse a manufacturing company of ripping off the u.s. government. they say it overcharged the department of defense by $16 million. david spunt has that story. reporter: ripping off the american taxpayer, ripping off our military. >> inside a building where it's hard to find much agreement republicans and democrats have joined forces, against the company with questionable billing practices. california democrat congressman says transdygm, a company that owns military aircraft parts supplier over charged the department of defense by $16.1 million. >> you had a company that was buying up smaller companies and then they were jacking up the prices 1,000%, 5,000%.
3:22 pm
reporter: and told fox news he alerted the inspector general after learning about the company 's billing practices and the ig reviewed 47 contracts out of 113 that transdigm had with the pentagon and according to the report there were excess charges in 46 of the 47 contracts reviewed and in a may hearing members of congress from both sides of the aisle were on the same team. >> if you're looking for feedback, you better pay the money and start giving us the cost. >> why should we give you another dime? >> we believe we provide the government with well-designed, well-manufactured, high-quality products. >> according to the ig report, transdigm was over charging. >> we have a benefit with most of our industry partner but occasionally a bad actor skews public opinion. >> in a statement, they say they never broke any federal laws and that in a sign of good
3:23 pm
faith it agreed to payback the $16.1 million but a government watchdog group calls the pricing alarming. >> what is unusual in the case is just how aggressively they were pursuing these kinds of excessive profits. >> they introduced an amendment on the house floor aimed at making the cost analysis by private companies more transparent to members of congress and that is currently sitting in committee. in washington, fox news. >> police in hong kong getting a major show of support today. thousands packing a park for a pro-police rally. it comes after previous rallies against the city's government and the bill that would allow expedition of criminal suspects to mainland china. officers faced sharp criticism after they used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up those demonstrations. today's pro-police rally didn't have numbers like we've seen but there were reports of smaller counter protests nearby. major headlines from president trump after his third meeting
3:24 pm
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president trump: very very positive meeting and we had a very positive one on trade with president xi of china. that was a great meeting we had. did you see what happened but it was a great meeting and again, all these people, they heard with these deals they turn out to be disaster. no hurry. no real speed. >> president trump says negotiations with china are back on track, after he and chinese xi-jinping met for more than an hour during the g20 summit. i'm john scott, and this is the fox report. we're approaching the bottom of the hour, if you're just joining us. the two leaders agreed to restart trade talks with president trump suspending plans
3:29 pm
for additional tariffs. christina coleman is live in los angeles with more on that. reporter: hi, jon. well president trump getting some backlash from republicans on this. senator lindsey graham says trump's agreement to do this is "clearly a concession, and senator marco rubio tweeted this if president trump has agreed reverse recent sanctions against huawei, he has made a catastrophic mistake. it will destroy the credibility of his administration's warnings about the threat posed by the company, no one will ever take them seriously. trump said he will allow u.s. companies to sell only some components to chinese telecommunications giant huawei, even though the company is on a u.s. black list as a national security threat. white house economic advisor larry kudlow told fox news trump is not backing off national security concerns. kudlow says the president is working on a relationship that needs balance. >> as you know, we've had
3:30 pm
tremendous problems with intellectual property theft, forced transfers of technology, tariffs, non-tariff barriers, various cyber hacking going on, and other issues, okay? those have to be remedyied. reporter: analysts say both countries have economic and political incentives to reach a good deal. they say president xi won't want to be involved in an expensive trade war, and turning the chinese economy when china's ruling communist party meets in october and it won't be a good look if rural america is hurting from increased tariffs on agricultural products because of this trade war. >> it shows that in the last few months, both sides are suffering and now it looks like they are all trying to move to win-win situation, so that means that they will renegotiate and those are very important.
3:31 pm
reporter: there's been 11 rounds of talks during this trade standoff and as of now trump said he will hold off on plans to impose tariffs on 300 billion more in chinese imports, and he says, china also agreed to buy more american farm products as negotiations continue. jon? >> thanks very much, christina in los angeles. for more on this i'm joined by jamie weinstein, host of the jamie weinstein show podcast and founding partner of jmw strateg ies, so it appears the talks are back on, jamie, how big a deal is this? >> well i can report a little bit of news i have my phone opened up to the s&p futures market and the market likes it, it's up 1% if it holds overnight we will see records in the stock market tomorrow, they are very happy with what i guess came out of osaka which may not be much but it's not worsening trade tensions and the market seems to
3:32 pm
line that and it looks like you're going to have a big bull ish day on wall street tomorrow. >> but this could all take a very long time. i mean president trump was saying yesterday there's no rush and his chief economic advisor larry kudlow is saying pretty much the same thing. listen. >> continuing the talks which had been interrupted for a while is a very big deal. i think that's the banner headline from this, and i think everybody is going to be pleased at that. no promises, there's no deal made. there's no timetable, i want to emphasize that. president said several times that this is about the quality of the deal. there's no timetable. there's no rush. >> there's no rush they have both used that phrasing but in fact there is a rush, because this president has 18 months left in his first term and he wants to get re-elected. >> exactly and it's actually pretty interesting and certainly a change remember when they had that meeting in argentina last year, there was a timeline on coming to a deal, the president
3:33 pm
put three months on it, he was pretty firm he wanted a deal in three months or tariffs would increase and they ultimately did increase and then it looked like they're coming to a deal again and things fell apart and tariff s increased again and now it seems like the president is trying to not have any timeline at all perhaps one explanation is that he thinks the tariffs right now are creating supply chain problems with china as it is, and he thinks that will pressure them to come to a deal whether now or in the future but as you mentioned, the president himself has pressures at home which is the upcoming election. he doesn't want to go into 2020 with farmers in his face hurting and perhaps hurting him at the polls in 2020 so he has himself political incentives to come to some sort of a deal sooner rather than later. >> yeah, there is some heat that he's taking even from within his own party, christina played that or showed us that tweet from senator marco rubio, and senator john barasso of wyoming is also expressing some concerns about the huawei part
3:34 pm
of this deal. listen. >> i'm very concerned about huawei. i think they are a threat to our national security. to me, huawei and the united states would be like a trojan horse ready to steal more information from us. >> so i assume that you don't even want this then? what the president did you believe is a mistake? >> i believe the cease fire with trade with china was important. >> he is allowing american companies to sell products to huawei but not the reverse. but republicans, jamie, are still upset. >> yeah, you know, i'd like to see what they actually do. i've seen republican senators supposedly upset in the past and not do anything at all. they have been upset about president trump's trade war, and always talking about trying to take that back which should be in the power of congress the tariffs and things along those lines that have yet done anything significant so you see a few senators get angry and tweet out things. i'll take them seriously when
3:35 pm
they actually muster strength to pass legislation to constrain the president. so far the president has pretty much not been constrained by congress in any significant way. >> how do we know though that the chinese government is going to live up to its end of the bargain? i mean, we are at this point, because china made a lot of promises in the early negotiat ing, and then essentially backed away from most everything they had agreed to? >> the answer is we don't and i don't think anyone can tell you for sure whether they will actually come that last 10%. remember we hear this all the time, we agreed on 90% of this there's still 10% to go but it's the same most difficult 10% and there's no idea whether at this point, just after this meeting in osaka that we're going to get any closer to closing that gap on that final 10% than we were, you know, several months ago when things fell apart so it's unclear to me whether there's any political momentum to kind of get that final 10% to agreement or whether donald
3:36 pm
trump, the president, will just come to a deal with that 90% agreement with the election coming up in 2020 so we'll have to wait and see how that plays out. >> but as you pointed out at the top of the segment the market likes what it's hearing. >> unquestionably its probably gone up a little bit since i last reported it to you if things hold you'll see a record day tomorrow with the stock market overing at a record and closing one as well. >> jamie weinstein, jamie thank you. >> thank you. >> and there is plenty more trade talk coming up the top of the hour, white house economic advisor larry kudlow joins crist wallace to discuss negotiations with china and our economic outlook. chris also speaks exclusively with democratic national committee chairman tom perez to talk about last week's debate, and the state of the democratic party. it's all coming up on fox news sunday, right after this news cast at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. a rough first couple of days on-the-job for the new white house press secretary. stephanie grisham suffered bruises when a scuffle broke out
3:37 pm
between north korean security guards and members o of the media trying to get close to president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un at their dmz meeting. the new press secretary was trying to help members of the white house press corp. position themselves to cover the historic moment between the two men. grisham replaces sarah sanders whose last day on-the-job was friday. they are the most powerful force in the world when defending our country overseas, and now, one organization is working to make sure our veterans have the same influence here at home. an interview with the man behind this mission, next. uh-oh, looks like someone's
3:38 pm
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>> here is a statistic that will surprise you. america's warrior partnership, a
3:42 pm
non-profit organization that helps military vets says half of those who have served our country are currently not affiliated with any veteran's organization and that includes the va. now they're trying to change that through mission roll call joining us now, executive director, at mission roll call a veteran yourself. i am. >> you fought in afghanistan and iraq. >> i did as a calf after are officer. >> so the idea is that you want to get veterans involved in what , domestic politics? >> not politics we are a non- partisan non-profit organization. >> so you're not trying to get veterans to vote democrat or republican? contract really is how can we have a conversation about the veteran community and what's important to them and how to help us all from the challenges if half the people are in the room so the whole point is to connect to those folks and understand in realtime what's
3:43 pm
going on and their successes and challenges. >> the statistic of half a million veterans are not connected to any veteran organization, or the va, i was embarrassed, but frankly, it floored me and so a few days later auto it was scrolling through social media and i kept getting ads for things directed towards veterans and buy this because you're a veteran and i thought if they know i'm a veteran and trying to tell me something, how could we use that same technology or marketing methods to find veterans to serve them and that was really the genesis of all of this, finding veterans where they are connecting with them and learning in realtime what's important to them and then the flip side of that is taking what we learn and hopefully, to hundreds of thousands and if we're dreaming big millions of veterans and the city council to the state to the congress to
3:44 pm
others say this is what we're learning it's open source, you know, we're all veterans and doing it together please go and use this and help the cause. >> so there are about 16 million veterans in the country? >> just under 19 million. >> okay and half of them, so that's almost 10 million, are not involved in lawsuits at all? >> so that's what we're trying to do is connect to them and where they are, and i've got my ideas and hopefully we'll find out through this endeavor why, but a lot of folks that aren't connected frankly because they're living their lives and they don't self-identify maybe because of a negative narrative about veterans which we're also trying to bring forth the correction to the real narrative the veterans are an asset to the community and out leading and making the community better and frankly when they do that the community is better and the country is better. >> so you're not looking to harness them into a political force necessarily, but you're looking to find out what it is they need and get them to express. >> absolutely, just learn about
3:45 pm
them, right? and so whether it's a small poll , or an e-mail, hey what's working in your community, what's not, do you have access to resources, what do you need, and then once we have that data, share it with folks who provide services whether it's a non- profit or government. >> so they're not in the vfw, they're not in any of the other organizations out there just kind of living their lives? and not maybe benefiting from what they're done from this country. >> it's two-way communication. so it's something in your local community working alt a community level we can tell this is in your community where you live as well, so it's ambitious endeavor but one i'm placing a big bet on. >> we have the address on the screen,, where people can login. >> absolutely.
3:46 pm
please join the movement, thank you. >> thank you. >> well a homecoming nearly 67 years in the making. the remains of u.s. airmen second class was returned to his hometown of arlington, minnesota on thursday he was among the 52 people killed when a military plane crashed into the side of alaska 's mountain in november 1952 and the crash site wasn't even discovered until 2012 and his sister-in-law says it's an emotional day. >> every june, we think oh, maybe this is the year, maybe this is the year and now when it happened, it's wonderful. it's emotional. >> airmen second class was just 19 years old and we'll have more news in a moment. as a doctor, i agree with cdc guidance. i recommend topical pain relievers first... like salonpas patch large. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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3:51 pm
killing everyone on board. the national transportation safety board is spearheading the investigation and we will bring you any new information as it becomes available. well a 43-year-old man from half salvadore who crossed into the u.s. dies while in border patrol custody and the man was held in texas for about a week and he collapsed and then died at the hospital. a law enforcement official says he had health issues and had been medically checked. the man crossed the border with his daughter whose being transferred to a shelter until she is released to a sponsor. online retailer wayfair came under fire this past week from many of its own employees. hundreds of them walked off the job at the company's boston headquarters to protest its business with contractors of migrant detention centers and doug mcelway explains that story reporter: wednesday's walkout by wayfair employees in protest of their own company's sale of
3:52 pm
mattresses to a border detention camp struck some as a principle standing as inhumane detention. we don't think they should exist at all. >> others saw the walkout as wildly contrary to the goal of helping migrants as one tweet expressed, "what about the company that sells them soap and toothbrushes is that a bad thing too? " wayfair tried to appease its protesting staff donating $100,000 to the american red cross, and writing employees that it believed in "diversity of thought" more broadly the incident raises new ethical and legal questions, labor laws very specific about what it calls employees protected activity. some question whether a wayfair- type walkout would meet the criteria of protected activity. >> historically when employees have joined together collective ly to push for change its often been through change in working conditions, for increased wages for shorter working hours and the like. now employees are casting a broader net. they're taking a broader perspective and trying to affect
3:53 pm
political change. >> in 2018 google employees successfully petitioned their employer to end this contract with the defense department to supply software for drone, microsoft and salesforce workers tried but failed to get their companies to stop contracting with federal immigration agencies. the founder of the group " sleeping giant" dedicated to advertiser boycots told the new york times,"this next wave of protest is not just consumer oriented but it's also employee- oriented." >> companies can be caught off guard by protestings speat when planned by employees on social media as they were with wayfair, at least 22 states have passed laws restricting employers from requesting passwords to personal internet accounts. in washington, doug mcelway, fox news. >> trains, planes and automobiles, oh, and e-scooters as well. look at the new mode of transportation wheeling its way into cities across the country, next. ok everyone!
3:54 pm
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3:58 pm
south. they are zipping across the nation along the way winning over fans. >> i would give them an a. because they are very reliable. >> and gaining not so happy enemies. >> people just ditch them or they just misuse them. and so, they kind of get in the way. reporter: they have been called revolutionary by some. >> back to the future. >> unsafe by others. >> it is dangerous. >> a west baltimore artist said that scooters are an easy way to get from point a to point b . >> i look at where the closest scooter. is i walk over there grab it. and take it where i need to go. reporter: baltimore started a scooter program last year, and city department of transportation said it now provides 45,000 rides a week. >> our goal is it would increase access and provide more
3:59 pm
sustainable active important options. >> roughly 180 cities have adopted e-scooter programs but following a death, mayor of nashville pushes to ban the program. spurs other cities to look at safety concerns. >> baltimore riders praise them as affordable and eco- friendly and easy to use. complaints are avail bill tie, and vandalism. >> they do not have access to cars, this is a fair way to provide access. >> as pilot ends here in baltimore, escooters are here to stay, up the road in new york city and philadelphia, they are gearing up to add a flight of their own with similar programs. fox news. >> get out your wallet, a famous mansion is hitting the auction block, you may remember it as tara, 12 oaks plantation, the inspiration for "gone with the wind," it was built in 1836, 30
4:00 pm
miles southeast of atlanta, bidding opening july 4, starts at $1 million. i am jon scott, thanks for watching. chris: president trump steps into north korea. and agrees to resume nuclear talks with kim jong-un. >> a very positive day. i think it is good for the wor world. >> while the u.s. and china agree to new talks to in trade war. >> we are going to work with china on where we left what does it mean for u.s. economy, and national security? we ask larry kudlow, live only on f


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