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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 3, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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happy birthday to a friend of mine, matt. he's turning 20. not really. it's a lie. but matt, happy birthday to you. thanks. i'm julie banderas, here's trace. >> the nra in decay. that's the word from a major donor to the national rifle association that says back room drama is destroying the gun rights group and warns it's future could be at stake. plus a boy flying alone ends up on a plane to the wrong country. >> what if he didn't have his cell phone on him? this can't happen to anybody else. >> ahead, how it turned out and the response from the airline. scientists with a new warning about the world's biggest active volcano right here in the u.s. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. that and all the day's news right now.
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breaking news. a controversial case in alabama. police say somebody shot a pregnant woman in the stomach and the unborn baby died. the accused shooter walked free. a grand jury indicted the woman that was shot for the death of her unborn baby. that's because police say the pregnant woman, mashay jones started a fight over the baby's father and the other women had no choice but to shoot. the district attorney is set to announce whether to go through the grand jury's recommendation or let marshae jones go free. jonathan hunt has more. >> hi, trace. in advance of the afternoon announcement, civil rights groups have been calling on their members to contact the district attorney's office urging the district attorney not
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to pursue any criminal charges arch 27-year-old marshae jones. national organization for women's president issued a statement saying alabama and its authorities have proven that they don't care about women. this is another case of the inappropriate aggressive response law enforcement makes towards women of color. after a grand jury indicted jones last month, the law firm representing jones issued a statement saying this young mother was shot in the stomach while five months pregnant and lost her baby. for reasons that defy imagination, she faces an unprecedented legal action that subjects this victim of violence to further distress and harm. in its decision to indict, the grand jury determined jones started a fight outside a discount store, provoking the other woman to fire in seven defense and thereby causing the death of her own unborn baby. it's up to the district attorney to decide whether to go along with the advice of the grand
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jury and prosecute this woman for manslaughter, whether to prosecute her for some lesser charge or whether to not prosecute her at all. trace? >> jonathan serrie live for news the southeast newsroom. thank you. a fox urgent now. holiday traffic nightmare in between new jersey and new york city after a dump truck somehow slipped over an overpass. this is in union city, new jersey outside the lincoln tunnel. a major thoroughfare between new jersey and manhattan. according to fox5 in new york, seven people are hurt and the traffic problems, as you might imagine, are only getting worse for america's biggest city as folks try to get out ahead of the holiday weekend. we'll keep you posted. that could be a mess. meantime, another fox urgent. you're looking live on the idea of stromboli, italy. this island is in the
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mediterranean north of sicily. local reports say one is dead. one witness said it's like being in hell because of the rain of fire coming from the sky. the eruption sending clouds of ash and smoke in the air. we'll continue to watch this as well. later, volcano fears in our own country. why recent events in hawaii have people fearing an eruption could happen there soon. and now on to iran. issuing a new warning about uranium. iran's president says tehran says they will enrich their uranium closer to the level needed to producing nuclear weapons and increase it any amount we want. he says that will start this sunday unless iran is offered a new nuclear deal. this week tehran exceeded the limit on how much uranium the 2015 deal permits to stockpile.
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president trump pulled the u.s. out of that agreement last year. trey yingst live with more. trey? >> trace, the iranians are continuing threating to break more terms of the 2015 nuclear agreement giving europe four days to come up with a solution to the country's economic problems. speaking in tehran, president rouhani said his president will break the 3.6% enrichment threshold laid out in the deal. he's sticking to the original deadline of july 7 for the remaining participants to renegotiate. as to how much the threshold will be surpassed, they said they would increase the cap to whatever level is essential. >> all of the steps that we're taking can be reversed in the space of an hour to the previous terms. why are you so worried? we have told you that if you carry out your part of the deal,
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then we will return to the first point. >> leadership in tehran said the level of commitment to the deal of european countries like france, britain and germany is 10% of what it could be. they provided no evidence to support the claim. the u.s. pulled out of the nuclear deal last year before imposing sanctions. the united states is maintaining a carrier strike group in the gulf and fighter jets across the middle east. there's an understanding in the region that if a conflict were to break out, would be a multi-front war. this prompted israel to say that they're preparing for a military confrontation. trey? >> trey yingst, thank you. let's bring in eric brewer, deputy director and fellow from the center of strategic and international studies. he has extensive experience working on iran and north korea. good of you to join us. the second time in a week that
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iran has deliberately violated the 2015 nuclear pact. your thoughts. >> so i think we should keep in mind that while iran has threatened to increase their levels of enrichment come july 7, which was the threat made in may, iran is no producing weapons grade uranium and has not threatened to go as high as 90% in the near term. what they have said they're going to do, they're no longer going to abide by the jcpoa. so if i had to guess, we're going to see i ran, if it does increase, it's going to do so very gradually. you know, for example, going to 5% first and then go higher than that down the road. because iran wants to calibrate their actions. they want europe to provide economic benefits. this is not about making nuclear weapons. this is about gaining leverage and signals. >> by all accounts, this is a bad way of doing it.
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it's a fair assessment. they're not going to have a nuclear weapon tomorrow. the bottom line is, they're thumbing their nose at europe and the united states. i want to read this to you. the idea behind this for iran clearly is to get europe to let them get around these crippling sanctions. this is the foreign ministry spokesperson. he says that's why france with its european partners have asked that iran reverse the excess enrichment without delay and refrain from further measures that undermine its nuclear commitments. so they're not having any of it. i want to follow it up with this statement from boris johnson, the british conservative party leader. listen to him. i'm get your response. >> it's been a good guarantor of stability in relation to the eu and with america. i think they should stick with it. >> yeah, stick with it. they're not going to. so what do they gain by thumbing
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their nose at these people? >> i think europe is in a difficult spot. on the one hand, they don't want iran to go down this path. they have warned them prior to taking this steps that these actions were unacceptable. they will in fact make it harder for europe to provide the type of economic benefits that they want. on the other hand, europe is in a bind. they're going to be hesitant to press iran too hard. if they do, that risks blowing up the nuclear deal. europe doesn't want to confront that choice. they're in a bind. from iran's perspective, from their side, you know, they were -- they risk being the only party to a deal. to use an example, it's like if you and i had an agreement and you walked out of it, why would i continue to stay in that deal? that's how iran's approaching this from their perspective. >> trace: on your perspective,
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if this blows up, you have the sanctions that go into effect and that could be economically crippling for iran. it already is. that could be the death nail. one of the death nails for that country. >> it could be indeed. one of the questions that they're thinking about that challenge. like you pointed out, they're under severe pressure right now because of the u.s. sanctions. so their calculus is things won't get that much worse if sanctions snap back into effect. that depends on the international community to enforce them. there's some doubt about that given how we found ourselves in this position. they believe it's the risk worst doing that. >> thanks, eric. we have breaking news. we started with this in the beginning of the hour. a decision from the district attorney in that case we were telling you about. prosecutors dismisses a
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manslaughter charge against the pregnant woman whose baby was killed when she was shot. the defense attorney is here with us now. this was a big deal. this could have been ground breaking for the state of alabama and for a lot of other states. >> yes. >> trace: so they dismissed this n now. your thoughts? >> it was the right decision to make. if they moved forward, it would have opened up a can of worms. for example, if a pregnant woman doesn't take care of diabetes, would she be charged with that? would she move forward? if a pregnant woman got in a car that wasn't reliable, would she be held liable for that as well? >> trace: it's interesting you bring this up. we found out that in 2015, back in 2008, a woman didn't wear her settle belt in new york city. the baby was killed. she was charged with manslaughter.
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later dismissed. you can see you're going down this path. >> those are issues that will come about. the prosecutor made the right decision. >> trace: so what now? alabama has made it clear when this case came up, this had nothing to do with the anti-abortion bill that has recently been passed in alabama. a lot of groups said this is about the anti-abortion bill. they made it clear this predated that, so it had nothing to do with that. does that change the outlook on this at all? >> a little bit. i feel like the prosecutor's office is trying to clean things up, become more clear on where thee trying to go with state law. i believe this is intertwined with abortion law. again, i think i they made the right decision by not prosecuting. >> trace: this is in alabama, the d.a. listen to this. >> so i will begin, i'm sure you're waiting to hear what i have to say. as i have previously stated,
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this is truly a disturbing and heart breaking case. an unborn child was tragically lost. families on both sides of this matter have suffered. nothing, nothing, nothing we do today or in the future will change that reality. the issue before us is whether it's appropriate to try to hold somebody legally culpable for the actions that led to the death of the unborn child. there are no winners. only losers in the sad ordeal. after the reviewing the facts of the case and the applicable state law, i have determined that it is not in the best interest of prosecution to pursue charges for which mrs. jones was indicted by the
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grand jury. therefore, i'm hereby dismissing this case and no further legal action will be taken against miss jones in this matter. it is important to point out that our decision, my decision, not to prosecute miss jones is in no way a criticism of the hard work and members of the jefferson county grand jury that answered the call to public duty. these citizens took the evidence presented by them, by the police department, and made what they feel to be a reasonable decision to indict miss jones. the members of the grand jury took to heart that the life of an unborn child was violently ended and someone should be held accountable. but in the interest of all
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concerned, we are not prosecuting this case and i have taken the stand that this office will no longer -- will no further prosecute this matter. those grand jury members heard literally hundreds of cases presented to them in april. i want the sincerely thank them for their service. and i want to thank you for being here. no questions will be asked at this time. >> trace: that's the jefferson county d.a. saying they won't pursue charges so she's laying it on the grand jury. she said they did their job. you made a point that goes against their criminal code to begin with. >> but again, i think that she did make the right decision. i think the prosecutor's office shouldn't prosecute that pregnant woman. she's a victim as well.
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she was shot in the stomach. it was not foreseeable to her getting shot. >> trace: and this had a lot of protests, this is the way the state is going. the d.a. saying look, this -- you know, you're conflating these things. this is not about the abortion law. this is about something separate. >> yes, 100% correct. >> trace: so your take away from that from the d.a.'s news conference? >> at the end of the day, women's rights was at the forefront of this case and the d.a.'s office decided, you know, you shouldn't prosecute. >> trace: stand by if you want. i want to go back to jonathan serrie. he's been covering this. you have a statement from the family, jonathan? >> yeah, a statement from the law firm representing the defendant in this case, mrs. jones. they say we're pleased with the district attorney's decision to dismiss the charges against marshae jones. it's the appropriate decision
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both for our client and for the state of alabama. this is the outcome we sought this week in our motion to dismiss. we're gratified the district attorney evaluated the matter and chose not to proceed with a case that was neither reasonable nor just. that's from the defense team representing mrs. jones that was originally accused in this case in the death of her unborn baby, trace. >> trace: thanks, jonathan. really, the prosecutor had a couple choices here. it wasn't prosecute or not. they could have charged with a lesser charge, right? >> yes. but the prosecutor decided to just be done with this case. let the public move on from it and give the victim some peace. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> trace: president trump down playing the price of tomorrow's salute to america celebration. the president says it will be very little compared to what it's worth. the washington post reports the
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fourth of july event will cost $2.5 million. tanks and other fighting vehicles taking their spots around our nation's capitol, this is not the first time d.c. has had a close look at our nation's military might. lucas tomlinson reporting live from the pentagon. this is not the first time tanks have come to d.c., lucas. >> that's right. it's not. remember last fall when the president tried to bring tanks to the veteran's day parade, there was outcry. but tanked have paraded down the capitol in the past. john f. kennedy had them in 1961. but it's been nearly 30 years since u.s. army abrams battle tanks were seen in washington d.c. that occasion was to honor the gulf war. 9,000 combat veterans paraded down constitution avenue with
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200,000 people cheering them on. some said it was a political stunt and didn't work because president george h.w. bush lost against bill clinton the next year. some city officials complained about the damage of the 70-ton tanks, what they did to the asphalt streets. in 1932, general mcarthur showed up with 200 cavalry soldiers on horseback and five tanks to put down a protest of 20,000 world war i veterans that demanded payment for services. and before world war ii, the u.s. army was smaller than portugal's. trace? >> lucas, president nixon was the last to stage a big display like this on fourth of july, right? >> that's right. he sure was. in fact, over 300,000 people showed up in the nation's capitol. the event didn't go as planned. the year was 1970. nixon just deepened u.s.
12:20 pm
involvement in the vietnam war. national guard troops killed 4 at kent state. reverend billy graham and bob home organized the event. protesters descended on the small, some lighting up joints colored red, white and blue. as i mentioned, over 300,000 people attended the event. hundreds of protesters, including some that stripped naked jumped in the reflecting pool to spoil the event. president trump and his team hopes that doesn't happen tomorrow. >> what about tomorrow? we have an idea who will be there? >> so far the two most powerful people at the pentagon will be attending the president's salute. acting defense secretary mark esper and the secretary of the
12:21 pm
army before trump picked him after patrick shanahan's resignation. the top officer, general joe dunford will be in attendance. it's notable that none of the four service chiefs will be attending, a spokesman said the four top officers for the army, navy, air force and marines couldn't attend because of previous commitments. but there will be a massive show of force in the air that prompted the skies to be clear. some are complaining about the cost of this massive display. the pentagon will not december close. the b-2 stealth bomber alone here cost over 120,000 a flight hour and will be flown in pr missouri. the two tanks will be brought to the mall and be on display tomorrow, trace. >> trace: the blue angels are there, it's worth watching. thanks, lucas. ever catch the wrong bus or train? not really a big deal, right? it's a much bigger problem when
12:22 pm
it comes to a plane. how a teenager almost ended up in a country that he wasn't planning to visit and the response from the airline. first a final good-bye to luis alvarez. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> lieu just wanted to do what was right. he wanted those in position of great power to follow suit.
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>> i always looked up to my dad. i always wanted to be like him. before he became an american hero, he was mine. my hero, my inspiration. the one i wanted to make proud, the one i aspired to be. >> before closing, i'd like to share a personal experience that took place the night before luis' death. i woke up to my brother, attempting to get out of bed. he was coughing, he was aggravated. he told me he had been walking and walking and walking. he wanted to sit in a chair. i called to the nurse who assisted in settling him down. i recounted what he said. the nurse asked him where he had been walking. with david as my witness, my
12:27 pm
brother responded. i was walking to find first responders to make sure that they get help. >> family, friends and firefighters said good-bye to an american hero this morning. 53-year-old retired nypd detective luis alvarez died saturday after a battle with cancer. alvarez rushed to ground zero the night the twin towers fell. he helped dig through the piles of debris, searching for victims. authorities said the air was safe. we later learned it was toxic. nearly 18 years later, after 68 rounds of chemo, doctors say
12:28 pm
there was nothing else they could do to fight his cancer. even on his death bed, he continued to fight for medical care for the thousands of first responders that got sick after the terror attacks. 9-11 first responder and retired new york city firefighter, rob sera joins us now. he graduated when he was 21 years old while digging through the piles of debris with the other responders and recovery workers. he said they had a half inch of white paste on their faces. he was at the funeral of his friend, luis alvarez this morning. he says he remembers louis as selfless and even though he was sick, he was always smiling. rob, the first question has to be, this appeared to be a very powerful tribute to your friend. >> there were thousands in the streets. the church was filled. a testment to the man that he was and the love he had for his
12:29 pm
family. >> you say a testament to the man that he was. the people that came out to this, they carry on his motion. people vowed at this funeral said we're going to fight. >> yes, we vowed that 18 years ago and we haven't stopped. unfortunately luis is not the first one of us to die. we look great like ray fifer beforehand. unfortunately, the fight must go on. since luis passed, four more have passed away. we're still not there yet. we haven't had a vote in the house or the senate. so the fight goes on. just strengthens our resolve. we can't let his death be in vain. >> trace: you talked about how
12:30 pm
selfless luis was. was that conveyed today? >> yeah, he cared about this country. he came here from cuba when he was 1 years old. he joined the marine corps. he lived the life of service. after he got retired and got sick, he continued to serve the 9-11 community. he lived his life for this country. >> trace: and you look across and the people that we heard from, if you looked across his family, his friends, the people that loved him that came out to pay tribute and say good-bye to him, what was one of the common themes that struck you throughout today's memorial service? >> that luis' fight isn't over yet. a lot of people thanked me and also said, you know, you have to keep going. people offered to come down in
12:31 pm
his stead. a lot of family wanted to continue fighting for him. that was a big theme. also, you know, getting the bill passed was a big theme, a lot of members of congress in the room, public officials. they needed to hear that message. the police commissioner did a great job getting that message across. like he said, this is something that needs to be done and needs to be done now. we don't have time to wait. >> trace: a good man. >> yeah. we need this now. people are dying. i have close friends in icu right now. over 2,000 new york city fighters battling cancer right now. so you know, the sense of urgency was felt. i can say that for sure. >> trace: he's a good man. thanks, rob. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> trace: well, the bill to extend the 9-11 victim
12:32 pm
compensation fund still sits on capitol hill after first responders made an emotional play last month. mitch mcconnell met with some of them. luis alvarez couldn't be there. senator mcconnell said he will have a vote by the end of the summer. great move. (door bell rings) it's open! hey. this is amazing. with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, are you okay? even when i was there, i never knew when my symptoms would keep us apart. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira can help get, and keep uc under control when other medications haven't worked well enough. and it helps people achieve control that lasts. so you can experience few or no symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,
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>> the national rifle association has become a soap opera. "the new york times" newspaper has been quoted as saying if there's no major changes soon, the group will lose money. it's the latest blow to one of the most powerful lobbying organizations in the world, which is dedicated to protecting
12:36 pm
second amount gun rights. the nra just dealt with a coup and cancelled their nra tv web stream and lost their top lobbyist of 20 years. mark meredith reporting live. >> the national rifle association described itself as a major police call force. they're going through chaos right now. the nra said that they spoke to a long-time donor that said they're planning to lead an insurgency to take on wayne l lapierre. he's been there since 1991 and list leadership has not been without controversy. we reached out about the story. we got a statement from the group's new president, carolyn meadows. she said "people may resist chance but embrace progress.
12:37 pm
there's an energy within the nra that is hard to describe. the nra sent us quotes from two people that they describe as long-time donors supporting the current leadership. the donor said they plan to force them to make changes. trace? >> trace: and there's reports this could affect the election. >> the chaos will create problems for republican strategists. the outlet spoke to a long-time strategist that said turmoil inside the nra and the departure of the top lobbyists could create problems for party leaders. they said it was from a republican strategist that says clearly they will have an impact on the nra's ability to raise money, which will be used in elections to turn out membership. politco spoke with an nra board
12:38 pm
member that says the group is more than capable of engaging members at the polls to help them get out the vote. >> thanks, mark. government inspectors describing horrific conditions at migrant detention centers in texas. they released these images. detainees clog toilets on purpose to get out of cells. and some pointed to their beards to show how long they've been stuck inside. casey stegall with more. >> a ticking time bomb. those are the words that agents used in this government report when it was addressing the overcrowding situation at these holding centers. the 15-page document from the inspector general includes photos taken during surprise visits a few weeks ago at various holding facilities in south texas. some of these pictures show people packed in cells or large
12:39 pm
holding pens, standing room only one caption reads. one pressed against a window that said, help, 40 days here. inspectors deemed the situation dangerous and called for immediate action. i'm quoting here from the report. "we are covered that overcrowding and prolonged detention represent and immediate risk to the health and safety of dhs agents and officers and to those detained." now dhs responded citing a cute conditions along the southern border and kicked the can back to lawmakers. listen. >> as you can see from the number of aliens that we got, it's a resource intensive endeavor. we still have to address the factors bringing in the united states. until we address why the flow continues, we will have to keep spending more and more money to
12:40 pm
address the symptoms. >> house speaker nancy pelosi took a shot at the president while responding to the ig's report. promising a full investigation. trace? >> trace: casey, what is the latest with the facebook group? >> well, today the acting dhs secretary called the allegations disturbing. on twitter he put out a statement and we want to put up part of it. it reads, i have directed an immediate investigation. as the u.s. bp chief has made clear, any employee found to have compromised the public's trust in our law enforcement mission will be held accountable. they do not represent the men and women of the border patrol or dhs. now, you remember that facebook group was private on social media for border patrol staff members both current and past. there were some posts that were exposed by pro publica about
12:41 pm
some posts that contained derogatory comments, racist comments about the migrants in their care. the border patrol union condemning the posts as well, but again, wanting to reiterate that that does not reflect the overall view of many -- almost all of the men and women that put on the uniform. trace? >> casey stegall live for us in dallas. thank you. boeing pledging $100 million to people affected by crashes and the 736 max planes. it will cover living expenses for family members, 346 people died in two separate crashes involving the boeing 737 max. back in october, a lion air flight crashed in indonesia. in march, an ethiopian plane crashed. the 737 max has been grounded for months while boeing works on a software fix.
12:42 pm
a 14-year-old was ready to fly to sweden, but moments before take off, he noticed something off. a lot of the people were speaking german. now united airlines is apologizing for the mixup. susan li has the rest of the story. she's reporting live in the newsroom. susan? >> this is every mother's nightmare. you put your child on a flight, you hope the airline will get them to the right place. not the case sunday night when a 14-year-old boy traveling alone from north carolina heading to sweden was put on the wrong plane. anton berg was transiting through newark airport. instead of being put on a flight to sweden, he was put on a euro wings plane flying to germany.
12:43 pm
anton called his mom and she alerted the authorities. >> we had no way to reach the airline. we were sitting there with a child on the runway flying to germany and we had no way to reap them. >> euro wings says anton mistakingly received a boarding pass for the euro wings flight that was boarding next to the scandinavian plan. the passenger mistakingly received a boarding pass to dusseldorf and instead of a boarding pass to stockholm. united says that once euro wings recognized that anton had boarded the right aircraft in newark, the plane returned to the gate before taking off. our staff said the young customer had to board the rebooked flight. millions of minors fly by themselves each year.
12:44 pm
u.s. airlines have different rules, charge different rates. some tips here for children traveling align. try to book them on a direct flight and no red eyes. trace? >> thanks, susan. officials in the dominican republic asking another agency from the united states to get involved in mysterious american deaths there. what they want the bureau to look into next. ♪ limu emu and doug. what do all these people have in common, limu? [ guttural grunt ] exactly. nothing! they're completely different people.
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>> trace: a fox urgent. more on the traffic nightmare hitting the largest city in the nation. this large dump truck flipping
12:48 pm
on an overpass at lincoln tunnel. it happened in union city outside the tunnel. a law enforcement service says the driver of the garbage truck swerved to avoid across. it fell down to the hey way below just missing a bus of people. fox5 says there's no serious injuries, the good news, but traffic in and out of new york city as you might imagine backed up. check out all the red as folks try to get in and out of the city to start their fourth of july holiday. you might want to use waze to get in and out. the dominican republic welcoming more u.s. involvement as they investigate the mysterious deaths. they have asked the atf to get involved by looking into the possibility that people consumed contaminated alcohol or food. the atf will join the fbi which is already investigating. the d.r. also asking for
12:49 pm
assistance from the centers for disease control and prevention. in the past year, 13 americans have died after travelling to the dominican republic. the estranged husband of a missing mom of five from connecticut maintaining his innocence. in a statement to fox news, fotos dulos says my children are the center of my world. i worry about them and jennifer. i would say it's hard now but everything is going to be all right eventually i understand the public's perception of me as a monster given the little they know about the case, but i trust the system. i believe i have been and will continue to be treated fairly by the criminal justice system. please keep my children and jennifer in your thoughts. dulos and his girlfriend have both pleaded not guilty to tampering with evidence and
12:50 pm
hindering the prosecution. they're both out on bond. court documents show jennifer dulos was fighting a divorce and custody battle with their husband. police say they found evidence of blood an attempted cleanup in her home. prosecutors accuse the husband and his girlfriend of throwing away items with the missing mom's blood on those items. just ahead, why the feds just raised the volcano alert on hawaii's big idea. after 5,000 straight games, one of baseball's longest streaks is coming to an end. but first, thunderstorms could make a mess of fourth of july plans in some parts of the country. let's bring in meteorologist jeff robbins. jeff? >> yes, the thunderstorms right now, the showers and storms confined to the eastern half of the u.s., as we move off, you can see we have a front to the northwest hanging down.
12:51 pm
the southwest is looking good. here's your forecast for tomorrow. we're looking for the northeast around new york, boston, just not looking for rain. partly cloudy skies and temperatures that will be in the mid 80s. the mid-atlantic, over to the midwest, we're talking about temperatures that will be hotter, in the upper 80s to the 90s and going across the heartland in wichita, looking at 94 for a high tomorrow. then looking at the 70s in the northern portions of the u.s., to the pacific northwest with thunderstorm activity. you can expect in the desert southwest, lots of hot temperatures in the triple digits. the july fourth planner. philadelphia, 90 degrees, partly sunny skis. l.a., the place to be. 71. partly sunny skies. salute to america in washington d.c. a big event there.
12:52 pm
93 for the high. cloudy skies and showers and thunderstorms are likely. when the fireworks go off, it will be cooler at 86 degrees with showers and thunderstorms likely once again. so unfortunately mother nature not being kind to us. we'll be back for "shepard smith reporting," i'm jeff robbins. oh my, this heinz mayonnaise is so creamy, one day you'll tell your grandkids about it. and they'll say, "grandpa just tell us about humpty dumpty". and you'll say, "he broke his pelvis or whatever, now back to my creamy heinz mayonnaise". heinz mayonnaise, unforgettably creamy. it opened up so dnmany doors. it's a lifelong adventure finding all of these new connections all the time. new features. greater details. richer stories. get your dna kit today at
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hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job.
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what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪ >> trace: updating a fox urgent out of italy. one tourist dead after a volcano erupted. the official says in stromboli, falling stones killed the person. live pictures of the italian volcano just before 10:00 p.m. there. according to scientists, there were two strong explosions sending smoke and ash into the sky. some of the ash so hot that it caught trees and neighboring land on fire. this is a popular spot for
12:56 pm
hikers that climb up 3,000 feet that look into the crater, this is the first eruption since 2007. earthquakes have been rumbling in hawaii. now scientists are raising the alert left there. christina coleman has more. >> i spoke to a scientist and they said they raised the alert level because this is the kind of thing a volcano does as it moves towards eruption. these images are from a u.s. geological survey web cam. scientists say the earthquake is experiencing 50 to 75 earthquakes a week. people shouldn't be alarmed. this does not indicate an
12:57 pm
eminent eruptioeruption. locals should be thinking about preparations. the last eruption was in 1984 with huge lava flows that came within 4 1/2 miles of the big island's largest city. right now the island is on alert. it means elevated activity or unrest was detected. >> we're beginning to watch the volcano closely. we'll put out weekly updates on the status. we've been in touch with local authorities, state authorities. everybody is informed and in touch in case things change. >> to the south is kilauea, the world's most active volcano. they saw one of the largest in recorded history. hundreds of homes were destroyed and thousands displaced.
12:58 pm
even though there's signs of an eruption, people are still encouraged to always be prepared as with in emergency, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis. think about what you should do and have supplies. >> trace: we spent weeks and weeks at kilauea. we were watching it. it bubbled up and trickled out. people were freaked out. now another one to worry about. anybody that doesn't think the volcanos are active, you have to look at the topography. it's nothing but volcanic rock over there. that's what these islands are built on. >> right. things can escalate quick and happen fast. you have to have preparations in place especially if you have to evacuate. who will you call? where are your kids at? you have to be careful. >> trace: it's from afar and spectacular to watch these things. up close, it's frightening.
12:59 pm
you have no volatile they are and how eruptive they can be. john sterling stepping away from the microphone for a few days after three decades of calling every yankees game. sterling says he's a little under the weather and that he's going to take four games off. sterling will turn 81 years old tomorrow. he's announced more than 5,000 games in a row according to the yankees. he's only missed two other games when his sister died in 1989. look at john sterling, vin skully that retired in los angeles after 67 years and harry caray were the three big ones. still some say the best broadcasters in baseball history. after our reporting here, we will have a fox news update on facebook watch. it's a minute's long news cast online with some unique content that streams live on the facebook watch home page a few
1:00 pm
minutes from now. once it's concluded, it's available any time on demand. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. have a great fourth of july holiday. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> neil: thank you. the mad dash is on. 49 million americans head out for the july fourth holiday. apparently all at the same time. we're everywhere. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. glad to have you. fox on the top of the holiday exodus underway. we have mike tobin in chicago and jeff paul on lax on how airports are trying to not bear the total brunt of it. mike? >> neil, we're getting into the worst of it right now in terms of commuters, piling on top of the holiday travelers. record numbers of drivers are expected to be out on the roadways. really today the estimate