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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 4, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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the hill that ronald reagan spoke about all the years ago. happy independence day. see you next week. >> mike: mellow. welcome tonight nite. i'm mike emanuel in washington in for shannon bream. we're begin with a fox news alert. the president now reportedly considering something with more teeth when it comes to getting a citizenship question on the 2020 census. that story coming up. plus, 2020 democratic presidential hopefuls hasanni campbell jobidenand kamala harrn their war of words. and southern california dealing with the aftershocks following magnitude 6.4 earthquake this morning. we will take you there live. we start with president trump's news to america. the 4th of july celebration. despite democrats concerns that the president would politicize america's birthday, president trump stuck to his
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unity message. correspondent mark meredith is live at the national mall. good evening, mark. >> good evening, mike. the "salute to america" event was a chance to pay tribute to the military and miles per hour history and miles per hissn history and innovation. the weather in the program itself was not awful. it was downpouring out here earlier today at 3:30/4:00. we weren't sure what would happen but as the president took the stage the rain turned lighter. the crowds were here to show support for the 4th of july for the country. i want to show you a brief clip of the president's talked about moments from today's events. >> president trump: 243 years ago, our founding fathers declared independence and defend our god-given rights. we will be back on the moon soon. some day soon we will plant
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the american flag on mars. for centuries our soldiers pointed toward home proclaiming this, we'll defend. they live by the creed of douglas macarthur in war. there is no substitute for victory. they are the greatest soldiers on earth. >> following the president's remarks, we saw an impressive flyover on the national mall with each of the service branches being represented. if you were an aviation military fan, this would be the place to be. because we saw all sorts of helicopters from the coast guard as well as the marines. we saw the presidential 747 that is commonly referred to as "air force one" when the president is on board. that did a flyover here on the national mall. you wouldn't believe the amount of the cell phone cameras up there trying to capture every minute of the flyover. as i mentioned, all of this happened while the weather was
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cooperative in the program itself. it wasn't just the president that was out here. we saw the vice president as well as the first lady melania trump. we also saw several president trump supporters out there as well. but a number of the people said they were impressed that the speech was focused not necessarily on politics but on american history. and as i mentioned, american innovation and where the country would go from here as we celebrate this 4th of july. mike? >> mike: precision between the remarks and the flyovers was really something. mark, one of president trump's republican critics is now bailing out on the party? >> that is right. we did see some news, political news on this holiday weekend. that came from the michigan congressman who announced in a "washington post" op-ed he would leave the republican party and instead be an independent. he put out an op-ed in the post. i want to read a brief part of it where he said, "with little genuine debate on policy happening in congress, party
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leader distract and divide the party with issues and waging wars." but president trump wanted to get his two sense in over his departure over the g.o.p. the president called him dumb and disloyal and making it clear that he okay with amash leading the party. he has been the only republican calling for the president's impeachment. we did see politics today. the president did not stick around here for the 4th of july fireworks. he went to the white house after the event. tomorrow he is leading north to the new jersey golf club for the rest of the weekend. >> mike: mark meredith leading us off on the national mall. thanks a lot. new reports that president trump is mulling an executive order to get a citizenship question on the 2020 census. this comes as the president is publicly doubling down on the push. so important the basic "are
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you a citizen of the united states" question be allowed in the 2020 census. he tweeted earlier today. president trump's military theme 4th of july event bringing partisan scrutiny to a celebration of america's birthday. that is normally free of controversy. bring in former staffer, bernie sanders 2016 presidential campaign, figueroa and the hill comment sagrin for reaction. it's great to have you both. critics like eugene robinson to the "washington post" sounded the alarm. take a listen. i will ask both of you to weigh in. >> it's not a political day. it's a day for patriotism. to take this and to make it in to what seems to be a combination trump rally and kim jong un style military parade of hardware and equipment with sherman tanks,
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which is ridiculous. the last sherman tank was taken out of service in 1957. it's just obscene. it really is. >> were the concerns overblown? >> i think they were overblown. especially now that we have seen it transpire. the speech was apolitical. we saw a few thanks on the national mall. the flyovers were well received. i was out there on the streets of washington. not exactly the most republican or the trump-friendly city. especially was having a good time. there were no shots of the political contenders or the 2020 democrats. so all around it was a patriotic day. some of the president's critics on this look foolish. >> mike: what are your thoughts after seeing the "salute to america" celebration today? >> well, first and foremost, i'm a veteran. air force veteran. so this is a -- >> mike: thank you for your service. >> thank you so much. i was m-60 gunner so to say that the machinery there didn't belong are the people
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who are not familiar with the military. but it's really embarrassing. i'm so saddened this has turned into something usually. something that my grandfather fought for in the korea and vietnam war. he is flipping over in his grave. democrats don't like trump. fine. you have an opportunity to put him out of office in 2020. but to politicize it and make it an ugly, horrible day i found disheartening. all around disheartening. >> mike: i was speaking to a colleague here, a veteran who spoke about the potential recruiting benefit from today's event. seeing the military precision and the fire power up close. what do you think of that? >> well, sure. it's certain an opportunity to say hey, what can i do to be part of my country? but you saw such negative remarks from the left. he's politicizing. even though every city in this country invest in some type of parade or celebration. what is the difference from having a celebration in d.c. as well? like i said, just very disappointed. in every everyone for making it a political event.
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trump deciding to celebrate america. even if you disagree with president trump. this should be a day we should all come together. >> mike: do you think kids on the national mall watching it up close or even watching on fox news may decide hey, i want to be part of that? i want to be part of that american military? >> i sure hope so. i felt regret for not doing it myself. especially watching the b2 and the other planes flying over. it was incredible thing to witness. and the angels and the streams they left in the sky. every american watched that and she made a great point here which is it is sad to even see it politicized. >> mike: to political news of the day. congressman justin amash is leaving the republican party and the only g.o.p. member to call for the impeachment proceedings. reaction? >> well, you know, i don't know what the breaking news is. political parties have been amiss for a while. i left the democrat party in 2012. because of this. this is the reason why trump was able to win. people are sick of the
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political partisanship. i don't know his reasons. i don't know him personally. he feels like it's split seised but welcome to the party. welcome to the independent party. there should be more independents and not everyone should be a democrat and a republican. i don't know why he is taking this messaging route. i'm not a republican so i don't know what is going on, on the inside. but there are plenty of democrats like myself who left the party and became independent. >> mike: do you think it sets the stage for amash to launch a presidential run as an president? >> presidential run would be more viable than a congressional run in that seat, as i understand it. congressman amash said it himself that running in michigan on an independent or a third party ticket is extremely difficult. just the way that the ballot is set up. it demonstrates if you are going to go against the president in the modern g.o.p., especially calling for impeachment on something like the mueller report you really don't have a place in the republican party in 2019. >> mike: thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> presidential hopefuls
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kamala harris under fire tonight for her less than rock solid stance on school busing. the hot button issue tonight. as the california democrat and the former vice president bring the debate stage fight to iowa. here is our correspondent david with more. >> happy 4th. almost two dozen candidates. each one looking for a breakout moment. many believe that kamala harris heard the debate one week ago tonight but now joe biden continuing to push forward. >> what do you think? >> i'm still way ahead. >> joe biden feeling confident in iowa this independence day. confident a week to the day after the tense exchange on the debate stage with senator kamala harris. >> vice president biden, do you agree today, do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose busing in america? >> no. >> do you agree? >> i did not oppose busing in america. what i opposed is busing ordered by the department of education. that is what i opposed.
8:11 pm
>> harris said desegregation busing should be mandated but this week she used the word "considered" more in line with biden's position. >> busing is among many considerations when we address the issue of desegregation in america schools. >> and axlerod noticed her change in rhetoric tweeting it sounds like kamala harris is now taking something more like the joe biden position on school busing. what was the whole thing at the debate about? harris criticized biden at the debate for working with the segregationists with the senate. she is also in iowa this july 4th. >> it was a subject of conversation for days on end. if he and his team were prepared for the -- weren't prepared for the topic don't know what to say. >> biden said it caught him off-guard. >> it came out of nowhere. >> others are staying away
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from their feud hoping to focus on beating trump. >> they started in a public forum last week. obviously they haven't reached a resolution on it. i'm here to talk about why i am running for president. >> elizabeth warren and biden and kamala harris and the others will be on the debate stage july 30, 31. the election is 16 months away. a long time. but the debates will continue and the arguments will, too. >> mike: no surprise that senator warren is standing back watching thing fight it out. >> she wants to be an observer on the sideline. >> mike: thank you. >> thank you. >> mike: fox news alert. now a shaky start to the 4th of july for southern california residents. magnitude 6.4 earthquake rattled the region. correspondent jeff paul is live in ridgecrest, california, with the damage. good evening, jeff. >> good evening, mike. we are starting to get a better idea how this powerful
8:13 pm
earthquake has impacted this community. the man who owns this home right here in town not able to sleep inside tonight after a fire damage pretty good portion of his property. fire officials saying fires like this one started shortly after the earthquake erupted. they say the cause might be related to ruptured gas lines. we know the event began after 10:30 a.m. local time. felt from the pacific coast to as far away as las vegas, nevada. so far, only reports of minor injuries. but the local hospital here in ridgecrest forced to evacuate. after it suffered damages. the concern now moving forward are the aftershocks. more than 80 have been felt. seismologists say there could be a stronger earthquake in the coming days. >> we don't know if there will be more aftershocks. we just had one in here. there have been 76 aftershocks. is there a high percentage of another big aftershock? that is unknown. unlike a fire or a flood, we can predict that stuff. with the flood we know where the water is going.
8:14 pm
earthquakes we cannot predict. >> officials warn people who live here in ridgecrest, they could continue to feel aftershocks in the coming days. we have felt several in the time standing out here. we felt one in a press conference with the fire officials and the police officers as they try to give us an update. that is the big reason why the mayor says they have declared a state of emergency. mike? >> mike: hopefully a peaceful night for folks in southern california. jeff paul, thank you so much. there is no holiday break for donald diplomacy. new developments tonight in the north korea detention of an australian student and in the trump administration maximum pressure campaign on iran. on the other side.
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>> mike: an australian student who disappeared in north korea last week has been released from detention. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has the story tonight. >> australian student alex transiting through beijing after a week of detention in north korea. he says he is in good condition. >> i'm okay, i'm okay. yes, i'm good. i'm very good. >> how do you feel? >> great. >> after he went missing with no diplomatic presence in yeonpyeong, australia assisted by the swedish diplomats in the capital. >> the demonstrates behind-the-scenes works with other governments. >> why did north korea detain him? he was studying at the university there. he ran an agency to bring tourists to the north and social media sites friendly to
8:20 pm
pyongyang. >> it could be it's just what north korea does. otto warmbier was one of the westerners held in pyongyang and died from the pain damage occurred in his detention. or was at it political distraction? it happened before the g20 summit in japan. australia is a close ally to the united states and president trump. but still, he met with kim jong un at the dmz sunday. >> we could say it's the start of an era of peace. >> but they did blast the u.s. wednesday for being hell-bent on the hostile acts. washington called for the stricter enforcement on u.s. sanctions against the north. he is back in japan and reunited with his wife.
8:21 pm
there is no reason for the detention and what is the direction of the diplomacy. mike? >> mike: greg palkot. thank you very much. authorities in gibraltar say they intercepted iranian super tanker believed to be breaking sanctions to carry cruel to cru. we have more. >> british marines intercepterred an iranian oil tanker reportedly headed to syria. it left months ago and spotted in midapril off the coast of south africa. the authorities in spain say a police patrol seized the ship near the strait of gibraltar. >> it was a demand by the united states, united kingdom. we are looking to how it affects our sovereignty. because it happened in what we understand in spanish waters. >> iranian authorities summoned the british ambassador in tehran in what the country is calling an
8:22 pm
illegal seizure. this comes as iran says it's days away from enriching uranium past the nuclear deal threshold, a violation of the agreement the iranian president hassan rouhani is giving them until sunday to come one a solution to the iran economic problems before they take steps to further unravel the 2015 plan. >> july 7, the level of the uranium enrich. will no longer remain at the 3.67 level. we will put the commit. to one side and increase the cap to whatever level we deem is essential for us. to a level we need. >> it would be the second breach of the iranian deal. >> the united states is no longer a party to the agreement, after pulling out last year and reimposing sanctions on iran. the trump administration still continues to demand leadership in tehran comply with the
8:23 pm
deal. they have to see how they will respond. >> we have called for them to refrain from the further measures to under mind the agreement. >> the iranians want to show the world they have the tools and bargaining ships to pressure europe and the united states to renegotiate the terms of the nuclear agreement. mike? >> mike: thank you very much. british singer joss stone telling fans on social media that iranian authorities detain and deported her. stone on a five-year quest perform in every country in the world said iranian authorities believe she would be playing an unsanctioned concert. it's illegal for feel musicians to perform in public in iran. world news on a collision course. russian president vladimir putin meets with pope francis
8:24 pm
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woo! maui!! boom navy federal credit union. our members, are the mission. >> mike: russian president vladimir putin met with pope francis today for what were called sub stantive talks. senior foreign affairs amy kellogg tells us about it tonight from rome. >> there is a lot of love here for vladimir putin. some say that italians respect the strong man. italy's relations with russia and before that the soviet union were also the warmest of the western countries. the special relationship continues even if president putin has a habit of keeping the pope waiting. he kept him waiting an hour today. this is the third meeting with pope francis. putin spoke about venezuela, ukraine and syria. they have agreed to step up with the hospital.
8:29 pm
the rest of the day was strengthening ties between the countries. italy's prime minister has been an advocate for inviting russia back to what was the g8 before russia annexation of crimea. italy has been clear it's not happy to lose trading opportunities as a result of the sanctions. in fact it's been boosting trade with russia everywhere it can. they hope that italy be back to normalizing the relations with europe again. >> it's not just up to russia. we are ready to do our part if artificial obstacles are not put up. we are natural partners geographically. >> others take issue because last week putin said liberalism is dead. before the trip putin was asked several times about the united states but he said that
8:30 pm
russia is ready to reset the conversations, dialogue on strategic issues. and that he mentioned that to president trump at g20 last week. >> mike: thank you. culture clash at the veteran today. start there with the fox news contributor and the former c.i.a. station chief daniel hoffman. great to have you. >> good to be here. >> mike: what is your read of vladimir putin visiting the pope? >> an opportunity to be on the world stage. he sees an opportunity in italy of a country that traditionally had better relations with russia in contrast to germany for example. putin sees it as an opportunity to break efforts to maintain sanctions. >> mike: should others in europe be anxious by the outreach? you should always be concerned
8:31 pm
about putin traveling overseas and making the efforts. there is underlying tension between russia and italy. they are competing for competing views of christianity. putin held a 15th century view that russia is the third rome. the spiritual center of christianity. so there is that as well. i wonder if those who are concerned about his visit might raise it. >> mike: iran summoned the british ambassador to complain what iranians maintain is illegal seizure. is tehran just embarrassed? >> this is an interesting case because the british marines were seized that oil tanker. it had a panamanian flag and registered to a company from singapore. iranians were trying to mask the ship's origin. but, you know, we found them out. the european union saying it's
8:32 pm
a violation of the sanctions for syria. but that is a distinction without a difference. this is a good step by the europeans for sure. >> mike: iranians say they will only agree to talk with the united states only if president trump. it wills the sanctions. does it mean no talks anytime soon? >> we are reaching a seminole moment here. iranians are not hiding the fact that they are now stockpiling low-grade urrainian beyond levels allowed by the iran nuclear deal or that they plan to do more if they don't see sanctions relief. but they want it to be on iran's terms. that is why they seized on this opportunity. they think for the nuclear blackmail. the united states has held firm. we are not interested in going back to the flawed nuclear deal. we are not going to release sanctions. we are open to negotiations. the president said without preconditions. but the sanctions will hold.
8:33 pm
>> mike: the sunday deadline is something to watch. >> it is to see -- sorry. to see how we respond, how israel responds. i think it will be interesting. it's all reversible. the iranians may start to enrich uranium to weapons grade level but they could refuse. >> mike: the regime behavior is unusual saying that the u.s. is hellbent on hostile acts. what do you make of that? >> the president used political capital and tried to use the relationship he built to hold a politically risky meeting in the d.m.z. but what he got out is north korea, kim jong un agreed to negotiate and begin negotiations which haven't begun in earnest about
8:34 pm
denuclearization the korean pennsylvania is a. kim jong un's minions wouldn't never take even innocuous step. so he knew he needed approval from the top but north korea is playing for the leverage now. they want if the negotiations begin to have the leverage. heps the antagonistics from -- hence, antagonistic statements from the media. >> mike: there is a short short-term goal to look for? >> we need to consider the intersections in the united states and north korea. so we get people on the ground in both capitals to monitor the situation in both countries. to ensure that the negotiations proceed. that's a modest first step. >> mike: it's fascinating picking your brain. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> mike: the role of religion in the nation's
8:35 pm
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>> president trump: the future belongs to the brave, the strong, the proud and the free. we are one people chasing one dream and one magnificent destiny. we all share the same heroes, the same home, the same heart, and we are all made by this same almighty god. >> mike: president trump tonight honoring the country's early history and also recent times. concluding by saying that the future belongs to americans but let's go back to america's early history. what role if any did religion play in the founding of america?
8:40 pm
joining me now, fox news contributor pastor of the first baptist church in dallas, robert jeffers. pastor, great to have you. >> thank you, mike. >> mike: this seems like a wonderful night to remind folks about the founding of the great nation. what role did religion and faith play? >> if you listen to the aclu or freedom foundation they would tell you that it was be irreligious people who wanted a secular nation free from any religious influence whatsoever. but that version belongs in the same category as george washington and the cherry tree. it's fiction. it never happened. while it's true america always welcomed people of all faiths and no faith, it's also equally true that america was founded on the principles of the judea christian faith. john adams said the principles of which the fathers achieved
8:41 pm
independence were the general principles of christianity and they are changeable and eternallable as god himself. look at the "declaration of independence." four references to god, calling him judge of all the universe. the creator. it even bases the rebellion against king george on immutable, unchangeable laws of god. you can't separate america from its heritage of the faith in god. >> it's striking that three american presidents died on the 4th of july. that got the attention of former governor jeb bush asking just a coincidence? adams, jefferson, and monroe. what do you make of it, pastor? >> i believe god establishes our birth date and our death date. so there is no coincidences. why god allowed it to happen with three presidents? i don't know. but the bigger point is how people saw that, especially in those times. daniel webster gave a two-hour eulogy over the lives of jefferson and adams heaped
8:42 pm
said it's a sign of god's protection upon this great nation. that is what our forefathers believed. benjamin franklin said the longer i live the more convinced i am that god governs the affair of men. if a sparrow can't fall without god's notice how can a nation rise without his aid? our forefathers believed that america was birthed by the power of god and convinced it's protected by the power of god. >> mike: it's worth noting that john adams the second president believed this day should be a religious holiday. writing to his wife on july 3, 1776, it ought to be commemorated by a day of deliverance by solemn act of devotion to god almighty. it seems to me not many folks today are aware of that. pastor? >> in fact i e-mailed the president that quote a couple of days tonight before tonight's event reminding him he was following in tradition of great presidents. adams wrote that this day
8:43 pm
ought to be a day of pomp and parades and festivals and illuminations from every end of the continent and the solemn acts of devotion to god. i'm so grateful that president trump tonight also mentioned our dependence as a nation upon god. he is following a great tradition of great presidents. >> mike: franklin graham tweeted about his father, my father billy graham once said the secret strength of a nation is found in the faith that abuse in the hearts an the home --that abuse in the hed the faith -- abides in the hearts and the faith of the country. >> he could not have been more true.
8:44 pm
i believe his continued blessing depends on our faithfulness to him. >> mike: pastor, thank you for sharing your wisdom with us and have a wonderful evening, sir. >> thank you, mike. >> mike: the nathan hot dog eating contest is a staple. and joey chestnut claimed another victory continuing his reign for a 12th time. he scarfed down 71 dogs in ten minutes. that impressive feat gives me indigestion and that is a downgrade from last year where he ate 74 hot dogs. next year his goal is to eat 75 dogs. residents of fort mill, south carolina, witnessed unscheduled firewor firework diy celebration. it started as a small fire and it ignited in of the fireworks and the stock.
8:45 pm
firefighters went head to head against the sparkler and rockets and other favorites. no injuries reported. a very sad day for bourbon drinkers everywhere. jim beam warehouse burst in flames in woodford, county, kentucky. the only victims were 45,000 barrels of bourbon that were aging in storage. the crew on the scene left with no choice to allow spirits to burn to keep causing the runoff or other damage. 40 firefighters came together to battle the blaze. lightning may have been the cause of the fire internet texas, a woma --cause of the fi. in texas, a woman may spend time i after taking ice cream from the freezer and licking it and putting it back. she could face felony charge for tampering with a consumer product. it started to honor america's brave but it led to the epic
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>> mike: janine is the first
8:50 pm
person to sing the "star spangled banner" in all 50 states. perfect guest for the 4th of july. it's covered in a documentary. joining me now is the national anthem girl. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> mike: so where did the idea come from in terms of doing the national anthem in all 50? >> it came from a paradigm shift. there was always the goal for me to get a major record deal or anything like that. grammy. and it came from a time when i started to think that is not really working for me. but what can i do with what i have? from where i am? quote from roosevelt. i love to sing the anthem and i want to do something to give back. i sang the anthem in a few states. i'll sing it in every state. >> mike: is there one gig that is most memorable or most unusual? >> there are so many. a lot has to do with the people i met along the way. i was set up tables where
8:51 pm
people could write thank you notes. they would go in to the operation gratitude care packages. i would meet people who would tell me the stories or tell me the stories of those they knew who served. i pretty much had tears in my eyes the entire time. it was humbling to hear about the people who serve and then a lot of times to see what they sacrificed as a result. so, i got to fly planes. i drove a coast guard cutter. nobody threw up or fell overboard. i got to do adventurous things. what do you think back on? it's always the moments that were just so inspiring for me. i get to tell a lot of people about it now. >> mike: how did it feel to accomplish the two-year journey? >> it was a relief. you know? it came down to the point where state 50, i probably shouldn't say this, it might give up a away the movie. there was something happened that i was nervous that could
8:52 pm
potentially delayed the game. but everything worked out. a huge relief. but also awareness of so many people i met that inspired me to say the mission may be over in that record but there is so much more that i can do. >> mike: tell me about the documentary "national anthem girl." >> okay. this is an interesting story because it wouldn't have came about if i was never on "fox and friends" one day. heather nauert tweeted and said what are you doing? i saw this on twitter. i said i am trying to -- i'd hitchhike if i had to. she said come on the show. and she is awesome because it helped me get through the rest of the states. i was at state 27 when it started happening. but at that time there was a film company in kentucky who also tweeted me after seeing me on "fox & friends."
8:53 pm
kelly film work, jeffersonmore and kelly worthington. they said if you make it to kentucky, we'll come and film you. i'm like all right. i was giving everybody my iphone to film me. so that is how we started it. we got to know'm erand we hit it off. two years later they contacted me again and said we'd like to make a documentary of journey. i'm like really? how are you going to make sense of the iphone photos and stuff? but they did. they did a good job. they have amazing hearts and i was careful to align myself with people with the similar mission and heart. they do. i'm just so happy and humbled that they wanted to do something more with that journey. >> mike: "national anthem girl." >> on amazon prime. if you can't sleep because you hear fireworks watch the movie. "national anthem girl." or if you don't have amazon. you can buy a hard copy, dvd.
8:54 pm
you can stream it. >> mike: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> pleasure to meet you. >> thank you. >> mike: a huge crowd descended on the national mall for the 4th of july tonight. stay with us for the best sights and sounds from the evening of celebration. next. ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> mike: president trump tonight praising american exceptionalism and men and women of the armed sources in the salute to america on this 4th of july. huge crowd entertained by the band and army chorus, spectacular as always. we leave you with a look at how the rest of the country celebrated. ♪ >> happy independence day. a great day to be here and celebrate our great nation. ♪ ♪ for purple mountains majest
8:59 pm
majesty ♪ ♪ above the fruited plains >> a great family opportunity to spend time together and enjoy our freedoms. >> ♪ america, america ♪ god shed his grace on thee >> getting together. being one. just representing america on the 4th of july. >> for the love of the country. love of the country. >> you're free. you're free to do a lot of things. you are free to have fun, enjoy and enjoy everything. free to go play. >> ♪ america, america >> it shows our strength and our patriotism. it honors the people who served for us so we can have our freedom. >> we need to make sure we support our country, we support our troops. and we support everything about america.
9:00 pm
>> ♪ with brotherhood ♪ from sea to shining, shining sea ♪ ♪ good evening, and welcome to a special "tucker carlson tonight." every day, they show weighs in on the news of the day. this is our job. th's a new show. t occasionally we like to take a step back to get perspective. we like to pause and think through where this country is going. it helps sometimes to adopt a decade-long time frame, that doesn't simply adjust the next election or next presidential suite. -- tweet. we try to do that, a mediania -- on the first show of 2019. the immediate prompt is an op-ed by mitt romney that criticized the president, but the opening was far more than that. about the way america was changing. to make the situation worse in


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