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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 5, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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as well, we'll have you back with us. >> i know how that works. yeah. >> good to see you. we can use that. >> we could. >> we could definitely work that. >> we're taking a break. julie banderas is next. >> protesters facing charges after burning an american flag outside the white house before the president's salute to america. the supreme court has ruled flag burning is free speech, but secret service agents say this protest went too far. hundreds of after shocks after the strongest earthquake to hill california in 20 years. we're live near the epicenter. a top expert taking -- talking about the chances of an even bigger quake in the next few days. a dad with a drone spots a shark swimming near his kids. >> literally as soon as i got it in the air, i started seeing a shadow moving through the water towards them. >> we'll talk live with dad, mom
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and one of the kids who are all okay. i'm julie banderas in for shepard smith. that's ahead this hour. but we begin with breaking news. a big break in a chilling murder case. cops announce they finally found the body. police in salt lake city say mackenzie lueck's remains turned up in a canyon about 80 miles north from where the college student disappeared. cops said she had been murdered last week. they arrested a suspect accused him of kidnapping and murdering mackenzie lueck. investigators say they found burned pieces of her skin in the back yard after searching his house. neighbors say they saw and smelled something burning behind his home. lueck was last seen alive taking a lyft from the airport to a park in the middle of the night where police say she got into the suspect's car. after the arrest people that
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knew the suspected killer came forward with disturbing stories, including a contractor that told fox news that the suspect wanted him to build a secret sound proof room complete with hooks on the wall. christina coleman reporting live from our west coast news hub. hi, christina. >> hi, julie. such a tragic story here. the body of 23-year-old mackenzie lueck was recovered wednesday from logan canyon about 80 miles north of salt lake city where this college student was last seen, this huge update and the homicide investigation was just announced at a joint press conference with the salt lake city police and the salt lake county district attorney. the suspect was arrested last week. mackenzie was from the los angeles area, but attended college at the university of utah. she had just returned to salt lake city after attending her grandmother's funeral in california. police say she caught a ride from the airport to a nearby
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park where she met with the suspect. the suspect told investigators that he texted with mack kenty day prior but police are not releasing how the two became connected. police said they found items that belonged to lueck in the back yard of his salt lake city home. they found human tissue in his back yard. the police chief said he was relieved and grief striken by the new developments. he spoke with the family today. >> i spoke with mackenzie's family this morning. another devastating call. despite their grief, we hope this will help them find some closure and justice for mackenzie. the suspect worked in i.t. at dell and ran an air b&b at his house. he's facing charger including murder, kidnapping, desecration of a body.
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again, this is still very much an ongoing homicide investigation. julie? >> thanks, christina. let's bring in brian claypool. now, unless the court rules for an extension, the suspect is only to be held in custody for 72 hours or more before charges are filed or they must be released. this suspect was arrested on friday. how are they holding him without charging him? >> well, the prosecution filed a motion with the court and got permission from a judge to have an extra week in which to file formal charges against the defendant. the court granted that request, gives them another week. that's really important. what the prosecution wants to do here is two things. number 1, they want to firm up the forensic evidence. i know it's tragic to talk about but they want to verify for certain that that charred body
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tissue is that of mackenzie and the belongings are hers because that's powerful evidence against the defendant. the second thing they're try doing is buying more time to take that forensic evidence that they have and confront the suspect and interrogate him again now and try to get a confession out of him. they need more time to do that. that would make this case a deadlock to get a conviction. >> is it possible the suspect was cooperating in the search for lueck's body? >> good question. i would -- i'm not sure of that. if he's already cooperating, i'm not certain why prosecution would need an extra week. he may have been helping with the -- under the pretense that he might get some kind of deal where he serves life in prison without the possibility of parole. that could be. >> the evidence is so overwhelming. the neighbors saw him burning
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and they smelled some sort of burning smell enough that they remember it distinctly in his back yard. they have found her dna in his home. i mean, i don't know what more evidence they would possibly need. but the motion granded by the third district court giving the da's office until next week to charge him in lueck's death speaks volumes. what more do you believe the da is looking for to get these charges to stick? clearly they have the evidence they need. it's better to have more than enough in order to convince a jury. >> right. you raise a good point. how many cases have we seen where it really looks bad, really smells bad for a defendant but a lot of times you have powerful circumstantial evidence and you want to lock down physical evidence and forensic evidence that we're talking about. we're not sure with 100% certainty that those are the
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belongings, for example, of mackenzie. we want to make sure. analysts want to make sure in the next week that those belongings that they found in his back yard, that they are mackenzie's belongings and the human remains are those of mackenzie. prosecution doesn't want to go into a case that we're not 100% sure it's her body because it's burned i don't know recognition. that's what they need to do. like i said, they want a confession out of this guy. that would make this case fool proof then. >> i would imagine his defense attorney would want to come up with some kind of plea. the evidence is so overwhelming. i want to talk about this suspect. when you hear of this poor girl last seen by a lyft driver, reminds us of the uber driver that ordered a passenger, but this lyft driver has been helpful in figure out where she was last dropped off, allowed investigators to lead them to the suspect. the suspect, we don't know much
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about as far as how these two got connected. are you hearing more about how she might have met this guy in the first place and what his motive would have been? >> well, the only thing i learned -- i haven't validated this or proven it, that she may have been connected with him through some kind of dating application or some -- you know, where like a sugar daddy kind of situation, again, i can't confirm that. that is one of the things that i have heard. you know, another thing to raise, this defendant was charged with rape in 2014 or 15 and tragically the victim in that case decided not to move forward and prosecute. or else, maybe he would have been off the street. >> there's been a contractor that said he wanted to build some sort of escape room in his basement with hooks on the
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walls. if that doesn't scream out weird, i don't know what does. brian, that's all the time we have. thanks for talking about this. we'll continue to watch it. >> thank you. >> also breaking in the last hour, critical deadline in president trump's push to add a citizenship question to next year's 2020 census. is it the white house -- is it time for the white house to give up the fight? what is next. we'll talk about it. and the lick of ice cream that could cost 20 years in prison. it's ahead. on a john deere x300 series mower. because seasons change but true character doesn't. wow, you've outdone yourself this time. hey, what're neighbors for? it's beautiful. run with us. search "john deere x300" for more. what do all these people have in common, limu? [ guttural grunt ]
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announced they would not include the question in the 2020 census but yesterday president trump sent out a tweet insisting he had not given up the fight. meantime, the justice department lawyer handling the case told a judge the president's tweet caught him off guard. i was on vacation. last week the supreme court temporarily blocked the administration's proposal to ask whether somebody is a citizen or not. because the white house officials didn't actually give justices "an adequate explanation." here to explain it for us now, ellison barber reporting live from berkeley heights, new jersey, not far from where president trump is staying. hi, ellison. >> hi, julia. it's been a week of confusing conflicting messages for viewers, readers, members of the administration as well as the federal judge in maryland. now today the justice department said that they are still exploring options to add the citizenship question to the 2020 census indicating that they are prepared to continue this legal
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fight. the decision in the week of will they won't wielded confusion but doesn't answer every question. the president said he spoke to bill barr earlier today and four or five options are under consideration. the supreme court ruled against the administration saying they could not add the citizenship question for now because the administration's justification in the court's words seems to have been contrived. wilbur ross said the census bureau has started the process of printing the questionnaires without the question. the department of justice confirmed that the question would not be on the census and as you said, julie, a department of justice attorney, they told the federal judge in maryland they would no longer pursue the matter in court. the tweet from president trump came wednesday where he contradicted that. right now the president and his administration are back on the same page with the court
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fuelling. it happened at 2:00 today. lawyers say that they're going to pursue this legally and keep pursuing other options to get around this and add that question to the 2020 census. right now they're exploring the new legal rationale for including it in the census. >> julie: what would an executive order mean if the president were to choose to use that? >> so an executive order alone would not override a court ruling but could set up a restart of the legal process. president trump told reporters that he's seriously considering an executive order. the executive order, any of the other avenues he alluded to would be challenged in court. the statement released wednesday, the aclu said they were very clear on where they stand. they said the answer to whether or not the trump administration can come up with a new rationale for its citizenship question is
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no, it cannot, at least not a legal one. any attempt at an end run-around the supreme court's decision will be unsuccessful and met swiftly in court. julie? >> ellison barber in new jersey with the president. thanks very much. live in houston where democratic candidates are set to speak at the strong public schools forum, this event hosted by the national association of education to see where candidates stand on the issues affecting students. peter doocy is there who looks like a student following the latest from the campaign trail. sorry, peter. i had to. >> that's okay, julie. the candidates are just starting to show up. joe biden is making waves today because he's trying to establish himself as a candidate who could be acceptable to people on the far left but also people in the middle. >> the further left is getting
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more attention. >> look, it's center left. that's where i am. where it's not is way left. now look, that's what we can find out. that's what the debate is about. >> biden also said today he can considered picking a woman as a running mate but he wouldn't say if that was kamala harris, her criticism about joe biden's civil rights records came out of joe biden. so harris is criticizing the former vp's debate prep. >> part of the impetus of the conversation are the statements that the vice president made about his words with segregation. so if he and his team were not prepared for the topic, i don't know what to say about that. >> harris and biden continue to go back and forth.
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neither one of them seemed satisfied to let the spat over civil rights die down. julie? >> julie: so what are candidates saying about public school teachers at today's event? >> when elizabeth warren takes the stage, she's expected to say that she would nominate a public school teacher as her education secretary if she's elected president. it's one of the many proposals that she keeps rolling out. in the next couple minutes, we'll hear from warren and biden, bernie sanders, harris and amy klobuchar. >> julie: thanks, peter. so coming up, crews in southern california are cleaning up after the largest earthquake in 20 years. they rattled people from los angeles to las vegas. the after shocks still hitting hard. thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying?
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>> julie: hundreds of aftershocks rumbling throughout southern california after the strongest earthquake in 20 years hit the area. it rattled folks from los angeles to las vegas. the epicenter of the 6.4 quake was near ridgecrest, california. about 100 miles northeast of l.a. one of today's after shocks reached 5.4 on the scale. a seismologist at cal tech says there's been an unusually quiet period since a 7.1 earthquake struck in the area back in 1999. >> the previous decade had had about eight magnitude 6s. so this has been an extremely quiet abnormal time. this type of earthquake is much more normal. >> so yesterday's quake set off fires, as you can see, this one being put out in ridge crest.
12:23 pm
it triggered a hospital evacuation and what an even more powerful jolt would do to the area. there's luckily no reports of serious injuries. crews are still on the ground assessing damages. jeff paul has more. hi, jeff. >> julie, yeah, a day after this powerful quake hit this community, we're starting to get an idea how this event has impacted this town. we're standing here in a department store. looking around, maybe you can see how strong this earthquake was. this place is a mess. all this stuff laying around on the shelves and the ground came from the ceiling. these are tiles that were shaken up during the earthquake or shortly after due to a water main break. there were employees inside this store as part of this ceiling started coming crashing down. they say they have never been through anything like this and didn't know what to do. >> i just got under that table. i didn't know what could have collapsed on me or anything -- i didn't know what was going on.
12:24 pm
i've been there 23 years. never had ever had an earthquake -- never felt that before. >> now, the main concern moving forward are the after shocks. we felt several earlier today. one the most powerful in terms of after shocks. a 5.4 happening after 4:00 a.m. local time in ridgecrest. the other thing that we spoke with the police chief about, he feels this community has dodged a bullet. not only in terms of the damages or the lack thereof but the weather. there were power outages. it's going to be up to 100 today and most of the power has been restored. the main concern moving forward are the aftershocks. a couple hundred so far and expecting more in the coupli coupling -- coming days. >> julie: thanks, jeff, a family's day at the beach takes
12:25 pm
a terrifying turn when dad spots sharks with his drone. we'll have what happened next. i switched to miralax for my constipation. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. and it doesn't cause bloating, cramping, gas, or sudden urgency. miralax. look for the pink cap.
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>> julie: a helicopter crash in the bahamas killed seven people on the fourth of july. it happened a couple miles off of the coast grand cay island. the helicopter was on its way to ft. lauderdale, florida. three women and four men were all americans. among them, a billionaire coal executive from west virginia. investigators trying to figure out the cause of the crash. okay. this story is crazy. a florida father says he went to the beach every day, trip to the beach. not really, with his family when they decided to fly his drone. moments after he sent it up in the sky to shoot his kids down in the ocean, he spotted a shark near his kids. they screamed for them to get out of the water. it happened in new smyrna beach
12:29 pm
outside of orlando. you can see the shadow near the top of the screen. that's a shark. the children right down at the bottom of the screen not far away. the dad is a professional photographer. he said he wanted to use the drone to get a fun picture. turned out in a terrifying experience. he said he's thankful everybody is okay. joining me from florida, dan watson and their 9-year-old daughter, grace. thanks for talking to us. as a mom of three, dad, first of all, amazing that you had the drone in the sky. you wanted great shots. my best is a selfie. thank god your a professional photographer. tell me what went through your head. >> it was a very quick moment. i was just capturing a normal image. just getting ready to take a picture. probably 20, 30 seconds after i had the drone in the air that i began to see the shadow.
12:30 pm
at that moment, it was panicked. that image is captured and screaming and yelling at my wife to get them out of the water. it was intense. >> sally, you're laughing now because it's like oh, my god, i can't believe this happened. when your husband tells you that he sees this and he screams, if mom of three, momma bear, what do you do? you scream your head off and run toward the water. did the kids hear you? >> they did. i was at the edge of the water watching them. they happened to be a little further in the water at that time. i told them, you know, come in. there's sharks in the area. he said get out, get out. i just screamed for my loof to get my kids out. then he brought that drone to me and showed me the picture. it was unbelievable. >> grace, your little brothers are 5 years old. now they probably think oh, cool, we went swimming with sharks. what do you think of this? you're 9 years old. 9-year-olds have a fear i would
12:31 pm
imagine of sharks. what -- could you believe you were swimming so close to a shark? >> it was really scary when my mom started yelling at us to get out of the water. i went to go see the picture of the shark coming towards me. it was really scary. >> oh, my goodness! did you grab your brothers? i would imagine you're a very protective big sister, if you're anything like my 9-year-old girl. >> yes. >> julie: what did you tell them? what did they think? your mom and dad said there's a shark next to you guys. what did your brothers say? did they say anything or did they understand? >> they were scared, too. they were like that's kind of cool that the shark was in the water. >> julie: sally, you didn't think it was so cool. >> no. >> julie: i look at these images and imagine what it was like to be on the beach. if dan hadn't been photographing your children from a vantage
12:32 pm
point like that, a good chance you would never see this shark. were there any shark warnings at the beach, like signs up there there could be sharks in the water? i would assume you wouldn't let them swim. >> no, there were no shark warnings that day. there particularly aren't in that beach. it's quite frightening. >> julie: so dan, any time your children leave the house, you're going to follow them with a drone? >> we're going to give a new meaning to the help continuer parent now. >> julie: you can pattern that and start a drone business. i'll sign up. now what will happen? next time you want to go to a bean, i imagine it would never be the same. this is an outing that happens weekly. what is it like for you guys to ever want to go back to this beach or any beach for that matter? >> still are going to go. we go at least once a week. i go with my mom all the time
12:33 pm
and my children. again, you can have caution and you worry but we're not going to live our lives scared. god protect us and it was a god moment that we had that drone in the air. we're so thankful it turned out the way it did. >> julie: and the lifeguard left as well. it wasn't for the drone, thank god. >> yes. >> julie: definitely an amazing story. what story they can tell when they go back to school or grow up. i don't think a little of people will have a summer vacation like this. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> julie: great, you were great as well. good job on your first live debut of national television. >> thank you. >> julie: thank you all. so a single lick of ice cream could put a women behind bars for years after a nasty video went viral online. check it out. >> lick it, lick it. put it back, put it back. oh, you're a [bleep].
12:34 pm
>> so she licked the ice cream, put it back in the freeze-for somebody to buy it. police say they have identified the woman and will get an arrest warrant for him. the video got ten million crews online. investigators say they traced to it a walmart in the eastern texas city of lufkin about 100 miles north and east of houston. the ice cream company blue bell reports tracking down the actual tub of ice cream the woman licked. out of caution, they threw out all the containers in the freezer. the lufkin licker face serious charges. let's go back to attorney brian claypool again. brian, what this woman did is gross. it's disgusting and she should be punished. the question is what should the punishment be? apparently under texas law, she could get up to 20 years.
12:35 pm
does this fit the crime? >> if anybody goes in a store and tampers with a consumer product, putting a foreign substance in the protect and here she did that, the foreign substance is her saliva. in texas and federal law, she can get anywhere from a fine up to 20 years in prison. so you break it down two ways. if nobody is harmed by her having licked the ice cream, for example, nobody buys it, nobody comes down, for example, with mono or hepatitis or staph infection, which is unlikely, then she won't get 20 years. it goes from a fine up to ten years. the bigger question becomes, what should a court do. should she go to jail for this. i'm torn by this. you have to set an example, julie, for people that you can't walk into a grocery store and, you know, put your saliva or drop some blood or poison in a product. you have to set a precedent but
12:36 pm
at the same time, it's saliva. believe it or not, i did research. usually saliva doesn't create an infection. we kiss our partners and people don't get sick. so i'm torn by this. >> julie: i know. it's so disgusting amount big difference between a prank and malicious intent. you watch the video, she's laughing. it seems this was a stupid prank. the question is, does it matner the eyes of the court, if it wasn't malicious. >> great question. it does. in fact, the prosecution will have to show that she did have an intent to create bodily injury to somebody else. you're right. the video speaks volumes. it will help her in defending against the charges. it shows she's laughing and pulled off the lid and threw it back. the end of the day, she will end up with a significant fine and
12:37 pm
probably probation for what she did. >> julie: so it's called tampering with a consumer product. it could be a violation of federal law. is that correct? >> that's right. she could be charged with a state law in lufkin, texas or a federal law. but both -- i looked at both lays. they both provide the same penalties. so it's easier just to file that in state court and seek -- have her punished for that. again, i think it's going to be harder than it looks. i think she's going to fight it and she's going to end up probably, you know -- maybe she will do jail time. maybe the judge gives her jail time, sense a message to the world that you can't tamper with a product. we all love ice cream. >> i imagine it would be difficult to get a federal conviction and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she committed reckless disregard, if you will. >> right. right. they have to prove oh right.
12:38 pm
reckless disregard under the federal law. it's a little higher standard than the state law. the state law that she did it with an intent to create probable -- here's the key, julie. it has to be probable bodily injury. the end of the day, the state and federal statutes were geared for something more than saliva on ice cream. something like i talked about. you put a body fluid or toxin or poison into a product that somebody might consume. that's what it's geared towards. be careful with your ice cream. >> julie: it's disgusting. i never want it out of a tub again. or make sure there's a plastic seal, which usually there is. if there's no plastic seal. toss it. >> did you see how she pulled it off? the store has some duty here, too, to make sure that that seal is on tighter. i noticed that. good point. >> thanks, brian. nasty topic. >> you bet. >> julie: enjoyed it.
12:39 pm
sunday is another critical deadline in a tense stand off with the united states and iran. the big question now what the iran followed through with plans to enrich more uranium. president trump vowed he will never allow. that's ahead. plus, stocks are taking a hit despite a strong jobs report. down 54 points the day after the fourth of july. feels like a holiday but it is not. the u.s. players have added 224,000 jobs last month beating expectations by 60,000 jobs. the employment rate ticked up to 3.7% as more americans search for work. the fox business network, gerri willis reporting live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. what's going on, gerri? >> i have to tell you, what's going on, this is the biggest economic report of the month and it's on a day there's not a lot
12:40 pm
of people down here, a lot of people that would be working aren't. so there's not a dot of volume. it could be worse. first, let's take a look at the numbers. june jobs were up 224,000. we were expecting 160,000. that's what the market calls a big-time beat. you mentioned the rate is a little bit higher to 3.7% from 3.6%. that's marginal. that's not considered that important. what workers consider important, average hourly wages up 3.1%. double the level of inflation. that is very good news. a number nobody is talking about, besides the labor pool increased by 335,000, 335,000 people that came back into the work force. that's exactly what this economy needs. why is this bad news? why is this seemingly good news being taken as bad news by
12:41 pm
traders and sending stocks lower in the dow down 57 points. the federal reserve meets later this month and expected to cut rates, bring rates down. that's what traders and investors wanted. with the strong report, this goldie looks report, they may not do that. that's the big debate in the marketplace right now. that's why you've seen a sell off today. more "shepard smith reporting" after the break. (ding) hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪ who used expedia to book
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>> julie: researchers found a cure in mice. scientists say for the first time they wiped out the hiv virus in live mice. one is crisper gene editing.
12:45 pm
hiv patients would need two injections. wow. researchers say following the success with mice it could take years to apply the technology to humans. iron demanding the immediate release of an iranian oil tanker after one of america's closest allies, the u.k., seized it. british police say the ship was headed to serious in violation of sanctions amount spokesman for the iranian foreign ministry says this could cause an increase in tensions in the area. this is as iran gets closer to weapons grade levels. let's bring in michael singh from the national security council and managing director at the washington institute think tank focused on middle east policy. first of all, the reason in fact that britain had to seize this
12:46 pm
ship is because they were trying to send oil over to assad, which is something he's been trying to do for years to support the syrian regime, which is against the rules. so iran is trying to play dirty and saying i'm going to push further and we're going to enrich as much uranium as we want if you don't loosen sanctions by sunday. isn't this only going to tighten sanctions? >> you have two different things going on here but you're right. they'll influence one another. iran is trying to get oil to the assad regime in syria, which it does support. frankly iran has been just about the only source of oil remaining for the assad regime and caused a lot of pressure in syria. but second, iran is obviously under is severe pressure sanctions from the united states because of the trump administration's withdrawal from the nuclear deal and decision to
12:47 pm
go back to sanctions. so i ran has used the leverage that basically available. the sort of tax on tankers, the attacks on the u.s. drone and the escalation in its nuclear activities in an effort to push the united states back, get the trump administration to relent on sanctions. that deadline for somebody to sort of provide economic relief to iran, that deadline is sunday but it won't be met, julie. >> it's a lot of talk. you tweeted this. i want to put it on the screen. a great point. excellent example of how the u.s. and europe can work together on iran. disagreement over the jcpoa. the question now is how can our european allies better unite to put further pressure on iran to get in line? how do we also stop them from continuing to support the syrian
12:48 pm
regime? >> when it comes down to it, there's a narrative that the u.s. and europe are at odds on iran. for the most part, we agree with our european partners on iran. we're concerned about their missile proliferation. if the iranians go ahead with their plans to ramp up their nuclear program, the hope of the trump administration is that the europeans will put back nuclear sanctions on iran following this weekend. >> thanks, michael. we'll have to see. like you said, sunday's deadline will probably come and pass and no will happen. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> julie: a historical mural painted during the depression is about to get erased. why the artwork once seen as historical is now causing so much controversy. that's coming up. i switched to liberty mutual, because they let me customize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything,
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>> julie: two protesters arrested after the burning of an american flag in front of the white house on the fourth of july. supporters are calling for the charges to be dropped. jonathan hunt reporting live with more. jonathan, there's more to this. it's not technically illegal to burn a flag due to free speech and the constitution. but these guys were doing more than that. >> yeah, this all involved a small group, julie, around a dozen members of the revolutionary communist party that gathered near the white house chanting slogans and calling as their name suggests for revolution. then one of the group, gregory lee johnson, set fire to an mesh flag as other rcp members surrounded him. at that point, superintendeome of president trump tried to stamp out the flames and the
12:53 pm
opposing sides fought before police arrived and arrested johnson, the flag burner. as members of the white national group, the proud boys arrived to add their voice to the chaos. all of this taking place in lafayette park, which sits in front of the white house. and is a traditional gathering place for protest groups. the secret service said the party had a protest permit but not a permit to burn the flag at that location. gregory johnson is something of a serial flag burner. in 2016, he burned an american flag outside the republican national convention in cleveland and he did the same thing in 1984. again, outside the republican national convention, which was being held in dallas that year. he was convicted and then appealed all the way to the supreme court. which ultimately ruled that flag burning is a symbolic speech protected by the first amendment. in light of that, johnsoner
12:54 pm
supporters say he shouldn't have been arrested or charged. >> and joey johnson that went to the supreme court in 1989 and fought to defend the right to burn the american flag was arrested yesterday and is being charged with malicious burning. some made-up story about assaulting police officers. a story which has been shifting and changing by the hour. >> the official charges against johnson are actually two counts of disorderly conduct. he's due to be arraigned sometime this afternoon, julie. >> julie: thanks, jonathan. a july fourth celebration turned into chaos in chicago. police say three people got stabbed and more than a dozen injured in a stampede after a crowd of people thought the sound of firecrackers were gun shots. mike tobin on the late forecast chicago. hi, mike. >> hi, julie. chicago police wanted to enter
12:55 pm
this weekend prepped to deal with gun fire. they dealt with a stampede. what happened is after the organized fireworks display, people continued to light off firecrackers. it was a member of a private security team at navy pier that mistook that nor gun fire. the active shooter protocol was initiated and that sparked the panic. >> at some point while everybody was exiting, we believe that someone yelled "gun" and shots were fired at this time. there was a stampede. 14 individuals were injured in the stampede. they had been to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> i saw all the chaos. i heard some shots. i'm not sure if they were in the police or from, you know, people around or anything like that. i saw a lot of kids scared. >> police say it was 17 people that were injured in the panic.
12:56 pm
most of the injuries were due to trampling. one person was impaled in the leg. to compound matters, outside of the security area, the area where the crowd would be exiting the pier, teenagers flashing gang signs got into a fight. two people in the fight were stabbed and according to police, one man that had nothing to do with the fight was stabbed in the face. nobody has been arrested. the gun fire continued over the weekend. as of noon today, 33 people had been shot over the holiday weekend, three killed. julie? >> julie: thanks, mike. san francisco set to spend more than $500,000 to paint over a historical mural of george washington after some people criticized it as racist. the mural at a high school painted decades ago during the depression. it depicts our founding father's life. it also shows slaves working and white pioneers standing over the
12:57 pm
body of a native american. claudia cowan reporting live. hi, claudia. >> this is called "the life of washington and just inside the main lobby of george washingtons will. the san francisco school board says it's ready to spend up to $600,000 to paint over the 1,600 square foot neural that depicts the first president as a soldier a statesman and as a slave owner. along with images of settlers standing over the body of a native american, slaves are depicted in mount vernon. the mural was considered radical when it was installed 83 years ago. now critics want it gone saying it's unfair for students to be exposed to the harmful images. >> we do we have to explain the pain caused by the visual sense that we see in that building
12:58 pm
that is supposed to be an institution for learning. >> but at a packed school board meeting, supporters called it educational and priceless. they say removing it amounts to censorship and they worry other historical artwork from the new deal era could face a similar fate because of changing sense tytys. >> we should be teaching about the mural and what it means. i as a half native american indian so no problem with the mural. it depicts what happened. >> the mural has been a focus of controversy for decades.most of the school's 2,000 high school students are people of color and come from low income families. the renewed debate to paint it over comes as schools and government buildings across the country have taken down statues and artworks that honor confederate heros and historical figures that owned slaves. most of that $600,000 would go
12:59 pm
to fighting lawsuits that are expected to keep this controversial mural right where it is. by the way, julie, this money would come out of the school district's general fund and by one estimate that amount, again, we're talking about $600,000, could cover the cost of ten new teachers. that's starting salaries. >> julie: yeah, they had to budget nor the legal fees as well. crazy. claudia cowan, thank you. the women's world cup final is sunday. the united states facing the nether lands. this will be the first women's world cup final for the netherlands. they beat sweden wednesday night 1-0. so the dutch player that scored the only player says she can't way to play the american team and the finalists have something in common. both the u.s. and the netherlands have woman coaches. the first time that has happened in a few years. the world cup final is sunday at 11:00 a.m. eastern on the fox network.
1:00 pm
go u.s.a.! awesome stuff. love watching them play. by the way, after the show, we have a fox news update on facebook watch. it streams live just a few minutes from now and available any time on demand. that will do it for me. "your world" is next. >> we had great numbers this morning. i think it was 224,000 jobs. those were unexpectedly good. our country continues to do really well. >> neil: i think he knew the job numbers by heart. the 224,000 we saw added to the commit in the latest month way beyond what anyone thought. stocks were getting hit hard originally on the news on the belief that it made the possibility of cutting interest rates something that would be further off. in the end, the dow down 200 points early on finished with losses of about 41 points. what a crazy day. welcome. glad to have you. i'm neil cavuto. we're going to get into those