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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 7, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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and the rest. paul: thanks dan. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel. thanks to you for watching. i'm paul gigot, hope to see you right here, next week. [cheers] >> that's it! usa wins their fourth world cup! >> the united states women's national soccer team has won the fifa world cup. team usa defeating the netherlands by a score of 2-nothing. or 2 nil as they would say in soccer terms. i'm mike emmanuel in for eric shawn. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. arthel: i'm arthel neville. today's victory marks the second consecutive time the women's team has hoisted the trophy and a record fourth time overall. stars megan rapinoe and rose
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lavelle both scored sealing the victory and prompting millions of team usa fans to celebrate. greg palkot joining us live from leone france where the game took place. hey, greg. >> hey, arthel. yeah, mike, also. it was amazing match. we watched it right here in the center of leone, france. not far from the stadium where the game was played, with a whole bunch of very noisy enthusiastic fans at the sports bar behind us. yeah, the team indeed made history, extending their record now with four world cup wins. now, netherlands certainly gave them a run for their money, in the first hour of the match, but led by captain megan rapinoe, they came back. in fact, she won honors as the top player on the team in the tourname tournament. take a listen to what she said. >> it's unbelievable. just to know all of the people in our group that put in so much work, obviously the players. we have all our friends and
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family here. it's like -- i don't know how to feel right now. it is ridiculous. >> while some found the team maybe a little bit overly confident, she and the whole team really won the hearts of the american fans, including those we were with today, not just for their top-notch playing, but for their outspoken nature including on political issues and gender equality. take a listen to some of the folks we watched the match with. >> this is awesome, so amazing. >> the netherlands is really stepping up, but in the second half, we came through and it was very exciting. >> are they an amazing team? >> amazing team. >> they deserved the cup. congratulations usa. [cheers] >> amazing stuff. yes, soon after the win, they got an invitation to a tickertape parade in new york city by mayor de blasio, perhaps the first of many many accolades they are going to get. back to you guys.
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arthel: that's going to be something else here in new york city. greg palkot, thank you. fox news alert, as iran announces it will raise its uranium enrichment beyond the 2015 nuclear agreement, an iranian official says they will go above the previously agreed to cap quote based on our needs. we have more from our middle east bureau. >> iran is set to break another commitment in the 2015 nuclear deal by surpassing the uranium enrichment threshold. officials today in tehran making that announcement that by tomorrow morning the company's enrichment -- country's enrichment level will bring iran closer to weapons grade material. they say they plan to break a commitment every 60 days unless the remaining parties in the nuclear deal find a way for tehran to get around u.s. sanctions or the u.s. decides to return to the agreement. >> translator: the reason we are starting our second step in reducing our commitments from the jcpoa is that europe and
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other members could not meet our demands, especially in the field of oil, in bringing back -- they haven't been able to do anything worthy. >> germany, france and britain have all released statements this weekend about the iranian enrichment news. germany condemned the move, while french president emmanuel macron says he's been in touch with iranian president who is open to dialogue over the next week on the nuclear question. since the united states pulled out of the nuclear deal last year and reimposed sanctions on iran, the country's economy has suffered greatly. in a tweet today the foreign minister called u.s. actions quote economic terrorism before adding that recent breaches of the agreement can be reversed. iran surpassing the uranium enrichment threshold does come amid increased tension with the united states. iran or iranian backed proxies have been blamed for a series of attacks on western linked oil infrastructure. this prompted the u.s. military and government to move more resources to the middle east. mike? mike: trey, thanks a lot.
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arthel: secretary of state pompeo reacting to iran's latest provocation on twitter, saying, quote, iran's latest expansion of its nuclear program will lead to further isolation and sanctions. nations should restore the long-standing standard of no enrichment for iran's nuclear program. iran's regime armed nuclear weapons would pose an even greater danger to the world. now, this as the mounting tensions between washington and tehran intensify, a policy rift between republicans and democrats on capitol hill. jillian turner has more on that. >> washington's reaction to news of iran's plan is breaking down along partisan lines today. republicans are insisting the trump team get everything under control. -- got everything under control. >> they have been enriching uranium. donald trump has been very consistent in saying stop the spread of terrorism and make certain that iran doesn't have a nuclear weapon, and that is the goal, and we're going to continue to support that.
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>> democrats, though, are putting the blame squarely on president trump's shoulders. >> when donald trump became president, iran was no longer two to three months from breaking tout a nuclear weapon -- breaking out to a nuclear weapon, they were more than a year from being able to break out a nuclear weapon, based on our intel and what the israel is said. now they are enriching again. >> under the existing terms that the nuclear deal that the u.s. is no longer party to, this breach by iran should be met with so called snap-back sanctions, immediate and harsh penalties intended to coerce the regime back within the framework of the deal. so now, the the ball is in the european nation's court since the trump administration pulled the u.s. out of the deal one year ago. iran's government plames the u.s. and europe for failing to live up -- iran's government blames the u.s. and europe for
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failing to live up to the deal. iran's supreme leader has the ultimate say inside the country about foreign policy. just like president trump gets to determine most u.s. foreign policy here at home, the supreme leader gets to do so in iran. sources say the prospect of resolving anything with diplomacy is now all but dead. arthel? arthel: gillian turner, thank you very much. mike: president trump's approval rating surging to the highest level of his presidency. a new poll showing the president with a 47% approval rating among registered voters. ellison barber has more from berkeley heights, new jersey, near where the president spent his weekend at the golf resort. ellison? >> hey, mike, yeah, it is a high number firefight -- high number for the president. that is among registered voters. this poll also talked to people who aren't registered to vote. the numbers among all respondents, those people maybe 18, 19 haven't had a chance to
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vote yet or to register to vote before the 2020 election, they perhaps changed that number a little bit. the numbers i will give you here are the numbers among all adult respondents on overall job performance, the president is at personal high, 44% of all respondents approve of trump's overall job performance. that is up 5 percentage points from april and it marks president trump's highest job approval rating since he took office. but a majority of americans 53% according to this poll say they disapprove of his overall job performance. that's a majority disapproval for his first two and a half years in office. as noted by abc, a record for any president in modern polling. when it comes to 2020, the adults polled say the top three issues are the economy, immigration and healthcare. most americans, 51% aprove of the president's handling of the economy. on immigration, most americans, 57% disapprove of the way president trump is handling it. 40% said they approve on
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healthcare. 54% disapprove of the way president trump is handling it. 38% said they approve. among registered voters, the only democratic presidential candidate beating president trump by a significant margin is former vice president joe biden. biden is 10 points ahead of trump in a hypothetical matchup. everyone else is really close or it's almost a dead heat or the president is a little bit ahead. mike? mike: ellison barber, breaking down the numbers from new jersey, thank you very much. arthel? arthel: mike, people in southern california are still on edge after two powerful earthquakes. there had been more than 3,000 aftershocks since thursday, including a 7.1 magnitude quake that struck friday night. meanwhile, california governor gavin newsom says president trump has offered to help the state in its recovery. jonathan hunt is on scene in ridge crest, the epicenter of that quake. >> good afternoon, arthel. the aftershocks appear to be
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waning right now, and that is giving the residents of ridge crest and the surrounding areas time to take stock, time to begin assessing the damage, time to begin the recovery, and according to the local fire chief here, it is the perfect time for them to get prepared for the next big earthquake, whenever that comes. listen here. >> we can prepare ourselves so that when something does happen, we have that nonperishable food. we have contacts outside of the community that we can check in with so people aren't looking for someone that's missing that is not in fact missing. do these things now. take advantage of that time before there is a disaster that may affect you or your family. >> the physical damage in and around ridge crest might actually be less than the mental scars that have been inflicted on residents here. the police chief has been talking about that the last few
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days. i asked him if he could put it into words, the effect that it has had. he seemed frankly lost for words to begin with, then he said this, listen here. >> grief, shock, and then for me pride and what i've seen from here, my people. >> now, the seismologists say that the situation is certainly improving, from the look of their data. dr. lucy jones is perhaps the preeminent seismologist in the united states, she said on twitter, quote, the sequence is decaying, and the decay rate is on the high side of average, so the probabilities of more aftershocks are dropping in the next week. magnitude 4s are still certain. a couple of magnitude 5s are
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likely. but she said larger quakes are looking more improbable. i can tell you that everyone here, arthel, is very thankful for that news, but no one is letting their guard down yet. arthel? arthel: understandable. jonathan hunt, thank you. mike? mike: arthel, community cleaning up after a massive explosion that levelled a strip mall in broward county, florida, near ft. lauderdale as investigators work to identify a cause. firefighters say they found ruptured gas lines below a vacant pizza restaurant where the blast is believed to have started. they can't say for sure if that's the source of the blast at this point that injured nearly two dozen people. all stores and businesses in the area will remain closed as the investigation continues. arthel: some democratic lawmakers ratcheting up their criticisms of the trump administration's immigration policies, amid a growing humanitarian crisis at our southern border. how u.s. officials are pushing back.
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mike: iran has announced it will start enriching uranium above the amount it agreed to in the 2015 nuclear deal. what's likely to happen next and how should the united states and its allies respond? we turn to international security expert jim walsh with the mit security studies program. great to have you. >> great to see you, mike. let me say at the stop, though, that my wife's family got some tough news over the weekend and i wanted to say i'm thinking of them and will be heading down to tennessee and see them soon. they're in my thoughts and prayers. mike: we are sorry for that. we thank you for doing this. let's get your reaction to the news of the day on iran enrichment. your thoughts?
1:17 pm
>> well, i would say it's a small step, but the road in the future doesn't look very good. the things they did last week and this week really don't bring them any closer substantively closer to a nuclear weapon, but what they announced today is every two months they will make another announcement and i presume those will be of actions that will grow in seriousness and consequence. the president as you know he didn't like the periodic -- having to periodically certify the nuclear deal, that sort of got under his skin and he got frustrated by that, and now we have a different set of deadlines every two months. so i think things could get ugly going forward. mike: how should the u.s. respond to each of these steps? >> well, i guess i would respond proportionately. that's normally how you would go, but the truth is, the larger context here, mike, is the u.s. pulled out of the agreement. that sort of killed the agreement and freed iran to do whatever it wanted. if iran wanted to stay in the
1:18 pm
agreement, it could stay. if it wanted to leave or go in between, that was up to them once the agreement was broken. sort of like when the russians cheated on the inf treaty, the u.s. is free to respond, get out of the treaty, do whatever it wants. that's where iran is. they are trying to put political pressure on the europeans and on the united states. my hope is that right now what we have is maximum pressure versus now knew nuclear provocations. we know that story. we did it for years in 2000s and it didn't go very well until we had an agreement. i hope that all parties can back off and find a way to get this back to a stable situation before it gets worse. mike: does making these threats with the nuclear program play well for the regime in tea ran? -- tehran? >> it does. it helps the hardliners, it undermines the government. there are a whole bunch of iranians who in years past said listen, let's have an agreement with the u.s. the supreme leader finally said okay, i don't believe it. i don't trust them, but fine.
1:19 pm
we got an agreement, and then it fell apart. so naturally the folks who were skeptics and who were the hawks and the foes of the diplomats, those folks are in better position in iran in their domestic politics than they were a year ago. mike: how much of this tough talk do you think it is appealing to the nationalism of the iranian people? >> that's a good point, mike. my guess is there are several audiences. one audience is a domestic audience. the other audience is europeans, caught in middle. they are still in the deal and wanting the deal to work but trying to make it work even though there are u.s. sanctions which is very very difficult legally. finally, the final audience is probably the united states. it is iran saying every 60 days we're going to do something, we're not going away. we're not going to lie down and let you kick us. we're going to push back. it is that dynamic, action reaction that we're looking at for the next several months. mike: president trump thought long and hard about a military
1:20 pm
response after the iranians shot down a u.s. navy drone, what are your concerns about a possible military strike by the u.s. at some point? >> well, we talked about this. i am concerned. and i'm more concerned after what happened this past week. the president went on tv and said listen -- he was asked about an attack on iran. he said look, it is not boots on the ground. it is going to be air power, you know, airstrikes, missiles, bombs, and that will be easy and i don't need an exit strategy. that's what he said at a meeting with reporters. i think that misunderstands the situation. if you strike iran's nuclear facilities, their most likely response will be to wake up the next day and say oh, yeah? then we're going to guild a bomb. -- build a bomb. we're going to pull out of the deal and kick out the inspectors. we will show you. we're going to build a bomb. yes, there won't be any boots on the ground. the mission will have worked but the consequences will be i rab armed with a nuclear weapon which is the worst outcome, the
1:21 pm
outcome we're trying to prevent in the fist place. -- first place. the military and president, the commander-in-chief need to think carefully about the consequences of an airstrike even though it doesn't include boots on the ground. mike: they are well known for spreading terror throughout the region. is there any chance the iranians are watching the american political calendar wondering if they will like their chances better with perhaps a new president? >> i think that's good insight, mike. that was probably right up until a couple of months ago. you know, they stayed in the deal. they sort of kept quiet. they laid low. i think they were probably waiting the president out. and then after the president sanctioned the supreme leader and their military, things started to change. i think they have adopted a different strategy now. they are going to push back and see where that takes them. you know, it's anybody's guess where that end. i mean we could end up with a negotiation which would be awesome, and we could end up with an airstrike that could lead to an iranian nuclear bomb. so the choices, the outcomes are sort of stark right now.
1:22 pm
mike: jim walsh from mit fascinating picking your brain, sir, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you, mike. arthel: jim, we wish you and your family well. as tensions between the u.s. and iran simmer, european nations still in the nuclear agreement with tehran work to curb iran's nuclear ambitions. this is affecting the entire geopolitical dynamic in the middle east. fox news state department correspondent rich edson explains how. >> i think they are playing with fire. >> nuclear enrichment, malicious, ballistic missile launches. the trump administration is building a coalition to counter iran, assembling countries across the middle east, a region with a long history of complex alliances. officials in the united states have described some of the conflict there as a 21st century continuation of a seven century split in islam with saudi arabia leading sunni muslims and iran commanding the shiites. >> the sunnis and shiites have been engaged in a sectarian civil war since 632 ad.
1:23 pm
estimates show between 85 and 90% of the world's muslim population are sunnis. about one in ten are shiites. relationships are e vovling where former enemies are joining to counter current ones. >> now is the time to stand firm. >> today iran supports militias across the middle east and urges the destruction of israel. government officials say the threat iran poses to israel and challenge to my gulf nations has strengthened a quiet cooperation between israel and its muslim neighbors. >> the arab states in the gulf are weak enough to see israel as not a formal ally, but as a major check to iranian ambition >> analysts say while there is still tension between the sunnis and shiites, especially in countries like iraq, the situation is far more complex. the middle east is a region where country borders deviate from religious lines, and much of the fighting is about power, regional influence, local conflicts and authoritarian control of diverse populations. >> when we talk about syria, the
1:24 pm
differences are not really driven by sunni and shiites. they are much more the assad regime. a lot of this is the function not of religion, but population growth, corruption, poor governance. >> administration officials are pushing greater cooperation among gulf allies. though there are challenges. saudi arabia, egypt, bahrain, and the united arab emirates are blockading qatar, that entered its third year. at the white house, rich edson fox news. mike: former vice president biden back on the campaign trail a day after apologizing for his comments about working with segregationist senators as a new poll shows president trump's approval rating at an all-time high. how all this plays into the 2020 race, next. once-daily toujeo helps you
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mike: on the 2020 campaign trail today, former vice president biden is in south carolina one day after apologizing for his
1:28 pm
remarks about segregationists. garrett tenney has more from washington. >> mike, the timing of this apology is interesting because just a few weeks ago, joe biden refused to apologize for pointing to his work with segregationist senators as an example of working with those who he disagrees with, but in the first democratic debate, senator harris had one of the debate's most memorable moments when she went after biden for his remarks. after that debate, she got a boost in the polls and biden took a bit of a slip. so this weekend biden apologized, and today in south carolina, he was asked why he waited so long to do it. >> if any comments i made were taken in a way that people took offense from them, then i'm truly sorry for that. that was not my intention. i'm proud of my past. have i made mistakes? yes. do we grow? yes. the fact of the matter is that's why i chose here in south carolina and chose an audience that in fact would be the most likely to have been offended by
1:29 pm
anything that was said. >> now, kamala harris is also campaigning today in south carolina, and today she told reporters that biden's apology is good, but said it doesn't erase the many other differences they have on policy. >> he is right to recognize the impact of his words, and i applaud him for doing that, having the courage to do it. -- [inaudible] -- between he and i, that remains. [inaudible]. >> so both biden and harris talking about the differences they still have and one difference that joe biden pointed to specifically is with their plans on healthcare, so that is one area we may start to see him highlight over the next few weeks before the next democratic debate. mike? mike: garrett tenney, live in washington, garrett, thank you very much. >> you got it.
1:30 pm
>> [inaudible]. yes, i was. i regret it. i'm sorry for the pain or misconception -- >> that is former vice president joe biden apologizing for his comments about working with segregationists as his numbers slip in the 2020 polls. meanwhile president trump's approval rating hits a high. a new washington post abc news poll showing 47% of registered voters approving of the president's job performance, while 50% say they disapprove. but here's what the same poll says about how he has acted in office. 28% say fitting and proper. while 65% say unpresidential. i'm joined now by john fun, columnist for national review magazine. good to have you on set with us today. >> thank you, arthel. arthel: what should the president make of those latest polls? >> better than he's been, but
1:31 pm
you don't win a two-person race with 47% unless you get an electoral college royal flush. so the president is being buoyed by a strong economy, but the biggest problem he's going to have is the unpresidential behavior that so many people perceive. i think that's why we're going to be talking later i think about justin amash, i think there's going to be a real question now is there going to be a viable third party candidate because that may really in such a close race between the democrat and president trump, that may be the decisive factor. will there be a third party candidate this siphons votes away from either president trump or the democratic candidate? arthel: we will go there with justin amash, he talked about that very subject on cnn with jake tapper. let's listen to that. >> is it possible you would run for president? >> i still wouldn't rule anything like that out. i believe i have to use my skills, my public influence
1:32 pm
where it serves the country best, and i believe i have to defend the constitution in whichever way works best. arthel: to your point, is it possible -- let's back up for a second. the reason congressman amash was on with jake tapper this morning because he left the republican party. he feels like nothing is getting done. this is a little bit ironic from someone who was one of the founding members of the tea party. what do you think of that, that he's leaving the party, and then does that set him up to run as an independent or something against president trump? >> what he is articulating is what most members of congress never like to admit in public. they are basically furniture. the decisions are made by the leadership. whether it's paul ryan, the republican speaker or nancy pelosi, the democratic speaker, they are supposed to fall in line and shut up. he's expressing a lot of that frustration now that he's no longer tethered to his own party. but he's probably an underdog now running for congress, again,
1:33 pm
in his district. arthel: i mean the president has already -- the personal attacks the president likes to make especially via twitter, he's already called him a loser, he's done. he's not going to win again. he was going to lose anyway. that's why he is bowing out >> it is going to be tough with trump voters going against him now. if he decides to run for president, he has two choices, run as an independent which means you have to a collect a whole lot of signatures on state ballots or run as a libertarian because they have a whole bunch of states balloted already lined up. arthel: bottom line, there's no republican or anyone who used to be a republican two days ago that will challenge the president, i just donn see it. >> well there might be some obscure candidate out there who wants to get his message out, but effectively, no, the president has cleared the field because no one wants to run against the blowtorch of the twitter machine that you mentioned. but i'm talking about the impact on the general election in
1:34 pm
november, if there's a third party candidate, which could be justin amash. arthel: let's talk about the democratic candidates who are running who could give the president a run for his money. you've got biden out there. he's the front-runner -- runner. doesn't want to engage in friendly fire. we just saw him, you know, just saw him apologize. but can he move forward now, put that behind him? listen, everybody who has advised him said joe, you took too long. you should have apologized a long time, ten days ago and just move on. can he now move on? >> no, i think he's -- this is like putting blood in the water for sharks and the sharks being his opponents. look, donald trump's biggest challenge in the reelection is going to be the unpresidential behavior you referenced. the biggest challenge the democrats are going to have is their crazy left wing of the party going to take their candidate too far to the left to win moderate voters? that's what the polls show. the polls show that people are
1:35 pm
willing to vote against donald trump but not if the other candidate is considered too extreme on the issues like getting rid of private health insurance. i think if the problem is that joe biden is constantly apologizing, to people who say he's not liberal enough, that sets up a leadership issue. i think it shows that joe biden is not really being a leader if he won't stand up to his own party. remember bill clinton solidified his democratic nomination with a sister soldier moment. he said no, we're not going to go there. i'm a moderate, and i'm not going over to the left wing of my party. arthel: i understand that. this is a new day. twitter world. want to take a moment here. i'm looking at the beautiful first lady and the president arriving at moorestown, new jersey. they will be heading to joint base andrews. the president has had a little bit of relaxation this -- today is sunday -- at his golf course. they will be heading home. the president has a big week ahead. in fact, he will be making a speech on monday, which is
1:36 pm
tomorrow. hang on. he's talking. listen. >> great economic numbers that came out. over the weekend. you saw it on friday. spectacular economic numbers. we are doing better than any nation on the planet. we're very honored by that. in addition the interest rates which the previous administration essentially didn't pay. we have tremendous numbers coming out. our economy is doing incredibly. i want to congratulate the women's soccer team on winning the world cup. that's an incredible achievement. it was a very exciting game. i got to see a little bit of it. and great players, it is a great honor to have them win for the united states the fourth time. that's a tremendous thing. congratulations to the team of the world cup. if you have in i questions, go ahead. -- if you have any questions, go
1:37 pm
ahead. >> [inaudible]. >> iran better careful. you enrich for one reason, and i won't tell you what that reason is. but it's no good. they better be careful. >> [inaudible]. >> no i haven't seen it, but, you know, we've had our little ins and outs with a couple of countries, and i would say that the u.k. and the ambassador has not served the u.k. well. i can tell you that. we're not big fans of that man. and he has not served the u.k. well. so i can understand it. i can say things about him, but i won't bother. >> [inaudible]. >> we're moving ahead with the census. they're spending $15 billion or some ridiculous amount of money on a census. i don't know why we can't use the computers of the world because frankly that's the way you can do it, the census today
1:38 pm
and probably a lot more accurately, but they are spending 15 to 20 billion dollars on a census. they're asking everything except are you a citizen of the united states? how ridiculous is that. so we are moving forward. we have a couple of avenues, and the attorney general is doing a fantastic job in many ways, and i think he's got it under control. we can do a memorandum. we can do an executive order. we're looking at different things. but there are other alternatives, and again, i believe our attorney general, fantastic man, and i think he's got it very well under control. >> border, the conditions there? >> the new york times story is a hoax. i think anything the new york times writes nowadays, they are -- you know, they use the word unhinged. the new york times, i call it the failing new york times for a reason.
1:39 pm
check out their unfunded liability and see what they are worth. they are already a failed new york times, but when they write a story like that, i went to my people, and they said sir, it is not true. we told them about a crisis. they said it was manufactured. they laughed and they stopped the money, and then it turns out that it wasn't manufactured. there's a crisis. we were right about that. we told them that the detention centers are really full. and they've got to change the loopholes and change asylum. they have to change the immigration laws. we could do it quickly, but we have no votes to do it because the democrats won't vote. we need someone to vote. but the new york times story is a fabrication. now, i saw visually, i have people there that tell me the job they are doing is incredible, and in all cases, if you look, people that came from unbelievable poverty, that had no water, had no anything, where
1:40 pm
they came from, those are people that are very happy with what's going on because relatively speaking, they're in much better shape right now. the border patrol and all of the law enforcement that's working on the border, it's incredible what they are doing. they've had to become nurses. they've had to become janitors. they've had to become things that they were never trained to do all because the democrats refuse to change the loopholes and the asylum, or the immigration laws. so i think it is a disgrace, and the new york times is basically a partner with the democrats, the way i look at it. they should never be allowed to write stories like that. >> [inaudible]. >> the numbers are going down because mexico is doing a lot. mexico is building up to over 20,000 soldiers at the border so the numbers are going down. >> [inaudible]. >> i would like to do that.
1:41 pm
you have to look at numbers. when you look at world cup soccer, there's one thing. -- that's one thing. you have to look at professional soccer. you have to see who is taking in what. i don't know what those numbers are. again, you have to look at the great stars of the mens soccer, the great stars of the womens soccer, and you have to see year around, what is the attendance for women's soccer outside of world cup? but i would like to see it, yes. >> [inaudible]. >> [inaudible]. >> we haven't really thought about it. we will look at that, certainly. yeah? >> [inaudible]. >> iran's doing a lot of bad things, and remember this, the obama agreement, which was the most foolish agreement that you
1:42 pm
will ever find, it expired in a very short period of time. whether you have this conversation now or in a number of years from now, a few number of years, very important conversation, except the way they want it, they would have nuclear weapons. iran will never have a nuclear weapon. >> ambassador lighthizer, secretary mnuchin, will they speak with the chinese this week? >> we're doing very well with china this week. most importantly we're doing very well with the tariffs. we're taking in billions and billions of dollars from china. we have never taken in 10 cents from china. china has ripped us off during obama and biden, during other presidents, clinton obviously, and right now china is not very happy because thousands of
1:43 pm
companies are leaving china and going to other places, including the united states because they don't want to pay tariffs. and the other thing is china's paying the tariffs. they are devaluing their currency and they're pumping in. that's paying for the tariffs. our people have not been paying for the tariffs. thank you. >> [inaudible]. >> if the fed knew what it was doing, they would lower rates, and they would stop quantitative tightening. if you look at europe, what they're doing is they're pumping money in and they are having rates lowered so they can compete with us. just remember, the european union was set up in order to compete with the united states. okay? and if you look at what he's done, made them somewhat competitive. despite everything, they are not doing well, and we're doing great. europe is not doing well at all.
1:44 pm
we are doing great. but we're put at an unfair playing field when they cut interest rates and when they pump in a lot of money, and we're doing just the opposite. we are taking money out and interest rates have gone up. if the fed didn't do what it did or if it did even half, we would have a dow that would be as good as it is doing, but we would have a dow that would be anywhere from 5 to 10,000 points higher. >> [inaudible]. >> i'm going to start showing some of these detention centers to the press. i want the press to go in and see them. i just spoke to marc morgan, and i just spoke with as you know kevin, so we're going to send people in. we're going to have some of the press go in because they're crowded, and we're the ones that were complaining about they're crowded. they're crowded because people
1:45 pm
come up, but now thanks to mexico, it is slowing down greatly. i think you will start seeing some very good numbers, but it is crowded. but we want the press to go in and see because you know what? the new york times, it really is fake news. thank you, everybody. thank you very much. arthel: okay. so that was president trump there at morristown, new jersey, airport. and john -- john fund is still here with me. he had a mini news conference there. he talked about a lot of things. i want to get your reaction to some of the things the president said. of course he started off by touting his good economic numbers. that's a good thing, but then he also said to iran, he was asked about iran, he says iran better be careful. and then he called the obama agreement foolish. now, i want to ask you and get your take on -- he was referring to of course the 2015 iran nuclear deal which the president a year ago pulled out. that's what iran is claiming,
1:46 pm
kicked everything off that's happening now, saying the u.s. pulled out so all bets are off. how do you see it, and what should the president do next? >> well, the reality is iran is really hurting from the sanctions that are being applied. and there's enormous potential unrest in iran. that's why you saw those attacks on the tankers. that's why you saw all of those incidents in the persian gulf. i think we are heading towards a series of non-violent confrontations because iran is going to be continuing to test the president, and at the same time sending out signals that it's willing to talk again if there's a new president, but they don't think they are going to get any kind of a deal from this president. i think iran is going to be a major issue in the 2020 election, because do we continue the course of rigid sanctions on iran, or if there's a new president, do we have a different policy? arthel: but, you know, jim walsh of mit says that he thinks we're at a dangerous point here, you
1:47 pm
just said it too, that you think iran is not going to back down from their little steps of aggravation and provocation. you know, the thing that jim walsh says he would not want to see the president drop bombs or anything -- any kind of airstrike on iran because that would cause a big problem because he thinks that that would cause iran to go and continue to build a nuke and do it as quickly as possible. >> even worse, i think it could be regional war that could involve israel and all kinds of things. i think the best experts say that you could not wipe out iran's nascent nuclear program with any kind of a strike whatsoever because it is too dispersed and too underground. i don't think the president is going there. i think the president sees the kind of pressure the sanctions are putting on iran's economy, and i think he's going to continue to tighten in that way. arthel: as long as russia doesn't keep doing business with them and giving them money? >> you know, russia's gross national product is less than the size of new york and new jersey combined. i mean, there's only so much
1:48 pm
russia can do. arthel: john fund, i would like to keep talking to you, but i have to take a break. thank you very much. >> thank you. arthel: john fund, national review magazine. >> pleasure. arthel: we're back in a moment. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ when you start with a better that's no way to treat a dog... can do no wrong. where did you learn that? the internet... yeah? mmm! with no artificial preservatives or added nitrates or nitrites, it's all for the love of hot dogs.
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mike: hedge fund manager jeffrey epstein has been arrested accused of sex trafficking dozens of minors in new york and florida between 05 and 05. -- 02 and 05. he is expected to appear in a courtroom tomorrow. let's bring in our legal panel. gentlemen, great to have you. >> good to see you. >> good afternoon. mike: how serious are these charges against epstein, david? >> huge, mine, he's exposed to life on these sex trafficking. let's talk about how this came about, because back about a decade ago, he resolved his
1:52 pm
cases in florida on state crimes, and he signed a non-prosecution agreement with the feds. now, just this year, that nonprosecution agreement was found to be violating federal law which opens the door to these new charges. and because sex trafficking doesn't have a statute of limitations, new york has now brought these charges against him, and he's exposed to life in prison. mike: as a former assistant attorney, alex, are you convinced the feds must have the goods on epstein? >> the southern district of new york is very very capable of office, they are known as some of the best prosecutors in the country. they have a strong case. there are a lot of complications in this case. it took place a long time ago, the conduct at issue. there is this deal hanging out there, the now labor secretary signed when he was the u.s. attorney down in miami which could lead to some complications down the road. epstein is going to have a huge defense team. they are going to fight this every step of the way.
1:53 pm
mike: pretty serious lawyer on the other side too. what are next steps in this case, david? >> yeah, he's going to go before a magistrate, and the judge will determine whether or not he will be released with conditions. thereafter, the prosecutor will have to provide discovery. and epstein and his team will have to make a decision whether or not to plead guilty, whether or not to go to trial, and i think the most interesting thing that pops to me is epstein going to cooperate? because back in the day, when he signed the nonprosecution agreement, also protected co-conspirators. so if he is looking at life in prison, now may be the time to roll over on people and who knows what type of people may be involved in this conspiracy. mike: great point, this guy is a billionaire with a lot of wealthy and high-profile friends. should those people be worried about epstein taking them down with him? >> absolutely. what's interesting about this is it's being done by the public prosecution unit in new york. these are folks who generally do corruption crimes, do economic crimes, and so they are very well adept at flipping people
1:54 pm
like this against folks sort of higher up the food chain. epstein has famous friends. he's hung out with both the current president trump and former president bill clinton. if you are in his orbit and you were doing things you shouldn't have back in the early 2000s you ought to be concerned right now. mike: does sex trafficking which is the charge require other people? david, would you expect the feds to be looking for alleged co-conspirato co-conspirators? >> yes, absolutely. the miami herald came out with a very comprehensive report and there are co-conspirators mentioned in the report. if that report is true, there are many that have to worry about cooperation by epstein. mike: final thoughts, let's start with alex. >> you know, this is a case that could be incredibly explosion. -- explosive. it's been exposed to the news. there are some underpinnings that once it comes to light i think it will blow the socks off folks. mike: there's also some thoughts that these were young women who
1:55 pm
maybe didn't think people would notice. they were kind of underprivileged young women, is that also perhaps encouraging that they may get justice, david? >> yes. they have been represented on many different actions. there have been defamation actions that have been filed. there was the action in florida to find the nonprosecution agreement void. they are represented. and they will be heard. this will be a case in the press, no doubt about it. mike: alex, any final thoughts for you? >> yeah, i think the fact that new york is doing this is what we need to watch very very closely. the next few days will be really interesting. i think it is a case to watch for sure. mike: gentlemen, thank you very much for your time. a fascinating case, a billionaire going to court tomorrow. we will see how it all plays out. thanks so much for your time and your expertise. we will be right back. of savings and service. whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app?
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>> annual running of the bulls now underway in spain the opening day left at least five people injured two of the runner s were gored by bulls one
1:59 pm
suffering serious injuries and the festival that lasts nine days each morning six bulls run through the narrow streets on a 930-yard course, that lasts less than three minutes, and the bulls are then killed in an afternoon bull fights and the festival draws about 1 million people to the city, each year. >> a massive world war ii bomb diffused today, in germany. city officials evacuated about 17,000 people from the area, before emergency workers tackled the 1,100-pound american bomb found during construction work last month. still, more than 70 years after the war ended, unexploded bombs are frequently found in germany and disposing of them sometimes entails a large scale evacuation like the one seen today. wow. that's fascinating. would you ever do the run with the bulls? >> no. >> seriously, no. >> not even when i was a college kid would i have done
2:00 pm
that. >> that's off limits. not doing it. nice to work with you. >> pleasure, thank you so much arthel. >> already, have a good evening , everybody. >> goodnight, everybody. >> greg: hello. and welcome to our special july fourth weekend show it's brand new, but was pre-taped a week ago. >> [laughter] >> which means tonight whatever topic i choose to discuss, it has to be interesting and fun, but also generic and non-topical so it doesn't get old in a week, so how about those stupid democrats? >> [laughter] >> see? that never gets old. it never gets old. definitely not mailing it in


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