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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 8, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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available to you online anytime. the final bell is ringing the ft of this monday session, we are down about 116 points. 11 of the dow 30 are in the green. "your world" starts now. >> neil: president trump just addressing environmental issues is a new poll shows his job approval hitting a new high, for him, an all-time high. former vice president joe biden taking in hit in the polls but still leading to to the democrc pack. elizabeth warren rakes and $19 million in the last three months alone without a single fund-raiser. welcome, everybody. busy day. it's a busy "your world" monday. i'm neil cavuto and we are all over it with kevin corke at the white house. the president's rising numbers. peter doocy in myrtle beach, south carolina. if we are about to see the first
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democrat drop out of the race for president. we begin with kevin. >> good to be with you, my friend. i'm going to make it real easy for the people who didn't get to watch the entire speech. america is leading the way on environmental issues. that is according to the president appeared on me see if you heard shepard mention coming into the show, there are a lot of critics out there who would suggest the country is not leading the way on environmental issues. the main focus of today's event was not only tell the good news as far as the american environmental economy is concerned. it was also to sort of pushback against the backlash from some environment to groups who have, as i mentioned, criticize the administration policies. here is the president. >> president trump: among the heritage we must preserve bizarre countries incredible -- the shared obligation that brings us together today. my administration has made it a top priority to ensure america
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is among the very cleanest and cleanest water on the planets. want the cleanest air. we went crystal clean water. that's what we are doing. >> that indeed is what we are doing, said the president. he also took note to highlight the fact that the u.s. has become the world's biggest oil and gas producer without undermining environmental protections. critics pointing out the fact that since the president took office, his administration has rolled back over 80 environmental rules, including removing the u.s., paris climate accord. it is not all doom and gloom. the sun is beginning to break out here in washington and i have a sunny report from a polling perspective from the president. the latest "washington post" survey may surprise some folks. the president's highest numbers yet, according to "the washington post." 47% approval rating. 53 on the downside or just above 50% on the disapproval.
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47%, according to the latest survey in "the washington post." that is up 5%, a jump since april. it's the highest in that survey since he took office. that should portend fairly well. i also think it probably speaks well, neil, of their job performance and the economy. >> neil: that was a key part of it. thank you very, very much. now to peter doocy in myrtle beach, south carolina, . tracking the democratic candidates in polls has been fascinating, what's been happening over the last couple days, money raised in all that. one particular candidate who is already dropping out of the race, or so we are told. to you, peter. >> neil, any minute we do expect the candidate who less than two weeks ago called on joe biden to pass the torch to leave the race with biden still firmly in first place. that's because the "los angeles times" is reporting that eric swalwell will soon call it quits. he has struggled in the polls
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and fund-raising numbers that candidates must collect to qualify for the fall debate. that's not a problem that elizabeth warren is having. she announced this afternoon that without a single event or phone call even with big donors, she made more money in the second quarter than bernie sanders her big competition for the progressive primary vote. the only democratic candidates who collected more money than warren and the second quarter are joe biden and mayor pete buttigieg. joe biden said sorry this time. >> two weeks ago somehow giving the impression to people that i was raising those people. i regret it. i'm sorry for the pain and misconception. >> remember at the end of june,
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joe biden rejected cory booker's call to apologize. times change. neil. >> neil: indeed they do and so does the presidential landscaper the first one quitting the race, california congressman eric swalwell. >> people filling up gymnasiums and churches. i was told that the most important thing i could do is there congressman was to reverse the course our country was taking, go out and find new friends and reshape the congress. for two years, i went to 26 states and led an effort called future 40 to find 40 candidates in their 40s who could flip 40 seats. 28 won. after being so demoralized, like many of you, by mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting in america was about to lose hope. and then parkland happened. the communities of parkland
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converged with communities in sandy hook and cities where we never hear the names and never hear the stories, like chicago and baltimore in miami and oakland. they marched from the town squares and town halls to ballot boxes, and they beat 18 nra endorsement was of congress. we had momentum after the last midterm election, and i believe the best way to keep that momentum with a young diverse caucus for the democratic party and 18 fewer nra members in congress. to have a leader in the white house who could have that momentum. that's why chose to run for president. i was excited by what i saw across the country over the last three months building of the work we did for the midterms in the last two years. i told my wife and our staff and my constituents and our supporters we are only running for one reason. to win and to make a difference.
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not a vanity project, not to write a book, not to make this about anything other than the people who really, really need it. so being honest with ourselves, we had to look at how much money we were raising. where we were in the polls. we qualify for the debates immediately. we made the first cut, got to the debate stage. had a campaign operation with in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, new york, washington, california. moved the needle on the debate stage on an issue that i'm very passionate about. believing that every candidate should pledge that they would support a ban and buyback. our three frontrunners that were on the stage with me, vice president biden,
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senator sanders, senator harris, all three said they supported i it. we've achieved that. communities across america who have been stricken by mass shootings now know that at least three of the front runner support this idea that these weapons of war do not belong in our communities. we have to be honest about our own candidacies by abilities. an american author louis l'amour wrote and then lonely mountain, there will be a time when you believe everything is over. that will be the beginning. today ends our presidential campaign but it's the beginning of an opportunity in congress with a new perspective shaped by the lives that have touched mine and our campaign throughout these last three months. to bring that promise of america to all americans.
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to believe that it will be the next generation whose leadership will solve climate chaos, bring cures in our lifetime for health care, address the student loan debt crisis. and make sure that we say enough is enough. we don't have to live this way anymore and that we love our children more than we love our guns. i am fired up. doing the work i've already been doing in congress, to go back to washington on the house judiciary committee, the house intelligence committee, and as the chair of the steering and policy committee to work on these issues. to carry the story of some of the people i've met across america. i also want to thank my wife, our kids. they are a lot of fun on the road. my wife was a hell of a surrogate for us.
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she was a mom and she put everything she had into our campaign. i want to thank my parents and my siblings as well as my staff, led by our campaign manager, lisa tucker as well as our supporters who made the small contributions, who knocked on doors and made messages and believed in us every step along the way. thank you. i want to think the media. >> shepard: the first casualty of the proudest presidential contest on the democratic side. california congressman eric swalwell formally dropping out. he's going to remain in congress. you might recall when he entered the contest, he told the "the san francisco chronicle" he wouldn't run again for his house seat. seems he's returning to congress and likely will. he didn't spell it out as such but he feels he can do a lot of good there. remains to be seen what he does now after this, whether he stays
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in congress, runs for election what the impact will be on a party for which he barely caused a blip in the presidential field. there were a lot of candidates. he was among more than two dozen. republican strategist here. we have fox news jupiter lease peak, marjorie clifton. not a shocker but i guess his intention to return to congress and presumably run for the seat he said he would leave, what do you make of a question mark >> you never know what's coming with 20 candidates. i think a lot of people are talking about beto and some of these other candidates that abandoned potential races and will they go back and run if they fall out of the presidential. it is -- the national debate. >> neil: he ruled out a book deal. he had the hard work, standing out in the fields. he had his moments but it's still a very crowded field. i suspect we will see more even
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before the first votes are taken. how is the financial community digesting in? >> i think that financial community is hoping for a moderate to become president, whether it's donald trump, and i think he is considered a moderate for the financial industry. or joe biden or someone else they can live with. elizabeth warren wants to tax wall street profits. all of these guys want to raise taxes which we think will suppress the economy. as people look at this, there's a lot of people on wall street giving money to pete buttigieg. i think they think he is young and impressive, smart and that he might emerge as a more moderate presidential figure, if you will, then he is a candidate. it's pretty early at this point and frankly a lot of money is going to donald trump, as we saw her recently.
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raise $105 million. it's pretty impressive. a lot of it came from small donors. donald trump is doing pretty well in the race on the democrats are just beginning. >> neil: indeed. his poll numbers come as we sai said. i wanted to get your take on joe biden because i think he's the one the administration is most concerned about as a potential nominee because at least early on, the polling shows him with the biggest numbers against the president. south carolina republican senator was discussing this with me on my weekend show and he thinks biden's support among africans americans might be showing some cracks. i want you to react to this. >> i think their goal of keeping biden as a front runner is an important one for them but kamala harris is creeping up. african-american voters are the majority in the democrat primary and therefore her performance against joe biden, especially on a racial issue like busing has
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prompted more folks to start taking a second look at her. she is now gaining within the state. she has been behind the african-american community which is quite unusual and interesting. joe biden's legacy as the first vice president of the first african-american president has served him well. those numbers are starting to show a lot of cracks. >> neil: if that's the case, then it's open season for that contest, right? >> think as we see biden's numbers start to slip, we see harris' numbers start to go up. i think there's clearly a correlation. what's important for the applicant community is that the issues are on trump's side. talking about the economy, immigration, issues the african-american community cares about and we look at the latest phone numbers for "the washington post," we see 51% of americans think donald trump is doing a fantastic job with the economy. >> neil: i wish we had more
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>> neil: now you know it's a big deal because the french are upset. emmanuel macron trying to save what's left of the 2015 nuclear deal, even iran claims to ramp up the enrichment of uranium and restart the centrifuges. in other words, go nuclear. let's get the read from former navy intelligence office truck officer don bremmer the french are trying to save it but the iranians are making it awfully hard. >> good evening.
1:19 pm
the iranians are trying to lean on every last bit of negotiating power they might have as sanctions start to tighten the grip. this is a move that could backfire on them if they increase the sanctions passed a 4.5 level. >> neil: assuming that they do that. they are already pooh-poohing it and willy-nilly doing things to bring the europeans to the table or at the very least the frenchman under. if that doesn't work and it doesn't look like it will, then what? >> is these sanctions start to tighten, what this move could do with the other five remaining signatories on the accord, if they go past this limit that was agreed to in the accord, this could impose international more sanctions on iran that could further implode their economy. the iranian people are already
1:20 pm
starting to stockpile. they fear the very worst. this tightens the grip not only in tehran but around the global community. >> neil: mike pompeo, secretary of state said their behavior could lead to further sanctions for their facing the tightest sanctions ever. we upped the ante considerably with countries whom iran has been doing business. so then what? >> they have been relying on other countries that they've been able to barely get by, those countries who they still have some sort of relation. i think this move will take even that away, as the u.k. starts to turn against them, as we saw with the tanker in gibraltar. france, sweden, every last bit of ally that was clinging on will turn away if they go past 4.5, completely breaking the 2015 accord. >> neil: don bremmer, thank you very much.
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>> neil: let the deportations begin. the question is when, where, and how many when all is said and done. there is a pool of these whose cases have already been adjudicated. they have been told you have to leave. ken is the acting director of the u.s. citizenship and immigration services and he joins us now. good daffy with us. how will this all go down? >> it's a law enforcement operations of the head of i.c.e. will control the effort.
1:25 pm
they will play on the rollout. this is what i.c.e. is supposed to be doing. this is their central mission, to enforce the orders and as you noted, there's about a million people in the united states move removal orders were not abided by those orders and that's the pool from which they can choose i don't know who they're going to go after and i don't know where. that won't be announced beforehand. it's unfortunate that it's reached a point where it's newsworthy that i.c.e. is doing its job. it's not a criticism of i.c.e. it's a criticism of the circumstances we find ourselves in, swamped at the border where their backing up the border patrol and enforcement has been frowned upon by congress. >> neil: the 1 million figure, the cases already adjudicated, does not include the 12 million at a minimum horror here locally
1:26 pm
-- illegally. many are protected in cities and towns in some states that have sanctuaries. how do you deal with it? >> federal law enforcement can operate independently. obviously anyone in that space would prefer to have cooperation up and down the chain. for those law-enforcement agencies that simply refused to cooperate at the state or local level, they are not involved in the operations. it really comes down to that. >> neil: what if they give these illegals a heads up, hey, the feds are coming. we are hearing that. >> certainly you've heard some of that in the past and i.c.e. would take steps to avoid that possibility going forward. certainly for laws enforcement agencies that have shown a willingness to undermine federal law, that would be a consequence. >> neil: the dirty little secret on this is that it's been
1:27 pm
going on for many years. deportation is part of business. barack obama had half a million deportations. there's a pattern to it. the difference here is the object of it and how those who might want to get the first televised images under this administration of deportation, how it looks and whether it will hearken back, even with the law on your side, to the seizing of ellie and gonzalez during the clinton administration. janet reno, our attorney general, it was undecided returning that kid to cuba. it's memorable. >> the best you can do, i would say in the elian gonzalez team, it was overkill with the folks dealing with him. there are times when law enforcement -- >> neil: what does that mean?
1:28 pm
>> law enforcement agents by definition are armed and ideally you never get to that stage. these are people who have refused to abide by these orders, the federal orders. the most violated federal order i think we have in this country. in some instances, folks will go there will be buses and transportation. >> neil: they won't be coming in with guns drawn. will they? >> i'm not going to speak to how law enforcement agents are going to conduct their business. it's on a case by case business. it's not a cookie-cutter plan. they will have a specific plan related to that family and it will be as appropriate. if there isn't danger that they anticipate, you will see much lower level tactics than if they are anticipating the potential for danger. officer safety and the safety of
1:29 pm
everybody else involved. >> neil: we'll watch closely. ken cuccinelli, thank you. what's the difference between nike and starbucks? starbucks just owned up to a mistake. the question now is what happens now ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a-- ♪ drifter i was ♪born to walk alone! you're a drifter? i thought you were kevin's dad. little bit of both. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. we'd love some help with laundry. spray and scrub anything with a stain. wash the really dirty clothes separately. new tide pods with upgraded 4-in-1 technology unleash a foolproof clean in one step. aww, you did the laundry! it's got to be tide.
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>> neil: starbucks formally apologizing after learning six officers were told to leave by an employee because of -- a customer felt uncomfortable. william la jeunesse with more. >> this six officers having a cup of coffee before their shift and a customer says to the barista "he does not feel safe in the presence of these officers." the employee asked him to get out of the customers line of of sight or leave. rather than make a scene, they left. their union posted a "dump starbucks" photo saying that the store has zero respect for cops. >> not asking for a boycott of starbucks and we don't want the employee fired. hopefully it's a learning opportunity and we can move forward in hopefully pupils feel safe around law enforcement. >> 20,000 were retweeted the photo and starbucks apologizing
1:34 pm
that the officers should have been welcomed and treated with dignity and respect. instead, they were made to feel unwelcome and disrespected which is completely unacceptable. >> their presence making you feel unsafe and i think that's a little bit ridiculous. >> police accepted the apology but cops around the country took notice. >> it was an insult not just to those officers, those six officers and starbucks, but every single officer out there bit risked their lives and wants to be part and needs to be part of the community. >> no word on discipline for the employees involved but this is definitely a talker around dinner tables all around the country. >> neil: to put it mildly. thank you very much. former new york city police commissioner howard safer. how do you think this is handled? >> i think it was handled properly after it occurred but i think the fact that the employee of starbucks felt they could do this might indicate the culture
1:35 pm
at starbucks that they need retraining. i think it also speaks to what the left-wing media, how they have demonized police so that the public thinks police are there enemy instead of people keeping them safe. >> neil: two things that hit me, commissioner. one customer didn't like their presence. the cops, rather than create a scene, voluntarily left. that one customer won over half a dozen law-enforcement people. it's weird. >> i think the police officers acted professionally. they didn't want to start an incident. they didn't want to escalate something that was not right. they didn't want to make an incident where i could turn into violence. one of the things that starbucks has to do is retrain its employees. although they did apologize, unlike nike, which is demeaning our flag in our country, think they act a lot more.
1:36 pm
>> neil: good having you. howard safir on that. we want to take your attention to liberty international airport where they are awaiting the arrival of the world champ soccer team, the women's team won 2-0 against the netherlands. they're going to be greeted with a lower manhattan parade on wednesday. nancy pelosi has already issued an invite for them to come to congress. no formal invite at the white house but he was very congratulatory of their achievements. some team members is that they have no interest at all and coming to the white house. no politics today. just celebrating a great triumph for the american team. more after this. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness,
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>> neil: former kansas republican secretary of state kris kobach running for the united states senate. he joined me early to address controversy surrounding the
1:40 pm
timing of the campaign. there had been talk that you are being considered for an administrative, immigration related job. they were nervous about that, though there was some controversy, some baggage on these issues, the wall thing and everything, so you decided the heck with it. i'm going to run for senate. is that true? >> a better way to put it would be i can do a great deal of good for the president in the country especially on this immigration issue where i've worked for the past two decades in the senate. i've also found advising the president for the past three years during the campaign and all he's been, informally, it's been effective. the president and i speak frequently about illegal immigration and policies and building the wall and i can do both. i can help him as he crafts executive policy to protect the country and i can do what he needs done in the congress, reform our law so we have a better immigration system and
1:41 pm
the laws are fully force. apparently axios has been publishing documents that show you allied yourself with organizations that had ties to white supremacist groups that was the reason the trump administration sort of had a cold hands approached you for any administration appointment. can you address that? >> yeah, i saw that when it was in the paper. i had to laugh. the souther poverty law center, which trashes all kinds of people including people on this network, if they don't like our situation where our immigration laws are paid the southern poverty law center said kris kobach must be associating with whites the premises. i've spoken at various conferences, none of whom are affiliated with white supremacy. but they do that. they trash anybody. there is no truth to it
1:42 pm
whatsoever. >> neil: controversy seems to follow you. it's not unique to you but i'm wondering, the comments that david kessinger made, an outspoken critic of yours. he says of you, he has the reverse midas touch. everything he touches turns to crap. what do you think of that? stick with that gentleman is a very bitter man. he is someone in kansas who'd helped one of my arrivals would won an earlier race and continue his gravy train of the influence he's had within the kansas state political scene. i don't put much stock in what he says. the president knows and americans of been following for the past 20 years, i helped do all kinds of things, defendant i.c.e. agents in court, drafted the arizona immigration laws, to laws. the court upheld the main provision. >> neil: does the president
1:43 pm
know of your senate interests and has he said he would campaign on your behalf? >> the president does know of it. we spoke on the phone a few days ago. not going to say exactly what he said but he was encouraging. >> neil: encouraging and that he would help you? >> again, i try to maintain confidence in the communications that i frequently have with the president but he was certainly encouraging when i let him know i had made the decision to run. >> neil: in the meantime, letting you know about record rainfall drenching d.c. today. massive flooding. leaving a lot of drivers stranded and it was a difficult morning commute. it's a little bit better for a lot of them trying to get home today but flood warnings remain in effect for d.c. several counties and until at least 6:00 p.m. taking you to newark international, liberty international airport, awaiting the arrival of the women's soccer team, winners of the world cup. fourth time they've done that.
1:44 pm
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>> neil: the champs have arrived in new york liberty airport, winners of the world cup the fourth time. no country comes close. we will be going there shortly when they take the microphone and talk to reporters. ahead of that, we also have the epa administrator joining us, andrew wheeler. on the day that the administration was crowing about progress they made on the environmental front. good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> neil: i know you talked a lot of progress in all the rest and on some key areas for president mentioned, there has indeed been some of that blend
1:48 pm
in other areas there is not. 2.7% uptick in emissions from fossil fuel combustion in 2010 alone. i'm wondering whether it startles you. >> it doesn't startle me. last year we had some big upticks on manufacturing which increased energy use as well as a very hot summer, cold winter. overall we have reduced our co2 emissions 15% since 2005, and we are still on a downward trajectory to continue to reduce our co2 emissions. >> neil: were you surprised that former bush, reagan, epa folks, everyone from christine todd whitman to others, saying you've gone too far on this. >> i was little surprise. what we are doing is following the clean air act and following the law. the obama proposal to deal with this was stated by the supreme court. we took a look and had the stay by the supreme court, saying
1:49 pm
that the obama approach was outside the bounds of the law and we had to put forward something that would stand up to the courts and also reduce pollution. we finalized regulations two weeks ago that would reduce coal-fired co2 emissions from the electric power sector over the life of the regulation. we are making strides to reduce the co2. even more importantly, we have reduced the six criteria air pollutants. the pollutants that cause health effects. there was been reduced 74% since 1970. >> neil: the bulk of that was long before you assumed office. the reason why mentioned it, sir, the new york attorney general had said you had rolled it back, saying it's another prime example of this administration's attempt to rollback critical regulations that will have devastating impacts on the safety and health of our nation. what do you say that? >> we have reduced all six
1:50 pm
criteria air pollutants under president trump's watch. sulfur dioxide and led have been decreased double digit percentages over the new york attorney general. the -- she announced an hour before we release the rule. i would've hoped she would've read the regulation first before she said she was going to sue u us. >> neil: do you look at climate change as a legitimate problem? >> yes, it's a problem and we are addressing it. our regulations will reduce eot from -- reduce we are coming out with cafe standards which will reduce co2 emissions and we are coming out with a new methane proposal which would reduce methane emissions from natural gas. in the united states we have doubled our natural gas production since 2000 and at the same time we have reduced our methane emissions 16%. we want to continue that downward trend and we will
1:51 pm
continue that downward trend. >> neil: when you're acknowledging the fact you're doing all this to address climate change, you must believe in it as a legitimate phenomenon, is it man caused that you think needs addressing and that's why you alluded to the data that you just did? >> man does contribute to climate change and it's happening and we have to address it. the law tells us we have to address it. the supreme court has told us and we are following the law and following the supreme court. >> neil: you are out of the treaty. the paris accord on this very issue and we kind of stand out by our absence. are you okay with that? >> i am. we are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions faster than almost every country so people should judge us by our actions. the paris climate accord was a bad deal. bad for u.s. manufacturers and u.s. jobs and it was a bad deal for american consumers. we are doing is a responsible way to reduce greenhouse gases.
1:52 pm
>> neil: may be because you come from the coal industry, people scrutinize you very closely about anything that might benefit that industry. you talked about efforts to keep coal plants clean and efficient, keep operating at levels that will be productive, but with very minor improvements when it comes to environmental issues or at least that's the interpretation many have gotten, that you just don't care about it. >> i obviously do care or we would not have finalized our regulation which will get 33% to 35% reduction in co2 from the coal-fired power plants. i represent represented one coy but i had over 20 different clients when i was a consultant. yes the environmental groups always point to one client but i represented nuclear, solar. it's unfair for them to attack me that way. we are trying to follow the law for everyone. for the american public, but
1:53 pm
what president trump has asked me to do is continue to clean up the air in the water and continue to deregulate. >> neil: unlike your predecessors, there's no controversy or any of that attached to you. i think the new republicans would say we've got to pay more attention to this boring guy, referring to you. they went on to say he's proven far more effective than scott pruitt at screwing the planet. when you hear stuff like that, what do you think? >> it bothers me. one, i don't become boring and i'm also an outdoorsman. i'm an eagle scout, i go hiking and camping. i love the environment. i'm not trying to destroy the environment. i'm trying to protect the environment. that's what my job is. protecting public health and the environment and that's what we do day in and day out and i depend upon the career employees of the agency. we have 14,000 career employees. our agency will turn 50 years old next year and we have a tremendous history of progress, protecting the environment, protecting the united states and protecting the whole globe.
1:54 pm
>> neil: the former policy advisor who said he was sidelined on these efforts to hear contrary and points of view within your agency, that is much ado about nothing? >> that is much ado about nothing. yes. >> neil: okay. we shall see. andrew wheeler, thank you. epa administrator joining us from outside the white house. a quick peek at new york liberty airport. u.s. women's soccer team will be recognized that they were stars again for the fourth time. no other country comes close. >> equal pay! my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot... almost 98% of patients on eliquis didn't experience another. ...and eliquis has significantly less
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1:58 pm
not a big honor considering how much financially recognized for their efforts. the lawyer extraordinaire said they do have a legitimate beep on that point. they are not paid all like that. >> should we start the chant equal pay, equal pay, equal pay. but frankly, it is unbelievable disparity. so you look at 2018 for the men's cup, $400 million, for the women, there is just no justification. the purse for the men $400 million. that is not what is being reported. there is this vast disparity between the two and it is interesting because the lawsuit -- >> neil: are we comparing apples to apples near? >> it takes the same effort, same athleticism. >> neil: the women are there and the men are there. and still talking about the
1:59 pm
same, still talking about the same revenue, the same number of people interested. it has to end at some point. >> neil: this might be the kind of antidote to do it, right? >> it would be great and momentum because frankly the equal pay across the board amongst many levels. >> neil: i know the lawyer looks at equal pay and all of that stuff up for sponsorships and all, do you think they will have no shortage of them were given the political heat that they generated, it might hurt them? >> it depends. it could. >> neil: and that is men too, men and women, right? >> of course it may impact the endorsements. but i think it is such a good feeling story to talk about. it is so great and people are excited. it is an amazing honor to come this far. >> neil: the women trying to get them battled for equal pay, they could not have better spokesmen for their spokeswomen.
2:00 pm
>> rock stars. rock stars. and only the girls across the nation. >> neil: very inspiring but they still got their luggage lost. that did happen. but a backdrop to history. that will do it here. here comes "the five." [laughter] >> >> greg: juan williams, jesse watters, dana perino, greg gutfeld. "the five." >> was i wrong a few weeks ago to somehow give the impression to people that i was crazy and successfully opposed time and again? yes, i was. i regret it. i'm sorry for the pain or misconception that it may have caused anybody. [applause] >> greg: finally joe biden apologized for not being sleepy


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