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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 9, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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henrique daniels but her three sons rubber fish in a museum. she wanted to take a picture but wasn't until afterwards she realized her youngest had the fish in his mouth. and it is going viral. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. jillian: more boots to the border, the pentagon deploying more troops as the border crisis spirals out of control. rob: will this be enough to help me agents in those migrant hotspots and is this a wake-up call for congress? letting team usa celebrating washington. jillian: it won't be at the white house. what she just accepted. >> your home run derby. heather: this may have been the most explosive home run derby
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major league baseball has ever seen. rob: a competition between two rookies. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ i can make your hand clap every night ♪ i am the only living soul around ♪ rob: over there. jillian: that what you come up with? rob: a home run. jillian: go ahead and think that. rob: you are watching "fox and friends first". jillian: thank you for starting the day with us. congress's plan to move forward
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with terminal contempt proceedings against william barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross. rob: the controversy over whether there should be a citizenship question number 2020 census. jillian: the vote is expected to come soon. >> reporter: exactly right. now specific date but the house returns from its fourth of july recess today, nancy pelosi suggesting contempt vote will come soon. in a letter to her colleagues pelosi reminded them last 1000 with a committee voted to hold the attorney general and commerce secretary in contempt writing it was for defined the committee's bipartisan subpoenas for documents that will shed light, on the citizenship question, we will be moving forward and the whole town soon. earlier in the - an event in san francisco nancy pelosi suggested democrats will continue to investigate the question as well and said donald trump's renewed pitch to included on the census is disgraceful.
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>> his hat, make america white again. they want to make sure people, certain people are counted. it is really disgraceful and not what our founders had in mind and not what we can decide who we are as a people. rob: over the last week the attorney general has been meeting with the team and the president to find a way to get the citizenship question on to the census. william barr said he agrees with donald trump's supreme court decision against the question was wrong and the administration's plan to challenge it would likely be announced sometime this week. >> we have been considering all the options, i have been in constant discussions with the president since the supreme court decision came down and over the next day or two you will see the approach taken and does provide a pathway getting the question on the census.
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rob: back to the contempt for a moment if it passes and sets up an interesting scenario where the attorney general's justice department would be tasked with a petition to hold their boss in contempt. jillian: homeland security wants to send 1000 more national guard members to fight the border crisis in texas. the pentagon says it is considering the department that request at two migrant detention centers along with an entry checkpoint. mike pence and the second lady will visit the border in texas with a group of bipartisan lawmakers. tonight, a georgia community will honor one of their deputies gunned down in the line of duty. nicholas dixon was shot during a gunfight while doing that.
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>> what was lost to each of us. most of us love doing that. >> four teenagers are behind bars for the shooting, one facing murder charges, dixon is the 24th police officer to be shot and killed in the line of duty. a funeral will be held for the 3-year department of veterans. the 28-year-old leaves behind a wife and two sons. rob: iran friends further breaches of the 2015 nuclear deal if it doesn't get relief from sanctions, country enriching uranium, 4.5%, 20% enrichment is an option inching closer to the 90% enrichment needed to build a nuclear weapon. the rogue regime planning to charge foreign ships in exchange for protection across the strait
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of hormuz, crucial to oil trade. attorney general william barr offering special counsel robert mueller a way out of testifying before the house. >> the only reason is to create a public spectacle and if bob decides he doesn't want to do that the department of justice will back him. rob: he said he wouldn't testify on the russia probe as he included everything in his report and agreed after the house insulin judiciary committee subpoenaed him. adam schiff said he was not surprised by william barr's comments tweeting he misled the public about mueller's reported want to deception to stand. mueller's testimony slated for next wednesday. jillian: team usa is back home following a second straight world cup victory. democrats inviting democrats to capitol hill.
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rob: the women's soccer team is doing that. >> reporter: the controversy reaching athena following the world cup when but it all started in january following these comments from the woman who would go on to score in the championship clinching all. >> i'm not going to the white house, no, not going to the white house. we are not going to be invited, i doubt it. >> reporter: the star forward back in the us doubling down on her anti-trump stance while saying a teen visit to the capital to see chuck schumer and nancy pelosi is what they really want. >> we said publicly, most of the team, i think everybody is with me. we don't want to go to the white house, thank you, chuck schumer, we are happy to accept your invitation. >> donald trump congratulating the women on their win, at least for the moment the firestorm
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surrounding her vow never to visit the white house while adding this. >> will you invite the women's teams the white house, the soccer team? >> we will look at that. >> reporter: interesting to hear what if anything the players say about their travel plans tomorrow. the canyon of heroes in downtown manhattan under a stream of tickertape or as we call it today confetti. keep in mind praise for the team coming from both sides of the aisle as you might expect for a win of this magnitude. rob: megan sparking a lot of outrage while representing the united states and the world stage. jillian: insulting half of the american fan base is no way to send a message. >> if your member of the us national team you do not have a
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right to protest the national anthem when wearing that uniform and anthem protests are divisive. during the nfl protest we saw 64% of americans oppose them. if you're trying to make the case for equal pay and gender equity, why would you alienate 64% of the country who think this kind of thing has nothing to do with this protest issue has nothing to do, you are turning away people who should be excited about your game because you can't respect the national anthem. rob: 420.3 million americans watched the women's cup world final. that is 20% more than the men's final but the us men's tm didn't play in that game. many of you outraged over the politics of the invitation. jillian: william rights another way to continue to divide our country. rob: they turn this into a political stunt, what a shame. jillian: peggy rights go have fun.
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i wish athletes would stop talking about politics. i am sure we will continue to see this. in the meantime let's talk about the democratic field getting a bit smaller. eric swalwell the first candidate to drop out of the race. >> we have to be honest about our own candidacy. it was never going to reach the point. jillian: swalwell needed $130,000 to qualify. he says the dnc results were the best way to narrow the field. there are now 22 candidates left in the democratic race. rob: governor cuomo says he will give illegal immigrants drivers licenses but one said no. michael kearns filed a lawsuit to stop this. what is next? he joins us live. >> these conversations used to
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end with a request. let me show you some stuff. >> we know how that turned out for batman and he's not the only one. a quarter of americans say they don't plan on retiring at all. ♪ i have very sensitive skin, and i get ingrowing hairs" "oh i love it. it's a great razor. it has that 'fence' in the middle. it gives a nice smooth shave. just stopping that irritation.... that burn that i get. i wouldn't use anything else" ♪
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rob: new york county clerk following through on the promise to follow a lawsuit against andrew cuomo challenging the newly signed green lightbulb. jillian: it allows illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses which michael kearns says forces him to violate federal law. rob: thank you for coming on today. you say this unconstitutional of the governors trying to do. that was why. >> it is evidently unconstitutional and put the county clerk's in new york state
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in a terrible position. we risk prosecution under federal law. it is a crime to conceal, harbor or shield an illegal alien and we believe it is a violation of the constitution. i took an oath of office to uphold the state constitution and the constitution of the united states. we do believe it is a violation of federal law. jillian: the green light law with federal immigration law is current and as the green light law he works the prosecution if he feels implement the green light law, retaliation by defendants including removal from office. are you willing to be removed from office if that is what ends up happening, if that is what it takes to get to the public and let people know what you think is wrong with it? >> i'm not going to violate federal law. this is a violation of federal law and we will go to court to
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prove governor cuomo and the new york legislature was wrong. they put county clerk's in a terrible situation. we are prohibited from disclosing records and detection. people are who are here illegally have higher protection, people who are trying to get the enhanced drivers license, united states citizens. i have to turn them away because they don't have proper documentation under federal law. rob: 12 states are offering drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. when states offer a drivers license to an illegal immigrant what message does that send people thinking about crossing the border or overstaying a visa in this country? >> it sends a terrible message. people in new york and new jersey had to access a program
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of offering some type of driving program. one thing i do know is the first elected official in the united states to challenge this law, could have an impact but under the real id, attacked by terrorists, congress passed the real id act. you need a social security card under the green light law, you don't need a 6 social security card, you have a foreign passport. my staff is not trained or collectively received any funding from the state of new york, it is an unfunded mandate. this send a terrible message especially to senior citizens, veterans, people who are here legally, paying taxes and they have a higher standard of proof to get a drivers license at a drivers license is a privilege, it is not a right. jillian: please keep us updated, thank you.
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in case -- and epic finished a historic home run derby in cleveland. rob: part of a busy few days in ohio. we have a preview of tonight's major league baseball all-star game. uh-oh, looks like someone's
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a suit filed by 18 users, no longer constitutional after congress repealed a major provision penalizing people for not having insurance. this lawsuit could impact the healthcare of 20 million americans who have coverage through the 2010 healthcare law. jillian: we should warn people you're not fast forwarding 6 months of your life, it is not halloween. >> it is how appreciation day with you might see people walking around dress like cows but they are headed to chick-fil-a for free food. chick-fil-a is giving free food to anyone dressed up like a cow. you can't go head to toe, just a little cow accessory or something but they are giving away a free meal from opening until 7:00 pm all chick-fil-a restaurants today. rob will be there. rob: i don't have a costume.
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off the market. the alonso crowd of 2019 home run derby champion crushing 23 homers after a legendary fight for the final-round. >> line drive off the top of the ball. >> he is your home run derby champion. jillian: it is a leading up to the 90th all-star game. they hope to clinch 7 straight wins tonight. fox nation's abbey have a preview from progressive field. what an exciting few days. >> reporter: it has been amazing. i didn't know that was a thing. it was battle of the rookies last night. pete alonso meeting vladimir guerrero in the final-round.
2:24 am
pete alonso talked to me before the home run derby. here's what he had to say. >> if i were to when i would donate 5% to the war foundation and additional 5%, i respect anyone who puts their life on the line every day. going to work knowing they make the ultimate sacrifice, people are making sacrifices every single day like keeping us free and people at home keeping a safe. >> reporter: such a great cause and will do their because he beat vladimir guerrero junior who had the home run record in a single round with 29 homers, we definitely had a great performance last night. a lot of excitement but more to look forward to, the mlb
2:25 am
all-star game. i talked to a few guys before they take the field tonight. >> the talent level is unbelievable. the young wave of talent is special. >> to be recognizing these type of things, when you are a young guy. >> reporter: what does it mean to be a rookie in this competition? >> i feel blessed. is crazy to be not just in the derby but all-star as a rookie and i'm happy with the impact it had on my team. >> trying to do that. >> reporter: why is this doing this? >> the uncertainty. i missed the first couple starts. spring training starting there to where i am now, really special. >> do my best and try to do
2:26 am
different things to help me along with my career. >> really cool and funny to try to learn and get better and do the same thing. >> the seventh straight all-star nod, what makes it different? >> being here, not knowing what to expect, taking it in, make sure everything slowed down a little bit and enjoy every minute. >> reporter: some familiar faces, should be a good battle. jillian: everyone in philly and jersey loves him. rob: hate to see that. jillian: thank you. a reminder you can catch ride to work on fox nation,
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rob: washington dc washed away, record-breaking flash floods soaking the nation's capital. a month's worth of rain in one hour. jillian: a dramatic rescue and what is coming next? we are tracking it all. rob: bernie sanders and aoc teaming up to declare a climate emergency, more on that coming up. ♪ and strong teeth. complete protection from parodontax has 8 designed benefits for healthy gums and strong teeth. complete protection from parodontax. ♪
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rob: congress plans to have criminal contempt proceeding against attorney general william barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross, both men accused of defining subpoenas for documents regarding the citizenship question they want to put on the 2020 census. jillian: 30 wants to send 1000 national guard members to fight the border crisis in texas. the pentagon says it is
2:31 am
considering the request along with an entry checkpoint. rob: the study of attacks in public places will be released, the data from 27 attacks carried out in 2018 the left people hurt. the best ways to deal with threats and public safety. jillian: did you see this video? drivers rescued after historic flash flooding slams the dc metro area. half a foot of rain falling in two hours. rob: look at this was this is wild. roads turning to raging rivers, knocking out power for thousands of people. look at all these cars under water, drivers scrambling to the top of those cars while others abandon them on flooded streets. jillian: this video is crazy.
2:32 am
a waterfall coming through the ceiling. donald trump declares an emergency in california as it cleans up against two massive earthquakes. rob: last week, one day before a 7.1 magnitude quake, officials want more aftershocks. jillian: live in studio with more on this forecast. >> the forecast has been crazy. there are some areas we are concerned about. this is already past. at a time, very heavy rain, wasn't long-lasting. still a couple highlighted areas, green boxes, flood warnings, we are not expecting more rain in that area but so much so quickly.
2:33 am
these rainfall totals, and that is 6 to 8 inches, piled and trained in one area so there is nowhere left for that water to go. didn't have to follow too far out to avoid the rain. this is such a large system. temperatures warm in the center of the country, no surprise here, it is going to get really hot in the south, plenty of spots with heat advisory just temperatures running into the middle 90s. these are abnormally warm temperatures, wild weather continues across the country. jillian: we will keep updated. the indiana family of the top are tragically killed on a cruise ship will stay in puerto rico until the investigation is
2:34 am
complete was the one-year-old girl slipping from her grandfather's arms and falling from the 11th story of royal caribbean's freedom of the sea ship. police say the grandfather sat the girl on the edge of the window with her looking into whether someone opened it or if it was already open. she is the daughter of a south bend indiana police officer. the department is asking for prayers and to respect their privacy. the woman who encouraged her boyfriend to kill himself is taking her case to the supreme court. michelle carter appealing her involuntary manslaughter conviction on the basis of free speech. carter pressured her suicidal boyfriend to take his own life in text messages in 2014. her lawyer claims she was found guilty in violation of the first amendment. she is serving a 14 month prison sentence. rob: ice responding to claims
2:35 am
the agency uses dmv databases to scan millions of americans photos without their consent, telling fox news the department has the ability to collaborate with local, federal and international agencies to obtain information that exists in completion and prosecution of returning this established procedure, this after washington post report claiming ice and the fbi are using licensed photos for unprecedented facial recognition tactics. today, 2020 hopeful bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio cortez propose an emergency declaration for climate change. according to the guardian the resolution reads in part the global warming caused by human activity severely impact the economic and social well-being, health, safety and national security of the united states. jillian: amazon warehouse workers planning a strike for one of the busiest days of the year, bloomberg reported 100 workers at a minnesota shipping center plan to walk off the job monday to demand higher pay and
2:36 am
improved conditions was the 6-hour walkout is not expected to improve operations with the online sales event. rob: instagram has no place for boules, the social media platform will start flagging users who are about an leave mean comments before they post. we ask if they are sure about this. instagram hopes this will allow people -- >> people directing comments on social media. 36 after the hour. do you regret spending money on your college degree? >> he can't afford it. >> that is not allowed. jillian: apparently there's a lot of us workers who feel the same way. rob: eric swalwell the first to drop from the crowd in 2020 field. who is he going to 'you the
2:37 am
hypothetical endorsement that is making waves online. ♪ and another one doesn't another one does ♪ another one bites the dust ♪ new tide pods with upgraded 4-in-1 technology unleash a foolproof clean in one step. aww, you did the laundry! it's got to be tide.
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off the top. here is your home run derby. jillian: new york mets first baseman pete alonso, 23 home runs in one of the most explosive derbies in mlb history. rob: carly shimkus here with reaction to the home run derby. carley: one of the best home run derbies of all time. that is pete alonso atop vladimir guerrero to become the third rookie to win the derby. baseball fans cheered him on with the most important
2:41 am
celebration from his host -- colleen lava. [screaming] >> the new york mets twitter account congratulated their star player saying your 2019 home run derby champ, the blue jay's showing sportsmanship saying what an incredible night, congratulations. like you heard, alonso plans to donate a portion of $1 million prize money to two very important organizations. the wounded warriors and tunnels for towers. jillian: the field is narrowing a little bit. carley: eric swalwell the first to drop out of the democratic primary. a lot of the other candidates are celebrating him on social media.
2:42 am
joe biden saying eric swalwell ran a passionate campaign and i commend him for bringing more attention to the urgent need for gun safety in america. kamala harris saying eric swalwell, your great fighter for the people of california, we are a stronger nation because of your work to protect our children and communities from gun violence which was a big platform. a lot of other people chiming in as well, this person says good choice, he can be, is more effective as a congressman. cat says one down, 23 to go. tom shining it with this saying swalwell that ends well. rob: tons of supporters -- who knows? thanks to this guy, he is so hot, the hottest guy according to jillian. jillian: we are not going to go there. i know him, can't say that. rob: it is an obsession. jillian: he is one of my friends.
2:43 am
i am officially mad at you. we will talk on the break. we are talking about doctor mike, a.k.a. the world's sexiest doctor according to people magazine. he did something fabulous, saved the life of a guy on one of his fight going to israel, who went into anaphylactic shock. the patient's name is mike, he went on to describe the situation, i felt my throat start to close, he stayed with me and to monitor my vitals, all i can say is how thankful i am he saved me. we have to get to one crucial comment on social media, one person chiming in saying if looks could cure, we would all be well. >> i made him toss to that story, pay back.
2:44 am
connell will get you. >> we have to have a scheme to get back at it. you know that is not true. >> i love one of you and it is jillian. rob: thanks so much. and 8-year-old subjected to death threats and cyberbullying because she did a spot on impression of aoc. >> i am a socialist and 3 of the most successful countries in the world are socialist, venezuela, facebook and twitter. jillian: the congresswoman had nothing to say about it. should she? graham allen says it is her obligation to condemn those acts. rob: let's check with pete hegseth with what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> reporter: payback can be tough and i plan to be part of
2:45 am
it. i will do what i can. thy love that i am on social media so i am a socialist. on "fox and friends" on tuesday if you're rolling back from the fourth of july weekend, judge andrew napolitano will be here, kellyanne conway, counselor to the president and house minority leader kevin mccarthy. we heard the questions on a lighter note, why did the chicken cross the road? what happens when peta tells and idaho town to change the name of chicken dinner road. the mayor who is responsible, only the news he asked -- rob: peta is very easily offended. >> accepted the truth behind it. jillian: "fox and friends" buys out the plan. we are coming right back. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged with
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upload your logo or start your design today here, hello! starts with -hi!mple... how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! [ camera clicking ] wifi up there? -ahhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help.
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at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. >> good tuesday morning, ava martinez known online as many aoc will no longer be posting her viral impressions of the congresswoman. >> i'm a socialist because i'm on social media, 3 of the most successful countries in the world are socialist, venezuela, facebook and twitter. >> the martinez family so she is being harassed, even getting death threats from her supporters. as far as ocasio cortez herself she hasn't said anything, radio silence. joining us to weigh in is graham allen. i know you think alexandria
2:50 am
ocasio cortez should come out and speak out about this. why do you think she should say that? >> is always with the congresswoman it is very funny but she's quick to speak out about things that she thinks are important but when it comes to actual action she always seems as you said, radio silence. it is important, politicians in the public eye, when we find out about things people who claim to support us and claim to support our ideals, whether that be true or not, especially as horrible as threatening the life of a child. children are supposed to be sacred and in 2019 that seems to no longer be the case, aoc talks about how she cares about children and the crisis at the border and how terrible they are treating children.
2:51 am
my variance put us during the life of a child who is simply making parity videos of the congresswoman, we hear nothing and that speak louder than any words could. >> some would argue alexandria ocasio cortez had nothing to do with it so why should she speak up? it is just a matter of speaking up against that culture online. here's a statement from the family, ava will not do anymore many aoc contents, harassment and death threats of gun too far for our family, we are getting calls on our personal phone numbers for our safety and our child's safety, we have deleted on many aoc accounts. you have to look out for your child's first. >> good for them for being actual parents and good for them for protecting their child, no one should have threats against their lives, multiple people,
2:52 am
when i say narratives against other people, against what they believe will make jokes, people threaten me, very sad we live in a culture right now that a child is attacked in a vicious way. >> this is what happened in the last few days, they have been meeting with them, police officers at starbucks. a couple of them ordering and someone at starbucks wasn't comfortable with them being there. what do you say to that? >> i would like to say god bless our men and women who wear the uniform, police officers who go out every single day and night, put on a bullet proof vest to protect people who do not like them. if i was a restaurant and or business owner i would want more
2:53 am
police because i would feel more safe. that is what police do. police protect us every single day and god bless them for it. is a corporate policy from starbucks that we hate cops? absolutely not. they have made a statement which in my opinion is a very weak statement but you have to ask the question, this is not the first time starbucks has had some issues. i they pro veteran, are they pro-first responder? it makes you question what environment they are creating and i think it speaks very loud that someone can say something about a police officer that they weren't bothering anybody, weren't waving a gun in the air, harassing, they were simply there to get their coffee just like everybody else, they were paying customers, there shouldn't have been anything. jillian: we will stay tuned. >> america's coffee.
2:54 am
jillian: thank you for joining us, coming right back.
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. . >> here's a question. do you ever regret spending money on your college education? >> she can't afford it. >> no, ma'am, i'm afraid that is not aloud. >> new study finds two thirds of employees have regrets about their degrees. the number one reason why is student loan debt. >> study by pay scale
2:58 am
finding those who majored in the humanities are most likely to regret their decision. rob: retirement could eventually be a thing of the past. >> these conversations used to end with an unusual request. well, let me show you some stuff anyway. >> nearly one in four americans don't plan to retire ever according to a new poll. the data coming from more than 1400 adults selected at ran done. rob: many don't expect to stop working many money and fear don't have enough saved up. 50% of don't feel ready for retirement at all. jillian: indiana family lucky to be alive thanks to doorbell camera house caught on fire in the middle of the night. flames triggered alarm to the family's phone waking them up. the family was able to get
2:59 am
out safely. rob: next the bad. a mask sinkhole swallows a minivan in virginia. watch this. >> smoky. oh my god. jillian: jeesh. rob: 20 feet below ground. thankfully nobody was inside. that sinkhole formed after all that heavy rain formed in a nearby creek. jillian: what was supposed to be a cute photo is now a viral sensation. daniels bought her three son rubber fish at south dakota museum and wanted to take a issue '. it wasn't until after she realized her youngest son landon had the fish in his mouth. that is funny. rob: look at that kid with the fish in his mouth. jillian: we have a couple seconds left and we want to wish a very, very good luck to one of our friends here and colleague ed henry. he is undergoing surgery today and donating 30% of his liver to his sister. rob: isn't that something? imagine the love between the two of them. it's incredible and
3:00 am
emotional story for him trying to save his sister's life and taking the risk of his own life in the process. jillian: if all goes as planned both of their livers will grow back in a short period of time. good luck, ed. we are thinking of you. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ joy. ♪ let it move you ♪ let it move you ♪ joy ♪ let it move you. steve: starting the day. yesterday a little rainy in the big apple. ainsley: everyone was talking in the city yesterday they were glad it rained a little bit because it cooled things down. it was so hot. pete: sunrise. ainsley: how about that song i choice joy that's king and country. they have been on our show. steve: did that number on the show summer concert series. pete: i think i was sleeping that morning. i will go check them


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