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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 10, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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weekend, the wife carrying world championship. the couple who won for the second year in a row reveal their secret. >> she is my wife. she is the best. i mean it. if you have the good life everything is possible. >> i thought it was because she doesn't way much. that all the time we have tonight. new podcast today, shannon bream and the fox news at 19, take it from here. >> my husband is strong but i'm not wearing that outfit in public. >> i'm sure someone is offended by that somewhere. have a great show. >> the trump administration says it has a plan to get that citizenship question on the census but tonight a federal judge in new york blocks the justice department plan to put a new legal team on that since this case, donald trump faust to fight. will he take executive action? democrats say this is all about
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racism and now to the commerce secretary for the census case is coming soon. billionaire progressive activist tom stier, millions of dollars against the president is officially running for president. what does it mean for the rest of the 2020 field. that is coming up. the ranking republican on the intelligence but he, devon nunez live to respond to breaking news about the author of the so-called dirty dossier. we await the secretary-general's report how the whole russia probe got started. i am shannon bream in washington. we begin with kristin fisher in the latest on all the controversy around the 2020 citizenship question. >> reporter: the latest developments, a federal judge has barred the justice department from changing its lawyers in the fight to at a citizenship question to the 2020 census and donald trump is not
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happy about it. he tweeted hour ago, the obama appointed judge on the census case argued with citizens in the united states, won't let the justice department use the lawyer at whats to use. could this be a first? the reason they gave was the defendants provide no reason let alone satisfactory reason for the substitution of counsel. the justice department has been trying to shake up its legal team after this up in court blocked its first attempt to add the controversial question to the census but attorneys for the aclu contested the substitution and the judge agreed so this is another setback for the trump administration as it tries to find a way forward to get this question on the 2020 census. >> over the next day or 2 you will see what approach we are taking and it does provide a pathway for getting the question on the census.
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>> tonight multiple sources are telling fox news also likely vote on the contempt resolution for william barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross next week at the earliest for failing to comply with congressional subpoenas. until then democrats in congress and on the campaign trail continue to call it racially and publicly motivated. >> this is about keeping -- you know his hat, make america white again. >> the citizenship question is motivated by racial and partisan reasons. >> republican congressman jim jordan argues it is not racist, it is common sense. >> any small town, any big city, walk up to is his or person on the street and ask him do you think on the census we should ask a citizenship question in the response will be yes quickly followed up by aren't we doing that already? >> donald trump is considering executive action to make it happen. a move that will almost certainly and immediately be challenged again in court. we are all in it. >> supreme court justices likely
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and for a case of obamacare déàa vu. a panel on the fifth circuit heard arguments in new orleans on the constitutionality of the affordable care act after a texas judge ruled to strike down the law. it could take months to get a ruling from the palliative two gop nominees, one democrat nominee, no matter who wins or loses this case is likely going back to the nation's highest court possibly right in the middle of next year's presidential election. both sides are gearing up for that. >> don't let donald trump for you. donald trump and the republicans want to take away your healthcare. >> nobody in the senate not in favor of covering preexisting conditions, nobody. if that were in any of these scenarios to go away we would act quickly on a bipartisan basis to restore them. >> the law is still being enforced is this legal battle plays out.
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all signs of legal issues breaking up from obamacare to the citizenship question, legal eagles, national security attorney bradley martin former deputy assistant attorney general john you, great to have you with us. the supreme court did not tell the administration but you cannot have this question on the census, they said they didn't agree with the reasoning behind it. at least a majority didn't. they didn't say there's no way this question can end up on the census so now what. we hear the attorney general saying we will take action and you will know in the next few days, what do you predict? >> you are completely right about the court effect. i would say more strongly than that. the court said it would be legitimate to ask for citizenship question on the census so long as the administration had a valid reason. the course invited trump to take it at its word and to try to put the question back on again.
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what matters is how you do it, the process and what the court said was secretary of commerce department had come up with contrived reason but suppose the president says we need to know how many citizens are salient in our country and what geographies for purposes of law enforcement, immigration enforcement and public services, that seems to be a legitimate reason. the real question is not whether it is legal but whether there is enough time before the census has to be printed. >> you know that during the argument there was a lot of evidence of other countries and other places where the citizenship question has been used and for decades and decades it was used in the united states, brett kavanaugh in oral arguments of the united nations recommends countries as a citizenship question on the census and a number of other countries, spain, germany, ireland and mexico add a citizenship question, do you argue still that it should not be included.
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>> this is governance by chaos, one of the most basic examples of the trump administration can't do the simple things, john is probably right, the supreme court more or less laid out in their ruling. if this had been handled properly, if the commerce department and secretary had done this right this would have been fine, could have gotten it on the census and the court would have allowed it but they messed up the bureaucratic details and because of that, because they made it very clear that there was a june 30th drop, they had to get these forms printed, they've got a problem now. they are trying to have a final way to say we can still get this done and that is why they are trying to get new lawyers to provide new explanations. >> the federal judge saying you can't swap out the entire legal team and put in a new team, their questions why they decided to do that, some folks thought they were fatigued, didn't want to go with whatever new plan the attorney general or doj was
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going to come up with but the judge says no, the attorney general argued this case. >> if i were a judge and wanted to give donald trump more ammunition to claim judicial bias this is what i would do. the swapping of lawyers, i never heard of a case where the government wasn't allowed to change those, they change lawyers on cases all the time. on something is ministerial and obviously technical and easy as this is like waving a red flag and saying go ahead, rush to the appeals court, rush to the supreme court because the district court judge has been intransigent and is revealing unfortunately a bias because he should just let the government have the lawyers it wants to and get to the case. >> a red flag to take executive action, executive order, something else for the justice department? >> we are all waiting to see what this resolution is the attorney general was referencing, an executive order, a memorandum of some sort which probably all things being equal,
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51-49 odds would survive scrutiny from the court if the president issued it directly from him. i respectfully disagree on the issue of swapping out the lawyers, the reason there is a problem here, the judge has concerns because the factual assertion, the explanation provided to the court, the ethical considerations that come into play about what the justice department lawyers told the court about the factual details behind everything. that is the concern about a new legal team to say here is a brand-new explanation nevermind. >> we will see what action this administration has planned. thank you both. one out. a new one in. as the 2020 primary field shifts again, billionaire liberal
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activist tom stier in the mix, what this means for the already crowded democratic field. >> tom stier said earlier this year he would not run for president pledging millions of dollars to reelect democrats in the house, he is running on one theme, impeachment. >> my name is tom stier and i'm running for president. >> reporter: another name in the 2020 race for the white house, tom stier, california billionaire who has invested billions into impeaching donald trump made the announcement tuesday almost 6 months after this. >> i'm not running for president this time. >> reporter: he started airing commercials hoping to impeach trump in 2017. he use the i word well before others in his party. >> this president is a clear and present danger to the american people. >> reporter: stier, a former hedge fund manager for the next in america, a political action committee focused on climate change. 's focus moves to impeachment months after trump moves into the white house, style join the
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growing number in the u.s. house who want to impeach the president, group speaker nancy pelosi recently downplayed in a new york times column. former hillary clinton advisor tweeting the four house freshman policy dismisses in a doubt column have done more to define the vision and moral center today's democratic parties and all the message bills pushed by the party leadership combined. tom stier promises to continue his quest for impeachment. >> americans are deeply disappointed and hurt by the way they are treated by the power elite in washington dc and that goes across party lines. we've got to take the corporate control out of politics. >> the announcement brought criticism from a prominent progressive who happens to be running against him. >> i'm not a fan of billionaires get involved in the political process. billionaires should not be able to spend unlimited sums of money
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trying to buy elections. >> it's not clear stier will be at the debate at the end of this month, it is unlikely given the time crunch. it will certainly make a statement in this campaign. >> quite an email list he has put together too that will come in handy with millions of people there. after nbc news reported senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's great-great-grandfather own slaves mcconnell responded by trying a little parallel. >> i find myself once again in the same position as president obama. we both opposed reparations and we both are the defendants of slaveholders. >> reporter: baltimore sun reported that former president obama's great great great grandparents did own slaves. the house will friday on a case of steny hoyer. a major issue after emotional testimony on capitol hill in recent weeks, authorization for the victims compensation fund about to expire next year.
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a major night for breaking news, moves on the investigation into the investigators, christopher steele, michael flynn, news on that and more is the ranking member devon nunez next. do you♪ ♪ more, more, more ♪ how do you like it, how do you like it ♪ all you can eat is back. how do you like that? applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. ♪
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12:18 am
reluctant witness and a number of options are under consideration. traveling in south carolina, attorney general william barr seemed to offer next room. >> if bob decides he doesn't want to be subject to that the department of justice would back him. >> mueller is scheduled to publicly testify next wednesday before the judiciary and intelligence committee. is 500 page report found no criminal conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia but did not, quote, exonerate the president on obstruction of justice. bar frowned on house democrats for compelling mueller's testimony. >> disappointed to see him subpoenaed because i don't think it serves a purpose, dragging them off if he's going to stick to the report. seems to me the only reason for doing that is to create some kind of public spectacle. >> reporter: in may he gave his only 7 others report findings but did not take questions. >> my testimony, not information beyond that which is already
12:19 am
public in any appearance before congress. >> in a separate developed sources tell fox news a former british spy, christopher steele, by the controversial trump dossier, was so concerned that he could get, quote, thrown under the bus in the forthcoming inspector general report that he agreed to cooperate. reuters first broke the steel story this morning reporting he was interviewed in the uk in june by three lawyers working for michael horwitz who is investigating alleged surveillance abuse targeting the trump campaign. the ig's office has not been commenting on the status of their work. >> thank you very much. question about the level of cooperation donald trump's former national security adviser is providing to the government. newly unsealed documents show prosecutors are no longer planning to use michael flynn as a star witness in the upcoming trial against his former business partner. instead they are listing flynn as an unindicted co-conspirator. lawyers say this reversal, quote, sounds an alarm of
12:20 am
possible retaliation. real estate developer felix federer worked with michael cohen on the defunct trump tower moscow tower deal was on capitol hill testifying behind closed doors. afterwards he echoed donald trump junior in characterizing that deal. >> no different than if we were to build trump tower moscow in paris or london. to say that it was paramount importance i wouldn't say that. >> the new york times reporting today that fbi agents tracked down one of christopher steele's forces for that so-called dirty dossier, quote, after questioning him fbi officials came to suspect the man might have added his own interpretations to reports from his own sources that he passed on to mister steele calling into question the reliability of the information. let's bring a republican congressman from california devon nunez is a ranking member on the house intelligence committee, welcome back to fox news at night. what do you make of the fact that we are getting this revelation the christopher steele has been grilled for hours by folks putting together
12:21 am
this report we are waiting on from the inspector general. how do you think impact is look into the origins of the whole thing? >> it was unknown whether or not he was going to talk to christopher steele because the house intelligence but he tried to get christopher steele to come to the united states to be interviewed. he refused. this is a man who made up this entire document as you are starting to see, it is unraveling, his sources are not real or if they are they are can still a lot of this is just made up out of whole cloth and the more that comes out, the more people will begin to see that there were 17 different installments of this dossier. >> 1 to 3 pages each. it wasn't one day big document. >> and supposedly the fbi claims they didn't have any of this until the fall right before they got the fisa warrant. you really have to go back to the end of july 2016 when the fbi opened up this investigation. that's not true.
12:22 am
that is a lie. >> today said opening it or part of the dossier? >> the fact that they are saying it was only because of papadopoulos, it is highly improbable that they didn't have pieces of steel's only work before that. >> is that the inspector general's report? >> at least by talking to steel it still is a big this. he may no about his first briefing of fbi agents. it has to be well before july 30th, the fbi has tried to run since we are at house republicans out of the fact that democrats are behind this dossier, the dossier was the main focus behind his investigation. there then became a push to say almost a decoy, to say this was about papadopoulos who was drunk
12:23 am
in a bar, none of that story made sense because look at the name of what they call this, it is named after jack flash, the movie, it involves a british spy. the circumstantial evidence is so much that this investigation had to have started in spring, may, june, july when the fbi was actively involved, likely working with fusion gps at the time. >> you think it is possible we learn more from the inspector general. >> it is a good sign but if he wants to clear his name he should come to the conference. >> i want to read something from politico under the headline trump dossier a steel get 16 hour doj grilling, and the investigators that he offered new and important information, may dampen expectations among
12:24 am
the president's allies, claimed the dossier was used improperly to spy on the campaign so their assessment is it is not good for you. >> i don't even know, i don't pay attention to the mainstream media. that statement makes no sense. a steel was credible and had credible sources or he did not. the fact remains they used that garbage paid for by political campaign before court. we have two separate issues, steel its credibility which he has none. also what the fbi did before the fisa court which they have no credibility. we told the american people this was based on the clinton paid for dirt, they used fake news stories, the reporters repeated what steele told them, the fbi used that to support the fisa warrant against an american
12:25 am
citizen and there's other stuff the american public doesn't know about that is equally as bad or worse in my opinion. shannon: they contended dossier was not what they used to get the warrants but we are hoping the inspector general will answer. >> but remember those aren't our words, they are the words of the people we interviewed at the highest level of the fbi. without the dossier they could not have gotten the fisa warrant and to repeat what i said the rest of what they claim is so critical is i believe even worse than using dirt from a political campaign. >> transparency is good and we hope we get some on all of this, thank you for coming in. a federal appeals court, donald trump cannot block his critics from his twitter account. the second -- a social media
12:26 am
account for public purposes because of disagreements. the justice department says it is disappointed and will keep that option. in the wake of that ruling new tonight a former new york democratic assemblyman is suing democratic socialist congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez. he says she blocks users on twitter based on their personal viewpoints. if you want something done right do-it-yourself, that is how tom stier is feeling tonight. will people the democratic field ever farther left? that is next. uh-oh, looks like someone's
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yep, they've been doing it for years. what are you doing? big steve? thanks, man. there he is. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and renters insurance. >> shannon: hours from now >> hours from now the women's world cup championship soccer team will parade down the canyon of heroes. many cbt maps victory as a political opportunity. jonathan hunt is here to explain. >> the us team captain is too many captain america. the most famous female athlete in the world, pretty much everyone wants to talk to her and be photographed with her, pretty much everyone wants to bask in a reflected glory but if donald trump is among those people that is not going to
12:31 am
happen for him. she talked to cnn's anderson cooper. a response to the idea of she and her team of world cup winning superstars going to the white house was essentially the same as it was in that now infamous f word video. >> i don't think anyone in the team has any interest in lending the platform we worked so hard to build and the things we fight for and the way we live our life i don't think we want that to be co-opted or corrupted by this administration. >> there has not been a formal invitation from donald trump as of yet so for the moment the point is moot anyway but house speaker nancy pelosi and sedimentary leader chuck schumer have both extended invitations to the us women's soccer team and she said she would be happy to accept those invitations. she saw the opening goal in the world cup final, led the team
12:32 am
celebrations in the record fourth crime family the team in fighting for equal pay. women stars are paid considerably less than their male counterparts despite being more but successful on the political stage and she said it is time for us and world soccer officials to come to the table and negotiate. >> we don't want to have this huge public nasty fight. that is not in the best interest of anyone. we would much prefer to have a collaborative approach with the federation. how can we move this forward, how can we go to the next step to create a world that is equal and fair? >> if i can offer my humble opinion here, the us women's soccer team doesn't deserve equal pay. they deserve far far more than those useless men on the national team. >> you are going to have some tweets to read on your timeline. >> bring it on. >> or give us your twitter handle.
12:33 am
you can find them. time for 2020. democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke meeting with entities and immigrants in tennessee. the former texas congressman telling the crowd, quote, this country was founded on white supremacy and many of the nation's institutions still reflect a legacy of slavery and jim crow. violent crimes skyrocketing as pete buttigieg according to data supported by the city police department violent crime has risen dramatically year-to-year since he took office in 2012. with 2018 marking the highest rate of violent crime in 20 years. former vice president joe biden releasing 3 years of tax returns, he took him $15 million in the past two years most of that coming from books and the university of pennsylvania where there is a program named after him. also now officially in the 2020
12:34 am
race liberal activist tom stier, what his entry means for the rest of the field. let's discuss with richard fowler and host of the next revolution, right here on fox news, steve fulton, welcome to you both. so this is how political reported in the css is stier's entry into the race. >> because of his money, he is a threat to the entire field and it changes things. people don't drop out of presidential campaigns because they don't have a chance to win but because they can't put gas in your tank. >> reporter: he has put him gas to put in his tank if he keeps putting into impeachment efforts, he says i have to step up and do the job. >> that is ridiculous analysis. i don't sink -- he doesn't have a message that is compelling or story that is compelling or any other compelling reason why primary voters should choose him. he didn't mention impeachment in his launch message.
12:35 am
is efficient over the last few years. that wouldn't have helped because have candidates led by elizabeth warren who are also for impeachment, it is based on the corporate takeover of american politics is an appealing message but that is something elizabeth warren has been championing in terms of rhetoric and actual policies which stier doesn't have. what he ends up being is a rich white male version of elizabeth warren and i don't see a market for that in the democratic primary. shannon: in this piece on splinter under the headlines tom hired -- tom stier thinks you are stupid, he doesn't realize he does not have the moral authority to real against of the system that created him just because he's one of the good billionaires. the point is representation i people cannot buy a uber wealthy guy, hard to figure out what real people need. what do you make of his appeal?
12:36 am
>> the journalist from nbc talked about this. what tom stier has in his favor is a lot of money. even if he doesn't have a straight lane in the democratic field and they move in different directions he can stay as long as he would like and use it to stay there. the money goes less about how you are doing in the polls and how much money you have to keep your campaign going. that will be his benefit going into this field but what i don't see is a clear lane for him to run on. if he's running on this lane of impeach no matter what, there are candidates -- but if it is i will be the average joe, we have a joe in the race who is pretty average. i think he is missing some of those pieces it will take to gains in traction but he does have longevity from the fact
12:37 am
that he has personal wealth to maintain himself in his race. >> that is what he's getting hits on already, bernie sanders saying it's not good for billionaires to get involved in politics, elizabeth warren and others saying we have grassroots donations, putting together things for the people, not corporations, not big-money you walk into the race with an people.out -- he is ready on hand with the amount of money, the top 4 or 5 have raised on their own, they don't like this idea of a billionaire jumping in. >> they are right not to like it. but i can't see the point, that he has longevity and the money but to what end? what is the point? the only person who benefits from this is the president. in his own way, tom stier is doing his best to boost the donald trump economy by hiring consultants and putting money into marketing and advertising industry and keeping the economy going. that the only benefit i can see from this. >> we will see the makes one of the debates. thanks for the preview.
12:38 am
new developments in how portland's plans to handle antifa in the wake of that attack on andy nell. he is out in joins us live next. i'm just a normal person
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no hidden fees. no platform fees. no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price. td ameritrade. ♪ >> police get behind the new use of force bill where we begin the western roundup. the legacy last year's shooting of an unarmed black man who police thought was armed with local prosecutors determined the shooting was legally justified because the officers had reason to believe they were in danger. of governor newsom signs the new use of force bill into law police can only fire when, quote, necessary to defend against imminent threat of death, not merely reasonable. he made california the first state to offer taxpayer-funded healthcare to some illegal immigrants age 25 and younger, donald trump calling the move crazy.
12:43 am
a big national change, henry tavern and other west coast eateries declaring bankruptcy partly because of what it calls progressive weight loss. pay increases in seattle, san francisco and portland boost to the company's wage expenses by nearly $11 million over the fiscal year. colorado parks and wildlife releasing video showing unnatural things, putting their heads inside open car windows to running toward the sound of crinkling food wrappers, going into bathrooms and putting up with large groups of people surrounding them to take photos and videos from unsafe distances. the agency -- they want to stay away from wild animals so they will continue being wild. there is renewed criticism of portland's mayor after journalist was finally attack by antifa just days ago. a local newspaper reporting ted
12:44 am
wheeler says he plans to discuss ways to better control future protests, he is offering no specific timetables and police are reportedly unhappy. let's bring in a victim of that attack, andy now, good to have you with us tonight. >> thank you for having me on. you were back in the hospital, you are out again. what do you say to folks who say you are overstating what happened to you? >> most people have never experienced a brain injury and i never did until 29 june i would never wish what happened to me on anybody else and i asked him to have the decency to just be decent human beings. >> there is video, all kinds of things, have there been any arrests? has anyone been questioned? have you talked to authorities
12:45 am
about holding people responsible to the mayor vowed to do? >> 10 days after the attack on me there have been no arrests. i heard from the authorities twice over the phone. wherever they are in the investigation they have not kept me informed. shannon: as we reported police have been frustrated with what they say is limits on their ability to respond to what they can do to a number of these things. this is not for people who saw what happened 10 days ago we have been covering and you have been covering for a long time all kinds of other uprisings and things that happened in portland, this is not a 1-time thing. but the oregonian reporting on mayor ted wheeler about where he goes with this, he offered no policy proposal and would not take a position in two options given by the police chief daniel outlaw who called for new rules
12:46 am
barring people from wearing masks during protests and empowering officers to videotape demonstrations. do the police seem closer to getting more autonomy to handle things as they see fit on site when these things are happening? >> according to the president of the police union, called for the mayor to uncover the police officers to let them do their jobs. i will let that speak for itself as far as the mayor's press conference yesterday. he finally came out and issued platitudes about condemning violence, claiming violence on outsiders which is wrong because antifa is a portland movement. had no proposals of his own and couldn't make up his mind on whether or not he would be against people who mask
12:47 am
themselves while committing crimes and that should be a no-brainer. >> a number of people now bubbling up saying rico might be applied here, organized activities and that kind of thing. they wrote ag bar must stick rico on antifa, the 21st-century kkk. cover your face of what identification so you can beat and intimidate in the name of your political agenda and avoid rest and prosecution sounds familiar, practically the definition of the knights of the ku klux klan. he makes that comparison between the groups. we know the mayor spoke with the us attorney in oregon. do you have any sense of that? >> i don't know but i hope so. antifa is a movement essentially sells across the country and activists from one jurisdiction to another to engage in these
12:48 am
criminal activities. it's going to take a lot more manpower than any local authority is able to do. shannon: we will follow the case, thank you. self-made billionaire, patron avalanche apostolate history taking a presidential politics, ross perot. his life when we return. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no.
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>> look at this video. a delta flight forced to make an emergency landing every possible engine failure. that is the nosecone of the engine bouncing around. there 148 passengers on the flight from atlanta to baltimore. emergency landing in raleigh. topping tonight's real news roundup houston gets the third at democratic debate, total of 20 candidates appeared in the first debate in miami last month. the same number expected later this month in detroit. the dnc tightening requirements to the abc debate meaning fewer candidates will qualify. former vice president joe biden facing a charge of being on pc, they are asking him his catchphrase, come on, man. the race was called offensive because it brings up gender.
12:53 am
the author says it signals dismissiveness, annoyance and sarcasm. stop the module behavior to court voters in dc. a journalist accused of controlling mines by referencing george orwell's novel 1984, police accuse mikael romanoff trying to tap into the reader's subconscious in writing a story on the alleged torture of an academic, guilty under this law was banned publication of information containing hidden insertions affecting the human subconscious facing a fine of 50,000 rubles, up to $780. self-made texas billionaire and 2-time third-party presidential candidate ross perot has died. rick leventhal looks at his colorful life. >> everybody in washington makes excuses, nobody takes responsibility even when they have responsibility.
12:54 am
>> reporter: ross perot was a maverick, a billionaire businessman and most successful third-party president a candidate cynthia roosevelt in 1912. >> what do you expect people to say about the status quo? >> reporter: henry ross perot was born in 1930 in texarkana, texas to a family with humble roots and strong values. >> doesn't matter what happens to you. what matters is you do the right thing. >> he became a battalion commander and took a sales job with ibm and in 1962 with a $1000 loan from his wife, margo, former schoolteacher became a tech entrepreneur, electronic data systems which he sold 22 years later for $2.5 billion. he announced his run for the white house promising to cut rates and cut deficits he blamed on previous administrations.
12:55 am
>> whatever it was we are now in deep do do out there. >> reporter: he backed out of the race in july and reentered in october collecting 19% of the vote and ran in 96 with less success. in a statement his family called him a man of integrity and action. an american patriot with unwavering support of the military and veteran saying he lived a long and honorable life. >> few people in this country have been able to live to the extent that i have. >> reporter: survived by his wife, 5 children and 16 grandchildren ross perot dead at the age of 89. >> we have an update on ed henry and his sister next. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp.
12:56 am
the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star.
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12:59 am
>> many of you have asked if we got an update on it henry. he donated part of his limited his sister colleen who suffers a degenerative disease. everybody out there, the surgery went as planned, all is well. they are so appreciative of
1:00 am
everyone's continued thoughts and prayers. we will stay on those in the recovery process. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. >> literally thought there was glass at a hockey game. next thing you know she is gone. >> it is wednesday, july 10th. happening right now at 4:00 on the east coast, a family is heartbroken and wants answers. new details how she fell 11 stories to her death out an open cruise ship window. they are scrambling to answer why it wasn't secure. imagine looking out an airplane window and seeing this. part


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