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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  July 10, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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and discovered that after arriving in salt lake city on june 17th, she took a lift from salt lake city international airport to hatch park in north salt lake city. lyft records indicated that mackenzie was dropped off at hatch park at approximately 2:59 a.m. cell phone records for both mckenzie and ajayi place them at hatch park during this time. additionally, mackenzie cell phone records indicates that her phone was powered off at 2:59 a.m. and was never powered back on. a forensic analysis of the phone records shows that ajayi's phone was back at his residence, located at 547 north tenth west in salt lake county, utah at approximately 3:07 a.m. on june 26th 2019, investigators executed a search warrant on
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ajayi's home. detectives discovered what appeared to be a freshly-doug site behind ajayi's garage. during the forensic excavation of the site, police located a human bone, charred muscular tissue, part of a scalp with hair, a cell phone, and other charred personal items. furthermore, in an alleyway adjacent to ajayi's home, investigators located charred black fabric, buckles, and other items of evidentiary value. dna testing of the muscular tissue returned a profile consistent with a dna profile obtained from the personal items belonging to mackenzie. while executing the search warrant, detectives were directed to one of ajayi's neighbors, who reported that on june 17th, 2019, the neighbor detected a "horrible smell"
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coming from a fire in ajayi's backyard. the neighbor stated that this fire was located behind ajayi's garage in a pit covered by a white door in the same area they find the freshly doug site. the neighbor also observed ajayi pouring gasoline on the fire. during the execution of the search warrant, detectives seized ajayi's vehicle, or a subsequent search revealed a strong odor of gasoline in emitting from the trunk. inside the trunk was a red gasoline can. further investigation revealed that ajayi had purchased a similar gas can at a location near his residence at approximately 9:00 a.m. on june 17th, 2019. on july 3rd, subsequent analysis of ajayi's cell phone records
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placed ajayi's cell phone near logan canyon on june 25th, 2019, between 2:30 and 4:30 p.m. on july 3rd, 2019, law enforcement responded to logan canyon to search for mackenzie's remains. after a lengthy search, detectives located a disturbed area of soil under a grove of trees. under the soil, detectives located a charred human body. dna testing of the body returned a profile consistent with mackenzie's profile. mackenzie's arms were bound behind her back by a zip tie and rope. a 5- centimeters hole was located on the left side of her skull with part of her scalp -- left scalp -- missing. dr. with the utah office of medical examiners performed an autopsy on mackenzie.
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the doctor determined that mackenzie suffered blunt force trauma to the left side of her skull, resulting in significant intracranial hemorrhage, which would have been fatal. the the doctor preliminarily determined the matter of death to be homicide. based on those facts, we have filed the charges i mentioned to you. let me also note at this time that the proceeding facts, which they gave us to support the filing of these charges, the presumption of innocence that is the hallmark of our justice system is applicable here and it's applicable to this defendant at this time. i also want to take a second at this moment to share with you that myself and amy from our counseling unit spoke with the lueck family, greg and diana, to
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inform them of the charging decision. we had a good discussion, and a difficult discussion, but i would again reiterate their request to you, the media, and to our community, to please honor their privacy as their family goes through this grieving process. they further asked me to express on their behalf the generosity generosity -- [voice breaking] the generosity of so many strangers and friends. the support and the prayers that have helped them through this very difficult time. they are genuinely appreciative
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and moved by the outpouring of love and compassion, and they wanted to expressly think everyone who has reached out to them in that capacity. that concludes the description of filing of our charges. at this time i will take some very limited questions. please. >> reporter: in regard to a motive, any idea what happened there? why did he do that? >> again, the purpose today is to outline the basis of the evidence we have for the filing of charges. i understand there is a great concern about those kinds of issues, and what i would say to you is two things. one, please note this continues to be an ongoing, active investigation. it has not come to a conclusion. the work that we are engaged in as public prosecutors and from our law enforcement partners, that work is open at this time
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and engaged in this moment as we speak. as to any issue of motivation, and those issues, those will come out as we continue to move forward in our criminal justice process. yes, ma'am? >> reporter: how long did it take? >> as we stated in our probable cause statement, there is reason to believe that there was -- we have evidence that indicated that munication occurred between the two parties, and we had developed through law enforcement connections of that contact. we certainly, as i indicated, their cell phones certainly put them together at the same location. so there was a prior contact that was established through law enforcement efforts. >> two points of reference. one, when was her cell phone turned off again? >> yes. what we know is that her phone -- her records indicates that her phone was powered off at approximately 2:59 a.m. and was never powered back on again
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subsequent to that. the totality of the charges we have filed so far is count one, criminal homicide, aggravated murder. count two, aggravated kidnapping. count three, obstructing justice. count four, abuse or desecration of the human body. >> reporter: were you surprised the crime scene, the shallow grave, you see disturbed soil. what does that mean exactly? the second part, were any deals made with the defendant in order to find a remains? >> let me answer this way. first of all, if anybody has been up in logan canyon, they know it's a fairly forested area. this was an area that was off the main road, as mentioned by the police chief in his press conference. it was in a shallow grave, and
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it was in a wooded area with the debris that was there in a grove, as we said. as far as the second issue is concerned, what i'm prepared to say at this time is that this is an effort of an ongoing investigative function. at this time, that is what we are going to say. it continues to be an ongoing investigation and prosecution. i can absolutely tell you that no deals have been made whatsoever. i think it's appropriate to recognize this is charged as a criminal out homicide, aggravated murder i think it would be premature to talk about the death penalty. under our system in the state of utah, that is a possibility that is here. but that determination is typically reserved, with good reason, after the preliminary hearing for the prosecution to formally make that election. the reason the legislature did it that way is it continues to
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be an active prosecution, active investigation. we are receiving all the information that is relevant and pertinent to making a well-informed decision, and we will exercise that option and make that decision either paris time. it would be inappropriate to talk about it beyond that. >> reporter: have the charges been filed? >> they have been filed. as i came down and started the press conference, they were being filed at that moment. i have confirmed that they have in fact been filed at this time. yes, ma'am? [indistinct question] again, that will be the weight of the evidence that comes forward. at this time, our goal is to simply lay out the basic fundamental evidentiary points and factual points to support the charging decision that we have. yes? >> reporter: you charged aggravated murder, the statute requires premeditation. >> it requires specific intent. it indicates a blunt force trauma to the left side, that is
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fatal. it speaks for itself. yes, ma'am? >> reporter: was anyone else involved in this? >> again, what i would simply say at this time, this continues to be an ongoing active investigation, and it would be inappropriate and premature for me to comment on anything -- >> reporter: what pieces of evidence are you looking for? >> i think it's important for people to recognize this is not like television where all of the sudden everything is wrapped up and we are done and everybody's responsibility is over. in a case such as this, over the last 24 years what i have noticed is that in a case like this you are constantly working. our perseverance, our diligence, and our responsibility as public prosecutors and law enforcement does not finish merely by filing the charges. there's a lot of other work that needs to be done, and there is work that is being done. we will continue to engage in that. in fact, it is not uncommon to
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continue to engage up to trial in scenarios like this. that commitment is the commitment to that we've made, and there are other aspects that we are continuing to develop and refine as we can continue to ee in in the process [indistinct question] all i will say is consistent, consistent with our probable cause statement. we know what has been out of the public has been that there was a drop off that occurred at approximately 2:59 a.m. and we know from the neighbor that there was certainly burnings that were occurring in the backyard the following day. that's about as specific as i'm going to get at that point. yes, ma'am? >> reporter: could you give us a sense of what those texts come up with the subject matter was? something general about the
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texts? >> all i will say at this time, the issue when this started out was a missing person. and the objective was to find mackenzie. the objective was to fill in those missing pieces, and with those texts certainly establishes the contact between mackenzie and the defendant in this matter. and all the subsequent investigations that led up to help us support the filing of those charges. i am not going to at this time speculate or comment on the nature or the content of those texts, but what is important is a contact and a digital time connection was established through the investigative efforts. yes? >> reporter: do you know why the original investigators didn't want to look at this case as a possible crime, and they went into it as a missing persons case? >> i think it's important to not make it into a binary
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distinction. remember, how this organically developed -- we had an adult who came here, who took a lyft, and for all intents and purposes, the transfer was amicable. at that initial point, you have adults. adults make decisions. as you continue to let the timeline unfold, you have the text, the flight returned back from california. i don't think it's fair to sort of say that somehow law enforcement didn't take that seriously. they have to sort of do it in a sequential order, to build the case that they needed to be able to rule certain things out. that was really part of the investigative process that they engaged in. yes? reported back to clear for the time, do we believe she was killed at his home and then taken to logan? and why did he keep part of the body at his house? >> again, we are going to be
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talking about the specifics, which will become clear as we move forward. based on the probable cause that we've laid out, we can certainly say that we know she made contact with the suspect. we know where he ended up after, from hatch park, and we can see where the body was recovered, and logan canyon. >> reporter: any particular challenges given the locations in the way this case is spread out? >> no, this is like any complex homicide that our office would encounter. the effort by law enforcement was commendable and they have done a great job and they continue to do a great job. in any case, as i've said, the presumption of innocence is there. the burden of proof is upon us. our job is to put together the best case that we can, and we feel very comfortable with the charging decisions we've made. we will continue to be committed to that prosecution as we go
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forward. >> reporter: to clarify one thing -- do you have any evidence to suggest these two had contact prior to the night she went missing? >> again, i'm not going to comment about the prior history or anything like that. for the purposes that we are here today, suffice it to understand that what we are saying is the contact did occur and there was communication that occurred between the two partie parties. certainly, prior to 3:00 meeting that happened. so there was contact between the two parties, yes? >> harris: and we have been watching salt lake city, utah,'s district attorney, sim gill, talk as much as he can share in the detail of what they think happened to mackenzie lueck. 23-year-old utah college student, found dead. you may recall, when this was first going on and they were looking for her and she was a missing person, they came across some burned items in the
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backyard of the man who was now being held as a suspect. and now charged. you see him there in the center screen now, in the backyard of his home where items lead them to believe and further to learn that mackenzie didn't make it out of that backyard alive. ted williams is a former d.c. homicide detective and criminal defense attorney. ted, you are with me on that friday afternoon about a week and a half ago, and you said this doesn't sound good. and now we know they found charred body remains, muscle tissue, so on and so forth. but you are putting this together then. >> harris, just from this press conference we know that mackenzie died of a very cruel death, here. there's a lot of codes in this press conference that were used, but let me try to clarify. on june 17th, when she went to the park with the lyft driver, apparently she met ajayi, the
10:18 am
suspect. what we know is that there was some communication for that. the reason we know that as they were able to marry up their cell phones. the cell phone towers were crucial in developing this investigation. we know in some states that she was definitely at his home. we know that she was bound and tied from the back. we know that she was hit in the head, and she died of blunt force trauma to the head. we know that at some stage portions of her charred body were found in that backyard. we know that the majority of her body was moved, allegedly by ajayi, to logan canyon. and they were able to note that by his cell phone pinging in that area. the conducted an investigation and determined -- they found the rest of her charred remains.
10:19 am
out there in logan canyon. >> harris: right, i want to get to one count of aggravated murder in the first degree, felony. one count of aggravated kidnapping in the first degree, felony. obstructed justice, second-degree felony. one count of desecration of the human body, third-degree felony. the d.a. they are saying this is a journey. it's not like tv were re-hit one stop shopping. they've got a lot to go. one quick last word from you, ted williams? >> i think these charges could be elevated to capital murder charges. i think they could find premeditation. all the things that are necessary for proper possibly l murder case. i think him buying that gas can in advance shows that some say he perhaps was going to murder this young women don't like woman. >> harris: ted williams, thank you very much. we will follow this case and see where it goes. you saw there, very delicately,
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the d.a. didn't want to touch on capital murder charges at all. he said at this stage, as you just pointed out, you've done this sort of thing before and you are looking at those counts against him. ted williams, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> harris: fox news alert on this, we are awaiting remarks from labor secretary alex acosta amid growing calls for him to resign over his involvement in a controversial 2008 plea deal for that accused trafficker, billionaire jeffrey epstein. this has come forward, a live report. stay close. cards right- by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right. so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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10:25 am
involvement in that controversial plea deal that was struck for accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein in 2008. we are told how the secretary is not planning to announce his resignation when he speaks in just the next little while. this, as a new accuser has come forward alleging that epstein raped her when she was only 15 years old. fair warning to reviewers, the details of hurricanes her claims are graphic and disturbing. here are some of the interview from earlier today. >> he raped me. forcefully raped me. know exactly what he was doing. i don't think he cared. what's hurting even more so as if i wasn't afraid to come forward sooner, maybe he wouldn't have done the two other girls. i feel really guilty. to this day i feel really guilt guilty. >> harris: kevin corke live outside the white house covering bid administration response to
10:26 am
all of this, as the labor secretary prepares to speak, we are told, in the next little while. >> you are right, at approximately 2:30 we expect to hear from the secretary, and sources tell fox news we should expect them to lay out his thinking behind what happened to lead up to that decision in the epstein case oh so many years ago. we are also told that we should expect him to describe the fact that there are number of senior level employees of the department of justice who are also involved in decisions of that nature. as well, we shouldn't expect them to unpack the thinking behind a deal which included sex offender registration rights epstein but by most accounts seemed fairly lenient given the amount of descendants. the president tangentially talked about that a bit >> if you go back and look at everyone else's decisions, whether it's a u.s. attorney or an assistant u.s. attorney or judge, you go back 12 or 15 or 20 years ago and look at their past decisions, i would think you probably find that they
10:27 am
maybe would have done a different way. i hear there were a lot of people involved in the decision. >> not just him. that could be the talking point by the white house, this was hardly a one-man decision, and the rush to remove him from office is unwarranted. >> the reality is the defense attorneys in that case actually try to get alex removed because they thought he was such an aggressive prosecutor in this case. as you heard alex say yesterday, we welcome the fact that there is additional evidence that can be prosecuted. >> marc short not long ago here at the white house, epstein pleading not guilty monday to more child sex trafficking charges than the ones he was convicted of more than a decade ago. one more note, he was barred from entering the president's resort many years ago, mar-a-lago, following an incident there. at 2:30 we expect from the secretary. all eyes will be here on fox news is we bring it.
10:28 am
back to you. >> harris: i want to begin this fox news political politics editor, chris. this 2:30 p.m. eastern situation gives the public some information. it also if so what have some information. politically, where are we? >> we are at a point where the secretary of labor of the united states of america is engaging in what i would say is extraordinarily selfish and potentially reckless conduct. you have here no excuse for him to remain in this administration. every day, every minute that he stays here, he does more damage to the president's chances for reelection. there is no team player arguments that can be made for acosta to remain in this position. number one, it's not that important of a job. nothing against the department of labor. it's very important, no doubt. its headquarters is right over here. but is not that big of a deal. you can find somebody else to do
10:29 am
the job. he finds himself in the same place that people like scott pruitt, ryan zinke, and other state over time. he's not worth the trouble for this administration. no way. >> harris: >> harris: loosely do back again. is it overplaying it to say that you can cost the president in such a way that it effects the 2020 election? that's so far away from now. >> donald trump was friends with jeffrey epstein once upon a time. >> harris: a lot of people were friends. bill clinton put out a statement yesterday because he knew he was friends and had to get on record saying he didn't know anything. >> who is the president now? donald trump is the president now. alex acosta works for him. he works for a president who was friends with epstein. trump has made it clear, didn't know anything was wrong. haven't talked to him for more than a decade. said nice things about them in public, didn't particularly like him. he's building distance between him and epstein. on the other hand, his labor secretary gave a billionaire
10:30 am
pedophile a sweetheart deal. he might say "it's a smart deal, i was happy with the deal the time, if only i had known the truth." >> harris: former governor susanna martinez was honest with an hour on "outnumbered" and she said no, that -- no way, that was -- who gets that deal? she called it a sweetheart deal. absolutely. what you are talking about that, building distance with epstein, the president did a little bit of that yesterday at the end of his comments inside the oval office when the visiting emir from qatar was here. he didn't say he defended them and to all ends. he said they are looking at his stuff. >> acosta has to go. the reason he feels he has to say is that if he resigns that he be admitting that he gave a billionaire pedophile a sweetheart deal. he's thinking about the rest of his career. but the damage he is doing by staying, by keeping this heinous story that americans hate this guy -- >> harris: does the president have to keep giving answers on?
10:31 am
because it's hanging around. >> alex acosta is not worth the trouble. here's the thing -- he should have known that you go harder on a billionaire accused of a heinous crime like this, not least , easy peasy should run it. >> harris: i appreciate you being here. as the news is breaking, we will know more. elizabeth warren is suggesting that she will push to end israel's "occupation of the west bank and gaza." that would mark a major shift for that massachusetts senator. republican congressman lee zeldin is with me ahead. ♪ if you're a veteran homeowne, taking care of your family and home takes a lot of money. the mortgage, the bills, credit cards, home improvements. it all takes cash. getting that cash is just a phone call away. call newday usa. the newday usa 100 va loan lets you take out an average of 54,000 dollars to pay debts or put in the bank and it lowers your payments over 600 dollars a month. and because newday usa has been
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10:36 am
this. "the activists "we are american. we love the way you fight corruption. we would love he would also push the israeli government to end occupation. the senator responded, "yes, so i'm there." in the past, senator warren has described israel as a strong alley of the u.s. in 2014 she defended a senate vote to increase military aid to israel during the war on gaza. but her latest remark seemed to be more in line with 2020 rival senator bernie sanders. who is seen here posting with that same activist group. holding up a banner that reads, "jews against the occupation." we've reached out to the warren campaign for a comment on these latest remarks. here with me now, a republican congressman lee zeldin of new york. congressman, what does this mean, siding with this group on this issue? >> what you are seeing is a
10:37 am
pandering for votes from the extreme left. israel is a nation of hope, of freedom, of opportunity. it's our greatest ally in the entire region. there is a willingness on the part of elizabeth warren and some of these other presidential candidates to attack israel, to begin that relationship, in order to be able to have what they hope to be a better path towards a democratic presidential nomination. in this context, it's greatly unfortunate. it's just adding a little bit of context. in the west bank, judea and sumeria, you end up with land that -- israel, once they were attacked -- ended up with. time and time again there've been opportunities for the palestinians to be able to get their own country, israel, just over a decade ago offered to withdraw from 93% of this territory. the palestinians keep walking. and gaza, there is no israeli
10:38 am
occupation. so you have disputed territory in the west bank, judea and sumeria, and you have hamas-controlled territory. it's unfortunate that the framing of this is an accurately describing the railing on the ground. >> harris: the word "occupation" is limited pretty given us history, if you will. the system understands that language. this group obviously, as you say in a very open environment, is advocating for the end of "occupation." >> let's take it gaza for example. the responsible thing -- you are running for president of the united states and you get asked that question. what you should say is, "and because we have the small strip of land with 1.7 million people being governed by a designated foreign terrorist organization in hamas that denies humanitarian aid to enter their area. it uses women and children as human shields, incites violence, has murdered civilians." we as americans should all come
10:39 am
together to fight for human rights." there are issues. when you talk about what she should have said to that group, to compare it to what she actually did, there's a huge difference in leadership and there's a huge difference between what is strength and what is weakness. especially to a base that often talks about human rights. >> harris: it's interesting, with your foreign affairs background that i know of, to hear you talk you didn't say democrats and republicans. you said as america that should have been the answer. >> yeah, and we often talk about how we desired to be neutral arbiters. that doesn't mean we can't be honest brokers. when the palestinian authority financially rewards terrorists for murdering innocent americans and israelis, let's not accuse both sides of terror. let's caught up for what it is. we saw in the obama administration on those who are looking to -- they want to replace donald trump. they want to go backwards, not forwards, with this relationship. the president is going in the
10:40 am
right direction. >> harris: congressman lee zeldin of new york, thank you very much for your time. the massachusetts woman convicted of involuntary manslaughter after encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide via text message is now filing a supreme court appeal, claiming her free speech rights are being violated. the she? judge andrew napolitano joins us. ♪ jardiance asks: while managing your type 2 diabetes- why think about your heart? because with my type 2 diabetes, i'm more likely to have a fatal heart attack or stroke. lower a1c helps, but type 2 diabetes still increases my risk of a fatal cardiovascular event. because type 2 diabetes is more than a1c. wow-these are great answers! and that's why there's jardiance- the first type 2 diabetes pill that offers a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit for adults who also have known heart disease. because jardiance can reduce my risk of dying from a cardiovascular event. and it lowers my a1c, with diet and exercise.
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maria ramirez! mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams. >> harris: a woman convicted in a bizarre case of involuntary manslaughter is asking the u.s. supreme court to review the decision. michelle carter, sentenced to 15 months in prison after encouraging her boyfriend by text message and phone calls to kill himself. carter's lawyers claim the first amendment shields her from criminal responsibility because her involvement was limited to words alone. judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst and host of "liberty file" on
10:45 am
fox nation, is with me now. so, if i text "i love you, go die," i'm shortening it all for the purpose of -- >> that's effectively what she texted. >> harris: >> harris: that's a f it. is it free speech? >> you can make an argument that it is. i don't know where the supreme court is going to go on this. it's highly unusual to be talking about the first amendment and manslaughter in the same sentence. but this is a case where she wasn't in the same room, she didn't touch him, she didn't provide him with the means to kill himself, she didn't say anything to him on the phone. it was a series of texts. i give you that background because other states have gone the other way. that is, they have said its protected speech, he made the decision on his own. massachusetts is the only state that we know of in the modern era that has allowed a manslaughter prosecution with a guilty verdict on the basis of these facts. so the lawyer's argument is, to the supreme court, "do you really want first amendment law
10:46 am
to mean different things in different states? unprotected in massachusetts, protected in --" filled the bling, another state. >> harris: i'm confused, because there are times in our legal lives where the argument is that words alone cannot incite a mob. words alone can't incite people to do different violent things. how is it different in these case? >> all innocuous speech is protected and all speech is harmless when there is time for more speech to rebut it. so she is with him, and he's got a violent poison, she says "drink it, close what he did think of the drink it, she could be prosecuted. in this opportunity for him to think about it, and others to rebut her text, that's where she might have an argument. this is the most -- >> harris: last point to ask about all this.
10:47 am
if words count, if their space to have more dialogue, isn't it individual? maybe she knows which words. you know what i mean? some words are more trigger for other people. maybe there's been enough dialogue. i'm just throwing out -- >> you're making great arguments. the government was probably arg, what else could she have intended but to kill him? she regularly, consistently -- it wasn't one text. she consistently and systematically badgered him with those words. that can't be what james madison had in mind when he wrote the first amendment. that's the massachusetts government's arguments. in this environment, where you ask the supreme court to kill hr the case, they don't have your side. they say they will take the case, or know they won't, and of the road. start your sentence. which is a long sentence. >> harris: how do you see it playing out? is there a precedent? >> there is no precedent. i don't think the supreme court will take it. i think there'll be some interest in and among the
10:48 am
members of the court but it takes four to agree to take the case to compel all nine to hear it. >> harris: in case our audience didn't catch that, he said 15 months is a long sentence for this. we will be watching to see what happens and if that's mitigated at all. judge, thank you. speak a pleasure to be with you, harris. >> interesting topic. fox news alert, we are about 40 minutes away, so we are told, from labor secretary alex acosta's news conference. this is life picture at the audience is taking its seat. reporters, photographers, everybody pulling in. as the pressure builds for acosta to resign over his involvement in a 2008 plea deal for sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. a live report. more. stay tuned. ♪ limu emu and doug.
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. all eyes will be a labor secretary alex acosta at 2:30 p.m. when he holds a news conference. there are numerous calls for him to step down because of how he handled jeffrey epstein's plea deal back in 2008. a couple is suing after their fertility clinic implanted the wrong embryos, and the woman gave birth to someone else's babies. how did that happen? we will hear from them at it 2:00 p.m. news conference on "the daily briefing" ." >> harris: let's get to that breaking news. labor secretary alex acosta said told the news conference amid mounting calls for him to step
10:53 am
down over how he handled or struck a deal for a plea deal with alleged sex trafficker, billionaire jeffrey epstein. 2008, that was. today, the power panel slides i in. hank sean cobbs, radio host kevin mccullough are here the big question is, why do go on live television today? why reporting that he's not resigning in the next little while? why do you do that? >> it's extraordinary. has he consulted with his lawyers? this man is in serious trouble. had they told him to do this, it doesn't have the white house for sure. maybe ken would agree. >> i think it's couple things going on. the report could be wrong, a very well could come to my. >> harris: i just got confirmation >> i expect a lot of instinct. i think he's got a feeling he comes out in plays, "i did the best job i could under the circumstances for the might of information i have." it might not wash but he's got
10:54 am
to at least on some level respond back. morris also talks about in marketing and campaigns the most powerful message is the one that responds to the acquisition. you can't sit there and not say something. so if he wants to keep his job is got to respond. >> harris: hank, the president seemed to leave the door open yesterday. he said some supportive things about alex acosta. he also said they are looking at a lot. he didn't say he was going to keep him, he said they are looking at a lot with regard to getting rid of him. >> in the trump world that means you could be gone in a nanosecond. that may be the case. he's the hot potato. he's very difficult to keep around. if acosta stays, the president is going to have to ask questions about someone who really reports to him. there's no firewall between them. this guy reports to the president of the united states. >> harris: i know you said he's in trouble, alex acosta. why do you say that? >> these kinds of inquiries don't happen with the kind of intensity that was announced by the u.s. attorney's of a district unless there is a serious game going on.
10:55 am
>> harris: you were talking about his comments, kevin, his instincts being right. there is more to this case. if you want to say politics, it's bipartisan. you heard christine pelosi, daughter of the speaker of the house, come out and say some of their faves and the democratic party could be caught up in the trafficking case against jeffrey in spain don't like to like epstein. >> i want them to catch anyone who did anything illegal and immoral and grab them to do away with it. i find it interesting that pelosi and schumer's primary focus is acosta and not epstein. you heard a lot about the labor secretary yesterday. the media outside of fox was not that focus on epstein. they were very focused on acosta. >> weave partisanized everything. this is a case where they all ought to step back and say, "what about the children?" where is the just for them? >> harris: thank you both. i'll be right back. one of the benefits we as a country
10:56 am
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>> harris: on the sour at "outnumbered overtime" we learn more details on the case of missing and then murdered college student, mckenzie lewis. a lot of breaking news, i'm glad you were along with it to be and from this afternoon. i'm harris, "the daily briefing" is now. >> dana: fox news alert, another woman comes forward with a new accusation against financier, jeffrey epstein, sankey her when she was only 15 years old. this is we have rate a news conference with alex acosta. hi, everyone, i am dana perino and this is "the daily briefing briefing." acosta will speak to reporters 30 minutes from now. amid growing calls for is it resignation, we have fox team coverage. chris wallace will join us with analysis. but let's begin with david lee miller on the disturbing new allegations. david. >> dana, she was 14


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