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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 11, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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rob: you seem excited about that. jillian: cheers to that. rob: "fox & friends" is coming up near a few seconds. not much time left. we will guess and say it starts right now. we will see you later. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: well, today is the day that my children always look forward to it is the 11th day of july which means it's 7/11 which is why it's free slurpee day all across the united states of america. we have sliewrpees on fox square. ainsley: what flavor do you like? steve: cherry. mountain dew will wake you up. ainsley: has the caffeine get you going. when i was pregnant my baby
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was breech. they told me to have a slurpee every day and the baby would turn and that did not work. it was good. griff: i have been trying to help coach and participate in my youngest daughter mackenzie field hockey out in the middle of nowhere saving grace is a 7/11. ainsley: did you bring everyone slurps. griff: spent like 25 bucks on slurps. ainsley: you were the cool dad. when we were playing it was orange slices. steve: i would take the kids to dairy queen. there is no dairy queen day on the calendar like today is 7/11. we have a busy show starting right now. look at this. the "new york times" has a story today. apparently one former department of homeland security official and two current members of the dhs leaked to the "new york times" details that apparently those ice raids that they wound up derailing a couple of weeks ago are
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set to start on sunday where they are going to fan out 10 cities and they have got 2,000 migrants who are in the country illegally and have been deported. they have had their final deportations written. they are the target. ainsley: some folks with homeland security were concerned about this because they said how are we going to do this? what if we have to pull a parent away from children. steve: kevin mcaleenan pulled the plug last time. ainsley: right. so now they decided how to work this out. hold them together in detention centers in texas and pennsylvania. if they run out of space there. then they will put them in hotel rooms until they can process the paperwork. griff: we reached out to ice to see if we could get confirmation and comment. to date last 24 hours, they don't comment on enforcement actions unless it's a leak to the "new york times." detainers already put on 2,000 families. why the administration is cared out a court ordered removal is because the main
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driver of this surge of upwards of a million people, mostly from central america has been the loopholes in the law and the fact that they will not be sent home. steve: remember when the president pulled the plug on it three or four weeks ago. ainsley: three weeks ago. steve: nancy pelosi wound up calling him and he said okay, i'm going to give congress a couple of weeks to work out the asylum deals and loopholes, and they did do some funding, $4.6 billion to work on the crisis down south, but they did nothing to solve the loopholes and the asylum problems. so now the president is saying it's full steam ahead. ainsley: apparently she called him last friday. they talked for 12 minutes and he tweeted out after that phone conversation with her saying he would give a little bit more time but expected democrats and republicans to work together on this and democrats to come on board and close loopholes. ken cuccinelli acting director of citizenship was at the white house yesterday talking about this very issue. listen. >> well, we are not going to
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say when operational elements are going to roll out and matt albence is in control of that at ice career man and committed to it. they are absolutely going to happen. there is approximately 1 million people in this country with removal orders and, of course, that isn't what ice will go after in this, but that's the pool of people who have been all the way do you the due process chain. steve: officials are reluctant to talk about operational details it. is curious though i wonder if the leaks from the department of homeland security to the "new york times" were authorized or if this is an attempt to derail. ainsley: i don't think they would be authorized because they are worried about their safety. ice members go to the doors, knock on the doors. that's why they didn't want the timetable put out there publicly. griff: this all comes at the same time the house committee, oversight and reform committees holding a hearing kids in cages. this is now deleted this tweet from the oversight committee, democrats. but it showed the picture in 2014 of kids in cages that
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of course is under president obama. they are making that point. i spoke to some of the people in the room and they said their sense was that it was the democrats pushing yet again for open borders congressman chip roy tried to get perspective. here is congressman chip roy slamming democrats for criticizing this unprecedented crisis. >> for five months we have listened to some of our colleagues say there is no crisis instead of focusing on the magnet that will allow cartels to exploit women and children, some in this body would rather attack the men and women on the front lines of the crisis. i have seen with my own eyes the facilities in mcallen and talk to border border patrol and say it looks great walk across the street and get in front of the camera and say kids in cages. that's not going to solve the problem. ainsley: democrats did post that picture and ended up taking it down because republicans were saying wait a minute, that picture was taken in 2014. who was the president then? barack obama.
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steve: indeed. we are going to talk to jim jordan from the state of ohio he was at that hearing. he will be with us in about 90 minutes. meanwhile yesterday up on capitol hill at a closed door breakfast, the democratic caucus all got together and nancy pelosi had something she wanted to say. keep in mind it was a couple days ago she took a shot at four super progressive freshman women on the democratic twitter. aoc and company also known as the squad reportedly said to everybody, hey, listen, we are family you got a problem, don't tweet about it. here is verbatim. again, you got a complaint, you come and talk to me about it, but do not tweet about our members and expect us to think that that is just okay. ainsley: well, aoc responded. she had that radio interview
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with the new york host. and she was talking about her relationship with nancy pelosi she said basically there is none. we don't have a relationship. she said she thinks she is questioning whether or not nancy pelosi and leaders in the house are keeping her super busy because they said they have assigned her to some busy committees, four subcommittees. she said i'm wondering if this is purposefully busy work. i was given strenuous committee assignments. wondering if that's calculated she says her hands are full. steve: after that breakfast meeting where nancy pelosi says you have a problem, you come to me. you don't tweet. then she spoke to the "the washington post." the headline is outright disrespectful four house women struggle as pelosi isolates them and here's the quote from aoc. when these comments first started -- she is talking about comments from the speaker. -- i kind of thought that she, nancy pelosi, was keeping the progressive flank at more of an arm's distance in order to protect more moderate members, which i understood.
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but the persistent signaling out it got to a point where it was just outright disrespectful. the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color. griff: in defense of speaker pelosi, aoc is on the oversight and reform committee, to which she specifically deals with civil rights and environment on those two subcommittees. things that she in her campaigns talked about. she is also on financial services. her green new deal and her approach to wealth inequality in the country. another part of her campaign. it seems to me she was given specific committees to which she would have a specific interest. but she is also really rattled washington by calling for the dismanhattan links of dhs which is created under in the wake of 9/11 to bring the federal government under sort of one umbrella for better communication. karl rove, former deputy chief of staff to george w.
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bush slamming aoc's call to get rid of dhs. listen. >> i think it's moronic, stupid, naive and dumb. she should study the history. she should talk to our colleagues and investigate what happened. i was there on 9/11. i was the guy at 8:48 a.m. walked up to the president the united states and said a plane has flown into a world trade center. does she want to go back to where you can board an airplane with a box cutter or bomb? >> does she really want to abolish customs. it provided a new way to meet the challenges of the 21st century and those challenges have not gone away no matter what congressman ocasio-cortez may think. steve: headline this morning regarding what is going on in the democratic caucus is they would like to put a face on it that everything's fine, copasetic. but behind the scenes as you can see what nancy pelosi said what aoc has said, there's some trouble to say the least.
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ainsley: yesterday, i'm at the gem and i see the espy awards up there on the screen. jim kelly i followed his story he got the jimmy v. award his family was on stage two daughters. talked about his faith. drew brees was up there had his sons with him. really cool to see his beautiful family sitting there and supporting his dad. also another coach that really stuck out to us because he has got an amazing story. his name is rob menendez, 30 years old and a coach in california. and he got an award. steve: he did. he has such an extraordinary story. the audience stood, you know, gave him a standing ovation. he was born without limbs. he had something called tetra amelia syndrome. he was unable to play football his whole life. he learned the fundamentals of the sport by playing madden as a kid. and then as the a high school freshman he became the manager and then his senior year in high school he became the quarterback coach and then he wound up in a number of coaching jobs
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last year, 2018 he became the head coach at prospect high school out in california where his team finished 8-2 extraordinary for a man born with no limbs. griff: who can forget 25 years ago jimmy captured our emotions and really coach mendez did that last night. take a listen. >> if there is any message i want to give you guys tonight, it's to look at me and see how much passion i have put into coaching and how far it's gotten me. when you dedicate yourself to something and open your mind to different possibilities, and focus on what you can do instead of what you can't do, you really can go places in this world. [applause] realizing i couldn't play football but i could coach football, that was the way for me to never give up. best part of coaching for me is seeing someone's potential and making them realize what's possible.
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so for anyone out there not sure if they can do something, it can be in sports. it can be in your job. it can be in your lives, whatever it is i'm here to tell you that you can do it. i have made it this far. who says i can't go further? that's my message tonight. who says i can't? nobody. yeah! ainsley: i love him. griff: goose bumps right here. you will hear how our country is bad. you will hear how we are in crisis. but that right there is the sound bite of the day and if it doesn't motivate you to go further, strive harder to work harder, i don't know what will. ainsley: look at that the whole crowd stood the entire time that he spoke. you know, what a remarkable story. if he can do it, we all can do it. i mean, anything is possible. i'm sure when he was born, his parents just thought they want the best for their son. they were hoping and praying that he would achieve so much. you know that had to be hard. think about the struggles
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they have been through as family of the look at that he thanks his parents. steve: i'm sure the last thing they thought he would ever do was become a football coach. he did and he got the jimmy the perseverance award last night. griff: hats off to coach mendez. that's a guy you don't say you can't do. this that's impressive. steve: i watched jillian watching that it really gets you. jillian: kind of get choked up over it watching it. let's begin with this fox news alert now. this is a serious story that we're following. human remains found overnight in the search for a missing kentucky mother of four. the grim discovery made on the property of a home where police believed savanna spurlock was last seen in january. a person of interest is being questioned. authorities say the home belongs to a family member of one of the suspects. we will have much more on this breaking story later this hour. british officials say at least three iranian military gunboats tried but failed to seize a british oil tanker
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in the strait of hormuz. a u.s. defense official telling fox news the vessels backed off after a british warship threatened to open fire. a manned u.s. aircraft was also flying overhead. this comes after weeks of tension and as iran admits it went over the uranium enrich flesh hold laid out in the 2015 nuclear deal. a major square at buckingham pal last. intruder arrested for jumping the gates while the queen slept inside. man was on the grounds four minutes even banging on the doors. this scare comes four years after this man infamously broke into the queen's bedroom while she slept. those are your headlines. back to you. steve: how does that happen? jillian: creepy, scary. steve: thank you, jillian. president obama and joe biden say they are the best of friends. >> is the former v.p. cashing in at the president's expense? you've got to hear this when we come back. ♪ ♪
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>> the white house will host a social media summit allowing those who are made claims of censorship tech giants to talk about the challenges of the online platforms. founder of turning point uas and campus battlefield how conservatives can win the battle on campus and why it matters. charlie kirk will be there and he joins us now with a preview. charlie, what's happening today and what's the point of this? what's the goal at the white house? >> well, it's a massive issue. and i have to applaud the white house and the president for putting on this forum. and, you know, your show has covered this really really well talking about how these tech companies are engaging in suppression of conservative ideas. whether it be putting videos on the restricted list on youtube, whether it be labeling conservative thinkers and pundits incorrectly. whether it be facebook going after diamond and silk. these isolated incidents, if you will, are now patterns of silencing and suppression. and you look at going into 2000 20, thi2020.
3:20 am
millions of americans are going to be making hopefully informed choices on how they are going to vote. if these tech companies are going to be acting in ways that are misrepresenting true information, then you might have people actually acting based on false information from these tech companies. griff: charlie, those tech giants from google to facebook to twitter were not invited. should they not be a part of this conversation? >> well, look, i can't speak to that i wasn't involved in the planning. i can say this: i think it's good that the focus will be on the individuals that have been suppressed by these tech companies. it's important to remember that google has been invited multiple times to participate on hearings on capitol hill. they have shown up sometimes. you remember that empty seat about nine months ago where they decided not to show up to oversight hearing about data and privacy and these sorts of issues. and, look, the tech companies have had their opportunity to try to explain these things away for years. but i think it's good that the white house is getting a chance to let these stories to go unfiltered of what's
3:21 am
really going on, how these videos are being restricted and demonetized and so on and so forth. griff: you yourself have been the target of social media suppression. tell us what happened to you. >> i did a series of videos for the great organization prager university. so funny the video did i was about how college campuses need to be more open to ideas. essentially allowing the freedom of speech and freedom of expression. college campuses, islands of ideological totalitarianism. that video in the most ironic list was put on the restricted list by youtube. go figure. so video talks about how we need to be more open-minded and allowing other ideas is somehow labeled on the restricted list by youtube. over 100 videos of the sort by prager university were put on the restricted list by youtube. you have to think what on earth would compel youtube to do it. not to mention the soft
3:22 am
screenecensorship that's happen. suggested reads and tweets are almost left politicians. you have to allow free speech to exist on platforms for the good of the country. griff: thanks, charlie, very much. we reached out to facebook and google and really have no comment that they gave us. charlie, thank you very much. good luck today: this could be the best thing you hear all day. >> anybody here that's going to be disrespectful to either the american or the canadian national anthem, grab your gear and get the [bleep] out now. griff: not mincing words. that locker room speech now going viral. the coach who delivered it joins us live. he's right there. ♪ made in the u.s.a. ♪ fly-by ballooning. (man) don't...go...down...oh, no! aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!
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ainsley: los angeles business owners are reportedly putting up fences and planting thorny bushes to ward off the homeless according to the "l.a. times." business owners are tired of the city's slow response to the growing homeless crisis and have taken matters into their own hands. the homeless population has soared 16% from last year alone. the city of boise idaho is planning to install facial recognition technology at city hall to keep banned people out. city spending $52,000 even though nobody is currently banned this comes amid rising concerns that realtime surveillance technology could violate civil rights. steve: meanwhile at a time when some athletes protestinprotesting the national anthem. one coach going viral for one message he sent his team on the national anthem. watch. this w we are not women's soccer. we are not the nfl. if there is anybody here that's going to be disrespectful to either the american or the canadian national anthem, grab your
3:27 am
gear and get the [bleep] out now because you will never see the ice in this arena. we don't have that problem in hockey. we're better than that. but there is no sense in wasting anybody's time if that's what [bleep] going to happen. griff: joining us now is the assistant coach of connecticut's hat tricks john, he is also a police sergeant. coach, thanks for being here. >> good morning. thank you for having me. griff: you weren't mixing words there real clear message. >> when you are dealing with your team you have to give clear, concise orders. everybody needs to know what you say and what you mean. i don't think anybody here had any inkling of what i meant. steve: anybody get up and leave? >> nobody left. > ainsley: what made you want to give this speech and message to the boys? >> as the assistant coach it's my job to go up there and get them prepared. it was the first day of camp. my head coach billy mccleary was on the ice. i said i will wake them up. they are in there getting dressed.
3:28 am
younger kids trying out for a team that are 20, 25. this may be their first shot at pro-hockey. when you get out, there have you got to warm them up. have you got to let them know who is boss. listen. steve: congratulations, did you that. >> there was no since in us wasting time on somebody who is never going to get on the ice and play. steve: this has been viewed 7.5 million times. what is it that is so potent about your message that seems to be resonating with people? >> listen, this is america. one thing i want to point out, too. i think some people are read a little more into this than it really is. steve: what do you mean? >> that message just simply asking and if you notice some people missed it but it said the american and canadian national anthem because we play both at games. i don't think there is any reason not to ask people to respect your national anthem during a game before or
3:29 am
after. some people said oh you wouldn't let your players protest. i want to be clear, my players would be free to protest on their day off if they had something they he wanted to do. my owners are awesome. they would give them the team bus to go. but when they are playing the national anthem, i don't think it's too much to ask your employees to show some respect for the flag and for the country. griff: coach, what struck me you said to those players we're better than. this is it your take then that, i mean, do you have a problem, what dots national anthem and protesting, what does that mean to you? how do you feel about that. >> i wouldn't tell somebody else how to run their team. i don't want somebody telling me how to run my team, excepts for my boss. but, we don't have that problem in hockey, generally. i don't think it's a bad thing for coaches to reinforce it, not at all. but if you look around at other sports, hockey doesn't have that problem. ainsley: you are a coach. you serve your community as a police officer, you are making a difference. god bless you, congratulations for
3:30 am
everything you are doing. when you were on that ice and you hear the national anthem, what goes through your mind? why is it important? >> it's really important to me. i take pride in my country. the flag, i have unfortunately seen it covering too many coffins. and i think we can take time out to give two minutes worth of respect to our soldiers, to our 2350eur78, fird our policemen. i don't think that's asking too much. i'm not going to apologize for asking players to show a little bit of respect when it's either the american or canadian national anthem. steve: coach it, sounds like what's happened in some other sports has really gotten under your skin. >> well i wouldn't say it wasn't a catalyst for some things. [laughter] ainsley: what is your response to that when you have the soccer team, the captain of the team saying she is not going to go to the white house. she refused to stand at first until they changed the rules. >> we're available to go to the white house. i know my guys would show
3:31 am
up. listen, one thing i would never do is not get up here and bash a national team. you know, it's one person's view. i think that their team, listen, they won. you got to congratulate. steve: best in the world. >> they are our team. that's u.s.a. they are wearing u.s.a. on their jerseys. i don't care if it's can you recallincan youitcellularring. u.s.a. we support them. i wasn't too familiar with meghan before this whole thing started. i have got to say you watch her game, she is an awesome player. you watch her yesterday at the parade and, you know, she is a bubbly, smiley happy person. she went down the road, i guess that's a personal choice that she made, you know. sue bird, prime connecticut. she is a national hero in connecticut, you know. listen, i think it's bad that the whole team gets lumped into some of this stuff that's going on.
3:32 am
griff: coach, you are a hero to a lot of people today, that's why that video is going viral standing up for patriotism and national flag. we're running out of time how is it looking this year. >> we are signing a lot of players and we will be ready. steve: what day are you available to got white house? >> the day after we win our championship. steve: john kurpinsky dan bury hat tricks. a real pleasure to have you here. >> it's a pleasure to be here. thank you so much. ainsley: 32 minutes after the top of the hour. a second federal judge blocks the doj move to switch the legal team handling the census question case. what happens now? executive order? is that an option? the judge is on the case. steve: all rise. here comes napolitano ♪ wake me up ♪ before you go go ♪ because i'm not planning on going so low ♪ wake me up before you go,
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can't see what it is what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star. steve: 6:36 in new york city back with a fox news alert. human remains found overnight in the search for a missing kentucky mother of four. ainsley: grim discovery made on the property of a house where police believe savannah spurlock was seen back in january. griff: a person of interest is being questioned.
3:37 am
aishah is live with developments. what's going on? >> things are moving pretty fast this morning, guys. police got a crucial tip around 5:00 yesterday. just before midnight they found human remains now they are questioning one person. this is happening at a home in garrett county. it's believed to be the last known location of savannah spurlock. now, police say the remains that they found are heavily decomposed and that's why now they have been sent to the state medical examiner's office to be identified. savannah is a mother of four, just gave birth to twins in december. she went missing on january 4th. last seen on surveillance video here leaving a lexington bar with three men. those men told police savanna left the garrett county home by herself the next morning but her family does not believe that story. now, police have actually searched this particular house at least one other time already. >> the property that we're
3:38 am
searching is a family member of one of our suspects. so that's kind of what brought us here before and that's why we are back here again. our hope is to bring closure to know what happened and to be able to answer a lot of questions. >> so investigators have been working throughout the night and as i mentioned things are moving pretty fast. we might have a development to share with you in the next couple of hours. we will let you know. steve: all right, aishah, thank you very much. meanwhile we start this with fox news extreme weather alert. the state of louisiana currently under a state of emergency as severe flooding has stunned new orleans and a major storm now bearing down on the gulf coast potentially could become a tropical storm or, perhaps, a hurricane by saturday. ainsley: flash flooding turning the streets into rivers, forcing some of the residents to cut across town in coul kayaks. dark clouds and waterspout touching down on a local lake there.
3:39 am
griff: meteorologist adam klotz is live with us tracking the storm. big easy is getting hit hard. adam: couple days out initial rain bands hitting new orleans. a lot more rain before said and done. still a low pressure system. before the day is over likely turning into a tropical storm. current there is forecast to run up to a category 1 hurricane. very late friday or very early saturday morning before making landfall. pay attention to that speed. this is crawling across the gulf of mexico which means there is still a little bit of time for this to change. and also means the longer it moves or the slower it moves, the more that rain can pile up. everything here in dark green colors are flood watches and warnings across louisiana stretching back into portions as far as off towards portions of florida even getting to the florida big bend there. this is going to be the movement of this. every time we get an update here, we are seeing differences in these tropical models which means this is not locked down yet.
3:40 am
this storm system could still move a little bit farther off toward the west and least. watching every six hours updates we will get a clearer picture of what is supposed to happen. that makes a huge difference as far as rainfall totals. we saw in the last update this really deep heavy rain, 15 to 20 inches ran right over new orleans. this update shifted a little farther off towards the east. there is still time for this to move, for this to shift and we'll be watching very closely, guys. steve: adam real quickly, it's a huge rainmaker, what are the odds it would become a hurricane? adam: right now it is forecast to become a hurricane. very bottom threshold even if it doesn't get there strong tropical storm. ainsley: a lot of people go to the gulf 30 a area for vacation. how long is it going to last. >> they do. it will be upcoming week before i would cancel this weekend's plans. steve: oh boy. thank you, adam. griff: thanks, adam. steve: right over there we have got jillian who joins
3:41 am
us now. jillian: you guys are doing a great job with the camera by the way. we are following a number of stories. let's start with this. vice president joe biden saved half a million dollars using a tax loophole president obama tried to close according to the presidential candidate's tax filings e. and his wife funneled money from books and speeches through s corporation. biden has campaign fairer tax system including eliminating loopholes. the california couple at the center of an iv mix up after a complete stranger gave birth to their child. >> my family fly a living hell. who wants to meet their child in the lobby of a hotel. it was just -- it was heart breaking. it was terrible. jillian: couple now suing the california clinic. they said they did not meet their son until six weeks after he was born.
3:42 am
their attorney adam wolf will join us in the 8:00 hour. another couple from new york who carried that couple's son along with another embryo that wasn't theirs is also suing. an heroic rescue caught on police body camera. watch as an officer saved a 6-year-old boy from a burning home as hispaniced mother cries on the porch. >> officer robinson coughing as he drags the unconscious boy out of smoke filled home in ohio. the child is expected to make a full recovery. it's unclear how the fire started. well, the espy awards were held last night honoring the biggest names in sports. alex morgan and the u.s. women's soccer team taking home the award for best team. morgan named best female athlete. dru brees bringing three young sons along so he could meet role model. brees honored for record
3:43 am
breaking performance after breaking the nfl's all-time passing record. but leave it to a hockey player to stealing the show by ripping his tooth out on stage. there. brian o'reilly and the best come back after winning first ever stanley cup title. i will send it back to you. griff: that's certainly a moment. ainsley: hockey players lose their teeth a lot of them don't have teeth. steve: yesterday the president -- judge napolitano joins us. griff: host of the liberty file on fox nation by the way. steve: president claimed victory yesterday in a tweet. he said word just out that i won a big support of the deep state witch-hunt unanimous decision in my favor from the u.s. court of appeals fourth circuit under ridiculous emonthliments case. i don't make a fortune i lose a fortune for the honorable of being president of the united states.
3:44 am
what happened was democrats had said hey, you are making money off of foreign countries and now this court says, what? >> there's a clause of the constitution known as the emonthly meants clause that prohibits the president of the united states while president from earning money from foreign heads of state so the city. the district of columbia and the state of maryland divided to sue the president personally claiming that because foreign governments stay in the hotel that his company manages, therefore, he personally is earning money from these foreign governments the court basically said have you been harmed by this? steve: to the state and the district? >> correct. they couldn't say yes. so, in our system, you can't just sue somebody because you don't like what they did or you think they are violating a rule or a regulation or the constitution. you must actually be harmed by what they did. and your harm must be distinct from all others. steve: you have to have standing. >> that's what we call it standing.
3:45 am
even though the president is happy, this could come back again if the right person sued. so the determination yesterday was this is political lawsuit against the president. the district of columbia was not harmed by that hotel. the district of columbia benefits by the hotel. and the state of maryland is not harmed by that hotel. ainsley: what do they want him to do? close down all of his hotels? not make any money? >> they want to embarrass him and elm bare his presidency that's obvious and they are not afraid to use the courts to attempt to make that happen. griff: come back. if another party could have standing and could have merit. steve: who would that be? >> i don't know who it would be. there are parts of it that is going to sound weird. parts of the constitution self-enforcing that the courts do not get involved with because you can't find someone who has been harmed by it. even if a foreign country was coming to this hotel just tone rich the president, there is a lot of ifs in there. it's hard to find somebody who was harmed by that.
3:46 am
ainsley: president and doj want that citizenship question on the 2020 census. the first attorney it didn't work with the first attorney, the team. so now they wanted to change attorneys. and they have been rejected? >> yes. steve: again. >> ainsley: again. >> this is not good to have the citizenship question on the census. the government sent its 11 best lawyers on what we call administrative law how these regulations come about in the census to defend the government. when the government took a position different from the one these lawyers had argued to the judges, they resigned from the case. the judge said you cantd resign from the case. you are stuck with this case. you are stuck with me. two of them left the doj because they no longer wanted to represent a department of commerce that they don't think is being candid with them. translation, i don't believe that the citizenship question will get on the census. steve: judge, the president in the last couple of minutes since we have been talking to you tweeted something and it revolves around this particular question. >> wow, what did he say?
3:47 am
steve: the white house will be hosting a very big and very important social media summit today. we knew that would i have become president without social media? yes, probably, he writes. [laughter] at its conclusion, we will all go to the beautiful rose garden for a news conference on the census and citizenship. >> listen, i have no insight into this but my guess is he will sign an executive order. my other guess is that the two judges who have restrained the commerce department will restrain the enforcement of that executive order as well. this is a complex situation that the commerce department dropped the ball. not the president. the commerce department. griff: if he did announce an executive order, that would simply be challenged almost immediately? >> correct. before the same two judges that have restrained the commerce. as we speak the census bureau is printing the new forms without the citizenship question on it. steve: let's see if they stop the presses later today. >> okay. steve: meanwhile i'm sure
3:48 am
you saw the secretary of labor acosta give that press conference yesterday trying to explain what happened when he was. >> key phrase trying to. steve: what do you think happens in this case? >> you know, i watched the press conference, obviously. and then i read the transcript of it. when you read it, it sounds lawyerly and elegant. but it was not persuasive. i don't think he persuaded anybody that he did the right thing. he had a tremendous amount of evidence against mr. epstein and he should have indicted him. and then negotiated with his lawyers rather than holding that indictment, that 53 page indictment that they drafted which outlined names, dates, places, faces. they held it in a drawer and it never saw the light of day. griff: we are out of time. your prediction does he go or stay? >> who? griff: acosta? >> i don't think he will be around by friday. steve: well, tomorrow is friday. >> yes. griff: judge, thank you. >> pleasure, guys.
3:49 am
ainsley: dog days of summer are here. there is sunscreen for your pup. griff: beat the heat coming up next. griff: i need some of that sunscreen for rascal. ♪ hot, hot, hot we have to be able to repair the enamel on a daily basis. with the new pronamel repair toothpaste we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. my go-to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair. my go-to toothpaste the business of family time... ...and downtime. ...and you time. ...and forgetting what time it is...altogether. modernized comfort inns and suites have been refreshed
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gel jill good morning to you
3:53 am
welcome back. we have headlines now. how about this story, a mom is arrested for driving with two kids in an inflatable pool on top of her suv. someone reported the woman after seeing two girls on top of the moving vehicle in illinois. police say the mom told them she had her daughter sit on the empty pool to hold it down. okay. and this arizona driver is lucky to be alive after a cactus crashed through windshield. police believe the driver was impaired which he crossed two lanes of traffic before crashing into the gigantic plant. he suffered only minor injuries. back to you. >> well, we are in the middle of the dog days of summer and when it comes to beating the heat, we can't forget about our four legged friends. steve: joining us now with tips and gagetsd for every dog owner pet care expert charlotte reed. charlotte, if it's summer we have hot dogs. >> we have definitely hot dogs. really important to know that july is hydration awareness month. we will start over here with bo. is he drinking out of the
3:54 am
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3:55 am
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3:56 am
vet but fraction of the cost. we have the collars here like butter cup and her sister are wearing and we also have the spot on. typical flea and tick products. we love that last but not least. >> you almost tripped over that. >> remember my dog wrong. right. all dogs especially if they're white and low to the ground they need their sunscreen. only fda approved sunscreen. turn the bottle upside down and you can also separate top. especially with your golden. ainsley: you don't think about that. >> don't think your dog is going to get sun burned. >> water recess attendant and spf. >> epi pet. >> exactly. steve: very nice. >> about $12 a bottle. steve: now we know what to do during the dog days of summer. ladies, thanks for bringing your dogs. have a great summer. ainsley: beautiful dogs. >> still ahead lawrence jones and congressman jim jordan. plus, as you can see there,
3:57 am
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4:01 am
and. ainsley: very exciting. steve: couple years ago my daughter sally said come on, dad, let's go. after work we took her. the 7/11 took her to hottest day in the year they had run out of cups. they said there is another one just about a mile down the road there was a little line. worth it. ainsley: i went to a chicken restaurant and they ran out of chicken i'm like go to the grocery store and get some chicken. steve: was it free chicken day. griff: that's not 7/11 slurpee day. steve: go now and beat the crowds. ainsley: ice is preparing to arrest thousands of illegal immigrants nationwide beginning this weekend on sunday, at least according to the "new york times." steve: this comes nearly three weeks after the president halted those raids at the request of democrats saying they would be back on if congress didn't act on border aid and do something about loopholes and asylum. griff: kevin corke joins us live from the white house. busy morning. >> busy morning indeed. we will get to that border
4:02 am
battle over on capitol hill in just a moment. first, i just want to let you know we have just received word that the president will conduct a news conference this afternoon on the citizenship question on the upcoming 2020 census. again, that's coming up later on this afternoon. we will obviously have that for you here at fox news. more on that in just a few. first to capitol hill where a battle over there is actually really resonating over here at the white house. it's not just a battle about the detention centers over on the border. this is really, folks, about what to do moving forward. there are some lawmakers on capitol hill, in particular some democrats who feel very strongly that these are migrants who are here legally. they deserve respect. they deserve to be treated in a certain way. although you may remember they first called this a manufactured crisis. well, they now agree with the white house, this is a real crisis. but, some democrats on the hill believe that the agency charged with managing this massive influx of immigrants and carrying out the enforcement of our immigration laws should be
4:03 am
eliminated. >> ice is not under dha. it's under the department of homeland security. and so we have now -- >> -- would you get rid of homeland security too. >> i think. so i think we need to undo a lot of the egregious -- a lot of the egregious mistakes that the bush administration did. >> so aoc says it should go away. those comments, by the way, come as republicans on the hill are howling over what they believe was incredibly misleading tweet sent by democrats saying the treatment of migrants at the border they used a picture from the obama administration years in that tweet. it's since been deleted. but administration officials tell us no amount of slight of hand will stop them from enforcing our laws. >> they are absolutely going to happen. there is approximately a million people in this country with removal orders. and of course that isn't what ice will go after in this. that's the pool of people who have been all the way through the due process chain.
4:04 am
>> ken cuccinelli making it clear these raids will happen one way or the other. as for the president, he is not only talking about immigration. is he talking about citizenship. and as mentioned earlier, he will be discussing adding a citizenship question to the census. in fact, he was on twitter not long ago, the president up bright and early very likely watching you folks on "fox & friends." talking about this thing a press conference coming up later at the rose garden. guys? steve: kevin corke with a very thorough report from the north lawn. thank you very much. so a lot town pack there let's talk a little bit about what he just reported the president is going to be in the rose garden later to talk about and the way he tweeted it out. something about citizenship and the census. keep in mind there have been judges that said no, you can't do it. while the supreme court said a week or so ago you can have the question but just the logic you are using is flawed come back with a better explanation.
4:05 am
and then the administration announced that they would be switching out the legal team and a couple judges said no, you are not. you can't do that this late in the game. ainsley: that's been rejecketsd. people are wondering what he is going to be talking about in the rose garden. will he use that executive order to get the question on the census report? griff: we expect, possibly, according to judge napolitano telling us we can get this executive order which clearly will be challenged here a little bit of what the judge had to say. >> when the government took a position different from the ones these lawyers had argued from the judges they resigned from the case. they no longer wanted to represent a department of commerce that they don't think is being candid with them. translation, i don't believe that the citizenship question about l. get on the census. my guess is he will sign an executive order. my other guess is that the two judges who have restrained the commerce department will restrain the enforcement of that executive order as well. this is a complex situation that the commerce department dropped the ball, not the
4:06 am
president, the commerce department. steve: okay. nbc is reporting that the president is expected to sign some sort of executive action on the citizenship question. just exactly how will he do it and how long will it take until somebody hauls him into court, we will know this afternoon. griff: we will see, too if he has anything to say because it's a rose garden event. will he talk about the crisis at the border. a crisis that was created by democrats not wanting to help out, i mean, listen, we have had 18 months of border patrol officials going before every committee to say please help us. now we have these conditions that are overcrowded. inhumane in many areas. and one of the parts of this story that has really been neglectside that while we have had upwards of a million people, more than 750,000 illegal crossings in the first nine months, we have also had unbelievable amount of narcotics and contra band coming in to this country. you know, just two days ago, the cbp which regularly tweets pictures $4.1 million
4:07 am
worth in laredo, texas port of entry meth, hard narcotics. the drug czar jim carroll says listen this is all a support of the border patrol being stretched too thin. listen. >> we are talking about tons, literally tons of drugs coming into this country across the southwest border. and they're coming in knowing because the immigration crisis they're taking advantage of it. they are sending people across the border knowing that these fine men and women down here are going to be tied up with them and then it is complete carte blanche to send the drugs across. we need to think of this as our backyard because this is what is coming in and killing americans. what we have seen down here is how customs and border protection is absolutely overwhelmed here by the humanitarian crisis and it can't get to their job of protecting americans from the drugs that are coming into this country, from the really dangerous people that are coming into this
4:08 am
country. they are here every day stretched more thin than you would believe. ainsley: he said they can't focus on what they're supposed to be doing the core mission of why they border. major seizures of methamphetamine and cocaine in the rio grand valley area which is where he is in mcallen, texas where he did the tour yesterday. steve: i think one of the really important things he said was right in the middle of the sound bite where he said these drug cartels use the migrants as a diversification. all right. so then as the cbp people go out to, you know, apprehend them, over here they bring the drugs across. although we should point out a majority of the drugs that are brought in to this country he wilcountry illegallye through the ports. griff: they do. cartels, this is a game to them. they are in control when when our border is this porous. every time i have been on that border our agents say listen, as you saw, 500 people came across in this
4:09 am
area in the last 24 hours. well we also seized 10 miles up the road this illegal narcotics -- this is certainly cat and mouse game that unfortunately the cartels clearly where officials will tell you have the you were hand. steve: they figured it out. ainsley: we make a lot of seizures. we hear about all the people getting addicted to drugs and methamphetamine. it's awful it's awful. steve: we met this great coach an hour ago we have some sound bites for them. we will play them for you right after the news with jillian. jillian: good morning. before we get to that, let's talk about this fox news alert now because human remains were found overnight in the search for mation kentucky mother of four. grim discovery made on the property of a home where police believe savannah spurlock was last seen in january. a person of interest is
4:10 am
being questioned. authorities say the home belongs to a family member of one of the suspects. two expuerto rico officials behind bars accused of corruption. they allegedly diverted federal disaster funding for political gain. the fbi arresting the two senior officials who served under governor ricardo. pressure now mounting for him to resign. all of this happening about a month after congress approved billions of dollars for disaster aid to help puerto rico recover from hurricane maria. senator kamala harris doubling down on her predatory attacks against president trump. >> i'm no predato we have a prey living in the white house. he has predatory instincts and predatory nature. jillian: the remarks coming in new york. key policies she would enact first 100 days if elected
4:11 am
pro-choice legislation and executive order on gun control and repealing the current tax bill. some sad news from hollywood overnight the actress who played the gum loving violent beauregard in the original charlie and the chocolate factory has died. >> i wouldn't do that i really wouldn't. >> blue berry it's the most marvelous blue berry pie ever tasted. >> holy toledo what's happening to your case? >> you are turning violet violet. >> what are you talking about. >> denise suffered a stroke last year. earlier this week she had a massive seizure. last night she was taken off life support. she leaves behind one son. she left acting in 1978 and has famously said she actually gave up chewing gum after filming willy wonka and ended up with 13 cav tease. she was 62 years old. ainsley: she was young. steve: a classic movie. thank you very much.
4:12 am
so we told you earlier that we invited on the show this coach from -- in connecticut and he is a minor league hockey team coach and he had his team in front of him. they were just starting out the season. it was a pep talk but he made it very clear where the team stands when it comes to the national anthems of u.s. and of canada. listen to this. >> we are not women's soccer. we are not the nfl. if there is anybody here that's going to be disrespectful to either the american or the canadian national anthem, grab your gear and get the [bleep] out now because you will never see the audience in this arena. we don't have that problem in hockey. we are better than that. but, there is no sense in wasting anybody's time if that's [bleep] going to happen. steve: okay. is he a straight talker. ainsley: it went viral. he thought just the community would see it, he said. millions of people, more than 7 million people have
4:13 am
seen that video now. griff: the best thing is he's the assistant coach and johnujohn krupinsky said go up and give a pep talk. didn't think that was coming. we asked a chance to ask the coach about it all and this is what he had to say. >> i don't think there is any reason not to ask people to respect your national anthem before the game during or after. some people said oh you wouldn't let your players protest. i want to be clear my players would be free to protest on their day off if they had something they wanted to do my owners are awesome. they would give them the team bus to go. but, when they are playing the national anthem, i don't think it's too much to ask your employees to show some respect for the flag and for the country. ainsley: that was him earlier sitting over there right next to steve earlier in the show. he said i have seen too many -- is he a police officer. so he gives back to his communities. a coach and police officer. he said he has seen too many coffins with the flag draped
4:14 am
over them for us not to give just two minutes of respect to stand for the national anthem. steve: he also said coaches have a responsibility to keep their team squared away. we are fortunate to be in a place where we are a patriotic team and city. hats off to minor league hockey coach john crupinsy. ainsley: what a neat guy. fantastic personality. brian: hat trick. i bet they are getting a lot of play today. ainsley: when i was watched the video i loved the message. i heard the cusswords. are these kids is he talking to? no it's minor league. they are adults in their 20's. steve: he also was talking about how certain members of teams might decline invitations to go to the white house. he made it very clear if the president were watching him right then, he would love to go to the white house after they win the championship. ainsley: he said his whole team would go. steve: meanwhile, 7:14 on this thursday. billionaire tom steyer spent millions to push for
4:15 am
impeachment of this president. now he is paying $100 million of his money on himself. how will that impact the other 2020 democrats. ainsley: former obama advisor tom wolf robert wolfe ie to talk about it next. steve: hello, robert. ♪ ♪ our everyday diet is very acidic. it can cause damage to the enamel.
4:16 am
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>> i think people believe corporations have bought the democracy that the politicians don't care about or respect them, don't put them first, are not working for them but are actually work for the people who have rigged the system. my name is tom steyer. i'm running for president. steve: he is. he has got a lot of money behind him. is he a billionaire, tom steyer is. he has officially entered the 2020 race this week already shelling out $1.4 million for tv ads in early voting states. how could this effect the other democratic contenders. here with insight. fox news contributor and former obama economic advisor robert wolfe. robert, good morning to you. >> thank you, steve. steve: tom steyer is rich. >> yes, he is. >> how does that help him? >> i think there are two book ends that he has that actually really makes him
4:20 am
someone that you have to watch. one is $100 million that he is going to spend. first one to come up with a tv ad. number two, he has spent in the last few years getting donor lists and getting activist lists which is the key to grassroots. three things he has done. the impeach trump, the climate change and the voter registration. i think he has tens of millions of people's names that are activists. now, that being said, those are two good things but i actually think threading the needle of being the populist who is a billionaire is a tough one. steve: we had expert on a couple of days ago that said all the other democrats who are running for president are terrified of him because he has donated to them in the past and now he is going to spend the money on him. >> yeah. it's very interesting. because he has been at the forefront of activism for the party the last few years. i mean, for the most part, he has taken where soros was and really gone further and it's kind of really gone into the volunteerism. steve: you mean the amount of money. >> the amount of money.
4:21 am
i think he has done a lot of great things for the party. i think his whole impeach trump thing was not actually that good. and i don't think that it really helped. and you can see during the midterms it wasn't that effective. steve: let's talk about another millionaire and caught us by surprise. you know, blue collar joe biden turns out in the two years since he left the white house, along with the former president obama, he and his wife jill have made over $15 million. what sort of problems does that, you know, show up -- joe going forward is going to have problems with that because if is he talking about income inequality people will go hey, what are you talking about? you are a millionaire? >> steve, i don't really think. so i think he has given 40 plus years of public service. whether someone has money or not has money that has nothing to do with the policies they stand for. i don't think anyone is going to say that joe biden is not going to be there for industrial america and hard
4:22 am
working, you know, union workers that he has been supporting forever. so because he had a couple good years after giving 40-plus years to public service, i really don't think it's an issue. steve: chris christie is quoted in the "new york post" this morning regarding joe biden, i believe. we are dealing with human beings. is he not disciplined. on the stage at the debate he said my time is up, hey, listen, he's 76. >> it's good that chris got on page 6. i don't know what to tell you. chris has a view on just about everything. and my guess is he will sell more books from it today. steve: well, you never know. he in the same argue talks about two of the other democrats running. he said this beto guy is ridiculous as for andrew yang, please, he wants to give every person in the united states money. he told this would cost us billions and we would go broke. he probably said explicative, i didn't do the math. >> on both of them i think beto has to really work on
4:23 am
his national message. and i think it will be very interesting what he does in july because he had a tough debate with castro going after him. steve: what does he stand for? we heard him say months ago you know, i'm just listening. i will be the candidate you want me to be. he didn't really have any positions. >> you know what? i have met with beto multiple times. i will tell you he has a lot of positive things to say. but i think he is struggling to get his messaging out. i think on the debate stage that showed. he has real policies on immigration and climate change. and he wasn't able to really defend himself with castro. with respect to yang. incredibly smart guy. very thoughtful. no one is going to challenge what this guy has accomplished in his career. i'm not for his, you know, handing out free money, you know, to every american on that type of basis. but he will be someone that likely gets the september big debate stage because a lot of people want to hear what he has to say. steve: all right. we wanted to hear what you had to say, robert, thank you very much. >> thank you. appreciate it.
4:24 am
steve: another american died in the dominican republic, this time on an operating table. an explanation coming up next. [ping] with sensors that alert you when your eyes are off the road. the all-new subaru forester. the safest forester ever. did you know congress is working to end surprise medical billing? that's when patients are hit with medical bills they thought would be covered by insurance. the problem is big insurance companies want a one-size-fits-all approach that lets them decide what they'll pay doctors for yocare. letting insurance companies decide means it could be harder for you to see the best doctors when you need them the most.
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steve: we are back with a fox news alert. human remains found overnight in the search for a missing kentucky mother of four. the grim discovery made on the property of a home where police believe savannah spurlock was last seen in the month of january. griff: lexy from our fox affiliate in louisville live outside the home with the breaking developments. lexy? >> we now know david sparks was arrested earlier this morning in connection with the body found at this garrard county kentucky home. he is charged with abuse of a corpse and tampering with
4:28 am
physical evidence. kentucky police say they found a body in the ground at this house before midnight. tip led them here for the search of missing savannah spurlock. notes last time she has been. police tell us the body found at the house was too decomposed to identify so they are waiting on an autopsy report. >> our hope is to bring closure, to know what happened and be able to answer a lot of questions. >> now as for 24-year-old sparks who was arrested, we are still waiting on the specifics of that arrest and what exactly he did. we will continue to update this story, steve, griff, back to you. steve: all right, lexy, thank you very much. all right, ainsley. ainsley: okay. thank you so much. the dominican republic facing more scrutiny after at least three american women have died after having plastic surgery in the country over the past month.
4:29 am
the most recent victim her name alexandria mow zina. getting liposuction and tummy tuck. it happened at a clinic shut down and under investigation. joining us is plastic surgery surgeon. >> thank you. ainsley: they don't have the same standards as the united states, right. >> correct. ainsley: extremely dangerous to go to another country and having surgery. >> we don't recommend medical tourism. when did you go to another country you don't know who it is performing your surgery. it's become difficult enough here in the united states for pashts to navigate who to go to. we hear so much about, you know, board certification and things like that. and we know that's sort of a safety term, a buzz word for being a safe clinician. but the reality is that when people market themselves even here in the united states, everyone calls
4:30 am
themselves board stefford. certified. it's very complex. now when you go to a third world country you know nothing about the certifications. that makes it sort of difficult. in addition to that, the safety standards for maintaining the facilities where these procedures are performed is very different in developing sun tries as compared to the united states. so, things we don't think, about water supply, ventilation to the facility itself. the standards just aren't the same. so if the water supply, for example, were contaminated, and then that water supply is used, you know, during procedures or to sterilize instruments and the instruments become contaminated, that can lead continue to affections and those, of course, can be life-threatening. ainsley: if you look at the list, the latest death is a 33-year-old mom from new york. she was the one who died last week. tummy tuck and liposuction. another 45-year-old teacher from alabama she died on
4:31 am
june 7th. and the 26-year-old lady died on june 20th after six surgeries. all at the same clinic. the clinic has been shut down. now the latest lady to die of the liposuction they ruled the death an embolism. what do you think happened on the table. >> that's a really good question. the reality is that complications can occur in the best of hands and in the best of clinics, okay so pulmonary embolism is something that can occur but the question is, you know, we know here in the united states with the board certified plastic surgeons, you can expect that the proper precautions will be taken to prevent these sorts of devastating complications. and the issue is when you go to another country, again, first of all, you don't know the qualifications of the person performing the procedure. so, if it's somebody who doesn't even know to take those precautions, you are
4:32 am
at greater risk for having a complication like that. that's why it's very, very complex. you just sort of assume you are going there and getting the same sort of doctor you are getting in the states but not necessarily. ainsley: i know surgery is surgery. and i know you guys do so many wonderful things to help people and every now and then you will have something go wrong. but this is happening far too often. the dominican republic, cheaper surgeries and i heard someone in the family say that this cheaper surgery cost her her life. >> absolutely. ainsley: be very careful. >> when you look at the fact that there were three deaths in the same clinic within a month's time, i mean, that's a red flag. that just doesn't happen here. ainsley: that's why authorities shut it down. we did reach out from the clinic and we did not hear back. thank you for being with us. >> you are welcome. ainsley: slamming the hearing border crisis. >> this criminalize families and fundamentally flawed system. >> disgraceful detention
4:33 am
policy starts at the top. >> ohio congressman jim jordan was at that hearing and he is going to join us live to react coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ any way you want it ♪ that's the way you need it ♪ any way you want it ♪ covered it. at farmers, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint. most people think a button is just a button. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination.
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♪ steve: we have gotten so many emails from people who want to know the very latest on ed henry. of course, on tuesday, he had a surgery to donate a portion of his liver to his sister. the operation went exactly as they planned. they are both recovering. and yesterday ed responded. he apparently has access to his phone. [laughter] and he texted us with a statement. ainsley: he said the doctors tell me my old liver is functioning normally and my sister's new liver started working as soon as it was put in. nothing short of a miracle. we have been lifted up boo so many prayers. today i got out of bed, sat in a chair and then actually walked to my sister's room so we could have a toast, apple juice. griff: such an inspiring story email us at if you want to send along your thoughts and prayers. we will send them to our colleague, ed. it's the story of the week very powerful act of love.
4:38 am
ainsley: they have to drink apple juice can't drink alcohol for six months. griff: he has to grow his back as well. steve: i got a text from him said he is on a liquid diet for a while so that would be the apple juice. anyway, ed, we know you are watching. ainsley: we love you, ed. congratulations. steve: and to colleen as well. meanwhile, it was in the last hour president trump has announced that he is going to have a press conference today in the rose garden to address the census citizenship question. this is the second judge who has requested the department of justice's push to push the entire legal team that has been handling the case. griff: the question of the day executive order an option? congressman jim jordan sits on the house judiciary committee. he joins us now from washington. congressman, thank you for taking your time. >> you bet. griff: are we going to see an executive order here? what do you predict? >> i think we will. i think it's a good move. look, this is just common sense. we have been asking the citizenship question on the census in one form or another for 200 years.
4:39 am
and you can talk to anyone on the street and ask them do you think we should be asking a citizenship question on the census? every single person you talk to will say yeah, then they will quickly follow that up with a second question and they will say aren't we doing that already? and then you have to say yes we have been doing it 200 years. everybody understands it is needed except democrats in congress. ainsley: does that mean the question will be put on the census form? >> you know how this works. it will be challenged in court. there is an injunction in court right now. injunction against putting the question on the census, i like what judge alito said though even though we lost 5-4. we got the decision two weeks ago. i love what judge leith says no one disputes it's modern to know how many inhabitants in your country are citizens and the easiest way to figure that out is to put a question on the census. it is common sense but like i said before everyone gets it. republicans, independents, democrats except democrats in the united states congress. steve: well, you are talking about washington, d.c. so, let's see.
4:40 am
we will see what the president has to say. it will be broadcast live here on fox this afternoon. meanwhile, yesterday afternoon, the house lawmakers had all sorts of officials there talking about the crisis at our southern border. if folks missed some of the highlights, we have got them and then congressman, we will ask you for your interpretation of what was said. >> sure. steve: all right. listen to this. >> this administration has criminalized families and now operating a fundamentally flawed system that is systemically separating families and engaging in human rights abuses. >> human rights violations and catastrophes happening at the border are not improving a serious regional refugee crisis. >> this disgraceful detention policy starts at the top, starts with president trump. >> and so, congressman, you heard a number of democrats there talking about it is a crisis. it's a humanitarian crisis. and it is -- it starts at
4:41 am
the top. do you agree with that? >> well, it's a kelly knight cr. let's address the problem instead of playing politics. what happened to mr. flores and his daughter is tragic. nobody ever wants anything like that to ever happen again or in the first place. let's focus on addressing the problem and not playing politics with it. you know it's politics when the democrats had to take down the tweet because the title of their hearing tells you they are playing politics kids in cages. the picture they had on their tweet was from when president obama was president and when jeh johnson was running the department of homeland security. they had to take that down. so they are playing politics. it's tough to work with folks who won't even vote. many of the same people how just -- who were just talking in that clip, many of those same democrats wouldn't vote for the $4.5 billion to help with basic supplies these families on the border in the crisis situation need. griff: let me ask you. you are the ranking member of the oversight committee. are republicans in the house trying to put forth
4:42 am
legislation that will address the loopholes? democrats. >> yes. >> senate democrats just announcing they are going to move towards protecting children at the migrant border. it is border patrol officials for 18 months that have been pleading with lawmakers on both sides to say stop coming down here to visit. get to work in washington and close loopholes. >> democrats don't want to address the underlying problem. three things have to happen. you have to address the flores decision and change your asylum laws and build the wall. it is tough to get an agreement with the democrats on the hard left when they say things like this. remember, it was congressman blumenauer who said abolish ice. last week we had ocasio-cortez say abolish dhs. had you pelosi say walls are immoral. their candidate for president in 2016 secretary clinton wants a borderless hemisphere and the person who gave the response to the president wants state of the union address stacey abrams is okay with non-citizens voting. when they start from that premise, how in the heck are you supposed to work in a common sense fashion to address the underlying
4:43 am
problem. and then when all they want to do is play politics and post tweets and blame things on president trump that were actually pictures from the obama administration, how in the world do you work with them? that's the frustration we feel. more importantly, i think that's the frustration the american people feel and they are tired of these games. they just want us to address the problem and do those three key things. ainsley: are these democrats even willing to work together. we are hearing there are problems within their party. nancy pelosi, according to some reporters, democrats had a closed door meeting and she scolded those four freshman congresswomen without actually mentioning their names. she said you got a complaint you? come and talk to me about it, but do not we did the about our members and expect us to think that that is just okay. she calls those four the squad. what's going on there? >> well, i mean i have think it's interesting. when nancy pelosi is viewed as the moderate in the democratic caucus it tells you how crazy the left has gotten. the policies they are advocating on immigration are carrie and wrong.
4:44 am
everyone knows we need to address the crisis but remember for months and months and months they wouldn't each safe it was a crisis. they were saying it's a manufactured crisis. the president asked for aid for the border to deal with these families in this cuff situation. eight weeks ago and it took them eight weeks to and a bunch of their members wouldn't even vote for it. steve: congressman jim jordan from the great state of ohio joining us from statuary hall. thank you very much. >> thank you. ainsley: jillian has some more headlines for us. jillian: that's right. good morning. update on a story we have been closely following. prosecutors releasing new details in the death of university of utah student lueck. charges filed against her accused killer. he is charged with aggravated murder, kidnapping and desis he creation of a human body. prosecutors now confirming the two texted each other before her death. the 23-year-old was found buried in logan canyon with
4:45 am
her hands tied behind her back and blunt force trauma to her head. the suspect is due back in court monday. as the u.s. women's soccer team celebrates its world cup championship, some are wondering if christian views kept a star player off the team. the defender in the national women's soccer league in 2015 she publicly objected same sex marriage and hasn't played for a national team sense. world cup coach ellis claims the decision was solely based on soccer. a latino republican and trump supporter says he is getting threatening and racist letters. victor gonzalez now fearing for his family's safety. >> now we feel like we are hostage in our own home. we are hard-working people. my family is a hard-working family. we don't deserve. this. jillian: the life-long california residents are signed quote the neighbors. police are working with the postal service to track down where the letters are coming from. look at this.
4:46 am
what do you see there? a stunning image of a beach under a stormy sky is not exactly what it seems. the optical allusion now going viral. guess what? it's actually a car door. what? what looks like the water is actually the bottom of a broken door panel seal. the dark part is just the shadow from the car and the sand, gravel on the street. i see that now. but initially i was like no way this is a beach. ainsley: definitely looks like a beach at first. yeah, that's the bottom. griff: some see a broken car door. others see a beautiful beach. ainsley: now that it's famous you can't get your cure fixed. steve: i see adam klotz. and adam klotz, i believe, has got the "foxcast" with a bunch of folks out on the streets of new york city. adam: hey there, good morning, guys. i have a happy crowd out here. [cheers] adam: i do want to congratulate a young couple in love and conservative and
4:47 am
they respect their elders. who do you want to give a shout out too. >> hi grandmas we love you. adam: both your grand mass where are you from. >> colorado. adam: grandma's in colorado. happy birthday pa where is papa? low pressure system hovering in the gulf of mexico right now. likely going to become a tropical storm before the day is over. possibly going to run its way up to becoming a hurricane. when will this be making landfall? we are looking at early, early saturday morning, maybe late friday night. whether or not it becomes a hurricane, this will be a big storm that's going to bring a lot of rain. we have already seen flooding across portions of louisiana. that could stretch as far as east as pensacola. this is going to be a big one, guys. it is changing a lot, this particular system. something we will have to continue to update every six hours or so as this track works itself out.
4:48 am
back in to you. ainsley: all right. thank you, adam. griff: wave to all the people behind you. griff: a story sparking outrage. minnesota residents fighting to bring the pledge of allegiance back to city council meetings. steve: lawrence jones went to minnesota to talk to the locals. we will have his report live coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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4:52 am
jillian: good morning to you welcome back. several brands of hamburger and hot dog buns being recalled over a choking hazard. flower foods 18 states. no injuries or illnesses reported. there are concerns that the buns could have pieces of plastic in them. and tat customers will no longer have to deal with annoying spam calls. the company becomes the first major wireless carrier to automatically block robo calls. fcc ruling allowed wireless carriers to offer call blocking services. more than 4 billion robo calls were made just last month. i actually got one of those messages the other day that said at&t scam call alert.
4:53 am
ainsley: they are not supposed to give you a call. they gave you a call to say this is a robo call. jillian: phone rings it doesn't give you a number. it just says at&t's something and then it says spam alert or spam risk. ened i was like what is this? now i know. ainsley: it is 53 minutes after the top of the hour. we have been telling you about minnesota. those protesters outraged because the city council decided to ban the pledge of allegiance. >> and to the republic for which it stands. >> that took less than 15 seconds. that's not too much ask. [chanting u.s.a.] >> moments ago the president up and tweeting. the pledge of allegiance to our great country in st. louis park, minnesota is under siege. that is why i am going to win the great state of minnesota in the 2020 election. people are sick and tired of this stupidity and disloyalty to our wonderful u.s.a. steve: fox news contributor
4:54 am
lawrence jones went to minnesota to talk to the folks there in that town. he joins us live. lawrence, good morning to you. why did they. >> good morning, guys. steve: why did they decide to stop saying the pledge in the first place. >> yeah, they said it wasn't diverse enough, that it wasn't representative of the entire country. and so i guess they didn't read the liberty and justice for all portion of the pledge of allegiance. and so they decided to strip it. ainsley: well, this is ilhan omar's district i understand. what are the folks saying on the street when you went and talked to them? >> it's interesting, ainsley. it was mixed reaction. you had some people upset about it and then you had some people who didn't care and agreed with the council members. i went on the streets and talked with the people. take a look. >> my son is in the cub scouts. they still do it. my husband is in the military. we stand for the flag. you are an american. you should be doing the pledge of allegiance. >> they say it's not reflective of the values of the community. it's not diverse enough. how do you feel about that?
4:55 am
>> i may be old school but i'm not sure i agree with that. i don't have to say the pledge of allegiance. i want respect being taught to people whether they are saying words. it's more action. >> i think we can all identify as americans. and we all really have the same true values and at the heart of that is democracy and to pledge pledge of allegiance to our country. griff: lawrence, the mayor was not there for that original vote taken. it was 5-0 unanimous to get rid of it. any sense that the mayor or anyone else is maybe trying to right this situation? >> well, they tabled it and they want to revisit it again. the mayor is supposed to be at the next meeting to discuss this. they essentially are saying they didn't expect any push back. but many of the people that are upset about this said look, guys, it only takes 15 seconds to say the pledge of allegiance. i mean, if i'm like you guys, before school every single day we used to say
4:56 am
the pledge of allegiance. many people are trying to figure out why is this such a controversial thing? many of us have done this for some years why are they trying to change something now. steve: so where does it go from here? >> many people plan on showing backup at the next city council meeting to again protest and let their voices be heard. many people across the country are asking where is this going in this country? we at campus reform have been reporting on these professors and colleges changing the way that we see america. there seems to be this anti-american rhetoric going around the country right now. and so, a lot of people are fed up with it and they plan on showing up to every council meeting until they change this policy. griff: all right, lawrence. thank you. our man on the street. ainsley: and on fox nation you can catch his shows ""keeping up with jones"" and "man on the street" it's go get it. steve: meanwhile on "fox & friends" ahead as you can see geraldo rivera, dana
4:57 am
loesch and larry kudlow the money guy, busy final hour starts in three minutes. ♪ ♪ ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? . .
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♪ ♪ i'm on top of the world steve: it is 7-11. 7-eleven brought their slurpee truck. anyone that walks by they get a free flavor. ainsley: what flavor is yours? steve: coca-cola. my favorite. ainsley: griff? griff: blue raspberry. clearly favorite. matches your dress and my tie. this was created in the 1960s. i read the ad guy for slurpee, coined the name of the slurpee
5:01 am
because the noise you make at the bottom. steve: genius. griff: you have to get the last part as we will. steve: go across to 7-eleven. you get a free slurpee. ainsley: which is really all you need, it is pure sugar. but it is delicious. griff: that's right. ainsley: one minute after the top of the hour. a big announcement could be coming soon after the census. steve: president announced a news conference later today in the rose garden after a second judge rejected the push to switch the legal team regarding this question. griff: kevin corke joins us at the white house. we could see an executive order, possibly some rain. reporter: the president could go in number of different directions with respect to the citizenship question on the 2020 census. we expect something this afternoon. now he is talking about the rose garden. i got to tell you, guy. the weather forecast calling for 80% chance of rain in washington around that hour, likely we will
5:02 am
move inside. keep in mind the supreme court did not rule that that question was somehow unconstitutional. it was chief justice john roberts in the majority simply asked for more fulsome spa nation for readding the question which was removed by the obama administration in 2010. so the president tweeted this a short time ago with the key sentence at the end of this tweet. he said the white house will be hosting a very big, very important social media summit. otherwise that would be a massive story. he adds this, would i have become president without social media, yes, probably. pretty funny. in the conclusion we'll go to a the beautiful rose garden on a news conference on the census and citizenship. a number of things he and the attorney general will roll out. he could, i don't know give a better explanation publicly, executive order or executive action. they could return to the use of the long form.
5:03 am
pre2010. that had a citizenship question in it. then again the president could even advocate for separate questionnaire or offered a addendum making the question voluntary. number of ways he could go announcing a executive order or executive action. predicting a challenge coming, we always predict from the courts. perhaps better to get it out there sooner rather than later. then did for expedited consideration by the lower court, then ultimately the supreme courts. we could end up in the east room or maybe the eeob. who knows. all the same, guys, back to you. steve: kevin corke, preview of the day and weather as well down in d.c. let's bring in geraldo rivera. fox news correspondent at large. >> hi, steve. steve: good to see you. sounds like president will have executive action. >> hold on, steve, griff's
5:04 am
tongue is purple. griff: because, geraldo, i'm drinking a blue slurpee. 7-eleven slurpee day. you can get a free one. >> thought you were in the pool. your lips are blue. ainsley: are you coke, cherry or blue raspberry. >> i love raspberry. i love the tart sweet. griff: great. steve: where were we? oh, yeah, geraldo, where do you make of the executive order, he wants the citizenship on the census? >> no doubt the answer to, they it would be use if you recall to legislators. it makes all the sense in the world. the problem is the president of the united states, 45th president of the united states has such a bad reputation regarding immigration people that don't trust he will use it
5:05 am
for a benign purpose. for example, he could right now by executive order say, i want a page inserted in every census that foes out there, this page is purely voluntary. i will not allow any law enforcement agency other than the census bureau to use this information. he could bend over a bit, be a little bit flexible, talk about the need for this information. the constitution speaks to people, not to citizens. local services are distributed based on number of people, not the number of citizens. very important thing for the jurisdictions, particularly those with heavy undocumented immigrant populations that they get their fair share in terms of public education, et cetera. ainsley: what do you think about the deportations? the president delayed them for a few weeks. "the new york times" reported this morning, here is the headline, u.s. prepares to arrest thousands of immigrant families. according to the article, officials told this reporter
5:06 am
they women start arresting thousands of undocumented people this sunday? >> i am begging my friend the president, do not do this. ainsley: why? >> this is unnecessary. to sow terror through the homes of 2,000 american families, some who have been here for decades. many whom have citizen children. knock on the door, i.c.e. knock on the door, jose come on out, your number is up. i think it is horrible. it is the worst possible historic ante seed dents. we have a right no know who is in the country. the president doesn't have to do that. we're not terrorists. this is ill-advised. griff: let me push back, these are 2,000 immigrants, according to officials either didn't show up for court or the court ordered them, to remove. first delay was the concern for family separations but ultimately, the administration is saying they need to do this to send a message back to the
5:07 am
northern triangle to those home countries to stem the surge. what say you? >> every time president trump has tried, quote, unquote, to send a message regarding immigration, he has acted in a way that tempestuous and hard to defend. it's a terrible idea. to take law enforcement officials and use them in this cruel way is, does a disservice to i.c.e., certainly to the families involved. you can wait during the day to pick them up. you can work a little bit harder. even within i.c.e. itself, as i have reported over the last year, there are agents within the agency who suggest that the enforcement side of it are bringing i.c.e.'s reputation down into the toilet. i think that the president can accomplish this in a different way, if he is sending a message, look he has done a great thing on the southern border. look what mexico has done on the southern border with guatemala. griff: sure. >> you had a huge drop in the last month of those coming
5:08 am
across the border. it is working. give it a chance to work, mr. president. don't do something you will be criticized. you know families will be separated from children. what if a guy is here 30 years, has three small children, take pop out of the house in the middle of night, leave mom crying away because she is citizen and three children? it is not right. it is something that will not accomplish what he seeks. >> there has been a huge drop, we were talking about that at our southern border in apprehensions, but still north 100,000 a month which is really big. >> the border is in crisis. the border is in crisis. we should have listened to the president from the get go. the border is in crisis. steve: congress should be doing something about it, it is political. >> absolutely. anything they do helps trump. so they don't want to do anything. steve: talk about another crisis. we're talking about drugs. in the last two days there have been nine drug overdoses in franklin county, ohio.
5:09 am
what is going on there, geraldo? >> that is adjacent to columbus county. our state capital. a lot of kids. what is going on, steve, craig and i have been covering this thing from new hampshire. we covered it down to florida, to tennessee, to ohio, my new home state. we have done it in dayton. been in cleveland. it is columbus. this is a poison. it is an epidemic. fentanyl epidemic. they spice all the illicit drugs with fentanyl. they put it in cocaine, methaphetamine. they get soaked on it, get hooked on it. it is opioid. causes devastation in their lives. 170 since the beginning of the year in montgomery county. you mentioned nine over the just course of saturday to monday. it is, my goodness if they were dying for any other reason we would be pulling our hair out. stop this madness. stop this madness. griff: january to april of 2018, compared to january to april
5:10 am
this year, it is 12% increase. there was 150 last year. 169 now. you went out to talk to drug offender inmates an police officers in ohio about how to fix this opioid issue in march. take a listen. >> how did you begin your drug use? >> i broke my back. started taking pain pills. then i got worse from there with heroin and fentanyl. >> falsely accused opioid epidemic here in month comery county. >> what are you facing? >> 20 years. i have to fight for my life. >> what we have a truck, female sitting inside, rock heroin. >> you ever get feeling you're trying to sweep back the ocean? >> sometimes. we've always known that. we got sick of seeing our loved ones die. everybody came together. and side, we're done with this.
5:11 am
>> sheriff strict is the real deal. he is trying. dayton was once a nation's epicenter of epidemic. it moved on to the capital. bad news for columbus. good news for dayton. steve: there is crisis in the democratic caucus on capitol hill. the depiction from kevin mccarthy couple days ago. he said there was chaos there. yesterday nancy pelosi had a breakfast behind closed doors. apparently she was taking a shot at those four progressive freshman congresswoman known as the squad, including aoc, who do a lot of tweeting. nancy pelosi said this. again, you have got a complaint. you come to talk to me about it but do not tweet about our members and expect us to think that is just okay. aoc went to talk to the washington post, she said this -- ainsley: when these comments first started i thought she was keeping the progressive flank at more of an arms distance to protect moderate members which i
5:12 am
understood, persistent singling out, it got to the point it was out right disrespectful. explicit singling out of newly-elected women of color. what do you think about that, geraldo? >> i think, ainsley, it bodes very, very ill for the democratic party. it appears from the outsiders looking in that the party is divided in half. it is really not divided in half but it is divided and the reason it is divided the majority of democrats in the house of representatives are heeding the discipline of the most powerful woman in american electoral political history, nancy pelosi. 79-year-old nancy pelosi is the divine miss p. she is up against these four people as you noted. there is, you know, the first african-american representative of massachusetts, pressley. tlaib, the first palestinian. omar the first african refugee, aoc, youngest member ever elected. they are filled with vim and
5:13 am
vigor. they want the world to change today. giving an impression to the american public that the democratic party is split in half. it is a false impression i believe. i admire the exuberance of the youth but impression they're putting out is that the democrats are riven with rebellion. that these women represent the resistance. they are extra political. the democrats can't count on them. indeed the four women voted against the 4.6 billion humanitarian aid package for migrants on the border. why did they do that? it didn't have anything they wanted. it didn't have controls over trump and they can't stand his administration. griff: why women of color aoc quote, why are they playing the race card? >> that is a good question, steve. i wish i had an answer to it. it is easy. it always makes a big impression. they are women of color. the fact of the matter is, democrats generally speaking are
5:14 am
more people of color than republicans, about half of all democrats are members about racial minorities. you know, i don't think that she is playing the race card at all. i think that these four resistance icons, these four horse women of the resistance, attracting a lot of attention. they're sucking all the oxygen out of the political air. he is watching these people go by, buzzing by. nancy pelosi over here. almost like there are two governments. there is a government for the kids. a government for the grown ups. steve: those are sound bites from just yesterday. we'll see what happens today. thank you, geraldo joining us. i look the at his run-down. he is appearing from quad, new york. ainsley: that explains the boats. griff: get a blue slurpee today. ainsley: we're coming out after the show, geraldo. >> okay. griff: republican congressman blasting democrats, trying to
5:15 am
defend obamacare, saying it is already hurting americans including him. the congressman joins us next. >> my coverage expense after the aca went up every year. you had to make a decision, are you going to buy groceries or health insurance. what do you think we did? we bought groceries. when the hot sun hits your ice cream lick fast like a cookie dough ninja. apply that same speed to the ford hurry up and save sales event. for the first time ever get 20% estimated savings
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♪ >> my coverage expense after the aca went up every year. it was quickly over $1000 a month. you had to make a decision. are you going to buy groceries or health insurance? what do you think we did? we bought groceries. i'm not opposed to aca because it was president obama's crown jewel. i'm opposed to aca because it has been an abysmal failure. steve: that republican congressman hitting back at democrats who warn of catastrophic implications if obamacare is overturned. he says americans are already hurting and he knows personally. here with more is louisiana congressman clay mig begins. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, sir. steve: tell us your personal
5:20 am
story. we heard you had to choose between groceries and obamacare. you went with groceries. >> that was the obvious choice. in many years i was a police officer, they make sea to shining sea make 12, $13 an hour. for many years health insurance was quite affordable. the aca manifested, came along. policies quickly went up. deductibles became unreachable. so my personal story, i believe is multiplied many, many millions of times by working class americans across the country that over this decade of effort to stand up obamacare is just not worked. you have unpositive ardable premiums and unattainable, unreefable deductibles. you pay more for health insurance. for the privilege to pay cash for your health care. you never reach your deductible. steve: congressman, you said your wife worked for local
5:21 am
government making 12 bucks a hour. she has multiple sclerosis. you have conditions from service in law enforcement. as people say, well you know, you get rid of it there goes the preexisting condition thing. you have got a lot on the line here, you want to get rid of it? >> right. at the time i was a police officer my, of course i'm a congressman now, but when i was a police officer my wife was a receptionist at the local government seat. she made $12 an hour. having insurance became very difficult choice. we ended up having to buy a non-aca policy which was, which was a bitter pill to swallow because i served my country. i'm a veteran. i was a cop at the time. my wife worked for the parish government. yet our own government was going to penalize us for purchasing an affordable policy because it was a non-aca health insurance policy. however the penalties for that was down the line.
5:22 am
and, in the meantime, it allowed us to survive. this is the kind of challenging decisions americans are having to make right now because of the collapse of the affordable care act. congress must act. i don't believe congress will act on democratic majority in the house. all you will hear about single payer, "medicare for all," et cetera. steve: now it is before the courts. who knows what is going to happen. the big question if they to the rid of it, are republicans, your party ready with an alternative? >> we had a alternative in the 115th congress. we battled over the american health care act. debated it hundreds of hours. it became 129 pages of excellent legislation. that was an off-ramp to a collapsing obamacare and reentrance of the competitive health insurance market to the country. protected preexisting conditions, allowed us to keep
5:23 am
our kids on our insurance policies until they were 26. this was a good solution, my friend. it failed by one vote famously in the senate or else we would be two years into fixing this thing right now. those that say to republicans ever offered a solution, you don't have to look far back in history, the 115th in congress. two years ago we had a solution sitting in the senate failed by one vote. it already pass the house. steve: let's see what happens. it is of course, next year is an election year. it's a political hot potato. it has real implications for real live people like you and your family. so congressman, clay higgins from louisiana, thank you very much for sharing your personal story. >> thank you, sir. god bless you. good morning to you. steve: thank you, sir. there you go. a story shocking people nationwide. a couple at the center of a ivf mixup, suing a fertility clinic
5:24 am
after a stranger gave birth to their baby. >> talked with my family through a living hell. >> who want to meet their child in the lobby of a hotel? it was just, it was heartbreaking. are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. ♪ some big news from mr. clean. stop struggling to clean tough messes with sprays. try new clean freak! it has three times the cleaning power of the leading spray to dissolve kitchen grease on contact. and it's great for bathrooms! just keep pumping the power nozzle to release a continuous burst of mist
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ainsley: good morning, we're back with a fox news alert right now. a suspect reportedly arrested after human remains were found in the search for a missing kentucky mother of four. the grim discovery made on property of a home where police believe savannah spurlock was last seen in january. our fox affiliate in louisville reported that date sparks is charged with tampering with physical evidence and abuse after corpse. the remains were not identified. the home belongings to one of his family members. we'll update you as we get more
5:28 am
information. at least eight people are hurt in a massive power plant fire. the building in moscow, russia, reportedly going up in flames after an explosion. firefighters are working to put out the fire. most of the injuries include minor burns. none of which are thought to be life-threatening. french lawmakers approve a tax on digital giants despite a warning from the u.s. the 3% stacks will be added to the french profits of major tech companies like google, facebook, and amazon. the trump administration argues the tax unfairly targets american companies, potentially causing the u.s. to place retaliatory tariffs on france. today the president will host a social media summit at the white house to discuss conservative censorship and bias. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, jillian. the shocking story of a ivf mixup. a couple's embryo implanted to a stranger that ultimately gave birth to their son, they are suing the fertility clinic. >> they robbed me of the ability
5:29 am
to carry my own child, my baby boy, to be with him in the first couple of you know, moments of his life. it was just, it was heartbreaking. steve: no kidding. this morning their lawyer is speaking out. he joins us live from los angeles. attorney adam wolf. >> good morning. thanks for having me. steve: what happened? >> sure. she was having like a lot of people in this country having trouble conceiving a child. they went to a fertility clinic in los angeles. they had two embryos created of their own material, transferred to oni or supposed to be that day. she didn't get pregnant. that happens. but eight month later she gets a call from her fertility center, can you come in for a cheek swab. fairly strange request. they go in. they were told, you know, this is just a standard quality control measure. nothing to worry about. well, turns out the next day
5:30 am
they get a very strange call. they're told, they're told that their baby was born to a couple in new york. ainsley: wow. what was their reaction? >> it was, i mean shock, horror, confusion, sadness. she didn't get the ability to birth their child, to be in the delivery room when their child was born, to care for the chide in the first weeks of its life. it is beyond the worst nightmare. steve: adam, after it was discovered genetically that somebody else had their baby, there had to be a custody battle over that baby. >> that's exactly right, steve. their nightmare was not over. they had, excuse me, they refused to give us the names offer contact information for the couple in new york for the first two weeks. so they stonewalled us there. for the next couple weeks there
5:31 am
was a fight with the couple in new york to get custody of the children. now the new york couple, i understand, they birthed this child. they loved this child. they were caring for this child. they wanted this child but that child was oni's. we put together a team with a family lawyer in new york and a family lawyer in california. ultimately got custody for oni. understand they took a one-way flight to new york, not knowing if they were going to come back with their child. ainsley: this story, i feel so sorry for everyone involved. so the couple in new york that birthed the child, they were told they were having two girls. they wanted girls. the boys are born. they have to give up those two boys, rightfully so, because general ethically they belong to someone else, so heart breaking for everyone involved. tell us about the families. did they already have children, the couple in new york? did they have any other kids? the a anonymous couple, one of the boys went to your clients.
5:32 am
the other little boy went to a anonymous couple. we don't know anything about them. can you tell us about their families? >> sure, i want to respect the privacy particularly of couples i don't represent here, but i will say everybody here is a victim of misconduct. there is no doubt about that. the couple in new york, they raised this child. i feel horrible for them. the other couple in california, they also were victims here. for oni, they had to spend weeks not knowing who their child was. not being able to see their child. not being able to care for their child. oni of course can't breast feed her child. there is bonding that goes on, excuse me, you know, during the pregnancy. they weren't even in the delivery room when their child was born. it was horrifying. steve: what was the red flag somewhere, we're talking about three families where there was mixup, what was the red flag to somebody this is not our baby?
5:33 am
>> the red flag was that the couple in new york who was asian were expecting to have girls and when birthed two boys who were not asian i guess that was telling. ainsley: then how did they figure it out? how did they -- you said the swab, what did the fertility clinic do? i'm sure they have thousands of eggs stored there. how did they know it belonged to your client? >> you know, they are unsure what happened here but it seems that there were three couples who were having transfers that day. so cha had a dna test of those couples but you know, if you think about it, there were embryos from three couples there and sha was playing three-card monthty have does that mean they emplanted one of the korean couple's eggs in her? >> anni had two embryos
5:34 am
implanted to her. sha to this day have no idea whose embryos were. that also means that with anni and the other embryo not transferred to the new york couple we have no idea where that couple went either. do they have another child running out there somewhere in the world? steve: you're representing them. adam wolf in los angeles. ainsley: stay in touch. >> thank you so much. ainsley: the war of words between nancy pelosi and aoc is turning nasty and highlight agroing divide among democrats. steve: dana loesch joins us with her reaction. she's next. ♪ did you know congress is working to end surprise medical billing? that's when patients are hit with medical bills they thought would be covered by insurance. the problem is big insurance companies want a one-size-fits-all approach that lets them decide
5:35 am
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♪ steve: every year at the espy's which were last nye, they have the jimmy v perseverance award. that man right there, rob mendez, was the winner. he is the varsity football coach at prospect high school out in california. he has been a coach for about 13 years. he was born with no limbs.
5:39 am
and his story is so extraordinary. last year, as head coach, his team finished 8-2. how did he do it? when he was a kid he learned to play the, he learned the fundamentals of the sport by playing madden on his computer. ainsley: amazing. he was never able to play football, he was so grateful he is able to coach it, teach the other kids the love of the game. listen to what he said last night. >> if there is any message i want to give you guys tonight, look at me, see how much passion i put into coaching. how far it has gotten me. when you dedicate yourself to something and open your mind to different possibilities, focus on what you can do, instead of what you can't do, you really can go places in this world. [applause] realizing i couldn't play football but i could coach football. that was the a way for me to never give up. best part of coaching for me, is
5:40 am
seeing someone's potential, making them realize what is possible. so for anyone out there, not sure if they can do something, it can be in sports, it can be in your job. it can be in your life, whatever it is i'm here to tell you can do it. i made it this far. who says i can't go further. that is my message tonight. who says i can't? nobody! yeah! [applause] ainsley: that is awesome. imagine what he has been through? imagine what his parents have been through. all the work, and just perseverance. i'm so proud of them. griff: we all have challenges in our lives. certainly this young man had the most incredible challenge that he overcame. really every now and then you hear something and it really speaks to what is possible in life. defying the odds as he did. this espy awards became something that everyone wanted to watch after 1993 i never forget. everyone remembers where they
5:41 am
were when jimmy val vaughn know, great basketball coach dying i believe of pancreatic cancer. he took to the stage, gave a speech. they were flicking the red light. listen i don't have time. i have got something to say. here is little bit what he said in 1993. >> i urge all of you, all of you, to enjoy your life, precious moments you have. to spend each day with some laughter, some thought. to get your emotions going. to be enthusiastic every day, to keep your dreams alive despite of problems whatever you have, the ability to be able to work hard for your dreams to come true to become reality. don't give up, don't ever give up. that is what i'm going to try to do every minute i have left. cancer can take away all my fiscal abilities, it cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul. those three things are going to
5:42 am
carry on forever. steve: they do. he lives on with this award, the jimmy v perseverance award last night presented to rob mendes. what an inspiration. griff: indeed. ainsley: jim kelly spoke. so much inspiration in sports. griff: it is. jillian, you covered a lot of sports. jillian: that is the greatest thing about sports is inspiration. absolutely. let's get you caught up on some news we're following starting with story, lee chapman the son of dog the bounty hunter is in the hospital. he tore his acl while on a manhunt with his dad in colorado. the apprehension filled for a upcoming show, dog's most wanted. beth chapman died last month after a two-year battle with throat cancer. a major security scare at buckingham palace overnight. an intruder arrested for jumping the gates while queen elizabeth slept inside. the man was on the grounds for four minutes, banging on the
5:43 am
doors. this scare comes 40 years after this man, michael fagan infamously broke into the queen's bedroom while she slept. an army veteran risks getting evicted over his patriotism. miles honish says his colorado property manager told him the american flag in his home has to go. she says the lease doesn't allow flags of any kind. that they make the complex look undesirable. he says he is keeping thing that up, risking fines, even eviction. feel like we do this story so often. all over the country. different apartment complexes. why? you know. steve: rules. they got them. ainsley: thank you, jillian. it is 8:43 here on the east coast. let's bring in dana loesch. nationally syndicated radio host of "the dana show." hey, dana. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. there is this clash 2010 the democratic party. you have got those four freshmen congresswoman, going up against
5:44 am
nancy pelosi. nancy pelosi pulls them into a room, basically says without mentioning their names, no normore tweeting. if you ban to do something publicly, come to me first. what do you think? >> this has been amazeing to watch. i was watching all the headlines coming up last night. one thing i want to make clear to everyone, while it is an absolute clash of socialist, self-identified socialists, very extremist base democratic party and the old guard like nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, et cetera, nancy pelosi still is pretty far left, but she is an incrementalist this is woman who understands you don't put the pedal to the floor. you have to do things in increments if you want to get it pass thed things done, agenda accomplished. they don't. they're really reckless about it. they don't understand all of the procedures, really the chess playing that is required when you're in washington, d.c. and they're freshman who think apparently they should have had some senority when they walked
5:45 am
into the halls of congress. there was one story with alexandria ocasio-cortez saying that she believes nancy pelosi put her on too many committees as busy work instead of allowing her to be able to do some other things i guess she wanted to do. kind of part of the job. i'm watching them fight it out. for all of this, all of the media's attention on the right, the right is nowhere near what the left is in terms of an identity crisis right now. steve: after nancy pelosi said in the breakfast meeting yesterday, we're a big family, if you have a problem, don't tweet it, come talk to me. aoc spoke to the "washington post" said this, regarding the comments that she heard from the speaker over the last couple months. she said when these comments first started, dana, i kind of thought, she, the speaker was keeping the progressive flank at more of an arm's distance to protect more moderate members which i understood, persistent singling out it was outright
5:46 am
disrespectful. explicit singling out of newly-elected women of color. your reaction? >> i was waiting for the race card to be played at some point. ayanna pressley, called kellyanne conway becky a distraction. i waiting for term throwing out next. we're at becky level, throwing out ad homonyms and slurs for individuals in congress. that is incredibly unfortunate an silly to play that card with somebody like nancy pelosi. i think it is unfair, as much as i disagree with nancy pelosi on politics, while i disagree with her only calling republicans all the time racist which is completely untrue, i don't think nancy pelosi is racist. nor do i think she is targeting people of color. i think she is targeting this freshmen, very reckless freshmen class doesn't apparently understand how things work.
5:47 am
you have to build up an understanding of government before you start to input your agenda in the way they want to. griff: dana the democratic caucus chairman hakeem jeffries says disagreement out of love. it may be a bigger problem. we'll see what comes. dana, thanks for joining us. >> good to see you. griff: president trump vowing to increase sanctions on iran so what can we expect? we'll ask national economic council director larry kudlow next. steve: first bill hemmer will pop up on your tv. >> you were talking about the dustup. you know who knows a lot about this? newt gingrich. he will be our lead guest at 9:02. we'll go through all of that stuff. good morning, guys the president will hold a news conference. a lot to cover including the census and more. stand by. breaking overnight the remains after mother are found. a real tragedy. what we're learning about that coming up. days from mueller's testimony.
5:48 am
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♪ jillian: good thursday morning to you. hope you have have a good day. we have headlines for you now. joggers and walkers in denver in
5:52 am
colorado, on high alert because of a dive-bombing bird. you see that thing? sweeping in from the top of trees attacking pedestrians. one runner was hit eight times. the culprit has been identified as a red-winged blackbird. experts think he may be protecting a nest. classic tale of david beating goliath in a family's backyard. dog riley fights off a bear that was ransacking his neighbor's bird feeder. home security video showing the black lab-mix, charging the bear at full speed. chasing it away. the new jersey homeowner joked, my neighbor's dog is getting a steak dinner next time i see him. riley one, bear zero. steve: thank you, jillian. let's go down to the white house. larry kudlow, director of economic council joins us from the north lawn. good morning. >> thank you, appreciate it. steve: larry, i know it is not
5:53 am
your lane specifically but involves a lot of money internationally. the president vowed to substantially increase sanctions on iran because they have decided, they have switched lever way over to have the super-duper enriched uranium going forward. what can you tell us about that? >> well look, he will make any new decisions but we already have had the sanctions on iran, on their economy, on their oil, on certain individuals. iran has, is a rogue state, a terror-sponsoring state. you're quite right. they said they would go beyond levels agreed to regarding nuclear enriched uranium. it is not a new story. i'm not here to break news on that. i would say stay tuned. it is very difficult thing. i was kind of hoping, speaking about the economy, can i say one thing about house member aoc, not getting enough press? i was just watching, i was reading some things, sorry, about 120 out here this morning.
5:54 am
i know, all right, i'm a supply side conservative and so forth, i want to note in the hearings yesterday with fed chairman jay powell it was ms. aoc ho asked him about the phillips curve. why is rising growth and employment and low unemployment bad? why does that cause inflation and higher interest rates? and jay powell said, well you're right. that thing hasn't worked in decades. now, i got to give her high marks for that. she got that out of chairman. by the way that is my position. that has been the president's position. strong growth, doesn't cause higher inflation and interest rates. looks like the fed is going to cut their rates. but i'm just saying you know, nobody in life is all good or all bad. i got to give hats off to miss aoc kind of nailed that. i'm hoping she and i can sit down to talk supply-side econmics very soon. griff: while you're in agreement
5:55 am
with people that might be unlikely "the new york times" lead editorial today saying time for the fed to cut interest rates as you said. we may see powell do that in the wake of the trade war. do you agree with the "new york times," time to cut the rate? >> well it is that kind of day. i agree with miss aoc. i agree with the "new york times." pretty soon i will agree with all of you. ainsley, i'm waiting for your questions on this. [laughter]. the key point is so interesting. you have a big booming jobs number came out friday. ainsley: yes. >> we've seen a powerful, we're in a powerful prosperity cycle because of pro-growth policies on taxes, regulation, trade reform, energy and so forth. there is no stopping it. i think another big column in the "wall street journal" today, the least-educated, lower-skilled group, the lower-educated group, blue color group are benefiting the most from this prosperity cycle. i think that is really important
5:56 am
point. so coming back to the fed, hopefully they will remove obstacles, you know, to what the president calls 4% growth which is possible. i think they are going to cut rates. i think that was his message yesterday. i think he is basically taken that phillips curve the that says you can't grow without higher rates. he put a sword into it. put it back into a crypt, hopefully we never see it again. ainsley: quickly, china trade, what is the latest? >> both sides are talking, our principles. trade ambassador lighthizer, treasury secretary mnuchin, we're talking. president she agreed to resume talks. now this is a story better to talk not to talk. president said he won't have anymore tariffs. all right? but, but, but, in return for no additional tariffs and return for a little opening with huawei, not national security sales, but very general sales we expect emphasize this, we expect china to be buying some u.s.
5:57 am
farm products. that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship at the lincoln summer invitation. right now, get 0% apr on all 2019 lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer.
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6:00 am
>> well, next time larry kudlow is on we are going to give him an extra minute. sorry about that. >> have a great thursday. we will see you tomorrow. >> bill: thanks, guys. good morning, everybody. hot-button issue at the white house. the president will take some sort of action on the citizenship sentence debate. the administration has been working to try to get that question on the census. there would be a news conference in the rose garden today. democratic lawmakers highly critical of the move, but the justice department not backing down. first, however, new this morning, what appears to be a tragic end to the six-month search for a missing mother of four. tough know to start on this morning. sandra has got the day off. >> glad to join you. where is my


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