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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 11, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> you're watching history in the making. the dow closing above 27,000 for the first time ever. we'll get more on what wall street set the record. president trump is ready to make some remarks. who is not attending the summit is raising eyebrows and what he will do afterwards that has washington buzzing. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." the president is expected to take executive action in about an hour aimed at determining how many people are in the united states as citizens. already some democrats are
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taking aim at him. kevin corke is at the white house with more. >> great to be with you, my friend. we don't expect the president to ask the commerce department to come up with a specific citizenship question for the census. we expect some other mechanism by which they will get at that answer. obviously this is a very important issue for this white house. they want to know how many citizens are here legally and perhaps how many are here not legally. the democrats on capitol hill are fighting mad about this. they say they're concerned that such a question could lead to and undercount of people that they represent, many n noncitizens. >> the true rationale is political and self-serving. the president wants the citizenship question to
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intimidate minorities particularly latinos so it undercounts those communities and republicans can redraw congressional districts to their advantage. >> republicans reject that notion. reminding us that asking a citizenship question on the census has never been an issue before. >> look, this is common sense. we've been asking the census question -- the citizenship question on the census for 200 years. you go talk to anyone on the street and ask them, do you think we should ask a citizenship question? they'll say yeah and say aren't we doing that already? >> jim jordan from the great state of ohio. that is precisely the sentiment here at the white house. they say look, this is about knowing how many citizens are in our country and how many noncitizens are here. the white house could decide to resurrect the american community survey, which does ask about citizenship and for the record, households that receive it are
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required to fill it out under penalty of law. they could come up with other remedies. should make for an interesting afternoon here as well as the social media summit which is underway. from a rainy washington, back to you. >> thanks. mark meadows support what's the president is doing with the census and he joins us now. congressman, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, charles. great to be with you. >> so the president tried everything. bill barr said he had a new way to do it. everything is pushed back. so the notion of an executive order, resurrecting something like the american community survey, would that have the same legal teeth as the census? could you use that to determine where federal funds go? could you use that to determine congressional representation in washington d.c.? >> really what the constitution calls for is an accurate count. so how you get to that accurate count, whether they're here
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legally or illegally is really the question. fundamentally could you use the american community survey? yes. could you use other administrative records? i think the answer to that is question as well. but sadly, what we're having to see is the president is having to take executive action on something that is widely supporters by your viewers and not just your viewers. 67% of all americans believe we should be asking this question. we waited too long. the president is right to take this action. >> to your colleague, jim jordan just saying if you asked anyone on the streets that they would be shocked this is even in dispute and not included. what do you make of the notion that democrats are saying this is all just a ploy a racially motivated ploy, by the way, from the white house? >> well, i can tell you, facts don't support that. 47% of hillary clinton voters support asking the citizenship
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question on the census, charles. more importantly than that, it's been on the census over and over again. so if we're talking about political, maybe when it was removed in 2010 under the obama administration, that was the political reason that was actually attached to the census. here's what i do know. on the debate stage during the second debate, every single democrat contender for the presidency raised their hand and said what they believed is that illegal immigrants should get healthcare. well, if nothing more, we should have an accurate count so we can consider the costs as appropriators on addressing that question. i'm not in favor of that. that is a terrible idea. but the american people deserve to have this answered. this president is fighting to make sure that they get that answer. >> are you concerned that if illegal immigrants are counted amongst other citizens, this will lead to the
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misappropriation of federal funds, that it will lead to congressional districts being carved out or giving more sway than they normally would? particularly when you couple this with certain states now giving illegal immigrants i.d. cards like drivers licenses. >> yeah, when this boils down, it's all about making sure that we have an accurate account of the number of people that are here in the united states. more importantly than that, charles, it's making sure that congress can do their job. >> if it's not accurate, would it give voting to citizens -- >> of course it would. if you have a disproportionate count under or overcount in any area, it would affect that in terms of resources that go to a particular state, apportion everything else. that's why we need to ask the
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question. for the democrats to say this will require an undercount, what they're counting on is an undercount by the statistical analysis that they used in 2010. i think it's more appropriate that we ask the question. what we found when we asked the question in the past, charles, you know, the number one thing on the american community survey that doesn't get answered? it's about how much you make. so this is -- this -- >> we all hold that in common. >> quickly on a couple other things. on the topic of i.d. politics. sparking a serious firestorm in the democratic party. from where you're looking at, your colleagues, alexandria ocasio-cortez and nancy pelosi fighting in public and now accusations of leadership in the democratic party being racist. >> yeah, listen, every day a fight could break out in the democratic caucus. this is all about a new group of
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freshmen that believe that they have the answers and a lot of the people that have been here a long time, there's real friction on their side. for me, i don't applaud that any more than i would applaud it on our side. the american people want us to get some things done. it's about moving legislation, it's time that we do that in the house. sign it into law. you're right. there is real friction. you can feel it in every elevator and certainly on the house floor. >> i have to ask you about mueller coming to d.c. also the subpoenas issued, 12 subpoenas issued to people in the trump orbit. this whole mueller thing doesn't go away. your thoughts? >> the mueller thing should go away. i can tell you i'm preparing with a number of my judiciary colleagues today. he's going to have to answer tough questions. the american people have moved on. the democrats continue to have 2020 subpoenas. you mentioned the 12 subpoenas? it's all about trying to get their ordinary ty out there
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before the august recess. the american people want us to be serious about what matters to them. jobs and the economy and the dow reaching a new record today. >> congressman meadows, thanks very much. appreciate your time. >> thank you, charles. >> so we want to ask this question. president trump, some are saying he's trying to make an end run around the supreme court. i want to bring in judge andrew napolitano. president trump giving up on the notion that the question could be on the census any time soon. but perhaps finding a different way around this. i asked the congressman about this american community survey. legally, could a substitute somehow the census? could it have any influence over the way federal funds are used? >> this is a novel area of the law, the american home survey goes to a random selection of 3.5 million homes. from that, the government extrapolates answers to try to
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figure out what the true answers would be if it went to every home. stated differently, it's a small, according to the government, statistically telling sample of the census. the issue of what question can be on there and what can't has never been litigated before. but if the president does want to ask this question in any form, and i understand why the president believes he needs this, he still is confronted with the fact that when the commerce department answered under oath way they needed it, they gave an answer that was inherently unworthy of belief and according to the supreme court was contrived. they'll still confront that. if he signs some declaration or issues an executive order a proclamation, whatever you call it, that purports to be inconsistent, rest assured the
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plaintiffs will be here making sure it's enjoined. >> if it did go that route, would it give the white house the ability to relitigate this on a different series? in other words, moving away from the civil rights issue that fell flat and broadening it out or taking a different angle? >> it might. it would also give the president the opportunity for crowing rights. the president can gain political hay from this by saying to his supporters, i did everything humanly possible, consistent with a supreme court that ruled against me, consistent with blank blank judges that kept rolling against me. i do what i say -- he may want those crowing rights, boasting rights as much as he wants this question. your question is a good one. would it be a brand new litigation? the answer is it probably would. probably would not have to be done in 2020. meaning they wouldn't have the time issue of a need to begin printing these forms right now. >> judge, are you satisfied with
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the rationale that the supreme court -- how they handled this? a lot of people are disappointed with chief justice roberts and the idea that the supreme court may be looking beyond the constitutions for motivations that typically don't come into play. >> normally the court does not ask about motivations. the statute here that authorizes asking any other than how many people live there requires the government to give them motivation. the government dropped the ball by not giving a credible motivation. they said we need these numbers to enforce the voting rights act. nobody believes that. it not enforced by them and applies in a 1/4 of the states. doesn't apply in the other 75%. the president probably tipped his hand and gave the true motivation. it's for re-apportionment. they don't want that argument because how can you re-apportion when people can't vote?
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>> thanks, judge. the dow went above 27,000 for the first too. deidra bolton has more. >> the fed chairman indicates before congress this week, this is the twice per year check-in that he gives lawmakers. and what investors heard is, yes, you're going to get a rate cut. 25 basis points at the end of the month. that's not what he said verbatim. that's what we're seeing in the markets that pushed the dow up to never before seen 207,000. i'm sure if you do down to the new york stock exchange, you can get a hat or a t-shirt printed on it. take a look at the stocks that outperformed on the day. you can see the sisco, microsoft, these helped the average make that all-time high. if you look at the ones that held the average back, we're going to put those on the screen. 3m, walgreen's, caterpillar held
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back the average. when you make a new high, we're focused on the green on the screen. clearly, charles, this is risk on. we saw stocks move higher, gold move higher. even saw treasury, the prices move higher. so investors right this second all in, charles. back to you. >> i hope they're not wearing the hats. i think it's bad luck. thanks a lot, deidra. >> you're welcome. >> you're looking live at the white house. we expect remarks from president trump on this social media conference. we'll bring it to you as they happen. also get into the political fall-out from this expected executive action on the citizenship count. we'll have a fair and balanced debate next. what have we got over here? this is the all-new chevy silverado. woman: it's beautiful. man: beefy and mean looking it's the strongest, most advanced silverado ever. and it's full of surprises. (clicking) various: hey now. oh, nice! it offers an industry-first power-up/-down tailgate. i kinda didn't expect that to happen.
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what to my next guests think? we have max here and "new york post"'s brooke rogers. noel, we're going to start with you. the president is determined to get this done. andrew napolitano just made a great point. either way, folks that voted for him see he's fighting for them. >> that's what it boils down here. we're in an election year. actions speak leader than words. you're right. regardless, he's going to get something done on this. what trump wants, usually trump gets and he's going to find a way around it. >> i don't like they're making it a racial issue. anything that democrats haven't made a racial issue when it comes to president trump. what is wrong with the idea of who is here legally or illegally? >> president trump is not just interested in being constitutional or particularly
1:19 pm
conservative. the fight is with the founding fathers. they mentioned citizenship 26 times in the constitution. they say people in the census. so unless they forgot what they were doing, they made their intention clear about who we should be counting. >> how do you see this? >> as max said, it's addressed in the constitution. the constitution gives power to citizenship over congress. he's has an uphill battle here. it's good it was in the census. that could mess up the federal funding and the representatives for the states. the american survey, i'm not sure how many teeth it will have. people will lie or not respond truthfully. >> legally you're supposed to answer the american survey just as the census. but from a common sense point of view, in all the polls show most americans would like to see that u.s. citizens are counted. at least we can differentiate who is here, who is not.
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isn't that what the census is after all? trying to get an accurate portrait of america. >> it is. you said something that struck me. the fact that a lot of people don't tell the truth on some of the census forms. a lot of people don't. i'm not so sure if the citizenship question was on there if someone is here illegally, probably not going to check that box. >> max? >> yeah, it shows the cynicism of the process. talk about the swamp. we're seeing the politics is the reason for this and the president's supporters will like it. doesn't matter what they think is best, what the supreme court thinks is right. it's just about the show. >> there's a lot of money at stake. there are -- a lot of seats will be determined. >> redistricting. >> yeah. redistricting determined on this. there's a lot after stake here, worth fighting for beyond general political rhetoric. >> yeah, it is political to the
1:21 pm
extent that it angers his opponents. when it's comes down to it, there's billions in funding at stake. the reason why there's so much push back is because of that. the funding and the representatives. >> wish we had more time. we have a couple times that will break soon. thank you. appreciate it. in fact, president trump is expected to take action on determining how many people are in the u.s. as citizens and bring you that as soon as it happens. the war of words heating up with nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez. how will this affect the democratic party? hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens.
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mno kidding.rd. but moving your internet and tv? that's easy. easy?! easy? easy. because now xfinity lets you transfer your service online in just about a minute with a few simple steps. really? really. that was easy. yup. plus, with two-hour appointment windows, it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> unity is our power. we have a big fight in the arena
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and that's all i'm going to say on the subject. >> charles: but are they fighting themselves? nancy pelosi touting party unity earlier today amid alexandria ocasio-cortez accusing her of singling out women of color. so where is this view going? here with me now to discuss, patrice is here and rashad richie. this is the ultimate culmination of decades of identity politics. when racism is the basis for every argument against your political opponent, sometimes they come home to roost. >> yeah, charles. in some ways you're being hyperbolic and the perplexity of what aoc is saying. i will tell you this, man, it's a glorious day for democracy when politicians start talking like regular people. that's what aoc is doing. the speaker has been very critical of some of the freshmen
1:26 pm
congress women and people that have come to the frey now. so i think what needs to happen, she should respect them publicly and probably chastise them privately so it doesn't play out on twitter, this is a new generation. you don't shut up and listen. that's not happening anymore. >> charles: patrice, we saw a revolution in the republican party. president trump has remade the republican party or i should say voters gave him the mandate to remake the party. maybe these young women feel the same way. >> maybe they do. they're two different scenarios here. you're talking about playing the race card, which is what aoc is doing. i think you have to tread very lightly when you suggest that everyone around you is racist because they're not giving in to your demands. there's a generational divide and you see it playing out. at the end of the day, nancy pelosi and the democrats have coddled aoc and her sisters in
1:27 pm
arms surrounding them when they say inflammatory, incendiary comments and it's okay for them to do that. now they want to rest power away from leaders. i think charles, you said the chickens are coming home to roost. that's right here. >> charles: and to patrice's point, there were many times early on that nancy pelosi would step up. instead, comments made by the so-called squad were placated or they would take the issues and puts them back on president trump. did she miss an opportunity to tamp down on this? >> i think she set a standard and now she's trying to go back on it. for what reason, i don't know. let's be clear. people like aoc. she's coming strong. she feels if there's a referendum on party leadership and to be quite honest, that is
1:28 pm
reflected in the poll damage that. individuals that are voting in this democrat primary have progressed a more progressive standards than the gate keepers like nancy pelosi. she has a point about where the support should be. i don't agree with aoc on the racism part. i don't think they're singling them out they're minority women. >> charles: patrice? >> to your earlier point, the problem is the democratic party may have moved to the far left. they're going to remain in power in the house. you have to figure out how to appeal to those centrist voters, those that maybe voted for president trump. >> what about business as usual? not just americans or democrats. around the world, we're seeing elites and business as usual and does aoc represent that. >> she could.
1:29 pm
she's taken the angst that bernie sanders votes felt. they want fresh blood. that could work. the problem is, her leadership style, this is what she's signals it's going to be. it's not consensual. it's dictatorial. calling out joe biden because he says good things about republicans, you're in trouble and democrats will suffer. >> charles: thank you both very much. >> thank you. >> charles: bernie marcus is burning mad. he's blasting critics that want to boycott his store over his support for president trump. meet the marine war veteran that lost both of his legs defending our freedom. now he's defending bernie and
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bernie marcus responding to critics calling for a boy scott as he pledged his support for president trump. in a statement, marcus wrote negative stories, vicious streets without cause to boycott the company that has enabled my foundation to give billions to support autism, heart and neurological issues like stroke and to help our veterans. the subject of helping others in need is something that bernie marcus talked with neil cavuto about recently. listen. >> now you said tax us more. what do you think of that? >> they trust the government more than i do. i can't tell you how much money we have given away. my foundation actually has given away over $2 billion. i would rather give it away than have some congressman give it away. we built hospitals. my foundation is working on one issue, that is taking care of these veterans. kids that fought in afghanistan,
1:35 pm
iraq. >> charles: joey jones is here with us. one of our braveest that benefitted from bernie's foundation. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> charles: tell us how you benefitted from the philanthropy of marcus? >> yes, i see both sides of the story. as a wounded veteran, i lost both legs. the home depot foundation stepped in and helped to make my house in texas back in 2014 acc settable while i waited for two years for the v.a. to reimburse us for that. they stepped in and provided that gap opportunity so i would have an accessible home. on top of that, i ran a military nonpro fit and worked at one and i've been involved with the marcus foundation and the home depot foundation. they've done a tremendous amount for the veteran communities not just remodelling homes and rebuilding homes but in mental health and traumatic brain
1:36 pm
injury. bernie marcus has funded $135 million for the marcus institute, the shepherd center in atlanta. the list goes own and on. the direct impact that bernie marcus has had himself. but if you take that away, a company that he's no longer involved in has given away a half a billion to help fund veteran home remodels and accessful homes. they do a pay gap that the employees oversee. so there's a lot there. a lot that doesn't get bragged about. >> charles: you're right. what struck me is the idea that took the v.a. two years to reimburse you. imagine if the marcus foundation wasn't there in the first place how much more desperate your life would have been. we're a very giving country, the most generous country in the world. a lot of people do this without any fanfare. the idea that because bernie
1:37 pm
marcus has a candidate that he likes and supports, that people are willing to hurt or attempt to hurt financially this business. by the way, it won't hurt bernie marcus or the other rich people or executives. it will hurt veterans that are coming home and getting jobs at home depot, wouldn't it? >> it goes to this idea of boycotting. i'm not going to boycott nike shoes. i am going to buy underarmor. buy from brands and businesses that do good things that you support. if you want to boycott home depot because you don't like what a former owner is doing, that's fine. but for the rest of the americans, if you want to support brand and foundations that do good things, home depot and the marcus foundation are two great places to start. so if boycotting is your write a to do it, have at it. but be active instead of reactive and do something good. that's what bernie marcus has
1:38 pm
done. it's unfortunate that people are taking one line from an atlanta journal contusion article where bernie marcus said two things. one, his giving away his fortune for good causes and he supports donald trump. the twitter headline is bernie marcus gives away to support donald trump. so the problem here a lot of it is misleading people to begin with. >> charles: that's really fake news. before i let you go, always want to know, how are you doing? >> doing well. american's veterans are eager to get back in society and be a contributing member. everything we can do is something that i'm proud to be a part of. >> charles: thank you for your service. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> charles: first, it was the media tipping off illegal immigrants about possible ice raids. now lawmakers are giving advice on how to avoid arrest. does this put law enforcement in danger? ormal person who got an awful skin condition. with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema,
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>> charles: dow jones industrial average up 227 points. over 27,000 for the very first time. it was an amazing session for the market. it came out of the gates strong, listening to jerome powell. his second day of testimony before congress today. in the middle of the session, we began to sag but buying triggered. here we are. powell spent a lot of the last two days talking about libra, a cryptocurrency from facebook. everybody hates it. nasdaq was lower on the day. it's historic, monumental. the dow jones industrial average over 27,000 for the very first time in history. we'll be right back. no, we won't. president trump is expected to address the process for determining how many people in the u.s. are actually citizens.
1:43 pm
earlier the president take aim at a perceived bias on social media. will this summit that he's holding change anything? i want to go to howard kirtz. the president has talked about this. a lot of conservatives i know said they have been targeted. these are outlandish right wing extremists, a feeling that this is a real legitimate problem. >> facebook, twitter, google know that they're left leaning, they have a problem with the right. certainly been some well-documented instances in people on the right have been suspended, minimized, expelled and sometimes companies like facebook apologize. there's grievances here. it's a very odd social media summit. there's no cameras. the press was allowed in a pool. and the president invited people
1:44 pm
that share his views that these companies are unfair. >> charles: jack dorsey visited the white house. he's a key player in the social media world. i had one-on-one lunch with him last year, that he says there's some bias in his company and he would like to find a way around it. do you think ultimately considering the monopoly measure of social media and how much dominance over our lives, that they should be tweeted differently legally? >> you run into free speech and hate speech and false or propaganda. so it's tricky terrain. they've done such a mad job at policing their own sites, not to mention discrimination. and now there's talk of government regulation that there wasn't a couple years ago. by the way, the press has
1:45 pm
decided this social media summit is terrible. the "new york times" writing this is a bunch of right wing trolls getting the red carpet treatment. a motley grab bag of pro trump influencers. cnn just said this is a hit job. i'm going to reserve judgment. i don't know if one summit can change the culture of these tech giants. >> charles: no, they weren't invited. i saw a headline at cnn that the right wing extremists are being invited. i had a chance to interview janine. she had a program on youtube. it would easily get a hit over a million times. something went wrong. she gave a speech at cpac and lost her job. it hurt her financially. it's not just political rhetoric. this has a serious impact on a
1:46 pm
lot of people. >> yeah, a couple of controversial characters that have been invited. but these silicon valley companies have done a lousy job. people can post what they want and have the standards that they don't infuse. luis farrakhan called jews termites. how long does it take to say that is against the rules? so the president is right to focus the spotlight on these companies. if it's a one-sided summit, it will draw criticism. >> charles: so much for the do no harm model. thanks, howard. appreciate it. >> good to see you. >> charles: now we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
1:47 pm
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>> an ice deportation warrant is not the same as a search warrant. if that is the only document ice brings to a home raid, agents do not have the legal right to enter a home. if ice agents don't have a warrant signed by a judge, a person may refuse to open the door and let them in. >> charles: house speaker nancy pelosi telling illegal immigrants how to avoid arrest from ice. "the new york times" reported that raids will begin this season. ice said do the law enforcement sensitivities and the sensitivity of the enforcement personnel, they will not have specific details. so how much risk does tipping off possible raids put our law enforcement in? ted williams joins us now. dead, dangerous stuff. nancy pelosi going out on a limb telling people who may be here
1:51 pm
illegally when to open the doors, when to not open the doors, defy law enforcement and act as lawyers themselves. are you concerned? >> i'm very concerned, charles. what ice is doing in conducting these operations are crucial but it is very dangerous. i got to tell you, president trump did not help this when he tweeted about three weeks ago that they were going to conduct these raids. i think this administration needs to let ice agents be ice agents. you don't protect them by tweeting what they're going to do and when they're going to do it and possibly somebody leaked to the teams that these raids are coming this weekend. that's not the way to protect the ice agents. you let them do their work. they're not able to do it unfortunately.
1:52 pm
>> charles: real quick, ted. i have a minute left. so the information is out there. regardless of how it got out there. are you concerned that illegals may be at home saying i'm not going to open the door and acting as their own attorneys and taking nancy pelosi's word that they don't have to adhere to what law enforcement agents are going to do? >> no, they don't have to open the doors as pelosi has said. what will happen is now that they know ice is coming, you'll have a lot of these people going underground and they're not going to be successful in getting as many as they would have gotten if they would have done a covert operation. >> charles: we'll see what happens. ted, thanks for your expertise on this kind of stuff. appreciate it. folks, president trump, the summit in the white house, making remarks moments ago. let's go watch. >> thank you. [applause] thank you very much.
1:53 pm
thank >> very important day. i want to thank you. it's a terrific day to be together. you're in a very famous place. we all work very hard and i don't know if you call it influence. i don't know if you call it power. whatever it is, we are in the white house. we are going to stay in the white house get our agenda done beautifully. [applause] i am thrilled to welcome you here, and were all working very hard and i don't know if you know but we just hit 27,000 on the dow. the highest in history.
1:54 pm
up a couple hundred points. the highest in history. for those of you who like the stock market but the stock market means jobs. i view it as jobs. i view it as 401(k)s. people say the rich people are getting rich but if you look at the numbers, the greatest impact proportionally blue-collar workers and what happened in this miracle that's happened. people with 401(k)s, they are up 72% and 67%. the wife or the husband, whoever is responsible, the other one says you're a genius. your great financial investor. darling, europe 77% this year. a lot of good things happen. people are happy and everybody's happy. some people to start willing to admit it. does that make sense? this is a historic day. never before have so many online journalists and influencers, and that's exactly what you are. you are journalists and you are
1:55 pm
influencers. come together in this building the future of social media. each of you was fulfilling a vital role in our nation. you are challenging the media gatekeepers in the corporate sensors to bring the facts straight to the american people and that's what you're doing. you're going right to the people. possibly we wouldn't be here right now. i asked somebody, what do you think i would do without social media? what iv here? because i said i think so but they weren't so sure. i have to say that. you know that. i believe that but i have to sa say. you communicate directly with our citizens without having to go through the fake news filter. it's very simple. together you reach more people than any television broadcast network by far. not even close. we are delighted to be joined by someone you know very well, our senior advisor for digital strategy and somebody that's
1:56 pm
been working for me for a long time. for many years. dan. where is dan? so long before we were even doing this, he was that of club running the club and other businesses. i think it's okay doing it. the greatest. i wouldn't say the greatest. but you know he was great at? he was always looking at his computer screen. i said that guys incredible. right at the beginning, i said that's the man. there is nobody better at that and i think hillary had 28 people and i had dan. right? [applause] i had my dan and he works about 28 hours a day, and he works
1:57 pm
very hard. but he doesn't work. he loves it. he loves it. his imagination and really working with all of you and many of you, he will come up with ideas and he'll come with ideas and run into my office and say you've got to see this. a lot of times, i will go out and i will spend a lot of money on the concept. i was a here's a concept. come up with this than we hire these companies may want money and they come back. just happened the other day. i said it's terrible. these guys have no talent. the people that have the talent of the people that we have and some of you are extraordinary. i can't say everybody. some of you are extraordinary. the crap you think of is unbelievable. unbelievable. i'm going to go back to the basics of washington and introduce my secretaries, steve
1:58 pm
nguyen. wilbur ross. we have a meeting at a little while on the census and citizenship. can you believe. are you a citizen of the united states of america. sir, you can't ask that question. why? because the court said you can't. we have three very out from the courts. they fight us all the way. the judges don't like us too much i guess but think of that. think of that question. are you a citizen? we spent -- this is another thing that so crazy. $20 billion on the census, 20 billion. we spend 20 billion. 20 billion watts? $20 billion on the census. they go through houses. they talk to people. how many toilets do they have? how many desks, many beds. what is the roof made of. the only thing we can't ask is are you a citizen of the
1:59 pm
united states. it's the craziest thing. 20 billion. pretty amazing. pretty amazing, charlie. also david bernhard, great job you are doing. interiors. largest landlord of the united states. when my friends tell me how big they are, they say they got another building. big deal. and they look at david bernhardt. he controls half of the united states. department of interior. a lot of lands, a lot of beautiful land that we are taking good care of, right? acting director russ. we are working on the budget. along with some of the great members of congress and wonderful friend of mine whose my leader, right? he's my leader. i tell him to his face because he feels good. stand up, kevin mccarthy.
2:00 pm
senator marsha blackburn of the great state of tennessee. we campaigned together. she ran against most popular democrat. >> dana: welcome to "the five." president trump is wrapping up the social media summit and he is set to make a major announcement about this was a ship question. we are going to bring it to you when it happens but let's listen in on what he saying at this social media event. >> president trump: she was down by 10 energy won by 12 and she wouldn't stop every day. where is she? she's here. she's there. fantastic job. we are proud of you. honestly working with people that know they're doing, it's fun. that was fun and you know what you're doing. representative dan crenshaw who was very good at this, by


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