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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 11, 2019 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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senator marsha blackburn of the great state of tennessee. we campaigned together. she ran against most popular democrat. >> dana: welcome to "the five." president trump is wrapping up the social media summit and he is set to make a major announcement about this was a ship question. we are going to bring it to you when it happens but let's listen in on what he saying at this social media event. >> president trump: she was down by 10 energy won by 12 and she wouldn't stop every day. where is she? she's here. she's there. fantastic job. we are proud of you. honestly working with people that know they're doing, it's fun. that was fun and you know what you're doing. representative dan crenshaw who was very good at this, by the way, dan.
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very good at this. really good. thank you. great to have you in the party. you have more courage than i do, dan, okay? that courage of yours is incredible. thank you very much. great job. a friend of mine and a wonderful person and somebody that has i don't know pretty unlimited future i'd say. i hear a lot of very positive things. liz cheney. thank you. you know, i pardoned somebody named scooter libby. a lot of you don't know who scooter libby is. he's a man who got treated very unfairly and liz was right in the forefront of that one. i said what do you think and you said absolutely he deserved it. it's been a very popular pardon. he was treated very, very brutally and unfairly. thank you for that help. matt gates. >> dana: that is president trump. he's at the white house doing
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the social media summit and he's wrapping it up and he's got other things to come in will bring it to you. that's not all that's happening in washington. >> greg: wait! introduce us. >> dana: i don't know if they can do it with the camera. there is greg and jesse and juan. it's our eighth anniversary. here we go. democrats apparently running out of republicans to attack. battling with nancy pelosi and aoc suggesting criticism of her and other freshman democrats is racist. cortez saying that it's outright disrespectful. nancy pelosi isn't backing down but neither is in the amount of
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concentration of attention, i think it's worth asking why. >> do you think she has racial animus? >> no. absolutely not. >> dana: of course not. she just said that the didn't really mean it. >> i know that juan might disagree but i want the best for the democrats, i do. every party benefits from a strong competitor. they always get better. i don't want them to eat themselves alive. in woke culture, it's not about cooperating or uniting. it's about delineating. i am not like you. i am xyz. color, orientation, gender, disability, all of it has become intersectionality game of is better. who is more oppressed. to win, you have to label everyone else intolerant so what you're left with is the tiniest party. it's all based on narcissism. who can be the most woke and get
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the most attention and it's at the expense of your allies. when she was saying she was targeting women of color, she was saying she was being a racist. >> dana: but then she said she's not. she pushes on nancy pelosi and then pushes back, pulls back. >> juan: it's bigger than nancy pelosi. i think she's very clear this is actually not a claim that nancy pelosi was racist. and boy, was there blowback from nancy pelosi's caucus. blacks and latinos saying this is crazy. look at how diverse this caucuses and that's that's because of nancy pelosi. there was blowback in terms of some of the comments made about moderates, especially southern democratic moderates, dana. smoot some of them are black. he said wait a minute. i think she's getting blowback within the caucus. i think part of it is that
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people are reluctant -- we are reluctant to talk about generational divides in our country. we like to talk about race. >> greg: we love talking about generations. we hate talking about race. they went after mayor pete. >> juan: hang on. let me finish this point. i think we as a country do not say you know what, there's huge generational divide in the country and huge generational divide among democrats, with the younger part of the country right now, mostly democratic, heavily diverse in terms of race, immigrants, and the like. the older part of the democratic party is more -- i think it's diverse but -- >> greg: but the love ones -- the young ones love bernie. the younger progressives are flocking to bernie, not to mayor pete. it's not generational is what i'm saying. let me explain it again. [laughter] >> juan: the younger people
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might in fact like bernie or like a more progressive politics but they are really angry that the older folks as they see it don't respond to the bullying, the punching that comes from president trump. they say how come you guys don't fight like president trump and why don't you punch back? the older crowd is saying hey, i know how to count votes on the house floor. i know how to win elections. all you guys to his talked about clicks on twitter. >> dana: nancy pelosi called them the squad. >> jesse: that elevates them by giving them a nickname. i don't know if that was the best technique. juan, the older democrats tried to stage a coup against the president. i think they have been fighting the president pretty hard the last two years but i also strongly disagree with greg. i would see the democratic party destroy itself, eat itself alive. they have uncorked this virus, this identity politics virus and not eating them and now they are upset about it.
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really? you're upset. the last five years, anytime you criticize barack obama, racist. criticize omar. islamaphobic. criticize the captain of the u.s. soccer team. sexist and homophobic. the chickens have come home to roost, to quote the pastor of barack obama. it's sad because the only time you play the race card in the gender card is because you don't have any cards left to play. that's what you said right here when you cited the democratic lawmaker. she sounds like a republican. william lacy clay, male democrat from missouri. what a weak argument talking about aoc because you can't get your way and you're getting pushed back. you resort to using the race card. that's unbelievable to me. that's what republicans have been saying for so long, a weak response when you can't persuade to make an argument and i will say lastly, they haven't been singled out. they singled themselves out.
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they were the only four people to vote while 240 others voted the other way. and they have all been lightning rods since they got in. they are always getting all the attention. nancy hasn't singled themselves -- they've done it to themselves. >> dana: can i make a point? i'm going to make a point. the squad only has four votes right now but they don't need that many more votes in order to cause nancy pelosi real headaches. it would take 18 votes for them to not be able to pass things. if people get frustrated with the establishment, that could happen. >> it's important for there to be a balance of energy. you know when you go to dinner with another couple and they get into an argument in front of you. they are bickering. it's achy and it makes everyone uncomfortable. >> greg: i enjoy that. >> jesse: i enjoy that. >> emily: do it at home. it's like a sorority squabble. more than generational, it's a majority difference. i agree that the squad singled themselves out. they showed up on the first day wearing the same and they are
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aghast at the thought -- >> dana: like on wednesdays we were pink? >> emily: totally. moving forward, pelosi has to prove to her centrist district that aoc and the squad are not setting the agenda. she needs to harness the energy, like i said, otherwise you can lose the speakership of the democrats to hold or maintain the house moving forward. they have to figure it out. to me it's better done behind closed doors strategically rather than playing out like a reality show. >> dana: has anyone got -- >> greg: i would like to point out that the naked cowboy was outside. >> dana: is that what i missed? >> juan: we were supposed to be outside. he likes to say hello to me everywhere. >> greg: we were supposed to be outside but it rained. the naked cowboy, that's false advertising. >> juan: why? he is built. >> dana: he's not really naked
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naked. >> juan: you want the whole thing? >> dana: no, i don't. >> greg: where is this going? >> dana: a big day, our eighth anniversary. a lot of fun lined up later but first we are also waiting for major news from president trump. the latest on the citizenship question had. ♪ more, more, more
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with who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. i love the custom ink design lab because it's really easy to use. they have customer service that you can reach anytime. t-shirts help us immediately get a sense of who we are as a group. from the moment clients walk in, they're able to feel like part of the family. - [spokesman] custom ink has hundreds of products for your business and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today ♪ >> juan: you are looking live at the white house. waiting for a major announcement from president trump about the citizenship question on the census. we will bring you to live when
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it happens. los angeles resident and business owners appearing to take matters into their own hands as they battle the city's homeless crisis. they are reportedly putting up fences and planting thorny bushes, even cactus to keep the homeless from sleeping in front of their private property. the mayor is calling the move short sighted while the city's homeless publishing has risen by 16% since last year. greg, let me begin with you and say i think what individuals can do is pretty limited. i don't know that an individual can solve this problem. we can shove it down the street for somebody else. don't you think government solution is required? >> greg: yes, but they are not doing it. they abdicated their responsibility and unfortunately these poor citizens for law-abiding citizens are probably going to be painted as oppressors. defense is bigoted. the cactus is racist.
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i ran out of stuff. poison ivy is sexist. politicians have basically said we cannot decide on how to improve your safety or security. essentially it's up to you. the politicians in california are incredibly lucky because they can live -- the state is so huge you can live far enough from the misery that you never see it. gavin, pelosi, they usually end in a way is a moat. it's a concrete example of inequality. real estate is a moat where the richest people can live their lives while you have the road warrior meets the road going on 2 miles away. >> juan: jesse, why doesn't president trump, if he cares about this, have a summit? it looks like it's just that republicans like to call attention to beating up on big cities and beating up on democrats. >> dana: republicans are supposed to solve it? >> jesse: he is having a
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social media summit. maybe next week you can do the homeless. i wonder what would happen if the president went to southern california and tried to hold a summit. he would get destroyed by you, by everybody in the media and gavin newsom, although local -- you are politicizing it. >> greg: you are building camps! >> jesse: day out of california. you don't think he would get criticized? might not be a bad idea for him to go down there and draw attention to it. >> juan: i think the president has been to california. >> jesse: i am saying focuses attention on the homeless crisis. >> juan: the pulled the budget for the one agency in charge. >> jesse: you know those things never work. i think democrats controlled the budget now anyway. if you're going to detour the situation, i have other ideas. canines. they bark loudly. the homeless will never be able to sleep. also, i thought census didn't work question requires a doing
2:18 pm
it? i would install video cameras to monitor illegal activities so that when you call the cops you have proof. the best thing: sprinkler systems. install a speaker system. they can't sleep. they are all wet. they have to move somewhere else. pay the homeless to shove lawn down to some neighbors property. that's not a really good idea but it's also effective. >> greg: the worst examples i've ever heard. >> jesse: imagine if this is your business. sleeping outside of your business. >> greg: restaurants do that in new york. >> juan: jesse, do you lack a little sensitivity, compassion? >> jesse: if i'm running a business and i'm trying to make money to feed my family and the homeless people are camping outside and the government has failed to address it, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. like someone who gets a weapon because the police can respond to the shooting. >> dana: if you are a private property in a compassionate
2:19 pm
person, you'll find out the government is doing nothing to help you protect your private property. you have to take matters into your own hands and some of these cities, denver, colorado, talking about people allowed to set up camps anywhere. why should that be allowed? somebody like my mom wants to be compassionate, of course. she can't solve the homeless problem by herself. the government is saying move on in, homeless people, rather than dealing with the fact that they need shelter and maybe mental health. >> greg: liberal leaders have let everybody down. >> juan: i think this is -- >> greg: republicans are running those cities. you demonize them in every liberal city. republicans in oakland. no republicans in l.a. >> juan: it's not an absence of saying you can't have republican ideas. they would be welcome if anybody had -- >> jesse: you could pass an ordinance right now saying that
2:20 pm
you can have it and on a public sidewalk. >> emily: it's not the federal problem. it's not the nation's problem. the cities are inept and it's highlighting that they are inep inept. citizens are being vigilantes and the county, the city officials and company are investigating and inciting them. they are taking the efforts the wrong way. in l.a., the homelessness increased 75% since eric garcetti assumed the male role and there was a super democratic majority. it's 100% that it is the democratic problem. newsom is throwing $3.5 billion added and yet it didn't work when he was the mayor of san francisco. garcetti is throwing almost 350 million added time he called the spikes the short term
2:21 pm
solution. it's the worst band-aid approach ever. to your idea about music, do you remember the guy who would blast classical music? it worked. classical music holds everyone down. >> juan: san diego. >> jesse: they should play greg's music. >> jesse: >> juan: san diego haa republican and they been dealing with that and the money comes away from other public housing, people have complaints about it. i will make the case that it is a national problem. i don't care what city it is. we have rising income inequality. >> greg: in your liberal cities! >> juan: short of affordable housing. >> greg: in your liberal cities. >> juan: people with mental health problems. >> greg: in your liberal cities. >> juan: it's not just liberal cities but it's the shortsighted rhetoric. >> greg: you have no
2:22 pm
solutions, juan. >> juan: it's an american problem. why can't we solve it? >> greg: we tried. there's an obstacle called left-wing losers. >> emily: it is intensified at the local level. >> juan: waiting for a major announcement from president trump about the citizenship question. we'll bring it to you live hopefully next on "the five" ." hi i'm joan lunden.
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and i don't add trup the years.s. but what i do count on... is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life. ♪ >> greg: still awaiting president trump's announcement on the senses. meanwhile according to "the new york times" which is like saying according to ugly fat pants, families are hiring screen time coaches to help pry smartphones away from their kids.
2:27 pm
screen three parenting coaches offer advice that boils down to go outside and kick a ball. that advice because hundred dollars so it's no wonder it's a trend among rich parents who still read the times because only times readers would actually pay for advice that i foxholes would give you for free. not to say this isn't a problem but it's a joke for parents to discipline kids if they can't discipline themselves. you know mom has her own facebook page and god knows what dad searches for when she's out of town. the bottom line is it's a new world and humans have grown a new permanent electronic appendage, the phone. five things that beat staring at a screen. pat, hobby, day at the firing range. the problem is they will just instagram everything. lay down some ground rules and screw the consultants. if you share a body part, the phone is gone and so was the body part. if you share any family information, you go back to the orphanage. if i catch you texting while driving, the phone stays in the car and the car goes in the
2:28 pm
lake. that's all. it's not that hard. consider what we did before smartphones. doorbell stitching, crank calls, morning traffic, launderers. kids life was dangerous, full of stitches, scabs, little league coaches. at least with smartphones, you will live longer, even if it's hardly living at all. to the parents, i guess i start with you, jesse. any advice? do you need a consultant? >> jesse: i don't outsource my discipline. >> greg: i have to. i know my safe word. >> jesse: what was it? he said at the other day. >> greg: "watters world." [laughter] >> jesse: that's disgusting. take the phone away or don't give them a phone to begin with. i'm hearing stories about 9-year-olds that have iphones which is absolutely bananas. what age do you give them a phone? maybe 14.
2:29 pm
that's if they're going out with their friends, you can say it's time to come home. they don't have to be on the screen. jungle gyms. kayaking. go to an arcade. may be a ropes course. these are all things i've done recently. trapeze. dangerous things like that. not long -- lawn darts. >> greg: they have changed them. >> juan: it takes you away from relationships. they think they are there but they are not present in the relationship with the parent or with each other. i think we've got to do is put it down. one of the things that the consultancies they have a virgin pledge, no phone until you're in the eighth grade. it's what jesse was saying. if you're a parent, you worry that the kid needs to be able to call you case an emergency. to me, the phone is not the
2:30 pm
biggest problem. the problem is that even at dinner time when i'm with the grandkids, they have the ipad in front of them and they have a movie or a tv. the relationship is, to me these little kids in our like they are in dr. frankenstein's laboratory. we don't know the effects of the social media on a young person come on their mind, how they talk, we are going through a huge social experiment. >> greg: dana, you are like me. we despise children. >> dana: pretty much. jasper doesn't have a phone. >> greg: with an iphone, they don't bother you. >> dana: and they are silent, just like they we want. children imitate their parents. you go to a restaurant or a seat at the airport where parents on their phones and the kids are looking around for something to do or looking longingly at their parent and that kind of breaks my heart. remember last year south park
2:31 pm
season had, one of the episodes was that they sing a song out it was to president trump and to other people because of driving while texting. it was called "put it down." it's a great song. we should've played it. send it around on twitter. >> greg: that was helpful, dana. >> dana: on my phone. >> emily: i agree with everyone here. >> greg: that's helpful. [laughter] >> jesse: who do you agree with the most? >> emily: myself. kids are craving connection and with the parents are doing is absurd because all they are doing is managing rather than leading. let me pay a bunch of money to do what i failed to do which is lead by example and put my smartphone down or actually pay attention to my children and have firm discipline rather than capitulating to them or stop crying, here's a movie. a total lack of thought going into it. we have seen data. we do know the effects. younger ages, it affects them
2:32 pm
and at older ages it's affecting them. >> dana: a lot of the ceos and managers in silicon valley don't let their children have smartphones. >> greg: they are like drug dealers. they don't use their stash. >> jesse: don't get high off your own supply. >> juan: have you ever seen the kids on fortnight? it's like a cigarette addiction. they can't pull away. put it down. their hearts and minds are locked in. >> greg: on the bright side, if you have kids, there's going to be no competition. if you have smart kids, you will just roll right over them. >> emily: video games, entire pods so people can play their video games. >> jesse: kids, if you are watching, follow me on instagram. [laughter] >> greg: we are waiting for president trump's major announcement about the citizenship question. i can hardly wait to hear it. we'll bring it to you next. (vo) parents have a way of imagining the worst...
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and say hello to the new way-- at carvana. >> jesse: fox news alert. waiting for president trump's major announcement about the citizenship question. john roberts is standing by with the latest. >> jesse, good to talk to you. the president is about to come out here and he's going to make the announcement. this is not going to be an executive order to announce the addition of a citizenship question to the senses. this is going to be something else down through the commerce department, probably integration of administrative data like from irs tax returns, social security, state and local information to find out who is a citizen. >> jesse: there with the attorney general. >> president trump: are you this citizen of the united states of america? oh, gee, i'm sorry. i just can't answer that question and that's after spending billions and billions of dollars. it used to be a time when you could answer questions like that
2:38 pm
very easily. there used to be a time when you could proudly declare i am a citizen of the united states. now they are trying to erase the very existence of a very important word and a very important thing, citizenship. they are even coming after the pledge of allegiance in minnesota. i am proud to be a citizen. you are proud to be a citizen. the only people are not proud to be citizens are the ones worth fighting us all the way about the word citizen. today i'm here to say we are not backing down our effort to determine the citizenship status of the united states population. i stand before you to outline new steps my administration is taking to ensure that citizenship is counted so that we know how many citizens we have in the united states.
2:39 pm
makes sense. we will defend the rights of the american people to know the full facts about the population, size, citizens and noncitizens, in america. it's essential that we have a clear breakdown of the number of citizens and noncitizens that make up the u.s. population. knowing this information is vital to formulating sound public policy, whether the issue is health care, education, civil rights, or immigration. we must have a reliable account of how many citizens, noncitizens, and illegal aliens are in our country. the department of commerce sensibly decided to include a citizenship question in the 2020 senses. as has been done many, many times throughout the history of the united states. unfortunately this effort was
2:40 pm
delayed by meritless litigation. as shocking it's that may be, far left democrats in our country are determined to conceal the number of illegal aliens in our midst. they probably know that the number is far greater, much higher than anyone would've ever believed before. maybe that's why they fight so hard. this is part of a broader left-wing effort to erode the rights of the american citizen and is very unfair to our country. the supreme court ultimately affirmed our right to ask the citizenship question and very strongly it was affirmed. the supreme court also ruled that we must provide further explanation that would have produced even more litigation and considerable time delays to cases already in three federal district courts that have been, to be totally honest, extremely unfriendly to us.
2:41 pm
these delays would have prevented us from completing the census on time. it's deeply regrettable but it will not stop us from collecting the needed information and i think even in greater detail and more accurately. therefore we are pursuing a new option to ensure a complete and timely count of the noncitizen population. today it will be issuing an executive order put this very plan into effect immediately. i am hereby ordering every department and agency in the federal government to provide the department of commerce with all requested records regarding the number of citizens and noncitizens in our country. they must furnish all legally assessable records in their position immediately. we will utilize the federal databases to gain a full, complete, an accurate count of the noncitizen population,
2:42 pm
including databases maintained by the department of homeland security and the social security administration. we have great knowledge in many of our agencies. we will leave no stone unturned. the census bureau projected that using previously available records it could determine citizenship for 90% of our population are more. with today's executive order which eliminates long-standing obstacles to data sharing, we are aiming to count everyone. ultimately this will allow us to have an even more complete count of citizens then through asking the single question alone. it will be come out we think, far more accurate. the census bureau can use this information along with information collected through the questionnaire to create the official census. in other words, as a result of today's executive order, we will be able to ensure the 20208
2:43 pm
census generates an accurate count of how many citizens, noncitizens, and illegal aliens are in the united states of america. not too much to ask. this will greatly inform a wide array of public policy decision decisions. this information is also relevant to administering our elections. some states may want to draw state and local legislative districts based upon the voter eligible population. indeed the same day the supreme court handed down the census decision it also said it would not review certain types of districting decisions which could encourage states to make such decisions based on voter eligibility. with today's order, we will collect all the information we need to conduct an accurate census and make responsible decisions about public policy, voting rights, and representation in congress. and everything we do, will
2:44 pm
faithfully represent the people of the united states of america. i would like now to introduce attorney general bill barr to the podium. thank you. [applause] >> good evening. thank you, mr. president. congratulations on today's executive order which will ensure that we finally have an accurate understanding of how many citizens and noncitizens live in our country. as the supreme court recognizes, it will be perfectly lawful for the federal government to ask on the census whether individuals are citizens of the united states. it's reasonable to want to know how many citizens and noncitizens there are in the united states. the federal government has routinely asked russians relating to citizenship ever since the 1820s.
2:45 pm
while the supreme court correctly recognized that it would be entirely appropriate to include citizenship questions on the senses, it nevertheless health of the commerce department did not adequately explain its decisions for doing so on the 2020 senses. because as the supreme court recognized, the defect in the commerce department's decision was curable with a better record. the president asked me to work with secretary ross to determine whether there remained a viable path for including a citizenship question on the census. in my view the government has ample justification to inquire about citizenship status on the senses and could plainly provide rationale for doing so that would satisfy the supreme court. therefore there is no question that a new decision tab the question would ultimately
2:46 pm
survive legal review. the problem is that any new decision would be subject to immediate challenge is a new claim in the three ongoing district court cases. in addition there are injunctions currently in place that forbade adding the questio question. there is simply no way to litigate these issues and obtain relief from the current injunctions in time to implement any new decision without jeopardizing our ability to carry out the census which we are not going to do. we are not going to jeopardize our ability to carry out the census. as a practical matter, the supreme court's decision closed all paths to adding the question to the 2020 senses. put simply, the impediment was a logistical impediment, not a legal one. we simply cannot complete the
2:47 pm
litigation in time to carry out the census. one other point on this, some in the media have been suggesting in the hysterical mode of the day that the administration has been claiming to add the citizenship question to the census by executive fiat without regard to the contrary court orders or what the supreme court might say. this is based on rank speculation and nothing more and it should be obvious that there's never been -- this has never been under consideration. we have always accepted that any new decision to add a citizenship question to the census would be subject to judicial review. i applaud the president for recognizing in his executive order that including a question on the census is not the only way to obtain this vital information. of course the president has
2:48 pm
chosen today will bring unprecedented resources to bear on determining how many citizens and noncitizens are in our country. yielding the best data that the government has had on citizenship in many decades. the information will be used for countless purposes as the president explained in his remarks today. for example, there is a current dispute over whether illegal aliens can be included for apportionment purposes. depending on the resolution of that dispute, this data may be relevant. we will be studying this issue. congratulations again, mr. president, taking this effective action. >> president trump: thank you very much.
2:49 pm
>> jesse: that was president donald trump at the white house with attorney general william barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross talking about the issuing of a new executive order basically ordering federal departments and agencies to hanover relevant data that they visit us, piecemeal or not over who is in the country illegally or legally, citizen or noncitizen and they could come from anywhere. health and human services, usda, social security, treasury. it all goes to the commerce department which runs the census and now they will have a more accurate count of who is in the country legally. >> greg: using previously available databases, about 90% accurate. it's almost exactly what scott adams said. this goes to the bigger questio
2:50 pm
question. democrats have to understand this. it's america's decision about our borders and our citizenship, not the rest of the world. if you ignore that, you're going to end up with brexit because brexit happened when millions of british citizens saw germany's decision impact their future immigration. that caused the fracture, cause them to leave the e.u. because they said germany is going to let all these refugees in. they're going to end up in england. government seizes to enforce their borders in america will end up like the e.u. and states will have to create their own long-term solutions to impact security. are we going to divorce? are we going to work together? i would rather see the country were together than divorce over this. >> jesse: the president said he needs the relevant information to make informed public policy with regards to immigration, health care, voting rights act, and also to deal
2:51 pm
with congressional apportionment which is going to be challenged. >> dana: and things like infrastructure. i mentioned usda because that's where, if you're on food stamps, for example, or you are a farmworker, things like that. from a legal issue, the commerce department did not set this up while initially that's what led to this legal jam they were in and what bill barr, the attorney general said, the impediment to adding the question was a logistical one. it's not a legal one. he still maintains it would be legal to put it on there but they're not going to be able to do that in time in order to do the census so they had to take another route. from a political standpoint, i think president trump would be in a position to say it's a win-win for me. he would say for america. he has raised the issue, the question of visited common sense to want to know how many citizens are in the country? i'm trying to fight for it and find a way to do it and the democrats want to block me in the courts want to block me but i found another way that i'm doing everything he can so he
2:52 pm
figures out how to talk about on the trail. >> jesse: he said the democrats are trying to conceal the number of noncitizens in the country. >> juan: he went after the courts. he went after the left-wing. he said they are trying to stop the pledge of allegiance in minnesota, another total lie but okay. >> jesse: that is something that's happening in minnesota. >> juan: no it's not. it's ridiculous. >> jesse: it's been all over the news all day. >> juan: all it is is a city council in one city that said you don't have to do it at the start of the city council meeting. no one is banning the pledge of allegiance. i get the idea that people are fearmongering and that's with this president is doing. hillary clinton said today this is weaponizing fear and bigotry and i couldn't agree more. >> greg: quoting hillary is not a good thing. >> juan: i think she's right. i tell you something, the supreme court of the united states said no so he has found -- yes, they did. >> jesse: the rationale for including it was not up to
2:53 pm
snuff. >> juan: if it was just a matter of executive order he would've done it before. made their argument to the supreme court and they said no. >> jesse: they did not say no. they were going to readdress it. they don't have time. >> juan: they don't have time because they lost in the supreme court and now in fact the senses is the responsibility of the congress and he is going around the supreme court, around -- >> jesse: no, it's the responsibility of the commerce department, juan. why is it scary to ask the question? >> juan: it intimidates people who should be dissipating in the census. >> jesse: you know what other questions they ask. they ask if you are in a same-sex marriage. they ask if you were born in puerto rico. age, race, how you commute to work, how much use the internet. all those questions are scary? >> emily: it is manufactured outrage and it is so transparent. i disagree with the respectfully, juan. to your points, dana, it's
2:54 pm
telling that a, justice thomas' comment said that in his separate opinion he basically said this is the court that is doubting the sincerity of what is otherwise an adequate rationale. since when do we invalidate agency decisions based on that? >> >> pelosi calling for votes o hold them in criminal contempt, ag barr. it's a utilization of resources available that i don't agree we should remain in these inflexible boxes to the left keeps trying to shove the administration into. final point. it's interesting that many countries have this question. the u.n. recommends it as practice actually. if, for some reason, when we bring it up in a wave of changes that we often do, it's considered draconian. >> juan: i want to respond that in fact what we know is
2:55 pm
republicans, a donor came up with this idea as a way to depressed nonwhites in the country in terms counting them for purposes -- >> jesse: the event doing this since the 1820s. >> juan: i'm telling you this was part of the rationale being employed by the drug administration. >> greg: how do you know that? >> dana: that is what happens. >> juan: that is what happened happened. this weekend with the president is now proposing is were going to have immigrant raids this weekend. >> jesse: no, no, he's not. illegal immigrants. illegal immigrants. >> juan: you guys. >> jesse: not legal. >> juan: people have lived here ten years, 20 years, you think it's okay to have people knocking down their doors? >> jesse: they are targeted raids. people have committed crimes.
2:56 pm
you're okay with not knowing anything about who is in the country. >> dana: can i add one thing. >> jesse: if it's not a secret, how many illegal immigrants in the country? you have no idea. >> dana: the census is done every ten years but on the american community survey, it does ask about citizenship. i don't understand why were having this fight. >> jesse: if you ask people, it can depress the number of people in congressional districts run by democrats. a lot of democrats represent districts that have a high illegal immigrant population. not all of them but some and they are worried about the decrease in power in the congress and a decrease in resources. >> juan: count the number of people. >> jesse: and noncitizen. >> greg: you are counting the
2:57 pm
people. a noncitizen is also an individual. >> juan: you can put the -- >> greg: so no gender? no gender either? we are counting the people. there are categories within the people, thousands of categories. you can count the people and then asked them if they are citizens or not. they don't intersect. >> jesse: juan. they ask if you're white, if you're black. they ask if you were born in puerto rico. they ask if you are a russian. >> greg: but can't ask if you are a citizen. >> juan: here is the situation. people who are here illegally fear that they would be -- not only with the door be busted down but they would be taken away, put in jail or thrown -- it's a threat to them and these people are our neighbors. >> greg: it has nothing to do
2:58 pm
with are. they're walking around in broad daylight. number two, i thought they fled these violent countries in central america. i don't think they are afraid of a questionnaire. when violence in their home countries. >> also -- speak i have to go to driver's license. >> the government does not make decisions based on whether or not someone might be scared. >> of course not. that's just not how the government operates. >> how about the government should make the decision based on our constitution instead of having the question. why is obama doing things he might now look at you, jesse, you have totally turned. we love executive action. >> they can sue and they can be held up in court. >> you get your guy bill barr back, have them say we're going to go through the legal action. it's unconstitutional! you can't go around the congress and the court. >> if you are the president of the united states, you operate the executive branch all of
2:59 pm
these departments and these agencies are under the executive branch. you can't call dhs and say, secretary, can you send over the data that you have? you're saying that's unconstitutional give mike speak fine. what i said to you was -- >> that's exactly what he's doing. >> the constitution says the censuses under the authority of the congress. what you see from a commerce department. if the commerce department actually operates. it's the congress that has of this authority. the president is now going around the courts, around the congress. >> no he's not. >> to fire up his political base with this kind of bigotry. >> he's actually doing something in the executive branch, which he runs. >> it something that he promised and is working on it he's kind of laid it out pretty clear, it's a simple question and it's a question that somehow -- how was that any worse than asking your gender, right? that could be scary. >> or your sexual orientation. >> or your race, for example. i guess that's racist. >> that's in the constitution.
3:00 pm
>> l '5 is a strict constructionist now. >> you guys are suddenly -- >> animals are great. we have to go. we have to go. >> all right. >> happy anniversary. "special report" is up next. >> this is a fox news alert, i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. president trump has decided not to use the census to ask whether or not people living in this country are u.s. citizens. instead, he is issuing an executive order asking all federal departments to share any information they have about whether residents our citizens. president trump says this data will be used along with a mask questionnaire to compile the official 2020 census. the administration contends this ends the long legal battle over adding a question to the census. but the political battle enters a new chapter buried chief autos correspondent john roberts starts us off tonight. good evening, john


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