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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 12, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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♪ [cheers and applause] >> we love having you here. good bad and ugly. >> bill: good morning, everybody. taking off from milwaukee, wisconsin, campaign sweep dropping near the west. we expect them to tout the booming economy and roaring stock market. the trade agreement with mexico and canada, so if he speaks with reporters, which has been the case, we will bring it back to you. in the meantime, however, in the news this morning, hurricane hurricane barry gaining strength. state of emergency in effect. mandatory evacuations have been ordered. a significant concern of serious flooding. so we are watching that pure nice to see you, everybody. it's friday. >> is that?
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i didn't notice. i am julie banderas and for sandra smith. hurricane barry as it is called is expected to make landfall either tonight or tomorrow, possibly at hurricane strength. predicting that the gulf coast could receive a lot of rain. >> bill: warning residents that they could be facing a serious situation this weekend. >> this is going to be a major weather event for a huge portion of the state of louisiana. and the more information we get, the more concerned we are it is going to be an extreme rain event. >> we have said it a hundred times, what we learn from past storms is that is what people die from here they die from trying to go through flooded waters, and it is not the wind that kills people. we found out the water -- >> julie: casey stegall is live with more from new orleans. >> hey, julie, we are already
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starting to feel the outer bands of hurricane barry. we have the rain that is picking up. also the winds. but the primary concern here is what i want to show you. the levees. of course everyone knows about the levees in new orleans following katrina, and you can see how high the water level already is, and then on the other side of the levee, you can see houses. neighborhoods. this is the lower ninth ward back there. a lot of people remember what happened here during katrina. now, these levees are anywhere from 20 to 25 feet tall, and the mississippi river is approaching 17 feet, so any type of a storm surge mixed with the projected heavy rainfall, bad news. >> about this could be a very significant rain event, and whether the water isn't flooding
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you because it comes from the sky or from the river, at the end of the day, doesn't make much difference. it presents the same threat. we are taking this very seriously. >> now everyone in metro new orleans is being encouraged to stock up on supplies. three days worth of food and medication, secure their homes, sandbag, and ride it out, while hudgins in lower lying areas have been put under mandatory evacuation orders. the national hurricane center still put barry on landa sometime tonight appeared overnight into tomorrow morning and before it is all said and done by monday, and an estimated 20 inches of rain expected to fall in certain parts of this already waterlogged region. julie, go, back to you guys. >> julie: casey stegall, thank you very much. we will have much more on this
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with louisiana senator, john kennedy. he will join us to talk about how his state is preparing. >> we are pursuing a new option to ensure a complete and timely count of the noncitizen population. i am hereby ordering every department and agency in the federal government to provide a department of commerce with all requested records regarding the number of citizens and noncitizens in our country. they must furnish all legally accessible records in their possession immediately. >> bill: so, that from late afternoon yesterday. saying he will get the information another way. here to take on that, white house deputy press secretary, hogan gidley. thank you for coming back. >> thank you so much. our prayers are with the people
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of the gulf coast with the path of this horrible storm. i have a lot of friends in the region. listen to the president's tweet. pay attention to your local authorities. don't try to bring those floodwaters. >> bill: you better. we are hoping to get that word out throughout the weekend as well. thank you, hogan. what does this new strategy accomplish? >> well, it actually gets to the information the president wants. it is following through on a promise, and that is finding out who is in this country. i think the american people have a right you know, so do democrats want to know this information? the answer is no. does the president want to note this information? and the answer is yes. why does he want to know who is in this country? the real question is why don't democrats. the american people have the right to know this. it impacts so much about this country. these people are coming into our country, they are not citizens of the great united states of
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america, and it impacts our neighborhoods, health care system. we need to know this informati information. democrats don't seem to care about it. >> bill: a lot of people wanted you to continue the fight. at the white house a seat on this? >> no, he is following through on a promise. they have done not from the beginning of this administrati administration. he is looking at all options. within our legal authority to find out this data. this impacts trillions of dollars in this country. he is doing it in a manner that is completely lawful and legal. and we have to find out information, so he's going across the spectrum to all of the agencies, every little nook and cranny to figure out who our citizens are. >> bill: he did not back down on this. >> no, absolutely not. the supreme court ruled it to be on there, but it was impossible
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to get it on a time for printing. inserts, all types of options. listen, i will not be beholden to courts anymore. the american people deserve to know it, so i'm moving forward with this method. >> bill: next topic. the i.c.e. raids taking place on sunday. will that happen? >> i'm not going to get in front of any law enforcement operations. i think the american people would be shocked to find out they are more than 1 million people who have gone through the legal judicial process, had their day in court, and judges have ordered them removed. more than 1 million of those people need to go home. there should be no surprise to anybody listening that the president wants to fix our immigration system. one way to do that is for i.c.e. to take those people and send them back home. >> bill: he is the headline that really got a lot of attention. "the new york times." "u.s. prepares for thousands of
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immigrant family members." is that not true? >> can you imagine? first of all, so many of these people don't have a right to be in this country. it is one set of laws applied differently to different groups of people in the sense that if you are an american citizen, you violate a court order, there are serious consequences. if you are an illegal immigrant, democrats are saying not only does the law not apply to you, but we will trade you change the laws of the future so that you face no penalty whatsoever. it's absolutely ridiculous, and were trying to fix it. >> bill: they tell us i.c.e. is apprehending people here. how many every day, hogan? >> how many every day, what? i'm sorry. >> bill: how many people who are here illegally. >> i'm not sure. that's a question i think i.c.e. would have to answer. they do everything they can to get into these communities and
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find where they are hiding, the folks who don't have a right to be here. the real question is why you're democrats opposed to the section? why should someone who has been ruled by a judge not to have the legal right to be in this country -- and one more thing, can you believe the fact that so many on the left want to tip off those who are the subject of some type of red? can you imagine if they did that to the nypd and a crack dealer. heads up, man. the nypd is coming into take you out. think of the danger that opposes for law enforcement officials across the country. >> bill: i understand love when you are making. you are not denying that they will not happen this weekend. >> i'm not confirming or denying any law enforcement action. >> bill: the economy. 27,000 on the dow yesterday. i know that you like to tout the economy right now. very strong numbers. the president is trying to sell
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the mexico-canada deal. will that deal happen soon? >> we sure hope so. the president has tried to protect our farmers. one of the most interesting moments was when president xi looked at president trump and said listen, if i can say anything about you, you are a great protector of the american farmer. that is what they do. we hope that they will vote on that. i was looking up some statistical data before came on today. 35 million americans have pension plans, 25 million have iras. the stock market rises due to president trump and his economic policies. deregulation, tax cuts. it impacts everyone in this country for the better, and the great larry kudlow said that the most underreported story is the booming economy. it is tough to ignore when we are setting records every day, and it is because of the president. we look forward to continue.
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>> bill: we will see what happens. i've only got time for one more question. "donald trump will win the democratic party civil war. i'm in the house members the democratic party. "how does the white house -- >> forgive me, helicopter flying overhead. it is very interesting to watch the democrats eat their own young. we have seen this on the republican side for a long time. the democrats can counter with the substance of making america socialist, the green new deals. infanticide. instead, they just decry the hollow charge of racism because they've got nothing. now you are seeing the inviting on their side, which is completely fascinating. they have a disagreement on policy. aoc called the speaker of the house racist. this is comical but quite frankly a little bit sad because when we start to talk about record unemployment numbers, all
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of those things that we are doing, it is absolutely ridiculous. >> bill: the commentary was "women of color." that was her comment. >> absolutely. it is a complete inference that nancy pelosi is racist. that is what is so funny about this is that everything they have been saying, the tactics that they have been deploying are now coming back to bite them, regardless of god, the substance we have to tout the american people proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the president policies are working, and every time we put that in their face, all they can do is cry -- >> bill: caught on camera saying that she denied calling nancy pelosi a racist. nonetheless, we hope you come back soon. thank you, hogan from the white house with the helicopter.
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thank you. >> you about. >> julie: breaking news out of chicago now as authorities arrested singer r. kelly on new charges. what he is accused of now. plus, did you see this? [yelling] >> bill: that is a tough day in court. dramatic brawl in the courtroom. how they started, and he was now under arrest. >> julie: high anticipation on capitol hill. preparing for robert mueller's live testimony next week, but will we get any new information? or will it just be political theater? >> they are bringing him, they want to keep the story alive. he's not going to participate. eseller is not going to give you any interesting answers. we've quizzed them before. cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods,
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hearings, it went on much longer. how are you able to negotiate in the longer time. my? >> obviously she wanted to answer all the questions. we had 5 minutes to 10 minutes. in the end, the media still said we didn't learn anything new. well, hey, we are not going to learn anything new anyway. >> bill: last night on the restrictions that lawmakers may face when they question bob mueller on wednesday. guy lewis, former u.s. attorney, worked with bill barr in george h.w. bush's department. things were coming back here. >> good morning. >> bill: you expect zero drama on wednesday. explain that. >> i do, bill. listen. let's take a step back. bob mueller come to be perfectly candid, and i mean this respectfully, do you remember the old dragnet series? he's the joe friday.
6:18 am
you can't trick him into answering. you can't get him upset and angry. it's not going to happen. this is a guy who has testified many, many times before congre congress. let me tell you, there is one thing he knows how to do, and that is how not to answer a question. >> bill: here's what you told our producers. "he will not embellish, he will not argue, he will not react. so why are we doing this? >> that's a good question. especially in light of the fact that these are lawmakers that only have 5 minutes. not even all the lawmakers. you've read some of the reports in this committee. some of the younger members. they are not even going to get a chance to ask questions. mueller has said you have my report, my report is my testimony. and i think for sure he's going to stick to that report. your question, though, good
6:19 am
question. 5 minutes of airtime on national tv. we saw one of the last hearings -- i'm sorry to say, from my great state of tennessee, what did he do? he pulled out a bucket, of kentucky fried chicken and started eating it. i mean come on. give me a break. seriously. it's a serious thing. >> bill: maybe there is no kfc on wednesday. here is the headline. "no drama at mueller's hearing." in that article, she also goes on to explain, guide, how she only believes that 3% of of the american people have read the mueller report. it is almost a situation where if you read from the report itself, just to have that on camera might be the sound bite that democrats are looking for. is this what wednesday is about? >> i think it is, bill. look.
6:20 am
if the lawmakers are effective, and some of these guys are lawyers. here's what you do. you take the report, you get real small bite-size questions, then you ask him in a leading fashion, and just ask bob isn't it true that don mcgahn said this," it straight out of the report, and i bet you a dollar that bob says he is. then you establish your points, whether you are democrats or republican, you go through, make those points, make that hearing productive. >> bill: devin nunes told me the other day that their strategy is to have yes or no questions. we will see how well lawmakers can do that. finally just to wrap up your point, you don't think anything changes as of wednesday evening after the testimony is over. >> i sure don't. i think you are going to get a lot of -- it's going to be a lot of smoke and a lot of yelling. maybe some screaming even, but
6:21 am
at the end of the day, the report is the report, and the testimony is what's in the report. that is what we are left with, and i think that is what we are going to get. >> bill: regardless, we will be watching. guy lewis. thank you. >> julie: jeffrey epstein's lawyer is now asking a judge to let him await trial at his 77 million dollar men had mentioned. what a deal. as more accusers continue to come forward. so what happens next in this case? we are going to talk about it. plus, team usa on top of the world, but one player says her key to new york city was stolen. what she is asking mayor de blasio to do. ♪
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>> bill: fox news alert. talk about a scare in the air. a flight headed for sydney, australia, forced to make a stop after this sudden and severe turbulence. >> all of a sudden. bang, it drops. 100 feet or something. everyone went up to the ceiling like they're out the plane. it was pretty scary. >> my child was sleeping on me. and i went straight up into the ceiling. the console above me broke. >> we had several patience with neck and back injuries, lacerations to the head. that's about it. >> bill: always wear that seat belt. 30 people suffered minor injuries. we have a bit more on that coming up in just a moment.
6:26 am
>> jeffrey epstein asking a federal judge to let him await trial in the comfort of his own home. bill, i'm going to let you to get up until we figure out my mic. >> bill: they have apparently offered the manhattan mentioned and his private jet as collateral. you may remember that he pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges. federal prosecutor. which way does the judge decide on the snow? >> i don't think the judge is going to release him on bail. number one, this is what we call a presumption case, and it is presumed that the defendant should be detained pending trial, unless the defendant can overcome it. the defense argument, and i read their letter, playing with the hand they are dealt with. saying that he knew about this additional new investigation for quite some time, and he hasn't fled, but they have a difficult argument and uphill battle. i would add lastly that the
6:27 am
government is arguing that he is a danger to the community. and specifically that he may try to intimidate witnesses because there are allegations that that went on down in florida. those are the government arguments, and i think in the end, the judge in the southern district is going to deny him bill. >> julie: "the new york times" reporting that the district should -- refusing similar bill proposals for money laundering cases back in 2016. this is what the judge says. the reason why -- unreasonable because it helps to foster inequity and unequal treatment in favor of a very small cohort of criminal defendants who are extremely wealthy. epstein has limitless wealth. he is a dangerous flight risk. >> well, that is the argument, of course. just because you have these vast resources and can afford 24-hour
6:28 am
around-the-clock arm security, gps, and so on, that would foster you having a better shot at being released. what i found really interesting is that his lawyer said that he would agree to be extradited from any country. that's interesting and needs to be slightly unpacked because the point is just because he agrees to be extradited doesn't mean that the particular country involved, which may not have a good relationship or diplomacy with the u.s. will turn him over. but i did find it interesting. i haven't seen that in my 34 years of travels. >> julie: that was kind of his excuse. level three registered billionaire pedophile -- and his excuse is i don't really live in new york. i'm only here every once in a while. >> what happened there is that he was not reporting under the sex offender registration act. and the point is they went to
6:29 am
court, and the point is i don't live in new york. i live elsewhere. florida. but the judge specifically ruled, julie, no, you have to report. and after that point going forward, he didn't. so that is sort of troubling. another troubling aspect of the key is. >> julie: here is another troubling aspect. another dozen accusers have come forward. his lawyer say that he should have a gps monitoring bracelet, have a security team so that he can stay in his mansion. how cozy. his lawyer say about no longer is he a danger to anyone because they have not come forward with allegations and additional sacks charges. >> no question, but the point they are making, and i have seen this time and time again, and criminal law, now that he is under the situation, he is not likely to reoffend, but it is a total uphill battle. the judge, i had a case in front
6:30 am
of him, he is not going to release him in my view. >> julie: great to see you. i think you are right there. >> bill: now awaiting the start of a house hearing. if a trio of progressive lawmakers are among the witnesses testifying. they have a new idea for how to take care of this issue. coming out live. >> julie: and the father of savannah spurlock now speaking out after please confirm the young woman's remains were found six months after she disappear disappeared. >> this is hard, man. hard. hard to breathe. hard to go through the motions. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. ...and got them back on track. get started at
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>> bill: 9:33. fox news alert. new highs. we are up yet again. check that out. 27,000 for the first time ever.
6:34 am
man, oh, man. b6 expected to tout the economy, pushing for a new trade deal with mexico and canada. it is a standby. stay tuned for that. in the meantime, moments from now on the hill, house hearing getting underway for the crisis at our southern border. the focus could be on the child separation policy amid allegations of conditions that are terrible at border facility is facilities housing children. that is the allegation on behalf of democrats, just recently at the border. republican from texas, his district straddles the border to mexico. will hurd, thank you for coming back here. what do you think of the lineup of this hearing today? >> people who have spent a lot of time at the border, not just been there a couple of times. and we all agree that these facilities are not prepared or designed to handle the load that
6:35 am
they are dealing with now. nobody disagrees with that. border patrol has been saying that for months. the inspector general back in may said this. back to 2014, saying that these facilities are not billed for this. border patrol, they are designed to apprehend only a points of entry. these are facilities you shouldn't have anybody in, let alone children. but you can't vote against funding to try to fix the solution. >> bill: you can't vote against -- i don't mean to interrupt you, but veronica escobar near you will testify. also the acting director. >> blocks. veronica knows the border. she's been there. she was a county judge. they know the issue. i think that two of the inspector general's are going to participate, but what we need to be talking about is how we solve
6:36 am
this problem. what's frustrating is my friends on the other side of the aisle voted against funding. they voted against increasing -- 900,000 person backlog in our immigration court. they refused to vote against additional funding. i tried to take care of care of unaccompanied minors. they voted against that. you can't vote against everything and then be outraged when you go to a facility that everybody says is not prepared to handle the load. that's why -- >> bill: that's pretty much how they were built. what did you think about that? >> nobody is -- dhs and border patrol in that facility came out very quickly and said nobody is being allowed -- nobody is being forced to drink out of a toilet. no one should be forced to drink out of a toilet. when these accusations are made, they need to be verified. we have resources and people to do that.
6:37 am
who told her that? why was outside? border patrol, you have cameras. so, nobody should be drinking out of toilets. here's what i know of the men and women of border patrol. in del rio, this is one part of my history. they have done 422 water rescues in the rio grande river. that is within eight months. imagine if you had a major city fire department do 422 rescues in eight months. that's a crazy number, and then you know what happens? they finish their shift, they go home and help their spouses that are working at some of these facilities. they help build shelves to hold hampers and things like that. the communities are trying to help out. >> bill: it's really a human story. trying to help in some ways. your background is in the cia before you became a member of
6:38 am
congress. i don't know if you are regretting the decision now, but your idea is to use more intelligence acts as along the border or perhaps even in mexico. what's the idea? >> well, we just introduced a bill -- and she is also a former cia. she lives in virginia. the dhs is -- when these people are coming here, they are using human smugglers. so we know we are probably on track to do 1.2 million people to come into this country illegally this year. 400,000. we have phone numbers of the people who helped smuggle. we have the license plate of the bus like a month. we have the pickup location before they got on the bus here. we are collecting all of that information, but the intelligence community is not leveraging that information to understand the smuggling networks. ultimately to dismantle it, so we should be focused on making
6:39 am
human smuggling a national intelligence priority, and that is why my bill does. the director of national intelligence making this a priority. >> julie: can you get through? is that the way to solve it? >> we are likely to try and include this on the intelligence authorization act that we have a good chance of getting past. and there is support for this as well. >> bill: way to continue to try to push it. we have got some news from our fox reporters in washington, d.c. the labor secretary, alex acosta, just announced a moment ago that he will step down from his job as labor secretary. this follows the press conference from wednesday afternoon that was met with variations of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. not to put you on the spot, but do you have much of a read on
6:40 am
this right now? or the case itself? >> i don't know what it means for him or for the case itself, but ultimately, if you are accused or found out to be pedophile, taking advantage of children, we should throw everything we cannot you. the same goes for if someone is abusing women as well. so i don't know the nuances of this case, but i am sure that this will evolve throughout the day. >> bill: it runs deep. thank you, sir. will hurd from texas. come on back. in the meantime, in regards to the labor secretary, on wednesday afternoon, he went out and defended the decisions he made in miami, florida, going back to 2008 and 2009, he was trying to explain how all the folks in palm beach were going to give jeffrey epstein a smaller sentence. and when acosta took the case
6:41 am
over, he pushed for a tougher sentence. register as a sex offender, you do 13 months in jail, and you have the right to leave for 10-12 hours per day, a lot of people thought was very lenient. >> julie: thank you. there were children as young as 14 years old that he sexually molested. i would say that is pretty lenient. >> bill: so the labor secretary will step down. clearly, the pressure continues on him. we have dr. bill bennett standing by, former education secretary. we don't mean to put this on you right now, but let's go ahead and discuss the situation. acosta is out. what are you feeling on that? >> yeah, i've been thinking about this. i think there is enough doubt and enough worry about the steps that he took. more accurately, steps he didn't take. did he do enough? as he himself said in the press
6:42 am
conference, when you become a burden to the president for justifiable reasons, reasons that make sense, then you should go. i think it's the right decision. >> bill: as we watch the reaction from the white house, the chief of staff, he has been a big endorser of the labor secretary. he says he has done a great job. and in that role, he perhaps has. you can make the argument that he has been successful. he's been in that job for two years plus. did you watch the press conference on wednesday? >> i did. >> bill: and how do you think he handled it? >> he handled it all right. it's been said it was a lawye lawyer-like, bill. it was, but it left a lot of questions in the air, such as why didn't you go for more, given the seriousness. that julie was just referring to. the seriousness of the offenses.
6:43 am
why not go for more? i thought a little bit too he put the burden on his team, rather than on himself. all just recommendations to him, but he can exercise some autonomy as well. look. i don't know all the details. i wasn't there at the time, but it seemed to me there were enough issues and enough questions that this was the right decision. >> bill: the suggestion was that he did not offer sympathy to those who had been abuse. >> yeah, that's the argument. but i deal with more of the facts and the merits. perhaps if there was more, his fate would have been different, but i think that this was -- it would have made a lot of noise going down the road. it would hurt the president. i have served with two presidents, served out their
6:44 am
pleasure. i sometimes gave them displeasure. i was doing my job. i said if this is wrong, if this is a burden, if i am hurting your administration, just let me know. >> bill: there was not enough of a forceful defense. julie has a question. >> julie: do you think they're just going to be more followed? this is not the only person who was basically enabling epstein for so many years. we refer to him earlier as a millionaire pedophile. at this stage, no one with his crimes in the past, would be free. he shouldn't be a free man, period after the offenses that he has been charged of. what other people do you think would be potentially taking a fall for enabling him? >> i don't know, but it has been written since the fourth of july about the fireworks are going to
6:45 am
go everywhere. a lot of people are going to get singed. some people may get burned. i noticed a contradiction already. bill clinton said he rode in the plain four times, and his former press secretary said more like 26 times. i am very curious about throwing epstein out of mar-a-lago when he heard that he was manhandling or trying to manhandle some young waitresses, with stuff. that would be a good thing to know if the president did that. more credit to him. but no, i think this is going to hit a lot of people. this was on major democrat down there, and it is interesting to me that not on this channel but on the other channels, we would think that epstein's only friend was donald trump. or only acquaintance was donald trump. they were acquaintances a long time ago, but this guy has ties
6:46 am
with the democratic party, and they are deep. donor to the clinton foundation. it would be good to get fair and balanced coverage on this as you guys do. >> julie: the focus right now is on acosta stepping down. what was all that we discussed yesterday and highlighted was the fact that we were speaking so much about acosta and not epstein. he is the offender, the one who actually went out and conduct of this kind of sickening behavior. so there was really no chance for acosta to survive this. don't you agree? >> i thought it was doubtful. again, i thought he did a lawyer-like job, but it took more. he left too many questions on the table. we are going to be hearing too much about acosta, not enough about epstein. i would say stay tuned. we are going to hear a lot about him. >> bill: ever since that conviction in palm beach, he moved to new york, and he was
6:47 am
working on a deal with politicians in this town. to get a reduction in his penalty from a felony to a misdemeanor. so he was working this over time. you mentioned what happened at mar-a-lago. james patterson, well known author, on our show yesterday. he was with dana perino in the afternoon, talking about that. what he reported was that they went to the manager at mar-a-lago. he took care of this. that is one donald trump, then a private citizen, told him to leave. >> that's right. patterson is the best-selling author in the world. i wish i were, but he is. he has got some credibility. he wrote a book about all this, which i imagine is going to start going off the shelves, but yes, this president did that. good for the president. we are going to see the singeing and burning of a lot of people. i expect most of them democrats. we are going to see it manifest
6:48 am
at some point. all the people on those planes, it is just horrible and ugly. it is just so ugly. and in this day of #metoo that this could be covered up by political allies when you're talking about young girls, 13, 14, 15 years old, there will be a price to pay. the public will want some serious vengeance. >> bill: based on that answer, you believe we are in the early stages of the story. >> i am sure that we are. that's right. no, i think so. and the time in which we live, bill and julie, we live in this #metoo time. people come forward, he touched me the wrong way, looked at me the wrong way, said something suggestive. that isn't what this is about. this is about manhandling and raping girls. this is not something that could go either way.
6:49 am
this seems to me to be worse than harvey weinstein. >> julie: i think that a lot more accusers will come forward. sadly, they will come forward until an arrest has been made. strength in numbers. there has been a dozen new accusers that have come forward. i believe that that will definitely seal the deal here. for the judge here in new york, he is not going to -- >> bill: springtime of 2017 it was confirmed by 6-38, i want to bring in matt sligh. as we continue to survey the ground. was at the right move? >> i agree with secretary bennett. there comes a time when they have to look themselves in the mirror and say i am here to serve the president. he said in his conference i'm here talking about the facts, but the president will make a decision to whether or not i am becoming a distraction. the decision was made that it is a big, serious disgusting mess.
6:50 am
this whole question about epstein. i'm sorry that it became a bit about alex acosta, who had all of this, that is not what the focus should be. as julie said. it should be on epstein, the people that participated in these escapades with his criminal behavior with epstein, the politicians epstein has cozied up to, and that really is where the story should go. >> julie: but you can't ignore the fact that acosta did cut a deal with a dangerous and disgusting man. i mean, there is no question there. there is no excuse. there is no justifying. could you possibly find a reason why any judge or any lawyer would cut a deal with someone who is accused of raping 13 and 14-year-old girls. >> i'm not a prosecutor. they have to make these decisions about when they get a plea bargain. is it good enough, or should they go through something tougher? going through something tougher, by the way, a local district
6:51 am
attorney in new york, did he go after epstein? no. did any of these democratic prosecutors go after him in new york? no. so, alex acosta was the only u.s. attorney to say no, i will not allow this to go forward without this meant having to plead, admit that he committed crimes, and that he register as a sex offender and go to jail, and the other problem with our legal system is that they agree to certain terms about going to jail, and then they were all -- i think that is incredibly frustrating, that they can't even hold a criminal like epstein accountable when they actually do you plead. even got a weekend deal after that. who did that? that person needs to -- >> bill: there is reporting that he was required to show up every week and did not show up one time. as dr. bennett points out, one of the early stages of the sto
6:52 am
story, there were trapdoors that many people fell through over the years. in addition to that, the president is taking questions on the south lawn. he was asked about it, reading from the notes, the economy doing great, the set of acosta, he's a great labor secretary. not a good one. a great labor secretary, not a good one. he did a very good job at the press conference earlier in the week. he explained it, regarding his decision as to how he came by the decision. going back to 2008 and 2009. a lot of reaction rolling in right now. kirsten gillibrand on twitter says "good riddance." secretary acosta, he has just announced that he will stepped on one week from now." sol wisenberg joins our coverage. at your immediate reaction? the announcement from the white house. >> well, it's disappointing in a
6:53 am
way unless there is a good bit of news like comes out that says that he didn't tell the truth of the press conference. i thought he did a very good job at the press conference. he sat there for over an hour and answered every question that was put to him. as you noted, bill, actually looked at some of the affidavits that were in support of his story, acosta. and they pretty much to support his account of what happened. so in no way, i'm disappointed because -- >> bill: was there anything in there that you saw that secretary acosta went easy on epstein? >> i'm sorry, could you repeat that, bill? >> bill: based on what you were going through and reading, did you reach any conclusion of any specifics in the case that would suggest that acosta went
6:54 am
easy on epstein? or did he indeed get the best deal possible? >> that's a factual issue that is impossible for us to know. it's easy to sit there if you are on nonlawyer, or if you're a lawyer 15 years later, and safe it's a slam-dunk. but we weren't there. we didn't know the strengths and weaknesses. i will say this, the lead prosecutor on the case, they said more than half of the witnesses didn't want to testify. well over half of them were reluctant to have their names they are. this is the same woman that did want to apparently did want to go ahead with the indictment. not involved in the final decision to make the deal. so it's just too hard to say whether or not it was too easy of a deal because we don't know how strong the evidence was.
6:55 am
>> bill: in cases with the law, are there times where prosecutors or defense attorneys just want to close a case so that they can move onto the next one? >> now. i don't -- i mean, i don't necessarily -- yes, if the case has been going on for five or ten or more years, but not typically. we don't have all the facts here. i was talking to somebody just the other day who practices in miami. who pointed out that the new york people really don't have much more than the miami people had 15 years ago, and look what they've done. they got a search warrant. they have produced a pretty -- what looks like a pretty strong federal indictment, okay, on essentially the same facts. so the question you ask yourself is why couldn't that have been
6:56 am
done in miami? so that is kind of contrary to what i said earlier. it's too early for us to tell, but i do think that the secretary made a valid point. at this point, i don't think there is much dispute on it. we are the ones that made sure there was a felony conviction. we are the ones who made sure that he was reported as a sex offender. we are the ones who made sure -- an important fact was overlooked, that the victims have the right to sue in federal court under a federal statute. >> bill: sol wisenberg by telephone. thank you. we are going to take you to the white house in a moment. right now on this breaking news, secretary at a cost of is out. come on back after this. can my side be firm?
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it doesn't matter what each day brings. so long as you can say... "i am here." aim to be there more. talk to your doctor about aimovig. >> bill: 10:00 here in new york city. breaking news out of washington a few moments ago. alexander acosta will now stepped on one week from today. that was announced moments ago. our coverage continues here live in new york city. a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." our coverage continues. >> julie: i'm julie banderas and for sandra smith. president trump saying that acosta called him, and he made it clear it was the labor secretary himself who actually made the decision to phase, quit his job. his controversial plea deal for the financier jeffrey epstein when he was a u.s. attorney in south florida. >> bill: 's let's begin hour
7:01 am
with kevin corke live where the president is taking calls on the backside of the white house and has been, kevin, i understand for about 25 minutes and continues here now. >> good morning, my friend. this is somewhat common. the idea that he would sort of have a lengthy availability just prior to our trip. he is going to make his way, bill, to wisconsin where he is expected to give a speech on the usmca. the big story is alex acosta. you heard the president. according to sources effectively saying he didn't necessarily think it should come to this, but alex acosta made this decision on his own. you know in washington often it is a matter of too much for the job that i either do today or could do for my country, so alex acosta has in fact decided to resign. i should also point this out, bill, this is going to be the latest in an apparently growing
7:02 am
long line of acting secretaries. keep in mind we have an active defense secretary, acting homeland security secretary, and now presumably very soon we have held will have an acting labor secretary as alex acosta steps down. holding that -- john roberts is there. the president hitting on a wide range of topics, but clearly, the acosta resignation is front and center, bill. >> bill: thank you for that. we will share that with their viewers. standby for that, but apparently, julie, based on the read out, he is a great labor secretary, not a good one. >> julie: well, we've got more on this. fox news political analyst and cohost of "the five," chairman of the conservative union, former member of the ohio state democrat senator, juan, i am
7:03 am
going to start with you first. he is getting a lot of grief or giving a very lenient plea deal and allowing the sky to pretty much get away with the crimes about ten years ago, but the same happen here in new york. he wasn't held to task like a level three sex offender should be by having to register. he never once did. is there a double-edged sword here? do you think that what we're seeing in florida is not necessarily what we saw here in new york? >> i think there is a little different. the key difference is it was a secret deal, and the federal judge ruled it was legal in the way that it was negotiated. as you know, julie, the victims and the florida case never had the opportunity to participate in that negotiation or to give testimony even as to what had happened, and to that extent, i think that is where the press conference the other day sales because when he was asked why didn't you pursue this further? he blamed the state office but
7:04 am
never said why he didn't pursue a more extensive investigation if you believed it. that plays into the whole idea of what we're looking at here is powerful, rich men who have access to not only the political system but the justice system, using it to their benefit to cover their crimes. i think a lot of people are outraged by it. >> bill: kevin corke makes a relevant point when it comes to the white house. once you are a distraction, you're on shaky ground. >> i think that the press conference that acosta had the other day had several really interesting moments. one of the most interesting was when he was asked that question. do you have confidence in the present? he said i serve at the pleasure of the president. when i become a distraction, he will have to pick a new labor secretary. picking up from what juan said, acosta is now off the field. coming back to what julie said, why did epstein, mega rich white
7:05 am
male, why was he able to pull the strings of power to keep himself from registering, from going to jail, from being held accountable for these most disgusting of crimes? >> time and again. and by the way, this becomes -- this is about the victims, and is not about politics, but politics is a part of it. >> julie: written all over it. >> he was a big democratic fund-raiser. people accepted those checks. that is the story that we will start unfurling. >> bill: we just want to bring you in on some of the other things that we are talking about. >> i am glad that secretary acosta is stepping down. he is the secretary of labor. he is one of many that are part oof those courts of individuals that have allowed epstein to basically use current justice, and no man or woman is above the law. and i think that it is a good thing that he is stepping aside.
7:06 am
we can focus on the victims, and the labor department can focus on the usmca, things like one of the questions i came up actually in the press conference that had to do with wage per our issues. actually issuing visas -- so he doesn't have any credibility when it comes to trafficking. how many acting secretaries do we have now? >> bill: we will get the play from the white house in the moment. standby for that. 25 minutes, maybe 30 at this point. we will see what they have to say. in the meantime, more news. >> julie: democrats are very frustrated. this infighting with the democrats is a great slideshow and distraction. speaking of distractions, basically the distraction right now is that pelosi is not getting along with a lot of these new and young upcoming freshmen or congresswomen if you are talking about alexandria ocasio-cortez.
7:07 am
what do you make of this infighting? >> i do believe that there are parallels. watching paul ryan deal with their conferences. >> julie: you're right. >> i actually have a lot to say about that. >> now, with winning an election, they won at fair and square, now she is facing similar dynamics in her caucus. let me tell you something, these identity politics that are at play, it is a dangerous cocktail. for me to sit back as a republican and conservative and watch nancy pelosi, who i'm no political fan of, the first woman speaker, basically be called racist, and said that she is discriminating against other women in her caucus and women of color, that is quite flabbergasted and to have to hear. and i think that this is a very dangerous thing for the democrats. they look like they are hateful of each other, and people have to ask themselves, is this a
7:08 am
party ready to govern? >> julie: i am me and juan, you said you wanted to say something. >> i think that the aoc's of the world, i do not think that they actually have the juice that they have in the media inside the caucus. here's why. those members that serve with them side-by-side in their conference that have to sit in the conference room, those people that are allowed, they get iced out. they are legislatively irrelevant. now when it comes to the issue of the freedom caucus of the people versus the progressives, when the republicans took over in 2010, it was on the backs of those tea party candidates. we did not take the majority back in the house because of the progressives. >> bill: rush limbaugh has some thoughts on this. he was on fox & friends earlier today. >> the real story with the
7:09 am
democratic party as their utter failure to get rid of donald trump. their frustration is immeasurable. this is what is driving everything they are doing. they have thrown every weapon they have got at getting rid of donald trump, and they have failed. they can damage him, and it is driving them crazy. >> bill: what did you think of that, juan? >> you want to talk about someone suffering derangement syndrome? [laughs] >> yeah, so i think there are two things going on here. one is generational. they really have a lot of frustration over immigration. remember, the only four votes on the border bill that said no. the rest of the democratic caucus was with pelosi. this is for people. they are frustrated over not only immigration but impeachment. they think that donald trump
7:10 am
punches the democrats, the other older democrats, they don't punch back effectively. they want to be more aggressive in their response. >> bill: this is a generational thing. >> well, it is. you have to remember young people and people of color -- >> on my side of things, donald trump, not the youngest president, the person leading the charge. here is the real question. take my politics out of it. if you are a democratic socialist running for president, whose endorsement do you want first? the squad and aoc or nancy pelosi? i know the answer to that question. they know about slow voter they need in order to get the nomination. because that's the crowd sourced money that they need. that's the difference. >> if you look at the poll were left, up to 50% of democrats now say that they are comfortable being called socialist. >> bill: i will let you both answer. "wall street journal." here is headline.
7:11 am
"pelosi's prima donna." some of the points that are being made is that she doesn't understand that they ran against her. that is how they won. >> well, someday, certainly. and i think it is because -- look, this doesn't show what a pro she is. she realizes it is all politics at the end of the day. that is why they ran against nancy pelosi. everybody, including aoc, voted for her. >> julie: i just think it's interesting that we see this political infighting in congress, but how much is this going to play out in the 2020 election? >> here's the thing. who has the largest twitter following customer donald trump unit whose number two? aoc. those people count clicks. nancy pelosi council votes on the floor, both going into the 2020 election. what is their agenda?
7:12 am
>> bill: one at a time. lindsey graham on the implications for what you're all debating right now in 2020. watch. >> i think republicans are more likely to take the house back because of this breakdown because there are 31 democrats that hold congressional seats for president trump and their congressional district. what does this mean for these 31? if you cross aoc, you are going to get a primary, and if you vote with them, you're going to lose in the general elections. >> bill: the squad is called the fab four. [laughs] i agree that the democratic house majority went through a lot of trump districts and also a lot of moderates. my hometown, that suburban kansas, they elected a democrat. the fact is in order to hold onto the majority, yes, the presidential campaign is the most important thing and will have the biggest impact. voters are practical. i put the democrats in charge of the house as a bit of a check.
7:13 am
do i like what i'm seeing from them? i think a lot of moderates, middle voters are looking at the squad, looking at this infighting and saying you know, that's fine to happen in a starbucks, but i don't know if i want that happening in the house of representatives. >> i agree with you. i think you are right, lindsey graham is right, and is aoc, if she is the poster child for the democratic party, the republicans will latch onto that. in places like ohio, they will fill-in the blank. aoc agenda. that is how they're going to run these ads. that is not good. >> i don't think they are going to be able to do it very successfully. this is not paul ryan dealing with the caucus that really was killing both and preventing things from happening. not only did the democratic caucus do this, but thought the black and latino members of the caucus stood up and said this is outrageous. we can't believe what's being said. so you have to understand, republicans may say look at
7:14 am
those democrats. they are squabbling, but you guys are making too much of aoc. i guess you like her. >> i agree with you on the votes. pelosi is managing her caucus while, but in the end in politics, that's not what matters. what matters is all the people were watching around the country. not if you remember congress. liberals are looking at the fight in washington. they are choosing aoc over pelosi. >> do you notice in the polls that joe biden leads in these pools? do you know why? moderate. >> juan, hang on. we are under the two-minute warning. this is going to go on for close to 30 minutes based on the clo clock. so, the president is taking a lot of questions. we are about to head out to wisconsin. he's got some fund-raisers along the way. he is going to sell the economy, mexico tree deal.
7:15 am
but first, he has to address secretary acosta who will now leave in one week. >> yes, i think this is a big moment for the president. which is to step up and talk about the agenda. in the end, these distractions are one matter. what matters is essentially the same thing about the american people are dealing with. for the president on the question of the economy, on the question of are americans feeling better about their personal economic position, that is the fundamental question about what the whole election will be about. distractions won't matter. how many acting secretaries? it will matter to the americans who feel better. >> bill: here we go to the white house now. >> president trump: i think it was a great labor secretary. not a good labor secretary. he's done a fantastic job. he's a friend of everybody in the administration, and i got a
7:16 am
call this morning early from alex, and i think you did a very good job yesterday under a lot of pressure. he did a fantastic job, and he explained it. he made a deal that people are happy with, and then 12 years later, they are not happy with it. you will have to figure all of that out. the fact is he has been a fantastic secretary of labor, and alex called me this morning, and he wanted to see me. i actually said well, we have the press right out here, so perhaps you want to say it to the press, but i just want to let you know this was him, not me. because i am with him. he's a tremendous challenge. he's a hispanic man, he went to harvard, a great student. and in so many ways, i just hate what he saying now because we are going to miss him. the speaker thank you,
7:17 am
mr. president. what i have not seen is the incredible job creation more than 5 million jobs, i haven't seen that. workplace injuries are down. workplace fatalities are down. we had the safest year ever in mining, i have seen coverage of this case that is over 12 years old that has input on multiple levels of the department of justice. and as i look forward, i do not think it is right and fair for this administration's labor department to have epstein as the focus, rather than the incredible economy that we have today. so i called the president this morning, i told him that i thought the right thing was to step aside. these cabinet positions are temporary. it would be selfish for me to stay in this position and
7:18 am
continue talking about a case that is 12 years old, rather than about the amazing economy that we have right now. so i submitted my resignation to the president. effective seven days from today. effects of one week from today earlier this morning. [indistinct question] >> president trump: there is no need at all as far as i'm concerned. i thought alex did a great job. you know, you can always second-guess me. they do it with me all the time. i make a great deal with anybody, and then they say like the democrats oh, it could have been better. $1.2 million settlement from a company. and as the next day, and everybody couldn't believe it. the next day, the democrat said you should have gone more. so you can always be second-guess. that's what people do. i just want to tell you, this is
7:19 am
a person that i've gotten to know, there hasn't been an ounce of controversy at the department of labor until this came up. and he is doing this to the administration. alex, i think you agree. i said you don't have to do this. he doesn't have to do this. [indistinct question] >> president trump: everybody knows that right now, he is a deputy, and he will be acting. i think you know pat. he is good man. highly recommended by alex. so pat is going to be acting. [indistinct question] >> president trump: s, and i did have a falling out a long time ago. the reason doesn't make any difference, frankly, but i haven't spoken to him in probably 15 years or more.
7:20 am
i wasn't a big fan of jeffrey epstein, that i can tell you. now if you look, the remnants hurts this man. i will say this, and i say it again, and i say loud and clear, alex acosta was a great secretary of labor. what he's done with plans -- you see the plans coming one after another. you are just about done with the 401(k). that happen. things that nobody would even think of. so it is very sad, but at the same time, we want the focus to be on accomplishments. [indistinct question] >> president trump: well, alex believed that. i'm willing to believe with anything, john. i think you know me. i have lived through things that you wouldn't believe. alex felt that way, and he also believes that we are doing so
7:21 am
well, the economy just hit the highest point yesterday in the history of our country. our unemployment numbers are the best i have ever been. you look at specifically certain groups, african-american, asian, hispanic, the best unemployment numbers in the history of our country. there are so many good things, and he didn't want to distract from that, and i understand that 100%. >> did paul ryan prevent you from -- >> president trump: what? so, paul ryan was not a talent. he wasn't a leader. when the people in freedom wanted to go after things that they did very badly, he wouldn't give subpoenas, where his nancy pelosi hands them out like their cookies. paul ryan was a lame duck for a
7:22 am
time as speaker. he was unable to raise money. the only successful times that he had were the times that he was with me because we had taxes cut. i got regulation cuts. i did that mostly without him, but for paul ryan to be complaining it's pretty amazing. i remember where i stood up and made a speech, and then i introduced him, and they booed him off the stage. 10,000 people. so for him to be going out and opening his mouth is pretty incredible, but maybe he gets paid for that. who knows? >> are you putting law enforcement at risk by -- >> president trump: people come into our country illegally. we are taking them out legally. it is very simple. it is not something i like doing, but people have come into our country illegally. we are focused on criminals.
7:23 am
if you look at ms-13, people come into our country, we take those people out, and we take them out very illegally. they all have papers. and it's a process. i have an obligation to do it. they came here illegally, they go out legally. what the democrats should be doing is changing the loopholes. i have been talking to you about this for a long time. they should be changing asylum. let me give you the good news. mexico has done an outstanding job so far. if you look at the border, 30% now. that is only a one week where they have gotten it together. the june numbers just came out. it looks like it's going to end up being a little bit above 30% down. it's going to be down more and more. 21,000. and i said 21,000 mexican
7:24 am
soldiers on the borders, both their southern border and ours. and we really have it in control. the laws are so bad. the democrats have to help us fix the immigration laws. but even with that, yes, they maybe did it because of terror. but they are doing a good job, and i appreciate it. [indistinct question] >> president trump: no, no. who said that? look, anything you do the democrats will say is not good. in the meantime, they had a disaster. you look at the different things, the visa lottery, that was a chuck schumer a lot. it's a disaster. a lottery. you pick them out. lottery. the democrats have caused
7:25 am
tremendous problems. what they let china get away with, for years and years, china has been ripping us off. not anymore. companies are fleeing china. right now, we are taking in billions of dollars, and by the way, our people are not paying for it. they are paying for it with a lot of money. look. nobody has ever done what i have done with china, and that's fine. we get along with china, but when i see a guy like biden who is weak and ineffective and anybody who knows him knows that. he's so weak and ineffective man. president xi laughs at guys like that. having said that, i will say this. president xi, all of these guys go to bed at night, and they pray that joe biden or somebody like him becomes president so they can continue to rip off our country.
7:26 am
[indistinct question] >> regarding epstein, do you have anything -- >> president trump: know, i had no idea. i haven't spoken to him in many, many years. but i did not know. [indistinct question] >> president trump: i've already talked about the epstein matter. according to the media, it was longer than any other cabinet official in this administration. i will reiterate what i said previously. my point here today is we have an amazing economy. we have unemployment lower than we have seen literally in my lifetime, and the focus needs to be on this economy, on the workplace, and in mining, and in going forward where this administration needs to focus not on this matter.
7:27 am
[indistinct question] >> president trump: we are looking into it. the platforms are absolutely in my opinion 100% crooked. they discriminate against republicans and conservatives. they are 100% dishonest. that's my opinion. something is going to be done. but i can tell you from personal experience, i see it. i had something happen this morning. i won't tell you about yet, but these platforms are 100% -- 10 100% -- >> the epstein matter -- >> president trump: i was not a fan of jeffrey epstein, and you watch people yesterday say that i threw him out of the club. i didn't want anything to do with him. that was many, many years ago. it shows he one thing.
7:28 am
that i have good taste. now other people, they went to his island. they went all over the place. he was very well known in palm beach. his island. whatever it was, i was never there. find the people who went to the island. but jeffrey epstein was not somebody that i respected. i threw him out. in fact, i think the great james patterson, who is a member of mar-a-lago said yesterday that many years ago i threw him out. i'm not a fan of jeffrey epste epstein. >> moving ahead with deportation in this country? >> president trump: yes, yes. you know what? they came in illegally. they have to go out. we have millions of people standing in lines, waiting to become citizens of this country. they have taken tests, they have studied, they learn english, they've done so much.
7:29 am
they've been waiting seven, eight, nine years. ten years to come in. it's not fair that somebody walks across the line, and now they can come and become a citizen. i wish the british ambassador well. some people just told me -- but they said they said very good things about me. and i guess i quoted lindsey graham today. something pretty nice from the british ambassador. look. i wish the british ambassador well, but they've got to stop their leaking problems there, just like they have to stop them in our country. [indistinct question] >> president trump: i would not give him warning. there is nothing to be secretive about. can i tell you what? there is nothing to secretive about. i.c.e. is law enforcement. they have a tough job.
7:30 am
nothing to be secretive about. if the word gets out, it gets out because hundreds of people know about it. it's a major operation, so it starts on sunday, and they are going to take people out, bring them back to their countries, or they're going to take criminals out, put them in prisons in the country that they came from. we are focused on criminals as much as we can before we do anything else. for instance, ms-13. very important. we are taking them out by the thousands. we've already been. we didn't stop this. we've been taking criminals out for the last year. these people have been here for many years. ms-13. we are taking them out by the thousands. getting them out. [indistinct question] >> president trump: i think we will have it in the end where it will be more accurate than the
7:31 am
census because we have information gotten through other means. whether you look at social security or other places. including loan applications. we have information that is probably more accurate than the information that we could get by going in and asking somebody are you a citizen? a lot of people aren't going to tell the truth. no. no. not only did and i backed down, i backed up. anybody else would have given us up a long time ago. the problem is we had three very unfriendly courts. judges that weren't exactly in love with this whole thing. and they were wrong, but it would have taken a long time to get through those courts. you understand that better than anybody, john. it would have taken a long time back up to the supreme court's, so somebody said there is a way that might be better. more accurate. i said then why are we wasting
7:32 am
time? why are we wasting time? in the meantime, we have to buy a lot have the printing done, so the printing has started, and we are already finding out who the citizens are into their not, and i think more accurately, so when i heard this, i set i think that's actually better. i think what we're doing is actually better. only the fake news would say differently. [indistinct question] >> how many people -- are you worried about law enforcement? >> president trump: these are great professionals. these are people that have done this for a long time. we are really looking for criminals as much as we can. trying to find the criminal population, which has been coming into this country the last ten years. we know who they are. we've been taking them out by the thousands, specifically gang
7:33 am
members from ms-13 and other gangs. we've been taking them out by the thousands. so we are really specifically looking for bad players, but we are also looking for people who came into our country not through a process. they just walked over a line. >> the i.c.e. raids -- >> president trump: some do. the mayors and sanctuary cities. they are like a mayor de blasio, probably the worst mare i in the country from new york. i don't even know what his attitude is. nobody does because he doesn't work very hard. nobody knows what the hell he does, but i got like de blasio probably wouldn't want the raid. you know why? they don't want to have crimes. >> what about --
7:34 am
>> president trump: so, nobody has treated the military better than president trump. nobody. nobody has ever come close. you see that with the pay increases, and you see that with medical, but you know where you see it better than anywhere is with the vets. they never had choices. wait, wait. for 44 years -- wait. wait. 444 years -- we are looking at that. 444 years, they have tried to get better and a choice. nobody else got it. i got it. >> mr. president -- >> president trump: how many bytes of the apple do you get? we've gone through 500 witnesses, 2,500 subpoenas, i've
7:35 am
let them interview my lawyers, because i had nothing to do with russia. now that's come out. there was no collusion. but how many people and how many times, and this has been going on for two and a half years. rush limbaugh has said that there is nobody else he knows who could have taken it. on top of taking it, i've been a great president. listen, listen. i've done more into and a half years than any other president. nobody has been close. all of the other things i've gotten, so that goes. they want to go it again and again and again. they want to hurt the president. because i see what i'm running against. sleepy joe biden, he doesn't have the energy. the people nipping at his heels, they don't have what it takes.
7:36 am
china and russia, and i have been rougher on russia than any president in the last 50 years. china and russia and north kor north korea, you don't have them testing nuclear anymore. wait, wait. you have a man that was so happy to see me. that's a good thing, not a bad thing. you have a man that doesn't smile a lot, but when he saw me, he smiled. under obama, testing nuclear weapons. blowing up mountains. now he's not doing it. there is nothing he can say. he's written a report. the report says no collusion. and it said it effectively no. and the other thing is very interesting. so they find out there is no collusion. the whole thing is about collusion.
7:37 am
they find out there's no collusion. actually, it was different. i've crimes committed by the other side. we will find out about that. i'm sure it's being looked at. so, so, there is no collusion. and there is no obstruction. now we have a great attorney general now. he's strong and he's smart, and he read it and studied it along with the rod rosenstein, and rod rosenstein and bill barr said there is no obstruction. it's also interesting. number one, there is no crime. how do you obstruct when there is no crime? also, take a look at one other thing. article two. nobody ever mentions article two. it gives me all of these riots on a level that nobody has ever seen before. we don't even talk about article two. so, no collusion, no obstruction. very simple.
7:38 am
and you can only -- by the way, you can only get so many bytes of the apple. we have to get onto running the country. immigration, infrastructure, drug prices. the democrats are working. all they're doing is trying to hurt people like alex acosta. the man who has done -- a man who -- i have no idea. are you a democrat? i have no idea. you know what i know about alex? he was a great student at harvard. he is hispanic, which i so admired because maybe it was a little tougher for him. maybe not. but he did an unbelievable job as the secretary of labor. that's what i know about him. i know one thing. he did a great job. and until this came up, there was never an ounce of problems. with this very good man. >> secretary acosta: let me
7:39 am
just add -- let me just add you know, i hear a lot about how individuals got dogged and whatnot. before our interviews, we had never met, we had never talked. the president selected me. it wasn't that we knew each other. it was and that we had a long-standing relationship, and i think that's a testament to his selection process. >> what do you make of the infighting going on? >> president trump: i think cortez, who kept amazon out of new york, and they don't like her for that. thousands and thousands of jobs. i think she is being very disrespectful to somebody who has been there a long time. i deal with nancy pelosi a lot. and i think that a group of
7:40 am
people are being very disrespectful to her. and you know what? i don't think that nancy can let that go on. a group of people that -- i don't know where they came from. i am looking at this omar from minnesota. if one half of the things that they are saying about her are true, she shouldn't even be in office. but cortez should treat nancy pelosi with respect. she should not be doing what she's doing. and i'll tell you something about nancy pelosi let you know better than i do. she is not a racist, okay. she is not a racist. for them to call her a racist is a disgrace. >> this situation -- >> president trump: very importantly, today, in a few hours, vice president pence and the head of homeland security are taking the press and
7:41 am
congresspeople into detention centers. we are the ones that said they are crowded. they are. there are a lot of people, but they are in good shape. the reason is because the fake news "new york times" wrote phony stories. border patrol, what they are doing, they have become nurses and janitors and doctors. and they're not trained for that. what they've done is so incredible. so they're touring detention centers. that was my idea because i read a phony story in "the new york times" today or the other day about the detention centers. about the conditions. and i have people calling me at the highest level from border patrol and i.c.e., almost crying about that phony story. phony sources. they don't even have sources. they write whatever they want. "the new york times" is a very dishonest newspaper. they write whatever they want. what they do is a tremendous disservice to this country.
7:42 am
they are truly the enemy of the people. i will tell you that. and what they wrote about this detention center is not fair. now, i believe it -- we are taking it to her. i would love to go. ohio, wisconsin. i've seen it. i've seen it. i mean, cortez says that they are drinking out of toilets. that's a phony story. she made it up. i tell you what. i have been with i.c.e. and border control a lot. they love those people coming across the border. i've seen it. they love them. >> illegals -- >> president trump: one of the reasons that democrats don't want to have a census is because
7:43 am
a number of people in the united states for many years, four years, you've heard these opinions. it's a lot greater than that, but will find out. i'm going to do something much more accurate than the way -- the way that we did it in the census would have never been very accurate. the way we are doing it will be much more accurate. the wall is being built. we had a couple of very good decisions. we had one bad decision. it's very tough. again, paul ryan let us down. paul ryan was a terrible speaker. frankly, he was a baby. he didn't know what the hell he was doing. the problem and the senate, you need 60 votes, well, we don't have 60 votes. we had 51. now we have 53. we won which nobody wants to say. just so you understand. so the wall is being built, we
7:44 am
had one setback, one tremendous victory, and i had a victory that was very rarely covered by the press. two days ago, i want to back -- that was the biggest case of them all. people don't know that my being president, i lose billions of dollars. and especially money i can't -- i lose millions of dollars. another thing. i get a salary of $450,000 a year. i don't think any other president has given it up. it's a lot of money. almost a half million dollars. i don't think i've ever seen anybody say that i give up my salary. i'm not looking for credit, but i give up my salary. i get zero. i get zero. but you know it makes me happy? that were doing a great job. and i want to thank alex acosta. he was a great, great secretary.
7:45 am
[indistinct question] >> can you give us an update on your thoughts on iran? >> president trump: iran better be careful. they are treading on very -- if you are listening, you better be careful. >> bill: 30 minutes. a number of topics was alex acosta resigning one week from today. "it was him, not me. we are going to miss him. this is a person i have gotten to know." acosta says that the focus needs to be on the economy. the right thing was to step aside. we have a fox news alert on the expected mueller testimony. fox news now confirms that testimony has been postponed at least by a week to the 20 fourth of july. so a lot of moving parts as you can imagine. >> julie: no reason given, and we can really speculate as to why. >> bill: some of the
7:46 am
negotiations are continuing. >> julie: we will see if it actually happens. with us now, louisiana republican senator john kennedy, waiting for tropical storm barry. first, on the topics of the day, secretary acosta will resign. your reaction? >> well, i am not sure it is the right thing to do. but that is mr. acosta's call. i do know this. it's a very unselfish act. i think he was worried it -- i just listen to his interview. i think he's worried. the press won't leave him alone on this ever. even though most of the facts, if not all of them have come out. he doesn't want to distract from his work. i hate to see him go, but it looks to me like a very
7:47 am
unselfish acts. >> julie: i want to turn now to bob mueller. he is coming in. july 24th is now the day that he is going to come in. the judiciary committee had originally only allotted two hours. i believe it made two hours to allow junior congress members to ask questions. what do you think the reason is for this delay. so my? >> i don't know. i haven't met mr. mueller. they think that he is smart, may be as smart as my friends that he has appeared all my democratic colleagues are trying to do is pull mueller into the middle of this. get him to take sides. this is what he called and what he saw. no collusion. and on obstruction of justice, what he concluded was i don't know. i'm not saying the president did it. i'm not saying he didn't do it. i just don't have enough to
7:48 am
bring an indictment, and i'm not bringing an indictment. that's what the mueller report says. you can read it and draw your own conclusions. but that is the bottom line. and i thought that he was foolish to agree to testify, whether in front of a senate committee or house committee. if he wants to testify, this is america. if they just want to put him in the middle of this, my democratic friends are trying to keep him -- keep this effort alive. they don't want the allegations about the russia collusion to ever end. and it is going to have to end. bob mueller, after an exhaustive investigation -- i don't know. 2,000 subpoenas you know, a couple thousand search warrants. i may be overstating it, but not by much, no collusion. he said i couldn't make up my mind on obstruction of justice.
7:49 am
it's done as far as i'm concerned. the issue is dead as fried chicken. >> bill: what he has said is that he will stick to the 448 page report. >> well, that's what he ought to do. >> bill: two committee meetings are scheduled, right? house intel committee is supposed to meet for two hours in the afternoon. 22 hours, 41 on the house judiciary committee. the last we heard is that 22 of the 41 would be able to have their 5 minutes. maybe that's extended. maybe it's not. the question then becomes do you think this happens at all, senator? >> well, personally, you can teach it round or flat. i don't want to keep information from the american people, but the information is all in the report. it's just a guess. i don't know. i think a bob mueller may be as smart as people say he has, and
7:50 am
he is not wanting to get pulled into a political trap here. and i'm thinking maybe -- i have better exercise more wisdom than zeal here. >> bill: so we will see in the end whether it happens ultimately. >> it's off to bob mueller, but i can tell you what the end result is going to be. it is a political food fight, and he is going to be right in the middle getting smacked. >> bill: we are just reading here, getting some emails from our folks on the hill. our last email -- it's getting confusing. of multiple members are told that the meeting is being postponed. security officials are told that it was delayed for a week. the democratic majority on the judiciary committee said the following. "still planned to have error hearing on the 17th. we will let you know if that
7:51 am
changes." so why don't we leave that they are and be safe for the moment? talk about the reason that you are in louisiana. >> can i say one more thing? can i say one more thing about mr. mueller? if his call. if he wants to testify, that's his business, but if i were mueller, and i'm not, and they said we want you to come testi testify, do you have anything else to say? my response would be the short answer is no. the long answer is hell, no. read my report. as far as louisiana, the storm is coming. you can step outside and smell it. i have been through these many times, unfortunately. you learn two things. the power of nature every time will humble the power of humans. number two, if you're not scar
7:52 am
scared, you are either of fool or a liar. we are as ready as we can be. it is going to hit about 200 miles wide, lindas at 50 miles per hour. the biggest scare is going to come from the water. and the flood. the president has been great. he called me earlier this morning. he's declared an emergency. fema is down here helping. the department of homeland security is down here helping. my people have been through it before. my people -- they are tough as a boot. we've got our protocols. we are ready, but you know, you've got to respect these things. if i said i wasn't worried, i'd be one of those fools are liars. >> bill: the big worry can be of the water and the flooding. all the rain coming. you look at those levies from 2005. they were not up to standard.
7:53 am
are you better off now? last answer on that, yes or no? >> i think it is, but it is just not the levies that we are concerned about. it is the water. ten, 20, 25 inches, you were going to flood. my worry is that people who aren't even near a body of water. i also worry about the levees. the mississippi river is -- has been higher for a longer period of time with them since 1927. >> bill: good luck, senator. >> if you are a praying man or woman, say a little prayer for us. >> bill: senator john kennedy down in new orleans. >> thank you. >> julie: our a-team back with us now. this delay may not be a delay. >> bill: that is up in the air. i thought the president was really interesting in the press
7:54 am
conference. the strength of the economy, praising the economy. what's going on is i think the president realizes that this is a threat to him to have the whole issue of sexual assaults of women raised for his administration, a guy who was struggling with women voters in general, and i think mick mulvaney and others sends a message to acosta. >> julie: let's see, hell no or no to other mueller actually testifies? >> i have always been dubious to that. when i saw him stumble through that written statement of the press conference which he said he would not have, and then he had, and he could barely get through that statement with some kind of feeling of authenticity -- >> bill: what are you suggesting? >> i'm suggesting that even if he does testify, the people who love bob mueller, who have
7:55 am
worked closely with him, believes that he should not be ending his career with a start and stop stuttering performance. it's time he did his report, and of, and let's move on. >> julie: could this backfire? they do not -- >> there is a huge amount of risk for democrats to bring bob mueller in front of a committee where you have republicans that are going to be very skilled, going for the jugular with him. my hope, frankly, if bob mueller doesn't testify, i know that obviously congress does have a constitutional right to continue oversight of the executive branch, but guess what? the american people care about if they have food on the table, a roof over their head, that is what democrats need to be focusing on, rather than all of this stuff. hopefully that is where they stay. >> bill: to all three of you,
7:56 am
thanks for hanging out for the last hour and 20 minutes. thank you. big news day continues in a moment. out of washington, a pair of breaking stories this hour. the labor secretary, alex acos alex acosta, announcing his resignation one week from today. we are also learning about bob mueller's testimony may be postponed. uncertain of the moment, but we are watching the story with our producers and reporters on the hill. we will bring that to you when we continue at the top of the hour. hi walter.
7:57 am
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>> bill: big day out of washington on -- alex acosta stepping down. now we are learning the testimony of bob mueller is in doubt. the brand-new hour starts right now. had enough already? >> julie: know, we have another hour, bill. >> bill: on bill hemmer. >> julie: anything can happen on a friday, right? i'm julie banderas and for sandra smith. a lot of news in the last hour or so. we are going to get to mueller news. we are starting with alex acosta, his resignation, following criticism of his handling about a decade ago of the jeffrey epstein case. john roberts is live with more. >> that was quite a surprise this morning. we saw the president coming out with alex acosta, we thought he was going to offer him a measure
8:01 am
of support, but then we were told that the president said i hate what i'm about to hear. and we said it looks like he is about to resign. he did not want the epstein case to become a distraction from the work that was being done at the labor department and by this administration are large, so he was stepping down. the president said he watched his press conference the other day. thought that he did quite well, that he explained himself. and if you thought acosta did okay during the press conference, why the need for him to step down? >> there is no need at all as far as i'm concerned. this is a person that i have gotten to know. there hasn't been an ounce of controversy at the department of labor until this came out. and he did this for himself. he's doing this for the administration. i said you don't have to do this. he doesn't have to do this. >> the president said that he
8:02 am
was willing to live with acosta still being out the labor department and with epstein swirling around, figuring that eventually it would go away, but he said acosta felt that with so many things going on that were positive in the labor department and across the administration, that he did not want to distract from that. the president also put a little bit more meat on the bones of the statement that he made a couple of days ago where he said that he and jeffrey epstein, the accused predator had a falling out in 2011. an attorney named bradley edwards made a court filing in palm beach county in which he alleges that president trump threw epstein out of mar-a-lago for sexually assaulting a female employee there. when he was on was dana perino a couple of days ago, the famous author, james patterson, said that he threw him out. today, president trump confirmed yes he did confirm him out of mar-a-lago. listen here.
8:03 am
>> jeffrey epstein was not somebody that i respected. i threw him out. in fact, i think the great james patterson who was a member of mar-a-lago made a statement that many years ago, i threw him out. i'm not a fan of jeffrey epste epstein. >> he would not say why he threw him out, saying about the reason was not important. and with the mueller hearing now appearing to be in flux, there are some members of the committee who have been told that it is being postponed. other members of the committee are saying that it looks like it is still on the 17th. the president didn't know about all of that, but he was asked about it this morning. here is what he set about his potential testimony before congress. >> well, how many bytes of the apple do you get? we've gone through 2,500
8:04 am
subpoenas, i had nothing to do with russia. now that comes out. >> he had some things to say about some other people, paul ryan, after he issued some complaints about the president. the presidents of this morning paul ryan was a terrible speaker. frankly, he was a baby. he didn't know what he was doi doing. it is pretty amazing. i also asked him whether he backed down, a question about citizenship on the questio sens. he said i didn't backed down. i backed up. it is already in federal databases. would provide a much more accurate picture of how many citizens and illegal immigrants there are in this country. then actually putting the question on the census.
8:05 am
we will see if that flies, julie. >> julie: does anything really fly and then stick? we don't know. john roberts -- >> there's a bunch of other stuff that he talked about. >> julie: we will put that in the back half of the show. >> bill: we want to bring in chris wallace. anchor of "fox news sunday." they are confirming with me that they will be there for two hours of intel if that stands on the 20 fourth of july, that will be an extra hour. you look at the number of members on the judiciary -- 41, if logic may serve. it is in flux. that is probably where it is right now. your reaction? we will start there. >> three hours, two hours. on what day? >> bill: the 20 fourth of july. >> okay, well i will tell you
8:06 am
that i talked to a top staffer yesterday, and they were acting as if this was all set for this coming wednesday. the 17th. so they seemed quite surprised. they certainly gave no indication that this is going to happen in ten days rather than four or five days from now. look. if it's just a delay of a week, it doesn't mean anything. i still think the whole question of whether or not mueller testifies is very much in doubt. you have that interesting comment from the attorney general, bill barr, earlier this week, where he said mueller doesn't want to testify. the department of justice will stand behind him. he called it a public spectacle. we know from his own words and that one public statement that he made after the report was released bob mueller really does not want to testify. he said all i will tell you is what i already wrote in those 440 pages of the mueller report. so we will see whether or not he testifies, but the fact that it
8:07 am
is being delayed a week is an indication that it is still in flux. >> bill: congress takes a break on the 26th of july. that friday, two days post of july 24th. now to acosta, what you make of the latest move with the labor secretary standing down? >> i don't know whether he jumped or if he was pushed. certainly he on the president put the best face on it today. they said it was a selfless act. but i have to tell you, there are an awful lot of people in washington who didn't think that there was anyway acosta would be able to survive this. generally speaking, his press conference on wednesday did not play to get reviews. everybody ends up becoming a drama critic in these kinds of situations. you know, he didn't show a lot of heart or sympathy, did and apologize to the victims. so you know, he is not the most important person in the administration. there were a lot of doubts about
8:08 am
alex acosta already. a lot of frustration within the administration, that he wasn't pushing hard enough deregulating all the rules in the workplace. and the idea that he was on the front page of "the washington post" again today. it is not going away. why do you want to have this trouble, how this obstacle by somebody that you are not crazy about in the administration? and who is not a key player in the administration. it is not like we're talking about the attorney general, secretary of state. he was expendable, whether that was transmitted to him or he simply came to that conclusion himself. we will figure it out. >> bill: his focus needs to be on the economy. the right thing was to step aside. the president is going to be talking about the economy this afternoon. what are you talking about on sunday? >> i can tell you as of right now -- obviously, one of the latest stories is going to be this possible hurricane. what is going to happen there.
8:09 am
we are still trying to sort out the president, despite what he said, will clearly back down on putting the question in the census. getting this from other agencies. it has been an idea for months. the president rejected it as recently as this week. then he backed off of that. you know, there's also the possibility of i.c.e. raids. they have to leave the white house -- no, not the white house, the country. that there may be raids across the country. >> bill: set your alarm. brother, you will not sleep. 2:00 and 7:00 here on fox news channel. thanks for being with us. >> julie: now onto tropical storm barry. the storm gaining strength in the gulf of mexico. barry could actually become a
8:10 am
hurricane before hitting the gulf coast. you can see the weather changing by the minute. >> yeah, julie. conditions continue to deteriorate rather rapidly. let's go for some quick info first appeared to become a category one hurricane, you have to have sustained winds of 74 miles per hour. not justs. they have to be sustained. if it is 73, it is still a tropical storm. at this one, the latest updates, it is reaching wind speed gusts, but not sustained at this point, so the question is will that make landfall as a category one storm? if it does, we could have some pretty big problems because officials on the ground tell us it would be the first time in history that hurricane has hit as the mississippi river at
8:11 am
level zero looking at are still on the rise because it is still so early in the season. you can see how high the water is. too close for comfort near the top of that love you. typically, the river is about 6-8 this time of year, but it is now 16-17 feet in some spots. in the lowest lying areas like over in these parts, mandatory evacuation orders have been put in, though we have been told many residents are opting to stay and ride barry out. we have already been to a couple of gas stations where they are out of gasoline. if you go to the 7-eleven, the water shelves are empty. people are certainly stepping up, sandbagging, trying to do what they can to defend their property. we are now looking at more of
8:12 am
the landfall being tomorrow morning. as far as these overnight hours. now this is more what we are looking at. >> bill: 12 minutes passed, what happens with the mueller testimony? we will talk to a top doj official about all of that ongoing right now. >> julie: plus president trump talking trade in wisconsin today as joe biden slams his foreign policy as "an embarrassment." steve helton on that next. >> to stay entrenched on these conflicts, it drains our capacity to lead on so many other issues. that require our attention. rebuilding american power. but always discreet is less bulky. and it really protects. 'cause it turns liquid to gel.
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>> julie: fox news alert peer new york freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez just finished testifying to the house oversight committee on the situation at the southern border and also moments ago, she called the crisis "a manufactured one." listen. >> this is a manufactured crisis because the cruelty is manufactured. this is a manufactured crisis because there is no need for us to do this. there is no need for us to
8:17 am
overcrowd and detain and under resourced. there is no need for us to arrest innocent people and treat them no differently than criminals when they are pursuing their basic human rights. >> julie: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez testifying along with two other progressive democrats. of rashida tlaib and presley of massachusetts. we will continue to monitor that hearing and bring you any new developments. >> what has been lost with the self-inflicted setbacks and the crises of this administration, folks, american foreign policy i think has to be purposeful and inspiring. based on clear goals with some strategies, not by twitter tantrums. >> bill: that from joe biden here in new york city.
8:18 am
something the president on foreign policy. he says that if elected, he would get us back in the iran nuclear deal if tehran comes back into compliance. how are you doing, steve? good day to you. so, he is making the case to voters now. you have a case. you can continue along this path or go back to the obama-biden years. what happens with that? >> it just folds on the floor and dies because basically, this speech, and a special event reaction to it, bill, just shows how stupid and superficial the establishment in this country is. the foreign policy establishment, the media establishment. all of that was rejected back in 2016. it's going to be rejected again. these people within the establishment are only concerned about style and not substance. what you saw from biden there was just a long list of all the buzzwords that they love to hear. the international order of rules and all this kind of stuff.
8:19 am
no attention on the actual substance. the policy that he wants to go back to you with week russia, nothing about crimea and ukraine, the energy deals, week on this before, but allowed iran to develop nuclear weapons. our biggest strategic threat. they didn't do anything to stand up to them. donald trump has reversed all of that. especially on energy. telephone iran, not bringing them to the brink of disaster in their own country, and turning around the 50 year policy of sucking up to china. finally, getting china's attention. so on substance, donald trump has done the right thing. biden says all the right words but gets praised just for that, regardless of substance. it's all a joke. >> bill: so he has shown his hand. you have seen the hand that he is playing and said the
8:20 am
following. >> his problem, the disaster that was there foreign policy. at the iran deal. the regime change in libya, where it is still a disaster. doing nothing on north korea. china marching across the south china sea. these are all the problems that president trump inherited, and we've seen real leadership and results sense. >> bill: making your point that they are too. i would say in summary here, if you stay out of war, if there is no new conflict, that's a foreign policy that can win a reelection campaign. >> absolutely. that is what he is done. the peace and prosperity agenda. i do want to emphasize the point about how he is being strong. president trump is being strong on these problems. the obama-biden administration put them off for another day,
8:21 am
especially with those three. it is president trump who was actually standing up, facing these problems with a strong response. of course, that causes turbulence. of course people don't like it, but americans like it. it is good for america. >> bill: we will see you. steve hilton with us. >> thanks, bill. >> julie: new tensions. how tehran is now responding. next with the
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
administration. no coincidence here. this happens one day after a slew of democrats held town halls and speeches and meetings. the president now heading to milwaukee. the president's replacement for the north american free trade agreement, nafta, has gotten chilly reception from house democrats. the president of the wisconsin
8:26 am
fair trade initiative says this -- they failed to make the changes needed to stop outsourcing jobs. doesn't the president -- his motto has always been keep the jobs here? >> that is what this will do. this is one of president trump's key promises on the campaign trail, that they would fix nafta. this is what this will do. it will help the agriculture community, it will bring jobs back. you have -- mexico has already improved the deal. canada is ready to do it. the only thing holding it up right now are the house democrats. frankly, they don't want to give president trump us when met, and they are willing to do that. >> julie: here he is on twitter. ada >> tariffs are a great negotiating tool. great revenue producer. and a powerful way to get companies to come to the u.s. and gets companies that have
8:27 am
left us to come back. he makes a good point there. >> we are seeing that happen. at what the u.s. is charging for goods and services to come here, but we've had a huge imbalance that president trump has been pointing out. sometimes it is the barriers to trade to keep us out. we may have access, but only if we jump through certain hoops that actually keep u.s. products out. he is trying to level the playing field, and it has been on level for a long time. we are already facing high tax taxes. >> julie: wisconsin, by the way, we can't ignore the fact that it's a key 2020 state. 1 of 3 midwestern states that was part of a so-called blue wall. he became one of the first republicans to scary stomach carry wisconsin and a presidential race since ronald reagan. how is economy and trade going
8:28 am
to -- >> how does this play in these battleground states? ohio, michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin. you've got farmers, automobile manufacturers, steel industry coming back. the way that the tariffs in this tree dispute will play is a lot different than in new york or california. i think the stumbling block right now is what happens with china. they have been trying to negotiate and we have had our negotiator say that we are 99% there. it is not going to be good. it is the last 10% that is always the toughest. so the last 10% is the hardest, and they are not just fighting over tariffs or barriers. we are fighting over an institutional barrier. manipulation of currency, there
8:29 am
are lots of issues beyond just how many soybeans or cars are sold, and that is the hardest part of the deal and why a lot of people are feeling that. >> julie: steve gill, thank you. joining us on a very busy news day. >> bill: this is news from overnight. growing legal troubles for the grammy-winning singer, r. kelly. the charges he is now facing after interest in chicago. >> julie: it will be my ctv one robert mueller eventually testifies on capitol hill. that is apparently now in flux. john yoo weighs in on what to expect in the highly anticipat anticipated -- >> i wish we had more time, but i am glad that we have the time that we have. >> for the leadership on this committee to decide that only certain members, that there is only time for certain members to be questioned, even on your side of the aisle, is just plain wrong.
8:30 am
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8:33 am
>> how many bytes of the apple do you get? we have gone through 500 witnesses, 2,500 euros. i have let them interview my lawyers. because i've had nothing to do with russia. now that's come up. there was no collusion. >> julie: president trump on his way to wisconsin last hour, weighing in on testimony by robert mueller, which may or may not happen. catherine herridge's live in washington. >> we've got a pretty exciting situation this morning because the information breaks down. on the one hand, our contacts are reporting that the july 17 hearing has been postponed. these are people who have a need to know, and also handling things like logistics and security. then the other bucket of information, we've got this new statement from the house judiciary committee. the lead hearing next week. pay attention to the fact that
8:34 am
this statement issued this morning is extremely vague, and it does not mention mueller by name. "at this moment, we still plan to have the hearing on the 17th, and we will let you know if that changes." none of this is happening in a vacuum because a lot of these issues came to head last night because of the current game plan for a long practice, every member gets 5 minutes to cross-examine the witness. >> that means that we have a hierarchical system. a system that is based on preferential treatment. quite frankly by where you sit on the committee. you sit here in the front row, i happen to be in the front row, just inches away. that means that the membership of this committee, not democratic, we are not all going to be treated equally. but i know everybody here has questions.
8:35 am
>> they set aside two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon on the 17th. so listen to this exchange where chairman nadler cannot explain how he is going to cut off the testimony when they bump bump against that two hour time limit. >> how do you actually expect to stop the hearing? >> i'm going to repeat what i said a few minutes ago. this line of discussion, frankly, beyond the scope of this. i am not going to comment further. >> the two key things to take away from all of us, that the logistics are in flux. maybe three, even. reporting a very reluctant witness. the republicans and the democrats are respectively up against a hard stop. they have got to get it in before the august recess because they're going to lose a lot of wind in their sails when they
8:36 am
get to september. >> julie: catherine herridge. >> bill: thank you, catherine. we want to bring in john yoo, former deputy assistant attorney general. what do you make about the start and stop of this? >> it's interesting. two things going on here. the committee needs bob mueller more than bob mueller needs them. he's in the driver's seat. it's pretty remarkable for a witness to come up and say i am only going to testify for two hours. that's all you get. it can go on for hours and hou hours. so that puts enormous pressure on the people in the house to use their time most efficiently. the second thing going on, you are seeing people particularly on the democratic side of being torn, asking mueller why he did certain things. what he thinks about obstruction. a very strong desire, especially amongst the youngest members.
8:37 am
if they were running things effectively, a lot of the times, being concentrated by people who know best. all 41 members of the judiciary committee want to have their minutes because they want to have their sound bites in order to cut their campaign commercials. >> bill: this is what i'm hearing. it could all change. mueller has been hunted for another week. that wednesday in july. he will do three hours in the morning with the judiciary committee. that large committee. and then he will do two hours in the afternoon with the intel committee. by the way, that would be two days before. what catherine was just describing there. if that holds, does that sound like some sort of compromise? >> oh, yes. i think that mueller -- he is the one calling the shots. he's happy to say okay, i'll give you another hour.
8:38 am
is not going to make a difference. i think mueller is going to get up there, stay within the four corners of his report. he's an old-style prosecutor, a man of great integrity. he's not going to try to throw out innuendos. he is not going to try to throw out suggestions. he will say this is what i wrote a report on. he wants to respond to attacks on his own integrity and the integrity of his investigation. when it comes to house democrats for him to talk about obstruction and so on, i don't think he's going to say anything more than what is already in the printed report. >> bill: what about the sound bite that we just heard from the republican from georgia? he was asking jerry nadler how do you and the hearing? why do you think that is? >> the younger members on the committee have a really strong desire to use this for a platform. to make political identity for themselves. so they are going to constantly
8:39 am
try to push up against that team and a deadline that they have. the chairman is going to have to shut the fact that the republicans are smart. they're just going to let the democrats have a fight amongst themselves about who can push themselves to the front of the line and asked them with questions. because it is going to be the chairman, the democratic chairman is the one who has to forces on members essentially to shut up. >> bill: to drop the gavel. which may not be easy to do. john, terrific. john yoo with us today. we will see what we get in the end. thanks for your time. >> thanks, bill. >> julie: fox news alert. singer r. kelly arrested on federal sex trafficking charges and -- already facing similar charges in illinois. >> hey, julie, after spending the night in the federal lockup, or kelly is expected to make an appearance at the federal building today. he has got an arraignment scheduled at 1:00.
8:40 am
and after that, there is going to be a removal hearing. that will focus on transporting the r&b singer to new york. the indictment out of the eastern district of new york is different than what we have seen in the r. kelly case because it focuses on racketeering, establishing his businesses, bodyguards, drivers as the enterprise. the indictment essentially states that members of this enterprise would do things like round of girls from his concerts and ultimately that he used them to sexually exploit women, and the indictment alleges that they were transported over state lines for the purposes of engaging in sexual activity. claiming that the minor was transported without her knowledge to a sexually transmitted disease. it gets into california and illinois as well. the indictment largely has to do with allegations that we have heard before, focusing on five girls, alleging that they were
8:41 am
coerced into sex child pornography was produced, and they lie to cover up evidence, therefore obstructing justice. so the charges involved 13 counts, but the charges are child pornography, obstruction of justice. what is different about the indictment is that it names codefendants, specifically milton brown, who apparently goes by the name of jun brown. it alleges that these individuals were are kelly's enablers. >> bill: mike tobin, thank you so much. >> bill: one of our strongest allies calling on the u.k. to release an oil tanker? will the u.s. step in? that is next. >> we have asked our allies many times. we have asked them to
8:42 am
de-escalate the situation. our allies or interest, not terrorize the region.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> bill: so a massive brushfire forcing thousands to leave their homes on the hawaiian island of maui. check that out. they are battling the blaze. it started along the highway yesterday morning. also causing some flights to be diverted from the island. >> julie: so iran is demanding that britain releases the tanker. they were in violation of european sanctions. they say "britain is playing a dangerous game." joining me now, the director of defense studies at the center for national interest, harry kazianis. the u.k. has a right to do what they're doing, do they not? >> absolutely. they are trying to sell oil to bashar al-assad, responsible for
8:46 am
killing millions of people. they are trying to take an oil tanker, bring it through the strait of gibraltar, british territory, and this is no sort of heinous act on britain's part. they are just following international law. iran is not, and they are in the wrong. >> julie: one could say that iran is asking for it. they are trying to really sanctions, but the u.s. is only going to toughen them. talk about backfiring tactics. i can't imagine that they could do you any more to provoke sanctions to be hitting them where it hurts. >> that's absolutely right. they are blazing a path to war. not just in the u.s., but european allies, if iran continues with this behavior, especially continuing to up their enrichment, building more weapons like advanced missile systems, just acting like a rogue regime, the u.s. is going to be pushed into a very tough decision. what i'm actually scared of is that they would try to start a
8:47 am
war. and i think that is what we have to be careful of. the american people need to watch this very carefully because i could end up being the hottest international incident of our time. >> julie: they said we are going to enrich as much weapons grade uranium as we want, and you will give us what we want. that's not how it works. here is the iranian foreign ministry. i want to put this up on the screen and have you react. "they are meant to stop you from buying syria's oil. they are not about another country selling oil to syria, therefore this is very childish and ridiculous. they should officially announce that we are the servants of america and act on behalf of america. america has returned the favor well by insulting their ambassador and prime minister." what in the world is that even mean, first of all? they are trying, as you mentioned, to sell oil to the regime. the whole idea is to stop them from helping syria, and they continue to do so, then turn around and say that this is childish and ridiculous dramatic
8:48 am
>> it sounds like gibberish, to be honest. they are proving the point to get out of the iran nuclear deal. i will be honest with you. it is horrendous, but it contained their program for about ten years. here's the problem. in ten years, does anyone really think that the iranians would enter into a new deal? they continue to develop more ballistic missiles, so the trump administration realize we can either leave this for the next president or do the right thing and try to head this off now well iran is not as strong as they could be. >> julie: there are lots of wars of words going on right now. the word "war," first of all. nothing has ever indicated that the president wants to go to work. he has talked about military force. it just means more military force in the strait of hormuz to prevent iran to continue doing
8:49 am
what they are doing. what more needs to be done by the administration? >> i think it's very simple. we need to continue building forces within the middle east. that is what we have to do if they keep making more threats. specifically, we have great missile capabilities. we can protect our bases and our allies. the president has been very clear. he is willing to sit down and talk to the iranians to try to figure out a diplomatic solution, just like he has been with north korea. the iranians need to think about that a little bit and hold back. it is not going to work. >> julie: the scary part is when you talk about talking with iran. you need to have some kind of trust. iran has never shown that they can be trusted ever. look at iran sitting down with shinzo abe, and the next thing you know, his oil tankers are being attacked at sea. u.s. navy sailors are coming to their rescue. you can't have a double sided
8:50 am
conversation here with iran because they are never going to stick with any of this. >> you are absolutely right. the history is there. this is not going to be an easy task negotiation. i think the trump administration may be setting the tone for the pure the pressure campaign is working, the iranian economy is in shambles. contracting massively. there is a lot of angst from what i have heard. they might be setting the tone where there could be talks. we have to be extremely skeptical, and we have to watch to see how this plays out. >> julie: yeah. watch your back. harry kazianis, thank you very much. >> bill: the father of savannah spurlock now speaking out. they confirmed that the young woman's remains were found six months after she disappeared. fox news exclusive on this reporting so you have ten years experience... i do. but no phd? first kid here's all the numbers, food's in the fridge, oh and lucas likes to pull on jewelry
8:51 am
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>> julie: of fight breaks out in an ohio courtroom. watch this. [yelling] my goodness. take a look at that guy on the ground there. he's got an orange jumpsuit. he is actually handcuffed. he was about to be sentenced for the murder of his ex-girlfriend when two of her sons, who were there for impact statements one after their mother's killer. sheriff's deputy stepped in to break it up. both of them were arrested. >> bill: long search now for a young mother ending and heartbreak for her family. police finding a body identified as the remains of savannah spurlock. matt is on that story for us today. matt, hello. >> well, this bar is the area
8:55 am
where savannah spurlock was last seen alive on the surveillance video. one of the men, a prime person of interest from the start, has now been arrested. 24-year-old david sparks has so far been charged with tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse. police say savanna's body was finally found on a rural property that belongs to one of david sparks family members. this morning, state police say that an autopsy will likely -- perhaps murder charges. they tell fox news that her tattoos help to identify her body. we talked exclusively to the father of savannah spurlock, who said that he had to fight the impulse to take justice into his own hands and instead pleaded to god for answers. >> i couldn't go on years and years without knowing what happened to my little girl. i couldn't do that. god knows that. that's why he brought it all to
8:56 am
an end. i love you. justice has been served. you will get justice. >> savannah's mother writes online that this is incredibly hard to digest. and a friend who was with savanna the night she went missing now writes online "savannah spurlock, i love you. i am so heartbroken and hurt. i keep thinking about that night, what i could have done differently. i can't sleep. i'm so sorry. only god knows how i'm feeling right now." in the video, two other men were seen with savanna, but so far far, -- >> bill: lexington, kentucky, there. >> julie: alexandria ocasio-cortez testifying on capitol hill, blasting the trump administration for their handling of the southern border. why she calls it an "manufactured crisis." ♪ limu emu and doug.
8:57 am
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>> bill: that was a day. speed that was three hours. [laughs] >> bill: i'm good!
9:00 am
secretary of labor is out in a week. bob mueller may be testifies. >> julie: he may, he may not. who knows? >> bill: you're going to have a great weekend. >> julie: i hope you do come too. nice weather. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: and we begin with this fox news alert. alex acosta to step down as labor secretary effective one week from today. and it's all a mid-fallout from his role in a decade-old plea deal for accused child sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. the president said this was acosta's decision, not his, a short while ago the white house. you're watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner on this fine friday. here today, fox news contributor katie pavlich. also a contributor, jessica tarlov. and she's back! former "fox & friends" weekend cohost and contributor now, anna kooiman is with us. and in the center seat,


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