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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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8:00 p.m., the show that is sincere and sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. hannity is next. these are live pictures out of louisiana tonight. stay with fox news channel all night for live updates on tropical storm barry. ♪ >> sean: welcome to the special edition of hannity, the russia broom rang. we have a studio audience full of experts who will break down the swinging pendulum of justice two. -plus years, democrats, the deep state, the media mob all working together, what first to stop one person, becoming president. then take down a duly elected president of the united states with conspiracy theories and a russian hoax. tonight the president remains unscathed. those who abuse their power, those involved in corruption, will be held accountable. this does include special counsel robert mueller. we expect he will appear on
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capitol hill for a public hearing as the attorney general barr pointed out, democrats are hoping to turn the testimony into a spectacle. for nadler, the cowardly shift, one more excuse to try and smear trump. for republicans, this hearing is a golden opportunity to ask the questions that need to be asked, to robert mueller. hold him accountable. you, we, the american people deserve answers to all. pressing questions that our government has totally ignored and the media mob ignored. mueller must answer, why did he hire a team full of democratic donors, not one republican available. ? why would he hire in this case hillary clinton's former attorney? why did he hire this gieshgs andrew weissmann? guy who withheld exculpatory in evidence the past, clinton-loving partisan hack, he was there the night of clinton's victory party that never happened. a record full of prosecutorial misconduct.
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why did mueller have time investigate loan applications, fara violations, tax fraud. but he didn't look at the dirty dossier, lying to a fisa court, the premeditated fraud committed on a court to spy on the presidential campaign? why was the probe never in to hillary clinton's bought and paid for russian lies. what about christopher steele? with his russian lies. what about glen simpson, fusion gps, the clinton campaign coordination with the government of ukraine that we have pointed out. keep in mind people like michael cohen, paul manafort, michael flynn, george papadopoulos, charged with crimes totally unrelated to collusion, conspiracy with russia to impact the 2016 campaign. in an investigation supposedly about collusion and corruption, no one connected to clinton, the dnc, their phony russian sourced op research, how did you ignore
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that, mr. mueller? does robert mueller hate president trump? did he hire people that hate president trump for a reason, then-candidate trump. this why he pursued an investigation into construction even after there was no underlying crime of conspiracy or collusion? why is mueller given contradictory statements on the topic of obstruction. is he being pressured by andrew weissmann? did he forget? did he not remember what he said? did he write that 9 1/2 minute rambling press conference? at the end of the day, is rob mueller really proud of his 22 month witch hunt, that really did nothing than give fuel to what are rampant conspiracy theories, lies, misinformation. a whole channel conspiracy channel, msdnc, or make news cnn. no president should ever have to face this kind of flawed,
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partisan, phony, conspiracy-oriented investigation ever again. shouldn't happen. thankfully tonight the boomerang of justice is in full swing. we have separate investigations into fisa abuse, deep state misconduct, corruption and likes and the origins of the russian probe well under way. according to reports the horowitz investigation into fisa abuse is nearly done until 191ed hour. christopher steele finally agreed to be interviewed. the former mi6 agent, author of hillary's dirty dossier, grilled for nearly 16 hours over the course twoch days in great britain. some speculation that steele was worried that high-ranking u.s. officials were ready to throw him under the bus. and steele probably wanted to set the record straight about how his dirty russian dossier that clinton paid for was created and utilized in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election. this is likely very bad news for people names you know well.
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jim comey, andrew mccabe, strzok, paige, baker, so many others, people using steele's unverified and frankly unverifiable russian garbage to then spy on an opposition party candidate, donald trump, his campaign. then it became the trump transition team. even the trump presidency. we know everybody was warned. none of it is verified.arned. they used it in a premeditated way to create a massive fraud on a fisa court, not once but three subsequent renewal applications were filed as well. big problems in the deep state. but now being exposed. here in studio with reaction, the author of the russia hoax, number 1 "new york times" best seller gregg jarrett, former trump associate carter page.
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the fisa warrants were right on him. that book, that's going to be a number one best seller, called radicals resistant and revenge. the host of the number one show here saturday nights on the fox news channel, judge jeannine pirro. also, fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera, tammy bruce, criminal defense attorney david shown, carey picket, and the american conservative union's matt schlapp, the chair. good to see you all. you are the person i'm starting with. you were the one they used when they got, when they used the dirty dossier, as what we are now told according to the grassley graham memo, the bulk of the fisa application, it was to spy on you, cart irrelevant page, to have a backdoor into all things the trump campaign. >> i think the latter is what they were interested in. no reason to spy on me. but they really wanted an excuse
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to get to -- >> sean: you worked with us for years. >> absolutely. >> sean: when you would go abroad as a good american you offer any information you had, correct? >> absolutely. >> sean: did you work for the cia, were you an intelligence officer for the united states? >> i was, i have been a confidential human source. >> sean: were you ever paid? >> no. did it voluntarily. >> sean: you worked as patriot who loved his country, when anybody in the intelligence community wanted information after were you abroad you would sit for hours, fair to say? >> well, sometimes it would be hours. we'd go out to lunch and speak -- >> sean: you told them everything you knew? >> absolutely. >> sean: you love your country. >> absolutely. >> sean: what do you think of what they did to you? >> i'm just surprised that they don't tell the full truth. that's, you mention the mueller dossier, which was just the initial step.
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that information, what they wrote about me, is totally false in every possible way. one example is -- >> sean: were you ever called before congress? >> for 20 hours or so, yeah. >> sean: how many hours did you spend before mueller's team? >> a full day. >> sean: were you ever called back? >> nope. >> sean: were you charged? >> absolutely not. >> sean: they had a full year of listening to every conversation you had, every text message, every e-mail. >> and ten hours with the fbi in march 2017 as well. >> sean: gregg jarrett writes the number one "new york times" best seller, jeannine pirro, the russian hoax, elicit scheme to clear hillary clinton. what donald trump? >> frame donald trump. >> sean: what part of that is untrue the title of your book? >> all of it is true. >> sean: what we have had happen. >> every bit of information that has come out in the year since my book was published has only corroborated all of the information. i wouldn't change a single word
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of it. what they did to carter was unconscionable. the fbi set up an information laundering scheme to hide that this was all coming from, it was paid political propaganda from the hillary clinton campaign, and the dnc. >> sean: backtrack a second, before you get to that, the same people investigated hillary, right? >> oh, yeah. >> sean: did they write an exoneration of her before they investigated her? >> absolutely. >> sean: did hillary clinton violate 18usa793, i that i -- >> she did. the espionage act, two different provisions as well as theft of government documents. >> sean: there was an underlying crime when she had top secret classified special access information on that mom and pop server in a bathroom closet. >> absolutely. >> sean: there was, that's the underlying crime, when she had subpoenaed e-mails, deleted them. anyone here every hear of bleach bit?
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>> destruction of evidence, it's classic. >> sean: that's destroying, the aids beating up the hammers, ewing the hammers to beat it up. >> so many of those people received immunity in exchange for nothing. nobody received immunity that was associated with trump. >> sean: anybody here that doubts hillary obstructed justice? >> obstructed justice specifically what do you mean? >> sean: geraldo? >> they ask sean hannity, you're my lawyer, sean hannity we subpoena your e-mails and i decide, brilliant, i'm following the lead of hillary, delete 2 3 3,000 of them, i use bleachbit to clean my hard drove. then i have an aid, a friend here, take a handler and beat up my devices and remove the sim cards. is that obstruction? >> it might be. >> sean: wait a second. >> i think that, you and i have had this kind of conversation. to me hillary is the side show. the real story is -- >> sean: that's not the issue here. could you get me out of jail if
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i did that? >> i want to say, carter page you are an unusual fellow. i tell that you. >> sean: whoa, whoa, whoa. >> most private citizen. >> sean: he's spinning. >> i think when some one tells me that they have proven conclusively that the information has been usurped by a foreign power, then i can, i would be more comfortable on the obstruction action. >> sean: david, you're a lawyer. >> i'll answer the question directly. jeanne reed came from his law firm, represented hillary clinton in the e-mail scandal. developed a case in the western district of north carolina in which her client wasn't charged with wleech bit, he was -- bleach bit, he was charged with deleting things inadvertently. convicted. serving ten years in prison. >> sean: it's worse than that. christian sosier served in the navy, he was proud, in a
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submarine, took six pictures, got a year in jail for the espionage act. you're a judge, number one show on saturday night, congratulations. >> thank you. >> sean: were you a d.a., a lawyer -- >> then i was a judge. here's the bottom line. that's obstruction without a kout. you don't need to bleach bit, you don't need the hammer, hit the delete button. that's what she did. and that's about as intentional an act as much, obstruction and destruction of evidence. >> is mueller also guilty under those circumstances? >> you know, of the -- losing all of the e-mails and messages. >> she was intentionally, you think she was accidentally deleting and bleachbitting and breaking her own phone? don't be ridiculous. >> how do they weaken the case when you don't focus on the president. >> sean: the laws have to be
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applied equally geraldo. >> this was a malignant hypocrisy, the democrats and vaunted fbi used the language of patriotism and principle to cover a partisan operation. >> sean: but start at the beginning, the candidate that could buy the dirty dossier, tammy? >> the reason this particularly matters and i agree with geraldo, because of what this tumor became with this cancer, all of this of course is a pretext to distract people from what hillary was doing. americans, we here and people watching this program, americans are romantic. we believe in the best of people. >> sean: easy, tammy. >> in the larger sense -- >> sean: geraldo, definitely. he's my best friend. >> in the larger sense of expecting the best from people, expecting people to do the right thing. this is why it is heartbreaking. it is key in that the
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rileyization of what thenis end up being, crime, collusion, horrible dynamic, the tip of the iceberg was met. they realized at that point that the place holder of hillary clinton was not going to be there. so the question becomes what else are they -- >> sean: did they protect her? >> the entire operation was meant to be protection of her, also getting the extra benefit of ruining donald trump. >> sean: okay. >> they everestimated her and everestimated themselves, underestimated donald trump. now it's not always easy to find out that there's a problem. but this, these questions we can't forget f you have cancer you must go back to see where it began. can you treat the entire body. >> sean: that is a great analogy. >> have you heard one process crime that was charged in the
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hillary clinton investigation? >> sean: no. >> no. have you heard of any immunity being given in the trump investigation? not like sheryl mills and the love of them, no. they gave immunity out like locally pops. when i was a prosecutor, you don't give it out unless you get something back. they did to it everyone to save hillary. >> sean: kerry and matt. >> it wasn't just sheryl mills, but heather samuels as well. we'll make them with its as well as make her lawyers as well. these are names that we should be hearing more about. this is an issue, gee, what about roger stone. all of a sudden swat teams coming into his house, why is that it we didn't hear this about hillary clinton. we didn't hear about swat teams. >> sean: judge ellis, we know you don't care about his taxes. we know why we're here. be honest. we're here to put this guy on trial for the taxes to put the screws on him so he sings and he
6:16 pm
composes. the hearing went on. >> but i want to pull back about everybody being equal under the law. as the only person here who probably worked in the white house, everyone of my e-mails, i'm not representing -- everyone of my e-mails is in the history books. i have things that are embarrassing, times i would love to press delete. guess, what i'm not allowed to do that. the reason they set up this whole fraud yent lent -- >> sean: hannity and manafort's text messages? >> this is the part of public service. there's a downside. you have to put yourself out there. there's transparency. my wife had to do the same thing. why is it for the clintons? they're allowed to set up a bathroom server in order to clearly avoid what tammy is talking about, the transparency, so that the taxpayers who pay their salary get to see everything. it's not just a subpoena. >> sean: all right. >> that's only the start of what's going on in this
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government, and with the entire swamp. it's a drop on the tip of the iceberg. this is i think why there's such a panic. it revealed so much more. >> sean: now they're turning on each other. i'll listen to her ram dough, you talk about the origins. but we're going to get into the depth of what happened with donald trump, effort to prevent him from becoming president, then undermining him, bludgeoning a duly elected president. when we come back. mueller is testifying, is it going to backfire on democrats as i think it could and the media mob? former independent interest counsel ken starr. also reaction from the expert panel which is right here, thank you all for being with us, special edition of hannity continues. after walking six miles at an amusement park... bill's back needed a vacation from his vacation. so he stepped on the dr. scholl's kiosk. it recommends our best custom fit orthotic
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>> fox extreme weather center, tracking tropical storm barry, 85 miles off the coast of louisiana, morgan city, only moving west-northwest at 4 miles an hour a long time until this reaches landfall. likely early on saturday morning. continuing to intensify as we head through the overnight hours. once it hits landfall likely 70-mile-an-hour winds keeps this a strong tropical storm. but story isn't the winds as much as it's going to be the water. we're beginning to see the outer bands battering the coast of louisiana, stretching back to the florida panhandle. where the core of the system makes landfall that we're going to see the most damage. the most rainfall, i think rachl is going to be the big story with this. large area of flood watches and warnings from louisiana running up the mississippi. once this makes chand fall saturday, sunday, into monday
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showily drift north bringing rain into mississippi where we can see a whole lot of rain with this system. not just the rainfall but also the storm surge is going to be an issue. winds up to 50 miles an hour, pushing a wall of water up along the louisiana coast, 3 to 6 feet in some locations. as far over as biloxi, 2 to 4 feet of storm surge, causing flooding. probably the biggest concern with this one is going to be the potential for some very heavy rain as much as 20 inches. we're talking about landfall early tomorrow, we will be tracking it here. ♪ >> sean: all right as we continue, the russia probe boomerang, special edition of hannity. democrats giddy about mueller testifying to congress, totally blind to the possibility i actually suspect could really happen, this is all going to backfire on them. take a look at how high their hopes are. >> it's important he answer a
6:24 pm
lot of specific questions. he did a two-year investigation, the russians attacked our election. he found that there was plenty of, i think 170 contacts between the russians and the people in the trump campaign. >> he did not make a traditional prosecutorial adjustment, he referred to it congress, perfectly appropriate for congress to bring him in. >> sean: joining us former independent counsel, fox news contributor ken starr. you had to testify under the independent counsel statute. mueller doesn't have to. but here's the interesting thing. why do i think that republicans are going to want to know things like how did you have time for taxi medallions, loan applications, taxes but didn't have time for hillary's russian dirty dossier that she bought and pay for, a lie that, was the foundation to spy on the guy in the audience, carter page, and the entire trump campaign, trump transition and trump presidency. how did he miss that important item? >> well, you have laid out a lot
6:25 pm
of questions, and those are very legislate malt questions. this is going to be a great opportunity. republicans are going to be on the spot. they are being given, you put it well, a golden opportunity to get some questions answered that we all have. we haven't talked much this evening, thus far, very briefly about the report itself. the republicans will do well to drill into the report and to say such things as the transition period proved, proved that there were no connections between vladimir putin and the kremlin, and the trump organization and the trump campaign. why couldn't you say that much more directly? with respect to the obstruction, the obstructive acts. i think one question that i would want to ask if i were in congress, your report cries out that the president felt the entire investigation was totally unfair and uncalled for. doesn't that put in context the fact that he had issues with bob
6:26 pm
mueller's continuing service, with what rod rosenstein could do, and so forth. i think pressing bob mueller with respect to why you did not give the president of the united states any benefit of the doubt at all. the final question, you really wrote this for congress and you had no authority to do that. you had no authority to do that. you were to write a confidential report to the attorney general of the united states, explaining your prosecution decisions and your deckly nation decision. your whole second part goes way beyond anything you were authorized to do. mr. mueller some might call it abuse of power. >> sean: and the horrific 9 1/2 minute press conference where he contradicted what he had already told many people, that, no, it wasn't part of his thinking, justice department policy, d.o.j. policy as it relates to the constitutionality of whether you can indict or not indict a sitting president. he already answered that twice.
6:27 pm
both ways. >> right, yeah. and, sean, note in that report especially the second part of his report, bob, i have great respect for bob mueller but i don't respect this report. here is something that i thought was just beyond the pale, he turned himself and his office into a constitutional law office. he had no authority to do that. there's an office of legal counsel that has been in place for decades. bob mueller and his prosecutors are not. here he gives this very authoritative sounding opinion with respect to the powers of the presidency. i think he got a lot have it wrong. i think he got a lot of the analysis wrong on obstruction of justice. the presentation of the facts, just raises the question, again, was this a fair presentation and balanced presentation of the facts. at this stage i say no. >> sean: ken starr, thank you.
6:28 pm
how many lawyers go we have? four, that's a lot. you're a lawyer, start with you, judge, we love dearly. that 9 1/2 minutes that was a disaster for mueller. go ahead. >> it was a disaster. first of all that report as ken starr just said is a report that was supposed to go to the attorney general. the attorney general can decide what if anything he wants to do with it. he didn't to have disclose it, release it -- >> sean: he said no collusion in part one. >> he said no collusion in part one. and then as it related to obstruction he says i can't really acquit the defend, the president. yeah, of obstruction. he was saying i can't say yes or no. under the guidelines in the department of justice, the attorney general and deputy attorney general then come in and make the decision. >> sean: and offer counsel -- >> right, leaving the crumbs for
6:29 pm
congress and suggesting that congress should have oversight and hold hearings, he played himself, took off his mask as an objective special counsel, and shoetd himself to be a political operative. swhn i watched the 9 1/2 minutes, gregg jarrett, i don't think he wrote it. >> i don't think he did. he didn't write the report either, it was written by committee, two committee, james quarrels' side, the reasonable side, felt as if no collusion and not obstruction of justice. the other side was andrew weissmann's side. >> sean: we learned today did the hiring for mueller. >> absolutely. weissmann would find a crime if you just walk down the street. >> sean: is weissmann the one that was held in the book, if i recall correctly, known on withhold exculpatory evidence? >> and threaten with its, called on the carpet, reversed, rebuked by higher courts. this is a guy who should never be a lawyer or a prosecutor.
6:30 pm
but bob mueller's news conference for nine minutes, he contradicted himself. he said if he could clear the president he would. but at the same time in a different sentence he said he couldn't clear the president because of the olc opinion. which is it, bob. the most important question for mueller in front of congress is the following. isn't it true mr. mueller you sat in the oval office talking to the president the day before you became special counsel. >> sean: asking for a job. >> and the president told you his reasons for firing james comey, which makes you the witness in your own case, and demands your recusal. why didn't you? >> sean: david. >> i think that the major problem, the question, series of questions i want to ask mr. mueller starts and stops with the picking of his team. all of the issues you raised in the beginning, relate to that. mueller knew exactly what he was doing. it's not just that he picked only partisan democrats, financial supporters of hillary clinton, hillary clinton's lawyer.
6:31 pm
he picked andrew weissmann. he knew who andrew weissmann was. not only was the only corrupt prosecutor singled out by the chief judge in the eastern district of new york for withholding evidence. >> sean: you have seen this. >> i have the case against him now. he brought the case, when the evidence was disclosed 16 defendants were acquitted, based on that evidence. good judges in the eastern district required it to be disclosed. mueller knew it. he hired him as general counsel, mueller authorized $500,000 in attorney fees for the corrupt fbi agent that weissmann covered up for. >> sean: i'll send to you meet with jim jordan, he needs to have a conversation with you. sent four maryland executives to jail for a year, overturned by the fifth signature. everyone wants, in we'll come back, more with the studio audience and preview the inspector general's upcoming report, former congressman trey gowdy weighs in as well as the deep state is in serious trouble. -and...that's your basic three-point turn.
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>> sean: welcome back to the special edition of hannity. boomerang of justice as we revealed days ago, the report is delayed. two major developments. key with its last minute have decided to cooperate others coming back to add to their testimony. and christopher steele, the one that created the dirty clinton bought and paid for russian dossier full of lies, he was grilled by d.o.j. investigators. the deep state abuse of power scandal, finally coming full circle. here to sman more, former congressman and fox news contributor trey gowdy. you were a prosecutor, never lost a case, i respect that about you, i mention it a lot. mule hears lot of explaining to
6:37 pm
do as ken starr said. and as our panel has been pointing out. if you, trey gowdy, were on that committee what would you want to know? >> why didn't you indict president trump. was it a factual deficiency or opinion. that is the only question that i think is going to change any dynamic coming out of that hearing. >> sean: don't we know the answer? >> why didn't you indict the president. >> sean: we know the answer. >> well, he's given two different answers. identify think he told bill barr, there was a factual deficiency. alluded in his press conference to this d.o.j. o.l.c. opinion. if he's going to say that -- >> sean: about five hours later, attorney general barr and special counsel's office released a joint statement kind of making up for the factual error that mueller made, he was talking about d.o.j. policy and the constitutionality of whether you can or cannot indict a
6:38 pm
sitting president. >> right. and i think what the democrats are going to focus on, it had that policy not been in place would you have indicted private citizen donald trump. that's the only thing that can come out of this. >> sean: doesn't his answer have to be no? because of what he said to barr. >> i think it has to be no for a lot of reasons. i'm sorry, firing jim comey is not obstruction of justice. if it were, rod rosenstein would be in trouble, not president trump. i don't, that is the only -- that is the question that concerns me the most if i were still a republican member of the house, what is going to be his answer. was it the olc opinion or a factual deficiency. the rest of it, he's going to stick with the four corners of his report f you're a republican, you're going to want to ask about bias, what you didn't look into.
6:39 pm
and i still have a bunch of friends on that committee. i would spend all of my time getting mueller to talk about things he didn't bother to look for. just the factual predicate for the russia investigation. anything related to the fisa process. >> sean: the dossier. >> why chris steele -- yeah. all of the things he didn't look at. he's got an out, i wasn't asked to. but i think it's going to resonate with people. these are important issues. if you have time for medallions and taxis why didn't you have time for this. that's a fair question. trust me when i say this, sean, we aren't going to learn a lot unless he fumbles the answer from my point of view, the republican point of view, if he fumbles the answer on why he did not indict donald trump, then this thing will continue to go on for another 6, 9, 12 months. >> sean: but we know the answer. we even read the report. geraldo, there's no underlying crime, i'm complaining, oh, i
6:40 pm
should fire mueller. i have the power to under article 2. correct, attorneys? the power to fire mueller, didn't fire mueller. oh, he should be fired. rosenstein should be fired. this one is a pain in the ass, et cetera. is that obstruction? >> obstruction of injustice, maybe. >> sean: whoa, whoa, slow down, great line. >> obstruction of injustice. clearly, one of the wonderful things about william barr, when he was selected by president trump one of the points he made was imagine if you were president trump and for over two years in your administration you were haunted by the fact these vaunted fabled legendary agencies like the federal bureau of investigation were unleashed on you. everything that do you, every step you take, the police song, every word you speak, they were on him, and second-guessing him, undermining him. >> sean: you can weave in '70s
6:41 pm
music, it's great. >> but thinking not only do you have 50 of the best reporters in the world from the "washington post," "new york times," every other investigative group on your case. >> sean: all got it wrong. >> hating you, you have your own government coming after you, particularly -- the miracle is that he didn't unravel. he didn't truly obstruct. the miracle is that he was at the end of the day -- >> sean: how many people can do that and fix the economy. carter? >> there was so much obstruction growing back to the point on fisa, right, if you look all four of those applications, three of which mr. comey himself signed. they're full of lies. >> sean: was it three? >> absolutely. >> sean: oh, he signed the one october 26, told trump it's unverifiable. >> correct, he signed the first three. >> sean: you mean he lied? >> absolutely. comey lied. >> sean: did he spy on you?
6:42 pm
>> no question. and not only that, when he sent his agents in march of 2017, we had long discussions, they said we know that the democrats did a lot of bad things against you. we know the media was tough about you, you know, was really tough. but the people that also didn't treat you so well was the trump campaign. talk about that. which was complete, you know, complete lies. >> sean: this is a good point. we offer people something of great value, we learned this week about general flynn. tell us what we want to hear and here is your get out of jail free card n my world that is called bribery. >> it is extortion, extortion for information, doesn't matter if it's true or not. when you talk about obstruction and the president remarked on this a few weeks ago, they were able to find your text messages and they can find text messages everywhere. interestingly for mr. mueller,
6:43 pm
is that after lisa page and peter strzok were fired their cell phones were wiped. >> sent back to the factory. >> sean: we'll get in the upper chamber over where matt and kurt. we'll get to when you we get back. sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe said russian interference wouldn't have happened under his watch. it all happened under his watch. audience reaction to biden's latest gaffe. ♪
6:44 pm
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>> fox extreme weather center, another tropical storm barry update, this storm at this point 85 miles off the coast of louisiana. south-southeast of morgan city, louisiana. it's a real slow mover, only moving forth at 4 miles an hour, this is not going to be making
6:48 pm
landfall until some time early tomorrow morning. likely in the 6:00a.m. to 8:00a.m. time frame, that could move a little bit. you notice it's such a slow mover, we're still in northern louisiana by the time you get into sunday morning which means this is going to have a lot of time to drop a lot of rain. as it moves that direction we see watches and warnings, hurricane watches and warnings across the entire louisiana coast, stretching as far off the east portions of the florida panhandle. all places where you can see strong winds. we're beginning to see some. up to 60 miles an hour off the coast. other spots farther off to the north, getting up to 30 and 40-mile-an-hour winds, conditions continue to deteriorate throughout the overnight hours. all of this wind forces up big piles of water, storm surge, that's going to be the main concern. we're also concerned about very heavy rainfall. this is a radar model that's indicating areas getting 8 to 10
6:49 pm
inches of precipitation. shift to the east, new orleans, maybe 6 to 8. but this could move either direction. something we will be watching very closely in the days to come, that will be here on the fox news channel. >> sean: as we continue the special edition of hannity, sleepy, creepy, crazy uncle joe biden 2020 run is in nonstop damage control. it's gotten so bad by ken is trying to rewrite history. he claimed russian election interference would never happen on his or obama's watch. only it happened on their watch, all of it. take a look. >> well, putin is trying to undo all elections, he is undoing elections in europe. look what happened in hungary, look what's happened in poland. you think that would have happened on my watch, barack's watch? i promise you it wouldn't have and it didn't. >> sean: it all happened on obama-biden watch, all of it. here more reaction with the incredible panel. matt, you mentioned earlier were
6:50 pm
you in the white house. interesting the fourth of july speech the president gave got a lot of criticism. i saw him praising a military that literally stopped evil without help in europe. naziism, fascism, imperial japan, that military has defended more freedom around the globe than any other. they deserve that. it was warned of by devin nunes, is he that out of touch? >> when joe biden doesn't have a script in front of him it goes haywire. i love it. the more, the most serious lie in this whole question about the ridiculous charge of collusion is this idea that this was some unique thing that only happened in the last presidential election. the russians have been doing this in our elections while joe biden was the vice president, while he was in the senate, he never did anything to stop it. obama knew this was going to
6:51 pm
happen. >> sean: everyone says o'biden. >> i like it. he knew biden was going to be warned. not tell donald trump but try to ensnare donald trump. that is the fundamental, fraudens basis for this. >> sean: i've always thought, especially with jim comey, describes this meeting, why didn't jim comey say i know you're not there the political world mr. president-elect, i'm not your guy. this is, i am separate and apart, just so you know. why didn't they tell the trump campaign, he's a patriot, loves his country, done great philanthropic work. why didn't they just tell donald trump, i think there might be some attempt, russian interference in your campaign and give him a chance to clean it up. 23 it was happening. turns out it wasn't. why didn't they approach that. >> you wonder that.
6:52 pm
for some reason then jim comey, turns around and ends up leaking all of this information to his professor friend, yet he seems to get away with that, doesn't he? one of the things i'm also sort of wondering about, andrew weissmann. why is it that if the democrats are so interested in getting information about the mueller investigation, why don't they bring him to capitol hill? why is it that all of the democrats don't seem so interested about what andrew weissmann has to say? i've been asking them these questions. they're like, we don't want to talk about that right now. >> sean: let me get a prediction, i want predictions here. question i most frequently am asked by everybody, when, who, who, when. when are they going to be held accountable. we've been peeling the onion for two years. we have gotten further than i thought when we started. you have a thought? will people be indicted for abuse of power and corruption,
6:53 pm
that's the question i want to ask you all. >> i suspect so. but it takes long time. uncovering lies with all of the coverup involved, takes a very long time. >> sean: are we close? >> no, we're not close. william barr has a lot of work to could and john durham and the inspector general. >> sean: will it happen? >> i think there will be. >> sean: there will be indictments about the names we talk about every night? >> i hope there are indictments. the evidence is compelling and overwhelming. >> sean: incontrovertible, tammy? >> yes, it's low hanging fruit, the american people won't accept a lack of indictment. it was about the rule of law and fairness. >> shannon: james comey won't be indicted? >> i don't think so. and i think when it comes to the hillary team that you had so many people given i mummunimmun get indictments you need some one to whistle blow. you need some one to confess, to say yes we did this.
6:54 pm
>> sean: let me get everyone in. >> first of all comey has to be dieted. all right, the rats are already jumping ship, already pointing the finger at each other. you have durham -- >> sean: indicted for what? >> hold a second, you have durham and barr, serious prosecutors. >> sean: premeditated. >> they don't play games. >> i trust bill barr to make the right decision. >> sean: you can't believe the big names. >> not as much as we want but i agree with the judge. >> sean: comey? >> god i'd love it. >> the indictments, plea deals. >> i don't believe there will be, people would never satisfy the american people. the evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible. >> sean: they took away his constitutional rights and they will get away with it? >> weissmann has been doing it for 30 or 40 years. two people sitting here -- >> sean: maybe it's time for equal justice. >> the issue is not whether they took carter page's rights away from you. i agree he should have an
6:55 pm
incredibly big lawsuit. the issue is whether on its face -- >> sean: he needs to sue. >> on its face they have lied to congress. they have obstructed evidence. they have obstructed justice. >> sean: carter, last word. >> there's just, it's all come down to lies. there's no truth out there. it's just been lie after lie for the last several years. >> sean: you feel mort most of your life is tainted because people are suspicious of you, you were spied for a year? >> i'm concerned about the damage it's done for our country, president trump, his entire administration. >> sean: you going to sue? >> there's a lot coming so very soon, sean. >> sean: more of this great panel as we continue.
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... peter strzok and lisa page barry hurricane barry peter stroke strong peter strzok andrew
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>> that's all the time we have left. we will never be the hate trump media mob. don't let your heart be troubled. laurainlaura ingraham is next.
7:00 pm
have a good weekend. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is special edition of the ingraham angle from washington. the so-called experts were wrong about trump's agenda from the start. and now the 2020 democrats have their own spin, what a shock. we set the record straight in a dynamite segment ahead with maria bartiromo. ken starr is here exclusively. he will share behind the scene real story about what happened during the jeffery epstein plea deal, he was there. what happens with this testimony being moved for bob mueller. and we address the stran