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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 14, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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facebook page, we will continue debate on twitter, back here next sunday, 11:00 eastern with the latest buzz. >> start with fox news alert, louisiana taking a beating from barry, 150,000 people and more are braising for more flooding, 150,000 now without power and the governor says their worst is not over, hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm eric sean. arthel: hello, i'm arthel nfl, here come the rain again, hurricane barry quickly becoming a tropical storm after hitting the louisiana coastline, but still packing a punch, heavy rain flooding streets and homes and more than a foot more expected to fall, some levies south of new orleans overtopped. eric: team fox news coverage for you, adam klotz in extreme weather center, jeff paul on the ground, he's in baton rogue,
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louisiana, first casey live from new orleans where levy system have perhaps biggest test since hurricane katrina, hey, casey? >> eric, you can say that again, government leaders say that the post katrina hurricane protection system passed the test with flying colors, they say the pumps worked and they say that the gates that were closed, 244 of them helped keep the storm surge at bay and all of the federally-maintained levies along the mississippi river held, you mentioned some problems with overtopping of levies down, emergency repairs have been successfully made to those as we were showing you yesterday, however, this was certainly not smooth sailing, there were a lot of problem areas for lower line perishes down here, look at the video, 12
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rescues, 14 if you count two family pets were carried out by the u.s. coast guard on morgan city, louisiana, rising water closed roads and communities where we were live yesterday particularly along the north side, the storm surge warning for lake pontchartrain has been canceled, relief for so many keeping close eye on water levels, it's all part of calling this spot home and the rewarded far outweighs the risk, listen. >> it can happen anywhere, you are going to have a fire and lose your house, you can't live like that, you have to appreciate the blessings is that that gives us. >> maybe a little less son -- lesson for all of us, flights are starting to resume and later today some of the city's bus routes will resume with the
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majority of them starting tomorrow so barry may have went a little bit easy on the big easy, totally different story, though, further north of here as you're going to see with jeff paul and other colleagues that are getting hit with barry. >> thankfully $20 billion in state and federal money that went to rebuild the water pumps and the flood gates and system has now saved that precious city of new orleans, casey, thank you. arthel. arthel: thankfully mississippi river has been holding up under barry's beating but flooding, slow moving storm likely to cause disastrous flooding elsewhere, jeff paul in state capital of baton rogue, hey, jeff. >> yeah, arthel, levy being tested right now but they are holding up, we are really starting to feel what is left and what is happening with
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tropical storm barry right here in baton rogue, it is whipping whether you the area here where you see the levels here of the mississippi river nearly at all-time high extremely saturated, the rain is really starting to come down here, the winds are starting to come through as well and i think a lot of people in this area thought they were sort of in the clear and now things are beginning to change as you see the weather sort of take a turn for the worse. so far no major reports of flooding in baton rogue but certain people that are out there right now trying to help the people who might find themselves in a situation where they need to be rescued, that being the united cajen navy. >> i think that's a big concern, you know, right now, any rain that we get here in baton rogue has nowhere to go. i think right now we are not out of the woods yet. >> now, the mayor here in baton rogue thought that the heaviest
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rain would come through overnight and that really didn't happen, there was 1 to 2-inches and giving people false sense of security that they're in the clear that barry came through and it was really nothing but as you see the weather out here changing, much of a different story that we are hearing about isolated flooding and flood warnings and in some spots tornado warnings issued and something we will be keeping an eye, arthel. >> catches people off guard, oh, we are safe and then comes the water. jeff paul, yeah, exactly. thank you. thanks, jeff. eric. eric: arthel tropical storm barry is expected to weaken to tropical depression, you know it's still dumping torrential rain as it moves to louisiana and mississippi and moving so slowly that can cause disastrous flooding as we have been reporting, meteorologist adam klotz tracking the path of the storm. >> hey, eric, you said it's
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weakening, all of the moisture is still there, center of can he recollectulation, running up now in portions of central and northern louisiana, look at how all of the activity is so far away from it well off to the east, well off to the south, really 9 miles an hour and dragging all of this moisture wit and relatively slowly, continue to move to the north at pretty slow pace, here is where all of the rain is and activity, even though the wind is dying down a little bit, the story will continue to be heavy rain across portion in mississippi, running to portions of northern mississippi, some of these are absolutely downpours, these very heavy rain cells farther to the south, heavy rain continues to roll in and roll in through portions of new orleans, outside of new orleans, the box there is severe thunderstorm, we have seen thunderstorms briefly pop up, short-lived tornadoes pop up, the story continues to be heavy rain that we are now begin to go get more and more into and it's going to continue here, now, along the coast, there's still some of the heaviest rain
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off the coast, we are seeing rounds of it at times that's a very heavy rain, band of rain that's training, running through franklin, if i take you off the coast, still huge area where this is all out of the gulf of mexico, all of that is going to lift, run up into louisiana which means a lot more moisture still on the way, this is additional rainfall, not including what we've already had, additional rainfall, when you start to get the orange colors, that's pretty widespread, 6 to 12-inches of more rain on the way, you see it's not just limited to portions of western louisiana, central louisiana, but drags itself all the way far north as arkansas, memphis, maybe even portions of southern illinois, huge area, does take a little while, flood watches and warnings in the entire region, getting pretty close to st. louis there, future radar, huge area, it's going the take you from sunday, you can pay attention to time stamp, we continue to pull the moisture
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up, rounds of heavy rain as you get into monday morning along some of the same areas that we have folks out there right now, eric, this is going to take a little while, so even as the center of circulation moves, the moisture behind it is what we will be watching. eric: it's going to come down. >> yeah. eric: cause such problems over the next few weeks, adam, thank you, arthel. arthel: for more on this commander of mississippi valley division, he joins us now by phone, general kaiser, thanks for joining us. >> i'm glad to be here, thanks for having me on. arthel: very important day to have you, let's start here, how dangerous are current levels of the mighty mississippi? >> the highest it's been for a long time, i remind all the viewers, 41% of our country past new orleans, we've taken
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altogether lower mississippi valley saturated and really no more room for water when barry showed up. high river that we are controlling and then we faced the storm surge which is now subsiding, what we are dealing with right now is heavy rainfall which some of your previous folks were talking about. >> yeah, more rain on the way, so general where is the greatest vulnerability and who is in the most danger? >> i think what you're finding very favorable forecast and we are getting river forecast that continue to drop and this is great news, so in baton rogue, the rivers, much lower than we predicted based on the rainfall, you're still going to have significant problem in mississippi delta and they've suffered under significant flooding for months now, i will tell you everywhere that we have levied are federal dollars and the systems have held up well,
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protects multiple states, all the way to gulf of mexico, that has provided $80 to return on investment for every dollar the federal government has invested, we are really looking at the delta, back-water areas, still have a really keen eye on baton rogue as well. arthel: yeah, and you can't stop running water but is there any way, general, to bait any potentially life-threatening breaches of surge barriers or levies although you seem to have confidence that they're going to hold up? >> yeah, we have not had one single overtopping or breach on a main line levy in mississippi river and that's great news, the breaches you're seeing are levy that is have a lower-level of protection that we haven't had federal investment in, this is a good point that perhaps these are areas that might need federal investment. but i will tell you our teams are out there right now today working hand in hand with the state, local and fema officials, the partnership has been
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tremendous. i want to say governors of both mississippi and louisiana did excellent job preparing for the storm, because the barry formed did not provide a lot of time as you're used to with most hurricanes. arthel: you've got 150,000 customers in louisiana without power as of 5:00 o'clock central time this morning, how does this impact residents already anxious about the water and does this impede rescue efforts? >> well, the power is main issue, i tell you right now we have folks on the ground embedded with state and local leaders and we are helping them do technical assistance of key and critical facilities, things like hospitals and other -- other areas that really have to be back in power first, so we've got men and women on the ground working hand in hand with the locals to get power turned on as soon as possible, again, i would say that the state and local officials have really done a very good job during this trying time.
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arthel: they really have, they really have, barry is bringing isolated tornadoes with them, how does that complicate things? >> i'm sitting in an area that's under tornado watch as well, it does complicate it, you'll see some of the efforts we tried to stop the breach, that's what tornadoes and some of the heavy rains will do, just cause further delays to recover. we've got folks on the river, mississippi river actively doing survey operation that is we can get shipped and moving again on mississippi river, we are back to work today and continue in the weeks ahead. arthel: general kaiser, you're doing a fine job, thank you very much, thank you for your time and good luck with everything, sir, thank you. >> thank you. >> okay.
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>> this could have been much worse, when you're talking about a city like new york with significant piece of the city basically suffering a blackout, that could be a very chaotic situation. we saw the exact opposite actually, we saw new yorkers at their best. eric: wow, what a night it was in new york city, imagine if your lights, your television, your air-conditioning and the street where you live goes dark, that did happen without warning here in new york city. we suffered a fur hour blackout that hit major chunk of the nation's biggest city right in the heart of manhattan. broadway shows and bus squares darkened and drivers left to fend for themselves because no traffic signals, folks were trapped in elevators in high-rises and darkened subways underground but thankfully the juice did go back on, jackie has more on last night's adventure in fox news room. >> it certainly was adventure.
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the power company blamed it on mechanical failure at transformer substation, 73,000 accounts were in the dark and when you consider that one building could be one account, you're talking hundreds of thousands of people who were impacted, the blackout span 30 blocks from midtown manhattan to upper west side, 7:00 p.m. to nearly midnight, traffic lights went dark, billboards in time square shut off, direct traffic by hand, stores, restaurants unable to ring transactions and few broadway musicals brought the show with no lights in theater, hotels and large buildings issued mass evacuations so people wouldn't get tracked in 80-degree heat. madison square garden sold-out jennifer lopez show, although several people were rescued from elevators and subway cars, did
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put spotlight on mayor de blasio, campaigning for 2020 presidential run in iowa. >> when you're mayor or governor you're going to travel for a variety of reasons, the important is to have the hand on the wheel, make sure things are moving effectively and communicate to people even from where i was i was able to do that with the people of new york city. >> senator chuck schumer have called on agencies what caused the mechanical issue that triggered the blackout and make sure it doesn't happen again. eric: we covered the news conference live with the official speaking and the lights in the apartment building went on and there was a huge cheer from the crowd behind us, that really spoke volumes about -- for everybody. >> same thing down here when the lights came back on at radio city, everyone was cheering and a great stieght see.
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>> hope they stay on. >> no kidding. arthel: great job covering it all in new york city. all right, eric, ice raids starting today in several major u.s. cities, how the administration is defending the action that could end up removing thousands, if not millions of illegal immigrants from the u.s. is that net carbs or total?... eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress
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>> i would push back on terminology of raids, it's called enforcement action, law enforcement in this country enforces the law, it's definition of their duties and this, of course, happened under president obama, referred to as deporter in chief. arthel: counselor to the president kellyanne conway as ice raids get underway today,
9:20 am
agents would spread out in major cities to arrest illegal aliens who are already facing deportation orders, william has more now from los angeles, william. >> well, arthel, if a criminal alien is arrested in los angeles this is typically where they are brought for identification and processing deportation, now we are not sure if this is going forward in all 9 cities, ice doesn't typically talk about operations beforehand for fear of giving up fun of the few advantages they have which is the element of surprise, but president trump said on friday it was going to happen turning into a big deal, something that kellyanne said happens every day with operation teams to identify typically criminal aliens, look at latest address, surveillance, literally identify the routine and make an arrest, the difference here is 2,000 standing deportation orders, they've been through the courts, have due process and judge said it's time to leave within 90 days, they did not, the critics call heartless, racist,
9:21 am
unnecessary that hurts the economy and brings fear to the community even though it's less than 1% with deportation orders, those fear going to work, school, to the store because they could be a target. >> very scared because it's not like a big scare, you know, some of them -- the majority of the people know their rights, you know, and only we need to be prepared for this kind of cases, you know, if ice comes into the house, -- if they knock to the door, don't open. >> people are going to stay inside, stock up and they will do what they feel is necessary to -- to keep their families together, to stay with their families. >> as graphic shows president obama did indeed deport a lot more people than president bush or president trump, 400,000 in 2012 and yet members of congress and democrats did not say anything at the time, now, however, immigrants on high alert, sawngware politicians as
9:22 am
well, creating phone, hiring lawyers, putting up fliers, don't answer the door and don't answer questions. he decided to go forward. >> start on sunday. they will take people out and they will bring them back to their countries or take criminals out and put them in prison or put them in prison to the countries they came from, we are focused on criminals as much as we can. >> this could go badly for the administration because so-called collateral arrest, arthel. basically you find an individual who is your target in the home, however, wife and child there who are illegal as well, do you separate the families and risk the video from going viral, of course, it would, arrest everyone and separating the
9:23 am
family and take to go residential center in pennsylvania, texas, that's where the administration decided. >> thank you, william, eric. eric: for more on this, joined by former ice director and fox news contributor tom homan, tom, what's your reaction for today's raids? >> i think it's overdue, i've been calling for months, the people had due process at taxpayer expense and judge said you have to leave, they lost their case. if you and i, eric, the judge ordered, what would happen to us, there has to be integrity in the system, they had a chance to turn themselves in and work with ice to get their belongs together and do what they had to do but they refused, so ice has to do this, if they don't do this sends message to world, even the charge start to leave, we will protect you, that's the last thing we need to be telling the rest of the world.
9:24 am
>> how does it work in terms of operation, you've been on the ground, you've been on these, knock on the door, you don't answer the door, what happens, they bring -- >> no, unless they have a criminal warrant, look, law enforcement operation, they can find them when they leave the home, they will find them at place of employment, they will find them in general public, they are going to find them. much easier if they just do what the united states federal judge has ordered them to do and nancy pelosi is saying that had news conference, how people can evade arrest, i want to ask nancy pelosi, can i evade paying my taxes because you seem to think what laws we will obey. if the law is on the book, enacted by congress and the judge is making decision, there's no other choice than abide by that decision. >> critics are saying that it's heartless, it's cruel, it's unnecessary and rip families apart, you can have children who are american citizens or spouse
9:25 am
who is an american citizen and the raids are terrorizing the people. >> well, first of all, illegal aliens came to the country illegally, ordered to remove, became fugitive and decided to have u.s. citizen child, they put themselves in that position, they created the unhappy scenario, it's very unfortunate but you can't blame anybody else than the person who intentionally violated our laws, knew they weren't supposed to be here and chose to have citizen child, you can't put this on men and women of ice, if the message we want to send to the rest of the world, come, hide out and have u.s. citizen child, the border will be a lot worse than this today. >> the president has been taking a lot of heat for this, huge editorial in times about this, every person who assume it is
9:26 am
president of the united states, takes laws that require people to be deported and after being deported due process, the last year of the obama administration looks similar to the first year of the trump administration and let me show you the numbers, under president clinton, you're pushing up to 2 million removals, president bush topped 1 million, president obama almost kind of doubled president trump in 2017, so can you give me a view of -- of why you think this is so controversial and removals have increased versus the returns and what that means? >> under president obama record number of removals, 409,000, the trump administration removed more than half of that n. the 3 years i ran enforcement
9:27 am
operation of ice and 3 years i ran them, i oversaw removal of 1 million illegal aliens, president trump, he's doing his job, he's keeping his promise to american people and he's letting law enforcement officers enforce the law. and i'm surprised, i didn't know about the new york times, i'm surprised it was the new york times, they are exactly right, president trump is doing his job, he's the right president at the right time and secure this border, he doesn't care what the dems are going to say or advocates are going to say, he will do his job, the majority of people want secured border, less illegal drugs, i stand behind the president, i salute the president, i think he's a great president, i think he's going to fix this, i honestly give him full credit for everything that's been done so far in trying to secure our border. eric: we will see certainly what happens and probably get reports on the results of what happens today later on in this week and we, of course, will be back talking about this, tom homan,
9:28 am
former ice director, thank you. arthel: presidential hopefuls are out and about today in early primary states, handful of them stopping at campaign event in iowa city, so who is gaining ground on front runner joe biden ?
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that he was not going to run so he could focus on campaign to impeach president trump which he has poured millions of dollars over into the last few years, on abc this week pushed back on criticism and simply trying to buy his way into the white house. >> we have a broken government, it's been corrupted and i've been doing that successfully from the outside for 10 years.
9:33 am
if we are going to take back this democracy, someone going to lead who has successfully done it from the outside or a bunch of people from washington, d.c., the insiders sending reform to government -- >> for 10 -- senator bernie sanders is one of those candidates who has criticized styer for entering the race, sanders weighed in on the growing tensions between house speaker nancy pelosi and young progressive democrats such as alexandria ocasio-cortez and those growing tensions had been playing out in public over the past week. >> i support alexandria and the others to bringing young people to the democratic party, that's the future of the democratic party. >> she's being too tough on them? >> i think a little bit, you can -- you cannot ignore the young people of the country who are passionate about economic and racial and social and
9:34 am
environmental, you have to bring them in. >> sanders also pointed out that he posed very well among young progressive voters, both kamala harris and beto o'rourke are holding events in new hampshire which is home to the first in the nation primary, arthel. arthel: lart, garrett tu enney, thank you, presidential hopefuls are gaining ground on the former front runner vp joe biden, political reporter james joins me. >> joe biden leads one of them, right now he's ahead in the polls but that lead has been shrinking a lot. elizabeth warren, for example, in latest wall street journal nbc poll right on the heels,
9:35 am
almost within the margin of error and underneath that would be best who has the largest organization in terms of fundraising, of course, you saw last week that pete buttigieg outweighed joe biden, joe biden is the front runner right now but if you were to compare him to say hillary clinton, much stronger front runner at this point or i have been mitt romney in 2012. arthel: competition was different. of top tier candidates who has potential to surpass mr. biden? >> let's step back for a second, probably most dramatic thing happening this summer is we are seeing a separation of a top-tier group of candidates, you know, 25 people running after this right now they are making minds that they do not want 20 of them and there's basically 5 or 6 in that top tier and among that top tier, at least in the early states where i talked with activists, they could really go either way.
9:36 am
the one thing is that bernie sanders certainly has core base of sporters, he has the highest floor, he probably -- lowest ceiling and joe biden, if he lose it is mantle of nominee it'll be hard for him to come back, clearly right now the folks with momentum would be the other ones running at the top tier, elizabeth warren has ton of momentum and pete buttigieg and he's been able to maintain a lot of buzz since he began in march. >> to general democratic and independent voting pool, who as seen as most electable? >> well, right now there's only one answer to that which is joe biden, but in most recent poll that we found that there are 3 democrats who still defeat president trump, at least in terms of polling which is obviously problematic, we look at 2016 on that question, biden, he has the best shot, biden
9:37 am
still wins and elizabeth warren up by 5 points over the president, electability is major driving factor to democrats i talked to and need to answer the question as to why they uniquely can take out the president. arthel: so what's the answer? who is it? >> well, i think we will find out, is that -- arthel: okay. that's fine. let me move on. >> no. what i'm saying -- arthel: i was waiting, i asked you -- >> i think like president obama who was considered to be unelectable among the democratic base until he won iowa, shown to be seen as possibly electable, i think that's what makes the first states really important. arthel: okay, james, our at what point might we see collaboration, two top of the tier candidates to commit to ticket?
9:38 am
>> that's a long time. the main story is who will drop out before september and if folks drop out, will they endorse any particular top-tier candidates, i think that's where the story right now versus when the folks are going to start collaborating, it's really anyone's contest. >> you make a point. you're in it to win it, thank you. >> thank you. arthel: eric. eric: well, you know the chinese giant h, awei has been in cross hairs accused of being government-spy operation and the company has long denied that, the company does plan extensive layoffs right here in its american operations. hundreds of workers are expected to be laid off in states like texas, california and washington and such a move likely to raise trade tensions, gillian turner has more from our washington bureau, hi, gillian. gillian: hi, eric, gaunt telecom h, awei world-leading equipment
9:39 am
supplier and set to lay off hundreds of employees here in the united states according to wall street journal. the layoffs are expected to hit workers in texas, california and washington the hardest, the ha, -- many others will be notified and the move comes in deepening trade tensions between u.s. and primary technology competitor china and follows on the heels of the u.s. commerce department putting hauwei and the trade relationship has now reached tipping point. >> we share the same values of you that every time they crack us down, we are reminding the world that china is not to be trusted. >> the trump administration
9:40 am
flagged hauwei here that works hand and glove to spy on the united states, has no government ties. >> we should say we are opposed to our presence to the american blacklist because the decision had no basis in fact, this decision is actually harmful for many sides including many american companies. >> sources say that some of hauwei employees are given the option to return home and then stay on with the company there. something they say will come as a blow to the trump administration which has made keeping jobs core agenda issue. some promising signs did come earlier this week, commerce secretary wilbur ross announced the u.s. will begin granting export licenses to suppliers whose sales not to put national security at risk and secretary
9:41 am
mnuchin is reportedly urging u.s. suppliers here to apply for licenses overseas, eric. eric: thanks so much. after britain seized iranian oil tanker may give it back under certain conditions and stand-up largest opposition group that europe follow the trump administration and stop doing business with tehran, up next we will take you to that rally and talk to the group's leader.
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♪you can be the king kong ♪bangin on your chest ♪you can beat the world you can beat the war♪ ♪you can talk to god while bangin on his door♪ ♪you can throw your hands up you can beat the clock♪ ♪you can move a mountain you can break rocks♪ ♪you can be a master don't wait for luck♪ ♪dedicate yourself and you can find yourself♪ ♪standin in the hall of fame ♪yea ♪and the world's gonna know your name, yea♪ >> shouldn't be allowed to enrich uranium at all. they shouldn't be allowed to reprocess nuclear material at all because that's how you make a bomb. arthel: senator lindsey graham calling for more sanctions on iran this as the, k says it is willing to release iranian tanker that royal marines seized
9:45 am
off strait of gilbratar only if iran guaranties it's not violating european sanctions by shipping oil to syria, trey following all of this from bureau, hi, trey. >> hi, arthel, the british say they will release iranian oil tanker that was seized just a few weeks ago off the straight of gilgratar, they want to make sure it's not headed to syria, announce meant made over the weekend by the british foreign secretary jeremy hud, the iranian is suspected violating sanctions and iranian spokesperson said today that iran suspects the ship will be released. the back and forth statements come after iran tried to seized british tanker in the gulf last week, attempt was unsuccessful
9:46 am
let britain for vessels traveling in iranian waters, as britain and the united states continue to increase military presence in the gulf to ensure passage of vessels do continue to rise across region. this after the united states pulled out of the deal and reimposed sanctions on iran, speaking today iranian president said continued efforts by the united states to pressure iran have failed. >> over the past 14 months whatever route the americans went down, whether it was the social route, political route or the leader route, it led to their defeat. >> now iran has promised to break another commitment in the nuclear deal every 60 days unless europe is able to find way to ease economic pressure in the country, meanwhile the united states will continue to pressure the islamic republic thus the standoff continues, arthel.
9:47 am
arthel: all right, trey thank you very much for the update. eric: holding annual rally against tehran regime. this time supporters in albania, every year the event attracts a variety of former top u.s. officials from both sides of the aisle and this year among those demanding the european stopped doing business with regime rudy giuliani. >> i accuse rue -- mass murder, crimes against humanity, how can we tolerate this, how can we
9:48 am
live with this 40 years. >> involved in serious crisis. eric: leader of largest opposition group, head of national council of resistance of iran, she say it is recent attacks in oil tankers in persian gulf and shooting down of u.s. drone that the u.s. blamed on tehran exposed the weakness of the regime. >> it faces explosive society and organized resistance movement and america which is not rush to go -- rushing to help it critical moment. >> the new economic sanctions slapped on iran by president trump have increased the financial pressure on the government and the only way to change iran's behavior is to reimpose united nations security council sanction that is before the nuclear deal had cut off billions in trade. critics say the u.s. abandoning
9:49 am
the nuclear deal will only speed up tehran's pursuit of a nuclear weapon. but the money only emboldens the regime. >> in 2015 does not benefit the iranians, unfrozen assets were used for more operations and marketing. >> protests on the streets of washington and in europe, supports the countless demonstration that is have taken place inside iran, that's where the future of her nation lies. >> recognize the right of the iranian resistance. >> well, iran is willing to consider the congress of terrorist groups, that does not stop protests against the government, those demonstrations still continue inside iran. arthel.
9:50 am
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arthel: fox news alert, another 6 months before boeing 737 max jets are back in the air, the company is still fixing its flight control software after hundreds died in two crashes of max jets since last fall. kristina coleman live in los angeles with the details, kristina. >> hi, arthel, boeing is still hopeful that they can get the planes back in the air before the end of the year but growing number of government officials say completing steps to ensure the safety of the planes current hazardous flight software could stretch into 2020, 737 max jets have faced repeated setbacks
9:54 am
including new problem that was uncovered back in june unrelated to issues that may have led to the two deadly crashes, the jets have been grounded since march. airlines have canceled thousands of flights already and now two major airlines are concerned, united airlines on friday announcing it would extend its flight cancellations until november 3rd and american airlines releasing statement just a few hours ago extending its 737 max grounding until november 2nd, 115 flights per day to be canceled and that includes flights not originally scheduled on 737's, the wall street journal reporting that boeing says it plans to answer any outstanding questions that the faa or global regulators might have and airlines continue to be hopeful that the fuel efficient planes will be ready for air before the busy holiday season, but industry experts
9:55 am
remain skeptical following the repeated delays. the wall street journal also reporting that this is the fifth time americans have pushed max flying since first had to call off flights when regulate stoppe planes. arthel. arthel: thank you. >> 2,000 illegal immigrants under deportation orders, live coverage of of that continues at the top of the hour. mazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico. over 75 years of savings and service.
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arthel: a baby girl born last week in st. louis is a perfect three, four three 30 jamie brown entered the world seven-11-and exactly 7:11 p.m. wayne a net 7 pounds 11 ounces. if only she had been born at a 711. mom and dad say they plan to tell the convenience chain about the incredible coincidence maybe she will get sponsored by 711. may be her college tuition paid for. leland: bats and we have a special night tonight. catch our all-american special bringing the untold stories of the american revolution and showcase what makes our country great. that fox nation special tonight right here on the fox news at 8:00 p.m. eastern and also online at fox nation, go and sign up. you get a lot of exclusives you can catch my special, the search
10:00 am
for james rojas. arthel: i can't wait. leland: it's huge. arthel: join us at 4:00 p.m. eastern. >> a fox news alert as immigration raids are underway today with ice officials targeting migrants in several us cities including new york, chicago, houston and san francisco. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. i'm kristin fisher. >> nice to be with you. we had bit of a blackout in new york yesterday. the lights are back on. president trump is facing criticism from opponents over these raids, but the administration says the migrants being targeted have been issued deportation orders by a court and mike tobin is on the


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