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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 19, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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field. houston astro fans astro players. you never want to throw that back. you got to keep that thing. todd: you want to keep your channel locked to fox news channel because "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ working for a living ♪ working for a living ♪ working for a living ♪ living and working ♪ taking what they're giving ♪ because we're working for a living. steve: the man who is singing that song is actually in front of stage right now. phil vassar a moment ago. he is going to be our summer performer during our all-american summer concert series brought to us by our friends at sandals. ainsley: sandals. pete: famous dave's
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barbecue. ainsley: ribs, chicken. come out there if you are in new york 48th and sixth avenue. free concert. phil vassar used to write songs for so many award singers. pete: award-winning. ainsley: he started singing himself. now he has all these top hits. his little girl was in one of the videos when she was it bitty. and now she is grown up. pete: i set my clock by friday summer concert series. otherwise i wouldn't know what day of the week. steve: goofed to have you here. brian is off today. pete just concluded one week in a small cabin with how many children. pete: seven kids in wisconsin. it was fantastic. upon to an, bonfire, water skiing, all that stuff. ton of fun. good to be back. ainsley: a lot of chaos. pete: a lot of news went on while i was gone. steve: no, slow news day. something happened yesterday. ainsley: that brings to us a fox news alert. iran is now denying that the u.s. shot down one of its drones over international waters as tensions reach a fever pitch.
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pete: this comes just hours after president trump confirmed the attack himself. steve: aishah has any here to break it down. >> are in a bizarre twist the country is now denying that a strikedown even happened in a tweet the country's deputy foreign minister says we have not lost any drone in the strait of hormuz nor anywhere else. i'm worried that u.s. has has shot down their own uas by mistake. well, the president has a different story. local time thursday an iranian drone was spotted within 1,000 yards of a uss boxer warship in the strait of hormuz. the drone apparently egg poured in order repeated calls to stand down. that's when marines took it down on their own. they used this that you are looking at right there on your screen. specialized electronic jamming equipment. and now the president is calling on the rest of the world to help protect the
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gulf. >> this is the latest of provocative by iran against vessels operating in international waters. jillian: of course this is refueling sentences after iran shot down a u.s. drone on june 20th that it claims crossed into territory lines. and the country also on sunday captured a foreign tanker from the uae claiming the crew of 12 was smuggling oil. demanding release saying iran must cease this illicit activity and release the crew and vessel immediately. the state strait of hormuz is incredibly important only sea passage way for a good chunk of the world's oil. steve: all right, aishah, thank you very much. pete, you are a military man. explain to me why iran would say wait a minute, all of our drones returned to home base. they didn't shoot anything out of the sky? pete: because they are not held to accountability. of course if one ever our drones was shot down some colonel somewhere is held
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accountable to somebody else. pete: they have to save face. they would never admit this type of a situation they will use their propaganda to say what they want to say. we know the truth, they know the truth. this was coming. they are feeling the pressure right now. we can take steps to continue to say we're the big dogs in the neighborhood. ainsley: we sent out several warnings according to reports and used electronic jamming some say to bring it down. steve: we showed that device. pete: give them every chance. they continue to be provocative you shoot it down. steve: iran is in trouble now, the ambassador to the united nations was in new york yesterday. he said the united states is trying to starve our people and deplete our treasury. part of the sanctions. general jack keane said that's all part of the president's maximum pressure strategy, which is working. >> the leadership in iran is back on their heels literally for the first time that i have ever seen.
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and what we need to do is not overreact, be patient, because strategy we have in place is working. and we don't need to go up the ladder of escalation with the iranians in a way that they would love it take us there. we have to be careful about what we are doing. our strategy, our offensive strategy is working. and don't fall in to a provocation trap that they are setting for us. pete: yeah. the president hasn't fallen for that. steve: of course, iran has all their drones. we didn't shoot down. ainsley: that's what they're saying. we shot down our own. pete: they are always straight up. ainsley: yesterday on the hill there was a big grilling that dhs secretary kevin mcaleenan was there face the house oversight committee. all the democrats on that committee really just beat them down about what is happening down at our border. listen to a montage that we put together of the chairman, elijah cummings, along with some of the other democratic leaders, some of those progressives. >> i guess you feel like you
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are doing a great job, right? is that what you are saying? >> we are doing our level best in a very challenging. >> what does that mean? what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feces. >> conditions in our custody. you want to codify those positions. >> you want to keep them longer. it's been very clear from this administration you want to keep kids longer. >> we want to keep families together through an immigration proceeding. >> by keeping kids longer. >> do you think that the policy of child separation could have contributed to a dehumanizing culture within wcbp that contributes and spills over into other areas of conduct. >> we deno have the a dehumanizing culture at cbp. this is an agency that will rescues 400,000 a year end errant actor with we do not believe there is a dehumanizing culture. steve: one of the things did he say, and this was a statistic i read this morning "the washington post" that caught my eye. he said that fewer than
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1,000 children have been separated from 450,000 family units that have come into the country since october. so, 450,000 family groups since october, fewer than 1,000 separated. but it does not include the children who came with relatives, who are separated under longstanding policy to safeguard against human trafficking. pete: yeah. speaking of dehumanization. who has been dehumanized? it's been the ice agents and border patrol agents whose motives are being impugned every single day. 4,000 people rescueside a fact. we know that's what they done 00 border to save kids, to save women. to say save men who make this dangerous journey. it's all disingenuous. very rich for congress to be preaching to these guys after congress' total inability to get anything done. ainsley: you can't complain about an election and didn't go to the polls and vote. in this situation they are complaining about something, these ice directors or these homeland security directors
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have gone to congress time and time again and asked them for money. pete: exactly. ainsley: finely a week ago or month ago they did give them $4 billion. he did say yesterday that is working. we appreciate that money. that is helping us expedite. this buff he said time and time again i have asked y'all for money and y'all didn't give it. why are y'all complaining? steve: look, you have a problem with these laws that interest on the books. change the laws, you're congress. tom homan, former ice directors was on the channel last night, talking about how congress handled the crisis just about five years ago versus now. >> i put it right on the feet of congress. the secretary and border patrol has been telling them for months we are beyond capacity, we need help. give hhs money to we can get people into appropriate facility. congress sat on it. i didn't hear any of these people yelling back in fy 14, fy 15 we had the same exact situation on the
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border and they quickly gave money and that's when we built 3,000 family detention beds. that's when we built the so-called cages. i mean, it is night and day how they're reacting today compared to how they reacted back in '14 and '15. pete: when there was a crisis much smaller under the obama administration, congress did the appropriate thing and funded it to deal with it. but when it happens during president trump's ear remarks the resistance races uraises up and says you can't do that. steve: it has nothing to do with trump, nothing. pete: that's what they say every singer gel day. will. ainsley: robert perez is going to be on our show at 8:15 and we will ask him these questions and get his reaction. pete: this guy has been there on both sides of the coin. double standard every single day. steve: it's stark. we heard from the president yesterday about the rally the night before normal north carolina where at one point the crowd for over 10 seconds was chanting "send
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her back, send her back." referring to congresswoman omar. yesterday the president made it very clear that he said that he was not happy with that and tried to stop it. listen. >> i started speaking very quickly. it really was a loud -- i disagree with it by the way -- but it was quite a chant. and i felt a little bit badly about it. but i will say this. i did and i started speaking very quickly. but it started up rather fast, as you probably noticed. >> so you will tell your supporters never to -- >> -- i would say that i was not happy with it. i disagree with it. but, again, i didn't say that they did. but i disagree with it. >> but they were echoing what you just said in your first tweet they should go back. >> i think if you examine that you will not find it but i disagree with it. pete: in every argument and i have been on vacation this past week. steve: didn't miss anything.
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pete: every time i turn on the tv or read a newsletter about it trump made racist remarks yet he has never yet once invoked race he pointed out if you don't love the values of our country maybe you should go somewhere else. they make it about race. trump doesn't make it about race. ainsley: the rale was more than an hour. an hour and 30 minutes. he had a lot to say. if you watch a lot of networks. if you watch the media and listen to the democrats they picked out that one phrase that the crowd was chanting, criticizing. steve: the u.s. senator from the great state of florida marco rubio went on twitter posted this video on how certain members of the media and democrats are playing a very dangerous game with this outrage. >> the hypocrisy, the self-righteousness, outrages people, too. and on top of it, you have these four members who are americans no, one should question that they are fully as american as me or anybody else, but they are also political bullies. they go around attacking
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people, calling other democrats just like southern segregationists but when you hit them back it's because they are women of color. it's absurd. people are tired of this game. tough immediately respond. pick a side between these two. it's a game i'm not going to play. it's distracting us from the important things that this country needs to be focused on and i'm not playing this game anymore. pete: the minute you realize they are going to call you a racist whatever you do. it's liberating. call me whatever you want to call me. i love this country, i love the flag. i'm willing to defend it and they walk back into identity politics good for rubio to say hey, we are not playing that anymore. ainsley: anyone you talk to are sick of all of that they are sick of the politics. they want our lawmakers to focus on the issue. many people are saying these problems on the border would be solved. pete: oh, they would be in 15 minutes as the president has said. easy. but the resistance. steve: chuck schumer is taking 10 u.s. senators down to the border today. will he have a different opinion when he comes back?
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we will let you know on monday. pete: will we get some tears from crying chuck? we might. i don't know. ainsley: jillian is here she has headlines for us. happy friday. jillian: we do start with sad news here. a community is remembering an arkansas sheriff's deputy shot and killed in the line of duty. officers and friends holding a solemn procession for mike steven last night. the 20-year veteran shot did while responding to a welfare check. >> it's emotional. every time you see it. you know, because it can be one of your officers, within of your friends. could be you. it's the stark reality of what we do. he laid down his life for another and he paid the ultimate price. jillian: the suspect was shot and killed. steven was also a u.s. army veteran. he leaves behind a wife. he is the 25th officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year. two fdny heros who responded to the 9/11 terror attacks have died. richard driscoll now the 200th new york firefighter to die from illnesses linked
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to ground zero. recognized for bravery five times over 32-year career. he was 73. kevin noland was just 58. he leaves behind a wife and three children. news of their death comes as senators reach a deal to vote next week on a bill that would ensure the 9/11 compensation fund never runs out of money. president trump plans to nominate jean scalia the son of late supreme court justice antonin scalia new labor secretary. gene has led a life of respect. previous secretary resigned over controversy surrounding his handling of a 2008 plea deal for wealthy financier jeffrey epstein. big names honor new for lifetime achievement in the arts ♪ do you remember when it jillian: r and b group earth, wind and fire actress
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sally field, singer linda ron stat, sesame street and michael tilson thomas all named as this year's kennedy center honorees. the award show will take place in september. that song by earth, wind and fire has always had a special meaning for our family. i remember that from like growing up and my dad playing it all the time. ainsley: that's sweet. steve: do you remember? ainsley: no one played that for me it. just dawned on me that's the name of the song. i'm the worst with lyrics. i didn't think it was september. won't even tell what you it was. i thought it was do you remember? pete: bernie sanders wants $1,500 minimum wage not just for campaign workers. steve: is he a democratic socialist. pete: sorry, sir. steve: height of hypocrisy over this 15 -- $15 --
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>> hey, bernie, let me save you a lot of time and effort, bernie, you missed your time. it got taken from you four years ago, bernie. steve: well, he was a folk hero on the far left in 2016. new polls may suggest that bernie could be losing some steam right now. new polling in new hampshire has bernie in fifth place he lives one state over from there meanwhile a new online survey has sanders dropping to third behind biden and warren. did bernie just miss his time. author of "still winning" still selling out there charles hurt. what's going on with the poll numbers. >> bernie sanders had his moment in the spotlight. and it's most unfortunate for him. think about it. he basically won the nomination last time. steve: right. >> by all accounts. it got completely stolen
3:21 am
from him by the dnc and the clinton campaign. steve: as the president has said of course it was donald trump the businessman there, the system was rigged against him. >> yeah. you know, i'm always amazed. this is a guy that spent his entire career in real estate, doing business deals. steve: right. >> he has a remarkable knack for politics. and for hasn't capping politics which, of course, is why i wrote the book. it's astonishing. his -- he is more accurate than a lot of people that have been in politics their entire careers. steve: yeah. something delicious, i heard somebody describe it, that is going on with the bernie sanders campaign. that is he is out on the stump and he is talking about $15 federal minimum wage for everybody. and now let's take a look at "the washington post" headline. labor fight royals bernie sanders campaign as his campaign workers are demanding $15 hourly pay the candidate has proposed for everybody else.
3:22 am
>> it is truly delicious. pour some syrup and powdered sugar on it, maybe a few raspberries. i don't want to mix it up with the vegetables. but it so delicious. socialism is great as long as you are paying with other people's money. the second you run out of other people's money and you have to start paying it's not so great. why people call him red line bernie. steve: take a look at the statement from the campaign manager to the "the washington post." bernie sanders is the most pro-worker, prolabor candidate running for president. bernie and i both strongly believe in the sanctity of the collective bargaining process and we will not deviate from our commitment to it. he mentions that because the employees are unionized on the bernie team. >> according to his philosophy the way he would treat businesses and individuals in america, he would say that they -- if they did what he is doing, he would say that they hate the workers. so, i kind of have a hard
3:23 am
time taking their lectures and wagging their fixers at the rest of america. steve: tell us a little more about the book still winning why america went all in on donald trump and why we must do it again. >> if you look at donald trump doesn't always get to pick his opponents, although is he very good at highlighting the ones that he wants to highlight. but, you know, when you look at the array of democrats that are lined up right now, it's really, really hard to imagine how, free healthcare for illegal aliens, open borders, you know, ninth month abortions. this is what the democratic party is talking about. and you know, if these people would get out of washington and talk to regular people, i'm talking about the democrats. if they would talk to democratic voters, i don't think that sells in the democratic party let alone the broad mainstream of america. because of that you know, i think i do believe that donald trump is still winning. i think that as it stands right now, he is going to win again.
3:24 am
steve: going to be an easy choice for a lot of people. charlie is going to be out on the plaza an hour or so handing out his books. >> free copies to everybody. >> exactly. i'm the bernie sanders of the publishing world. free stuff. steve: all right. thanks, charlie. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, it's the story that had everyone talking this week. he was booted from the show the bachelorette after sharing his christian views. now his family is furious and they are speaking out. and that is coming up next ♪ ♪
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pete attorney general harris allowed former san diego mayor bob filner to avoid jail time and sex offender registration so he would plead guiltying to multiple charges. deal is being slammed as too lenient harris' office says the 2020 hopeful should be
3:28 am
recognized for prosecuting someone in her own party. senator elizabeth warren is now adding preferred pronouns to her twitter page. presidential candidate putting she and hers in her bio. seems she is following castro's lead who also lists his gender pronouns. ainsley down to you. ainsley: we are talking about the bachelorette, thank you so much. controversy erupts during the season of the bachelorette over the role of faith and intimacy before marriage. >> if you told me you are having sex or had sex with one or multiple of these guys, i would wanting to be going home 100 percent. >> um. >>um if that is something you are not going through, i'm going to continue to grow the relationship and move on. ainsley: shortly after bachelorette hannah browne, she sentsd her suiter, luke parter how see there back to georgia. todd starnes the author of
3:29 am
the upcoming book, culture, jihad and luke's family on his radio show and joins us now with more. the book is called culture jihad and had you will luke on your show. there was a word missing. >> sure did. >> they there are so many of us watching this show and there is always that guy that we wonder why is she keeping him around? he was kind of that guy. listen, i love him, is he a christian. i love that he is bold about his faith. wasn't a good match. and we will get into that a little bit. what did his brother say was happening. >> first of all, i never thought i would be talking about the bachelorette on national television but you never know, who knows. look, the brother says that abc intentionally edited out a lot of the key moments that made him look like a jerk that made him look like a pathological liar. you are absolutely right. this guy has just been really torn up on blogs and on social media. but they say that they believe that abc intentionally did this when
3:30 am
he this found out that he was a truly devout evangelical christian. that they decided early on to make this guy the villain of the show. and everything they did, you know, again, made him that bad guy. ainsley: let's hear from his brother. you talked to him. >> that's right. ainsley: watch. this ridiculed and called a misogynist and all these things standing on a biblical christianity. so, again, back to the basis of this conversation, i do believe that they slandered luke based on his beliefs and his christianity. ainsley: okay. on the show he says he used to be a wild boy and no longer anymore. it's been years since he slept with a woman. and she said but are you calling me -- she says i'm a christian, too. she says i have slept with someone, i have asked for forgiveness, but are you condemning me? are you judging me. a lot of people felt he was being judgmental. people thought he was being manipulative but he was
3:31 am
bullying the other guys because they showed the scenes she doesn't get to see what he is like with the other boys. can't have you both? he made the choice and is he looking for a certain type of woman. she has made a different choice and she is looking for a certain type of man. why do we have to vilify him for this? >> well, of the family says that early on that hannah, who is the young lady on the program, she made it clear that she was one of those individuals who wanted to save sex for marriage. so, the family believes that luke was actually led on here and that all of those video clips that indicated that she wanted to be that kind of a person were actually left out which made it look like he was a very judgmental person. at the end of the day, when you hear some of the things that she said when she dropped that bombshell about the wind mill and the extracurricular activities going on there, i think it's very clear that there was -- there were some shenanigans going on. ainsley, we have to understand something, this is abc television. i glit upcoming book
3:32 am
hollywood is not friendly to evangelical christians. abc has a very ugly track record when it comes to evangelicals. the word here was psychopath. remember what joy behar said on "the view" about vice president mike pence and people who talk to jesus being crazy, being psychopaths. so i think there is probably more to this story. ainsley: okay. the brother did want to set the record straight on who his brother really is as a person. listen to this. >> i want people to know that if anything, i want to be more like luke. luke loves. he loves and he cares for people and he has a heart for jesus and he wants to share the biblical truth of jesus to people. i'm proud of luke. i am proud of the way he conducted himself. he stood for biblical christianity in opposition against this cultural christianity of i can be a christian and believe whatever i want to believe about god based on my own ideas and not what god's word says. ains eyewitness she tweeted this out she said luke, time
3:33 am
and time again jesus loved and ate with sinners and laughed. time and time again he rebuked saints that judged. where do you fall, luke? what is your reaction, todd? >> i think at the end of the day, if you are going to call yourself a devout christian, then you need to follow christian teachings devoutly. and clearly, by her own acknowledgment admissions she has not done that i think that took luke by surprise. early on he was told she was that kind of a person. so i think he was going into whatever kind of relationship he wanted to have with a very distorted view. again, this goes back to what else did abc leave out? and this is a reality show. and as we all know reality sometimes is not the truth. one final thing here, ainsley. luke has been getting death threats. the family has been -- the entire family has been receiving horrible death threats and attacks on social media just
3:34 am
outrageous. ainsley: the truth is, if they did edit it and took out some of the things that would have made him. they didn't put out the whole conversations. we don't really know wanted what. we don't really know who he is as a person. this is a reality show and she gets to make a choice. it would be terrible if he is truly a good person and they have ruined his reputation just because he is a christian. >> i suspect that's exactly what abc did. because this guy is a christian and they wanted ratings and that's low down and despicable. ainsley: say a prayer for everybody involved here. >> amen. ainsley: bless his heart. he is probably going through a hard time right now. thank you so much, todd. you can get his book because it comes out september 10th what's it called? >> "culture jihad." ainsley: thank you. something president trump said. cue the outrage. >> i think that policy comes from a place like white american nationalism. >> donald trump has embraced this rhetoric of racism and xenophobia. >> what they don't know is they are reacting to
3:35 am
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motor? nope. not motor? it's pronounced "motaur."
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captain. >> what is that? >> it's one of life's mysteries, sir. ♪ ♪ ainsley: i saw another woman in there. steve: we're going back to the danger zone another shot of the morning official first trailer for the new "top gun" sequel "maverick" is back out. ainsley: back in the film. pete: this time flight instructor this time against
3:40 am
drones. expected to hit theaters in 2020. is he back. ainsley: i always look for the love story. that's what the girls do all the time. i'm looking for kelly mcginnis and meg ryan. pete: it's been 25 years. ainsley: is he in it. pete: things change. is he only a captain. he never made admiral. steve: what happened? pete: we're going to find out. he was not a good. boy. ainsley: he does his own stunts. pete: a lot of them. steve: top gun in all of radio rush limbaugh will be joining us in the 8:00 hour. we have lots to talk to him about including that betsy ross t-shirt that he talked about last week on this show. is he going to tell us how many they have sold and apparently it is a jaw dropping number. pete: looking forward to that another story, deporting illegal immigrants convicted of crimes is racist according to students at georgetown university when they think those ideas were from president trump. listen. >> i think that policy comes
3:41 am
from a place of like white american nationalism. >> donald trump has embraced this rhetoric of like racism and xenophobia not beneficial to this country. >> this administration totally has not done anything moral. >> this is really awful. >> the only problem is the comments that they're reacting to are from president obama in 2014. >> even as we are a nation of immigrants, we are also a nation of laws. undocumented workers broke our immigration laws. and i believe that they must be held accountable. that's why over the past six years deportations of criminals are up 80%. that's why we are going to keep focusing enforcement resources on actual threats to our security. steve: okay. so how did they react when they found out that it wasn't trump and it was obama. here with more is campus reform cabot phillips. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me on. steve: you red this statement and said this is from a president. they did the math and
3:42 am
figured oh that's got to be donald trump, right? >> exactly what happened. predictably every students said this is white supremacist, rhetoric. horrible, evil. i talked to thousands of students i have seen the rhetoric grow. when you teach people to oppose things based simply on who is proposing them. basically on who is saying them in this case donald trump. people get left out to dry, they realize they hate things not the idea or the but because a president they don't like said it. watch what happened when i told the students that the white supremacist they hated was actually from their beloved president obama. >> i'm going to show you the person that said that quote. is that surprising? >> yeah. a little bit. >> why is that surprises? >> because i thought it was the trump administration. >> quite surprising. i thought it was from trump. >> they didn't expect it to be obama. >> do you think it's still a practice of white nationalism though to deport criminal illegal aliens. >> i think the way trump is doing it is. >> obama actually deported more people though. in practice it was more from obama though.
3:43 am
>> what's your question? >> i mean it, just shows the hypocrisy in politics of one person can say something five years ago and next thing you know it doesn't apply to them anymore. >> wow. i think you could adistrict a mother teresa quote. many college students would say that's evil coming from a place of hatred. very sad to see how intent people are in-posing everything he does. shows how quick the left is radicalized on immigration. five years ago what every person could agree is reasonable deporting people who have broken the law again and committed a crime now it's considered racist. rhetoric of the left to the point you are either pro-illegal immigration or you are anti-immigrant. that's a false dichotomy and false decision that many college students have been given and leads to this kind of rhetoric on campus. steve: cabot, quick exit question. on the average campus, somewhere -- let's say on the east coast of the united states, what percentage of the students like donald trump and what percentage
3:44 am
don't? >> well, it's incredibly hard to find out when people talk to me across the board they oppose him. i think a lot of that is because of the social pressure. they look around and see what happens in when people come out in support of him. they see the threats and violence that comes against them. i think there are a lot more students on college campuses that are willing to stand up or that do support president trump and what he is doing with the country but are afraid to stand up. and that's why it's so important for us to make sure the people are bold on campus, to empower young conservatives on campuses, let them know they are not alone and let them know it's okay to stand up and have a contrary opinion. those opinions should be welcomed on campus because that creates a ebb environment of debate. pete: president obama in 2014 could not get nominated in 2020. steve: based on his word. pete's pete's based on his word and his plos. ainsley: jillian has
3:45 am
headlines for us. jillian: man accused of murdering an iowa mother and two kids in the country illegally. now the trip says the triple shootings was in deaf self-defense. he pulled the trigger during argument. deported twice most reengtsdly in 2011. he reportedly came back under an alias. cell phones posing a dangerous threat to some airplanes. the government warning that cell signals and wifi interference could shut down a critical pilot system leading to loss of control and crashes. hundreds of planes made by boeing could still be in the air with that risk. several airlines have started addressing the issue with a november deadline to replace the system. how about this? a dollar sneaker event turns ugly in new york city. hundreds of sneaker heads causing riots in an attempt to buy limited edition shoes made by adidas and arizona ice tea. one person was taken to the hospital. two were arrested. eventually, police had to shut down a sneaker.
3:46 am
every single person went home without getting their kicks. those are the ones they wanted. so the company behind chris pratt's white supremacist t-shirt calling accusations ridiculous. forge clothing defending their don't tread on me shirts writing on instagram as we fought for our country many of us wore the first navy jack flag on the sleeves of our uniforms adding, quote, we are not nike, we will not back down and recall our gadsden flag shirts. pratt has not commented on the accusations against his apparel. forge is also behind the workout the murph challenge named for lieu tenant michael p. murphy a navy seal killed in action in 2005. i heard you reacting to that. steve: that was quite a line "we are not nike." ainsley: he is such a good guy. people don't like him, liberals don't like him
3:47 am
because is he in hollywood. he is talking about his faith. he married arnold schwarzenegger's daughter. they just don't like him. pete: he might be a trump supporter. or maybe is he a conservative or a patriot. i mean, forged what's it called forged clothing? it's owned by navy seals. put out a t-shirt of a proud american symbol. somehow that makes chris pratt -- have where have we gone? ainsley: turn off the tv and not get on social media for a while. steve: we will have a segment on that in a little bit. in the meantime, if you were here watching our program yesterday you saw janice dean outside starting soldier ride. janice: that was an amazing day yesterday. today is going to be an amazing day as well. we have phil vassar. is he one of my favorite performers here on fox square. sandals is here it's our all-american summer concert series and look at this all-american crowd all the way down the street. oh my gosh going to be wonderful. look at that.
3:48 am
famous dave's here and wonderful day. take a look at the forecast. not too bad. we are going to get hot though. there is the heat index what it feels like with the humidity. 73 right now. my hair is going to stay intact. later on today that's when the humidity is going to start to creep. in really hot. they cancelled the new york city triathlon that's how hot it going to be with heat advisories up to close to 100 million people today. back inside. wave to everybody at home. [cheers] steve: going to be a good weekend to stay in the house and watch cable tv. ainsley: that's true. watch four hours on saturday morning. pete: yeah you are right. ainsley: and sunday. pete: how cool is this an american flag that flew on the navy ship invading normandy is presented to president trump. the men responsible for bringing it home finally join us live coming up next. ♪ ♪ at visionworks, we guarantee you'll see great
3:49 am
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pete: as you know well, especially from watching this channel, we just commemorated the 75th anniversary of d-day. now an american flag, that flew on the leading ship invading utah beach on the normandy coast is back here in the united states. the flag shot -- was shot through by german machine gun bullets and tattered by the wind. it was presented to president trump in appreciation of the u.s. liberation of europe in world war ii. watch. >> amid treacherous german mind fields, raging winds and rough seas the lieutenant and his crew led 19 waves of american troops that very dangerous beaches. through it all this flag proudly above the waters. it's my honor to welcome this great american flag back home where it belongs. pete: very cool. joining us now is dutch art collector burk craig and u.s. ambassador to the
3:54 am
neither alans pete hoekstra. burt, let me start with you. you purchased this flag at auction big amount of money. you were motivated to do so. why? >> well, when i saw it at first i was amazed at this piece of american history what's coming for sale given my emotions with liberation and the fact that we lost family members during the bombing raids and the liberation of europe. i knew i wanted to possess and it safeguard it for the future. steve: absolutely. there is even german bullet holes in this flag. when you see someone from another country, from another continent still today remembering the sacrifices of those men and what they did, how does it resonate with you. >> it's phenomenal. my parents were liberated by allied troops. they lived in the northern part of holland allies and
3:55 am
the americans made to liberate them. we have an american cemetery in the netherlands. every memorial day, every grave is adopted by a dutch citizen. they are adorned with flowers, 4 or 5,000 people show up for the memorial day service. they love america they think we are great and appreciate everything we have done. >> burt, it's heart-warming for an american to do that that it's still remembered today. why did you feel like the flag needed to come back to america? >> well, it's a piece of cultural heritage from the united states. you know, it was at auction. everybody could have bought it. i bought it. and, you know, i did it for the right reasons. i feel that i'm temporary custodian of the flag. it doesn't long in the netherlands it belongs in the country where the heroes came from. the heroes came from the united states to free europe. it needs to be here. it needs to be in an institution to tell the story about the liberation and the sacrifices made for
3:56 am
it because many young american soldiers gave their lives for the freedom of europe. so that's what i wanted to make sure that story behind that flag is told to generations to come. pete: mr. ambassador, do you feel like there are more folks than we know who are still appreciative today in europe of what was done? >> there is no question about that. because not only do they appreciate the efforts for liberation, they also benefited from the marshall plan, burt and my parents both were provided the opportunity, you know, my parents emigrated, started a small business, lived the american dream so absolutely the dutch and many other europeans have not forgotten the sacrifices that we made. pete: mr. ambassador, ambassador hoekstra and burt cray thank you for your time and love of freedom. we appreciate you both. >> thank you. pete: still ahead, rush limbaugh is your big show this friday edition.
3:57 am
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4:01 am
a good day. ainsley: that looks good. steve: sandals is bringing a different experience from their resorts to fox square. sandals has brought water boards. you can see right there. sandals resort guest cost take the plunge at water sports no extra charge. snorkeling, kayaking, water skiing and paddle boarding. ainsley: it's great. all inclusive. you take the kids. some kids, moms sometimes just like to relax on the beach. if you like a sport, you can go out there and do that do you know any man that likes to just sit there on the beach forever hours though? aren't you normally playing something? you can do it? steve: sounds pretty good. ainsley: my brother always bring a ton of games because he can't sit there the whole time. pete: if you want to do something, clearly sandals. ainsley: sandals is the place. steve: meanwhile talk about what's going on in the news the acting security -- rather, secretary of homeland security kevin mcaleenan was up on
4:02 am
capitol hill, there he is in front of the house oversight committee. so many questions. >> they were screaming at him. steve: of what is going on on our southern border. he made it very clear crossings are down which is good news, but that is in part because of hot weather and also the crackdown by mexico, but he made it very clear it is a crisis. pete: yes. he talked about how it is a crisis but one that could be averted if only the people sitting in want from of him, the members of congress would fund the required facilities and other. steve: and change the law. pete: change the law so they can do their jobs and untie their hands. none of these kids and families. he has acknowledged they are overwhelmed. he got yelled at. ainsley: they each get a few minutes, five minutes, i think. so yesterday elijah cummings the chairman of this committee and rasheda tlaib, aoc and others progressives hammered him. watch this. >> i guess you feel like you are doing a great job,
4:03 am
right? is that what you are saying? >> we are doing our level best in a -- >> what does that mean? what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feces? >> the conditions in our custody. you want to codify those positions. >> you want to keep them longer. it's been very clear from those conditions you want to keep kids longer. >> we want to keep kids policy together through immigration proceeding. >> you want to keep them longer. >> do you think that the policy of child separation could have contributed to a dehumanizing culture within cbp that contributes and kind of spell spills over into other others of conduct? >> we do not have a dehumanizing culture at cbp. >> okay. >> this is an agency that rescues 4,000 people a year that is committed to the everybody they react with and don't believe there is a dehumanizing culture. steve: here is the thing. we had jeh johnson former will head of the homeland department he said that these laws that everybody has a problem with right now
4:04 am
loopholes have been the law of the land for a very long time. the only way to fix it is for congress to work with the white house to do something. but he also admitted right now the rhetoric is so strong coming from the president and from congress, you know, i don't think is he confident anything will get done. but clearly it has to. ainsley: did he talk about some of the numbers. when the president said we are not going to separate families last fall, in october, he said that the numbers have really changed. for instance, since october the vast majority of families stayed together out of 450,000 families, fewer than 100,000 children are without their parents. only reason those are without their parents is because of healthy and safety concerns. he says. pete: they are not doing it arbitrarily. ainsley: not like thousands and thousands. pete: absolutely not. that's what you would think if you are listening to this so-called mainstream media. i would have to ask elijah cummings, do you feel like you are during a great job? because you haven't delivered on anything that the border patrol needs or
4:05 am
comrade cortez when she says you are dehumanizing. when you say you need to abolish ice and you are dehumanizing the very people forced or who get up every day, put on uniform in a dangerous job and rescue kids and enforce our laws. if you don't like those laws, change them. but that's not what they want to talk about. they want to yell at a member of the trump administration. ainsley: just a few months ago said it was not a crisis. steve: aoc also asked mr. mcaleenan about some of the personnel in that department that have said some very inappropriate things about her, their status and he made it sound like they are in trouble right now. sounds like they are suspended. as they look into it. we are are going to have the cbp deputy commissioner robert perez on with us about an hour from right now. pete: good that the visits to the border have happening. i believe it's chuck schumer and a number of democrat senators. steve: today. pete: will be on the border. the frustrating part they
4:06 am
never give benefit of the doubt to any folks down there. cortez talked about people drinking from the toilet when everybody knows that's a boldface lie of what was happening. if you are going to see it, be honest about what you sees a opposed to try to find a way to spin it. ainsley: are you saying there is fake news out there? pete: maybe. steve: i think it's politics. ainsley: the president always talks about that and these are some of the headlines that would lead to you believe a certain script or certain narrative of this story. i will read you some of these. chicago tribune immigration officers o'hare in chicago detained three children who are u.s. citizens. congresswoman calls it kidnapping of children by our government. steve: that sounds terrible. ainsley: chicag"chicago sun tim" three children released at o'hare after being detained by feds 12 hours. also sounds terrible. steve: it does. ainsley: abc news three kids detained after undocumented parents were too fearful to pick them up. steve: here is the actual story. apparently three children, who were born here in the
4:07 am
united states, flew from mexico into chicago. and they were being accompanied by a woman who had a note that said i authorize this woman to travel with my kids. and customs said, you know what? you are admissible. we are not going to allow you to leave the facility. ainsley: we don't know why. maybe she didn't have a passport. pete: proper visa. steve: they called it admissible. but, nonetheless, they said you have got to have the parents show up. the parents didn't want to come. the mother didn't want to come because she thought it was a trap to deport her. because she had heard about, you know, the raids and things like that. so, she didn't do it until somebody -- some lawyers got involved. there was a u.s. congresswoman jan shakowski had landed at o'hare. she went over as well. it's all because they were traveling not with a parent but with somebody that had a note written by one of the
4:08 am
parents, apparently. it's okay to travel with my kids. pete: turns out our officials have to go by more than a note on a piece of paper. this is what customs and border patrol said in a tweet to clarify. said there are false reports circulating that cbp is detaining three u.s. citizen children at o'hare. the children are alive -- arrived with a mexican citizen that was deemed admissible as steve said. by law, they recollected only -- by law. pete: i missed the emphasis. by law, they could only be released to a parent or legal guardian. their mother has picked them up without incident. ainsley: once again, congress, if you don't like that law, then you can change it. steve: jan schakowsky the congresswoman who got involved, she said i feel that it's kind of kidnapping of the children buyer our government and i am really fed up. they have created a situation they didn't have to be. i'm so resentful for this. pete: talk about loaded language. steve: it's the law. ainsley: what if someone
4:09 am
took your child to another country, wouldn't you want authorities to call you and say hold on, what's going on? where are you? what's the real story? pete: kidnapping, kidnapping of children. protocol. that's the rhetoric we have got. steve: that's the story hifnsd the story. ainsley: all right. things are heating up because the election is right around the corner. pete: big corner. ainsley: the announcement has been made for the next democratic debate. so many candidates they have to decide it. so, on tuesday, not next tuesday, the following one, in 10 days, tuesday, july 30th, here's the list of who is going to perform or be on stage in that debate. steve: they will be performing being. ainsley: two big ones bernie sanders and aaron. pete buttigieg, beto o'rourke, amy klobuchar, hickenlooper, bullock, delayne, ryan and williamson. you have the two most hard leftist bernie sanders and elizabeth warren did not face off last time it will be very interesting. on night two, you have cory booker and hulaian castro
4:10 am
and others but the top two are joe biden and kamala harris. remember what happened last time they got together. the way that apparently cnn decided how to stack these two decks, because there are so many candidates, they had to do it over two nights. any divided everybody into one of three tiers. and then they would pick a certain number out of each tier okay out of tier 1 the people in the double digits, okay. they are going to go here. they're going to go there and that is the lineup for those two. ainsley: bill de blasio is the second night on wednesday. pete: that will be interesting. because publicly, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren have been very kind to each other. we will see if they start to try to pick at each other at this debate. steve: i bet this next topic comes up at the debate because bernie sanders has made it very clear when he
4:11 am
is campaigning he would like to see a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour. yet, the height of hypocrisy. it turns out that he is not paying $15 per hour to his field hires on his campaign. pete: what? steve: and they want $15 an hour. but his campaign says, look, they're unionized. there is a collective bargaining deal already on the table. pete: details. ainsley: they are using his own rhetoric against him now. here's a flashback of what he has said about minimum wage. >> the working class of this country is sick and tired of working longer hours for lower wages. >> we have got to raise the minimum wage to a living wage. [cheers] >> we have got raise that minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> we should raise the minimum wage to a living wage, 15 bucks an hour. when i talked about it four years ago, people said i was a little bit nuts on that
4:12 am
one, too. pete: this is amazing. steve: apparently somebody on the campaign actually heard him same wait a minute, we are not getting $15 an hour. ainsley: if you were going to say that you would think how much am i paying my people? campaign staffers fleeing, poverty wages. many are barely surviving financially. can't exsm us to build the loudest grassroots campaign in history it's not easy. steve: bernie says one thing out on the trump but does another kno-ho-co another thing. charlie hurt, has a new book out, says that irony is delicious. >> truly delicious. pour some syrup, some powdered sugar on it and maybe a few raspberries. socialism is great as long as you are playing with other people's money. the second you run out of other people's money and you have to start paying for it, it's not so great. according to his philosophy the way he would treat businesses and individuals
4:13 am
in america, he would say that they -- if they did what i he is doing he would say they hate the workers. i have a hard time taking their lectures and wagging their fixers at the rest of america. pete: what did it take 15 or 20 minutes for him to change this policy? i don't know how you run a campaign on $15 and collective bargaining prevents you from giving your own people -- it's rich. steve: maybe he can't afford to pay them $15 an hour or he would have to let some people go. does that sound familiar? ainsley: that's what the small businesses are saying. pete: the bernie model doesn't work at $15 an hour. ainsley: or pass the cost onto the voter. steve: how would that work? pete: he will by raising your taxes if he wins. it all makes sense. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: we begin with a fox news alert. iran saying the u.s. did not shoot down its drone in the strait of hormuz. comes hours after the president trump says the uss
4:14 am
voxer took action within the drone came within 1,000 yards of the fuel ship. tensions afte iran shot down a u.s. drone last month: hotels now required to detail their food handling protocols and post emergency information very clearly in every guest room. an emergency center for tourists is also being set up at least 14 american tourists have died since last summer. meanwhile, look at this, former president bill clinton seen playing a round of golf on the island this week. wonder how he played. a man scales 14 floors down the outside of a high rise after a fire broke out. check out this video. police say a fire was reported in a garbage chute forcing an evacuation at the 19-story building in philadelphia. news helicopters catching the despratts escape on their cameras, at least two people and three officers were taken to the hospital
4:15 am
for smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion. he did make it off of that building safely, can i report, and now, this a final goodbye for an american hero. 3,000 people attending a vietnam veteran's funeral after intern invited them, drew mikhail working at a michigan funeral home learned that wayne wilson passed away with no family. so he put out a call on facebook inviting everyone and anyone to pay their respects. look how many people showed up. wilson was buried full military honors. he was 67. ainsley: he was young. i love stories like that. that's really cool. we love our vets. pete: love of country of the american people is amazing. steve: jillian, thank you very much. meanwhile, how to escape, 101. one college is turning instructions on how to run from the law into art. we're going to tell you about that
4:16 am
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>> united states will the right to defend our personnel and interests and calls upon all nations to condemn iran's attempts to disrupt freedom of navigation and global commerce. steve: there have you got president trump yesterday in the east room calling on world leaders to act after a u.s. warship apparently destroyed an iranian drone in the strait of hormuz. trump says the drone came within 1,000 yards of the uss boxer and apparently ignored repeated calls to stand down. now iran claims what are they talking about? we didn't lose any drones. here to weigh in is former u.s. army special ops and strategic advisor to white fox defense bretve. >> bret: velicovich. apparently we didn't shoot it down with a missile or anything we got some sort of a sonic device, right. >> exactly. first let me say that i am thrilled to hear we conducted some sort of military action against the
4:21 am
iranians. it's about time we really have, for the most part, they haven't been held accountable for their action. that's really emboldened the iranians. it's made them look at us a bit weak because we simply haven't done much to stop them from a lot of their hostility and it's given them the opportunity to conduct even more aggressive actions. and what a lot of people don't realize is that the iranians have been flying drones nearly 24/7 along the straits of hormuz with the whole intent of looking for targets of opportunity to strike. and so they are using these explosive laden drones to strike oil tankers and they have shown the propensity to do that within the last few months. they have actually hit oil tankers in the past. the marines here had a system, it's great that they actually employed it in this case because they potentially saved lives here from an iranian drone that may have actually struck that ship. steve: sure. it does go to show you that
4:22 am
things are tense in that part of the world. i mean, the people of iran are hungry because the sanctions have kicked in. the president's maximum pressure campaign is working. their economy is in free-fall and now, you know, yesterday they said we didn't lose a drone but then again they have also come out and said yeah, and we didn't attack those tankers, either. >> right. bottom line is iranian leadership are a bunch of liars. they are full of deceit and especially the foreign minister who has recently come out and basically said that there were no drones in the area at all. so i definitely trust the u.s. military in this case. but what is so interesting about this particular case here is that not even a single shot or missile was fired to take it down. there was a system on there known as basically light marine air defense integrated system which has a counter drone technology piece of that which basically has radar and cameras that are scanning the area basically creating a virtual bubble around these ships to determine if there is a friendly or
4:23 am
hostile drone threats in the area. and it's simply used rf jamming to block that signal from my understanding to knock that drone out of the sky. those rut systems that a lot of these naval ships are having to use because you never know if the iranians are going to conduct a drone strike. steve: sure. and at the very least, you don't know if it's armed you, but it is an eye in the sky so that the iranians with review targets of opportunity. >> that's the biggest problem. it's one thing to have drones flying around the persian gulf conducting surveillance. it's very difficult to determine if these iranian drones are up there just conducting standard surveillance or if they are up there ready to conduct a strike. you don't have the opportunity to do that. you have to make split second decisions. we are talking about this drone only 1,000 yards away from this ship. they absolutely had to make a quick decision to take it down and we better be safe than sorry. steve: all right. bretvel voyeur kitchenbrett vels
4:24 am
today. >> good to see. steve: ilhan omar proposing a solution the right to boycott israel. and compares israel to the soviet union and nazi germany. where is the outrage from the democratic leadership? we will try to fill you. in applebee's all you can eat is back. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. did you know congress is working to end surprise medical billing? that's when patients are hit with medical bills they thought would be covered by insurance. the problem is big insurance companies want a one-size-fits-all approach that lets them decide what they'll pay doctors for yocare.
4:25 am
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crest 3d whitestrips. ♪ ♪ ainsley: 127 after the hour. it's time now for news by the numbers. first $18,000. that's how much new york senator took from the trust fund. democratic socialist now getting called out for identifying as a working class immigrant. campaign finance documents show the trust is worth $10 million. she claims it was a filing mistake and it's worth less than $400,000.
4:28 am
next, $106,000 that's how much a british airline is charging a woman for opening door. she was screaming i will kill you all before being restrained. two fighter jets escorted the turkey bound flight back to london. the woman was arrested. finally 17. that's how many pediatric icu employees at the same san diego hospital got pregnant at the same time. 13 are nurses. two are doctors and two respiratory therapists. pete: whoa, check the water. ilhan omar proposing a resolution supporting the right to boycott israel. >> this week i introduced a resolution where civil rights leader, our colleague, john lewis. and rasheda tlaib tlaib, who know the importance of nonviolence movements. it recognizes the proud history of boycott movements in this country dating back to the boston tea party. we should hearn these
4:29 am
movements and that history. pete: resolution likening the boycott to the jewish state to get this nazi germany and soviet union. here to weigh in is eugene from mason university. and the policy. sorry george mason university. my apologies. >> good to be here. pete: when you see her boycott, divest sanction israel and liken to boycotting nazi germany. >> it's amazing not only comparing israel to nazi germany which somebody a suffered juicing to promote policies to discriminate against jews. she is talking about justifying and legitimizing the right to discriminate against jews because of their relationship to israel. pete: absolutely. this is something democrats previously have been against. here's leader schumer and speaker pelosi slamming the bds movement the last couple
4:30 am
years. watch. >> when the world treats everybody one way or the jew or the jewish state the other way, there is only other way for it anti-semitism. let us call out the bds movement for what it is. >> we must also be vigilant against big gouted or dangerous ideologies massacre ca raiding as policy and that includes bds. pete: why won't speaker pelosi call ilhan omar into her office and say this is anti-semitic? >> the democrats are faced with a tough choice now. the democratic party has acknowledged that boycotts of israel are anti-semitic. as have the legislators of 27 states overwhelming in bipartisan votes. now they are torn between their fear and desire to cater to far left progressive wing and what they really believe in. i think we are really at a fork in the road here where they have to make hard choice. pete: is this the resolution that will die on the vine. something ilhan omar believes in and a few others or is this an indication that the modern democratic
4:31 am
party captured by leftist is embracing anti-semitism. >> this resolution is probably not going to get a vote. but it's still probably going to shift the direction of the party. the house was probably going to vote on a resolution condemning boycotts of israel. and i think part of the agenda here is to make a deal where they let that one die and they let this one die. so they are just not going to say anything about -- pete: the house was going to vote to condemn the bds movement and anti-semitism. instead this gets proposed and they do nothing. have we lost a bipartisan consensus of the support of israel. >> i think we saw that already in response to ilhan omar's anti-semitic comments about the jews brainwashing america and about dual loyalty of politicians who support israel instead of passing a resolution they were going to pass a resolution to condemn anti-semitism in the house they couldn't. they had to make a rests lucien to condemn everything bad. pete: it's amazing. ilhan omar when she was running said she did not support bds on the campaign now she goes into congress and shows her true colors.
4:32 am
>> very strategic and part of her strategy is to pull the democratic party hard into the direction of anti-semitism. the labor party was a normal party like the democratic party 10 years ago. completely transformed. what we are seeing is not just a slippery slope we are halfway down that slope already. at the bottom maybe. pete: closer to have the bottom than we would like to admit. professor, thank four your time. it's george mason university. >> that's right. pete: i will not get that wrong again. >> thank you, pete. pete: chris pratt called a white supremacist for wearing a don't tread on me t-shirt. handing out his own don't tread on me shirts on the fox square. plus, our all-american concert series brought to you by sandals continue this morning. country music star phil vassar is here. right now. ♪ i'm all right ♪
4:33 am
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4:37 am
made the shirts firing back saying quote, as we fought for our country many of us wore the first navy jack flag on our scheefs. we are not nike. we will not back down and recall our gadsden flag shirts. instead, we are going to rerelease this design. pete: here with more is tyler merritt designer of nine line aperil. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me on. [cheers and applause] pete: popular man. pete: you wear the shirts, too. >> our company as well as forge has been making these shirts for quite some time. we have been making them since 2006. another veteran owned company. this is not racist. the other shirts that we make are the betsy ross shirt is not racist. we have been making it for years. somehow it's become this new controversy. steve: how did it become there were these messages it's a message of white supremacy and things like that. >> for some reason now this idea of patriotism has become nationalism but
4:38 am
specifically white nationalism. and it somehow becomes racism. you cannot connect the cots from a don't tread on me symbol which is a symbol from the revolutionary war against the oppression of england. ainsley: what does this symbol mean to you. >> nowadays it means standing up four your rights and what it means to be an american. right to bear arms and freedom of speech and can have this conversation without people screaming in my face and calling me a racist. pete: did you that in combat. you are a veteran yourself. this t-shirt and the flag and symbols that folks are trying to re-purpose effective linchts absolutely. >> it gets under your skin. >> the idea that a white nationalist organization can hijack a symbol and somehow becomes this new defined racist iconic image is ridiculous listen to chris pratt and star lord one of my favorite on that movie. you can't hijack my symbol.
4:39 am
this is ours. this is an american symbol for freedom. steve: tyler, what do you make of the fact that nike, under pressure from colin kaepernick decided not to release those shoes with the betsy ross flag on them? >> i think anyone who has colin kaepernick as their moral guide should take a serious look at their own organization and maybe look for someone else. [cheers and applause] ainsley: what's your message to chris pratt. >> chris pratt please continue to shop at forge clothing and 9 line we will have all your apparel needs. anyone looking for alternative to nike others out there, great veteran organizations and companies like forge, like nine line apparel. pete: we did reach out to pratt to see if they would comment. he has not. do you feel like in his line of work in hollywood, to even show any patriotism or anything conservative or maybe support president trump, it's just unacceptable? >> yeah. and i think right now that the silent majority, the people who are amongst us right now that maybe aren't going to scream and get
4:40 am
completely mad when you disagree with them, i think that there is a new revolution coming. i think that people are moving towards that conservative mind set because if you look at the other side, it's nonsense. it's craziness. so i like that we have options out there. ainsley: thank you for fighting back. i'm glad you are. we are seeing at ice detention center taking down american flag and putting up mexican flag. flipping over the blue lives matter flag and writing abolish ice on it. thank you so much. >> yes. ainsley: and that city council said we are not going to say the pledge of allegiance, thankfully they reversed that. >> all those things you just said made the hair on my arm stand up because we fought for our freedoms. ainsley: i know. >> i want to bring my children up in a country i'm proud of. right now those actions they are disgraceful. pete: i saw the hair on your beard rising. [ laughter ] steve: ladies and gentlemen, round of applause for tyler merritt from nine line. ainsley: god bless you. steve: by the way, coming up in a minute we are going to talk to phil vassar about
4:41 am
the summer concert series. pete: i have some t-shirts. who wants t-shirt. [cheers] ainsley: toss it inside to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: good crowd out there. conservative activist stripped of her miss michigan title. the miss world america organization telling cathy zu your social media accounts contain offensive, insensitive and inappropriate content and in violation of the mwa's rules and conditions. she claims she is being targeted for try on a and deemed insensitive. art product at tufts university is mapping out escape routes for illegals. the massachusetts school will be posting signs like these. the project is meant to, quote, draw attention to the fact that people are living in daily fear of being caught in a raid by ice. a bus taking more than 40 children home from church summer camp explodes and
4:42 am
bursts into flames. look at this video. wow, six black smoke and flames engulfing. it started smoking before the fire broke out. six kids were hurt but are expected to be okay. the camp writing on facebook quote we are thankful for god's protection. it's not clear what caused the fire. tough to watch. scary scenes there watch this hilarious moment at the ball park. a dad in total shock after his young son triedly ting a home run ball back onto the field. houston astro's fan right here getting ahold of the ball hit by the astro's players against the angels in anaheim. he threw it. the ball never made it to the field. a kind fan returned the ball to the boy. the astros won 6-2 that's a look at your headlines. go back outside now. that's where we find janice. janice: we love videos of kids. what's your name? >> vicki.
4:43 am
ainsley: where are from you. >> los angeles. steve. janice: do you like phil vassar. do you want to meet him. >> yes. janice: fantastic. you are going to meet him. we will take a look at the maps. you are adorable by the way. it's hot. all the red on that map with heat indices well over 100 degrees. i want everyone to take care this weekend. make sure you are indoors. take care of your kids and pets and elderly. this is going to be to be one of the hardest weekends we have had middle eas had. mid-atlantic. are you ready to meet him. >> yeah. janice: come on, let's go over here. pete: not that far to travel. steve: that's right. we should all be wearing t-shirts today. country music star phil vassar is celebrating 20 years of success with 10 number one hit singles and 27 top 40 hits. pete: hitting the road for
4:44 am
properly titled hysteria. ainsley: joining us now is phil vassar. steve: phil vassar, everybody. >> good morning. good to see you all. [cheers and applause] ainsley: we have been talking about the flag. what does the flag mean to you. >> you know, i mean, marine and grandfather died in world war ii. i can't say enough, about you know, there it is right there, man, it's beautiful. it's getting goofy out there a little bit. i'm just going it's a head scratcher, i guess. you know, what do you do? it's getting weird. steve: thank you very much for joining us today. here in about 15, 20 minutes you are going to take the stage for the all personal concert series. he went to college on a track scholarship. he was out in nashville. he was performing at clubs and then ingle better humperdinck's son heard you, got a tape and played it for his dad. >> that's right, he did. steve: it changed your life. >> it was my very first
4:45 am
recording. i was a bar tender at the time in nashville. of course, weird things happen in nashville like that. it was great. from there it started at got good for that. >> you got your first start from hu humperdinck. >> i made it. ainsley: tell us how you got your start writing hit songs for tim mcgraw and alan jackson. >> a bunch of kno no names. [laughter] i'm a piano player. thought i was goofy in nashville. those guys started cutting my songs and having hits with them. then they thought i was a genius, right? pete: you have had a few of our own hits what the tour? what kind of songs? >> you guys have been great friends of us. thank you, guys. we are here a lot. i love it so much. ainsley: tell us about the song. >> car lien, a song about
4:46 am
cindy crawford. i had no idea she was valedictorian of her class. i thought she looked great in a two piece. i wrote this song. janice: did she respond. >> did i. i got to meet her because of that i have scarlet johansson as my next single. ainsley: she is your new heart throb. >> like ainsley i have a new song. it's a weird -- cool thing is her husband heard the story, randy, and i got to meet her. it was really really cool. cat scan january i love the fact that you are so optimistic on social media and when you go out on stage, it seems like you are happy to be there. >> i'm happy to be anywhere right now, right? but i really am. i'm blessed. i'm still here. 20 years is a long time for an artist. a lot of guys don't get to do it but one i'm bless you had. ainsley: i love your song about your daughter she is in the video. >> that's right. ainsley: in the video and now in her 20's.
4:47 am
>> she is supposed to be here. 8:00 in the morning? [laughter] steve: she is going to show up in the tucker show. >> that's right she will be here tonight. ainsley: are you going to hang out with her tonight? >> we are in chicago tonight and then michigan and milwaukee. ainsley: y your girls doing. >> presley is my dancer sophomore in high school. she knows everything. pete: i bet. she does know everything, doesn't she? ainsley: presley, where does that come. >> from my grandfather was hilton elvis vassar. >> you were the featured performer. did he all of his hits. but the crowd really loved have you got like a patriotic medley. >> right. steve: everybody in that ballroom was like 800 people stood the whole time. janice: for folds of honor? what did you sing. >> folds of honor we do it every year with noonan and those guys. dan is a great-you are there
4:48 am
every year, too. it's great to be a parted of that we start playing music and we do cover songs and they get up and start singing all the top gun hits now that you have lost that loving feeling or whatever it was. you still haven't sung yet. i still haven't gotten you up. pete: steve, today he? pete: the folks out here think steve should sing today? [. [cheers and applause] >> today is it, buddy. you ought to see him dance. [laughter] janice: is he speechless, phil vassar. pete: never speechless. phil, thank you very much. >> thank you, guys. good to see you. steve: phil vassar is going to be performing on the hottest day of the year so far. ainsley: it's not going to be that hot this morning. have you seen that 6-year-old baseball coach winning hearts all around our country. he is so adorable because of his tantrums. watch. >> he does not look happy.
4:49 am
here comes his signature move. he might get toss you had. and he's gone. oh, no. pete: that is amafsing. ainsley: coach drake and his dad are going to be here. they are going to join us live next. janice: here is your little fan right here ♪ ♪ but in my mind i'm still 25. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex - now in triple strength plus magnesium.
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♪ ainsley: a 6-year-old viral video sensation known as coach drake gaining more attention after being ejected from a basic game this week. pete: what? >> not look happy. here comes his signature move. he might get tossed. and he is gone. oh, no. did he just say i will be right? is that the i'll be right back financinger? i don't know what he has in store but he does not look happy. ainsley: throwing bats. buckets of baseballs. the pint-sized pitching coach throwing some of those
4:54 am
bats as you can see and bucket of balls right there on the field. he also spiked his hat. steve: well, earlier this month coach drake's baseball mound pep talk got over a million views on social media. so he had to book him. coach drake joins us now along with his father cody livingston who is the director of corporate partnership for the kalamazoo growlers a summer college league team and they join us today from grand rapids. good morning, guys. >> hey, good morning. steve: so, cody, you came up with this idea and it looks as if you were looking at like a greatest hits of coach's bad behavior on the mound to figure out what coach drake should actually do there at the ball park. >> yeah. i mean, it was really, you know, kind of a combination of a few different things before the season. i can't take full credit for the idea. we take fun very seriously in kalamazoo and the league and this level of baseball
4:55 am
really affords us possibility to do. ainsley: coach drake, you might be the youngest coach i have ever talked. to say what makes you want to be a coach? >> >> what makes you want to be a coach, buddy? drake really loves baseball. is he very passionate about the game of baseball, yeah. steve: you know, obviously. cody, this was an idea to get people to hear about your team, congratulations, it worked out what has been the proportion of positive comments vs. negative comments? >> overwhelmingly positive. things have been amazing. after the first mound visit video came out. it was just incredible outpour of people supporting the team. obviously a slightly more mixed bag after this second time around. but, it's all in good fun. people realize that we are putting on a show.
4:56 am
it's an entertainment factor and we are trying to do everything we can to help people get excite you had about the sporst baseball. ainsley: i saw you yawning, coach drake. it's early there. thank you so much for getting up early with us. do you have fun when you are out there coaching the team. drake? >> yes. ainsley: what's it like when you are out there? what's it like when you got ejected? >> it was lots of fun. steve: right. exactly. he is having a really good time. can you tell them how much fun it is. >> so fun. steve: coach drake is a man of few words. ainsley: he has a mind of his own. >> he is all business. he is all business. steve: cody and drake thank you for joining us today from michigan. ainsley: thank you so much. both of you. >> thanks for having us, guys. can you say thank you? >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. steve: and he probably just threw a bat. he is out of there. all right. coming up next. it is a friday. that means geraldo rivera is going to join us live and
4:57 am
then phil vassar is going to start the concert ♪ since the world's been turning ♪ we didn't start the fire ♪ but we so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. . . a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ in an emergency, who do you want by your side? a new proposal in congress wants to put the insurance companies and the government in charge of your healthcare by price fixing. letting the government set prices means fewer doctors and a race to the bottom when it comes to quality care... insurance companies and the federal government getting in between you and your doctor. call congress. make sure doctors and patients
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♪ ♪
5:01 am
♪ oh my, my, my, my time's been good to you, if you know what i mean ♪ ♪ girl you glitter like hollywood, good god "carlene" ♪ steve: look how much fun we're having, phil vasser the summer concert series. "carlene" was inspired by cindy crawford. thank you sandals, the five-star luxury resort. ainsley: he wrote that song a long time ago. he had posters in his bedroom. pete: like most boys did. ainsley: this is about coming out of school. she lets the hair down.
5:02 am
>> time flies. pete: if you want to hear phil all hour long, go to get the app. >> good morning, major. pete: we're going to play a sound bite. i'm sure you were watching the president yesterday at east carolina university. >> i was. steve: where the chanting started. send her back, send her back. the president was asked about it. here is what he said to say about it. he didn't like it. >> i started speaking very quickly, it was really -- i disagree with it by the way. it was quite a chant. i felt a little bit badly about it, but i will say, i did, and i startspeaking very quickly but it started off rather fast, as you probably noticed. >> you will tell your supporters never -- >> i would say, i was not happy with it. i disagree with it. but, again i didn't say, i
5:03 am
didn't say that, they did. but i disagree with it. >> they were echoing what you said in your first tweet. >> if you examine it i don't think you will find that. but i disagree with it. pete: he din like it apparently. >> that is tremendous relief to me. i was saddened, i was disappointed by his tweet, that started this firestorm and when the crowd started the chant, i was appalled. i think it was, it was un-american. it was, an attack nativist, xenophobic attack. i didn't like it. i'm not alone, ivanka the president's daughter, suggested to him he made perhaps a mistake in that initial sender back stuff. go back to where you came from is a old racist trope, all of us, ethnic or racial minorities grown up with at various times. it is unforgivable, this day and age. i lament it came up. i'm glad the president said what
5:04 am
he said. i think that the crowds, if you love this president, then don't ever do that again at one of his rallies, what you do you diminish him. he is the glue that holds our republic together. he is the man that makes e pluribus unum work, out of many one. we can't fall back into that lazy the kind of other we did for several days. pete: you like many accused him of race i am. if you go back look at the tweet, he is talking about whether you love the country and appreciate it. if you don't love it, don't work together. maybe you go somewhere else. >> what the hell, pete? they are citizens of the united states. pete: he was talking in general of countries. >> if you don't like it you can leave. you cannot say that. pete: i can say. i can say that to you. >> i had street flights, because i'm puerto rican go back where you came from. i was born 17th from.
5:05 am
pete: i'm looking what you stand for the principles of our country. it is not about race. >> nationhood, citizenship like that conditional on your political loyalties you run a very dangerous path here. major, you know that. pete: lack of gratitude. >> a lot of people are not grateful to be here. gratitude is not requirement. pete: of course not. steve: she is part of the so-called squad. what do you make of the president say things "the squad" would like on their bend today, he is running against "the squad"? >> fair enough. i think these four radical left-wing congresspeople, god bless the diversity, the extraordinary achievement of them being elected. aoc, youngest member ever, the first to pal stern american, omar the first refugee, pressley
5:06 am
the first black come to represent the commonwealth of massachusetts. these policies are undoable. impractical, in many ways pie in the sty. the let the president run against their issues. he run against their positions. he can beat them fair and square. "green new deal," free tuition, raising minimum wage to $30 an hour, all these positions that they have are so untenable that he can beat them on the. pete: that is what he is doing, they fall back every time you can't attack me i'm a woman of color. marco rubio made the same point. they want to play by their own rules of identity politics. >> i will ask you a honest question. don't you wish he never said it? pete: he didn't say it. i crowd chanted. i support the tweet. >> go back to where? go back to where he, detroit? pete: he didn't name who he was talking about.
5:07 am
ainsley: ms-13, we don't want the criminals, don't want the drugs in, don't want ms-13 in, the citizenship and immigration services director ken cuccinelli said at least three ms-13 gang members had deportation orders, five were trying to take advantage of the asylum system. this is why he is sending a message to congress, right? we have to do something about our borders so folks don't come in. >> i totally support him in that effort. ms-13 is a bunch of savages. the murders that they perpetrated of these seven people in los angeles, they chewed machetes to chop them up. the tragedy, they came here as teens. everyone of them is younger than 24 years old. this is what i would make the target of i.c.e. and anti-illegal immigration efforts. steve: the criminals. >> not only the criminals, the violent gangbanger, organized criminals who seek to subvert
5:08 am
our way of government and perpetrate awful crimes on victims, on innocent victims. it is terrible. they are organized criminals, he would use the full weight of the federal government to crush them. however, this shows my point about i.c.e. and the other enforcement agencies going after the low-hanging fruit. when you take officers and you divert them to get juan the gardner and maria the babysitter because they're here without documentation, you have taken those officers from their their ms pursuit of these criminals, at otherwise, law-abiding hard-working people. steve: sending people down there. pete: that is not congress. they have not funded ability to do both? >> i think that is a good both. but my point is, priority, priority, priority keep american people safe from ms-13, not from the lawn mower guy or
5:09 am
dishwasher. ainsley: what in the world is happening to puerto rico? >> the president after hurricane maria, following hurricane maria, the president got all the criticism for failed federal relief. they through all the casualties, all the people died in the months after hurricane, they blame president trump. it is easy to blame trump, blame trump on the fema response. puerto rico is functional, corrupt, criminally ine government. what you're seeing there, i deplore any kind of violence, they're wrecking property of a lot of innocent people but i understand the rain at this government that has been self-serving, bureaucrats for decades. they were closing schools when it was revealed that the education secretary, closing schools because of lack of resources. then it is revealed the education secretary to giving sweetheart contracts to favored vendors and taking a cut of the action. it is pathetic.
5:10 am
steve: geraldo the president sent out a tweet, took a shot at the guy we were talking about. >> rossello. steve: he is under a lot of pressure to quit. the federal government sent them $92 billion, more than texas, florida, combined, they lost a lot of it. it is gone. >> what puerto rico sneads a dramatic restructuring. i'm a supporter of statehood. the only way to get the checks and balances to serve the puerto rican people. the island is depopulated. they are leaving for florida, new york. california. it is part of my soul. i lament this. it is tragic. rossello should probably resign. he is not a bad guy. but if he countenanced this corruption and these tweets were revealed -- ainsley: not a bad guy, those tweets? >> i never saw that side.
5:11 am
his dad was governor before him. new progressive party. republican equivalent here in the states. it is, he cannot survive this in my opinion. ainsley: didn't he fire everyone else but i'm going to stay? >> several have already resigned. some were fired. some were arrested. more arrests are to come. for instance, very quickly, the hurricane maria hit following hurricane irma. hurricane irma, people forget knocked out 70% of the island's electricity. maria came, wiped it out. it was already bankrupt the public utility. $7 billion in bankruptcy. the people in charge took the money. they didn't replace the telephone poles. they didn't trim around the wires. they did none of preventative work that could have spared the people of puerto rico the horrible nature of this tragedy. then to blame trump for it is to grat taughtous is counterfact
5:12 am
all. pete: spending money doesn't guarranty. >> someone puts it in their pocket instead of putting a new light pole up. steve: they have a new grid. thank you for the spirited conversation. pete: always. ainsley: they love each other. >> right. >> my major. my man. ainsley: geraldo. she has headlines. >> i would hug her but probably illegal. jillian: good to see you, fox news alert. iran says the u.s. did not shoot down the drone in the strait of hormuz. the denial came hours after the president trump that the uss boxer took defensive action when a drone came within 1000 yards of warship. the move refueling tensions after iran shot down a u.s. drone last month. a kest pratt search is underway the arabian sea after a navy sailor fell off the uss abraham lincoln.
5:13 am
he fell off the ship wednesday. four ships are helping with the search. the aircraft carrier was deployed to the region in may amid growing tensions with iran. potentially dangerous heat wave blanketing the country this weekend, putting more than 200 million americans at risk. you're looking live at new york city, a very soupy new york city where blistering temperatures already taken a toll. the new york city triathlon canceled due to the scorching weather. record highs likely are in several cities. if you plan on being outside this weekend, make sure you dripping plenty of water, wear lightweight clothing. check on your neighbors, the elderly, your pets. stay safe out there. now this, texas governor greg abbott is ready to eat more chicken. >> the save chick-fil-a legislation is i am about to sign is a victory for religious freedom in texas.
5:14 am
chick-fil-a bill is now law in texas. [applause] jillian: the new save chik-fil-a law bans the government from punishing a business or person for their support after religious group. chik-fil-a has come under fire in the past for donating to charities that are anti-lgbtq. ainsley: thanks, jillian. steve: acting department of homeland security secretary standing his ground in defense of border agents as democrats attack. >> i guess you feel like you're doing a great job, right, is what you're saying? >> we're doing a level best in a very -- >> what does that mean? ainsley: cpb deputy commissioner robert perez joins us live, coming up next. pete: we are back, so are you in the danger sown. the new "top gun" trailer is here. steve: tom cruise dan do everything. -- can do everything.
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♪ >> i guess you feel like you're doing a great job, is what you're saying?
5:19 am
>> we're our level best. >> what does that mean? none of us would have our children in that position. they are human beings. >> do you think that the policy of child separation could have contributed to dehumanizing culture within cpb that contributes, kind of spills over into other areas of conduct? steve: well acting homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan standing his ground in defense of border agents, as house democrats question if there is dehumanizing culture within cpb? customs, border protection deputy commissioner robert perez joins us from our nation's capitol. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: when asked whether or not there was dehumanizing culture there in cpb, what is your answer to that? >> well, thanks for having me, steve. i couldn't say it any better than the secretary did yesterday, but i will tell you
5:20 am
what is the pervasive culture of customs and border protection an agency i've been a part of over 26 years. we are a culture of front line agents, officers, men and women, who have already affected 4,000 rescues, risking our own lives for the sake of rescuing people who find themselves in danger trying to more often than not illegally cross the border. we are a culture of looking out for every time that we have to protecting our communities, protecting our citizens, from gangs, gang members, drug traffickers. we are a culture filled with brothers, sisters, fathers, daughters, who make sure we conduct and carry ourselves with utmost professionalism, along with every bit of focus on the national security mission that we have. i'm absolutely proud of all of our front linemen and women, how they look to adhere to our core values and live up to those
5:21 am
every day. steve: you can tell by questions number of democrats asked, they're clearly frustrated. the men and women of cpb must be frustrated to, you would like to have the laws changed to make it easier to do your job, right? >> well, absolutely, steve. look, it took better part of over a year for us to get universal i believe recognition that we are in a humanitarian and border security crisis on our border. i think everybody agrees to that. it took nearly two month to get congress to act on the supplemental request, provide four 1/2 billion dollars for the humanitarian piece of this crisis. now we need targeted changes to the legal framework to make sure that we're effectuating change to what criminal organizations are exploiting in moving this unprecedented number and demographic to our borders. we absolutely need to put integrity back into the system. we need congress to act.
5:22 am
steve: congress and the white house have to come up with something. given the political nature of everything now i wouldn't hole my breath. we heard the president talk a lot about new border wall is being constructed at this very hour. what is the very latest official update on the construction or reconstruction of the border wall? >> well, we just hit a major milestone, steve. we now have built over the last 2 1/2 years, just over 51 miles of new, enduring capability along our southwest border, primarily in southern california, in the area of el paso. we're continuing to build all along south texas, along southern california. we will soon building in yuma arizona as well. steve, it is really important for viewers to understand, while we're dealing with the humanitarian crisis, nearly 40, 50% of our agents diverted to focus on humanitarian mission. this infrastructure, the wall, along with technology we're deploying along the border, now
5:23 am
more than ever critically important to pursue and maintain that border security mission. we have people who are trying to evade capture, criminals, gangs members, drug traffickers, otherwise, that we have to absolutely are paying attention to, doing our very level best to make sure we apprehend those people, keep them out of the country. the wall is a critical part of that part of our mission. much. steve: before you go democrat from new jersey, cory booker, a senator introduced a bill to block i.c.e. and cpb officers from wearing the word police on their uniforms because as his bill says, when the word, when i.c.e. agents display the word police on their uniforms, they blur the line between local law enforcement and immigration agents and confuse immigrant communities. if the police come to your door, they can go into your house, but i.c.e. cannot. he would like to see i.c.e. not
5:24 am
wearing slickers and uniforms that say police on it. what do you think about that? >> well, steve, look, i'm not familiar with the particulars of proproposed legislation but let me tell you this, police is a universal understood moniker that any and every law enforcement agency literally around the world utilizes. what it provides for, just like the uniform that i'm wearing right now, is an awareness. safety and security, awareness, not only for agents and officers outperforming their duties but the people in our community as well. so i would caution people before they make any changes in that, particularly before our safety and security. steve: robert perez, the cpb deputy commissioner. we thank you very much for giving us all the answers live from d.c. thank you, sir. >> thank you, steve. steve: coming up, lara trump is here. what does she think about the next debate lineup with the democrats. so stick around.
5:25 am
first, here is phil vasser performings "six-pack summer". ♪
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♪ steve: the stage, or the stages are set for the next round of democratic debates over two nights. senator elizabeth warren and bernie sanders appearing on night one. ainsley: former vice president joe biden will come face-to-face with senator kamala harris on night two. will the gloves come off this time around? pete: here to react, daughter-in-law, senior advisor for president donald trump's 2020 campaign, lara trump. >> good morning, guys.
5:29 am
pete: when you look back on the first two nights, what are you looking for the in the campaign? >> are we really back going to have more debates? steve: they're just getting started. >> i always said i don't think it matters who the nominee on the democrat side, because this president is so strong, the economy is so strong. he delivered on all the promises. he feel great going into the campaign 2020. i think joe biden will be looking out for kamala harris, that was contentious back and forth between the two of them. she shut him down there. we would like to see how bernie and elizabeth warren. ainsley: what is your team looking at? who is your eye on? >> we still don't think we have clear enough picture i feel like the candidate, really what they're offering. i'm looking forward to what everyone raises their hands for on stage, like free health care for illegal aliens we saw last time that every person on stage
5:30 am
did. i think americans think that is a little bit much. it will be interesting to see what they come up with this time. we know they're going so far left, most of the policies are a little frightening. steve: on tuesday, we had your husband, eric trump on the program, told us you were in pennsylvania kicking off women for trump? >> we did. we had a big launch of women's coalition, women for trump. the purpose is to get women out there involved. so many women support this president. if you listen to the mainstream media narrative you would think that is not the case. we had over 1000 women in king of prussia, pennsylvania on tuesday. it was amazing. we want women to know, if you want to get involved, there are so many opportunities. you can sign up to volunteer, watch the polls, whatever it is, get out, tell your friend why you support this president. pete: what is it you hear from women about the president, so-called mainstream media wouldn't support? >> they love the fact he is a fighter. women want a fighter too.
5:31 am
i always hear, what are the women's issues. women issues are american issues. we want a better economy. we want more jobs. under this president, almost six million new jobs created, 56% have gone to women. steve: what about when president squares off against the women of the squad? >> he is standing up for the country there. i think most women that i have talked to understand that these particular four ladies do not represent women as a whole in this country. they have very extreme ideas. they constantly dump on our country, call it garbage. they are fighting against the people trying to protect us at our southern border. i think they are proud of president doing that. ainsley: i'm going through instagram, seeing video of you playing piano at mar-a-lago, while the hairdresser is doing your hair. you play beautifully. what is going on? >> this is not a normal
5:32 am
situation for me. never in my life would i think post a video. oscar lopez asked to do a maternity photo shoot. i have love playing piano. i don't have a access won. the beautiful steinway at mar-a-lago. i sat down there, while they're touching me up. ainsley: he is amaze designer. >> you will see the whole photo shoot. i didn't anybody would care about that. ainsley: they said that is not her and she didn't look pregnant. you don't. >> that is very kind. i'm eight months pregnant. it is for real happening. steve: good luck to you. >> thanks, guys. steve: we'll step aside on another brief time out. the one and only rush limbaugh is on the other side. here is phil vasser performing, "back when i loved you." ♪
5:33 am
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♪ ♪ sing a song steve: he joined us last friday t was such a hit, rush limbaugh joins us from his headquarters in palm beach. we'll talk about his runaway hit, the betsy ross t-shirt in just a moment. rush, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> hey, everybody, welcome back. great to be back. it is always a thrill and an honor. you guys are the president's favorite show. a thrill to be here. thanks for having me back. steve: i heard you talking on your show, rush, about the president and his rally a couple nights ago and at one point the crowd was yelling, chanting, "send her back," regarding congresswoman omar. yesterday the president made it
5:38 am
clear he disagrees with that he said he wasn't very happy with that. what do you make of that? >> much ado about nothing. look, i don't really have time here to, because i spent 20 minutes on this, on the radio yesterday. this really irritates me. there are two sets of rules. the democrats never deannounce antifa. antifa is blowing up cities. antifa attacking people. ditto black lives matter. ilhan omar hates israel. she is uttering anti-semitic statements. they come up with a resolution, never chant her name. this chant born of fun, washington, oh, ply god, oh, my god. it's nothing. we have this two sets of rules circumstances here. all this is designed to get conserve and republicans acting though they're guilty of racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, it is all made up.
5:39 am
we, conservatives love people. we want the best for everybody. we want everybody to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities living in this country affords everybody and we want everybody to be able to are the opportunity to be the best they want to be, using ambition, desire, they have, all we ask, all we ask, that you love the country. you do your best to help people love the other country. there is no reason to hate this country. there is no better place on earth to be. no reason to despise this country. no reason to perfect it on a premise that is unjust or immoral. people are fed up i think, hearing how rotten their country is. they're fed up hearing the media give those people an additional platform to broadcast their hate and disgust with the country. what happened, a combination of people having fun, a president they love. a take-off on lock her up, hillary clinton. democrats never have to denounce any of their supporters.
5:40 am
they are never made to explain it. it's a two-way street here. i wish people on our side would get so darn scared and afraid. you hear what he said? the media will kill us. so what? we're winning. no reason to act defensive, no reason to act guilty of these false things they accuse us of. the whole thing ticks me off. i'm using a lot of restraint here not to be profane. did you see what happened? after the president goes out and does what they said, disdisvow these horrible people. you didn't go far enough. you need to denounce the -- supporters in charlottesville. it is never enough. it is falling into a trap, giving them further ammo to accuse us of all these phony fake things they say we are, which we are not, bigots, racists, sexists, homophobes. seeking of sexists, where is all
5:41 am
the female abuse problems taking place? democrat party, jeffrey epstein. harvey weinstein, everybody, kevin spacey, all liberal democrats abusing women. what do we have to defend. i'm tired of being on defensive, if this is too hot for tv in the morning i will dial it back. you asked it ticks me off here. ainsley: third time is not a charm. al green continues for the impeachment push and it failed. >> here we go again. ainsley: is what the president doing grounds for impeachment? >> no. they want to impeach him because nothing else they have tried to get rid of him is worked. the democrat party is bankrupt. they are devoid of any ideas that appeal to people. they cannot even join us in the arena of ideas to debate the great things and issues that we all face. instead all the democrat party and do with their leadership in the drive-by media, is try to
5:42 am
destroy their political opponents. try to discredit them. try to marginalize them. they never join us in the debate. meanwhile, look what is happening with substantive things like the economy and employment, particularly for minorities. they got 95 votes and there wasn't even a reason to impeach. they were just impeaching to do it. i say let them continue. i hope they continue to illustrate how whacko, how morally bankrupt and substantively bankrupt they are. i hope omar keeps talking. i hope alexandria ocasio-cortez, i hope they keep talking. i hope, i hope that trump continues to succeed in making all of these people the face of the democrat party. that would be great. pete: rush, if i may, el rushbo, i appreciate the voice of clarity you have been. one of those moments recently the prompting of colin
5:43 am
kaepernick, the betsy ross keeper, colin kaepernick the new ceo of nike they believe it is racist. you responded on this show with a t-shirt benefits tunnels to towers. you have an update because your massive audience responded. what have you got for us? >> this is it. this is the stand up for betsy ross t-shirt. it was a pushback, started as a pushback to kaepernick and nike. it then became inclusive of the women's soccer team. here they are winning great athletic endeavor. the world champship of women's soccer. what do they do, start bashing america, bashing the president. this shirt became a vehicle for people to push back against this. we turned the shirt around in four days. i announced it. this is day 11, that this shirt has been up there and running and we announced a tie-in with a great charity, the tunnel2towers
5:44 am
foundation, today, i'm ecstatic. the audience that i have and that you have are some of the greatest people in this country. they are ordinary people that do extraordinary things. we are well past 100,000 t-shirts. we are announcing a donation of 1 1/2 million dollars to tunnels 2 towers. pete: unbelievable. >> steve, with a $27 item. that is a $27 gross item. expenses, cost of the product. to put this in perspective, super bowl champ t-shirt every year, sells the 50,000 in three months. 100,000, we're still going. there is no end to this. people are still ordering. we'll fulfill the orders all the way through september. it is greatest thing. it is one of the most uplifting things that i have been involved in, this is the american people. this isn't me making a donation. this isn't you or anybody else. the american people, 27 bucks at a time, generating enough
5:45 am
revenue to be able to send 1 1/2 million dollars to the tunnel2towers foundation. steve: unbelievable. >> i'm stunned by it, i'm ecstatic by it, i'm looking forward all night to announce this today. this is a true testament, a true testament to the goodness and decency to the american people in our audience. this is so incredible. this was so far beyond our expectations. we would be happy at probably 30,000, in 11 days we're over 100 -- trucks keep showing up every day delivering the shirts as we have to continue to reorder these things to meet demand. steve: put them by the golden microphone. >> the fox audience for giving as you vehicle here to make people aware of it, as well as on my radio show. steve: people watching right now, go to your website, rush limbaugh show >> that is very, important. we have over 200 bootlegs out
5:46 am
there. talking yesterday, 200 fakes, 200 knock-offs. our crack legal department is shutting them down as quickly as we can. what does this mean? it means 200 fraudulent website are trying to sell their version of this shirt, make it look like that it is the official stand-up for betsy ross t-shirt. there is only one place to get the official shirt, only one place where your purchase goes to benefit the tunnels 2 towers. by the way, this shirt is incredible fabric. this doesn't even feel like a t-shirt. it has been fabulous. everybody, we're working so hard to fulfill these orders, it has gone so far, i don't know anything we expected. it is just again, as i say, ordinary americans coming through doing extraordinary things, selflessly, for this shirt. steve, a million 1/2 dollars.
5:47 am
on a 27-dollar item in 11 days. ainsley: that is so phenomenal. what happens, mr. siller, he is firefighter through the tunnel to the towers. it was his day off. he went up there to save individuals, american lives. steve: on 9/11. ainsley: his brother started this organization. when one of our first-responders died in the line of duty, they have kids, they have a wife, they have a mortgage. he goes and pays off their mortgages. steve: now through these t-shirts, $1.5 million worth of lives will be changed. rush limbaugh, thank you very much. once again in folks would like to visit the website, rushlimbaugh show >> rest of the comment on this stance, eib network today. pete: one at a time. ainsley: bye, rush. steve: 100,000 t-shirts, so far.
5:48 am
pete: they might sell a few more. steve: you never know. phil vasser takes the stage of week nine of our all american summer concert series. ainsley: let's check in with bill hemmer for what is coming up after the top of the hour. >> that is amazing generosity. think of that, $1.5 million, guys, already. if it goes on for several months. they could top three million. really great to see. morning everybody at home, breaking overnight, tensions with iran, move to the front burner. latest on that in a moment. great lineup on friday, mike huckabee, karl rove, america's a-team ready to go on a friday. see you in ten minutes, top of the hour. and we'll make your first month's payment. experience amazing.
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steve: our performer today, phil vasser, with just another day in paradise. >> definitely paradise here in new york city. ♪ . ♪ i promise i'll fix it, long about a million other things ♪. ♪ well it's okay, it's so nice, it's just another day in paradise, well, there's no place
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♪ with advil liqui-gels, what stiff joints? what bad back? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels. >> enjoy another day in
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paradise. >> go to fox, spend $50 get a great tote bag that janice is modeling. >> we'll see you back here monday. >> bill: good morning. breaking news from overnight. rising tensions with tehran, iran denies the u.s. knocked one of its drones from the sky hours after president trump said the navy destroyed one that threatened a u.s. warship with 2,000 marines on board. that's where we are on friday. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. sandra has time off. welcome back. >> heather: breaking news on friday. the latest flare-up coming hours or just weeks after iran shot down an american drone in the strait of hormuz. here is the president yesterday. >> president trump: the boxer took defensive action against an iranian drone which had
6:01 am
closed into


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